The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE T\V(? BI/YTIIRVILLU (ARK.) COUHIEIi NEWS Dyess Planning Many Christmas Week Activities DYESS. Ark.. Dec. 20.—E. S. Dudley, resident manager has an- iioimcfd a ccJony 'wide clirLttmns entertainment to be Ihe community building Wednesday 'light- The committee ou arrimtrmeuU; is ;niaklns plans that will include nil of llic .vouii^ people of Hie rol- c'ny. The rommunily and high school buildings will be. decorated with Christmas lights and wrenlln. Tile community tree, this year, will «On Hie nark just south of the coiymuniily building, where a 1)33- cant under thc direction nt Mis' YYilford, Driiicipal of (he high scljbol, will be singed, Following this an entertainment for Ihe j young people will h? hsUl. liesides! the colony wide entertainment, e.ich ' rcliool ai'fi clsib [s MUfajjfiiT iti som e kind cf Christinas program. Tlie home demonstration club rcuncil. composed of some 30D '\n- men, with a sewing leader hi each of thc ten groups, is busy making leys and other liane mndo s i(ls ' for Hie children's Christmas tree, j Each club group is having :i live and program. ' Tuesday night, the Cosmopolitan ! club, composed of (he wives of col arc ss prevalent now in the imi-i jarit.v of our rural ureas." Plans were discussed for carry- Jnj out, the first annual colored farmers' cured meals show. Win. S. nnrabln, local county axent rtis- ftissed tli<> po.ssibilily of sticli a show and the group v/as hi accord with the sn'-iw.iticiiK as offered by thr )c;'.il niciil. The event will (al;c plac" sometime during the month of February, 1038, Cash pvi/.es will b/. awnrderl for the followiii!- exhibits: best Individual ham. :;hoiil- der. middling, and side cured for bacon; l>?sl t^ron)) of ham, shoulder ai':l mid'llhi;" oni-itl chamoion Imrri. '-lljifir in (he Individual ;r irrmn ebss. Plans trr linmrliv.- this projoU will t>o discussed wllh ihe rinrliils of civic oi'sfliilzalloiK here nwl in Blythevlllc. and we feel that lliesr oi'santeitlons will r.-ntM Tn- vorobjy lownrd asslslinjj wllh Ihls cIToil. Tlie local home iwnt Christmas tokens to each member ol the "mmi'il present. 7;iir(ccn cf UK? l;veiitv-fotii' 4-IF club'; have been rcoruaiiUed by Ihe agents up to date: this iukes in ;01 of Hie rurnl schools Ihnl nte ouen in the coiuil\', ttecanso of the laic coflen seasan due. to bad weather. most of the schools liuvc not opened. l)ul we expect to rcoruani:',? the. titiirr eleven schools before January 10. lOSn. We me askini; tint and iuudlrvds What Would Lupe Say? MONDAY, DECEMBER 20,'11)37 ', ilir rTL'in v an<i luiiuir.tis L'.IYI- whatever aid that Is nocess:iiy to ony.emplcyes. living in the center, j help llu 1 boys anil th'ls carry oul will give the entire administrative j their vinious projects to cniinilc- ticn. We feel Unit llic training Hi™ boyii'mul slrls ncl, In their •1-H club work is \vortli the effort put forth by the above mentiaiu 1 :!: then too. the morn completes! projects we have, the belter is mil ehiuice for vetainina Ihc coveted silver lovtnij cup which signifies (lie. champion eoimly HI Iho stale. Carl Hugher. To Head