San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on June 4, 1908 · Page 16
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 16

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1908
Page 16
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flLaBBBBBBflB0RI9fWlsliw Effff Ig SAK J3tACISCp CBROXICLEi HIJItSPAY JICT 4 190gv V1 - W rlvfT 5 VH M FEAR GALLAGHER SCHOOLBOYS OUTING WILL BE KILLED RESULTS IN TRAGEDY k 1 re V 1 ft IV f I L - ttr il i1 I s rer fi V ff we Prosecution Moves to Have His Testimony Against Ruef Taken NEW WARRANT IS ISSUED Reward of 5000 May Now Be Offered for Dynamite Fiends Indlrlment No J ira - lna xhr ham Rnrf with hrihliiR ex npriluT Furey to pass the larlsll fi mrhe wan jesterrlay dlsmlsel rv 1 idire Pnnno on th mntl in f Mtrl t At torney Langilnp The n in tln for the unexpected a - lloi nit tle urminrta etateii In Fud ire Dunn nnl r ill - mlsxtnK the Indictment are tint ilnlJi Bher Is In danfter of iteatli anil tiMi It la neceasary that Ills tetlniif be obtained In such a manner lhat It van h used in the trial of the n l - irnr - don announced that It w ii the Intention of the District Attorm v s ofrke to file an Information iisainat Kuef on the aame chars In the rolli e I ourt anil take Gallagher s testlmnm at the following preliminary exnmlnatinn no that the evidence would he avnllaMe at the trial In the Superior I ourt Yesterdav afternoon Francis 1 Heney aw ore to a wnnunt before Vo Ilea Judge Cabanlss charalnK Ruef wlih ottering a hrlhe of 1 0m to lohn J Furey on Noitmker 10 lit to obtain hla vote In fnor of the Fnrkslcle franchise The warrant la prai tlcillv a copy of the Indictment previnnslv dla - rnlasecl Judge rahantxs fixed bill at 3000 bonds or II oo cash and the warrant wn placed in the hand of a po Ilea officer for s - rv Ice and will It 1 expected be serve this morning when Ruef will immediately be brought Into the Pollie Court an I alien a prellml narv hearing at whlh f illaMici w II teatlf TO rREIFRtE TlriMO We want to embalm Callaaiirr s testlmonv said Dlatrli t Utornev Lanffdon vestcrdnv t lint If am thins happens to hlni we inn llie it against Ruef We are inoat ccrtalnlv afraid that something will happen to Gallagher and at present the onl testimony In this case lhat he has Rlin Wll before the Cntnd Jurv whl h can - not be uaed In court The proceedings before Tudaje Punne yesterday were uaexpe tec nnd the courtroom was almmt empt Ijinfrdaii accompanied bv Ifene and Fvoh rt Harrison entered the i ourt and ncicle a brief statement of the situation to Judge runne The lattr was then presented with a prepared order whbh he signed The artier recite tlie reasons for lhe arjsn and la as follows f On notion of V IT fjtngdon District Attorne of ihla i ll and countj on thin dav dulv made In open court In the abo e entitled matter and It appearing to the Court from the s ate ment made b said PIMrlrt Attorney that the teMlnon ff lames I Oal - lasher la material and iltatl Ihi porant upon the trial of sail rause and that In the month of April 190S an attempt was made b aome un known person or persona to assassinate and murder said Tames 1j ftallngr er and other attempts upon the life of aald Jamea T Gallagher ha Ing been threatened bv unknown persona and that the testlmon of said James I Gallagher upon th matters Involved In th trial of th defendant Ruef un der the Indictment In the ahove - - n titled case has netr heretofore been taken In an ai - tlon muse or pioieed Ina in auch manner that It can lawful - lr be uaed against Defendant Abraham Ruef upon his trial in the aho - e entitled cause and Whereas it farther ippars In this Court from the statement of said Pis trlet Attornv that he desires In file a complaint before a inmnilttliig niag latrate agnlrtst sal Abra am llui - f rharglnK him with lhe rime s t forth In the Indblment In thi above entl led rauae for the purpose of holding a preliminary examination and of having said JamAa T OallaKher testlfv against Uld Defendant Ruef tipon aald preliminary examination ami of thus