The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1933
Page 3
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SATURDAY. DECEMBER 9, 1933 HLYTHEVILLB, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Ilujnbert May Re StumbUlig jBlock to Mussolini Victor Emmanuel Long Unde/ Eclipse of Dictator Mussolini. NKA Service SUff Correspondent LONDON. Dee. 8—Italy's Forgotten Man was found the other day—right In the heart of Rome. Al lhe easy-going Romans thought It was Just another distinguished stranger come to town. Rome is always full of them, arriving to talk with Mussolini, But if this was a strvwr. he was of a super-sort. Iwcause troops were liirncd out. A lot of them, rllli tanners Hying, trumpets shrilling, drums healing a martini Italian rub-a-dub. So Hie folks (locked lo see the free show. And everywhere In excited Italian there was the K>me comment: | "Yes—no—yes, indeed it is; It Is the King! It Ls Victor Emmanuel. himself! Center of thu stage—all by himself! No Duco as a co-stai overshadowing him!" This most unusual evcnl was the presentation of a new set of colors lo 'a crack Genoese regl- .nicnl. brought to the capital cs- ijieclally for the purpose. The King made a nice little speech, kissed the colors enthusiastically and solemnly handed them over into the keeping of the trusty tioops II vas the King's day. Ar.d he has i nm had many of Ihem since thai' frmous date — October 22, 1922— vbnn the Fascists marched upon Kcr"e nnd seized the real powei In the land. It is now Mussolini who tells the rubber-stamp Italian Parlia mnnt what to do. It IE Mus">'ini who reviews the army. It is Mus solini (or whom a "real naval shov is pulled. The little King mainly sits in his palace of the Quirinal and plays with his collection ofj coins and stamps. All the real work is done in the Chigi Palace. It. was not alwavs thus. Upon the assassination of King Hum bert I in July, 1000., Victor Em manuel became 1<lng. It was none too promising an heritage. Italy had only been a united country since 1870. It had a long -standing feud with the Vatican. There were many anarchists like those who slew King Humbert. There v;as a rabid left- wing Socialist parly. The cream of the country's ambitious your.g men emigrated to the United Slates and South Alnerica. Seeking to industrialize itself. Italy was hamnered by the lack of raw materials. t But the little king made himself ^Doptilar by his humanity. The only fierce thing about him was his IHITC mustache—since turned gray- white. The world war presented an enormous problem to him. Officially Italy was «n ally of Germany and Austria, nut, to patriotic It alians Austria had always been the hereditary enemv. The Austrians had once held Venice, Milan ar.d all that rich territory. They were itill in 1914 holding lands predi- minantly occupied by Italians. The peonle did not favor Austria. There were also those things statesmen call the imponderables. One of them was an insulting remark which had rankled in the King's heart for years. He had gone to Kiel as a visitor to one of the sreat- naval reviews Kaiser Wilhelm MXed to stage. When King Victor Emmanuel was climbing i'p the gangway to the Hohen- zollern yacht, the Kaiser audibly said ' about his Italian ally some-1 thin 1 ; lhat sounded like "the little I monkey." An Italian naval attache J heard It. Tlie Insult went back. The King never forgot it. Thanks to the agitation by the famous poet U'Annunzio. and by Benito Mussolini, then editor of a groat Socialist paper of Milan. Henito Mussolini (upper right)... was able to over-ride King Victir Emmanuel (lo-wr i igh 1).. ,bu l Crown I' Humbert tteft) may prove n suimbllng blocl:. PAGE THREE Push Plans for Community Tree At Carnlhcrsvillc OAIHVVUKnSVIl.LK, Mo.