San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on September 24, 1918 · Page 8
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 8

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1918
Page 8
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yVf 1 JifliUil iWSJ sNb y V tm a WlA W jSAlf FRAN0ISCO Ok51 - uv fCHEONlOLE anaB aaBaat - BBBBBBBBI BBV TJ B H bbbbbbbBB rH PwfJsbHSurjgebn ittSral0ffi6eays i - mmkv nvt KV f J ti ik1 - r J - lypajJiefriOayihile fMaladytSprelsNbrthtb Sf iiMuuBoec yy esi rt y s Wife - - - iSTASHltoGTONsSptemW - sS - mnBpaman gantinn Hu mad Its i V - i appearance In least twenty - iArrny camp over the country TbsV - Surgeon - Oenerale office n pounced tonight that thitotal minn or of casea ha lncroaaed to SO ill ffnaltidlng H2S new caes reported to - c v v v Seven camps reported lnfluenta for tn - flrsttlmefodayiv T Cunp LowlsWtWashlngton reported twotr - two jnew today - T eipldemlo continues rrtoet - tCiiip Devari Mass General aw - gasssld - Th total number of ewes Teported - from - tharcamp up to today was 107M Camp Dlx Htt tltlT cassts second At Camp vens the number of pneumonia aelihlghv41 new caeee having t - enr reported daring th last four rfcto ijlnfluenia caeeereportedsTr Weitem ampsvxeludlng camps reporting to - ay fortbe firatitlmeshowi iWLoKanv Tex 171 runaton Kae BALTIMORE Md SepUmber It Ahout o men from Camp - Hula - fclrdandj the Government depot at nrtiaBay are In th general hoepltal tTorfMcHinry suffering from a inelady believed rto be Spenlah in - one The epidemic firet made lte appearance laat Friday QUEBEC September II Three hun - rod student at theCathollo Collefe tt Victorlavllle QuYare reported to III with Spanish lnfluensa Two of tte faculty and one etudent have fled from the malady Th collet has been quarantined Nine eallore on thlpa In Quebeo har - bor several of them Americana have died from Spanish lnfluensa in the lait i VloWidajra S prbOTTLDlllR Cot Sptmbr rlthfiftyrthr of the M draft men j taking special Army technical work B vatth University of Colorado surf or - Jb from what the military medloal uthorltlee eay le Spanish lnfluensa ith training carap wee put under ab solute qnarantlne today and Jtepe eyre taicen to eee that tbe epread of i tfteepldemlo le minimised None of - thaCases Is serious according to the aanip authoritlee IJgtf TWantt ipmsik lBoToir BOSTOK SeDtember i The - eei - amla of Influenaa and pneumonia oounueo wnnoui aoaiemeni in cmee r uad4owBS mrMundlnct Booa today Udleated AJUmptoYement In the altn JUotltr rXmantr death fromlnflgenia wore reported t the Boeton Health De - 1 lartment for the twelve - hour period tondln at 10 A H today ae acalnet i c pilj - lDr liliwfiijr - ieur ayuri jvm iTATER Uasf September Al - tetoorh elxty - flve deaths resultlns ffafni Influenza and nnaumanla im p oxiiTea s at tamp uevene aurinc me tf 9m woiy - wr iiQVtrv eiuciaia x SrijUiyCT i tMeea J September Wtti wnri hr tody to am t in - nenla More than forty deathefrom tneee aiaeaiea nave occurreo ana it t eionoi there are r00 caeee of lnflu - ena amonr employee of the Bethle - Ef HJM9UfWUk4Ulfia Vul VVIAUVKk t v - aattr aaaucj iho oepiemoor s I i6oine twenty or thirty caeee of In St Vlluena - areln the hoepltal of thli I fBantoameat but tne malady 1 not apreadlnc up to the preeent time The rvltuatlon 1 well Inband aald Generat feSy Carter the commandant of the - camp t w iXvThere le no quarantine against vie - V5rti w rzCAXTIiaNTI POltTi September 31 t - An American transport arrlvlnr here todav from another Atlantic nort - i aad aboard thlrtr - eli eaaeaoCSoan uh lnfluenea anoonc the crew Ther 7fewre