The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1943
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TIIK IIOMIMA TsJ'l' W LMIPCti A I-H.'i* •-»<:» *.<j'Mtn»tit i» <».,... J~ > - - ^^i • • a^Bv^V W » ^V«/ VOLUMK XL—NO. 21. lllythevtllc Dully News lilyllievillc Courier niyllicville Herald Mississippi Valley Lender THE DOMINANT HEWSl'APliU OP NQliTllKAbT AHKANBAS'AND SOUTHKAST MISHOUKI SATURDAY, Al'llll, JO, I'M;} 8TH ARMY TAKES Today's War Commentary Italy's Fleet May Be Forced Into Showdown ' By THOMAS J. nONOIHIi; of United 1'ress '!'h<! time 1 i.s approaching wlit-n the Kalian duel will hiivc to come out of its harbors and light. When (he I'mal l)iitllo of Tu'nisiii i,s concluded, the Kalian navy will bo nnlcrcd by Hitler to attempt to rescue the Axis Africa iii'iny, or to stand by to repel an Allied invasion of Kurojic. From past experience, the Itidiiin navy has learned Una it is no match for the British fleet, so if i't moves out it will be in the nature of a do-or-dic light at Hitler's command. iMussolini had nn imposing fleet 4 — , when he took llaly into war that faleful June 10, 1940. He had four batlleships built and two .more building; 21 cruisers; Cl destroyers; 101 submarines, and 142 torpedo boats. Since then, however, the Italians themselves admitted Ihe loss of 1G deslroyers. eight cruisers, 3G submarines, 13 auxiliaries and 16 torpedo boats. Actual Italian losses probably have been much Rr-catcr. And in addition, it is known that the British have sunk or crippled four of II .Duce's battleships, two of which probably have been repaired and are ready again for action. Italy's Own Figures ' Trrus, calculating from Italy's own admission of losses, the Italian fleet today stands at aboul four battleships, 1.1 ci.ulsets, 45 destroyers. G8 submarines and 13G submarines and 136 torpedo boats. Those figures are probably close (o correct, save in the submarine category on which there is no accurate estimate. Many Italian submarines have been sunk in the battle of the Atlantic but the exact figures' never have been revealed because of the nature of submarine warfare. It is doubtful whether the Italians have added many units to their surface fleet since the war began because of - n scarcity of materials and because Axis naval strategy of late has been confined almost solely to submarine war. Construction ' of-: other: units<.-has been sacrificed fn the'interest of more submarines. And it's safe to say that a goodly portion of Italy's submarine strength is' 1 ' operating in the Atlantic with a comparative few remaining in the Mediterranean. Italy's fleet was built on the theory that armor had to be sacrificed for speed. And in addition, is known that the British have sunk or crippled four of 11 Duce's battleships, two of whch probably have been repaired and ready for action. Idea Wouldn't Work The idea was that the fleet would dash out from its bases and with its superior speed hire enemy ships within range of Italian airpower which would make mince-meat of the opposing fleet . The theory seemed sound enough, but the Italians reckoned without British carrier-based airplanes which not only could handle attacking enemy planes but also strike heavy blows at the Italian fleet in its own lair. The British naval-air attack on Taranto in November of 1940 was a case in point. Three of Italy's battleships, two cruisers and several smaller ships were knocked mil, at least temporarily, In that raid which shattered Italy's concepts of naval warfare.. Four months after Taranto, in March of 