San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on April 14, 1895 · Page 25
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 25

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 14, 1895
Page 25
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Loulatfe A N Albnril7nltdStatesKxi Manhattan Con - jigjir P Den jU AH MunpACnertestoa 10Wah M1A Pae5i MlnnKtuBt26Jf o jjeferred - Itr MichJgaoCentral 9H jWeUs - Tarro Kx 105 Mtasoarl PmeltteJ4iWeatnnfnlOTiii87 Wohlie Ohio 163fWheellng L KU iiMbvUle 3iit tot do prtrrU4l Mvsixm wmcxa BnlWev 1 Ontria 8 60 moliar U rtntit 77 i ea Crown Point SS Ptymonth 50 ioa Cal and Va - J Qnlcasliver 1 00 Deadwood 40 do preferred 14 00 Oomdeonr 0 Sierra Nevada 83 Hale k Norcroas 1 SO Standard 2 63 HomeUke 18 60 Union Cou to Iron kIitt is YeUow Jacket - 0 M - lr gQ Departure The Rtamr of tbo China Steamer Peni was rleared yesterday for Honckong and Yokohama with a general cargo Among the leading shipments were tb following lo Chrna 16515 bbls Flour 1890 lbs Hams and Bxon 49 rs Cbeese 19 cs Codtlsh HO Its Hops 17671 Its Beans 6 cs Salmon 831 lbs Ginseng 128 cs i inurd Goods 06 nkgs 1rovlsions 107 ptg irocr INI cs Canned rruits 10950 lbs Pearl lary I15 tts ivory To Jaoau - 3088iO lbs Compress Cotton 12 cs 63 gals Wine 637 bbls lonr X39 pKRS Provls - uns 57 pkpi Groceries 1TJ0 rolls 86 hdls Leather i5 r anned Goods 12 ca Baking Powder 6 cs Iird pkgs Wblw Lead 100 bxs bosp 12 kxs Butter HO ca Beer 10 bis Cotton Cloth To Manila 600 bbls Flour 14 cs Canned Goods InPenaDg 65 cs Canned Fruit 15 cs Canned r - aimon To vurahaya 00 cs Canned FrulL To Ratavta 78 cs Canned Fruit 63 cs Canned r - aimon To Mnanore 78 caCanned Fruit 200 cs Canned - amoii To amarang 31 cs Canned Fruit T i alcutta 50 cs Canned Fruit In Bomhay BZcs Canned Fnill The mea - ner also carried 47214 In Treasure of which 71 461 was In Mexican Dollars 2780 in ciold Coin and 198700 lo Hllver Bullion COMMERCIAL The Eastern Grain Markets Special Dispatch to the Cimosicxa Cricaoo April IS The disturbing clement which set the Wheat market in a ferment on Thursday was worked over again this morning and was the principal element In creating the early fluctuations It was discovered Wat after having partly unloaded the 400003 bushels ol Wheat which It wes said was to b put back Into store instead ol being sent to Buffalo on the original charter t be owners of the Grain had ordered the unloaded portion of the cargoes back Into the rrssels again and the vessels to proceed wttta It to lis original destination That gave the bears another opportunity to work a scare on the other party and tbey immediately started a nunor tbat the Wheat was being reloaded because it would not on relnspectton grade Mo 2 tJpon Inquiry at the arm of the vessels agents wbo made the char - ter they confirmed the reloading of the Wheat bnt said the Wheat was In the best ol order and welched 62 pounds to the bushel The opening price for May Wheat was 543c at which price the buying orders exceeded the selling The price worked gradually upward to 55 V and after reaciingonce to 4Sc It alternated during the treater part of the session between S5c bid and 6ic sellers The movement of the crop was in favor of the bulla Corn was weak May opened st Hue Bold at 45ic and closed at 15c Oats Th market started about steady Later the offerings became more eenera and a reaction occurred May sold from 28c to 28fc and closed at 28Hc alter having sold at 28Jic The Provision market ruled quiet with quite moderate fluctuations but accompanied by a firm undertone fork compared with Thursdays final prices closed with a gain of 2XC Lard is up cor