remoTedto a hospital KjVedlcal offlcereof the Second naval iv isriw eiaivur LoniHiiiiiiv ine inna en ta epidemic was nearlnltiend viU7feiiJ7ivur Hi caeee were re - ported today and more than 140 pa - tlenw were dlecharsed from the naval leospltal i5 From Colombia V A 1 KiBKBl 9SBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMggSj 1 Captain Thorn deUCoDch bf the Coloinbisn rmyheldji itdrafteTidertnd cliinrKj M Jnubud tvTOjyoomeit IJrincccinrc gtjt f atibn Reveals Fugitive 1oPdlice W INFLUENZA CASE lDISCOyEREDUNiSF 3jThHratlveejof Spanish Influ - Baa dleeovered In San Fran leco by the health authorities who haTS been - Veeplo a sharp look - SMtTafthe maladv was Isolated vee - tBJ - aftraann when jCltv Htalth LTl - - ritl - r UuUa MiM flflWI Wi1Ar - Til VMAHr VIIIIIW dward rwtrner ient to tne Ban Fran - ieotHospttai4r - t Waarter earns nere recently t rors Chlcaeco where the Spanish lnfluenea fcas been epidemic Dr Haeeler be - Ueves thatirWamer broughtv the erins of the dJeeaee with him when psoataoherfomthsEasU The oremleee t at 4 Eddy street shrslvWasner as - HvlnK - were slaced nnder quarantine restrictions beMerdajrTiTbeease wasfrsportedito qssHiassieTiyirJiwrerosi - The preventive quarantine which itras announced for the Terba Buena Wasyeeterday extendedito theiMare and - Navy Tard and marine bar - as men oem reiueea leave until threatened dancer trrom the in aensa Is no lonarer feared AjrowfD ontvirATT red One case of Spanleb lnfjuenea was Sjt drleoovered on the navy yard tut prior ae tne announoemeni - oi mequaran - lii for Kara Island Oovernment of f lclals at the Cus - W JihWrliwiM are takln precautionary P k Msees sen t H wS Oil A a it HAaal Via p - ssHw ssi ajsij - w v - ew jfvseassaw ttaolti from 8panlh lnfluenea irmi 3Jtmarbbroushtb7 lstori i ojf V9mt - ey msil from the Ei vmmmHoiEowidc vOnMwU rider Arrest Armed with a wooden reVolVerJohn taNnivanVMYiyearioldwascauaht aeiiiui I ieii ernri aciei trrar - atrest early yeeieroay oyBpeciai wiuiem uanney or xae r w in2 yvmvmmn i9Hi - e ad bodtt rs oeujMa s - uii - ITH twyouns7 warain olalm - ln hint as husband Thomas de la Concha eon of an ex - president of the Repblle of Colombia Vnd a captain In the Colombian army Is in the San Tranetecq County an on a cnarae oi seins a araii evader De la Concha was arrested by of - flelals of the Department of Juetlce yeaterdayaa a draft evader from New York His arrest brought to light his two marriages aocordtng to Speolal Agent BM Blanford of the Departmea t of Justice De la Concha Is eeldto be employed by the Amerl - cat TraJIn g Company here ae an ei - port sjid - tmport expert In January of this year soon alter We arrival In Kew Tort It Is charged De la Concha married Mies Jeanne Slraulx I oi new i one cur o With hie wife la a New Tork hoepltal in a dellcatetcondltlon De la Concha fled It Is further charged to evade the drafu He registered at New Torlc last June and was plaoed In clase 1 A When he was celled to the colors the New Tork draft board was unable to find htm and he vu listed as a deserter Thirteen daye after leaving Ws first wife who has since become a mother De la Concha met Miss Renee Neville a chorus girl with the Kolb Dili company In this city On June 17 they were married here and have sines been living together In a downtown apartments De 1 la Conoba reregistered here September 11 although within the limits of the first dreft His whereabouts were learned through this registration and he was arrested by E B Lawson of the Department of Juetlce DO la Concha according to the Ted - oral authorltlevj - was plentifully 1 supplied with money He was formerly