-Woik Is niivrc.sslnff rapidly in the nr- 111111 IHTfl'l'llllI of I)I;UIS for Mi.' annual Commiiully Christmas luv jiroiirnin !o hr nlvcn ;il the I'hM nnmlsi [-Inircii in >'>K Chrlsltiws Ki'e nl[;IH. The •e.s uaiiK'cl are: commllte-c—Sl.'illnq II. McCaiiv. tiny Mli-hU'. Mrs. Amln-v Adams Mr.s. Mvrllr I ona. .). T. Murk.-v. Mr.s. C. (1. SVu'panl, \V. and Di-coralSoiis—lln-rv M. Kinfi. Frank Ilalrd, ,'i> Williams Mis. I". R. jvi'v. M.. S . Edna Cowan, .1. w. f-'ier. Mutriiy /ari-c'Jr. CITMIS--Mrs. A. li. Cniriul. M-s. '-'•: 'Mm Mn. l.cmnli' 1). Mur- kr.v Mrs I). !'. liniidolph. Mrs. VHi'liin, M~rs. William iiir-Mlis N.'llc Lev nor- .1. T. Cc.lllns. Mis. U. I.. >. RIIV nlun.'ll. Inn - Mrs. W. !'. lloli- Mr:-. I). !'. Dundolnli. M'"S. II. I'. Tlnviill. Mis. Hoy F. llviul- li-y. ••••• K. .1. I.umliiTl. Mrs. lli-hlp. Mrs. Kobi'i-t llaw- Hns. Knyil Danihnrt. Mrs. II. C. ni'st. Kin h lu-i sou named first In each is the chairman of that Return of the Good Old Daze liraltli,Champions Drink Victory Toast-in Milk! - ?r - Tr - ! , 1 _. |Tl«'sg ^ . - ^^*a3te^ Tn B»-«cy Master of Carulhersville Lodge C/1U;TITI?KSVILI.E, Mo. — At ia :iim::al oloctlon of officers for 'C C:>iuthiMi.vlllc A. F. and A M. Lodge No. -liil. Dale Ilracy was elccti-cl worshipful muster for 1B34 Mr. Bnicy Is connected with tin ; i W. J. I'rck Auditing Company Ir : • Mils cliy. Othrr oflicers elected nre: Pan Fccarfion. senior warden: Harold S junior warden; 1!. I!. Sanders, treasurer; and J. W. McClos key. secretary. Sanders and Me ClosV.ey were re-elected. Thcic arc oilier oificcrs lo be I appointed by the worshipful mns- 1 ter, Thesp. together with the new- Iv elected officers, are to be Installed In office the first Tuesday nlehl in January. Samuel C. Castlebevry Ls the retiring worshipful master. All New York nifty not have (jolvj on n bender to celebrate icpcul, but in the eyes of some of the native,'! Ihlniis looked lather tip-by around the llluary mi J''i[(h tivtnuv. They'll t?ll the cocheycd world! Even the slghticcra were .seeing tliln-jj The dlz/.y whirl i,f tig city Hie 1 , you know. Aimvny,- it was a WS ev^nlnii for cveryljo-lv — cast .sK 1 -:-. ncsi Mi~ nnd nil n-ROUND the t-vrnj Petroleum Show To Resume This Spring TULSA. Okla. (UP)—Once the pride o[ oil producers but dormant for the pas', three years, trie International Petroleum Exposition will l» revived here the week ending. May 19, W. G. Snelly. president of the exposition organlra- ti'.n, has announced. W. n. Way. manager, has announced lhat hundreds of 'InQillr- Ifs for show space and coiiccrnlim details have been received from oil companies and associations. Producers from all over the United Slates formerly exhibited at the exposition, the displays lowing every phaic and product of the oil production industry. Way announced that plans ar: under way to make the 1034 exposition the greatest in the hlsory of the affair. Canadian Court Declares R. C. Parish Broke The rest ot the nation may celebrate with sparkling wines and stronger drams, but ihese three youngsters stand by the drink that helped make them health champions among 350,000 4-H ch'b members In the ^ Chicago finals. Left lo right, they are Clista Miltspau'h. Ml. Pleasant, la.; Olcn L. Sncrwcod, Earned MONTREAL tUP)—For tic- sec • Kan., and Sherlcy Dr2W. Fayettc, Vo. The girls tied lor first and Sherwood was ii'iclispukc' champion | ond time in Canadian history, a Roman Catholic Church has bcci declared bankrupt here. Declaring that a church parisl of th : toyr. Collapsing of Diseased j *" FTolmnjiin Curing Tubmuilosis : "'»'o": I O O " . tunity . these operations performed. There has developed perfection of the populace was swung over to Anyone who has blown up an Th'i prrcrdm the side of the allies nnd Italy. n utomobile tire has observed the -ofcr^x" 4s jnircd the war on that side. Kin? went forward with technique, a lessening of danger, • ar.d a more widespread distribution physician; of the oppor- to learn ho wto perform the operations. is. subject lo the Bankruptcy Ac and that a petition presented b Mr.s. Lsomdas Dubeu clnimin lliat it was unable lo meet its debl_ well founded. Justice Boyci cf the Bankruptcy Court, has de clared the paris'n of St. Gabriel d named "pneu- The existence of these | lirandon "bankrupt." With her pe rp^ i — — - • -•<> ..VI.