responding y and Klbs are 5e hlsher Hog receipts to - day were tlOOO head and 95000 are all that are expected next wek The leaaing futures ranged as follow Opened Highest Lowest Closed V heat No 2 AprlL 541 54 Mav 54Vt 55 July 55 58B5fc the Raster holidays Barter Is plentiful and prices are about steady Oats more slowly with prices unchanged Corn is fairly steady Call Board business yesterday was quiet Call Boabd Informal session 10 A c Opened Hleheet Lowest Cloaed December 10 93 W 93 JOBS fO 93i Calx Board Regular peslen 1115 a h Opened Hlchest Lowest 1oet Kay - 0 86V SO 87 fO 8 fO 87 December 0 85 0 95 O05J 0 t5J Sales May 1000 tons December 3900 tons Total sales 4900 eni Yesterdays traniactloas In Barley are represented by the followlog quotations Cali BoAkD - Informal Session 10 a K So sales Cax1 BoAsn Regular Session 1115 a n Opened Hlebesi jowest nosed December 0 71 tO 71U tO 71 SO 71J Sales - December 2800 tons WHKAT 1XD rtOCB CUtASCia The acpretate clearances of Wheat and Flour shipments from ban Francisco dnrlng the past three weeks compere as follows Week Flour Whest Kndlng KSK ttla March 18 17793 750060 March 9894 il19 March 30 - 26148 11S181 TOSXAflK ASB rBAkTKSS The engaged and dlsepgaxed tonnage at Ban Francisco and on the way to this port yesterday as compared with the corresponding date of the previous year is as follows 1836 Chartered for Grain SO TVS Atlftrellaneoos chattels 60tS Disengaged charters 37766 01 3fi 47 1BM 13 11837 88 Collection of Duties Ihedntlescollecsed at the Custom - house during the psst n eek i ere as follows Monday SSS53 OtSThursday Tuesday 211V6 48 Friday Wednesdy 16683 2 1 Saturday - Total for the week - S102S67 23 The collections during each month of the past inelve months are as follows Month 1894 June - Estimated Value 1 27r40i 22VS00 194600 1894 1S683 97 IS 4tt 877 Totals 74523 64273 On the way to San Franclsco25007d 222170 New charters were announced yesterday as follows Blairgowrie British ship 1561 tons at Bur - raids Inlet Lumber thence to Cape Town and Delsgoa Bay 13 2s 6d prior to arrival Drum - bfcrton British ship 1773 tons Wbestto United Kingdom Havre Antwerp or Dunkirk 1 5s nothing ls direct by O W McXear Sierra Cadeoa British ship 1708 tons Wheat to United Kingdom Havre Antwerp or Dunkirk Wrestler Xlcarsguan barkentlne 447 tons now at Burrard Inlet Lumber ihence to Shanghai 2 5s by W Frese t Ca Produce Becelpts The receipts of Produce for the 24 hours ended at noon yesterday were as follows Flour or sks 9932 Potatoes sts 608 Wheat ctls 579 Onions sks Barley ctls 28 Hran sics 9et Xirhs Medlnm 833c I4jht and Extra Xitht louauc Beef - Extra ramtiyr bbUlloailtdv hf - bNv 86 5i3 Mess bol S78 do hfnbU 84 SO kx - 1 tra Mess bbV 60 do tf - bbl 84 603 Smoked Wfaioc - Krtt - Kxtra CTeat bH f 19 hbt 810r Oear bhU 17 50318 SO da bi - bb S333 50 Mess bLldin hWbi SSOAitKxttsPrUns bbU 8H50 ftgfFeefcbbt 815 dahi - ibi i Lard - Gait oral 10 - ft tins 8 sSKtr 5 - B tins ko ietci An U - tctii 84e CaHaruK pare 10 - pai aw5 pan lJlie tanera iu - palla Wcdo 54b nalU Vie - erces 959c California Compound tierce oVSXc Eistera 77Jc FBKa MSATi Wbolalile butsasrs prteat for whole carcassei Bef First quality 6Se seconl tfiH - third 4 limine Veal - Kanre heavy 493s 9 do llgV 6s octdalry tJf7t k Mutton ldlSc 9 lh Lam yearling Sde Spring Lamb 67o UOTrOLK - Vli - Prtc It In tierces 7c 10 - ft Uns8c Dlry - ProUnos anl Fonltrr BUTTKB Fanrr creamerv lh 13ai4c creamery second lSlatfc Imitation creamery 11912c fancr dairy llllic choice - 10c fair to aood 6S7c jplclclel roll nominal firkin old nominal dairy - packed tubs old nominal creamery in lobs old nominal OrlKESK - MUd new t tt 5if 7 Altfornla Tocng America choice tfaicy 7JaSiK New York cream 1S11J4c Weitera ltljlaa FO0LT tY Old llcter f rtosen 4 503 voune S7SS7 SO fryers tZQi 80 hrollen iarge S3 50 small 83 Hens S44 60 Ducks old i8 young da d Tnrkeys lire Hens 1241 Gobblers lOailc dressed 123i 14 Ueese and Goslings pr Si 50O1 75 tng - eona dot l 7542 28 old 817531 KGGS - Cilifirnla choice ranch ds l318e storell012X Duct Errs 16317K HIAea and Wool WOOL Market ratei for round lots areasfjl - lows Free Mountain tan Joaquin defective San Joaquin years staple do seren months Calaveras and Foothill - HIDES A XI SKLXA WetSalted Hides Ileavv Steers over 55 lbs Medium Steers 48 to 98 Ibi8 S6e Light Steeri under 4S IDs 8 esvj AITCTIrtV AtiK a JONES C0t talearonm yirAnrbof Bmldlni 203 - 309 CAttroBTt STBkrr SALK DAYS - TTJKSDAVS ASD fRlDAT September orn Xo 2 - Aprll May July Oats No 2 Mav June July - 57 45 45S b 2Vfi 7 6737S 54 H HX UH 65 56 58H56k 28 2829 271 27J271 lllghtst 45 45S 28 2b 27 57 44 45 i 4H 28 28i 27 Butter ctls Chefse ctls lallow ctls Kkct doi Raisins bxs Wool bis Hay tons Beans sk 1961 Lime bbls Pap 2 - 20 513 120 200 Paur rms 10 Quicksilver flsks 42 8100 Hides Xo 299 1008 1 Pel tsbdls - 35 35CalfsltlHS bdls 30 3821 Wine gal 88080 75 Brandv gals S0U0 PKODCCK gUOTATIOXS Lowest Closed SI 2 37H 812 32 812 32U 12 55 12 47 12 50 87 05 7 20 87 Oi 7 15 7 30 86 32 8 45 6 57S follows 87 05 7 20 7 821 8 35 6 47 6 60 Winter Atut Kepttmber October November liece tuber January 1886 i ebruiry March Amount S4701O7 31 I 48U93 50 44 W70 90 464364 50 692330 32 54R576 37 497C71 75 S55fi 14 S3 391298 39 i 618107 89 S5251 54 BMJOVb Local JSank Clearings The clearings at the tran Francisco Clesrln - house during the rst week and for the corre - tponding week last year compare as follows 1894 1R5 Clearings Sl4695268 51 fllr83664 - 14 lislsnces 1784e42 71 1692636 63 The operations at th San Francisco Clearlnr - boone for the past twelve months were as fol - lws Month 1894 Clearing April - 858629774 93 Mar 6O1S1680 42 51834898 48 4537ft 136 12 48298817 81 64971438 84 82828682 18 68492866 19 65201774 68 6 - A237411 24 47926156 08 So250690 46 June July Asitnst September Orttber Nentmber Decmber - January 1895 ledruary ilarra Balances 88169259 89 7603292 77 7621833 94 6114481 4 628243 6 6753084 43 7076248 55 9091915 28 6898866 71 6946907 20 8446 549 VI 8175688 78 Opened Mess rork Hbbl May li 85 Jiy 12 j Lard 100 Iba May 87 05 July 7 15 September 7 32W 7 32 short Klbs 100 lta May 84 W 86 85 July 8 45 8 47 eeptember 6 60 6 60 Cash quotations were as raients 82 5002 80 Winter Straits 2S2t0 Spring Patents 3 103 15 do btralts82 102 85 Bakers 81 7532 23 Na 2 spring Wheat 59a61c Xo 3 Spring Wheat nominal Xa2Ked54J455c Xo 2 Corn 4445c No 2 Oats 28Sc Xo 2 White 3 - 32c No 3 White 3132he Xa 2 Rye 56ic Ka 3 Barley 38c Xo3 5033c No 4 nominal No 1 Flaxseed 81 40 Prime Timothy Seed 5 40 Mess Pork per hbl 1 - J 3012 45 Lard per 100 lbs 87 Short Hibs - ides loose 88 32v6 35 Dry Salted Shoulders boxed 8ii - 5c Short Clear Sides boxed 86 556 80 Whisky distiller finished goods gal 1 21 Sugar Cut Loaf unchanged Granulated unchanged Standard A unchanged Articles Receipts Shipments Flour obis 22000 16000 Corn bushels 119000 TKOOO tars bcsnels 292000 323000 uye nusncis 1000 Barley busrels 29010 29001 On the Produce Exchsnge to day the Butter market was nrm CTeamerles 102Oc Dairies 818c Eggs firm ll412c Cereals and Mill Products FLOUR - Xet citsh - Famllv eitra 3 2V33 33 J bbl Bakers extra 83 15J3 25 Superfine h 102 S3 WHEAT Xo 1 Shipping 8V selected fancv 86c good to choice White Milling WXV2lc OATS Feed fair to sood 87iaSc No 1 97c 