put Una the testimony of the said witness Jarnea t Gallagher In surh form that It can he used sgulnst said Defendant Abraham Ituef upon the tilnl of sin h nun Now therefore In f urthernnc e of Justice and for ti e reasons herein he - fore set forth I Is hereh ordered that the above entitled iase No i11 and the Indictment therln be and the tame la hereby dismissed iimlir and by anthoritj of xeitlin 1 o the Penal Code of IMh mi FRANK H HI Sb luilge of the - u - perlor fourt There la a p oballlltv tint n big reward will soon b offered fur Hie apprthenalon nf the dvminiti bends who perpetrattd the two f ent dvni mite outrages In Daklaml The an nouncement la mede that a ptomlnent citizen ha expreHsed s wllllns - ness to offet a reward or ono fnr Informi - tlfl leading to the srust of those re - aponalbie for the attempt on the life of Oallanher and his relatives and the aubaequent blow Ing up of a pnttlv completed dwelling belonging to Oil - la gher Therei Is a posslMllty that the amount of the reward mi n he greatly augmented by offers from other quarters ew - eWr ynjAjiyummEgyiiar 1 iliiiiHHHHLi I i iSBBBBBBBBBBHH K kfti BSBBBBBBBBBsPsM Mf SSSSSSSsB THINK HE USED DEPOSITORS COIN Probe Into J Dalzell Browns Big Ranch in Lake County CALL ON FEDERAL COURTS Injunction to Prevent Sale of Carson Rancho by the Sheriff FARRELL HEARD EVIDENCE TWICE Defense Contends That Grand Juror Must Have Been Biased Walter R Heilmann Drowns in Bay While Swimming Ashore From Boat TIIK rnriinjc of a tiny sloor hnv squall on th bQ nm IitM - i j terday mtlt niHlr th tiny sloop In a ror the rnoon renulteil In th drowning of Walt r R Heilmann a youna niMloTt nt ii rU Frcart Collet V 1 1 1 him wr ihrot other lad from Hie funi Institution GrnrRi M Bobm Thom i Tun anil lianrl Drhnrn all of w mm hid a rlo rail but aaved ftli mao i nfifr a detprato t rnnrglft fui tfn minut s in the rold nntrra ot tli r - u Tho HisldMit t ink p t k iftir the ImiU hal piMit an hour tic to aall Ihrlf rraft from tho h ai h at T tnl - tlilnl apnii to ihr dr ilik at Muntra pont Tlo limine tin trip th - M mrt with mlahapa In lhe tlral plan thv found thr hmtl leak In e an h tp oppo alt Vndrrann a haihnuc Tl ran tho aloop mi tho Ih Ti and n chhi rppnlrM and t their roar - down th haj Thrn th found their mAinxall too looae an fparlnp that tho would not hHo tlmi to flnlah their trip v fore dlnnrr time they turned about and started to ta k homeward The wind wai aually and tho lad hd dirflrultv In nianaajinK the aalN Meltmann tie unfortunate lad lm waa drowned wua handllnfC the aheet while Uan hd hi hand on the tiller The boat became unmanageable In the wind and choppy sea and Ran ahoutod an order to Heilmann to drop a rope which h waa holdlna The order waa not heard and before the dancer could be averted the boat capatxed TIIRKR Jl MP OERBOiRD Heilmann ahouted to hla companion to Jump and with Rvan nnd Dcrham he plunared Into the ba to aold colne down 1th the xinKlnfC boat Rin howeer pluckllv atjned on the aloop and weighted with heavj boot and h W clotilnK aank with the ccaft Ftri atlnn Mmwelf he gained the siirfare and eeinK lhe matt of the aub merged boat sticking out of the waes awam tu It and huna on with all his etrenajtb meanwhile ahoutlnic direction to hla omrad s ho were Ktruggilng in tlie wave Bohm ITetlmnnn and lerham wtlh a i ommon impul made for a harjre whlrji w la uhnut t n enf - fl e arda away onl The tlil w aa no trn however that thv made little head ar Derbani had - preaen e of mlnil to shed his Ortt and tltun lighten his weight but n ither he nor Heilmann was nble to m ike mm h proKreaa Rohm who pr el the alrungept a wi miner was In front of the trio atrHtlns out wiii alt hl mlgh for the barge when he felt lleiiminn making tnefTeetu1 attempts to aelae hla font He ill not realize that H il mann was In t 1st res nnd hearing no OUtrr kept on his rn urse When he looked around Ierham onl was to be seen riffd IIEU l K THRKK Go BotfM WALTER W HKILHASX WHO WAS DHOVFn AND T1VO OP IH COMPAIOI FIRE DESTROYS SMALL HOUSES Flames