Pine Bluff Daily Graphic from Pine Bluff, Arkansas on February 12, 1894 · 3
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Pine Bluff Daily Graphic from Pine Bluff, Arkansas · 3

Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1894
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50T TOUCH THEII I " eveland and Federal Judges Escape the Income Tax. Ijjj SALABIES ARE EXEMPT. rnintitotioh Forbids Their Pay Bc- Cliinge - Fitrli Hookert rot me uoitee if t at KUffie run voiiuremmwa (oiA at Wa!ihltoni ' ,sHi.ngtos, Feb. 12. One clause of Federal cfius"""""" ompensation of the justices of the L d States supreme courc shali not diminished during tneir terms or r- Xhe COnSMluuuu ojou ucciaioa t the presilel's compensation shall be increased or diminished during i .'. " ! je of these constitutional pro- ,D9 an luqury uaa useu an j wio ' r'.nnlrADd f n ma.IrA flu irw.nmA VorOI tuiin"""-' 'government. The inquiry into this ftion has; developed some interest-information, the tenor of -which is Lthe president and judiciary would jempt trom psymg meiai. Ihe Eagle V Collectorshlp. ksHiN'OTON. Feb. 12. It is prob- tbt mT. Bivcn win ue appuiuieu ictor of customs at Eagle Pass, and that the appointment will be . - A : . tut- -ei:.-.!. 2 je in a nay or two,. . .jus. . e ncu i mniended by senator uoKe. : tiis f opponent is Colonel Ed Linn, who collector tor a non time aunng former Cleveland administration." 'mel Linn has been indorsed by Sen- i Hills. Congressmen Crain. Sayers' sham and Pendleton. He has a Iter of very warm friends among leading Democrats or the party m m The fact' that he . was an el ector and that Fitch was an equally i Democrat and that Senator Coke aot received iiraeli patronage, op- jed against him. and as above stated, likely that I itch's appointment be sent in to the senate at once. Congressman Houk Dead, ashington, Feb. 12. Representa-Ueorge W. Houk of Dayton, O.. suddenly ;; Friday afternoon 'f of k di6ease. Mr. Houk was appa-I'.y a man of robust constitution and I e i-: - i . iV. 1. : ..1. . newsoi iiu ucam, wuiuii was rajj- eomrounicated about the hotel a came as an unexpected shock to 'many acquaintances and was at received incredulously by con-jsmen and public men generally. - The Cotton Crop. A8HK0T0N, Feb. 12. Returns to lepsrtment of agriculture for Feb-y, which relate to cotton, give esti-s of the production compared with year, the proportion sent to market, age by insects, average date on :h picking was closed,: etc. le following are state averages of parative crops: Virginia, 94; North Una, 94; South Carolina, 82; gis, 93; Florida, 106; Alabama 96; issippi, 104; Louisiana, 90; Texas, irkansas, 84; Tennessee, 84; Mis-i. HI. The general average for wintry is 92.12. e proportion of the crops which )een sent from plantations and is iforein the hands of others than inducers as shown i by corresponds 92.2 per cent, leaving 7.8 per crop still unmarketed, respondents . of the , department b as the cause for unusually large )rtion marketed, that producers, g to the stringency of the times been compelled to part with their ng8 to pay debts and meet neces-expenses. e percentage by states is as fol-: Virginia. 88; North Carolina, South Carolina, 90; Georgia, 92; fa, 91; Alabama, 93; Mississippi, jonisiana, 94; Texas, 92; Arkan-)4; Tennessee. 92; Missouri, 92, Texas Matters. piNGTON, Feb. 12. Julius D. Jam of Rusk county has been ap- m cmer of the comnutine division f supervising architect's office at psu Baiary or 2500. The appoint- was secured by Mr. Kilgore. ' 1 River and Harbor Hill, 8H1NGTON. 7 Feb. 1 2. The river iarbor bill will not be ready for weeks. Tt will fcQ cm oil mpin Ply about $10, 000, 000. ' j Cleveland Has Been Deceived. V Haven, Feb. 12. Professor W. fexauder. suraeon PAnoral nf th juian islands is visiting his son at I HeSaVSthA Tlnmnnto f TI faillk flloiTQlo 1 T J . J t wauu UO.B HKeU UCUBIVBU at Blount was prejudiced and MJ.' He says, however, Me British minister wnTilfl hira "zed the provisional : govern- cievens not. - Tlie Honse. pHlXOTnw Po'k 10 t j.i i . i-ou. M, 0y special or- joaay was set aside for P.nWiea m life and character of the late C-u,uve " eill of Pennsylvania, f Senator Snnfni roi;.; P account of the death of Repre- j uw, wai vuuer was r no the house adjourned out pe to the memory of the dead 2u? ntative- Upon motion of n the time for paying tribute Faemory of late Senator Sanford l, f f.ntative O'Neill - was post-pntil Monday at 3 o'clock. Texa Feyer District. gGToN, Feb. 32. -Regulations C ,SUed by the secretary of , defining the district com-non as the Texas fever