San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on March 8, 1916 · Page 5
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 5

San Francisco, California
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Wednesday, March 8, 1916
Page 5
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IV NEARBORDER Officers ofi3th Cavalry Rurj K vvr a - Buques Grandes Ranch lANCH rF0REJMAN JDAIQH vCarmenY Nbnne aritl Grace hforiaih Vantages l Audiences Minstrels erontor With pbtirtceh Mexican Em ployes IsxHeld Prisoner by Villa After Raid ori itoirisa jTxi March SOfflV wrtoCbJ5Phif teenth United State lcivalriirouingitlNwMiicin border retorted tonight that Fnn - olsoo vYfllet u t th Bosque Grandee ranch Bf teen miles i west of Palonmsr Chihuahua opposite Co - umouar m - - vina - mo report stated had with him between 10 and l latn JtajSTAlMHElAVY PATROL ftJnlted5 SUtes military authorities elntained heavy patrols all along ahorder tonight A Charles Newman Kl Pao repreeeci - tatlvs ot the aloma Land and Cattle Company wae today notified that Arthur MoKlnney a ranch foreman vnnd fourteen Mexican employe ot the company had been taken prison are hjr - Villa and hie tolloweru The - men lit was said were cap - tared at V point directly adjoining the Boeques ranch and thlrty - Jlve bailee south of the borders The ranch employes were engaged In rounding up and branding cattle I j TOUOIUlS Arli March i A coi - umnof - troops supposed to be Villa L soldiers wn sighted at ls Chtml - a rh ih iijth u met late tod v according to advleaireeelred hereto night from - El Tig - re a mining - camp In EastenaSouora Thl 1 forty - five vmilee eMtor Cajon do Chlminea whore Villa force ware reported last cighl k w aJT - The troop appeared io - o raaiung preparations for an Indefinite etay the advicea tateo mkxicax is inoT i BKOWNSVUiil Tea MaJchjJW niigenio Cueller a Mexican ranch - man llTlng In Hldxlgo - oountyelgh teen miles weet of Lyford last night was snot and clubbed to death after which hie house wa robbed and burned by Mexican bandits according to advices rescuing nere tossy CueUer wife j heard the first shots and - gave the alarm Cueller was supposed to - have a large sum of money In his house - The bandits e - capd - TWWT EAR SEARCH f iRUxiaiet Baadilaiid of Dundee ifo eortmg ici7i Hi - V - - i r Sought apartment of Commerce located one of tne Ifortf iVoUufho heroes today almost WoJrears atter Congresshad awarded ithent medala IXif a Jetter from Dundee i Bcotland Alexander Sandlland told the Secretary of Com mercehe had Juet learned ofr the actios of Congra and would Ilk to have his medal forwarded to hlmr nfteen other Vol turno heroes still are being sought by the Oovernment so their medals may he given them The forty men were - members of the crew of the Kroocland who manned the lifeboats and rescued the passengers and crew - of the burning steamer Vol turno ltf1 the North - Atlantic ocean lh OctoberUU - i Eatrid Owners to Hlfefketing Talk MeerWitfBe HeUt the Tal - Amui meetlrr of dijta land own rs tenants and manager will be held at thsTalact Hotel tomorrow of ternoon st J oclock for the purpoie or determining wnat can o done in the matter of co - opera tire market lag In thli1 city Ths meeting was I saggteted by the State Market D1 - Jiftorsnd Ttcely ed a ready respones ejrfiongtneoeitapToaucemen Tjie committee In charge - of the meeting has received assurance from about twenty - lire person Interested in mo iseuo mat iney wiu aiiena - One of the principal speakers will be Harris Welnstock market director Sim i A Mnf mHti A th aftiifa i Itroweri and poultry men of Sebaa - Itopojr resotuuons were passeapieag - hig their support to their existing jraclsatlah - J and nledriner thelp sub - erltins to caplUl etoo kforthe as - - tii e i HOLDS COURT BTMBVADA federal Judge W CVan - Fleet left last night i for1 Carson - City Nej where he will preelde at tb hearing t a suit Ik place of Tederal Judge E a rarrlngton He expects to return the end of the week EXACTmo Uts ahd dlscrlrni - nUng critics ars lnhet to a oerusiM of thVprogrammo of next weeks offerings at tha Orphaum whers this week the but Is also pror - Ing most