San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on November 13, 1904 · Page 38
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 38

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 13, 1904
Page 38
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a 38 BA3C aAyrascp CHBoyicaoE f stisnx noembjer isf 1904 gff tgJW l s s On Jm A ii I I e - - 1 fi a i r - It 8 sp e I 5 v s i 11 P V - WVVUMW - 0 rfr v - - aVsWlBssiaS afl T - V SaW - y k sV CSiti3 About the 2 KMMSBRH wv ft 4 O - H - fei - H 1 II 1 1 1 1111 1 i HI 1 1 1 10 tj 1HMH 111H II 11 11 1 1 Ul 1 J il - l 11 1 1 1 1 ill 1 1 1 Ul 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 11 i j I iji I UlJ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 III Ml J M Ht - H - BAR PROSECUTION Public Prosecutor J - folds That - Staternents of Disroi ssed Police Were Illegally Secured RICH LEGACY FORDEVOTION MAlipe M Barber Is 6 Get 0fed0nder the Will of iheLate Mrs Julia TVMbssr Oakland - Branch Office of th Cnronleif 1160 Broadway near Thirteenth street OAKLAND November ULUTbere i Uttle likelihood that criminal complaints will be ilssued against the members of the Police Department who aire charged with pilfering from merchants while oh duty The evidence against the men Is of such a nature that while it iwa sufficient to force their resignations and to warrant thr Police Commissioners In or - daring their summary dismissal from the department It Is not in the opinion qf Prosecuting Attorney Leach of character that - can be successfully introduced before - a - criminal sort Such evidence as was gathered against Sergeant Clark Patrolmen Andrews Stsnl and Hamerton has been turned over to the prosecuting attorney but be has practically nOtl Bed the Police Commission and Chief Hodgklns that unless further evidence can bt secured that it would be use less to issue the complaints It would appear that the evidence which was secured against the men was not in a ejr - Se complete but It was sufficient to wring confessions as to misdoings from sail and that Awoof the accused men dld reduce their statements to writing and signed them These statements or confessions were secured from the hieri and their resignations written with the expectation that they would be accepted and that the scandal which has since broken out would be averted This in Itself 4s sufficient to prevent the con - f eFiort being used In a criminal prose ration - 2 From1 unofficial statements given out It would appear that the down fall of the accused men came when oneof their number went off his own beau ana in tne parlance or ine police began mooching This was re - sehtedby the patrolman He reported the matter toChlef Hodgklns and ah investigation followed The lnvestlga - tiori was In a wayhandlcapped owing to theuextreme difficulty encountered In shadowing the - men whoi were suspectedsuspected - After various officials had undertaken thejtaskj sufficient evidence was gathered to force the confessions and resignations but according to the prosecuting attorney not enough to warrant criminal prosecution The Commission has dealt out the irnaxlmum punishment within its - powerpower as a commission but the individual members are anxious that the criminal prosecution should be Instituted If the facts and the evidence at hand will warrant and to that end thecases will not be finally disposed of for several days during which time a number of persons are exerting themselves to se - cjire Jthe mUch - desired evidence Prosecuting Attorney Leach In discussing the case to - day said I am ready to prosecute any or all ofthe accused policemen against Whom sufficient evidence can be secured to warrant the issuance of ta complaint i Regarding these eases however there are several peculiar conditions which make prosecution practically Impossible with - the evidence now before me These men were policemen iand as such had thd confidence of the people and their presence in or - about stores at any time of day or night would nbti and apparently aid not attract the attention of any one and on this account the uepartment lacks evidence as to the peculations outside Tthe statements made by the accused mn7 In themselves the statements or tconfesslons are hot sufficient to warrant the issuance of complaints nor would they bring about a convlc - tIoft it the complaints were Issued The statements - which were made by theserrrien with reference to - their 111 doingsi were obtained from them by the LCbief sdurlng his Investigations as to their conduct as police officers nd with a view to ridding the departr lnht of them Jh Tease their admissions vwduld warrant It At that time crlml - 1 nal prosecution was hot contemplated cohsequently Inducements were of - ifered td the then for the purpose of ascertaining the truth