dis-L inese regulations will e en- Feb. 15 to Dec. 1,1394. net. as cow defined is the same aQ,e by the regulations of last . ' J the following exceptions: l':of Texas, the counties of ; Knox, Haskell, Stonewall and Fisher have been placed in the unaffected area. Eight of the northern counties of Arkansas are excepted from the provisions of the regulations, tein ; the same which were placed in the safe area by the supplemental regulations of Aug. 30, 1893. As concerns Tennessee the line instead of .crxsing the state as last year is no v made to conform to the boundary line of the state. etiairman Wilson 1U. Chicago, Feb. 2. Chairman Wil-son of the ways and means committee was taken ill "here with a sore throat Physicians were summoned who state his illneiss is not serious. He was on his way on a pleasure trip to Mexico. He was accompanied by his family and Congressman Tnrsney. Texas IVwtinasters. Washington. Feo. The following Texas postmasters have been com-missioned: Edward E. Kink. Brown-wood; John Julian. El Paso; Dollie F. Thompson. Pittsbuig; George H. Park, Alta Loma. Another Skirmish In Brazil. 'Washington, Feb. 12. The navy department received the following cablegram: Rio. Feb. 9. This morning there was a sharp engagement at Areia Point, resulting in some insurgent suc-ass. v Ben ham. Areia Point is a projection of land not far from Nictheroy, which is in the same part of the bay as Rio de Janeiro. Apparently Areia Point would be a good place for land operations against Nictheroy. Fired Upon tine Grave Robbers. Indianapolis. Feb. 12. Four Indianapolis gave robbers received a warm reception at the West Newton cemetery, 12 miles south of this city. About midnight a spring wagon containing four men drove up to the gate of the town cemetery . Two of them went directly to the grave of Mrs. William Sprague. an old woman, who died in that village a few days ago. One of them stood gunrd at the cemetery gate, while the fourth remained in the wagon. The work of digging , the grave was proceeding when a neighbor discovered he ghouls and took a doublebarrel shotgun and emptied both loads in, the direction of the fellow guarding the gate, There was a stampede for the wagon, and the party of ghostly night prowlers drove toward Indianapolis at a rapid rate. It is almost certain that some of the buckshot took effect, as an examination of the gate post shows it to be literally filled with holes. Killed Two Men. Sauk Rapids, Minn,, Feb. 12, A terrible tragedy, which has resulted in the death of one man, the fatal wounding of another, and may wind up with a lynching, was enacted eight miles north of here. The man killed was Thomas J. Stanley, one of the wealthi est men in Denton county, and the man wounded to the death is William Stanley, a young man of 25, a son of Thos. Stanley. The murderer is August John, who now lies in jail in St. Cloud, in imminent danger of getting his neck stretched without the usual forms of law. The bloody affair was the result of a feud, and was only witnessed by one person besides the participants, James Grant, a friend of the Stanleys. Battle With an Eagle. Goshem, . Ind., Feb. 12. A battle took place at Millersburg, between a monster eagle and Harry, the 8-year-old boy of J. II. Brown. As the lad was on his way home to supper the big bird swooped down upon him, fastened its claws in the child's clothing and, raising him, succeeded in earring the burden some distance. The youngster fought heroically, however, and was soon dropped by the bird., After some further plucky struggling young Brown succeeded in hitting the bird on the head with a stone, stunning him, and enabling some men who had been attracted by the boy's cries for assistance to secure him. Young Brown is badly battered np, but not injured seriously. Three-Card Monte Again. Columbus, Ind., Feb. J 2. The two strangers who hired the horse and buggy of Frank Voyless' livery stable at Elizabethtown and drove here and attempted : to i bunko Farmer James Godfrey out of 55000 by the old three-card monte game fled, leaving the rig at Fairland. A letter was received from them, inclosing $7 to pay for the rig, and telling the' owner to go to "Fairland to get it. The letter was signed "Isaacs." Triple Lynching. Little Rock. Feb. 12. A special to the Gazette from Conway says that the meagre details of a triple lynching reached there from Van, Buren county which took place a day cr two ago in what isknown as the "Gulch." Henry Bruce and Bob and Charley Plnnkett were the three victims of the mob's vengeance. ; It is said the three men had killed and robbed an old couple whose names are ,not given, and that for this crime they wpre lynched. Baptized la Icy Water. Akcona, Ills., Feb. 12. One of the greatest revivals in Livingston county' has been ' carried on in the Ancona Christian church since Jan. 1. Elder J. N. Wright has teen carrying on the work and has bapfized all the converts On several occasions the ice, which was very thick,' had to be cut in order to accomplish the purpose. Over 100 have been converted and immersed. Bobbed by One Man. Carson, Nev. Fe". 