IntereaUnr and vartaii - v t Iran Bankott and Xala airtte among th most sucsssstul of modern whvi nq joierpratiers ot elSSSlC ps win seen n r - wldo rangs oflaBc offerlngv rt - oin the caki walk to Russian jaoes umoerto Haochettl ai celebrated venori wnqse grand opera appear ances naa rendered him a national figure in music will be hm in happily eelected repertoire He Is maaing his first vaudeville tour Julio Ring la splayjtbr John B Hymer Twice a Week - will aravM at the - head ol a clsror Company a msrry playlet Ths Mlrano Brothers the flying torpedoes will appear - tnfeatsOi trength and daing14UIaa Fltsgsr u ciever comeuienne - and Henrjr L Marshall a composer of popular songs and the eleventh installment of the famous Unci 8am at Work - pictures will comprise the newoffor tngs From the current hill there will be - three holdover acta The Passion Play of Washington 8quare la which Mary Seryoas laj starredi George Whiting and Sadie Butt In their com - edy - skK and J3orothy Jardon gifted prima donna - will completoth trio of attractive aits retained from their successes thfs week - ft A combination of a good vaudeville show and Nance ONells oreeiittion tof T5 Wlteh based Jon Bardous iuiuu j piay sr no orcereesricon - tlnue to crowd the Empress this week K4f JIL an East Jndian - mstln is most pussllng with hlsmaalo alrta jnr - na jars juara aiurpny who care celebrating their forty - tblTd year on ths stagev continue laugh - provokers Inth comedy skit The Coal Strike Argo and Dullts are fin mualclanji and win merited applause Just Tor ji - un - is a new version of School Days - T1 McOood and Tata have hovel and humorous act - and Bob Warren Is a comedian who succeeds iia every one violet Morner the HOW yosstar will b presented for th first tlmo next Sunday lnsTh Marble Hart supported by Walter Miller The fllraf play is a modern drama Of the slnsof society Norne Carmens lilnetrels iS - ah oldtln Tflrst parCjand OracoCam - eron a recognised musical comedy tar will divide he headline Aonor on the newt bill - at J Pantages nxt Week Andy Lewis a well - known Hebrew character - ac tor and his pUyers wll offer another splendid feature In a sketch i entitled fTh Dukef They will be several other ectiincludlng the final chapters of The Bed Clrole This weeks show s playing ton ex cellent attendance with - Ous Elmore and his Cannibal Malda and Frank Bush - the story - teller topping the lhtl wAwMnn - A - V t - I - v va wiv mf - - - - - - I ssMk - - - i v etllsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssV - issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaV SJ UsssssssssssssssssssKtV tssssssssssssssssssssssssHV asssHssssssssssssssssssst - 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asi lSUdli Uter witl prfum dtuio WOTThij hurrl44 Iunhwn for today trill I fJnltfj W Qruled Basra Thick Tavera teak 4 With esl Mashroeme I rtsieifTiea - egrca ityu - y sts - r wiyiint Cold 0a Asparmgas with stayeaaalsij mu nusto - sesasrem Ol ram Jra Wiii IS swrbes with fi cassss - issjsiB Oeatoe n4f lfrK andMrs L B KuDDnhlmr of Hubbard Woods VU accompanied by Vra X K Friedman of Wlanetlta I1L registered at the St Francis yesterday Mra Friedman 1 the wife of the noted author and magaslae writer who is a reoognlsed author ity on flnaticlal economic and sociological topics ether1 St Francis guests are 11 M Robinson an at tor ney ot pasadenai u u bum jr a railroad executive of Qulncy CaL former State Senator - Charles M Belshaw and wife - of Antlooh - and L A Frlodman and wife of Lovelock Nov Friodman 1 president of the Rochester Mlnea Joseph Francis of Sonora mining man and proprietor of an automobile stage line In the southern mines district accompanied by Mrs Francis is staying tne riasa At tne same hotelareMrand Mr IToi UUey of Kansas City Lilley Is head Of a large structural steel concern - a J Buck a real estate dealer ef Chicago and Mra - Buck registered at the Palace - Hotel yesterday Other arrivals at the Palace include Mr and Mra F H Hayner of Seattle and Mr and Mra H Wr Nusum of Spokane V Nasum Is a leading at torney or the Mortnwesc a T Harris of Philadelphia Mrs Harris Miss Harris and Miss Lieper arrived