San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on September 23, 1893 · Page 6
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 6

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1893
Page 6
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SAK FRANCISCO CHEONICLE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23 1893 m - m tTTKLUWXJI DAILY AT COB tfASXXT GEARY AJTD KEARNT 8T vkutzxks - bt cismm AT riTTKKK CENTS JEIV VTKXX JSCXCBEJO CSDAT CBiOSICXB BgS Of t Centa Pchpat Chbosicu On Yr fmaVT 32J Subscriber to th Bait c1t th BxranuT Cvboviclb tree All Postmaster ar authorised to nctYTC criptlona Sample emit forwarded on application Entered at the ban Francisco faMQct a ie ttd - claa matter The Eastern effleo of the lUir Fjusctaca fRXOBicuc 120 Time1 boHdljtf Kew - York city i provided with files of tbe Cwaosicrtand the Coast paper Visitors are always welcome Thsmas H Evas Eastern Manager SATCEDAY SEPTEMBER 23 1893 Daily Average Circulation Over 60000 - WSf The Chronicle is on sale at the principal totals and news stands in Chicago 10 REWARD Jn eonseauenee ef - the many complaint ef Ii theft of thCBBOtczJt from out fubacrtbefs In iQiUttr - win pay lor the next atxtyday a reward M fio for tii arrest and conviction of th Senders j - - AUCTION SALES TO - DAY room 81 - 83 Sutter treat a 10 oclock AMUSEMENT BTtxnrwxixa Totato Tjianiat mattnea and evening - Ciposina THXATxa The Bocdan - matinee ana evening Birowix TKXATxa - TheBlvala matinee and evening s TtTou OrziA - Hocu Ship Ahoy Mxchasicb Pavh - ios Congress of Ration WIATHltttBUmU KUOBT Forecast no to mldnlrtt BenUmber 9300201 Northern California north of the thirty - txth d gree of north - Utltude Talr weatberlignUy cooler westerly wind For Southern - California onth of the thirty - sixth degree ot north latitude Fair weather slightly cooler westerly winua Tor Arizona Fair weather slightly cooler For Nevada Fair weatner nearly stationary temperature - iorfcan Francisco and vicinity Fair weather slightly cooler southwesterly winds FMMHRgg tKaKJO1 irP Thx national banking interestjwhich bad its hopes of a bond issue raised by a threatened deficit mnst be ranch disappointed over the Treasury statement 4s - i sued yesterday which shows that once again the receipts exceed expenditures and that the available Treasury balance is oTer 107000000 AVhiIethe vaults pi the Government contain a surplus the people will not Approve an issuance ot interest bearing bonds The bankers who have raised the row about an insufficient cur rency had better abandon their position The people wont belooled and the administration wont dare maka the attempt tojoolthem Tkx silly story telegraphed from Pittsburg Fa a fewdaysago to the effect - that soma disappointed pension - attorney had been writing letten advising suspended pensioners to kill the President and Secretary Hoke Smith turns out to be an idiotic yarn put in circulation by a brainless Democratic pension - agent The account given forth by him contained the - absurd statement that the sender of the etters was about to be arrested lor trea - ioa3SW predicted at the time that the Sioryf - wouia prove to m - a noax ana iinteaonitne nonsense oi tne sugges - ioa - klt seems thaf a crank was playing tKmrtpvMiftnncTalic official for a biceer lool thanhimselt Hewon the game - Thij exposure of the caTd sharpers who were operating in the Hotel Waldorf In New Yort city wills only serve as s temporary warning to the peoplewho visit the metropolis with a greater stock of cash than brainsv In a few days the same fellows will be doing business perhaps not at the old stand but in some equally fashionable hotel There will never be any serious diminution in the number of men who study the art of fleecing their fellows until the - axiom that a sucker is born every minute is disproved When the number of suckers - decreases there will be a proportionate decrease of sharpers A reform can therefore only be effected by raising the general intelligence of the nee Iffl 4I jThx troubles in Argentina are Increasing rather than diminishing and there are serious apprehensions of a revolutionary outbreatwhieh may prove general f ri character The Government is resorting totne mistake of suppressing free speech and the right ot the people to assemble with the usual consequence ot exciting opposition In nine cases out of ten in South American republics if the people were allowed to freely ventilate their fancied grievances trouble jaight be avoided but as a role the party in power thinks the only way to preserve the peace is by the despotic exercise of authority It wilt take the South Americans a long while to learn the lesson that erilaare more often increased by revolutions than diminished and that thev ballot is better than