8107 choice to tancy 81 07S1H 17U Sar - prise 81 071 17U Mtlltng 81 07 at 17 Norway Black 81 101 17 Gray 93cl Oii Bed SI lo 1 17 BARLEY - Falr to good Feed 70SS71c Xa 1 Feed 72ic extra choice 73Vc Brewing 82ri90c COeX - matl YeUow ctl SI lSfl 20 Largo Yellow 81 lvS120 White SI 12 3120 Damn stock sells at lower figures BUCKWHEAT - SOOSSc ctl CRACKED CORN Choice quality 9 toe S23 50 FRED CORN MEAL - Choice gralei ton 82125 50 RYE - 8590c ctL FARINACEOUS GOODS Buckwheat Flour lb 4c Orabam Flour 3c Rve Klour 3jc Rice Flour 7i Byemeal 3c Cornmeai 3 - t Oatmeal iiAic Oat Croats 5c Hjciwh - at Grntts 8c Homlnv 44Vc Cracked Whest S1 - - farlna 4v Pearl Barley 444V Klage Pearled White 4c Rolled Oat 5c Split Peas 4 6 Vic COTTON SEED OILCVKE - Best grade ton 824 HOPS 5ffl7 V r th accordtn to quality OILCAKE MEAL New or old process - mill NW TOBK WIIBAT MARKET The prlcej of futures oa the New York Wheat market yeuerdoy as reported in tbe San Francisco Produce Exchange were as follows Closed 1033 1230 April 60 May 60V4 80 June 60S Jily 60 60Ji August 61 September 61 December 63 - J 634 FINANCIAL 7S The Loeal Money Market rtlocil Bullion Money aid Exchaaje quota - f ic n current yesterday were as follows cmmercial Loans X per annum 788 Commercial Loans prime 648 l Loans gilt - edged 78 trll Loans mixed securities 7S8 Mortgages prime taxes paid by iender New York sight Draft New York Telegraphic Transfer 10 London Bankers 60 days 84 1 onilon Merchants 84 88 lonrton sight Bankers S4 DO 1 etined Silver V ounce 665 lie 1 lean Dollars nominal - 5454H SICV VOBK Nrw Venn April 13 Money on call easy rloe1 offered at 2 Prima Mercantile Paper 4tfV - Sterllnz Et chance Demana MKV4 14 K9i 60 oars 84 14 g8 Posted rates 4 8hid4 0X Commercial Bills 84 87 Mlver Certirlcaies 67SS67r - Refined Silver 664 Mexican Dollars 50 Kxnonsof specie for the week ending to - day ere 8482000 Gold and 8788418 Silver Tbe Imports for the week were 8218389 in roid and S14CT7 in Silver Dry Goods 83134 - 18S General Merchandise 87717794 I ON HON LoNnox April 13 - Cnlted State X Bonda J2UI IHX l3 Mlver Bullion 30s Bank of Knriand rate of discount 2X - Consols 104 18 - 16 g 104 PARta liiii April 13 - Three x Rentes 103 2Xfl t B 3 6c for account New Tork Stock Market fr1l mpitrli to the rnnoNici - n Nkw York April IS The Stock mart et opened quiet and firmer gradually gained strength and a uvity to a moderate degree tbe upward tendency contlnulnr to ibe close except tbat in the lat dealings some few shares made a partial reaction There were a few unimportant exceptions to the advancing movement but tbe great majorltv of the stocks traded in show gains on tliedavs transactions The Vanderbllts we - e la good dt - mand notably Lake Shore New York Central rose It dosing at Die highest price ton - lied Canada Southern advanced i with a lluai loss of ann Ml hlgsn Central i The Leather shares were especially strong tne preferred advancing 3 The market closed in good tone to 60 V 60 t 60 61 63 Grain freights from New York to Liverpool 2d 1 busheL RECKIPTSASn SHIPMKN - TS Tha movements In Wheat In bushels at the leading Grain centers of the United states reported yesterday were as follows Receipts Shipments prices 23 iMon jobbing 827 50 GROUND HARLEif - Cholce to fancy 816 503 817 50 f ton BRAX - Xa 1 133rril4 50 f ton MIDDLIXGS - Falr to eool V ton 817 Xa 1 817 5018 extra choice 1K5019 BKAXS - Larr - White 82 flO2 80 Small 40O0 I White 82 7o2 90 Pea and Tree Beans 82 75 1t w uutter fz - awt ii - 11ms si 4aai 80 Bed 1 6S1 SS link 1 6CX318 Bavon 1 5V31 90 Black - eyed Beans 83k3 50 Bed Kidneys 82 76 83 i ctl SEEDS Yellow Mustard ctl 1 7532 Xa - tlv 81 2541 75 Canary 34c for California 4 4Jc fur Imtiorted Hemp 34d3 - c Flax 22c Rape ljdJUc timothy tiihic Alfalfa 79 8c for California HAY - Wheat 8311 Clover 8859 Wild Oat mm wain an - aih1 awan - lvhi mil nn 215 April 11 88411 Tame Oat 9ill Barley 810 Stock fi9Ti 27 Compressed SS ifj10 50 STRAW - 70380C v bale Fruit VEGETABLES Minneapolis - 123290 37230 Dulutn 628U Milwaukee 60400 2000 Chlcaga 18200 46593 Toledo - 97S7 73900 St Louls 6000 51000 Detroit 3381 270J Exports 115965 96796 20600 225705 8711 3487 4 922 24000 114600 Totals 285909 215428 WHEAT AT ATLANTIC PORTS The receipts and exports of Wheat In bushels at tbe leading Atlantic ports yesterday were as follows Receipts Boston New York Philadelphia Baltimore New Orleans Totals 145198 484483 TJIK VISIBLE SrPPLV - Reports to the San Francisco Produce Exchange from New York for the past two weeks give the estimated visible supply of Wheat In tbe United estates east of the Rocky Mountains and In Canada as follows Bushels Increase Decrease Arrtl l 74307000 1466000 Apili 8 72702000 1605000 TH EXPORT TBAOE Reports of the weekly export from the Atlantic Btater for the two weeks ending on the dates named compare as follows WHEAT Bushels Increase Decrease April 2 696495 171501 April 9 U50S93 453898 rboca 354690 57230 287638 33008 V S4X reglsteied 120j V s i coupon 120 t s rec1stered115V U S 65 coupon 116 US4i reclsieredlllH I S4XCO0DOtl 112 V s tx registered 95 Iclric x of 1895 100 Cent Pacific lsta - 101Vi Frle 8ds 6M G II Sa6s 95 de s offered 99i H ft Tex Cent 6s 10 do 6a 98 31 E A T first 4s 83 2d 4s 68H Ala class A 105 Mutual Union 6a 110 do class B 1081N JCIntCert 112H do class C - 9siXorthern Fac lsts1161 AlabsroaCurroncies98 do 2ds 89H onlslana N con 4a93ilXrthwestConsMslll Ml - sourl 6 lOOXrthwstS FDeb5a109 SC non fund 1 Rio Or West lsu 69 lenn 2few set 6s84S St Paul Consols 7al38 do 6s loolst PI in P W 3112 do Old fa - - 8018 Lis Iron M Gen5a76 Ya Centuries 59HjSt LAS f Gea M 6s 106 do deferred aj t Pac 1st 88 Atchison 4s TOSiCnlon Pac lsu J8Ti04i do 2d A 23 West Shore 4s 1052 lien A BU 7s 1151 southern RK 5a ao 4a 823i SAILKUDj htc A tchlson 6K j National Cordare Sfi adsmsKxeress 131 do prefwedjio1 Alton Terre Haute 38New Jersey Cent 94 105 - 87X do preferred - - Amrti - i Eznreaa 112 American iobacco98V i ivv Norfolk 4 Wprefd 14 North American Oo 5 uiaru riano j de preferred17 NortUwesteru - a92 do we f erredL IMV gewr York CentraL97j Mt nreferred Baltimore i Ohio 55j Canadian Pacific w i - nl bri lfiL YAVlMVn thesvnhiv 17k National Linseed blogo Alton 147iOnUrlo A Western IB thicaga B Q 72S Oregon Improvemt is Chlcaro Oas 71V Oregon Navigation - 18 Consolidated Gas laaiorewn uor Une - 5 2 94 t4 3 LoulS Col Coal and Iron - Cotton Oil Certa Col Fuel I do preferred elsware A Hudsnl23 JJela - areLandW159H gearw and R Q - - 12 fOTerAKO prelL - 88l Mrs i m fMt Tennesaee - - - vf Preferred - lJf Foaavne lo Ctneralilectrlc 3SV Vrtortbern nret 10 ocsing Valley 2 HtnOTT in IK Pacific Mall 22C Peoria D A Evana - 4 Pituburi - 155 Pullman Palace 15i Readings 12 itichmoud Termini - Aa preferred Reck Island 84 Bio Grande Westn - lSi Sootbern Pacific 17 S SonthernRR - 11H ao preferred 33 St Paul - - 88 do preferred 115 st Paul Doluth 25 St Panl A 0mahaS2S da Dreferred - 10i Sngar nenne ry - xui April 2 April 9 Live Stock Markets 8 reclal Dispatches to tha Chroxiclb Chicaoo April - 18 - In Cattle there wss a dull Saturday market only about 500 head being received prices unchanged Native Eeef Steers 4 i5 90 extra grades 86 25 bulk 8305 76 Cows 81 604 50 Bulls 4 254 75 Veal Calves 824 65 Texas Cattle 8J4 85 In Hogs there was a alow and