which makes the statements inadmissible as evl idericelh a criminal prosecution J Former - Patrolman Hamerton the Vohly one of the accused quartet now In the city called on Chief of Police - Hodgklns this morning and expressed regret that he had tendered his resignation which bi claimed he did In order to escape ah investigation for minor violations of police rules - He denies that he is guilty of theft or that he took any part in the orgies i that are said to have been a frequent - occurrence irt the Physicians building - Chief bf Police jHodgklnsto - day an ndunc0dihat with a single exception - no members of the department were to be Investigated That exception Is J F SHI who for fifteen years has r - been fa patrolman and at different tlmes has been on almost every beat In the city Complaint against Sill has been ihade by two men with whom Jj has had trouble In the past and for that reason their statements are accepted with a grain of allowance as the Chief explains In the light fof recent events however he does not 7care to take upon himself the matter of passing in judgment upon the charges and he will have them reduced tof writing and turned over to the Commissioners Sill was notified today of the charge that had been made against him which was In substance taar some tune ago when he found the idobr bt a butcher shop open he took iaway with him a pleceofiaconi Sill denied the accusation and expressed his Tallin his - ability to show that the chargesTwere absolutely without foundation r After leaving the office of Chief HodgklfisStUJsal The charges are made against me by men who have been my enemies for years and have openljf and repeatedly stated that they wbuld break me and I suppose they think ihlsMs a good time to try it While itll unpleasant to iro before the Commissioners 1 have no fear as toi the result and ani ready tn meet my accusers before theCohimls - sloneri or In any court X have done nothing that could be twisted into a - VlolaUon of th Jiw or the police rutesv and it cannot be shown that I - bjvei The only unpleasant features about the thing are the notoriety and the worry which It naturally causes imy famliy1 Sill vas once before calledlbefore Jhe Coramissioners1 but on IhatToccaslon he was charged with unneeessarlly beating a prisoner with his club but the Commissioners found thatherused no more strength than iwas necessary to subdue muWWTilx prlsonsr Oakltnd Brancb Office of the Cliraaieie 1160 Broadway - netf ThlrteenUi street OAKLAND November 12 Bequests aggregating about 75000 are made In the will of the late Mrs Julia T Moss In favor of her dearly beloved friehd Miss Alice Morgan Barber who for jhany years was the constant companion of Mrs Moss In her travels Regarding the bequests to Miss Barber the will reads I make this provision for my f rlend Itf token of my great love and in grateful ap - preclatlon of her unselflshudevdtion for many years The remainder of the estate valued at about J165000 Is left to relatives and friends Mrs Jtfbss was the widow of the late JV Mora Moss - She died in Bavaria on October 20th last She had been living abroad for about eight years The bequests to Miss Barber who Is a daughter of Ur and Mii Eugene Barber how living in Bavaria Include 110000 in cash twenty bonds of 11000 - each of the Spring ValleyValley - Water Works or their equivalent In stock of the Oakland Gas Light and Heat Company all of the wearing apparel jewels plate and furniture of the testatrix and the home Mrs Moss established In Bavaria oh which there Is still due 35000 marks In the original will the famlly home in this city Mosswood at New Broadway and Moss avenue was left to Miss Barber but in a codicil the property in Bavaria was substituted - The residence In Oakland Is old fashioned and surrounded by 315 acres of land Miss barber is to receive 150 a month for her expenses pending the settlement of the estate Mrs Sarah W Llttie widow of the late William C Little of - this city Is bequeathed a mortgage of 4500 she executed in favor - of Mrs Moss in 1893 Mrs Delia F Moss widow of Theodore Moss brother of Mrs Moss husband Is left 1000 Joseph Mora Moss nephew of the husband Is left 5000 and - his son Is left 1000 Other bequest are as follows Mrs MariaM - Watson wife of W C Watson of Philadelphia 2500i Mrs Eleanor S Newhall wife of Daniel S Newhall of Philadelphia 2500 Joseph Moss Little 500 Arthur W Hinton of Las Cruces N M 2600 Elizabeth Coventry1 Barber 1000 j Emma Schroder 1000 Each of the servants who has been In Mrs Moss employ two years preceding her - death is to re - celve 100 Attorney Edward C Harrison of San Francisco Warring Wilkinson of Berkeley and W C Little of Oakland were named to act as executors of the wlll which Is holographic and was executed On May 18 1898 