the bullet to straigtiten out affairs Tnz editor Of the Colusa - Sun is a strong mondmetalisU and like all who take that - side of the money question he seems incapable of - understanding what gives the chief value to the precious tneUlT Speaking of the proposition to make an ounce dollar a legal tender in the States friendl to silver he says that it Is doubtful whether the project would succeed in bringingmoresilverinto circulation On this point he - remarks The Mexican dollar ouzht to be an illustration That dollar contains a large - percentage more silver than the American dollar and passes current just over the line but at ElPa3o - just this side the liner it will not purchase as much as the American dollar Why Because the American dollar Js practically interchangeable forgoldTwafle the other is not Our contemporarv only halt answers the question ie asks when he says that the Mexican xlollarwill not purchase as much its the American dollar because the latter is practically 1n - terebangeablftf or gold He should have gone a little deepcrinto the matter anaie would1 have seen that the Americaiidollat is practicalijr interchangeable for gold because it is an unlimited legal tender This Country also had a dollar which contained as many grains of silver as the Mexican peso but itWasbnly received aTJts bullion value in the United States Why was this dollar known as the trade dollar not practically interchangeable for gold Simply Because itiras not a legal tender iordebts Werepeat the question Is trortb examination and is not to be disposed pi oitolhandieitherby Wail street or editors I who willTiot study the subject SUOTVrSG TUB ClOVESC TOOT TheDemocratic majority in the House has determined to force the bill to reneal the Tederal election laws We have already pointed out that in the manner of bringing the bill in the Democratic leaders stultified themselves by resorting to methods even more arbitrary than those adopted by Sir Iteedfor which he was roundly denounced And yet we do not complain of this as a question of parliamentary procedure The Democrats have both houses of Congress and we contend as we have always insisted thatthe party in power has the right to initiate and control legislation We therefore do not take much - stock in the filibustering bf the Re publicans who were aided for a while by a few of the administration Democrats under the leadership of thcP Presidents little spokesman General Tracer But the attempt cf the Be publicans to obstruct procedfngs was not altogether consistent with the ardent support given by them to Mr Iteed while he was Speaker when he firmly and wisely suppressed the Democratic obstructionists However when we come to consider the reactionary measure which the Demo cratic - Committee on Boles has brought forward that is quite another thing The avowed purpose of the Democrats to sweepfrom the statute books every provision of law for the prevention of frauds and violence at elections for Congressmen is one ol the most brazen impudent and indeed Infamous proppsitionVever sug gested In Congress For more than a quarter of a century these laws for the supervision of federal elections have been in existence and have been enforced and always in the interest of peace order and honesty The author ity of Congress to pass the laws cannot be questioned There is an express provision ot the Constitution empowering Congress in this regard And the statutes as they havebeen enforced have been sustained by the Supreme Court to the fullest ex tent Nor is there any serious reason for supposing that the Southern leaders who control the Democratic party desire the laws repealed because they Infringe upon State rights Many or the most ardent nationalists are now to be found among the Southern Democrats This is shown by the fact that such men as Rea - ganhave warmly supported the interstate commerce law and from the unanimity with which every Southern Rep resentative and Senator favors Congres sional aid for internal improvements In the good old Democratic days before the war this was rank heresy But now every Brigadier is in favor of the old flag and an appropriation Not that we object The control of commerce between the States internal improvements under national auspiceind at the expense of the general Government is all good Republican policy and doctrine We only men - lion the attitude of the other party as to these questions for the purpose of saying that if they now claim that the election laws should be repealed because they violate the - rights - of the States the argument which they will doubtless urge we will know that they are insincere But what then are the motives which have induced - the Democratic leaders to make the repeal ot the election laws a strictly party measure The