In Oakland this morning by automobile from the southern part ef th Stale and are at the Hotel Oak und - Henry rHlgglnbothamv a business man of Stockton D - p Simons a Los Qatos lumber dealer R H Beamer wealthy landowner of Woodland and j S Edwards a iraticher of Had - dlngvar registered at the 8utterv - Testerdayi arrival at the Belle - vue Included E - DW Lobe a capitalist ot Dixon who Is aocompanled by Mrs Lehe and Mri and Mrs Robert A - Waring of Sacramento Staying at the Manx are Charles Northoutt manager at Modestd for the Tacino Qas and Eleetrlo Company r James Pslton and - D W Ryan merchants ot Klamath Falls who with their wives are on route home crom a winter - vacation in tne sou tn JamesL Spiers and family of Win nipeg who have wintered at Long eeocn ana louis Patrlqum or rarK field one of the Statos leading or chardlata Pierce H Ryan of Eureka District Attorney o Humboldt county Is staying at the Stewart while here on a - business trip Other - guest at the Stewart are J Walter1 Doyle of Ho - fnolulu who was In charge of the Hawaiian pavilion at the exposition and J M Craifoi a buslnss man of Singapore That V th winter climate of San Francisco Equal to that of Santa Barbara and ther southern resort Is the obserratlon of Frederlok H Baldwin a retired New ToHt lawyerlawyer - who Is at the St - - Francis en route home after a long visit In the lOUIIl u fc Among guests of the Argonaut Hotel are Sumner - Merrick a mining man of Oakdale Clifford C Lee a TurlockatKTrneyi L A BIggi a Ba - keriflold merchant and Mra Btgga and J Hart a retired merchant of Uklah D P Owen a Minneapolis business man and Mr and Mrs Gilbert a Wright of Los Angeles registered at th OUt yesterday i - LECTURES OJT CITY PtAXHINO Professor H Rush ton Falrclqugh of Stanford Unlvertty will denVei an Illustrated lectura on City Planning InAriclenr Rome tomorrow night at th Ban Francisco Institute of Art The lecture will be held under the suapjea of the San Francisoo society of the Archaeological institute of America Army and Navy Order BrIBllaTFaW1aWjsnwssjaMjwasMsjssjMnMsjBs f mm ist - qSTS mmUUf - l VM4SBlKSSBBllglS umfaL - A - sflsBVMaailllllVa ps i ABUT ORDERS WASniJiOTUV slaNih X Kwoad Ueaten - ants eulsoed wlttt rank frum Juuo 12 1V13 lafastrwuelckvlr McltHtwrtisTalhl le - cpinbur 4tt Cscsr A 8tr sub TwestletU December Htbv till Hrlce - KoartMotll Decnuber Stjartbae At Wlte Twentr - sistu Dectmber Wlli Beajemla W Mills Mntli Jo - uary lath Mirmil H ueMnberrrr Twelftb ianiurr 22 IBIS HaImM L - W4111ru Kavuu - tesbtb Jssusry UOtbrjolni Kellhpr lirtltUi to Turd Xbomas A Iijrloc Hoetseata to six tees th etrectlvs Jsnuerx Ju and Jsa try Slat r - iclWl - i r r4 - - i - n Cavslry WllUsm - jPeellpi ITenth Jnei lStbirreaerlek W - i Bort Klfts June ti Karl P aoreun glxtto Jsly 19tb Coast artillery eorps Cliarlet H Clupln William P Cbwr1utei Cbsrlri U jrisley xas sromecion oc usiar - wsiterc snort roai uspiain - rourtslTRiry wiui nai iroiu uecemuer Jitu M aoaeuueua trenotlaDS Cowt srtlllerr carps Joes - U Holiombe soil lames S Dniesberry from Klrst Ueutroaste to 4aptalnsi Cslrla ill amltU Job T H Orear sod Htlph Z UilnoIna Seeood Lienteoasts to flat Llutnnt Asslt - sttests of ofaeere of tbs mwllesl cores sfref tbelr lrrlvsl 1a United Ststisawt nlratlM - of levea i Colonel Walter D Me - Caw te fort Sloenm New York Xsptala lord A Kefsiiver te fort RlncanvKew YerkjCsptslaUtnrysc t4Iuav to Fort MrerVInlulav - - v Caplslo Bin ifcesr1 Jr Elslitk Cavslrf te Fort Lormwortti - Kibm on April tb for out Army eervlos srboola - iVivf - Aptsln - W Ulls m Jt Pear siedfeeU eorps frem yott Bloc m hew York to New York eltri take triMBort BoforJ ti aall f nlMat Usrch am lorMioll vliUlpplM depart - ment for ssflsniiieun - Aj - v - l iWrst - Ueatnant CertiSuilt iPrktrKeW field Artlllerv placed on Hater wfllcers Oe - tsobe frooiBnper Mtomsnils aJfeeUve April 2m rirat Uentensnc Webeter A tlspron removed bifro effective Asrll 37t v Tint tleuteaast Bart Wj Ilillllpi - rear - teenta laf autrrv i rellait Mm niith m sited mllltlSa effective Marco Slat to Jois bis reslmeat i - -for e month effective snea kla if VI - i if btatec is sranud CasUl DsT MtrrlUTeatb