The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1933
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Served by the United Press XTHEVILCE COURIER DOMnCANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTKEA8T MISSOURI HOME EDITION ' •£., VOL. XXX—NO. 227. BLYTHEVILI.E. ARKANSAS. SATUUDAY, OECIOHIKK ;>, ism JINGLE COPnES; FIVE :CBiST8 ' I/I LUKE LEA LOSES TENNESSEE APPEAL Anarchist Revolution At Senate Inquiry Spreads Terror in Spain es Remain Up. „ Bv MADRID, Dec. 9. I UP)—A long planned anarchist revolution broke uul in the northeastern provinces of Spain and after spreading rapidly lo u dozen tov:ns over a wide area seemed to have passed Us height. Authorities, though hopeful (he r, • • /-. . revolt had failed, were watchful. UraStlC UOVeniment AC- fearing strikes that might become . • rri • , i T/ n • of revolutionary character. Bomb-— 1 hl'Calened It \ riC- ings, street lights, and a railway i wreck marked the outbreak, of | which the country had been in fear for days. There was serious United Vrtss. !oss of j|, fcut )10 casu!l i t y i^ Control and taxes for the ro-, mi( , ,„,,,„ tabulated, so fasl did bom billion dollar liquor trade 'reports multiply embroiled the nation In a rising £lorm of controversy today. High liquor orlces brought widespread fears thai the activities of bootleggers and gangsters would be revived. A United Press survey, showed relatively high prices pre-1 vailing in almost every section of j the country. Legal bonded whisky fold for $12 n quart in Philadelphia nnd S10 in Pittsburgh. High prices and fear of the tcolleggers caused Joseph N. Choale Jr.. chairman of the federal alcohol control adminislra- tion.' lo threaten drastic govern-! mcnl action. Women's Organization Will Make Appeal to Blytheville Public. A burst of buying accompanied! repeal in wet .states, business snr-r Called before tbe Senate Banking Committee to tell o! his connection with pool operations of the Seaboard Air Line, Cbarles S. McCain, chairman of the board ot New York's Chaso National Bank, la shown &e he was photographed In Washington. - donatloils from the people of Bly- First affects of. «•- [ hevillf! to £avc lts cUlbP nousc , for nlcd b the veys showed. irs aecs o. «•- [ hevillf! to £avc lts cUlb nousc , for peal in stimulating reempoymeni whfch . su|t has te( . n also began to be felt. Shipping h^'fEts anticipated steady improvement. The tax dispute pointed to a company holding a building and loan mortgage on it. The club has been functioning for many years in Blythevllle and bitter wet-dry fight In congress; since lh Jub hou ^ , lt next month. WeLs sought t 0 xa-; has been - a t - t , activities, tlon that would bring the price | ^ , standing invitation of whisky down to »l.M; a qirnrt.: for al , cllureh f dvic alld - Jouett Shouse, repeal leader, charged in an address at Philadelphia that the governmenl al- social organizations to use Ihe club and they frequently do so. The aeipnia inaj. me government ai- c]ub hol]se u reg uiarly used by ready had instituted control thru council of home dem- fnAac t\lnt \t-1c Jl oc lll.ltt ra" n r ilirt ^..w.....-j ^ ..^.. «. . ••,— •* codes that was "as unwise' 18th amendment Officials of the various states struggled with local problems. In wet states the question was whether to levy state liquor taxes or r-.bollsh Iherh to qualify under a projected plan for sharing federal liquor revenues. . ; : | onstraltoh clubs and the county federation of women's 'clubs. No rental is- charged except when non-members give social functions. Mrs. "j. W. Bader is chairman of the drive. Found "' Slain in Rented Auto NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 9 (UP)— Lawrence Bilbo, .20, cousin of former Governor Bilbo of Mississippi, v.