with a codicil dated August 9 1901 Little died after the execution of the will Harrison was granted special letters of administration on the estate pending the arrival Of the will from Bavaria fcnd was authorized to expend 2500 in bringing the bod to Oakland for burial - in her will Mrs Moss directed that 3000 be expended Oh the graves of herself and husbands V Theiresldue of the4 estate - is tobe divided equally between Hnry N Moss Maria W Watson Eleanor 8 Newhall and Arthur W Moss children Of the late John Moss brother of the testatrixs - husband and Joseph Mora Moss Jr The estate Includes Mosswood - valued at 40000 300 shares of the California Powder Works 40000 100 shares of the San Francisco Clas and Electric Light Company 5600 4464 shares of the San Joaauin and Kings River Canal and Irrigation Cqmpany 22000 10 bonds of the Spflng Valley Water Works 10000 25830 In cash - a note fOr - 4500r personal property 2500 and property in Bavaria I0S ANGELES POLICE - H WILL GIVE UP iLLNLRY HE POSES AS A LOTHARIO Albert Wv s Anselmi Tries to Afiri Too Ma Vmertahid His Vyife Obtains a Divorce Within a Fortnight the Accused Murderer Will Be Brought Here for Trial iPAkLAND November 12 - rChlef of rolice Hodgklns to - day received - a tele - grani from Chief Ilammel of Los - AngelesAngeles in which that official expresses his willingness to turn bverio the Oakland authorities P David Kinlry charged In that city wlths burglary and wanted here for the murder of Policeman James H Smith in November of last year Klnlrys Identity is wel established and in fact admitted by himself after repeated questioning at the hands of Chief Hammel and his - detectivesdetectives Kinlry however denies that he is the murderer ot Smith and seeks to make It appear that it was bis companion Frank Goid8telnwh6 fired the hot that ended the life of Smith Smiths dying statement which - was regularly taken and can be used atthe trial makes It very clear that it was Kinlry who fired the shoti After Smith was shot 1 while attempting to arrest Kinlry and Goldstein he fired and killed Goldstein and in his - dying statement said that the man he shot was not the man who shot him - Klnlrys injury is such that he will not be able to travel for a tqrtnlgbt y MILITIAMEN TO DANCE OAKLAND November 12 Preparations areibelng made to make the fortyifourth anniversary bait to be given by Company A Fifth Regiment National Guard of California on Thanksgiving eve a memorable success The decorations in the Armory Hall where the ball will take place are In the bands of a committee who have planned an elaborate display of electric lights The affair isln the charge of - the fol - loWlnsr committee Lieutenant L T Petersen Lieutenant C5 E Poulter Sergeant tierrmanr vrporai Berquese Corporal Powell and privates Cunningham Mortis Wagner Brereton Kllnk - ner Ongerth and Brown COOK BUNS AMUCK OAKLAND November 12 Tom Quong a Chinese book employed by Mrs Thomas Meln was arrested last night by Polleemaji Forgie for terrorixing the other servants of the house during a drunken spell Minnie Petersen a housemaid - - swore to a charge of battery agaiait him accusing him of throwing a bottle at her and hitting her wlthIt - Hewasyeleasedon6balU i v in i1 A New Axi i Gallery We tare eonTerted duri plchire - rodni lnto a beinUfttl gttrx c fi iiUMtIon 4le if inotot - lcel - frntfeis wtr colort pastels etchings anil fine - - photognpli In - ectisD eordUHtTttl Snborn VaU 4k Ob OakluHl Brn - h Office 6f the Clironiele 1160 Brodwy near Thirteenth street OAKLAND November 12 Accord - Insr - ta th tfttmnn rlrin hiv Xfr Olivette Moraga Ansilml In1 her suit for a divorce from Albert Willlatn Anselmi the latter claimed tobe a gay Lothario and won womens hearts for the mere pleasure of doing so Mrs Anselmi said that her husband told her women were unable to resist his fascination and that all he had to do to win them was to snap nls Angers at them Thy were rnarried on February I02 Mrs Anselmi r daurhter of a T Moraga who at one time was the owner of many broad acres of land In this county and after whom Moraga valley was named She testified that her husbands love for hef soon cooled Their troubles then began She said he repeatedly abused and insulted her lit the presence of her relatives On one occasion she said he threw a - cup of tea in her face because it did not suit him Mrs Anselmi said her husband told her he had a parlor fitted7 up in his butcher shop on Market street to entertain the women who became infatuated with him Mrs Anselmi was granted a divorce on the5 ground of extrerh cruelty and was permitted to reisuine her maiden - name of Moraga - There are no children Extreme cruelty is the ground iupon which1 Judge Melvln granted Emma Butler a divorce from Piers P But ler Mrs Butler testified that