Cause of Much Excitement Among Tenement Dwellers R this tlni the predicament of tlie 1 ids was seen from the short and n Iwiimb put Ait to reacue them Before the - mm h oi a t outd reai h the INSURANCE LOSSES ARE PAID IK PART Tli second dMdmtl of tha Trarlira Tnsiiranra Company for pmnt of loaass of tha company In tlm flm of JS0 haa fcaen rfreld lv thr M r rbanta National Bank - RhlrTi Is dli - burslna the dlvlilnda of tli Inaohrnt corporation Tha tnuranre rompnn s losses aKsresjsti - d about HonViOO It rBt Into the hands of a rtcrirr and wound up Ha butlm - aa rrlnaurtni Its business In other companies The r - celrer haa undertaken to pay TO rents on 1 and In - carrying out lila plana 12000040 th4 flrat tnatallment hsa been torwardd to San Kranr - lai ov and already disbursed by the Merrhanta National Bank chosen for that purpose In trie East The second Inatallment of IS par rent amounting - to ISOO000 was received tbls week and most of It has been paid out to the policy holders bire toward whlli they were awlrn - mlnK thr Tirrr pirkril up V rronil look for Hrllmann fulled to find hthi niil aftrr loan hud been taken arinard th frlKhtini1 bo a were hurried ahrvr They rera taken to the Po - trrro lmerffeni - v Ifuapltal and gh en aui - li attention aa they needed anil then nt hnrui tu lroak the news to the parnt of tli iliownril lid Yountc llpllmdnn lived with his wiiloweil mother two elder alstera and an rliler lrotlier and a ounr broth er at Tilt Mixtoenth street He was j a hrljslit fit ldnnt and universally popu lar Minuim i t rnnoiniara - nan he KraiJiiitil an experted on June d be oulil htie i nmpletiil bla education at t Mar iollere In Onkland lie va a ll known athlite playlnft ralilier on the Sarr d Heart baaeball nine of n lib h Bohm one of lila comrade on vrtitrrnavK Ill - fated cruise a rapliln and flrat base All four Inda were rlaaamatea ami expected to receive their diplomas this Summer Bohm lives at 417 Ouerrtro street Tierhain at 121 IJbertr street and Pvn at 150 Kentucky street The slnop which was capsized be - louftid to lldwln Boater one of their i liaamatrs It went down 500 feet from shore opposite the junction of J street and Fifth avenu The hody of younic Heilmann ws not picked up yesterday and a search will be made for It thla mornlnf a A STABBED EIGHT TIMES IS WATER FB0IT QUABBEL m - iZftiriii Ttoai marina irtmaa re 1 eld slcht knlfa wounds in a quar rel outside trtj saloon eonuueted by J tbp at 10 Broadway early yesterday 7tMlHtf aMtMn VUm atsA a marina I it Jraiaan - wu actuaad of tha uttlns aad Batlar and booked at too City prison on a cnarra oi a aasun vt mur der Taela waa Uiin to tha Harbor rlta aAaa tsaalMsat imA rUNr was rBKYa to th Central Em A - vWl - - - Wasml4at e dmn vr ij tfje ft riiaissaws aa - m Horsrard a Acta raospasi it aun fUmttttfbtBg eoottar barerago and J wholssoaao tonlo pnortoieroonaa CAUFORNIA SENDING LADY BIBDS TO MEXICO The State Commission of Horticulture will furnish Mexico a supply of the Australian lady bird Vtdalla cardl - nalla to combat the cottony cushion stale which has mad Its sppearance In some of the ore nice arovea of our slater republic and to eradicate that pent The Mexican Oovernment mad the request upon the Horticulture Commission throiiKh Dr Plutarco Ornelas ConauI - CJenerel for Mexico In this city The California orange Industry was threatened with destruction from the same source some years ago The lady bird waa then Imported from Australia which sared the oanco trees and holds the seals In check or keepe it practically harmless i s BURGLARS ROB POlTOITICn Burglars blew open the safe at the Garden Grove PostoBIce In Orange county on Tuesday night and get away with lis 71 according tor a telegram receivsa irom toe rostmaster by Chief Poetefflee Inspector Johnson yesterday An Inspector haa been sent to Investigate niCHMOXD MERCHANT rAIM Ralph Coleman amerrhant ef Pont Richmond filed a voluntary petition In bankruptcy In the United States District Court ysterday with liabilities f fttiO It and assets of