-as found dead today on a road :ic-ar Lumberkn, Miss., according to information telephoned New Orleans chief r-f police George H. ntyer by Deputy Sheriff Seals (>'i Poplarville, Miss. Btlbo, who 1-ts been attending a barber college here, was seated in a rented automobile with a bullet hole through his head. 'New York Cotton (UP) — NEW YORK, Dec. 9 Colton closed stea'dy. Of^n high low close Dec ,lnn March Mas- July Cct 989 993 989 091 09D 98!) 1005 1015 1004 1018 1028 1015 1030 1041 1030 104H 1058 1048 999 999 1012 1027 1041 1038 Spots closed Gteady at 1020, up 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. LX-C. 0 (UP (.'otlon closed .steady. op^u high low close AUir 083 084 982 OB3b "j'nn 9<i5 9S5 995 995 March 10'W 1012 1002 1010 May . 10?5 102G 1015 1025 July 10.M 1037 1026 1037 Get 1015 105-lb Spots closed steady at 993, up 9 Chicago Wheat open ' higli low clos Dec 82 5-8 85 1-2 82 5-8 85 1- Mn'y 85 81 5-8 84 7-S 87 1- May Chicago Corn open hl=h low clos 46 1-3 48 1-8 40 1-2 48 152 1-2 .".i 1-2 52 1-2 54 1<'losing Stock Price* 110 1- A. T. and T. .. . Ar.aconda Coupei . rethlehem Siecl Chrysler Cities Service- Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Middlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward ...... New York CMitra! Packard Phillips Petroleum • Radio Corp Simmons Bed j St. Louis-San Francisco Texas Co U. S. siei-1 PIMIR SEEK P.C1 Earth Shocks Break Manila Window Panes Two distinct carltMiuakL- shocks i re lelt In th" vicinity of Manila, 14 mil's wesi of here atom 2:40 this morning. N-: damage \vas reported except b'<*cn window punt's. .n:d slove pipes falling In, several i I'om.'s. j Most of the lownsjK-ople we're! awakened by lint first shock which i' wns Immediately followed by another tremor. Neither ol the shocks was felt it PflRT! TO President Hits Mob Law Backers Moled Guests Perish as I 1 ire Sweeps Cliicagoan's Knglisli Mansion. CLEAR LAKE WHITKCIIUIICH. Knulnml. Dre. D d'l'i—A hoiiso pafly made up ol liritlsh. I'r-i-.eli and 'Ami'rlean J.oUihli'S i-anu; lo a tragic end told ay wlu-n five swept throiu'h the iir.nsion of l^-.nder J. McConiilcl: Clilcngo. Tin- Due dc la Tmnullle ol ..-1 ' , r~ i ol '• | rrn! -« burned lo deiith. iVlues Ot Lravel -Slir-l-'nie lion. Jur,,,..; n. Rodm>y. In-other of thc clj.ith llnron Hcxliu-y. c : li'U uf Injiii'le.-: received when he- luiii|x.d 20 foci from a wlnilow lo iw.ipe ihe roaring llames. 4icilney'3 ivlfe, the formel Pi-nnces Stiickl.vd Oldlinm l.ovell, wns Injured cilllcally when she facing Will E .CWA Labor. hv py Announcement by B. N. Wilson, county CWA supervisor, that work would start next week on the gravel surfacing of eight miles! of road from Blylheville to Clear Lake, assures an nil-weather highway for one of the most highly developed and thickly populated nrens of the county. . . The road will follow the rout* of the old Clear Lake road from jumped wllh"i l in. Mc.-Curinlek and his wile, who vn.s the French Counters de Fleuricn,- escaped In nl^hl dress. Thc Rodneys nnd Ihe Due do Trunoille weru week-end. gnesUs ol (he McCormlcks. l-'ire broke out In a lop flvr bedroom. Spread- *jt ii.v uiu uu:ur iju&e ruua irum, .^, . . . ., ' the Intersection- wllh the Prom-1 n. 5 " q J' t ' ll ' i:ush 1|1L ' ° ul IlmlSL ' flami-s cut off Ihe escape of the Ised Land road at Sawyer's cemetery to the Clear Lake church and school, then east -across the lake P r o. p o s .e d Corporation Would Finance Farming Operations. After an afternoon nieetini Thursday had failed lo produce rufficient backers to -. incorporate : local Producron Credit association, a second session Thursday night found 'a sufficient number of farmers and business • men • Interested In the proposal to apply for n federal charter, for an association here. • .. v" , V. board of directors was named by the/incorporators with R. C. Rose as chairman:- Othcf directors Jre • T. p. Martin; C. F. -.Tucker, Oeorge / M. Lte; and •. 