her husband had a violent temper and often threatened to kill herr Often she said he would become enraged Over trifles and demolish furniture In their1 home Once she ald he bfe - came angry because he found ltidlfn - cult to remove his shirt He then tore the shirt off with his teeth On another occasion she said - he became angry in the street and broke an umbrella Several times Mrs Butler said her husband t threatened to cut her throat with a razor and shoot hen He pointed a revolver at Mr one time she said and she told him to shoot for she was so miserable that she did not care to live longer Amelia and W C Gunter who recently alredtbel troubles in the divorce cotirt fare reported to have been reconciled The wife alleged cruelty and the husband denied the charges It appeared that their troubles ibegan after Gunter had become In debt through - gambling at th racef8 He offered to be - reconciled with his wife during the trial but she refused They have two little children for which each parent was fighting KONEEBv EACHEBy IS - SEBIOUSCiY INJUBEI OAKLAND - November 12 Unable be - wn in hoar an oncoming cauw w c tm ared J C Pelton a Pneer teacher of California was struck and run overi last night by ahorse and lhjht wagon and now lies eerlouslyhurt The driver of - the wagon is unknown PeJ when struck was at East Twenty - second itreet and Twenty - fourth avenue near hlrV watfi8ernten dent of acnow oi on f vfti served for many years in the schools In various capacities being principal successively of the Mission Union and Denman - schools Failing health v forced aw AnMnjury he feVulU of being thrown Sutfbuggy further crippled fclm ana aramea n i In treatment At last he wastcompelled to seek assistance and some ilmr ago was taken into the care of the Associated Charities - who pay for his support - j MBS CHAB0T DIES AFTER SH0ET ILLNESS OAKLAND November 12 Mrs Mary Ann Chabot widow of Capitalist An - thonyChabot died this morning at her resldenceM04East Twelfth street after an illness Jf several days Since the death of her husband she had lived n comparative retirement seidom iaking any part in social life Mrs Chabot was a native of Massachusetts She married there In 1870 and then came to California residing in Oakland ever since Anthony Chabot was well - known In hU lifetime as the founder Of what Is now tho Contra Costa Water Com pany the donor of the Chabot Observatory to the city of Oakland and a public - spirited an weir as a very wealthy cltl - sen Mrs Chabot had no children A stepdaughter Miss Nellie Chabot lived with her at the time of her death MABBIAGE HCENSEl OAKLAND November 12 The following marriage licenses were issued today Charles Hafbldge 27 andj Charlotte L Groth both of Oakland BIrney W Adams 23 and - Ina Cook 23 both of San Jose Harry Smith 24 and Emellne Neunefelt 28 both of Oakland William L Pattiant over 21 and Evelyn I Craig - over 18 both of Oakland James V Douhltt 5 Los Angeles and Belle Provalt 38 Qulncy 111 J Guy WlWateri bury 25 Sacramento and Laura Prather 25 Oakland Stephen T Caram over 21 Newark and Alice - Gv Jury over IS Morris Station Michael Nestor 28 and Mary Preston 27 both of Oakland v AGED XJAHTALIST DIES OAKLAND November li - Martin M Dunn a Retired capitalist aged 79 died to - night at his residence 63 Twenty - fourth street He was a native of Ire - landr and came to California In the early daysof - the State - For many years he engaged with success aaa farmer in Claremont He invested much money in real estate that greatly Increased in value - and made him a rich man A widow Mrs Matilda Dunn and seven children survive him They aret Dr Martin J Dunn James - P H Dunn Dr John M Dunn Dr William L Dunn Miss Margaret Dunn Miss Mary Dunn and Miss Alice Dunn GOES TO WASB1NGT0N OAKLAND November 12 Secretary of Commerce and Labor Victor H Met - calf left this morning for Washington wherehe will now take up his residence Mrs Metcalf accompanied him A large crowds of friends were present at the Sixteentb - street station to bid them farewell Mr Metcalf arrived in Oakland about a week ago having made a flying trip for the purpose of voUng In Oakland where he Is still registered In leaving he announced that It was not probable that he would be able to visit Oakland again - for some time m - Ptr manufacturing 150000 bottles of wme - out Of cheffllcala land export - Ingit as Hungarian wine a firm at Budapest has been naairr500 v MAY DIE FROM HUSBANDS SHOT Ml Laura Campbell Seriously Wounded for Refusing to Return it Partners Home 11C0 Brodw7 near Thirteenth - itreet Oakland Branch Office of the Chronicle dAKlJlNb - November 12 As a re - Bult of a quarrel with his diybrced wife Laura Campbell Letn Campbell shot and perhaps fatally wounded her to - night In the house of her father Edward