The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTIIEVII,LE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1931 THE UIATHEVILLK COU1UKU NEWS THE COURIER TJEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS C. R. BAI3COCK, Editor H. W. HAINtS, Advertising Maims" £c!e KalioMl Advcitusin-j Hcprtsuilalivcs: llu Thomas F. ClRrX Co. Inc., Kc'.\ York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas. Sai'. Autonlo, San Francisco, Chlcaao. St. Louis. , Published Every Afternoon Except Kund.iy. Entered a« «cond cto inulttr nl the post office at Elyt:;evi:ic, Ar!:a:i!.:t-. under ait ot Congress October 0. 1017. Served by tile United Piess IM.T . SUliiiCJiirTION 1 HATKS •By carrier l:i th? city ot Hlytheville, 15c week or. 56.50 pf r yc:ir In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, S3.00 per year, 51.50 lor six months. 85c lor three months; by mall In po-.ial 'zoiur, lv/o to six. Inclusive, fO.50 p;r ye?r, in wr.cs seven and cl-jlu, 010.00 per year, payable in advance. •A Change for the Better Ti nm'.si'e poems to be wukiiiK up. flic' CTookec.1 kuikiTs, t!io viina) |i:>li- liciuns,. and the disloyal )ie\vsp;i|:pf '•yjlilili'sliev'* slate, arc being driven to cover. Some <;f them, thore is reason to m-ailict, will ;;o to prison. Tennessee is also eon.iiilprint the coiTCction of a picei: of !ej;i.--l alive non- KCiifo.tliat lias (ioiio tl'.c .-;t:ite no honor since its cnactinciil in 1920. The "monkey law," forbidding the Iwicli- ing of the theory of evolution in tin public schools of the stall 1 , may be ru- lieale:!. 1'astovs of iiitpoilunl Memphis churches urge such action, realmnif that it is a poai- kind of religious failh that has to be buttressed with i|?nor- nnce. Tennessee let! the way in banco- political cxploitalion, as in anli-evohi- tion foolishness. Arkansas followed. Tcimcsse:- seems to be rettirnini; to honesty and common sense.. Arkansas lias suffered by the bud example of her sister state. May she profit by the j;ood example our neighbor now promises to set. Woollcy. They outnumber married members of the group two to one yet there is one important ar.'jnmcnt for those who would rush to tlic i!:- fense of matrimony, 1'ci'luip- after all the jury of impressivtfmembcr.s.did not succeed in miming tl'.c 12 women of the country who arc really gmiiest. Almost everyone lias kiinwn men and wj- men living obscurely whose (Uiily existence bus touched r.ublimo height:'. The answer for those who ar; disturbed by arguments concern:!!