12. A passenger train was robbed on the Virginia and Truckee road near here by a lone robber. While the train was in motion the end door of the express car was smashed iri and ihe messenger forced to hand over money at the point of a gun. A tin box containing about $1000 was secured by the bandit who made a successful escape. COHDITIOll OF TRADE. Review of the Week by R. G. Dun & Co. INCREASE BALANCED BY LOSS. While Reports Indicate That Industrie Are Doing More Than Iu December, Tet the Record of Actual Gain Is Small No Improvement Shown In Foreign Trade The Week's Failures. New York, Feb. 12 R. G, Dun & Co. says the improvement in business still appears in many directions, br.t it seems to be in part balanced by loss in others. The gradual decline which be gan sofne time ago and was strength ened a little by the success of the treasury tone has scarcely answered ex pectations. ' Reports of resumption of work con tinue to indicate that the industries are doing more than in December and yet the record of their actual gain is disap pointingly small. The domestic trade does not materially increase, exchanges indicating a decline compared with last year of 19.5 per cent, elsewhere and of 14.9 per cent, at New York, The actual pro duction f pig iron in February last was 99.242 t ns weekly, against 97,087 tons Jan. 1 and 191.2 )1 tons a year ago, Textile manufacturers are gaining a little. Inquiry discloses larger stocks of cotton goods held by dealers than was supposed, and quits a large propor tion of mills are likely to close before long unless orders increase, but the number reported starting again is sev- eral times the, number reported closing. Sales of wool were decidedly larger last . week, 5,776,040.- pounds against 6,855,750 last year, and the , markets were all more active, but this week are comparatively quiet. Foreign trade does not improve, domestic exports at last falling below those of, the corres ponding week last year, though for the year thus far the increase is 10.7' per cent, while the imports are 30 per cent, less than last year. v The failures for the week were 385 in the United States against 222 last year ana 60 m Canada against 44 last year, several being of more than ordinary importance. Out of 2188 commercial failures reported by telegraph in January against 1509 for the same mouth last year, liabilities have been reported for 2102 amounting to $29,843,028 of which 11.589,715 were of manufacturing and 17,234,007 of trading concerns. The South Is Prosperous. Baltimore, Feb. 1 2. In the weekly review of the condition of business in the south The Manufacturers' Record says there is in general a decided im provement with increasing activity in many directions. A large number of southern factories, including rolling mills employing nearly 1000 hands, and iron pipe works that employ 400 or 500, have started np during the week. The Newport News shipyard is engaging 1200 additional hands to work on contracts lately secured. Bank clearings show an improvement ompared with other sections. Sales of fertilizers are very heavy and the spring jobbing trade is promising. .A Chivalrous Negro. Wilmington, Del.. Feb. 12. In the court of general sessions James Soud-ers, a colored man, made an affecting appeal for an aged colored woman. He and Elizabeth Mills had been charged with stealing chickens. Souders said that the bid woman could not stand much punishment, and if the court would allow him he would take her sentence in addition to his own. The chief justice commended him for his action. ; The Mills woman received but one year's imprisonment. Souders received two years' imprisonment and 30 lashes. ; Henry Floyd, also colored, for stealing chickens, was given two years and 30 lashes; Ida Chance, same offense, two years; Tom Fields, same offense, two years and 30 lashes. For Slandering Governor Le welling. Toper a. Feb. 12. J. A. Smith of Kansas City Kan., who recently published a letter charging , that Governor Lewelling and other state officers had accepted boodle from the jointists and gamblers in Kansas