1311, Britain '5 aerial torpedoes again caught up with the Italian fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean. One of her iwo 35,000 ton bailie ships was crippled in that attack and three of her finest cruisers were sunk. Situation Favors Allies In those days, the British had to rely on their carrier - based planes to catch up with the elusive and fast - moving Italian .Navy. Now, the situation has changed, toll] tactically and strategically. The entire southern rim of the Mediterranean and will be in Allied hands when the Tunisian lip is Iin-)ly overrun. Allied planes based ashore from Suez to Morocco can cover the whole Mediterranean which Mussolini boastfully uscrt to call "our sen." And if the Italian licet ventures out, there Is certain to be a sea and air battle rivaling the biggest that have taken place in Ihc Pacific. Axis planes operating from the northern shore of the Mediterranean will clash with Allied planes operating from the southern rim while the opposing fleets battle il out on the surface. The side with a preponderance in air power probably will triumph. From the looks of things now, the impending battle seems Inclined in favor of the Allies although nothing is certain In war. Mussolini lias been hoarding Ills fleet for many months, probably as a club with which to prevent the Germans from taking over Italy completely. His grip on that club now is being weakened by the approaching climax In Tunisia and by the growing threat to Italian soil. Hitler still is boss and what he says goes, so If he orders Ihe Italian fleet out into the Mediterranean, II Duce can have noth- Lloyd Clark Is Sentenced To Five Years On Charge ,0f Burglary Final session of Criminal Division. Circuit Court, yesterday afternoon was featured by one man being found guilty find .sentenced to a prison term; four white men being sentenced to prison terms after having entered pleas of guilty earlier in the term; two Negroes receiving prison women and four sentences; two men receivin suspended sentences upon entering pleas of sullty, and Iwo youths being fined. Lloyd Clark was sentenced to five years on a charge ol burglary and another sentence of five years on a grand larceny-'charge held up by a jury in the final jury :ase. He ivas alleged lo have stolen approximately 575 from the Ben Lamb cafe at Manila recently. The young man -had served three-terms In., the reform 'school., ./Mrs,. Frances Johnson Bickerstaff, 'at liberty under bond on a charge of 'forgery 'and uttering, entered n plea 'of guilty in the final session/and a two-year sentence was suspended. • : She paid 'the approximately $374 she was charged with/having obtained by forging a check on Bly- llieville Soybean Corporalion. Mrs. Emma Fcczor of Osccola, charged with grand larceny in the alleged fhcfl of paint brushes from Tom Lillle Hardware Store, was given a suspended sentence. ;She also made restitution for Ihc goods alleged lo have been slolcn which cosl about S38. Lawrence Mauley, former con- vicl who pleaded guilly to a charge of grand larceny, was given a- Uvo-ycar sentence. Jim Ryan, who pleaded guilty to a .charge of forgery and ultcr- iris, was sentenced lo one year. Marvin Jackson and Herbert Majors, who each-pleaded guilly lo a charge of brand larceny, were given one-year sentences. Orlando Lenny. Negio. was sentenced lo two years after pleading guilly to a charge of forgery iinr] uttering. Men receiving suspended sentences were: J'nt grand Williams, guilty pica for larceny, one-year sentence suspended; George Cowan, 