}; tiic greatest women is to make their own list. S1DK G^ANCIES By George Clark | tlisue will indicate jl'.ilV-t pclntcd o from whether the or soft and flat, firearms causes Another-Slop at Marriage Marriage—always an interesting subject—has received another knock. Ji has been pointed out that of 12 women named recently-by a jury of impres- . sive members as the mosti outstanding of thoiv KCX in the United Stales only four were married, The four are Carri? Cl:r.n.maii Catt, Minnie MatUleru Fiskc, Grace Coolidgu ami -Ernestine Scluimnmi-Heink. Very likely the endless argument of "home v?. career" will gain new impetus from this revelation and the Mil- vantage will seem to be on the "career" side of 'the fence. H is scarcely sur- prioinK that, wnnien, with the cures aiv.l I'Mponsibilitirs of managing a home and rearini; a family, seldom achieve :u'icii (iislini'liinis as to become president of a college or a famous scientist. On Ihu other hand. thei\> aro the name.; of those tour to prove that, marriage is not a bar to winning reiuiwn.. The cijcht women included in the list who are unmarried are: Grace Abbott, Jaiin AddnniH, Cecilia licaux, Martha Berry, Will;-. Calber, Helen Keller, Florence Kcna Sabin and Mary K. \K'hat Two Mirnesola Visitors Nolcd In Arkansas i Coining from one of th? Ic-ndlng ;u-ii-iiHinal M.vlc.-i nf tho Unlcn, On-jrc-: smell CiL-.-.-.w :u:il Kvnlc o( MlniKMla quickly noticed riilfcrmri's IjL'twcen the urevathmj lypt 1 of farming In Ai- l::m:;;is and that to which they fin; iiccii:;lomed. They found It ci:coura;lnp, it) note wliat Mfi to them evident:: 1 tint v,o liiu'c learned :< U^s3:i lro;n the drcnlh and in thir, spring's planting preparations uiv piiylnu more nlt;:«i'M lo (Uvcr'ilficatltu ol They liiioSn 1 uH-a of Indications they [omul Hint many ir.r:a.i.t Mill plant gard'ns this vcar ii!i:l in M!-ce;U::i • ycurs who never tliout'lil ol It before, mid tl:v urscil landlords lo .set to it (hit their lenani-i tnku to heart the dicuth disaster's and Kitnv fucd for ihelr families. Thoy did nn!. Mr. Kvnlc remarked slijiillicar.l- ly, hoc s>o many IU.M as they wuulJ have Iskn! to .see. Here he touclicil on one of on: 1 shortcomings Unit hiw long cngnjicd the auentlon of Arkansas agricultural leaders and teachers. Tliomjli cmidltl<ns in this respect have Improved markedly of icc.nt years, too many of our fiirm families keep no cows. To men from Minnesota, will re the family ccw or (he large;or smaller dairy herd i;> as much a part o! form <qu!pmcnl a.s work nnlmnls nnd louis, oui 1 cov.'lcss fiirms must seem nnoinalous. par- tlcnliuiy when Ili-jy know that svlth our Icni; Krii/ini; senEon mid the nutritive qualities ol brm.mla gra.'s pasture, kceiilnt' n cow on an Arkansas torn Is ti fimplo proposition com- parrd with \viiat it Involves In a co!:l iiarlhcru state lli:e thcir's. —Arknns.i.s G.i?L-tte. i blackening of 'the surface which ]is:i I;, 1 v.lped off, but imburne;!: :n:licks of powder will travel in-] t.) the skin and cannot be washed; off. In a typical close dischai't-o 1 o! n gun, o:ily tli2 wound from • the projectile, but the effect:! of- I'm aa:;, Ihe pcwdcr, the wad, the: ; r.nioke and the flames are to. be I examined. In a ivplcil entrance -.vound '• ficm H revolver at very close lame, ; n.ccorc'lns lo Dr. Sidney Smith and j John Glaisuv, there Is usually cros.