drafting trade at about yesterdays closing prices the top figure being 5 20 oniv about 6000 Hogs were received Heavy Hogs 84 85W5 20 light weights 84 7015 In Sheep there was a fair Saturday supply and but flttle done beyond supply lag tbewrntsofa few exporters prices showed no change Inferior to choice Sheep were held at 82 404 85 with ales mainly at 8454 60 Lambs were sold at 83 j65 75 principally at 85 W 70 Spring Lambs secelPts - Cattie 700 Calves 60 aogs 6000 Bheen 2000 0 - April lA - att1eeclpLsjc mar - getsteaay nteer JKSKJ7ik JTJ vJvii Cows and Heifers 81 234 26 bulk i 75 83 60 stockers 82 25W4 10 i bulk 82 0S 4a SJclinll Sia7 - T6 So 12 S Nl U 3c Off AsAiSSK M standard A 3 lHeic jtfec ni - T - rvfteaf Jt - Imn IKW f Tex wsC7H Texas saano - - - io Jsk ttore 412 Tol O Cen preit - 78 de ltrrflHlJ Tot Dt Iu K - t lead Tmc l d preferrea - jo - r A I ymw York Markets 8pc Isl Dispatch to the CHROXtct - a XnwYoKK April 18 - Hops quiet State common to choice olu S7o Paclfle Coast old 37c 1894 6910c Wool steady Domestic fleece 16928a pulled 19320c Petroleum steady United closed 819 Washington bbls 89 Oranges quiet Jamaica 3 6031 Metals - Pis Iron quiet Scotch 81920 American 89 50312 Copper steadier brokers price 2 94 Tlu steady Spelter quiet Domestic 83 20 Lead firm broker price 82 95 spot Coffee Klo nominally lower INo 5 18Jo nominal Milo quiet and about steady Cordova nXrRaw steady falrreflnlnc 2 1118c Cen - trifacal 98 test 8e sales noue Refined steady St - imzw Jo - V i Vrio e Vaa - T - irr - DldA49 - IttJiCi fMiirflMlnnr A 11 - iCHr - lTTr T ui rn f isviuuvc sjraanea 4 9 iSSic Powdered 4 S - 164c Granulated 4Hc Cubes 4 8 - 1604yc Portland Wheat Market Special Dispatch to tha CBrwicL Pobtlasd Or April 18 - Wbeat - VaUey We CM i Walla Walla 46s V bushel Kxchangea to - day 8120482 balances 82217a FOREIGNMARKETS Ornlo Exchanges Adjourned In accordance with usual custom the London and Liverpool train Exchanges wer closed yesterday In honor of the Easter holidays DOMESTIC MARKETS CU Hoard Business The movement of trade in the local Wheat market yesterday was very light fact probably due to some extent to uncertainty as to the situation in England there being no quotations owing to and Vegetables Beets k 60 - a75 Garlle Tb 3ft4r Cabbage ctL 50W8O Cauliflower rtor 80f450c Parmlps sk 90cl 25 Turnips 40oa 60c Csrrota 3i50c Tomatoes box 1M1 25 t clery doz 4050c Green Peppers Ifc 1520c Loi Angeles Green Peas SfSSc strlnz Beans lsansc Rhubarb box 8937 3e Asparaguv gl 52 76 cucutuberi box oO75c POTATOES Good to choice ctl Early Rose syaUSc KlverReds 2533c Bflrhanks River 40ffl50c Oregon 55i90c Oregon Garnet Chiles 65g70c Salinas B urban Its 75cSl new Potatoes Ibllc OXIOXS Good to choice Sllversklns 60985c cti common stock sk nominal fancy Oregons I 1 10 FRESH FRUITS Apples f bt fair to good 603381 26 fancy SI 60a2 25 sirawberrles j chest Loogworth 81315 Sharpless 710 CITRUS FRUITS California Oranges V bx Washington Xavels 81 502 50 8eedllngs 75cf8 81 25 Lemons bx California common 75oA SI choi - 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crown loose 81 4 crown loose faced SI 15 Kx Smaller quantities than carloads are occasionally selling at slightly lower prices NLTS - - Callfortta Almonds tsrl shell oft shell 8V99c paper shell 9Q10 standard 6Cd7c California Panut 44lVc EaUrn f5Hc pecans 810 Pine Nuts 19a20c Braxfla 7Sc Filberts 9iCc Chile WaTnuta new crop 8U9c California Walnuts soft shell new crop lOolllc hardshell 57c paper shell 10311c California Italian Chestnuts 708c Cocoaouta 55 50 100 HOXEY - Xew Comb clear white tt 10311c In frames extracted 8iTc for eear wljlte and 6S6c for amber