answer is simple These laws stand In the way not to any great extent perhaps but still in the way of Democratic frauds In the great cities - and of fraud and violence in the South Though they have been overriddenoverridden - have not been effectively enforced still they are a standing menace to Democratic ascendency Bat there is one thing very certain The majority will notbe allowed to pass their repeal measure without its being subjected to a critical examination by the Republican members of both houses And the discussion which is to take place wQl be made the occasion for the presentation of some wholesome truths There is no darker page in the history of popular government than the story of the suppression of the Republican vote in the South and the gigantic Democratic frauds in New York city evils which the Federal election laws were designed to prevent The Republican leaders will not fail to point out to the country that the sole purpose of the Democracy in repealing those laws is to render it possible to repeat snch frauds and to continue such violence with Impunity A C1IAKTEE KtECTIOXi The Board of jEledtion Commissioners of this city has decided to hold an election in April next for the selection of fifteen freeholders to prepare a charter for the city as provided in the Constitution The election will take place on the second Tuesday of April There can be no valid objection to this action on the part of any good citizen of SanTrancisco The fact that the city is kept in swaddling - bands and leading - strings by the consolidation act its present charter is too well known to admit of argument That instrument was fairly well adapted to the needs of the city when it was passed but the city has outgrown it and is in urgent need of an organic law under which local self - government may be secured and the Influence of the Legis lature often detrimental to our interests may be removed and done away with It is sheet folly to - eay that a city of 350 - 000 inhabitants is not quite as likely to govern itself wisely and weTi as that a Legislature ot 120 members collected from all parts of the State should tie endowed every two years with surpassing if not supernatural wisdom in the affairs of San Francisco Of - course we must exercise extreme cars in - selecting the framers of a new charter and doaame hard workto secure its adoption bat when those purposes are accomplished we can promise ourselves with all assurance a better mu nicipal government than we can ever hope for under the present system There should bs but one opinion on the question of the adoption of a freeholders charter for this city A SUGGESTIVE INCCKSIOK Wednesday night aboutl50tramps took possesion of a Southern Pacific freight irain at Mohave and came right along up to the San Joaquin valley in spite of alt attempts on the part of the trainmen to dislodge them Theyseem to havelevicd tribute on Bakersfield in Kern county to theextent of a breakfast for those who were hungry and the towns along the line f the railroad have been anticipating their arrival with about as much - pleasure as tbej would the visitation of an army of locusts Among this incoming host there are probably many who are really In search of work and they should be assisted if it be possible to assist them Many others hbwever are tramps Tiure and simple anj this class should be compelled to vv6rkfor there is no - penalty so discour aging to the genuine tramp as to make him worK J5o itown in uauiornia is so poor as not to be ableto supply food and shelter to tramps who are put oa public work and if a low diet and plenty of work be given them it will be found that - the tramp fraternity will soon become conspicuous by its absence SESATOE - WHITES ARGUMENT Stenhen Ml White Senator from CalK forniy has maintained his reputation for ability andeloqnence by the speech he delivered day before yesterday in the Senate on the proposed repeal of the silver purchase act TJnlike - many of his party he did not feat to stand upon the floor of the Senate and charge Grover Cleveland with having departed widely from the principles and tenets of Democracy and from the plighted faith ot his party for the purpose of carrying oat his own personal views and wishes inspired in him by the influence i of the money power of Wall street Speaking of the platform of the Democratic party Senator White said referring to Cleveland Elected to maintain the platform he proceeds when in office to destroy it to violate its precepts and jeer at its declarations The Democrat who subscribed to the Chicago platform and who nowIegislates for the destruction ot silver who says that he is opposed to a double standard who rotes to discriminate in favor of gold mast seek some other excuse than any consolation which