'Hershel Smart. , A 'secrslwy Is to .be named later. ' . • • •, • Incorporalors of , the association ure, in to the directors named. Hiram' Wiley. G.-.'R. Garner, Otto Bradoerry, J. H. Smart, V. E. Tale, \V .'L. . Tate. M. F. Brow'nlee. W. B. Lollin arid a Mr. Walker 'of Hufl'nian. ' ; • The corporation, in the event .a chaTter Li granted, will be Incorpo-' rated with a st:-ck of $25,000 which vM give it a loan range up .to ;:125,000. It wo:!ld loan money to farmers for production of crops bed to. the levee „. end 6n the main' Tomato, road : lu Due and the Rodneys. Fire trlgades from nearby lown? fill ' m ' 6ltl - vainly to.SJivc many vnliin •jljlble paintings r.nd other Seclkm 4. A lateral will run ..on ^' clSl .. south down the west side of the lake to the Clear Lake gin and store. The road will be surfaced with river gravel, which will be obtained in the vicinity of Tomato. ituation May Explain Dissatisfaction of Stone County's Jobless. BY BOYDEN UNDERWOOD nited Prfss Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 9 (UP)— clitics, charged by Stone counts .employed in connection with dminislration of relief Jobs, were rought lo light today by United ress in conducting its own hi- cstigation of affairs at Mountain an d purchase ci stock, lew CWA headquarters. Seven relatives of Sam Johnon. former Stone county sheriff, re on the CWA payroll, it was re- eftled. It is charged that the nemployed are agitating because f thc Johnson political faction's onlrol of federal jobs which prim- rily are lo r':i ; evc unemployment nd are supporea to be given cedy persons. Kencrts Called Propaganda. This was in conflict with the :alement made by CWA officials] iat "reports of violence in con-; cction with CWA work are polit-1 al propsignndu only." Two Funerals Result Today from Double Murder; Son Absolved. PUXICO, Me, Dec. 9 (UP)— Jobs are beln? given to relo-JTwo funerals, 50 miles apart, ivea This condition does not-brought a tragic end today to the IF I art ob- HortRcy died at the Royal limits hospital nt Wlr.chi-ster lu which Mrs. Kodncy' ,il-o wiis taken. McCormlck Is a son ;f Mr. and -Mis. L. Hamilton McCormick of NUV York. J. E. Crow of Lepanto Dies in Hospital Here J. E. Crow, 50-year-old farmer of U-imiiio. died al the Hlyilio- vllle l»)S])itiil curly loilny follow- I'lB "n Illness which began last Ei']>lunbcr, He wns admitted Monday. Kimi'in services will IK held Sunday nfternoon, 'i o'clock, nl the liuiiu' of Ills sister. Mrs. C. E. Wilson, 718 West Ash sired, ami bu- linl will be made nl Klmwmid I'l'mrlery. The dvcensed. who wus u native (if F.thi'l, MKs, had lived In Ar- kiuii'as for n number of years. Ill- Is :ils;) siirvlvi'd by his wife. Mrs. Lillle Crow, tlnce daughters, Mrs. Ulvu Love, of New Liberty, and Mlssts Junnlln mid Wiidlne Crow, of U'punlo, nnd three sons, Armor nml Wiml, of ijCHimto, and Adron, of Owcoln, ml of whom nc- ompunlcil Mr. Crow here Mon- 'ny except Adron who arrived to- ny. Moss Undertaking company Is n charge of arrangement. 1 !. Money GOPS fo Anoroxi- "America's Sweetlieart" 1 Sues Acrobatic- Husbancl for Divorce. , Iv- 2.000. Workers -In This County. 06CEOLA..-Ark.; Dec, 9.-Coun- _._ .„. „„„. „. , UI .,_. tv .-disbursing ; off leer Tom McGar r • The most publicized romance 'of rity Usned pay..rolls this morning modern time—a love that for more aw«atlng-$30.000 which will be]than a decade held Mary Pick- distributed among apwoximatelyj ford and Douglas Fairbanks up .to LOS ANOELES. Dec. 9. (UP) — 2.000-CWA employees. This Is the second pav day since the CWA began (uncCloning and the amount covers- workers in 1 all phases of the. -program.