Met One pnial dwe lllng - houe waa totally ileatroycd h fire and t o others bed ilainaKPi iratcrday morning shortly heforc 10 p clock In the neighborhood of Iwinfftun and Kolaom etrceta The ricciipanta of the houses und the aillomlnjt fiata became Inttnac - Iv i lilted when he flame and sparks bch lied from the biasing houaea and i - lmts of amoke Invaded the living - rooms In the vhlnlt Voni - n and half - i lad children who hid not arisen from bed when the fire Haiti d rushed Into the street and Iunnilirnhl effort waa rpijulrcd on the par f the police and th fl - emen to cal n Hi fears of some of the children and lead them from the smoking houses Irto the afreets The fire started from some unknown auae In the nnc - storv shack at ISO anp on street owned and occupied bv M hagan arid null kly spread to the two adjoining houses occupied lv Thomas Sulllvin anil Morris Henev and their finitlles al - xrtrn were turned In from boxes fiat and HI and a large qitantltv T fin - apparatua reached the aicnc of th - Arc hefore the flames had nffci ted tlio frame tenement houses hat aie built ilmel together In that neighborhood In the confusion and the excitement of navlng the ontents of the threat ened tenement houses Policemen 11 C Gsylord and S T riark undertook the task of taking the occupants from the hoiiiee Into which the suffocating smoke wax pouring In great volumes Frni the tenement house at 152 Langton st - eet they carried Mabel Daniel and John Donovan the children of John lionovan a teams er and from the second floor of IMA Langton street tnev rescued Annie Mice and Charles Tghe the children of C IV Tyghe a drnvman The home occupied hy M Rugan wss totally destroyd snd the house at Tangton street wss par lally demolished by the names Slight damage wga done to the tenement houses at USA and 144 Langton The total damagea were estimated at IJOOO On petition Hied bv three ilepnmtor In the California Safe Iiepnslt and Trust Company Bank with the Inlted Statea District Court ycsterda ludge De Haven Issued an Injiirctlon restraining Hslns Springe and the Sheriff of Lake county from disposing of cer tain lands In that county In which J Dalsell Brown Is alleged to have an equity The order was made returnable June llth at 10 oclock st which time they are to appear and show cause why the order ehould not be made permanent Jrom the petition It appears that Brown desired to have a country es - tato and entered Into a contract with Springe for the purchase of 1900 acrea of land In Lake count pa Ing f 80 000 In furtherance of hla purpose he spent 1200000 more In buildings and Improvements that would make Blltmore and other famed estates of financier look like a pin scratch on the map The petitioners Frelda K Major Kate A OConnell and Maud A Mali - ton allege that It was the money of the depositors of the California Safe Deposit and Trust Company which went to make the payment on this contract and to pay for the Improvements which Blown s artistic tsste craved In other words they think they have a share In the Carson Rancho Alleging that the property Is worth more than 1300000 they assert that Brown allowed himself to he made Joint defendant In the Superior Court of Lake county with the Central Counties Land Company In a suit brought by Helm Springe on lanuary Itth to recover 30000 as balance due on the ontiart Asserting that Brown allowed the Centra Counties Land Company to defend the ault and lose It they say that Sprlngn Is about to have the Judgment executed without any sale of the property or opportunity for Browns eriulty to receive recognition The petition prays that Helm springe nnd the Sheriff of Lake county be restrained and enjoined from taking any further proceedings In the action and from selling or transferring the land The attorney for Springe said yesterday that Brown had simply taken an option on the land from his client paying a certain sum on It that this option expired last September and that Brown had no equity In the property owing to the dlslncliniilin of the1 priiMccution