18. one- year .sentence for grand larceny suspended and he will be inducted into Army soon; Floyd Fonder, given suspended sentence on charge of • grand larceny which grew out of alleged theft of personal Roods from ii relative In the Huffman community, ami who was turned over lo mililary authorities because | * * * SINGLE COPIES'ElVK-CKN'IVi DRIVE * 4 4 » * » Officials To Impose Press Restrictions At Food Conference WASHINGTON. A|inl 10. (Ul')~^l, Uie Unilwl Nations food conic runic will In- coinlnctoil in secret— except for. Ilic o|ioniiiu' ami doxhiK sessions Hie Sliilc l)o|)iir(MK'iit, miiioiiiu'mi; iluil I he conferi-nn' will he held at Hot Springs, V:i., .slui'tiuir .M;iv |«||i says reporters will \,a permitted to attend only at the .start ami mops Trapped In South w Runnin The Axis Down the iinislr. Looking down across Ihe wing- lip of an American dive-bomber you can see the runway of Ibe much-bombed Jap airfield on Munda Point, New Georgia, in Ihe Solomons. —•• The conference wji.s Iralitllvi-ly WingOverMunda'^^r.Sili.r,^ ^ ^ poru-d It until May lltth bei-nusr- ) foroifjii dclr-nalcs needed more lime 1 }, to'set to the United Slnlts. ; War information Ulrector ICtmer Bavls previously had nssurqd' cpies- tioni.Ts lliat reporters would In- [idle to attend Hie fciorl discussions. Their exclusion from nil but (hr- opening and clnslny sessions Is believed i<> ccnfonn with the President's hope I thai the discussions could continue ' without Interruption by reporters, t'he State Ucpnrlnicnl says Irif. conferees will be li'chnlcul experts. Judge Marvin .lories of iht United I Stales Court of Claims who also Is ' .u-slstnm lo Kcononilu Btabillnullon I Director Byrnes, will b; clialrninii I of the United Slates delegation. ' Members of Congress generally I were critical of the drnstlc restrictions on news cover ai:e of the fooi) conference. A few, however, defended it. Senator chnvfz. Democrat froju New Mexico, said: "1 don't approve of e;iclij[Jbi(,' the press from nhy- lliing." • Sonata- Joseph c. O'Mitliojiey. niMiiocral of Wyoming, siild he l>c- llcved an ititcrnBtlonni -contort lie* could work more efficiently In executive session and saw no reason why this should not be done I Unit; rf Ihc nrlllJih 8th Army hi trucks nimbli; , , )1( -' nl"!«il I" [HHMilt of d(:feiitid Axis force* wlille -ap- tuied Italians are marched back lo<prison Vrimpi behind Hrlllsh lines aflcr Di'ltlnh capture! Kl Hmn- mi. in South 'n,nW,i.,Drlvl 1H! on they\ c Joined u s. forcrs SI,' ol K\ Gmatm' pu,M,ln« ll,o AfrlVn Korps Photo radioed Jrmi Ciilro lo Nc« Yolk ,!>„., 5 cd Ijy riaA Censor). (NKA vudlo-l-.lephoto) War Loan Meeting Planned Committee Checks Election .Returns Tuesday's elections .in incorporated towns'of Mississippi County were officially checked yesterday by the County Election Commission which Osccola. ,.. Members of Ihc commission are George W. Barham, chairman; B. n. Smith 1 of Osccola. secretary and E. R. Carter of Leachville. These officers were elected: Bly- thovllle—E. R. Jackson, mayor; James Terry, treasurer B. R. Jones, alderman Ward I; John C. McHaney, Ward Two; E. B. Woodson Ward Three, Ordinances to have parking meters installed and to exclude Elmwood Cemetery from city limlls were carried. Dell—Lester n. Gill, mayor; W. B. Potter, recorder; Malcolm. Grcen- iray, U. R. Crawford. Ccplnis Brad- Icy, L. M. Moody and J. F. Harris, aldermen. Manila — Albert Scott, mayor; James Moore, recardcr; Pete Scoll. Rilcy Duncan, Pele Balklrd. Cecil Reynolds and Raymond Fox. aldcr- Lrachvillc—Joe Whreler mayor; wanlcd