- Including health work and .women's work. the world as the perfect mates- was at a definite end today. It concluded with the 'cold colorless legal terminology of a complaint in \vhtch Miss Plckford, known for years as America's Twentv-three .of the thirty-three Sweetheart, nskcd for n divorce J>nnroved""nrojeets have been un-. from her famed acrobatic husband der .wav this week and others will i In vague generalities the screen Wo do not thoao In h|Rh nr thu low who couiloim lynrli law." Addressing tho Federal Council (it Clmrclicu of Cliriat In'Auicrlea at l Roosevelt tlnis denounced mob vloli'iioo In Ills llrat statement na .that Higlijrrl since tl|0' Accent lyi^cliin^a. Thin ^as seen ns*o roS bnkn to (lofernnr liolpli of California wlm «x|ircs*txt ripprnvnl of u inoli'fi net Ion al ftan.Jusu. TO DniFT Bill Six to Ten Years in Prison for Defrauding Carolina Bank. NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Dec. 9 IUP) -The Tennessee supreme conrl todnv refused lo gronl Iminunllv to Col. Luke Leo, former U. 8. senator, and his son, Luke Lea, Jr., from exlradltlon to North Caro- | Ihin to serve prison sentences. ] The Leas were convicted;-of | chui ges of conspiracy to defraud i thc Central Bank and Trust com- EXPECT 01 ON PLOT_ Viayor and Commitlce Find PWA Favorable to Waterworks. Loan. Favorable aci'or. on the city's application lo HID Public Works Administration for approximately $200.000 for purchase and Improvement of thi ¥ walcr plant and system here was confidently cxpcct- td by Mayor yh:mc and members el his waterwovl-s committee on Inch 1 rclurii Mile from Lltllc Rock where Ihe application was formally iihd yc.slerday No definite ilate for final decision Ims been s-t, it, being necessary that the matter, be placed before PWA olficlab at Washington 'after .beln'j studied at Utlle 'ocX. An cng.necr frota. the WuiV of Ashevllle, N. O. r of *!,375,000 In 1931. Given Time for Appeal The court upheld the decision of Judge John T. Cunningham of . Clarksvllle who upheld North Carolina authorities' demurrer to the Lea pcllUon for a writ of habeas corpus. The Leas were given three months to prepare for an appeal io the United States supreme court. All members of the stale supreme court concurred In' the opinion. Asked for a statement this af- Icrnoon, Colonel Lea said that any statement would have to come through their counsel. Attorney General Dennis Brum- inltl of North Carolina and Solicitor 7fb Nettles, who prosecuted the Leas at Ashevllle on charges ol violating Ihe state banking laws, were bolh in the courtroom lo hear the case decided. All seats In the courtroom were filled and the crowd lined up against the walls and in the door- is as the case was decided. Faces Pr -..i Term ihe wt, 'i wt colonel, his son, and Wallace r,.. p»Yla, president of the Ashevllle Wink,' were convicted . In . Buncqmbe' •• county j su- 1- Missouri Legislature Far From Agreement After Eight .Weeks. ,IEFFERSO)N CITY, Mo.. Dec. 0 i UP)— The be taken uo next week, according to B. N. Wilson, county CWA su- nervlsor. Mr. Wilson said the latest approved project of consequence was the graveling of an elnht mile stretch of road from session of leglslnlure ended star's complaint charged Fair-j righth week lo;iny with Ihe pr'ob- banks with mental cruelly' and desertion. Fairbanks showed a "lack of consideration of Miss Pickford's feelings nnd sensibilities nnd has Blvlheville to Clear Lake, on consislently carried on n course- of which river gravel