Cutler ofyi362 Eleventh street He then made his escape and has not yet been found by the police Mrs Campbell was removed to the Receiving Hospital where her condition is considered critJcaL An attempt on thepart otCampbeli to induceinduce - US former - wife to return to him before the grantingoffthe final decree of divorce and a refusal on her part to do so is thought to be the cause of the shooting Therewere no witnesses of the actual shooting but both Cutler and his wife were present during part of the Quarrel and Cutler saw Campbell draw the pistol and flourish it some time before he fifed Mrs Campbell was given an interlocutory decree v of divorce on the ground of cruelty nearly a year ago The time necessary for a final decree will be up lira week Before her marriage to Campbell she had been divorced from John Graham whom she married - about five years ago when she was only 17 years old About two months ago - Campbell visited ms former wife at her parents house ana made an attempt to induce her to return to him but she refused jto i do so Early this evening he called again ano conversed with her in the presence c her father and mother She would not listen to his proposal however - and he grew angry Drawing a pistol from his pocket he threatened to kill her She rushed from the room and Campbell followed In thei hall he fired two shots at her ene of which struck her In the abdomen Campbell Kn maViail frnm th house Cutler found his daughter lying on the floor and called the police patrol wagon which took her to the receiving hospital Campbell was arrested at 1 oclock this morning at Seventeenth and Peralta streets by Poltceman Ahearn m oVe 0 ih Suburban society Qe i V M fQ Q - AKLAND Novembei li - Mr and Mrs George Steele Lackle entertained Informally this evening at a dinner given at their home to a half dozen guests Great yellow chrysanthemums and sweet - scented violets bespoke the interest of the day and tiny blue and gold flags completed the decoration covers being laid for Mrs Melville Doslerjrr Mr and Mrs Charles Duns - more of Napa Miss ElUabethScupham and Stuart Mlddlemas Mr and Mrs J W McClymondS will entertain at dinner on Thursday - of next week a aosen guests being invited to enjoy the affair and assisting Mrs Mc - Clymonds will be hef daughter Mrs Dudley Klnsell Mrs Charles S Houghton and Miss Ruth Houghton have sent out cards for a Jarge athome to be given on Tuesday November 22d af their Harrison - street home The affair willmark the debut of Miss Houghton and several hundred cards have been sent but Mrsi A A Pennoyer leaves very shortly for an extended stay abroad her Berkeley home having been taken by the B F Westons for the winter Mrsl James Tyson will entertain the members 6t the Monday Afternoon Five Hundred Club on Monday the 14th the members including Mrs J Lofan Pease Mrs George Gross Mrs - William B Gage Miss Ena Lang worthy Mrs David A Proctor Mrs Albert Ai Long Mrs - Frederick Morse - Mrs Edward W Engs Mrs Henry Bosenf eld T Mrs Wlckham Havensr MrillFredertck Morse Mrs Edward A Howard Miss Carrie Nicholson Miss - iBelle Nicholson Mrs Charles fE Palmer and Miss Bessie Palmer sailed this week for Eu - rope and will spend many months In travel and sight seeing Mrs Clement C Clay of Level Lea Frultvale who has been spending the fall with - her - daughter Mrs Harden Lake Crawford in NewTork is expected home within a fortnight Miss Madelalne Clay remaining at a ew x ora ecnooi Miss Bertha Knox - leaves next week for New York en route to Cuba where she will spend the wlntej with friends L Miss Marion Walsh was the hostess oh Tuesday at a luncheon at her home on Linda Vista - In honor of Miss Isabelle Kendall who has been so lavishly feted Since the announcement Of her betrothal to Mr Lowden-Snowy coemoi and bridal tulle graced the table and covers were laid for Miss LetlUa Barry Miss Lillian Isaacs Miss Noelle de Golla Miss Anita - Oliver Miss Ruth Kales Miss Cornelia Stratton Miss Marie Kopps Mrs Frink L Kendall and Mrs E M Walsh Mrs Charles Mail was the hostess this week at a very pleasant five hundred party about thirty guests enjoying the affair and prizes being carried oft by Mrs George Bouveroux Mrs Wilbur Halsey andMrs Van Elnden y Miss Marie Hopps who has been the guest of Miss Noelle de Golia for some weeks left this week for San Francisco whereshe IS to visit Miss Elsie Kimble returning to Miss de Goila after Thanksgiving for another visit Mr and Mrs D Edward Collins have returned from a delightful Eastern trip most of the princlpar cities having been covered during their travels The marriage of Miss Mabel Cooley daughter of Mr and Mrs Milton Van Horn Cooley and Frederick Augustus Gowlng will take place on Wednesday evening November lth at the home of the brides parents about a hundred