dark o5Hc BEESWAX - Brighl clear 263273 B medium 24025C California Canned Fruits TABLE FRLITS - Selected stock pack of 18M Price tloipn u famished bv tne San Franrla - n Fruit Exchange for extras of 3 lbs weight are as rouows Apricots - - 82 251 Pears Cherries white 2 40 Bartlett 82 40 Peaches I Plums Yellow free 2 251 Damson - 2 00 Yellow cling 2 40 Green Gage 2 00 White free 9 25 1 Washington 00 Whlteellng 2 40Egg 2 00 Other grades of Table Fruit and Pie Fruit are as follows Tablk Fbuit 2H lb Pik FnriT abiett Standards Secondv Apples - 81 40 Apricots l tu Blakberries 1 35 Cherries Black or red I S3 White 1 35 Curf nts red - 1 80 Goosebertes 1 30 Grapes 1 10 Peaches - Yellow free - 1 85 Yellow cling 1 46 White free - 1 S3 Whlteellng 143 Pears Bartlett - 1 35 Plums Damson 1 10 Golden Drop 1 10 Green Gages 1 10 Washington 1 10 QnTnceaZZl 1 40 Baspbernea 1 65 Strawberries 1 68 81 80 1 00 1 25 123 1 25 1 50 1 20 100 1 23 1 35 1 25 1S5 2VJ1DS 80 95 93 103 100 Tio 100 90 Gal 82 50 3 00 3 00 sTi 2 75 2 23 123 90 226 100 90 2 23 1 00 1 00 90 2 23 1 00 1 00 1 30 1 50 u Provisions and Heats LIVESTOCK - The quoted prices are lets eOXShftnkaga on cattle delfveri and wetgii In rn Franclsca stock to be fa and merchantable Hogs Hard grain - Tea nnder 160 lbs weight 4e 9 th over 160 tbi weight Sic Beef - For S - y ear - old steer and up 5eH 1 rears old and un 6c drat quality Cowj and Heifers 4ic second quality 4c Veaf - dTor 90 lbs weight eni andsr 7a 9 lb far 80 lbs and over 8c Mutton For Wethers 60 lbs weight and under Bet sheared last fail 8c r B over 60 lbs 6c Kwes - For stock not shorn last tali do ft D Shorn 50o 1 beadles c PROVISIONS - HamveaUfotnia n lOtOllKet Eastern WHc A C 12c Bacon - Medium 8Hc Extra Clear Sides BHcQ Kounl 7 m Per pound 5 7c Sg 6a B 7c - 6 8c 63 9o Culls 6 8Ks 6 aac 6 i 6 m - 5 5 3 3c 4 4C 5 5 - 7 a1 u7c Heavy cows over 60 fl3 6 W8Sc Light Cows 30 to 30 lbs 6 BloSe Stags - 8S3o Dry Hides over 18 riTlOjSlle Dry Kip and Veal 1 1 to 18 Bv c Dry Calf under 4 fbs 12ilSo Goatskins Prime each 2033c damaged 103 20c Kids 5c Sheepskins Lonx Wool each 40930 Medium Wool 3045c snort Wool 25 435c Shearltnit 10c TAX LOW - Best grades b 44So Xo 3 grades 3483Jc GENERAL MERCHANDISE Groceries C4XDLFS Mission Chemical Wax 10 os 7f Tl B U 12 os 9c 14 ox 11 13 16 oilScd 4c Solar Sperm 14 ox 10c Hotel 12c Coaea li - Lnch 17c Di lite Mlneri Laotarn full eight ISc San Francisco Candle Company Crystal Wat 16 ox UHi do 14 os UHc star 14 ox a Eagle 12 ox Sc Adamantine 10 ox 7c Adamantine 12 os 8c 14 ox yc JL H - H stearlo Acid 12 ox aic 14 ox 9Vi COFFEE Good to prime os - Rtca i9a21o f lb cummin to fair 13918c prims washe 1 Salvador 1920o good green unwashed 174e 8c prime washed Guatemala 20321c or - llnary to fair 1419i prime washed Peaoerry 21K922c unwashed 20 20i Fisn Pacific Col catci o 1894 net cash prices Bundles 50 lbs each If f 4e cases st - leciert HO lb 5c strlprs Anchor Brand 30 and 50 - lb bxs iic strips Xonvay40 - Ib boxes 5c blockv Oriental 40 - Ib boxes 6c blocks Sea - biight 40 - lt boxes 7c Middles 40and6O - Ib bxs 6tc squarea 40 - fb boxes 7c Oliver Klnj strips 40 - tb boxes 7c Narrow Gauge strips 40 - lb boxes eSc Tablets Crown Brand 70 Special price for export Eastern Brands Eastern Bricks lb 7tfC8s Georges Middles 10310c Georges Curol 5ni Bc smoned nernng ox mviic Dutch - U SI 1091 30 ft ke Esstern Mackerel No 1 15 - b kits t 5i 12 - lb 1 78 No 21 8ai 15 Vest Mackerel ht - bbla 8H415 10 IB kits L til bbls Xa L 810 Xo 2 SM33 Salt Salmon bblv 8 60t5 hf bbls 82 75W3 Salmon Belltsv hf bbls 8 75ia4 - kits SjcgSl J5 Toaguei acdSouodt 81 23 kit MACAROX Union Paste Brand 3 - 