on a charge of absence I dcrmen. without leave, and Rnyinrimi Smith, IG. who pleaded guilty to a charge of forgery and ottering and who was given a suspension for his lira-year sentence on condition he would join the Navy, as planned. O. W. Elhridge and Buel Rouse, 18-year-old youths from Leach W. I,. Tabcr. recorder; Louis wcln- bcrg, W. E. Ringgcr, Willis Hcrndon, Robert Lcc and John I). Wells, al- Ited Cross War/is Arjqinsl 'Racket' CARUTJIERSVILLE, Mo., April ^ juiii 1 _ vl ^ ll ">. (UP)'— County Red villc,~wcre"cacif fined $5o"on"chiir-i Cmss chi| l >tcr Thursday warned • .. . T"" "" tjlu.l !,.„,,„(!, rm-irln..*.- I —' l._ ,.1 1 r SINKINGS DFF EKI U-BoaLs RcttimTo Prey On U. S. Shipping; 43 On I' reighter Lost ll.v United 1'icss Axis submarines huvc: letmn'.'d lo the waters olf the Amt'rlriin oast coast after an ubicnce of nvjic than seven months. ' The Navy disclosed today Ihc torpedo! >i|; uf tin Ameue.'in 'merchant ship early this :Kt the cast coast. Al Key West, [la., where .some of Hit "l« surviving have been .landed, crew members say <t:i men died in the sinking, including the ciijitiiln, James W Harrel uf Houston, Texas, (larrcl. they tny. ordered the men lo abandon he walked brick ing to say. It would be more surprsing, if Italy's fleet docs go into action to gc.s of petit larceny lo which they pleaded guilty. It is expected that Ihe prison truck will come Monday for Ihe prisoners, which will also include these sentenced after having bcci convicted earlier in the term: Clyde Leslie Irvin, .sentenced to life imprisonment for rape; James Terry, Negro youth, sentenced lo life on a charge of rape; Louis Gorman, Negro, sentenced lo seven years on a charge of second degree murder; Mose Houston, Negro, sentenced to five years on a second degree murder charge, to make six white men and tour Negroes to serve prison lerms. Judge Walter Killoiigh of Wynne presided at the hvo weeks .session wild Marcus Fielz of Joncsboro. prosecuting attorney, and his Norm Mississippi County deputy, Graham Sndbiliy, representing the stale. Monkeys and apes arc afflicted by tooth trouble in the same manner as human beings find German commanders aboard each unit. The Germans would display no hesitancy In s:\crificinc Italy's fleet. county residents to, be alert for a new type "racket" which lias been reported In tills section. A collection agency attempts lo create interest in a non-existent legacy, particularly among relatives of men or boys reported missing in .vrj-vice. The agency claims lo have con- lenls of a safely deposit box at their disposal, but once interest i.s displayed, there are requests for money lo pay bills against Ihe conlc-iils of the deposit box which turns out not to cxisl. The chapter stated thai test cases against the company aic now in ihc c 1 ourls , -.c prosecution of the licller , Ilusincss Bureau. • on the Wesl Coasl, at n-. New York Cotton Mar, May July Oct. Dec. July Sep. Open High 1053 18G5 2012 2016 1991 inD5 imo 1975 1951 2G04 1933 1DC3 Close I'rCI ' 19S2 SOU 1037 1967 )or , 7 101C 1095 1970 • "62 I5(j0 1058 1DQ2 1967 Chicago Rye open high low close prcl 84 84VI 83-i; 84*,. 83'.!, 8511 86% 85S 86>i 85'i into his cabin and .stayed there as the bid/ing ship went down. Navy I.ieut. John II. Kfi-r, one of Uie 18 survivors, .sniri llmi'.Ta last command was: "Jump for il, Idrt.s-." With blaxiny oil ;UI arounil lliem, (bo men stayed aflnnt i>y holdins on to driflln'u debris. Tbc'y found a parity-wrecked rail and swam lo il. I.a(cr they lirni'l a cry for help and Kcrr. 