guests being invited to witness - the cere mony -Green and white will carry the color cheme and the attendanU will Include Miss Bessie Clow who will attend her cousin as maid of honor and Miss Margaret and Miss Anna Franck who will act as bridesmaids t iVln May Miss Pansy Perkins are tol accompany Senator George C Pjrklnsto Washington and will spend the wlnterUntheicapiUl city - - rt ttf was a merry crowd who gathered at the depoti tiir morning to wish a farewell - to Secretary and Mrs Metraif The drawing - room was fairly abloom with exquisite blossoms sentl ttalr numberless trlends ROBBERS TAKE ALL HIS MONEY Three Highwaymen Cause Police of Oakland and Alameda to Get Biisy by Bold Work FOR CHARfryME A Benefit for jhe Nursery for Hpmejess Ghildren Will Be Given lust Before Christmas ALAMEDA November 12 This evening three highwaymen who acted with much boldness held up WV W Clark employed as a watchman on the schooner Letltia on the Estuary and robbed him of 230 The hold - up occurred sit 630 P M on the Ajame - da side of the Estuary on the roadway about midway between the Hay and Wright shipyards and the WebsterWebster - street bridge Clark had been paid off and after visiting a friend at the shipyards was on his way on foot to Oakland when th ithrei men stepped but suddenly from behind a pile of lumber and presenting pistols at his head demanded with an oath that he fork over his dough and that he should do it In a hurry Clark promptly held up his hands and while two of the robbers covered him with their guns the third went through his pockets The footpads then ordered him to Walk back toward the shipyards while they went off hurriedly toward the WebsterWebster - street bridge - Later Clark reported the hold - up to the Oakland police and they notified the local police office at 730 oclock The bridge tender of the Webster - street bridge Saw the footpads strike Off h the direction of thia city and Chief of Police John Conrad Detective George H Brown and Officers A S Blunk Joseph Lawrence and E A Willing patrolled - the west end assisted by several policemen from Oakland went in search of the robbers At a late hour they had found no clew to the whereabouts of the heavily armed trio - The footpads had a Start of hearty - one hour and a half and might have got but of Alameda before the police from across the estuary placed guards at the outlets of the Island e A theory which has strong probabilities Is that the thugs after making a moye in the direction 6f this city across the marsh retraced their steps and slipped into Oakland over the railroad bridge One of the men is described as six feet in height of slight - build and wearing a slouch bat and dark clothes Another of the robbers was about five feet eight Inches tall and wore a dark square - cut coat and slouch bat The third man Valso wore dark clothing a soft black hat and was about five feet six inches in height A NAElftW ESCAPE ALAMEDA November 12 V Tuck - sen - a dairyman residing on Briggs avenue at the East End and his daughter Johanna aged 14 had a narrow escape from death at 30 oclock this morning when the wagon in which they were riding was hit by the east - bound local train between Pearl street and Broadway on the South Shore line and almost completely demolished The occUpants were thrown out and the little girl was tossed over a fence Her left arm was broken In the fall but although they received painful bruises neither she nor her father was seriously injured JF0UND DEAD ET BED OAKLAND November 12 Joaquin Qoriiaia a Portuguese aged 49 years was found dead in his bed this morning by his Wife when she went to awaken him He went to bed In good health last night at 9 Oclock and the caflse of his death is not known He was an employe of the California Cotton Mills and lived at 37 Boehmer street A widow and three children survive him Coroner Mehrmann will hold an inquest to determine the cause of his death SUBUBBAN BREVITIES OAKLAND Not iZ - - Mr Alice k Howe flVtPUontj for a dlinlbitlon T the estate of her late hniband Edward K Howe The eatate la rained at 12006 otIi ti lflow lr the onlr heir -OAKLAND Norembei ii - Owtng to the fact Oat - tie dt orlrtnaUy et for the exam Hon of police appUcanU falU on Tbankerinng day a fact which waa orerlooked at the time Uie date has been changed to Monday Norem oer 23tn OAKLAND November ii - W P Bchnlte today beg anault against O W Lohr for an ac connUng for the receipts of their business from the payment of old bills since they dla - sclred partnership on February 1st last They were In the plumbing business OAKLAND or 12 - C r Haitlnn an oiler on the ferry steamer San Jose - was burned on the chert and face early this monitor by wtakS the Receiving Hospital for treat ment His burns were pronounced not serious