Future Farmers Group force a party in the cnfo. Sunday wliuo] classes, ChriMtati' Training unions and missionary so- j cieties arc /all flavins Christinas parties. The elementary school on road fourteen, under the direction of C. 71. Hc-nderssn. principal, will qivo an imtHtninmenl Thursday itieht. The r.rosram in (his .school will te divided into three divisions. One group of children, w i t h xvrralhs ubout their nrcks. fnrrylns! candles, will enter and inarch in formation unlit a living Christmas tree 1 is formed. The second division will bo a group of children .sin^in^ choru?es iiuti Christmas enrols.'The njtlor srorip will present w piny. "A Christmas Quest." A pageant por- fiarinc scenes of (he birth of Christ 'vrtni'rlimnx llic entertainment. After the program the entire nsscm- blv will w.'trlirip.ilr in ilie commn- iilly Christmas tree. The Fern Salyers school is .sponsoring a Chriatmas program under the .direction of Miss Mndicl Taylor, .principal. Miss Virginia Echols will' lie hi charge of the musk 1 . Tit: program will consist or drills. soii';s. readings by the children, find '.vill close '\vith a iKincanl- and community Shristmns tree. M the school on road .seven Miss Leah Frances Wilson ivill direct a Christinas pageant/ The ',-H club bays and tiirls of Iho colonv will have their Christmas party Wednesday night. Carl fftulic.'; has been elected lircsiclc'iit of I lie t'litinv r-.trmprs of America chapter of the city hl'^h •flitwl for Ihc onromln? year. Hiwh Harbcrt jr.. was elected vice presi- 'IfiH; Harol:! Ltcyil: socjctary; Johnny Youns. Ireasiircr; Thomns Gibson, reporter; mid V'reeinan Robinson, advisor. Formal Initiation for Iho new members will be held at, the beginning of llic new school Icrm. Several (rips have been planned for the members for next year Tlicy Include visits lo Iho Cottmi Carnival "I Memphis, lo the Marianna experiment, slalion. Camp Ccnchdalc a ]jol .Sprlncs and the Mid-South Fair at Memphis. Electric Line Poles Dynamited Into Place Colored Farm Groups C. clJl'i—Iivien- _. is brinq^iucdrriiHy to th'. v loiie- OsCCoIa Meeting' 'y,0»ler. Milks of North Carolina g_ ' j where a coastal national park is _ „ , , .i . , , , planned. Builders of n cooperative Ou Saturday the regular joint ; Ullc from HlUlcras to AV011 ineelmi of thc colored | wcr( , vwM ., 5 (0 how (o „,,, ,, 0 , cs set ii|>. A hole cannot be dug In th" lonse saucl. So llic engineers drive a hollow pipe into Dickon sand nnd send down a small charge of dynamite. After the fuse Is fixed and the pipe amoved, the pole 1$ set upright oil thc ground over the dynamite and « :<turcl inonthlv iiome demonstration comity council and thc county farmers association was held in thc tigcul'.s office in .the nscmcnt of Ihe conn house in Osceola. Eleven commu-, jiities with .1 tolal attendance of eighteen leaders present. Mary M. Banks. Iccnl home dem- ; Men A|)|)HM:i;il(; fi ^"^ ll v **"''*' ••••^^••S f\ In Fine Uroaticiotlis Fancy Madras and Rich Silks 1 24-in. Mama Dolls ' lavjje Dull, cainplotely dressed wilti liat, shoes, socks, slip, pan lies ;i"il Firrl;rnnd t-upe Vv\ct wasn't thrre. nnd maybe it was Ix-st tor •Iplinny Wriswiniller.