to furtlur umlnc OrrinU Juror Michael rarrell the proceedings oq the motion to set aside the tndlit rnpntv brought bv the prenent Oram Jury against Culhoun honl and Ituef were continued until Friday Faricll had testified that he had heard the greuter part of the testimony In the oril tuses and had also been a spei tator at the Ruef and Schmltx trlala Having thus heard the evidence whlh wis afterward presented to this Grand Jurj of which he Ix a member It Is hrld hy tlv defense triii t he must hive arrived at a conclusion before entering the Grand fury room If the evhVnie was suf - fh lent to n arrant a on lualin Henev hail signified hla Intention of asking rarrell further questions but yesterday morning he signified that he had changed Ms mind The motion will now be heard on Friday afternoon OP1VM DEaLEH FINRD Loi Shu a Chinese residing In Chinatown wss sentenced to pay a fine of KO yesterday by Pollie Judge Weller for having sold a package of opium on March 5tl The complaint against Lon Shue was pressnted by G t Pratt a deputy In the employ of hv State Board of Fharmarv HELD TO ANSWER FOB SHOOTING EEB HUSBAND Mrs Genevieve Calame was held to answer to the Superior Court yester day without hall on the charge ot murdsr by Polbe Judge weller Mrs Calame while Inssnel Jealous ahot her husband Charles Leon Calame second rook at the Fairmont Hotel on the morning ot May 7th The shooting took place during the naval parade rn honor of the fleet In the kitchen of the hotel Calame died several days Ister The woman left her seven - months babe at home when she went to the hotel to shoot her husband Arc vou out for now ideas to make thi cars cata - - rogue or booklet a better salesman than its predecessor Our monthly magaine THE IMPRINT will show you the kind of work other people are using and how they are creating sales Simply request it on jour business letterhead and we will gladly enter your name Better write to - da American Bank Note Company T R COLLI Dlst Sales Art 1220 Merchants Exchange Building SAJf FBAKCISCO Telephone Keariy 5771 wiMttitl rsUTAJtED rjVSTArViXY Simply add boiling water cool and serve ilc per package at JU grocers 7 flavors Rsfosesjlswhstlnm BEABADMIBAl EM0BY INSPECTS FOB SPEBBY RtJr - rlniral T - inory In the absence of Bear Admiral Sperrv yesterday held an Inspection of the battle - ships In the bay Admiral Emory on descending the gsngway of the battle - ship Louisiana was greted with a salute of thirteen guns Admiral Emorys Inspection re - suited in rinding everything shipshape among the various vessels Most of the battle - ships now In harbor are onl awaiting a chance ef getting Into the dry dock The Alabama came down yesterday morning from Mare Island after coaling at the new Government bunkers at California City to Join the Maine in readiness for the cruise to Honolulu scheduled to start June th HhVitual lonsiipatioa Ttanentiv nveTrnrras nu mm forts with the tKststance f TO jnioe one i jorm regultu habit d ai lw so tnnt nuirws fi tare rrwv U grtduolly tjnrjmfeti witH vert no longer needed astfwbestof KrneaiesvrHen rerjuirttl are to assist nauire ana not tn aunrJont tk nr j otWcouwhimustdep j uuiOTrnOUriaTlrrU buy the taiutru - 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President Leon Bocqueraa Zd Vice - President A BQiisquet Secretary P A BerrerotiAttorney DIRECTORS K C Babla J A Beraerot Charles Carpy Arthur Lecallst a Beleney H de St Seine O Boilo J At Oupas Leon Boccruerai J E Artlcues J 3 Oodeau John Olnty Htimboldt Savings Bank Now located In Its new class A fireproof bulldlnr Market near Fourth Both checkln and savings business transacted Out armor - plats safe deposit vaults will afford perfect protee - tlon rom lira and theft ppea Satardsy evealaca fress I te S eeloek ie reeetTe depeelts INCORPORATED JIMd The Hibernia Sayings and Loan Society t i Comer Market McAllister ana i Jones Streets DEPOSITS vlWeWVOil KESEBTK lU5D tsS9Jf HifrKMAVbfW - i ISV iv r - v iSLasstJisi j i J i

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