Hastings lires at 135 Hollla street OAKLAND Norember li Jostlce of the Pesce James Q Qulnn to - day fined EL Black man C Stlckney Carl Uafdwlck and R Car - mu muin muni createa a disturbance at Satro Park Frultrale on Oetober - lSth dls tnrblng the peace of Colonel Frank Lynch Tber bad been much trouble between Lynch and the men before be had them arrested OAKLAND November 1Z Peter Nickelaon a laborer lWng on Center street Berkeley was seriously Injured this afternoon while assisting In removing a broken - down wagon from the street - car tracks on Alcatras avenue A pole was placed between a car and the wagon to above the latter off the tracks When the far was started the pole flew around striking Nickelaon In the side - - - OAKLAND Nov 12 - District Attorney At - len filed an answer to - day to Ue suit of G S UacMullan to recover 21T0O from the county tx hla services as an expert In having placed on the assessment rolls newly dlacorered property In the answer senenl dnl ani made of JiscMullans allegatlonaw On the de njurrer juage ti is worms ruUng wae to the effect that UacMullan - had a valid contract with the county for compensation for hts services OAKLAND Nofernber 12 Hugo and Julias Abrahamson to - day filed ault to eject L C Dale from the fourth floor of the Abrahamson building at Thirteenth and Clay streets Dale leased the floor on October 10th 1903 for a year with option for another year and has been conducting a handball court there for hire The Abrahanuona desire to Improve the place for offleee and have sued to eject Dale because he did not apply for a renewal of his lease within the time prescribed by law ALAMEDA Nov 1Z Beatrice Cohen the thirteen - year - old daughter of Jessie Gray Booth and Edgaf A Ooben hef father being a well - known amateur photographer died at 10 oclock this morning at Fernalde the home of her grandmother Mrs Etnllle Q Cohen BERKELEY Nov 12 Richard Hurley of San Francisco wis fined 10 this morning In Jcstlce of the Peace Robert Edaare court for having discharged flre anna In the University of California grounde last Sunday afternoon BERKELEY November 12 ThrougV the frightening of his bone by the Southern Pa clflc local train yesterday afternoon Frank Hann driver for the Hann Meat Market was throws out of nls wagon and aostatoed a bad scalp wound and numerous bnlaes about the head and shoulders WEEDS STOBBJOLWAYTBAPFIC Weeds grow so rankly along the Guayaquil and Quito railway at the foot of the Andes in sixty - two miles of Jungle that watering tanks nled with a strong solution of arsenic and nltet have to be sent along the track every - ten days in the rainy season to spray ana to ku tne vegetation on eacn aide c San Franciscan are to have this win ter what will be a charming Innovation in the social and philanthropic life of the cltjv a charity ball at thev St Francis such as Is given annually at the Waldorf - Astoria In New ifork and is one of the events of the winter Season there The charity to be benefitted this year is the San Francisco Nursery for Homeless Children one of the best of the many charitable organizations here Edward MGreenway has consented to undertake the management of the ball and no more need be said to show that It will be assuredly altogether an affair of what Is known as ourbest people The date chosen for the ball is Wednesday December 21st - and a meeting of the directors Will be held on Tuesday to arrange the details The nursery has a handsome - new home building at Fourteenth and Lake streets with all manner of modern Improvements and conveniences for the permanent inmates of the institution as well as for the children who will be - there during the day only Among those who are especially interested in this charity and will be patronesses of the ball are Mrs - J Berty Mrs O D Burns Mrs Eugene Bresse Mrs Henry1 Dernham Mrs James Elder Mrs William Gerstle Mrs F B Wright Mrs J L Gould Mrs H E Law Mrs W F Leake - Mrs Guy Manning Mrs A H Martin Mrs E F Preston Mrs H E Osborne Mrs J J Spleker Mrs George Sperry Mrs J J Theobald Mrs William Thomas Mrs W W Van Arsdale and Miss Adelaide Pollock - i i Picture Frames Onr Eastern selection of frames and mold lugs for fall trade now In better and more eautifnl than ever before Sanborn Tail Co NEW UNIFORMS GAUSl COMMENT1 Army Officers Are Put to - Additional Expense by More Changes in Their Raiment gUmy offlcera In this city wereXitiefti perturbed yesterday over the news from - Washington relative to further ehahgeai in their uaiforms Many of them mostly bfflceiii of low rank and Correspondingly smafl payi have only recently purchased new uniforms - and now flndr - that these must be altered it more Or lesa additional expense to meet the laea of the unlformjictators In the War Department One change that strikes