maybe afforded him by a discussion of intrinsic merits - Ii Democrats believe that there was no merit in their platform so far as silver was concerned it is their duty it seems to me to resign and run on a new platform We apprehend that the quality of Mr Whites Democracy is quite as high above reproach as that of the President Indeed there have been members of his own party heard to assert with no small degree of vigor that Mr Cleveland is not and never was a Democrat and that his real posi tion politically is that of a sort of half - baked Mugwump That however we may well feave Mr Cleveland to settle with his party He is their leader let them make the most and best of him Especial attention is called to Senator Whites declaration that there is no such thing as a surplus of silver That is the bogie man which the gold bugs have used on every occasion to scare and impress the unthinking and unskilled iff monetary matters and it ii well that it should be set at rest by the assertions of the California Senator President Cleveland has probably discovered by this time that thereis one branch ot the national Legislature in which he alone and single - handed cannot make laws and it would be well for this country if we had more Democratic Senators with the courage ability and independence ot Senator White THE BBAZIUA3 SITUATION It has been imagined perhaps that the existing revolution in Brazil was a spontaneous movement brought about chiefly by the disappointment of would - be lead ers and while this may be the proximate cause of the movement antagonistic to President Peixoto there - are other causes which lie deeper and farther back As long ago as January of the present year a writer in the Fortnightly Review pointed out with much clearness and dis tinctness the reefs and shoals - which lay In the path of the Brazilian ship ot state He declared that nnancial embarrassment in Brazil was not the consequence of the adoption of a republican form of government but was a - legacy from the empire At the time of tne expulsion ot Dom Pedro said this writer in - November 1889 theTevenue and expenditure had not balanced in one single Irstance for nearly thirty years and the invariable yearly deficit had been met by continued borrowing leaving Brazil sorely impoverished General Peixoto who was at first nominated as President pro tern to succeed General da Fonseca was hailed as the savior of Brazil but he soon found that in spite of the best intentions he was hampered by difficulties and circumscribed by limitations out of his power to control Chief among these was what may be called a lack of apprehension of the federal idea The several States which go to mave up the republic of BraziLinsist on their sovereignty and autonomy and yield only a half - hearted allegiance to the leuerzu power lucjvjuif jue uuLtrmo of States rights to its ultimate limit this being especially the case in the States of Rio Grande do Sul and Matto Grosso which have never given more than a qualified assent to the federal plan Admiral Mello the chief of the insurgents is not believed to represent Ihe monarchical idea He stands rather for the factions which have in the first place some grievance against President Peixoto and his associates and second for those which are discontented with the political and financial situation and believe that any change would be for the better The writer towhom reference has been made said in concluding his article - Let Brazilian Ministers represent it as they will let the stability of the Government be consolidated as it may in the view of at least one English watcher the Republic of the United States of Brazil is looming large as a political and financial wreck about to fall to pieces Who shall deny to hfm at this moment the gift of prophecy Statistics made public by the Commis sioner of Immigration of New York em phasize a new and remarkable fact For the first time in the history of the conn try the emigration from ihe port of New York exceeds the immigration And this excess of emigration to Europe is quite marked and apparently increasing A steamer which arrived recently for instance brought 220 steerage passengers and returned with 930 while 500 were left who could not be accommodated The general passenger agent of the Hamburg line said that the immigrants had fallen off largely and that the emigrants were four times as many as last year He ascribed this unusual circumstance to the hardtirnes and to the closing of factories and mines But white er the caasemay be it is certainly a new experience torus to find teat the balance of the emigrant trade is in our favor looking at the matter from a commercial standpoint Ties Austrian army maneuvers are at an end This is something to be thankful for as Europe will