'wilh thin-tier's Male William Of car K''lly, swam nut and picked up J-ramaii R. E. Tliorii of .Slilhvnlcr. Mn, *!::/ had bcci) blinded. Thorn, a mere youiiRstrr, rircrl iiboanl Ihc rafl in Kn-r's amis,, asking Ihc lieutenant (o pray f'ir him. One hero ot the lorpc'cl'iiiii' Vvas Coxswain Million Taylor of Orange. Mass., who ignmrd oidi-rs by hanginx from Ihc side o( Ihc crowded raft instead of Ivojirpni'oMhc Nnrlh M),is!*iip)>t f.ii.!un!>;. ^--conrl .!y».v ; .l.onn Carii- palSri' ilu-ctlhi;, '.to b'e" 'Hgfdt.m'The I'oiirl house loruorroA 1 , afiernoon, was a;inoimi:cd Indiiy by 0. O Smilh, wbo arninncd it. I'loni 2:,'ib o'clock milII 'J o'clock, as ihc commltlco nicmbers art: as rrmblliiB in Ilic court, rouin, «r(;«ii niiiFir: will be played by Bergl. Don StrllJiicr ami Hergl. Walter Tcrrj will sinir. Loy l^ich. Morih Mississippi County cliairmnn lor Ihc War Savinj, 1 ! Kind, will open the meeting at 3 o'clod:. Fnllowinn Ihe Invocation, Sinn II. Williams, North Mississippi County i-luifnnan for Ihe Victory lonn Campaign as well us chairman of Krglnn 1 for bolh groups, will tell Hie pnrpnse of the. meeting. "Why it is Necessary for Us lo Enlist our Hollars In Ilic Armed Forces" will be Ihc subject ol a brief tall: by MaJ. Hurry L. Mc- Oiiirc, also ol Illylhcvllle Army Air Mi-Id. Kcrsciinl Tony will sing "Nolli- inf! Can .Slop Iht 1 Army Air Corps ac-cninpiinicd by Sergeant Scribiicr, hpfori! U. A. l/ym;li r.xplatn.s- the vnrious types of bonds available to jnvf.-itors, lo be followed by a forum discussion. Cnrd.s- will lit; distributed lo coin- mitten members wlille Sergeant -J'tT.-)' .sings "Tlrc're's a .Star Siiart- glrd Hiinnei- W;ivlng Somewhere. 1 'I'lrc- nrc:(Mtnu will be cliiiuixcd v;lth a talk by Virgil Greene, who scrvnf overseas in Woi'ld War I and locul jtltnrncy, willi "Arc We us Indivrtluiil:, or as a Communily Cio- [ in!: lo do Gur Part, or- by Our In- ' riilfrrerue Ilrarrd OurschTs as SlnckcrsV". i.s to be his subject. This iiiMiiiu; will open an ln- Icnsivc i.-nuipalKn lo sell War Winds Kilnling S2«S.I)(I!) in North Mississippi County before Mny I. ii.s a part of Ilic .specUil campaimi. Neio York Stock* Two Great Generals Meet Sotissc, 72 Miles North- waicl, Becomes Next Objective Foi Allies '/ l!v IfnKril I'rcss Tim Allies have . selwd the bl' F mil! Ian porfof Stnx In :i rapid drive- ui> the ctiaxl. Tim i:ccupntlon of 'Kfnx v;ns rin- nouneed at Geneva! F,t-;cnho\ver , hoadiiiiiiiierii after . rndln Aliilcrii lind declared Allied forces ' enlerei! Mic clly lit I): 1C o'clock Uiln'mbrn- liiii, Omicnil Montgomery s imneihli swept lii(</ Sfn\ iiflcr memholin- hi", N'n/l rcsl^lanre nt Muharcs n ii'llc's fint|iei "votilli late vrslcr.Iay The i;inlilh Aum nl o birndcncl Its front by sweeping weil to Mc/- /ouna lu Join • forces with Genural Pillion's, middle, American column, Mop-mi Ifiiitarwny' This riiovQ InR co'mldornhlc forr - es of A\ls ITOODS trapped In lov; Ihe Makna^sy-Sfnx inllwiv Clnn- cuil Pnllon's southern coliirhn Kiid I'lglilliu; rienUi Ironpi mn mop ping up Die-so li iippcd Axli foictJ, lloweiei Romtmlh main Ixxly ont.o iiKiiln ctiipttl mid lied norlli Meanwhile, General Klscnhmver reveals, American. British r.nd French troops. have liurlid n povy- ni'fitl new thrust from? Fondoiil: toward Ilic nunt till Inire of Knl- rouini and the pml of Sowan in north cent nil Tunisia Fmmdoiw Is SO miles soulhwcsl ol SODIS^ . Oencral El*qhho«ors cornmunl- iprc raid Hie Allies Already Invc sel/cd aintcoln hcltliL-, mid liken 600 prlwncis in Ihe^nevv dilvi ...Ami It ilj niuKuncpjl Hint 'he. ' ' Pl- aboard to rest. in survivors A T fc 'I 1 Amrr 'iob;m;r> ., Anaeonrla Copper 11(1 1-2 picked up by American wiii.'