«l ,%-ivri) player, that .she ivnsn'l. Slinpely [ K Evelyn 'I'licrne or BiirUank. Calir.. (Hclintid with htm. \vns Ihc Mm' -;'\iiinucr'.s cciiijianion much of the tinu; during his visit to tlio Hawaiian Islands. Strike Tpllpfl in 1^22- ' slril:cra '"<' la ">«* olhcl J"^ '" ^triKc v.,.!ien in \yt.i, (he lliciuilirac an(1 Ktnxa lo , P , Workers Never Return Uini i". I'a. lUl't — All nil- i lime record for leni:lli.v slrikes i.s churned by a group of Sunbury ch'clviciiinx who left Iheir jobs in lfi'2:! iiiicl havi'ii'l returned. 'llic men struck when the 1'cmi- K/lvanln liailroait shu]) here re- ; fnsod lo recosni/e Iheii 1 cnifl. unioji. i A llnal MHIeiuenv was vciU'licd in ' SO days but work wns .so plentiful j 17 years ngo that most of the' n suitably dc.sisnort mwl in- :l;dlcd loop antenna, thc pilot not only has a mean-, of riiidiiiR Ills dire^'tien and pn:;itkm bin- al*<> the ability lo receive mirul .sisnals normally available with a coiivcn- lio))al aiitcnnu. tin its iimv. resistered In the unite;! Stales total more than 28.00(1,000. held there by grappling hooks. The charge is set off, splitting the saucl. onsiralicn asent. pave an inler- csling talk en "Horn? Improvement," She said. -No matter who Rnd thc lc rtrop ,. , nto | , 1 ., i;c ,,„. owns the properly where you^ live, j forf . (h( , sn[J(i can fn) , back , 11(o thc hole. it is vvhat you call home nnd you should take a great deal cf interest in caring for it espocially in keeping your surroundings neat nnri dfnn. It sreius as Ihout'h seme of our worse looking places nve. on 01 highway, where thousands o! lour-! ists. ?,nd visitors puss each werk.! and'we shall tal:e this opportur.ily | lo appeal lo thc land owners toi* KUI '* I> . V please fix up these pinccs. It is our heps that over;,- house, shack or what-nol. <in fil higlnvay. brtwron 'he' Missouri state line an:l thc' The main tUITicvilty is making llic pole drop down straiahl. Tn case it doesn't Ihe pole Is pulled up nnd another hole Ls dynamited. Tnp Grades lit Wuiurn AU3UQUERQUK. i\'.. M. (Ul 1 - — of grades durivic: Ihc last rcme^t'.'r of 1936-3 1 ? at the Uni- vcrsily of N r r\v Mexico reveille that women held Ihe oise over incti. Women nveni^cd 1.4J11- to the men's L.'iSSS. Seniors nuifc better yradc.s ths 1 .!! the frc.slJmeu. Crillcnden county areh will, by the tim c for ihc celebration of 7i;tU>r Homes Week' lie cither painted. «-hite-\v:ishecl. cr stained; snccnctl ( Tlie almost complete hrcakdmvn throughout: clean from front to! in the practice of molomt.'i givini; htnd signals lo Indicate .stopping hack; the wood-piles placed froiv the front to the side or back; and a sanitory nit toilet to re- anrt turnliij! Is rcspe.nsililc for a :reat numljcr of aceitients. accord- place the unhcallhiul ones Ilia! : hij to Ihe A. A. A. ANOTHER NEW DRESS FOR THE DANCE ? Not al all-If s lhal darling criiffon gov/n dry cleaned ihe careful way so as no! lo lose one bit of ils wicked- \vilchery lhal sels masculine hearts a-lfiumpin! Clolhes dry cleaned by tis lose none of their original beauiy. They slay clean longer, loo, because less expensive' fluids than ours leave an imperceptible film of oil, which gathers dust. I-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 180 (C^rro__ r ^ SAVK YOUK D1MKS 1!V TUAD- Wt&'^ I.