breathe si trifle easier when the sword brandishing ceases Complete confidence will not be restored but tbestraln on the apprehension will be relieved The state ot mind - can best bs likened to that experienced by an unlucky person whose business has carried him into - the vicinity of a crowd of rowdies who after displaying lire - arms and threatening to shoot put up their weapons He may not be entirely comfortable even when the gansr are out of sfjht but his alarm is slight compared with that he experienced when the weapons were displayed - as if ready for immediate action WITJXKliS Qr TJITWRUNG Our quasi - Democratic contemporary the Examine is singularly sensitive to adverse and hostile criticism regarding its - attitude toward President Cleveland It probably recognizes the esoteric value of the maxim that virtue is its own reward but it is very touchy for a great moral engine which assumes to beat with steady and unvarying pulsation in that upper ether which is above the influence of the petty passions and jealousies which prevail on this mundane sphere Unless this be so one must wonder why our contemporary the self - constituted guide philosopher antl friend of the gen - nine Simon - pure Democratic party should wince so at the pinpricks of the Cticazo 3V6nva newspaper which says Our contemporary has time arid again eaten its words at the command of its partys managers and though a free trade organ has staggered behind the Republican party and hiccoughed out cheers for protection These be yery bitter words1 as the hostess told Ancient Pistol and yet when one reads the Chicago Tribune he finds no Lmore than the - Examiner itself has said and reiterated The Tribune thinks that our contemporarys real grievance is that Cleveland has remained a Democrat and has not ratted to the Populists This our contemporary denies with strong indignation and yet it certainly did say that President Cleveland was not fit to be a Democrat or even a Mugwump which clearly implied that he was still a Democrat though not of the school of our contemporary In the article in which the Chicago Tri - iune is assailed the Examiner says Mr Cleveland has illegally and insolently usurped ihe right to suspend the laws of Congress according to his personal pleas - nre He has used the power of patronage to impose his will upon Congress and done it so openly that the members freely admit that by opposing his wishes they sacrifice their places at what Representative Geary aptly calls the Federal pie counter But upon what kind of representatives has he so imposed his views Democrats or Republicans Has any one heard of his promising patronage to Republican members of either house Mr Cleveland trains with the members ot his own party and his Democracy - is of quite as high a standard and quality as theirs Our con temporary may praise the Constitution of the United States and declare its satisfaction with it as a political platform but Mr Cleveland and his party at large are more interested in the Cnicago platform of 1832 than in that tenerable instrument known as the Constitution of the United States Our contemporary may try to read Grover Cleveland out of the Democratic party but when he goes the party will go with him no matter what he may do or say in the meantime PEACE TtEIGNS AGAIH The war between the Southern Pacific and the Atchison companies was like the Piute Indians supply of food it lasted very quick It took but one conference between the magnates ot the respective roads to determine that there was really no cause of quarrel between them and that it would be much more profitable for them to unite and fight the common enemy the public than to fight each other Such incidents as this tend to maintain tne distrust which - exists among the American people regarding - the genuine - nessof railrbadycornpetttioaIn this conn - try They see two railroads on therwar - path to - day in Jill the bravery of paint and feathers - And with tomahawks ground to a razor edge and to - morrow there is not a speck of war visible anywhere on the horizon unless it be the oft - renewed and never - ceasing struggle of the people against the corporations Manifestly there can be but onesolution - to the enormous transportation problem which engages so much oi public interest In this country and that is the governmental control ot the great lines of railroad That once accomplished there ajtf be no use for - competition real or feigTSd for the Government would conduct its railroads as It now does the Post - office Department for the benefit ot the people Rates would be not only cheap but uniform for the only object would be to make and keep the railroads self - sustainingsustaining There would be no dividends to be earned on watered stock no interest to be