-jhuTvd wound of Ihc . e l;in j v,!t!-. broakln-; up and blackening! of the l!ssu?s underneath the skin,' slr.gElng <:f (he hair, and blacken- i In-; ;i«d tattooing of the rkin in a \'m;-. around the wound. The !u\'C.:i:^:it3i- must also dele: mivi? v/lirtlHT the wound lie is r::nintnui!; Is a wound of entrance ; o." exit. Naturally ther^ ar,-> dlf-1 ferenccs In ebmacler. An exit' wound is usinlly torn or puckered j and the ,"df;e': ai 1 ? turned out m- slead of in. There J.i rnlirt 1 ab- Fcnec of any blackenin:;, latcoiiia c burning. ' j 'the examiner \\?.r, to dcl?rm:ne ' ! v.lvlhoi- a woui:d is made by a ' .'ci'iil? cemi::-; from a distance, | cr whether it ::; made by a knife, ! r,'.vord. stiletto or other instrument i ! held in the hands of the murderer. | | Sometimes fjch wr.iinds will re- ; ; :emble vtry closely v:oimds made i I by bullets. BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT- "They're !:aviri!>- unoiher cf those terribly noisy partie; upstairs. Vi'hy dtin't you );<: »!> iiiul complain? ~" i ask us (d join Ilium," ! Baadit Ties Hands With _ Brand New Neckties PHILADELPHIA. IUI')— LO'.lis Colder, a clerk hi a shoe £(0:0, re- celvstl two hr.ind new n:ckt!ts rc- y when a bandit rohbcrt th? •Ja WASHINGTON ilA v \ LETTER They might : 5t "^ ban , m jcrkc(1 th , tic . [rcni t -his pocket as he pressed 11 p:st3l j Ins-ahist Gaidar's chest. With o:n I he tide the clerk's hands, while second' scarf was used to bind feet. 11' IZcO IM EMGLOMO -Tl-IU i;iOin«S r URaiTOFSlJOKW3,HE\'Ef? HE COMV.ONUV H IS KCT n CROW BUT H SPECIES Oh CUCKOO. U3 CRIES II RE SUPPOSED 1C fORECRST RfllM. CHURCH EXCUSES rcy Georye ~\\. T -^ 1 ' 1 '^" 1 115 i Last wee!-: my friend vititEd mi' j f-liL- said she had put i:i a lot of | for a long time and tolrt me 1 acou: : . liir.e talking lo ail cf them but Coy ; most nil of the folks in my C'.-.urdi : (!id not pay any utlcn'.i-Jii to her: BY HOil.VKY I1CTCHKII XliA Service Writer WASHINGTON— Con;::'ObS, or even suggested hy Cou- iMv Even fish go In sclicols nltli a poriwlsc. Dabe Until got a ducking in Florida bcfaur.e he couldn't han:lle an or,v. The urnps, hov.ovcr. think he'll gel In a gcod row before the s:n;on's o'er. A composer received inspiration for an opera among (he moaushlniny inounluhiccrs. A ;;ood title migVit be "Oft in the Stilly Nlsht." If it comes a little watery, no one will blame yon If yon ery' over spilt milk. You've cat to be tight-listed to succeed priz: 1 fishier. I err- 'd :it:«v !;:);i nf i;«•:>:!!' Bivplvr.-, ami '.vlli: vociferous arsm-anc? that :!:•-• roiaih'y'o safely depended on is adi'.uirwiicmt, w.v; dissected ai:n fi'!e::r.-: by To'.':--, v.-h-s hrlii'vc thai :;i i;s r.voper fuiiit:c.r.:ni; lies ihe n i- tion's hope. TSIimie for thr .-^i:.*: of Collar- .: --emissive and co:v:iir. c :.ivc — - uv:? e.lltlbiKed' lo; of prcr -,l- ur?. In th? voters who t-!erl r;i :- vrcr-smon, lo op?isents :•>{ pio^:, :in b;jlh hr-ir.