-liipi. E. Dalton Dies Today At Home In Jonesboro Ii. Hal ion. for manv years n regular visitor in Blythcvilic in coiuu-i 1 - tion with his work as ricpuly internal revenue collector assiRii«i lo this district, died Hits niorninK at. his home in Joncsboro. Funrral services will be lii'ld >«• morrow afternoon in Jon:sboio. Mr. Dalton assisted •MJMi.-.-ipitl County residents in lilinc ilicir federal income lax rciiort.s until Ihe permanent olfice was established here this SpririR. NEWS of his death was rcrciveel by John C. McHaney. a tirno friend of the Dalton family. Leachville Child Dies [Chrysler finally were !f»> Fledric Hadt'ocd from Cairo lo Mow York Mils photo shows General Dwisjht Eisenhower, light, shaking hsnds with liiitlsh General Bernard L. Monlgoiuery. cornniaiKlcr of the llrlllih 8th Army which chased lloinrncl from Egypt halfway up Tunisia. Elsenhower, command- cr-in-clilcf of all Allied forces In Norlli Africa, lluw to Montgomery's headiiuarler.-, to congrnlulatc him mid his men for crnckiirj- the Marclh Line. Nov; Yanks and Brllish have joined forces, (rawed by IICA Held censor.) iNHA radlo-lclejiliolo). Cicn MnUirs Montgomery Wiurt N Y Cenlr.-il fnt Harvester Norlli Am Aviation Id-public filrcl lladio Six.ony Vacuum ... StudribaUer .Standard of N J .,. Texas Corp 1'ackard U S Steel •a •n 1-2 35 1-2 n 1-21 its :i-4 10 1-1 r.i i-B •17 1-2 -1 1-2 55 FAvestock ST. LOUIS, April 10 UJ.I'.)—Hox rocelpls 100 head, all salable. Hardly enough on sale lo make a iriar- kcl. No early action. d'ltle receipts 173. with 125 head salable. Calves none. Compared with close last week, slocrs steady lo 25 Pemiscot County Schools Get $32,321 From Stale CAKUTHrCfJSVlU.E, Mo., April 10.—The final payment, nf Male funds for Ihc llW.i-43 .school term arc being distribute'! to I'emlscoi _schools, II was announced Tluns- 'day by Harold H. Jones, county superintendent. The tolal sum received for rtlslilbulloi) was $32,321. and Is Uie full ICO percent payment, of the apportionment for county schools for the cmninj school tenn. High schools will receive $i5.. rural .schools $0.393.58, ami S10G.09 Is (or opportunity work. Carulhcrsvlllc schools receive S7.- 128.23. Other payments of the annual apportionment were made in .September and December ot last year. cciils higher; heifers mixed . yearlings 25 cents higher; cows '.steady. Bulls 25 cents lower. Vf-ulcrs Mary Linda'Nelson, 1C months oUl so ccnls higher; replacement cat' 10 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ci, M. and calves strong. Tops lor (lie Nelson of Leachville, died yrstdday week: choice 132S -pound steers afternoon al her home of uremia)$17. rj : ggo p omit | s i c er.s $16.75: »1 8 poisoning. I pound mixed yearlings $16.20; 7715 Funeral services will be held to- pound heifers $10.00; con's SH50; morrow afternoon, 2:30 o'clod:. at sausage bulls $14,15; vcalers $15.50; First Christian Churcli, Leachville. replacement steers $15.50. Arrives In Africa Corp. San ford Doonc has arrived in Nnrlh Africa, according to Information received by ht,s wlfcj Hie former Miss,Frances Holland. Corporal Boone has been In ll\e Army since last May, •Icnllh Aulhoi'ilies ToCon- liiuic Project For Control Of Disease Maliiria Is lo be controlled this year in nlythcvillc and Mississippi County If (he government healtl authorities have their way ... •AKj.a--'Mic6iffhc •chbii In' t|io- Kiilrotinii nrjfi. Soiree 11 miles north of $lv , Ihiw br>( nines