from Tomatoi conduct which has cruised Miss will be used, and on which work I Plckford mental anguish nnd grle- will be begun next week. vous menial suffering," the ncllon kms of liquor control, a sales tax. and public utlllltes still unsolved. The house hnr liquor legislation us a hjjccial on'er.of business next >r.onday mornliur. Afler i>erfccting ius own bill the body svlll start tonsiderntton of the senate's A vocational and health ednco- claimed, tlon unit and a sewing room The actor, since June. 1930. and where twentv women will be employed will be functioning in O^- c»ola by .the middle of nexl week. Mrs. J. W. Edrington, counly su- agalnst Ihe wishes of Miss Pickford "conlinuously absented himself from the home of the parlies hereto for months nt n time," Miss pen'lsor of womens work, an- • Pickford complained. nounced today. The unit will be! sh c alleged that his action, be- fstnblislied bmldln? ln ">« erode school cause of her poslllon as an nct with Miss Cora Ice rcss. "caused much unfavorable Unemployed i:i the back country I p n ii e y, 48 and nis wife. Mrs Ooldie I S. , "" here . wlth Mlss Coia Ice rcss ' ' caused mllch >'' lf "' or ' 1blc re complaining because they have i Bailey. 41. wh.l» the latter's 16- ^''™ n ' ^ e demonstration comment in newspapers and mas- em discriminated against. >car-old son hy a former mar _ « K ™t. sime-lsing classes In cook-, azlnes ^hroughoul the world." Those of u* Johnson family riage stood absolved of Bailey's In ^ h r!^f *fl? v? n "r,' nm ':' ' • .ircd In addition lo the ex-sheriff re: Mrj. Ruby Johnson, wife, in harge of the Stone county com- n.urder after the elder man shot the boy's mother to death. The Baileys were married two tiittee which h:res women work- months ago nt Kcnnelt, Mo. Both rs: John Hes;, brother, sanitary had previously teen married. Two ngineer; Myrtle Maloy, niece, 1 v-eks ago Balky brought his new tenographer a-.d clerk; Euel -Hess, j wife back to the home of her mployment oillcer; Lewis Lan- parents here and left. Returning ~ rrlcr. stenographer, cousin; Ewen Martin, assist.-rl employment ol- icer, cousin. With a set --p like this Ihere eems to be SMIC ground for Ihe ux-mployed's ni jcctions and some Trson for the agitation over dis- irlbvtlon of job!. Jobs Not Available at All This agitation, described as Thursday night he demanded she return with film and when she refused he shot her to dealh. Spreading Rail Wrecks Train, Killing Engineer CHILLICOTHE, O., Dec. 9 (UP) •political propaganda only," . hasi— A spreading rail wrecked the loots far deeper. W. R. Dyess. Royal Sportsman, south bound director of th:: CWA, for Arkan- , Chesapeake and Ohio fast passen- '" "'''' J" train, near here today, killing every the engineer and injuring three The unit will be the larecst ofj a number to be established in communities over the county and will serve as a model, Mrs. Ed- rlnxton said. Members of the womeas advisory committee, Miss Cora Lee Coleman of Blytheville. Mrs. C. A. Dew of Leachville and Mrs. C. E. Lvnch of Nodcna. will meet here Monday with Mrs. Kdrlneton to work out plans for the establishment of these units. Richard Revere, county re-employment officer, said he had re- i celved authorization for employment of 443 women In the county and it Is anticipated they will be given work In unit* similar to the one at Osceola as fast as they said: "Disappointment because tjble bodied m in In Stone county ol her • persons, has not teen given work has. The engine, baggage car. IS 36 153 1 7 98 1 32 3 21 1 34 3 42 3 24 3 37 1 4 16 3 7 1 2 1 26 1 47 l-S I natter." mall caused groups to gather on the! car. nnd a smoker overturned, nrecls and pro'esl." ! A story in n morning paper says, '."herlfl Waller Brewer thought soi Sues for little of the mnlter that, he wcnll __ to Missouri on business. j Su | t for divoi . ce lias teen filed An attorney here told the Unit- • by B. G. Coalter against Zen -d Press that 'when relief heads Coalter in chancery court here. allowed to imploy relatives 'on The petition charges desertion Falls M Tce( Into Well REDDING. 