-v. i.nn *'i>i,'k ::•.-:• ., lli'j aduilimlra'.i^n. laii'.i:: ",i: k- j;: 'up ivilli tiie aoc :uu' (ri: 11 : f.TL^es One point most (if i::;- !'i :.;.•::- °lvrr; a^iecfl upon: UnrV:: men pn:fra:ii. with Pvo cr.o he::::? working in ;•:> ivK'i tlHi:":- f-i' !hr t>t':it'v. : r.l-cl to r.ii'kr Hi' liv Fiays Kclhf J'lan "Th'; one fO-cDilcd relief mc.ns- .10 cave faniHi-i iS Orou^lil-slrlck- annai pa. •.- [,j ., rcqs ojipuftunity to kovrovv still ilm:r:i-; . A i, C(1 ( ., cv , iro ro ( i cs iji ut ,, ns to be , t . , . valuable to borrow. The mere su?- ! ' honze<1 to "' akc ' thc , rstlcn of constructive hel,, to ln . | ""nouncomen s. subject to the wd .. ! of the people :it the mumcipa! I ! Water lo the amount of 835,200 | except some that came in'ail3i sh? Uriel she finally tcld Ihom what a 1 callous and 1.G15 Ions of potatoes'left. I told her I did not blame her .bunch cf hypncrites they wer; airf | v/cre pait oi (he caruo of a vessel. cue bit for taking her children out : left them and for a loni; tiin; she v:l)Hi recently sailed from Wales lot this Church if ills felt as the di:l : did not BO ID any Church. S.:e sail lo ll-c Antarctic, where she will about all '.he members. I told her she felt like s!:e ctuld (ii abDut as sn-vp as prcvison ship for the j that I coukl uat agree wi!h h:r, much good visitiny amcny th? pe^- whiiling fleet. . that all she hed mcntionc:! v.cre | pie cf the community and tal'Ki:i? 'hypocrites; that what she accepted lo them about the way they wer: ^fmOllllCCillCnl'l i as hypocritical wr.s mer2ly a dii- livin:;. lor si:; soon fcund cut that The Courier Ner.-s Tins been an-! ( eim ™ c! c i )inion ' She tcW » lc l -' jus ' ' il ! kin = ' 3 cnc , a ' , :l Um . c . K ? s followin" : )lls; ' cep mj ' eyes 0!le!1 an '' ! would : not doing any good. She said s.:e The Soviet unvriiiiiirnt awanis pvlzos to Jnnl- tor-j who save most fuel. A cold proposition, Hint. much aiuiv valuab!. 1 to i'. ucitr than ihe. 7UI. I'rrr.i Opposed i:\(r.\ Illinois farmers are to cor.duct a tT.mpabn lo make [he public "iniik ciaisoimii." T-n't that \vhat the mlik man does wiicn he rmises us in the moiniic;? Dtrolhy thinks thai "plus" kind an old horse chews on. tob.icro is the Thc palter of a New York rhusrli has ija;:cd 11 ia?.-. b.uid lo play in Ihc cliun-li. licavcn's sake! i:i'iini[:ic;ir!y urpcd av.uu-t all rrrly extra sesslcn of the !i™ Con- 11 or-v Ho pointed on! that i, the thvoi 11 .- that Hi: counlry ' In :lor ;•: n'ilh C«in-r,-r:; o:il of s-:.n=n rcl of by r> h::l :;:iy f^.'.mdallfin a : . i 1 '-!. U'-e ci::i:i:rv nbvioti?ly wo;rtd u.- move pn :>.- ; -o.:s U Ci-n^rr.^-, ti''.c;' did r.-.i-ct. Hut as !on:; as the in.-plc U-.-i linnil;- anvtiiin;; ::> •;-,-,• r.::cut ni'.nilnr.tin: nrcskliuitinl c?.:idid.:'rs. Cnnirrc. 1 :, would lv the only bmnch o! government rtircctly n-lccted by Ihc voters. t'.uslrial workers Man met hr.