employes oyme jjuno Clausen Com - ew - n nnnkiQul pany of New Tork and aeeeru hie father owns 8J00 sauere mll f land lit the Southern Republic Dela voncna win oe returned te New Tark His v second wife Is said tov proi iraieo jn nr apsrtments here NjewQlandFcire I Schedule Expected Chejles 8 t9 paeeenirer traffic manager for the Southern Pacific and Weitem Faclflo under Federal Man - sgsr w k Bcotv returned from Washington yesterday where he conferred with officials operating the raUroade of thecountryfor the Oov eminent Foe would not discuss the result of Ms trip but H is expected that a - new overland passenger far schedule will be announced eoon to encourage the winter tourists to visit this state w Mountain View Boy Denies Hes Wounded SMrvMarjrFOConneil of Mountain View - whoi was officially notified sby the War Department reeehtly that her on Lieutenant Francis A OConnell was wounded In action In France July If received a letter from him yesterday saying ths report wee a mlifake Lleutenent OConnell according to the telegraphist j report was seriously wounded - Hie letter to hie mother said ths Germane hadnt touched him so far REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS J Untleey te Smlth - H - of Co W M evej Z2SM Oeerri K 23iW 120 oo u piece eio - - - Oeeeter lev Oe to Qatrmtr bii C U W Mnoa 0 H EddrN 7Vf UT fc C Dooley te a Blooa eomloe I Ottrr eed 120 lSU S M4m IW MlH k A JohmoB ead wf te T H DunoHie W 28lk l ITS 8 TiriTl 2BlW lio cjv jr QrevM to - hy 0 HieneeMy SI Xake enil 1 er mil S3 A 111 T B Oibbml end wf te D W Cremle lte to 10 blk S43 ONll HiUr Tct rit D w Creala end wf te a Oebeeal et sL m no y 1 rmrry ead wf te A aOr tk er F WHut aedwt te I WkltnUa B Jl K gin esd bub te B MkPobiIs - gl Bndertot and Turk 8 eiB100 rltt A Ofdta te M HlehlleoiTleessJ r - trw 03 US SI BoMle eve Vt JiS 10 II H B neeer ego - wf te - B r Lar Cjllforoll 10 IW Btli eve f N11J1H4 B 35 8 1100U 10 L a Tnaaletee te E Slmoadi mr enfk nd BaaMtead KU0xW 1M and eeeetkef piece eio j B aimoDOi U K K TehmtlM ume lie a liaui H XlfMtbeck Oe HlClay eed Lyee B MJiK SO 110 ElMMkeck Oete L M Prtr ra tie 0 P Burai tad wf te M J Byrne S W iscis zoo nw tUHiee w joisw 150 Irtecl I lMeriQBn to lrletsM denevt lot fl TU m B M N W t W 114 lv ead 2 ernef pleeee I L DUU te I lninn ed rf mi 10 - 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r so - derberg JFjaekeon W Hfid - wrdsiahdT FfMOrss Secretary Robert WMartlend otths Calif or - nta Automobile Trade Association Secretary eVEVWalklns ofithe Call - fomlasutiAutoinobll Association SeorelaryL Mitchell of the Automobile aub of Southern CsJlfornli District Attorney Sera - Decoto speaking for Alameda county and Harmon Bell preeldint of the Land Show - In the svenlng the convention delegates irlsltsdarf ths safety - firet n hlblte at the Land Show and compared Motes as to how this elemept Is worked In each locality - 7 Tomorrow the committees will report and In ths svenlng there will be a smoker and cabaret in the Peclflo building Wednesday there will be thsv big Job of organising ihs National Traffic Officers Association and th eliotlon of a national president and other offlciala ORaAWlEAT101 WORK GOBS ON A eemmlttn on oy - Uwi will be alio seleotid ixn th evening ther will be a lecture and a mock court In the Auditorium Theater Thunder even ing there will be a dinner daneant at the Hotel Oakland Ths grand ball will be held Saturday evening to the Auditorium and on Sunday there will be an auto trip a The new - organisation which lejuit gaining Impetue Is at pressnt studying ths trafflolaws of Newrork otty with the obleot of uetng them - ae the baeta for uniform laws which win In time be adopted yallUbS cities - PqlkeSdary on iHj Thcontstbetweenthe patrolmen I of the ollce pepartraent and the higher - ups for safe placstlnJth list of harteramendmente for increeied islarloi ended last night Inthe Board of Suoervledre bv the elimination of Chief ofPollosJpAyWhit from the il Police Commleeloner Theodore 3 Roche appeared at th atternooh meet ing ana announced - that White had decided 4a aaeslnea blii1atina i k Interest of harmony In hie department ine sojournment or - the Supervisors until lJ P M - sav tlme - for acorn romli jWr supervieor JTelion - on th reassembling of - th Supervisors presented a substitute charter emendment to tak th placet of the two over which the Police Department had splitTwb charter amendments he eald asking ralaes of salary for - the police would spell defeat for both while one would bsurtowlnJ -The eobitltutewn adoptedandorr dared to be placed on the ballot It gives captains 200 a year lieutenants 13100 eergeanti lJ0 corporals llOOpatrolmm 1704 Under th amendment h chief may detail twenty - five men for detectlv duty The cgptaln ofdetectlvee shall receive 1300 as now th chief clerk 1210 and the property elorfc 2 100 The total of the Inoreaiee amounts tot overv llODOOe lo tS taxpayers It Is estimated traeslrd latest 3 deyi - eld wn reus iMlde tki ftsci - unnsd tki Bprloi Tellev rmerrilr t Biy eed Bydi itieets yntirdi by Bdwird Vlnrpij t eintiker waeUviiit Sol Sir etnet Tae eillci My thit dntk wiilni te a cotton cord fund Ufbtly tledereaed tee tefaetl seek 9BS99 - p V - JHu C li kJAn lild iliii - illlTilili JiiJL TWBSDAylSBjWPEMBBRgM fT JJeSpljtIc AssjGondiiictors Cleveland ko septem - rrber23Wbraen shall not b employed a canijuctors on UeveJandslrett cars onv or after November 1 lS - lS ithe decision of Henry B Diet - mana and M1m Margaret Rus - v sanowjka i Federal investlga - tprss - actljig as special representatives of trie Depart - meot of Labbn In a report to President Stanley of the Cleveland Railway Company r - eel ved today The investigators found that the labor situation In Cleveland does not demand theem - ployrnentiDfwflrcen because of the shortage of man - power The question went to inves Ugators following a threatened strike recenUytof 2500 union street car employes as a protest against the employment of women con doctors Both the company and the employes agreed to stand by the decision of the investlga - v tors The women conductors1 will bold a massmeeting tomorrow night to appeal to Secretary 6f Labor VVTlson that they be permitted to remain at work on the cars Appeal will be based on the grounds that they are responding to the Governments call for women to seek employment in essential occupation IMiiikKmek Interned in VS Technicality HdldisSir john parton tiere Intemed Ini thltnUd States for the duration of the war That le the - let of Sir John George Barton irih - peer and iLady Barton because wartime regulations forbid woman taklnr - naeeaai an an AtJ Untie lfnor bound for Europe unless she Is going In War work Sir John cannot lave without Lady Barton and until the treaty of peace Is signed they wilt be compelled to remain - in sucn resorts as they can find on this side of the Atlantic So far they have paeaed their time at Santa Bar bara and other 8outhern California points Sir John who has lost two brothers in the war registered at th Palacs Hotel yesterday with v Lady Barton They are looking over this part of the - State As head of the Board of Valuation and Survey In Ireland It fell upon eir - slohns jahouldera to compile statistics on Ahe damage don during