paid on widely floated bondsuo fund to be provided for tht influencing of legislatures courts and juries and no great salaries to be paid out bf a secret service fund The American citizen who cannot see the matter in this light must be either dull of apprehension or violently prejudiced in favor ofraUroad monopoly CORPORATION AND CO - OrEBATIOS After yean of consideration and consultation between coal mine - owners and experts in Great Britain SirGeorge Elliott the originator of ihe scheme has just published a proposal that thecoal lessees of the United Kingdom shall form an immense co - operative union charged with the entire working of the British - coal deposits He proposes that after five per cent has been paid on debenture shares and ten per cent on - ordipary stock the next five per cent shall be divided among the shareholders All profits beyond this will be divided1 between the lessees and the workmen The Lord Chief Justice is to be intrusted with the fixing of the price ol the coal xne scneme is - Dssea on an estimated output of 145000000 tons of coaf per year andtue capitalised Interests ot the lessees at iifX0OOOOOL The system of Sir George Elliott even though it forms a trust of the most gigantic proportions has much to - commendcommend it and yet itij notat all probable that it can ever be carriedlnto effect The British workingman witl - not consent ttn - r less we much mistake him that capital shall hare the first call on the profits of - coal mthlng He will - favor co - operation so long as he can have a certain assured share - and the first share in the profits but in the event of there being no profits or even a loss he will demand tils days wages for his days work That has always been the obstacle to co - operation and always will be unless the laboring element among mankind can become educated to the principles of reason and logic and learn that a partnership involve the sharing of losses aiwell as of profits JtSSXtA COWIES Witt She Disposes - of an Estate Worth - cUqoKKK The will of EmmaCowie was filed for probate yesterday Her estate is rained at 100000 She bequeathedeverything to her husband Wallace Coorieand her sister Carrie U Dick in trust to pay 300 month to het mother Her sister is to have the remainder of tbe income and upon the death other mother the estate Is to be distributed as follows To any child or Children of the testatrix then liv ing one - third to her husband one - twelfth to Carrie L Dick one - fourth to her sisters Ida S Tripp and Mrs Delia S Cornwall oneninth each to Mrs Hattie B Meighan another sister one - twelfth The testatrix further provided that should she die without isane fas she did the one - third left to her children should go to her sister Carrie A codicil was added on August - 18th last but its meaning is far from plain It readsj In addition to the property given to - Carrie L Dick I also give oncrhalf thereof to my said sister Carrie L Dick butintrust for any children that may hereafter be born unto me and living at the time of the death of my mother Mrs Cowie was formerly Miss Emma Dick who will be remembered as the woman who was the victim of the famous Emma Dick forgery perpetrated by Ollie Hutchings James E Wells and one Pilcher Wells was convicted of forgery and sent to the State Prison for five years Pilcher committed suicide in the office of the Chief of Police and the case against Ollie Hutchings was dismissed SOW ISTltfi TrUE TO VISIT THE WOBI47S FAIR Commencing - Friday September 1st the fare to Chicago and return via the Union Pacific will be ISO The Union Paciflo la the only One running through Pullman aleeptnj - cari anil dlnlnt - cars Ran Francisco to Chicago without chant In threa and one - half days AU ticket good rla Salt Xai Cltyand Denver For leeplnx - car accommodations and ticket eaa on JXW Hitchcock General A - ent lMont - KonSry atreet San Francisco F B Ellaworth Atant 918 Broadway Oakland r G F Here AEent 229 Sooth Sprint street Los Anfftle Cat S0 TO CHICAGO aSB feETUBS The OJTLY line rnnnln Palace and Tonrirt Sleeping Car THROUGH TO CHICAGO every day on the same train is the SAXTA FB SOTTTE If yon want good accommodation and an enjoys able trip daring - the present rash of travel ycrar should can on or write to the nnderslfned A trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado can be made on either going or returning trip Send for handsomely Uloatrated book W A BISSELI General Passenger Agent 650 Market street Chronlcl building San Francisco Cat BEDDCEDRiTES VIA JCOKTHEBi PAOFIO SAILBQAU fJreatly reduced rate to the - 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despondency loea of energy ambition and lelf - condtnee which deprives von of your manoood and absoluteiv unfits yen for study r business oe