1 C(>1. (UP) — Betty Jean Branstetc. six, fell 52 feet to jobs it seems to be time for a [separated in 1930. • Holland and I the .bottom of r« well and was rcs- iillle thought. This is no minor. Barham, local 'law firm, repre- cued by memlwr: of her family. such a large scale nnd let the on the part of the defendant. The i.wdy suffer because of lack of,coalten> were married in 1925 and can J. be established. T. Coston, attorney for Dralnace Districts Number 9, 11, 12, 13 and their sub dUtricU, said applications were being prepared for work on these ditches as a part of the malaria control pro- ect which In this county Is supervised by O. Shonyo of Blythe- vllle. and It is understood that similar application will be made by the commissioners of District No. 9. The leglslalure Is attempting lo aolernflne whtr.-! and how a per- ?cn inny buy n drink of whisky, :'«m, liiii. wine or beer. The sales this city propoi-es to bhy, In tile near future. The appjicalion filed by the City -of Blytliovllle ' differs from the usual run of applications received by Ihf PWA In that It n5ks a loan \v~h which to pur- t-naso and biij.rove" n plunl, Instead of bulldhv a new one. The pcsslbilily of purchase of the local |>:ont for $150.000, which It Is cialmed L<; morj Irian $100,000 less Ihnn -the replacement cost, Is-said to apiieal slro ftly lo PWA of- ftclnl*. as a uo«l llnanclal iiivest- mcnt. ' 1 B. A. Lynch, L. L. Ward and Police Chief Ed nice accompanied Mayor Shane Ic Little nock. tlon closed its' doors. • All were,-', cjinrgcd with conspiracy to defraud the bank. _ ' .'•"_•••. Colonel Lea. was sentenced. {o a term in. the.'state prison at Ra-'" leigh of' not. leiis'. than si*-', years and • not mote than ten years, while his soni then. 44 years of age. was given the. choice between a $25,000 fine' and a. sentence, of two lo six years. " •: • • • Davis exhausted his last'leeal resource last fall and entered the prison to serve a four 'to six year term. ' • CWA'Will Gravel Four Lp. cnl Streets, Repair School. Buildings. f n"*i ii mv vji unji. AJJU »it !(,'•"> A ii« 11 lax reaches f.iio Ihe pocket of Ap P roval na "' "»"» « lvcl1 lwo 1-1 iv 1.11^, 1/vn.rn.l, Ul nni ,, f.r,,,,,,-. n f rm/fl iM-nln^rc- r«,r Ex-Service Men Asked to Register for Work Ex-scrvlce men are asked to reg-: ister at (ho local CWA. offices behind the Rite Price grocery -on East \faln street so they may cblnln employi/icnt, if the'propos- ed plans materialize for the American Legion hul. • . The men are asked to go to. the hick door anil lo be registered on separate He 1 * from [he regular workers. . cu-iy consume!- The utility problem affects every user of clec- u Ic light, gas and water. The home will be embroiled all •leek with lin:ior. amending the wet senate bill lo ostracize the c'd llmcr.saloon, nj v; .. cuunllcs and mnnEcipalllies complete local option Mid Inx intoxiu nts sufficiently lo jield the slat-.- some "Sfi.OOO.OOO a year In rrvenn" I sent* tin pl»tn»l*i I Che was not iujmed. praise for the birth of their Saviour, Ihere came oul of (he c.ut unto Jerusalem Three Wise Men, paying, Where Is lie that Is bom king of the Jews? We have seen His star' In tho caal. SHOPPING DAYS UKU> CHRISTMAS. Phillips Company Sells 50 Cars to U, S. Engineers Woid 'vas received tod.