the first SJnnrelr revolt when the rebels destroyed public property to the value of more than HOOo000 At the conclusion of thle task Sir John was granted a leave of abeceneand came to the United States lX mam uHAnbiS MAN vat MAnufesoto iCoritractor 6t RetfwoofJCity isAc - i SAN MATEO September 13 Identified by Mre O A Hl Franoiaoo and Saw Jos and her chauffeur Krneat lamer ae the man mA tt - wa - - - u l the point of a gun on the State highway near Belmont on the night of JulylJManoel X - Soto cement contractor - of Redwood City appeared before Juetlce of the Peace Joaeph A McCormlok this afternoon i for a preliminary hearlng - on a charge of ev hlbltlng a deadly weapon v Among those bealdee Mrs Hal and her - cjiaufTfur who testified on the witness etan j that SOtoi was the Ihlrhweyman - were Mre M J Ilale MlaeCJlHaleartdnse I Fields all of whom wer riding In th ear with Mre Hale Soto tookthe stand In hie owndefenae andofferedto prov hie Innocence by showing that the automobile which he - waa annpoeed to be drivinaatthitlmdfthttetnpted hold - up wae undergoing repairs 1o a Redwood City garage from July H to 23 Mr eroduoed ai bIHfroirec I Rider owner of the garage te - eub - stantiate nu itory - ana alter using rauch teettmony Msgletrate Mccormick decided - to continue thef case to aet the teatlmorfyof th garage man Mrs Hale - who - passed ths summer inHllaborough wa being driven la t hr llmsin with a party of frisnds to Ban Joe on July ll whoa a ma - chin drove upbeald them and It driver a hstleas - coatleea man whs thiy eald appeared to be ineane covered the chauffeorIemer with a revolver and ordered him t etopMra Hale ordered rmr to - speed aneaa and after outdistancing the highway - iaan - they returned to San Mateo and reported the Incident to th e police A few day later the Hale chauffeur was - driving through Hillsborough when hi noticed an automobile standing at the roadside which looked like the one - driven by th highwayman He called the police and Soto thi ownervof th - ear was arrested A loaded revolyeri was found Intth slds pocket of the car y Captain As FvPayson Succeeds WS Palmer Captain A F Payaon ha been elected prealdent of th N9rthwsstern Paelfio Railroad Company a outslds Inter est a succeeding1 W 8 Palmer who has been named Federal manager of the railroad which Is now un - dor Government operation The corporation Is owned jointly by he Southern Pacific and Santa Fe CHlJIEsa ATTACHE NAMED PKK1NO Friday Septimber JO by College training are preferred 4tB A Mttlmtjl Vkabb V aw aa alaa Jl t mm 11 A m t m Lin Chun hai been appointed Chines mllltajj attache at Washington ji V i e - u ivraroa jaearisirniira ieausrWAH INOT0N Septimber M Complti rotor re Mlteil tedai - by Previet Marakal - Onaral Crowdir ihow idrett MfUtratloo la Oriaia 100081 anlmt ae Mtloete of Miei fBBBBBBBKiPPWBl BBBBBBBMBWH IbbbbbbbbbbIS JAXIB pMBMQn Services to BhGpriqucteti Whesdaor Xbwfy irUNKRAlterleaWfJamesMo - M Carthyret U - Surrro tretrlor i thlrty - h years an employe of j - n iarooioie aoa roreman ot me stereotype department at the time t hlsdeathSun - oaya tie r n eo n wiubCen4ucteo either Wednesday orTttursdar aft - srneon at - the crowuY tinder taking Parlors KlgBteenth and Valencia streets Dofinlt funeral rrangmnta Jiav not been mad pending the arrival of Bobert Mocaf thy tne dead mans son from Canu Lewla Father Duffy of Mission Dolores will conduct th services Kepre - aantatlvea from vsrlouedipartrentsef The Chronicle wlllattendthelunerat McCarthy was a nattveot flan Francisco and entered th employ of The Chronicle December 15 1SI7 He la aurvlved br a widow and six ehll - dnnT - Robert Vincent JuitinHarold n - nner ana liana Keoirt wbo - le now In th - Armr was formerly an femployeofTb chronlclin - th m - cnanicai aepartment He repressnts one of vthe stars In The Chronicles aeryice tisg - v - - Court Deriiet f Woman Stockholder Writ i i - j y v - rJud re - George a Crothere yeatirday denied Mra Julia Geldman prefemdtc - clcholder - ef the Califor nia Win Aeeoclatlon a writ of mandate to prevent the aaeoclatHn from paying a dlVldendof IJe - ashsreon common Vsteck until the preferred stock taken car of JudgCrth - era - alao denied petltlone for elrai - lar eerltaf byilra Kaho and othra Judge Crothere eald he - had analysed th accounts of the aaeoclatlon and that aftirth common stock dividend Is paid ther will remain a surplus auf flclent to take car of all other obligations Attorneys for Mrs Gold man said in expenee and loaa of time prevented them from disputing the valuation placed on thevassoela - tlons property by Its expert i Pilots Ccnfriissions MayBeppliedFor Applications for oommleatons aa pilots In th air service of the Army maybe filed with the Aviation Examination Board 65 Montgomery street aoeordlnc to1 Captain Georse liJonea department air service officer Applicants must have the eauivelent of a high echool education and men wlth noitegs training are preferred it is also ideelrabl that applicants should neve a xnowieoge of gas engines and some mechanical exnerience AbdII - cations will be received from men between II land years of age for airplane pllote although - applications lor Dauoon pueta may be made by menybetwesn the ages of I 4 4 1 R J Clancy aaale tan tlta - the gen oral taansgerrof the Southrn Pacific ha been appointed hiadeO ell Safety campaigns and safety commit teee of the SoutherniPcfl Weetern Paclfld and Tldwatrnd Southern ralt roada according to anneuncement yeeterday - by Oeneral Manager JVH pyar At - thsamtlmannunT meut - wamde Ubf all afatj room - tnltteeilwould b rorganlss Imrae - diately thle being - done at the aug - geetlon - tof Railroad Director - Oenr4 McAdoo The roads - over which Clancy wlllhavJur1sdtetlonare undorOov irnment operation - rV V - - - 4i Girl Attacked by I Stranger in Baggy t OTstBehnkeaiyereoidiMI San - Bronoaverrae reported to the police yeeterday that ehewaa attacked by a iiiaBiia iu anuuKati wawrr va - - atetreet - car at Army etreet and Po - trro avenue ehortly - berore midnight Sunday Sh aald he dragged her Into thevehlcle but she managed to cap after a hard struggla Polio believe they hav a clew to her ai - aailanfe Identity i J J mmv blMk ID TITMt HU1 110 l W rojit it al t tfl - Krae - DlaeuodiraEl N MatH SiaoO - ll nora Beeennial et - el teltary M Bom lot OT Corona Helsbta 110 - j J Blaacbl and wf by trtiatm te E B1T Qltlador nertloalou Ml and eM - Olft Mar Ne - alliir - j f turehir to Bay - gbere Bolldles Ci JB Benrertb 60 KW Bromptoo - N as VI loe TJ o - c ST ft 1 iS SW 10S pertloa kloek 15 MlMlooand Mtk Streete XxUeeloa Heniatiad rjaloa great v Bay ahera Bullcllas Co torrana SnMbir eaeii graet CjjB Para aedaTf to B f gbeeird If et ll I Urkln 0S Oiarr tt 4xB 00 1 Anna K OorOa to MeCormlcS Wj r giiitlrte W B Swn a rmncaa ivw it jwin rnu iti - iiwt - W r let aed Pta loUl to 1 block iT Stanford L iBta airt - - P Hrlihta rift Mm ti lami w aaocnea 7oe a uaeeocs S 1W 108 tlrt - McBwm Bros te 7 I MBtrotvlM Oneal 0 W rilmori W 0N J7S tie t J McBrna to X M MeBwia nea sift v A H - Flood te - O Tj Aun Grattaa a4ltao7aoH JiB 104 10 j IBUlNGiCPNTlUCTS a KiMivitii C Bowbeem niariM aai deeerattea for thoeter bstldlns IB ftraeat S M - 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