Infantry WAVTORDKRS Bnslen W - l raiB v - iiM - 11 Phlladelnhla P In jmIuIiw SSiS5Bi ldi - board - wsen eamml - MOVEMEIVTS OF VESSEis JArrlvsdi - Aretbuss Arkasiis BilUmofe - vmwdi a aiHi nyouiins at - uuaa - nics Will salleil Nansban - from La Psi for Juavraaa Ontario rrora Osseasiyaho bay for tiuse - tanamo Pentueket from New York yard for J0 - Terry from Apalachlcols - for Mobile Utan from Goacanarabo bar for Qaaa - taamo Vsaurius froa near York - ysrd for ewport - - - - hojtss Tie hlskly sew itKewpert US besr orterea to preeeed to the New Jock yard for aockias i - - - - - Tbe Lebanon has bee traisfened from the anxUlarV aUVlalf AHiafU Im aI ml Iniaml mine sweeping dlvtaloaiAtUntle Beet I The Mere wlU leave Sen rranciaoe aboot the I uu uatsnt let be - west coast of Meilce The Keataeky wUI remain twa weeks at Hew Orleans and the proceed - Philadelphia via Penaacola CpurMartlal Drdefkry uuanermaster uoras - unicer Sfatipned pni getS6unJ Captain Benjamin H - Kirfoot quartermaster corps ouarermaater f or th coast defense of Puget sound and foirlFt Uilomd reseat FortlWorden and must face a general court - martial on thirge of Intoxication and cqnduoi unbeeoriilng an officer according to wbrd received hera Lieutenant - Colonel John - L Harden oast artillery corps Is president of the court - martial that will try Captain Kerfoot and Captain HarryW Newton coast artlUry corpais Judge Advocate Captain Kerfoot served a a - pri vate corporal and seoond Lieutenant lnthe Twentieth Xansa VorunUor Infantry from Junext I8 - until his regiment was mustered out n - OctoberOctober ttlt May I If 01 - he was appointed a First Lieutenant In th artillery corps orthe regular establishment and was put in theicoast Artillery corps and give hi - Captaincy February IS 10 He has been in the quartermaster cOrps - atnee - July 1 int - WJfcXKL The paymenUonnhetacrnthlrmus - ter of troop Utl4nfVat the coast defeases of Puret Sound could not be madebyCSptaln Kerfoot because of hie arjest and were made Instead br Captain John a Johnston coast artillery corps a member of the court that - will try Kerfoot who mi 1ma pointed an acting quartermaster In I vruer mmii wie paymenxs ootus 4 mad on the February muster - 2 - Jrvac7M Offlcers and men of the band and Troops GT - E i JV Q H and I of the First Cavalry now on station at the Presidio of Monterey havo a big march - - before them next month for the band and the six troops - are ordered to - leave Monterey April 10 and proceed by marching to the cavalry camp at Ban Diego a distance of more than 100 mile p - Major James O Harbord who commanded - the college mens camp and the business mens instruction camp at th Presidio - of San Francisco last summer will be in command of the troopo that make th hike south and hwlll have twice the Job any of the other officer or men will have for he will march back alio in command of troops XD JC L B and M - of the - Ftrst irooos js - a ana ti wiu nave station for an Indefinite period at San Diego in connection with tne exposition there and troop C and I will go to CalexlcoCaL V Troops A - D K and L of the First hav had station at San Diego foa long time and troops B and M have beea in camp at Calexlcoso all six ar due t or relief3 e S - The cavalrymen will endeavor to make the long march a thorough test 2f horses equipment and men The oldiers will travel llghti or In Other words take all - heavy baggage by rail - ao that the progress of the marching men will not be Impeded by escort wagons loaded more heavily than under actual field conditions 38T W3B7 J iBrlgadler - aeneral - William ti Sl bert commanding the Pacific Coast Artillery district with headquarters at Fort Mlley yesterday made hi annual inspection if Forts Wlnfleld ttBarryandJBakeriotcnlrfor equipment and material out of the personnel of the diserenv posts - it is understood by ofDoers at the local fortifications that Gen sral Slbert is well cleased with the result of hi I Inspection v - - - 1 38r x jss 4pt Major George HMcManus coast artillery corps who ha been on duty for some - time In the Inspector Generals efflce of the Western Department yesterday reported himself as on leave of absence at