-.A. As the air is gradually ED curs, form* a cogent reason whyjtHlon to lhe court Mrs. Du'uc.iii pre ,e. i »v.i working of a mechanical principle -'-.^bcd into the body, more must patients suffering from tubercu-| sented two notes for S525 signed b in* n ,,«r-nvc «- o , n ni TTrtti"f wlllcl1 '"'sreceutly come into wide ;•> ,,, 1n ,r»d in from time to lime. Icsis should BO lo a iinatorimn I Cure Paira. parish prlcsU whic ticoos His mar.cis \.eie at umn. | gcl , Drnl llse to ^pse tire human Manv cases EO back to work after insiead of trying to receive treat-Uh= said had not been licnorcd. near the front Not for one mo- ll]ng ,„ Ca5es of tl]hcrcu i osls . One tndr , unw ]lav( , hea , ed am] • rc . mcw at ho . nc In „ W] ,. (;(llll p p5d | The on] th .. b during tnc wnr \Viis IIP mi - «»,„ v. nr .rn -.»-inni»\*«r- «f t\*r, nm-n *.. > n.. i- n._ i... •.. _,i.. ,•. .. .. . • . »*-»j v >-*>i.i «, • ., .j i —" • »v. v > » «.b->.v« • j • — —- _--, -. w , , u mjiiuiiJcii tun »m 11 iJiLi.ujnu- i.-j jiwu IIJC U1U> iLlE&UU I Jill I (U> weak Premier succeeded another | BfforU . to pul tne ^Ay at rest, the thorax. Just which are to be se- should go to such Institutions It Nrrthnrn Italy, for a time, uent! lmlg rcma i 1)s | n motion caused by lected In an individual rose de- n snn true, at it was a quarter of P.-l-hnvii!. the metallurgical «orK-j brcnlh l ng Thc 1)rocess O f healing Ix -nds upon conditions existing in a century ago \vh-n the Chrlst- ers seizing the factories and mn- lis E i owcr than it would be if th». the linn, os well as the general mas Seal first bc^an to raise mnn- r'n- iliem with Soviets. That gaye !lung did not Breathe. But breath, vitality " of lhe patient. One ol ev lo fight tuberculosis that rn- thc Fascists their flying start. As; wc know L , necessary to life. True, these methods Ls to crush or cut lieiils rarely are willing or able Dr-tween the Reds and the Fas-, b , lt _ by la i; in? a acep breath the DIP nrchcnlc nerve in the neck, in r^bmit IT the lone and mono- ctsts. the King chose the latter. | rcadcr may demonstrate to himself This is the nerve that activates Unions rest treatment at home Hart he resisted them the army i i nat his cap , C i t y is several times the diaphragm and so causes v'-irh '- nrce^a-v for qood re- might have stood oy him but it |lhc ,, orma i uso . So. if one lung Is breathing. Tills operation is called Mills. Thc hablUs" of the pa-lent would have pluiiged Italy into civ- pul m|l 0[ bhsincss . O r collapsed, "phrcnicotomy." run contrary to the habits of the lv tll(; '""1'H"' !ar ssvernl ,„,. co , K | illoll ls r ,,. n« Rnrrianan Hurt "•'" l oe Ducnanan nun | ,, liy by Accidental Shot W* OSCEOI,A, Ark.— Euloc Buchnn- ! Clifton Acquitted OH n. employee of the Kroger Oro-1 fry company here, who has been j vir,» In UlylhcvillL- since his re-1 rnt murrhmo to Miss Mildred i lira <l Letter Office May Die ISTANBUL, (UI'l— The deaS let- ler ofllcc will be a thing of the past in Turkey If persons using the malls covfi.nn with a new . -_ _, edict of the postal authorities. Gaming nOUSe Lharge 'I'lils n:llng makes It compulsory ' M i 1 every lutlc 11 writer to put his A. N. Clifton, manager uf a It-ore of Hlythcville. sustained a Main street upstairs rooming un shot wound when 'his pistol hou.'