them most peculiarly is that relative to collar devices The Initial letters IL - S which were abolished several years ago have been restored and the Tiew coat - of - arms that was substituted for them ha in turn been abolished Similar grievances are heard regarding other change Colonel C R Morris commanding th coast artillery of the Department of California returned yesterday with Captain L R Burgess from a trip Of Jn - spectlon to Fort Bosecrana near Baa Diego The new barracks at thatiplacaj are progressing favorably General Francis Moore department commander will make bis first Inspections of posts next week beginning MondayMonday - With Fort Baker Leave of absence for one month nM been granted First Lieutenant H Klersted assistant surgeon who recent arrived at the Presidio ofMonterey m WASTE ENERGY IN N0ISB There Is a considerable waste energy In noise that might be utilised For efr ample it would be possible to arrant the combination Of a safe lock so a to open Jt by singing a certain melody The notes would set corresponding metals vibrating these would communicate with - electrical power which In turn would move - the tumbrels of the lock and the bolts would turn back Doctors Prescribe Prominent Physicians the World Over Have Conie to the Conclusion After Years of Experiments That There Is Only One Truly Great and Reliable Tonic Stimulant - BBBsE SJsJsJSjsj It Is on Account of Its Purity Quality and Curative Propertle That Dully a Pure Malt Whiskey Has Won Such Favor - With Doctors and Patients Philadelphia Pa June 1904 Gentlemen - Havlng carefully examined Duffys Malt Whiskey I find It Isfof excellent quality Its iipreeable flavor Its purity especially its freedom from fusel oil must recommend It to all those whtf desire a pure and superior whiskey Charles S - Gauntt M D Prof of Medical Chemistry in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia jLVHUll F4YiKSKSiia1 iUlVJt - - iJ iv fAttvv DR j W HORTER Rest Haven Sanitarium Scotch Plains N J March elSM Gentlemen it affords me much pleas Ure to communicate to you the result of my experience with your article It met every expectation I have been try Ing it on several cases of typho - pneu - monia with the result that iti has succeeded so splendidly as a Btlmulant and stomachc that I have discarded every other whiskey If is reliable effective and agreeable to the digestive organs arslsdng digestion and assimilation Ih my experience as a physlcan for the last twentyftve yeirsi frankly - and considerately admit yo - ir whiskey has not Its superior as an auxiliary to the medical pharmacopeia I have used nearly every kind on the market with varying results but In yours there Is uniformity Respectfully Dr 3 W Horter RWT cipsipjx iii - i LYWwWSWHfiiiaiYHS rtiiniiiJIIH - sjvvc - - AyvcsBKv - v - - 3w - BK - xKw - vX CHARLES S GAUNTT XL U Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey The fact that Duffys Fure Malt Whiskey is one of the most effective froma ef nourishment Is one of the reasons It is universally prescribed by doctors and used In hospitals for indigestion dyspepsia and all manner of stomach troubles It settles and tones up the stomach and puts It into shape to digest anything and at the same time drives out disease - and - builds up the whole system Chemists after most exhaustive test declare Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey the purest most perfect tonic - stimulant known to medicine It Is entirely f re from fusel oil Nothing so thoroughly eredlcates nervous diseases impurities f the blood and imperfections of - circulation It quickens the hearts action ana Infuses Into body brain nerve and muscle new life health hope and vigor Duffys - Is the only cure and preveCKve of consumption pneumonia grip bioncnltls cdiighs eclds malaria low fevers and all wasting weakening diseased conditions It makes old people young and keeps the young strong and healthy In use 60 years Every one may have a copy of our free booklet by writing Duffy Matt Whiskey Co Rochester N T CAOTION - Get the genuine Duffys Pore Malt Whiskey sold by all druggist and grocers throughout the world In sealed bottles only price 100 See that tho Old Chemist trade - mark Is on the label and that there Is a strap over the cork - Refuse substitutes and bogus so - called Duffys Pare Malt Whiskey offered by unreliable dealers Comfort in Shoes If ypuf shoes are not comfortable you dont want them But Comfortable pught to mean more than ease to your feet You Want the comfort of good looks of long wear of price economy Get it all - ease looks service price - in Selz Shoes We sell a lot of these good shoeSj and the more we sell the more we sell INC The Best Shoe Store 102113 KEARNY STREET 4 - - ti Jk fe agf

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