the - expiration of which he goes to Fort Worden Wash as fort commander captain John W Hanner medical - - f - - J Z - i iw - i - L - - raennlorts and we vywtinciiM Kcturrang V rland Itro - iV - - j r - V vr r Tcoionel VX JacVajgift jack - UagJdpartyofanBestwlHlsll Sunday - fnoonoaaekllnysMht - prusoii a orulse tiSouth America and the West Indie iThywr to - have embarked from this port but ttwaa decided to send the yacht to San Pedro and start from there Bealdeathe Colonel and Mrs Jackling the member of the party will be Sherwood Aldrlch of New Tork president of the Great Consolidated Carbon Company and Mra Aldrlchr H D Tooker traffic manager for Jackllng and MrsfTookerf Charles N Black vice - president and general manager of the United Railroads General BulkelyWella Colorado capitalist j Miss Mafjorl OiJoeselyn Charts Haydn a banker of Vew Tork and Judge KR - Babbitt r New r Tork The last two will be picked jut Panama - - The party will leave oir th Owl for Los Angeles next Saturday nlght passport wore obtained for all tn the United States District Court yesterday - The yacht will touch at Central and South American porta At Valparaiso th party will leave ship and travel on - th Transandean Railway to Buenos Ayrea Th yacht will con - Onus around the continent through the Straits of Magellan The party will board the yacht again on th Atlantic side and will then - visit the West Indies At Florida they win land and travel by train to Now Tork The yacht Cyprue was named after the Uland of Cyprue the place where copper m aald to have been discovered IthaS a crew of fifty - two menander Captain George Lewi It la ST feet lensT - The anrlneabnrn all aad nai JSP horsepower - - i - - - - - - - 7 - - - - - rT - - a wavi irt nVIS0eeSVrVeorp chief ot thsurglcal service at ke at Xbsrleatea Werdea at Motile I the L Lettarmao General Hospital at tne I Presidio yesterday went on - leave of absence for twenty daya V 3 Jt First LleutenantrRW Dusenbury Eighteenth Infantry - Douglas Aria yesterday - reported for duty i at the Pact flc branch of the Unl t ed States Disciplinary Barracks at Alcatraa ST i3ST SB Major Alfred Morton United State Army retired reglitered at depart ment headquarters yesterday He is at the Bellevue Hoteu vestlgatlon was last night booked at the City Prison on the charge of receiving stolen property During the past three ir four months th police - declarer Andrews and DennlaAnd other who have not lyet been apprehended ha vestolen several automobiles of a new model Among these cars were those be longing te 8uperlor Judge Bernard J - Flooi Fred Houser 111 Mason street Herbert Turner KUrFoknom atx Sudden Chrlstenson lumber and 14vtM A - - - FI - - a mii vi4v iueiravi street - Andrews was arrested yesterday by Detectives Nicholas Barron and James Pearl while he was attempting to dispose of - a car - which the police say was stolen to a dealer on Golden Gate avenue Andrews denied the theft of the car and said thatamanndmtd Brown whom he did hot know had given him the automobile - to selt Bown is now being sought AJS UECREATIOS LBAGUE XVHCHEOII - Mrs Ruth Fuller Field whov previous to coming o the Paclfle Coast was In charge of Mra Tlelen Gould Sh ephards mahy charitable under - Uklngs In JJew Xork city will be the prlncIpaLfspeaker St the luncheon of the Recreation League - tpmorro w Other speakers Include Adolph Kosh - land jMra Bert Schleslnger and Eustace M - Pelxotto OiETPili ilSllARIil Disguised Cars Sold Cheap Say Police Who Declare They rlaveBrokenRing The breaking up of another gang of alleged automobiles thieves who are accused of having toini hwcar dlagulsed them and tberadlsposediof themeutslde the State Is claimed by the polica iatharMstastightof HrryplAiidrwincbJnit living at the BuUer Hotel lJ Masonjstreet Andrews Is charged vwltfe grand larceny An alleged associate Edward Dennis an expert machinist whose shoi and home are at 3117 Seventeenth street anil vhavu aLvrat a1 several days sgoandhsldiforlnr J iJonvanianaIngaJl streets a City Engineer Is at Work oil Project for Series of Improvements i I i - - - - r S - The City Engineer hss planned the construction of boulevard eighty foel wide