Ilic ol)Ju,Uyo of lli( Allies. Along Ihe const, the .route lo L'citrwe Is •coni|inra'Llvely easy BOln'j, lilil Ihc Germans. still hold strong hill ]io,sitlons facllnj Ilia Allies In ih'e ;,Foudoul; region. Hrllish hi Nnrlh Advai:c" In norlKcrn Tunisia, : Gbncrnl Eisonhowei >, communl(|Uc Sajs tin llrlllsh First Army has advanced 10 miles since April 6lh In. Ibi: drive from 'MedJcu-El-Bnb lowirds Matciir and Tcbourba on Ihe road to BJ/erle TJie I list Aimy be, taken a llipiisand prisoners, Ils |)|'OBITW In tlir iiiggprl hills I, nrccMiirlly at a pack-mule pnne. '1'lic Aiucrlcfins arc disclosed lo have' (nkeir 1300 prisoners In central Tunisia, and the British Eighth Army Is Inking prisoners .so rapidly (1ml General Monlgomery declared Thursday 'In a ;mesrji?c to his men thai Naul Marshal .liorn- incl was In danger of running: cut of Infantry. The Eighth Army ha-i taken OT.OOO prisoners since Mniii'h 22nd. '.•:'"•'"' Tlie Ilceli)!; Axis forces arc bcin:; pounded Incessantly from the ».ir mid In one buttle 'alone. Allied •Spllflrc (lighters shot down ci-jhl out nf lli' Junkers 8Bs, We losl. six. planes yesterday in operations all tip and 'down the front. Flndlo Morocco says British aircraft carriers are operalinrj oir the easl coast ol Tunisia' and their planes arc joining Ihc attacks on the armies of Rommel and Von Amltn. General Elsenhower also announced Ihc caplurc of .Italian General Nfnnncrlnl. Meeting Scheduled /''or Cancer Control Women Interested- In cancer control are expected lo allend a conn- ty-wldc mcctlnS Tuesday afler- nooii nt Holcl Noble wlieii plain- will be mapped for a social campaign during the remainder of tin 1 . 1 ; nionlh in carrying onl observance of .Cancer Control month, it was , announced iloday by Mrs. F. L. Husbands, county corhmaridor. Mre. O. T. Cohen of Jonesboro, dWrlct. commander of the Women's Field Army of American Soli" i ciety for Control of Cancer, is lo '" JOUI/ be guest ot honor al Ihis mccllns, With Dr. E. C. Budd, a captain In tire Army's public health service now director Chica'ffo Wheat o)»n high low close pr. cl. July . 142% !«',! 142!!, 142S 141^ Sep. . 143 143Ji 143 143-S 142% to begin at 3 o'clock. Presidents and health chairmen of all women's groups in tho coun- „ , ,,„,,,„ ,,, , 1 5'' Including Women's clubs,• Par- County ircalHi Unit wlilch Is cm- cnt T eacl-»r associations and oth- »»;, >>,''°J cc ;', hc ls ., b f. i .»? cr such eroups are especially -urK- „.....,. c() (o nltcnd this Important, meeting, Mrs. Husbands said, today. Because cancer, which kills 160.000 persons yearly In the. United Stales, ranks second".In .death causes, a nation-wide .campaign .Is being waged for early .control which Includes regular medical "exaniliui- llons. lslcd through special activities of Hie Rovcrninenl. Lieutenant Wilson, of the United Slates Public Health Service, WAS In niylheville this week lo visit projects started last year in connection with cslablislimenl of lilylhevllle Army Air Field. Tlie area adjacenl to the two- motor school was 'checked In regard to efficient mnlarln coiilrol In tire past niiri future. Pemiscot bayou is being cleaned and oiled as a part of the program for malaria control. Numerous olher 'specific projects will !je carried out immediately In continuing.Ihc program. New Orleans Cotton Open High Law Close Prcl Mar. . IS93 1993 1981 1984 1389 Mav . 2040 2040 2030 2035 SCSI July . S022 2022 2010 2018' 2011 Oct . 2005 20fe 1992 1899 2002 DCC. . 5000-2000 .-1937- 19M>; 19D7

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