.e. Vns acquitted of a charge ell from his overcoat pocket on of opcniUiiK u gamblint; hnnsc by ill arrival at the store litre and .Muulci|iiil Judge 0. A. Cnnnlng- I=cliarB«l when II. struck the !i:;in yesterday. oor, sending n bullet Into his cilflon was arrested when a po- t " l °! UC11 - lice raid on the place netted a rurhed to tiie'st hospital quartet of gamers whu were fined i McmphL 1 ;, his condition proved or forfeited cash bonds. ot as damjrrou.i as first suppos- ' . ilobcrt Taylor wiis clcarccd of d.' The. hullel was found to have n clinrjc of embezzlement by tho nfllcteri only n flesh wound. He' court. r.fine and adil"-cs on the back of llie envelope. Head Courier News Want Ads. G. G. Caudill General Ineonince, IOC N. Broadway FlMBe 1V1 COME IN AND SEE THE MANY IMPROVEMENTS IN THE NEW FORD V-8 for J 934 All amu/.itiK :iu(nmol>ile. New, ycl time-tested, proved. The 19,'i:J Ford V-8 was ,'.:nml—hut Ihi.s is lift lev. Dual Carburet'on and Clear Vision Ventilation leail list nf i-ffinum :Hts. This V-S is the lincsl car we have ever offered our customers. v'rtcd in collapse therapy to speed recovery and save the lives of many thousand otherwise hopeless II war. The King therefore saved his throne and saved his country, bvt he lost his glory. He was shoved aside by the new star. It was Mussolini all the way. The King the other can surjplv enoueh exy- There Is still another 'way to family. ien to meet the body's needs, and collapse the chest. It Is used in He' wonts to sit >;p — to walk I the resting lung is given a chance cases that would otherwise be around—it feen's all right to rt" o heal. ''' hopeless, and some strikingly sue- so because ho fee'- 'o m'-h i-n- There arc several ways of doing mrful results have been obtain- Droved after -\ rnnetlmK cnniinues to play hls; lhfs Tne lr , Mt common is to ed. It consists of the removal of month* Ir. bed. lesser role with dignity and forti- • .... tude. few weeks So (he ' l "pump" air into the plcural cavity, tart of the ribs near the back the doctor is disregarded. The had i which is the space between the bone on the affected side. The effects are not Immrdlate. •»id iho; hack, phich contain] the lungs, and chest contracts inion the lung, patient becomes more ond more T minors that "is | Another membrane which clings This method, rcouiring considers- active, and as a rc-,ult dclnvs n- Crown Prince Hum- ii,], t . to the ribs. Air Is put into j ble fkill, Ls called "Ihoracoplasty." even fatallv intprfcrcs with his 'his space under slight pressure as Some authorities believe that own prows*:. But in a saniHorli'm.! t 11 "' i^ not so meek. Ho is reported to have something less than love for the Fas- citts. Also he stays away from Rome a great deal. Like his father before him,i he is in command of the army at Naples, where he lives with his young Belgian bride, the daughter of King Albert. Arrlc Tree Bore Two Crops - -'r is pumped into an automobile there is a factor besides rest which where everybody else Ls subjected *'rr. The comparison would be! accounis for the success of collapse to the same discipline. It is easier; r.^np'etc if the Inner tube were thcrany. Tuberculosis germs can- to fall ml- line. An-.I at la?t new "nipled by a very iwrous sub- ; not live without oxygen, and It is habits of rc«t nio fo-'ncd ihat n- '.'•'iKe. such as rubber "sponge" | thought that when the collanse of ab!c the patient after his dts- iM if we pumped air between the the lung deprives germs of air, charge lo resume with "rc.T.