from Railroad avenu to j Hunters point about ysnllevnd IhreeHjtirters long vrhieh wUIconT nectItfcmalniVoadsladinrtLih een ier - of to wn The grading f Evans street from Railroad avenue to In - galls street Is the first step Contracts for psrt of this grading which will be paid for by owners of th abutting property haveii been awarded ritht of way eighty feet wide to Gal vea avenue and Hawes street across two blocks owned by the Water Front Land - Company 1 to be acquired the City Engineer states - r City Engineer aShaughnessy says that this Is the first of a series of prejects for Improving the - Hunters Print district The1 Supervisors Building Commute learned yesterday that the Plans for the two wings - of the San Francisco Hospital and for the Emergency Hospital calledor a greater outlay than was first estimated and pruning by the architects waa said to be necessary The cost figures 1141000 This is more than the remaining bond fund for construction - whjch amount to 1011000 Including 160000 of un - foM - bod3vS - ty The PUygrouhds Committee of the Supervisors yesterday requested the Pis y ground Commission to report on the proposed purchase by the city ot the land on Laldley street be tween Mateo and Roanoke i In the I Falrmount iractt1Ior playground pur pose The Public Welfare Committee of the - Supervisor 1 to inquire concerning fire insurance ratea - at Its meeting tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock requests for offlclai action to bring about reduction having been f celved - Campafgq Agalhtst Pofitieir intnwnts Beg - any pyj 2 - DiMilWD V1 rf - v v ThajConfewpekCommlUeeVoarKa j tlonal Preparedness which has aflllt - ated wllhlt the NaUoaal Soourity IieaaethArmVtesyr - hr kanRICrissJtJieAWericanjrt thyroOubtAmriWAtJi mobile pk1iok - jiQMtii dosen other organisations has sUrt - ed acsWipaignslsatontll s pblntmenta for cacleUhtpii the f United Statesifllltgry ineideroVat West Point and the NavalAcademr atj Annapoji Th commltu ti - aiklnsT It afflllated membenihlp here to staad strongly behind It l the fight Thirty - three per cent of the - Wt Point cadets are dreppea out of the school for laefllclency the committee says - At Anaapoll In ordlaarr times about lJ per cent dropout dur - Ing the first year and z per Mnt fallM duriag the four years - course be - i - cause of the fact that boy are - ap - ii pointed to the academies through p litlcai lnUuence according to the com - - - mlttee and not because of fitness to become offlcers of the - Army or the Navy It Is demanded by the cemmtttee of which Hesry A Wise WooclVI chairman that no Congressman ap - t point acadet to either of the academies saving after - a poblio examiaa - tlon of - all candidate for admission tdii would practically give tne appointments to the people themselves i the committee assert hi it i MrS i i3B GOURICRIERSTO m roMPiiiUrtD to T - - v - T EARN THEIR fAYMM - v - r mm w - t aa - x - tAii - - uscie sam yoject w xncuce oi JJollectiiif - JuU Wge or Short SerrfcebUidted Stotwiixt j i rJAO 5si 1 l - lawVt - - TTi B1aJ - a - - - tlVifr vj AU WJIIMU OitllfiWM fOV IWMTV - J Jl a a - i e - C py for hort i4r worlv fow sjvlffi thsii torsbtfthMtf etfniiAiiiirikiRei lileAtAA - alot - eV1 - Ilea iTssnl - M UIMVMVti rssMBi stvavMB wtsrv vJIHWr eewwaatVaTir 8am not mm1t rtu t follt tthmffi tlroa - honorexl castom bvt WMts wm ji a - utiJ wad smXdt t l VAiUIV lUVUVf TWAUW l f WM yessera out In the good old tlmea r T4 In this city either United Stat Marshal James B Holohaji or the ettA - aa tttAenaunleisiaa VawllV kanvaWj - 1aaAJI rzzTiTzs - irzzj - rf wrvMiei vaOVK the duty of calling roye oyeV etef J tn Federals Judge Van Fleets court Is expected to pay back 15 which la y i at the rate of a day for fifteen Vk day - - - - i r - vl Rnrra T nnrinC lit FawlarIw judge Doollng court Is supposed to - f J part with 1 that h thought - c Government had given bn fr ti keepa The Deoartmsnt of Justice l nartedto haive mad tha demand forth return of the money en thground that Marshal Holohan a lUrepre - vil - sentative should aot har aUow4e both the criera to draw theirirperj A diem - 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