-.Yl- nn:i j:r"ai!s." Working ffny" r. : \ii v.-nrkin^ week--,I must b: shor' La Giir.rtl&j said. As for coni^Ts.-ional action, he pointed out Ihil opporonts of! liberal measures had sounht to : c/eaie friciion .bc-'-'ACE'ii the two ho:i::rs and delay or deadlock 103- •|K~nnl conference? ancl exchtinges of ''views hetvcen Prc^i-t-.'sives :n Ihe Dr. Char'i-s A. Kcar<i cf Coluin'! bia TTnivei.siiy, the n^ted liberal j- 1 : hi-totian. complained lhal Con-1 ' l ^ ^rc-^ friMrrcd a-.vay th::usanri> of] t' preriou;; tiou—, on r-airh lcf!!slatlnn' ar. h:!l. t: fiivc av-':'y an ancien!,! R'-i:nu:ldr.r (o a relief r,r,-ps in j r! : .l]-i:?;o. Til. and to reiniburr:"! n| i r :i,:::li'. favniev for watermclcns j rl:Tlr.v."d iiv scl'.iir-is. II pas'.cd 0:11 himdrrds and thnufniids cf pettv,| iiifnin-; bills. I'.c- r-si'.a. which never' rhoiild ccci:;iy tl:r attention of I .slate-sir 'n. Hi^ rf-L-oai3)iended thit! these lliaiis.-.iidR of l/!ls be dispos-1 'cuiivc d'.-partmcnt.s or[ licrial ac:-:ici^s. Co-.i^resr, keeping I ;-. ^;:r n-vifU3-y [)O',MT ovt-r Ihe dis- j people >'celion lo be held April 7: For i>Liynr A. B. PAIRPIELU NEILL REED (He-Election. 2nd Term) W. C. LMVLER Tor City Treasurer HOSS BEAVERS (re-election. 2nd term) soon finri out lhal she was right. I felt like she could do s^ murh mere ; suggEsicd to this EODC! woman if:2t : if she cciuld gel a gr.-.up together. ! ?he M-a 1 ; taki:i^ herself too s^riDus-. for while there wer'o ahvays scnio : Iy and il sho lispt en she .vould de-' in a Rroup thr*: did :irA pay r.:iy , vclop in'.o a "niDiL 1 InuUcr." . a'.tenlicn to >T.:: yz\: Cj;ilJ alv.avs i She promi5"d to cnmr bac!-: J33 1 : ! and L?li me 5cmc mcr^ a.-, she knov: ' rcmethifig of tl-,e life of ev?ry mem: fcer of my Church an:: a irrea^ e'er*: i about the members of all Ir.e olii;:- I Churches. I asked her if sir- hai ever done anything to iry and correct raatlcrs as she sav; tlir?.i and count on a fe;v. And, t^-o, by hcur.a- injj thai way ycii al,\-ayr, count on having a row se; mast every tim?. fleers : V.o ::r;;cd Hint Congress | fselt to ra',1 cabinet of- : the fioo.- of tl;e houses for l'r?.c.-; More I'vpliril Sl-itutrs To el \ - k c>. : -c:'.tiv. u.suvpaUon of, OUT OUR WAY By Williams ihi- spiimiiv: wiavl and tallow d'.r.=." !!• n!'. h.l.'. t(C.i::'u i-c:uvni:.-.l. .1 -'•'• 1 -1 '''•'' '->-.-: e r.-.y f"- r.t w.-v-v-.-i . weri- ;:'. l':'.c . n- cy of n lew :•'•-' '•'•••••k very ex-1 t'. le-islnllcu f) '-.-• a : :.' rrsiiiicd in i .i-.-.inrt tii. 1 r.v.:n- .• •.!, llted wriillil. :!' : iiu:!:- if ^v:;i:r-: .-mp'.osm.-i'.L a:u: .irvsllon ••!'. ;•:-. cf ;>!l:l:*::]!:, for iv.ili'.-.^- :m- ;hluc; ioi'."r:n-:ive c'. tlu- ocn:i":' :: I'L'- | other '.•\\ViV. establii-hiiiei'.'.s ensa^cd in: !<i:y:. I: is r.-ctvsary accord-' ^ ; ;: ,-p branch. rl:c:k c:i the executive' of A!