<"- inner and outer tube' Instead of, thev die quickly. It is known that safety thn increased activity of inlo the inner tube. Considering patients given treatment are soon home and business life. So now "'is Inner tube as the lung, and^frcc of bacilli and cease lo be a there is a dual reason for the 2.01t soacc between it and the out- j menace to those with whom they tuberculosis associations of the C}'"~O. Cal. IIIPI—A crabapplc! c , tube as the plcural cavity.'we come In contact. country to use part of the money trer in the vird of Mrs. S. A..U-e what happens when the &if. Within the last decade there has raised by Christmas Seals to dls- Gucnwood has violated the NRA pressure is raised. The inner tube been a great Increase in the use cover cases and get them into 4<rtle. Tn June 2 good crop of ap-'_the lung—will be squeezed tight of these means of achieving col- sanatorlums; not only for the rest fles was produced by the tree and; —collapsed. It cannot breathe any lapse of'the limit. In wme sana- which the body as a whole .ii.iv ll Moomed again and now more. Motion ceases, and the lung Is well laden <vUh apples. gl«n a better chance to heal. toriums. 60 to 70 per cent of all celves, but the specific rest to the ruses have had oiw nf more of lung Itself which science has pro- S GOOD COAL TS THK CHEAPEST COAL Ttf A Th crc Is no en a I. ""> West of llirr Allc- chcny Mountains, ns lilgh Tn hrat and .is Itm In asli as tin- UPREM Super-Ural 'Dial Is a b •> I r» jiatcmrnl. hut 11 Is ethical, brc.iusr it's Irur. Wr liavc authoritative aiul.vsi.v i.n Hip on all cnal ard can prove this claim. SUPREME Stiper-hrat Is I h < only rnal nf its kind :ind suM only by this company. fix3 Mtrttmn Slip Lump Per Tnn S7.50 Cash Malt Ton - - 34.01) A Rich Man's Conl at A Poor Man's Price Superior Ccal & Mining Co. 301 W. Walnut Plinnr IlE'tTEH PE. FCKMANCE. CJrcalc/ |>owc L 1 , new .-.".ert. quicktr acceleration, smoother pei.'oimance. mere miles p.'i talkm i.spcci.> I/ at .HMi r r.i:c:d>. cold v.oather--all these result Iran t!:s nciv !)rjl lake Mnnifolti. Kuw sr-ine Lp.rm..stal; cnael: 1: e ci.pinc tc w.irm 11.1 mciv qu;ci;ly ajd lo N)ii-i. lain :;n cff;e:i-:il tp.'iatlm lempGia'ure. Addid e-n- gine .•.fiiiciiv.':its rcd-.,f? oil co.T'iim|i'Luv further Improve o^cr.itina economy and rrduc; maintenance NEW VENTILATION SYUi'EM |>rrmlts cluar vision, r.rcvenls ['rafts prnviil'.'s t';c r ,r » amount of nlr in any uo:ilticr. Inriiv.diia. control for fro:it and rear ^in-. 1 wlmbv.s. \Vhjn vrnlllntlon is <l?s:rod' th r \ilr.c;o<v 'jlnfs i raised to ll:j top. Tlwu i^i- fai:dlo i; civeii p.n additional half-turn. Tn!'. :!idis Cio back horlboulaliy 10 torr.: n narrow slot, u^ illustrat:ri. Thrown this .'let air i:, drawn enl by the fa;ward motii.n of the Till: simple ventilation r.y.-i?in :i:iiiit3i:i:; vlnft- Inc (iici :rln::i. l-rrr.-s ' .•. <-H:LT omlnn. prev nts fo??hiR v.'ind.«hloiti in cold or stormy weather. Both windshield met rowi vontil;!lor can b= o)>cnj(l to supply rvdlli.mal air nrodetl for comfurlaDlc warm wiMlncr ilrlrln-r. DISTINCTIVE NEW APPEARANCE enhanced by tl'.e nev-ly-dcsigned chrom- iiim-p';ti-d radiator shell and rrillc, new hood louvres, new hubcaps. In- teriori i re attractive, with n e sv luft-id upholstery, new mouldings, nc\v cove- lyi>c headlining, new in- r.rnmcr.'. panel, new arm rests, new hardware. Swivpi-iyp:j sun visors in (1 h:::r todiei prevent giarc Irom front or side. On do luxe cars fenders ?rc In color lo harmonize with body oxors — Wheel colors optional. New enam- H nnifh on all bodies and fcndvn has ga-alcr wearing ([Utility and more cndur ng lustre. fiHEATER RIDING COMFORT results from incri'O.sed spring flexibility The spring leaves are newly designed for quieter end easier ac- siiock atcorbers :c.'c improved. Scat c"ci':oin rre dccpfr, with nrw. totter springs. .New tyi j. individual bucket seals provide Increased comfcri for front seat pors^ngers in ;he srdr.n. Adding to comfort Is th2 • w < ; i:v:n; iarr of the la-to-1 steering gear .;• and we'll send a car to your home or AT NKJHT \ND SUNDAY PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 'AUTHORTZRH DEALER

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