\{; AT THIS STOHI'] AND SANTA CI.AlfS COMK IN YOliR I'HONT 1)0011. Prices Ciuiil fnr the Uulire \\'?eU \Vc lake pleasuro oriii"- an iiuustially scltdion. iu Fell l ( 'ine ;tn l.i'allier Slipper. HAMS. Half or |Ct Whole, H) 10 HENS. Full Dress- ACC cii, ») t3 Hi'iil Coiinlry flC( Situsajjc, Ih \ : ;tniila ri;iv»r I'lill I'.inl IS' Coltfr. ."> Colors. 19' COCONUT. II). COCOA, KiTsii.-y's, -f-JC f''u!l Ih .IKL1.0. Ail Kiavors CaUi- 1'lniir. Suit- OQt asilk. 'I |l>. 12 ti/.. pi,. WW COCOM'TS EC OYSTKKS, Ore Fi'csit. n 03 SrCAK, I'mc Cam- CJT(' 10 ibs vO 10 ibs CKISCO :{ HIS. . Try Thiil New Famim. 'Hour. SiX'OWIUlY PURE LARD I His ,S Ibs Oil Hi. Stantl See Us or ('all ""> 1-OH I'OUl.TUY «.MK(iA J'LOli 2(1 lb Sack 1 (1 lb. Sack ....... :> II) Sack :Mi\od Nuts, 2 n> . Ciciini Nuts, Hi. . Almond Nuls. Ih. . Kn.irli.sli Walnuts Al'IM.KS, Delicious, li I si/.c. Do/.. Al'l'KKS, Nice Size '^ Dozen OKAMJKS, l.nrcc Tcxiis, Do/ 2Hc 2. r >t: 21 <: 25' KKKF KOAST Uih C'lmice. Hi M1XKI) CA,\»V YAKU 1CC(;S I Mr. I'OliK SIIOIM.UICK Whole, lb \\hitc Plunic Shin l I His S His IS Ih. sliiml KAKO SYKl'l' Conk Hiisy FLOUR 59' Pi Hi. Sai-k ......... llic 21 Hi. Sack .......... 7St- IS Iti. Sack ........ Si. ,->.-> Itarrcl ... .......... S,).;jr, SAVK AT THK SAFEE WAY \Vc Deliver (JUOCKUY R ,MAitKKT Iv. K. V.mUiiilirr, Owner 1 •a i HOI hand made Ties of Long Wearing Silks lr» niiut -n'r: In :i[l|irrciatc Hip v;ilui-s. 'I lid same i|ii:ilily iillitrs sell al from fij ( : l« j|.-,jj. , 25o to SL09 The Gift Supreme. Several Beautiful Styles in All Favored Colors to select from. to I Suedes 'and Smooth Leather .Ml i:r].iil»r sliapl-s. in' all tnlnrs ,T'd Kraiaiilcr to hi- llic most 'cmsr alilc v;»lucs at S8c to §4J8 AM) UK WOULD I'ICK TlfKSK J.iir»'c scliTtions in |i!;iin ;iiid Kancy Silks; I'lain ;j|i,l SliijK'd Koal values at .98 $3.98 FOR LITTLE GIRLS-IN SIZES 1 to 10 Mitsie Dresses MAKE IDEAL GIFTS The swccU-sl, :U!ci'- !' ^W|-"^^ '"K slvles for the perl lit- \\-*A'-fe\] ~^§ l^fc/ KaZ *\ - i' tlf miss . . . never have wo shown such a rollec- (ion <if a1(r:ii'tive styfe. Von ivill thrill ;i( (htsc v;i Int's (i (To rod fuf only ti SKIRTS And Every Man Will I'ri/c These. Larjie selections iti Ijolh styles & patferus in lini- HrOadeloihs. Fast r'rinls. \\'o\-ei; .Madras. C'lilM'*'' J)ols anil Novell v patlenis.' $1.50 In ?2.(l(l values for ' to $1.50 He : ll ApprcciaVe a Good Leather Coat a TOiiiiilclc lint 1 of men's IcaUicr ('»;it.s ;tnd Jiickcts, ;\n\ one of which would make ;in ideal ji'ifl. Many tliffercnt Icalliors in plain or simrl back stylos. $4.98 to $12.95 Give Her a Pair of These Dainty House or Boudoir ft Slippers We hiu-c every style, in all colons, wilh low or hijjh heels. 29c to $ L Large Size 72x90 Lace Luncheon Cloths ^ )iii|)i'ilcd Cloths ( ,f Kxqui- j-ile tare in a variety of daint ypallerns in three & \ve will l)c <i|)en J I every night mi- ? (H Clirtslm;ts. '$,

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