^t::n.i r/ :t \:\ 3 realistic note '.iliiMi !:> r.iiti: "Whoii tbo pcoplo ; v n:H a better [;ovcii):nr::t and <!:- Fi-rvL- oiift llvy will rrot :v better t up. Vmi r^n 1 . Win:-. 1 Con-re:.-. ' '-vnh r^^li nf if? "tfl :-iir:vii)crs fl'vt- . c;i hy Uv,^ \:cop:.?. foi- l»fir,«; \vhai it is. H ^n't tb;ii ;hv p> rtvcu'r . !?:*' virtu* 1 ; they've :?r.ornnt niul ; p .: "iT o[ ir.eti wl:o \vint ', r!;ct ~- r .\ ^.ntl liuy ^'H do Ui r:;!or to b*? ic -*"!•- "li'd. the rx'rnt of Tiuili'ui'.v 1 cats whenever Ili.i'. bocomts lExpeils Learn Much From ! Sludv oi'Guiisliol \Voundsi HV 111V MllliHK :-'I-i»i:>.IX [If'.itor, .T^^TTi'il r;' M:r A:-.:-i, M.' .V.-..-:.i!ini. ^i"l .'f lly- BOla. Ilir- Il.Mllli M.i',:'ni:- 1'ili- lH":i-i:: :-;:.:i':.K ':.^i's:l- P.-'-lfr ( I'.l '.:!'.(' , :: 1 . : •.•..' (:: il liv.r.r Ir-:.:: •• v.'ir.ilr -,-:V.-,y . ;;:-:^ '--- ; pr- .l:!o T, • r. ;:-.-.-.-•. 'i'..\' ,,•,'.,' r. ,i:.f.-,:.- :n.i:ir ;.! .-licli • r:.:--. : •;-; :' • cf. i p- r.Ti :: V.-AL''^ i ihr plv,.-:.:nn v ho f>.-;::::i-. :'-': ; r.-- - . •:;! :.vk'--. '.':-,e ;: •••::i-->. x::i ; c\a::i:::i! .'-".. :'..<•'.i'. •.- i:'..:-:' ;r;,\r.: ::'.'.,•• r:..i::.T. v II; 1 il.:. r- \' : , l\-~ l,ni:i'-. ill ;'.:.• r'.o'.l.:' ;.".-.; l':' 'esporl :n fi,v;i-:r,'.-i \:\:n :u:^if:.-- r,c-.i.-.ti-:y H'.I ::..-.'. ti.o ov-i: - cc.iid- f.:y «.T- tti'.i 1 ;!!;':- <••'•' '.'M •' r:rl:i:n v,,-.-p o'V.r: w-Tds wh.-lhfr |!io 1.1:11 cnhbor. New :ui.r. .. wrm.:o:i i: . d taltl sil:':-'l el wr::::^: : ,li-.!y u.. :.,-. cr,li i'C J . r' ' • 1'r.o r.:o:r.. :.' t.-iun- f:.i;; Ilfffi. 1'u: .I'.--.-. ,U Mli.i;-. :': 'i'hc i!i;.-.:.:-.- •r, ha.- i:--,--.i iisi-il: I' 1 - V < r/ilcl v-'.a : ;\ •:-,.:• V.T.S o! a co '..: , i .',11 ,clenrr!v '. ••'.' IV ' :!.•-;•! <:f r.: i •: !:':i.i:.::.f:i:v ::,'.\::i . '• ::' t:tov ii-.v;-:. 1 :'- i .'-• .- w:i;r:-. iv.r. :^i'. •••i: dMV.'.Cf 1 . ir.t'.'.C. ...l v.:!:: \\r.:rh L ,:i '•' -.;•.,; ;!:•.• ti ••h.r'.i !'.-.-.- o::::c; ^ :.-. ;: •:.- :-• '.'::<• ;;^ i.v: i.: t. ^> ,-: :•!-' ri^; . ' -v ,:-::o ;n-nr:ra1 ''. i : -.'-'i action of I SPiiEAD bci'oi 1 ;- you. on lhc=e r/aros, arc advcrlisc- .' ' i^-/ 7 incuts. Take a i'evr inonienL?, tuul let I heir words and pictures reveal v.jiat lite can Jsold I'or you, it' you but choo.-if! Longer days o!' iig'iler iask.s. . . appointment* lor }(n;r lioine of more deeply *u is tying coiuTorL hi-au- iy, usei'iilno.-'fs .. . deuces, methods, thai .save anxiety, and ei'forl, and lime . . . others lhaL offer ne\v economies . . . th'ui^ lo delighl you, from far corner* of the \vorlti... once rare and fabled obiccl-j I lull *t are. now within your reach . . . ail these, and more are in thai treasure house to which advertisements give you the. key, •No magic formula, no "open, sesame,"' could profit you so weli as this knowledge of what is new . . . *• O what ('an bring v>u pleasure. leisure, security . . . wlial is yonr.s Ut possess!

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