City in consideration of allowing their business to run. is to be prosecuted for slander. Police Judge King, Quarles and Deputy OL Inspector Atkinson, all of Kansas City, Kan., whose names were mentioned by Smith as having been corruptly connected with the lotteries and gambling hells, will each bring an action against Smith. The gentlemen assert that the proof against Smith is of a positive nature, and they propose to vindicate themselves by bringing their defamer to justice. ' National Farmers Alliance. Topeka, Feb. 12. Th3 National Farmers Alliance adjourned last night-The officers elected are as follows. President, Marion Butler of Nnrth Carolina; vice president, J. L. Gilbers of California; Becre ry and treasurer, D. P. Duncan of South Carolina. Executive committee: L E. Dan of New Yirk, Mann Page of Virxinin. H. C Pennsylvania and H. L. Loucks of South Dakota. The judiciary committee was ab lished nd the president was autnorized to appoint five lecturen and place each in charge of a district instead of electing one as heretofore. ' Fifteen Moonfh'ncrs Bagged. Fort Smith, Ark.. Feb. i:. United States Revenue Collector Robert Mt-Clure arrived here from Polk county with 15 moonshiners. The officers wen out 17 days, capturing and destroying nine stiil3. 'spilling 250 gallons of whisky and 2500 gallons of beer mash. The gulls were in the Cositot mountains and were all located within a radius of 30 miles. We can furnish you with any and everything jr "ocu iu uuuuiiig ur iiiiurovintr vour property. Manufacting GLAZED WINDOWS, SASH, DOORS & BLINDS Regular sizes in stock. Odd sizes made promptly. Bank and Office Counters, Shelving, . Gable Finish Cornish Drapery, Brackets, Plinth Head and Corner Blocks, Base and Corner Beads, Turned Columns, Mantles. Door and Window .Frames, Stair and Balustrade Work. Yellow Pine, Oak, Cypress and Gum. -ALL SIZES The largest stock of Manufactured Lumber and Shingles in the state. Prices made delivered from Atlantic to Pacific, Gulf to Canaaa. 4 CAR-LOAD OF WIN OW GLASS THE BLUFF CITY LUMB ft PINE BLUFF, HRHtKNSHS. R. BRUNSON, fl. D. , Practice Limited to Diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat, Chest Over Dewoody's Drug-store, Barra-que street. Office Hours 9 a. in', to 12 m.; 2 to 6 p. m.; 7 to 8 p. m. DR. J. W. SCALES. Specialist in the diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Office over Scull's Drug Store,. PINE BLUFF, - ARKANSAS DE. J. H. SMART, PHYSICIAN SURGEON Office: iloom 1, over Dewoody & Co's. Drug Store. PINE BLUFF, :-: . :-: ARK. DR. J. P. EASLEY, DENTISW Office over Thomas, Walker & Co.'s WEST SECOND AVE., PINE BLUFF. - - ARKANSAS DR. C.J. FLINN, Physician and Surgeon, 205 SKCOXD AVENUE, Over Walker's Drug-store, Pine Bluff. Surgery and diseases of the Rectum a Specialty. Office Hours t) to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 p. in.; 8 to 9 p. m. Sunday 9to 10 a. m,; 3 to 4 p. m. Office Telephone, No. 64. , Stm They Go Down. You know that our strokes are merciless and our cuts are deep, when we sav "our goods are cheap" we don't mean cheap gooes. l nere is a great deal of difference between the former and the latter, when we advertise chean p-nods we mean sfood goods at chean prices. All our cloaks and capes at pastern rnst. All our novelties in dress goods at less than Eastern cosi. All our. heavy dress goods, consisting of. hop sackings, serges, etc., at cost. , All our winter underwear at prime cost A call is all we ask, at the 111, CIGARS AND We are now in our new quarters, 212 7V?UN STR66T, with a complete stock of the above goods, where we will be pleased to see the trade and public generally. LLC NEW VALENTINES. All Kinds, Classes and Descriptions at Walker's Drug-Store, 205 W. Second Avenue. ' D. I. ffilllliS & CO., Pharmacists. Cor. W, Barraque and Chestnut StsM - - Pine Bluff, Ark W. H. LANGFORD. President. P. P. BYRD, Vice-President. W. W. BVRD. Sec'y & Treo J. B. Speers Company, : : : WHOLESALE : Grocers and Cotton Factors. ' No. 214 Pine Street. Special Attention Given to Consignments of Cotton 121 WEST H. II. HUNN, President. K. C. WILKLNS, Kj:. axd Trkab. E. C. HOWELL. Manager Cottox Depaktmkxt. Hammett Grocer Co., WHOLESALE Gvoeevs and Cotton paetotts Liberal advances made on consignments of cotton. 21! Ml STREET. HI PIKE STREET, W THIRD MEM, f PINE BLUFF H. C. IWeGaughy, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hardware, Tinware, Stor ; : ' IROM, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, ETC, j, Aftr i!7 MAIN ST. - second avenuf; pine r

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