marriage If yon are thus aflicMd you know th can Oet cured and be a man Umm F IPrfl lira There are thousands ot BHUUU - flBLUSfcH r0 troubled wlttt wear aching baccs and Kidneys frequent pain - nu nrinauon ana seaimen in ami weakness or gtmerativeonransand other unmistakable signs of nervous debility and premature decay Wanr dleot this difficulty irsorant of the cause which is tbe second state of seminal weakness The most obstinate case ot this character Dr Swany treats with nnfaUlng success PPIVITC disease Inflammations discharge I a 1 1 a I i weakness of organs hydrocele Tartco - cele rupture piles fistula quickly cored without pain ocdetentloo tram business KIDNET AHD DBIHAHI Sarf fluent urination and thick milky or Moody urine Bright - disease bladder stomach heart liver long throat and all constitutional and internal troubles permanently cored in the shortest possible time BLOOD AHD SUH pielwroruShSSo taints tumors tetter eczemaand other Imparities Of the blood thoroughly eradicated leaving th system la a strong pore and healthful Kate headachespalnfal meAstruationwhifea unoteraoie iscnznc aupacemeDS n uvossDof any other distressing aliment peculiar to roouex yon should call on DrSweany without delay H cures when others fall WRIT Tour trouble If living away from tfca limit oty Thousand cured at home by cor irnpoBdence - and medicines sent lecurs from observation Book on SPECIAL DISEASES est let to any on describing their troubles T L SWEAST M D 37 Varkat st Saa Francisco Cat NOW OPEN Tea three npjer floors recently Dee pled by the Olympic Club haye leea tt tirely rebuilt ahd rearranged Legal rooms ol diflerint sixes with aU Hbtfi eonTeniences and perfect In erery re epect hate been arranged for thi xm of n m m Societies THE STANDARD MEDICAL WOtiK FOR EOTMtt ONLY 51 W I Parker 1L 11 J bVT T Kott Eaiaeil Speoiilht la Aaeriea Established in 1360 Chief consulting phy - tlclan of the - Peabody 3Iedieal Institute to whom was awarded the gold medal by the National - Medical Association lor the Pai Essay on Ethauste - d Tltallty Atrophy Nervou and rhyslcal Debility and all Disease and Weakness of Has CUKES the YOCK3 the KtCBLX - iGttk and CUL OintnL tation Jn person - or br - letter Prospectus una Kiuiauuiu xskcs urge DOOEins Science of Life or Self - PreaervatlOB the prize essay 370 pj - 427 Invaluable pre - scrlptfoi fof acnto asd chronic diseases lull gilt only 1 double sealed Dr Parker work are the best on the subject treated erer published and hare an enormous sal throughout this country and England Read them now nd learn to be strong vigorous and manly Heal Thy eU M edical Btrlev BUSINESS TEHAHT WANTED ABCILftrSO FOR A FIRST - CLASS BUST necs firm on a lot on south - side of MARKET RTREET between Seventh aSd Eighth Win be httcKthvnF Rt tkt lAtfi4t fnwiUM Liy lS feet deep through to btevenson ttreet or will lease bue mw jpihj mm OFAKREW CO Jto 11 Montgomery StrooU D CWte EcHh Dhavi ErmaA Pennyroyal pills SAFt AlwiTI RlUMa LAOltS ut Jj Dmrrln fcr cuAvmtt OtfOik JK - aa moKi Mmd is Red and CeU oittsUtsYW - thh itanM ns mr 4T Ineautetv Xtfw 4intitiu nlmam - V tmun4tfwliAiIlnqimnl4 unt tor esrllenlxrt tntlmaiato aaa Ckhetrtr Catcnd CCslm Sqvrtt amafci rm srj and Lodges All the latest and most modern prorements including i fast - rnnnicf elerator which will be ran until the adjonmment of thejneetinp hate bee put into the buildlneT A large dancing ball and a banquet hall famished free to each lodge one night in Tery three months Electrie Lights Piano and Organ free in ererr halL Societies wishing rooms should eon - suit with the superintendent - of the building at once For further information and particulars either address or rail lttvmn tha Tinnra nf 1 snrtSp Vt til office of the JUcazar BuUdiiig see - onanoor OEORQE WAiliENIlOD - Alcazar Building COAL OIL BEST and SAFEST OIL iw Ifannfactiired - - - iBgS EXTRA iA 7 S TaAwR WHITTlERnJlXERC 5AH FRAJvCISraJ - GiyaTHISOILaTRllL and you will use lT0 0THEK BeoUalag Hest Weak AmaAWeak WEAK MEN 1XSTANT KEEJEr Care la H dsratf Never returns I wfll send tseaied lift to my felow3tSeTers a prescription iBfcfc to enlarre - small weak arcana A sure curs for Lost kf AAhoHl TCervnns Ttebllltv Varico - l oete etc Address U B WR10HTf JlualcB vviKT Aqx A2U3 jiarsnau saicn THE GEAM HOTEL 8AH IBAHOISOO 6H TS COSMECTEl BT - A 70 - FOOT BEIUffli jLwlia the urana voun ot in riace wnetw tiring and reed orchestra ptays two cvinx eaca week where tuests can croa for mesls or prom nade corridors br parlors European plan Rooot si a day and upward parlor and balh II apov slonal suits ot room X to SIS a day accorulpg to stse and location Secure room to advaac sf talegraphlng to GHASD HOTKU Badl ty aU Lmsi Dngsiiu CDEE REMEDY IS El W - 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