-iy by the Phillips Motor company. local Ford dealer, confirming sale of SO new 1934 model Ford commercial cars and trucks to (he U. S. Engineers Corps for ihe sum of approximately $30,000. The local company was advised that lu was Ihe lowest received thai met NRA automobile cod" requirements. Delivery of the cars, which are for use by the engineers on work up and down the Mississippi river. Is to be marie within 10 dnys to the engineers headquarters al West Memphis. The hig sale was one of the new groups of CWA projects for Ihe cll.y of B.ylncville, Involving un cslinmteri leial expenditure ol r.pproxlmalely JI&.OOO. One, the inr.' municipal pro- Police Probe Smashing of Division St. Window •\ A glass windov at the Moonlight Tuvern Cafe. Division street, was i mashed by a concrete block, said ui have been hurled from a pas- .MHP car, last 'rlpht. Huey's Support of .Vets ...„.„ „...„,„. ... .... ._ „..„, NEW ORLEANS, D<>c. 9 (UP>-> CMI of $7.700. C. K, Baxler, General Smsdlc-. D. Butler m-'">'1 foreman, hopes to be'able lo slart I Senator Huey P. Long's support part of the work Monday. Word that Inesn school projects r.'cro, to have approval wns received by SiipcMnlcndcnl Crawford Greene in a Mejjrnm this morn-1 • nf - t - sorcd ty ths American Legion firsl of the new model which w ing from R. C Limerick, CWAJ engineer. The message contained mi word conci-mlng the fate or Applications cohering flvs other lo- tal school projicts. Mayor Shan?, who brortglit tack word of approval of the city slreel projects from Liltle Rock.-said today thai the city has not yel brin able to rc.-npi CWA labor on; a S10.0CO 5l'jnii sewer project.' ! tentatively approved, because ol| which were placed on public dis-j hlabi|1I , 0 lv approximat,,], pay for the irsl lime today., S , |COO tt0r; , Y nf j emclll for ,„,, WEATHER Many persons veiled the Phillips i v . 6 . Motor company showroom loday lo sec the car and take demonstration rides. Stone Mouiii.iin. near Atlanta, r.n., contains more than $120.000,i:00 worth of ridiiim. l«it the rock i-ontains too low grade rm ore lo to worth working SOUTH BEND. Illd. .(UP) — liorscs as well as humans are be- irg put to w-rk under the civil c.'oiks progron. here. A shortage c,f ( tmcks to handle the city's pro- ginm resulted in a call for draft Itioi-srs mid offico .will probably inspect. Un! perlorrourt •AugU9f;25,vUM/.j[ttet • jiMiOclhtiid UtKtifcs'property, wlit,cni'ihe-"'H7,fA)tl.<60' Khiricliil^'inaUtii-' '; jcct yel approved, involves gravel pMcl , . ym , nvcsUf .ti Ui! thc i-fnciiiB of a s'rcct from Cluclu- r ^ lblnu . lhat c!t _ cm p lo ; es of the *-biii avenue f.r the Maple Grove , ^ , , tn b dts j rimt ied. nnd Elmwood c.-meterlra. and re-1 , * connection wlih" .surfacing of gravel on Soulli Elm. ',''* JL 1 ". 10 S °''' P «"- lnecllt > 11 »»" Poiilh Franklin and South Sec- - ond slrc-els. S'rlimatcd total cost n Jl n i i * IF $7.000. dmealey Duller Lauds Tli2 second Involves painting, rc- pnlr work, nnd "ther ImprovcmenLs on the Central. Senior High, and r.cgro schools, at an estimated [ ol world war veterans arid co'i- £l?nccl oppositiun to veterans "lo i ell" In a sti.i-niy nddressVpon- May Wrst to B'.ime .- ' LANCASTER Pa. (UP) — The fact that girls at the Mlllarsvllle State Teachers college are becoming bigger and heartier eaters Is rllritmled lo 'the Mae West Influence" by Aarr-n H. Palmer, steward at th; collepe.- .ARKANSAV — Fair tonight, .'lightly warmer in norlhwcst portion. Sunday -partly cloudy and sijghlly warme*. Memphi) anJ Vicinily—Fair to- rk'hl and Sunday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 53. minimum 35, cloudy, according to Sauel P. Nor- rls, ofTlclal we»th»r

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