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lbbars 85c Capital Savon Oat cates full 18 - ox rrappei 2J caker 1 10 Topeka Savon 20 cakes 93c Lady of the Kitchen ij catev SI do Ammonia uleachlng pressed cakes wrappel 100 cakes 3 Golden Laundry Paic Soap s 10 Bis 84Caitlle Toilet Soaa 7c8l V box SUliAR The Western Sugar Kenning Company quotes net cash prices on order 1 not less than 73 bbls or Its equivalent as follows Circle A Cubs Circle A crushed Extra Powdered and Fine Crushed 5c fA lb Dry Granulated 4c Confao tlonets A 4ic Magnolia A 4Vic Extra C 4c Golden C 3ic D sugar 3jc In bols or bags hf - bbls o fA ft additional bxs He s ft additional for ait kinds X U braut Dry Granulate I Sc SYRUP Golden Syruo to obis lie gal no etherpickajs Price object tu Changs wlttioai notice TEAS Good medium grade Japan are Jobbing at25tf50c STOCKS AND BONDS The fiiiowinj wars ths saei of Mialag stocks attbedlfttrent stock Boaris yesterday BASiSAs - ClSCJ 8r32X AVO EXCKAfOl BOABa ttOBVIXO E8Slof PAVILION AUCTION HOUSE 319 - 321 Sutter street TO - MORROW MONDAY APRTT 13 1893 At 11am at the COHNRBOP HYDE AND WASHINGTOX ST 1 wii skit THE FUSSITUSE OF 9 ELEQAHTLY FUE5ISHED E00X8 crwsrsTio OS 1 Hemme Lorut Upright Concert Piano almost new a grand Instrument Odd Parlor Pieces Mahogany frames upholstered In French Velours modern and magnificent 1 Grand Mahogany Cabinet with French plate mirror beautiful Hand - colored Engravings something rare and rich Grand Bric - a - Brac 3 Most Magnificent Quartered Oak Folding Beds with extra kng French plate mirror fronts something grand Royal Hair Mattresses end Grand Redding 1 Quartered Oak Extension Table 10 foot Grand sideboard with French plate mirror Oak Chairs Cut ery Chlnaware Glassware etc Body Brussels Carpet throughout the bouse as good as new 1 Elegant Range Kitchen Cabinet Tables Lin oleum etc Txkks Cash 8 BASCH Auctioneer Note The attention of buyers Is called to anove saie ine rurnuure is someimng rareiy offered at public auction 800 Andes 3031c 700 Belcher 66S69c lbbO H A B 9598c 2250Bode 1 35140 200 Bullion 23c 250Bulwer 18c 1U0 Caledonia 10c 850 Challenge 60T52c 1650Cbollar 5a57c 4700 CJzV3 25g3 35 lOOContlden 1 60 KHllrmii r 853700 VOO East B B lie Aciria Stock Boabu MOBXncO sxssiox 300 Andes - 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Eureka - Aorl 15 Coos Bay Areata Aprl 18 6alinas Rlverand way portsOlpsy - Aorl 16 Seattle Tacoma etc Xtrallon Aprl 16 Eureka Arcuta etc Pomona Aprl 17 San Diego ann way ports Santa ltosaApn 1 Coos Bay Araga Aprl 17 Eel River and wav uorts w eeotl Aorl 17 New York via Panama Colon Aprl 18 Fort Bragg novo - ACT IS Astoria and Portland - - State of Cal - Aprl 19 Xcwport San re Iro etc Coos Bay Aprl 19 Victoria and Pupec Sound Uroatlll Aprl VO Eureka Areata etc - Humboldt Aprl 20 Mendocino ana lt Arena Point Arena Aprl 20 Crescent City Crescent Cty - Anrl 20 San Diero and way ports Corona Aorl 21 Hongkong via YokohamaCoptic Apr 23 Newport sail reura etc rurexa Apri Z3 Astoria and Portland - Columbia Apr 24 Eureka Areata etc Pomona Apr 24 Coos Bay Arlga Aprl 24 Eel River and way ports - - - Weeott - - Aprl 24 Victoria and Puget sound City Puebla - Aprl 25 Grays Harbor Del Norte Aprl 25 San Diego etc - Santa Rosa Aprl 25 New York via Panama - Progress Aprl 35 Mexican ports Willamette VAprl 26 A VVTirtj ALKi DAVIS HABElCd f ADrtteskas AXDCoMxresro MsaU5rrsi 8alesroomj211 Plnext bet SADSOmer - 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Top Clipper Spring Mattresses Feather PUiows Blankets com forters spreads nearly new Bordered Brussels Carprt over tha house t Extension Table Dlnlnr Chairs Crockery Cutlery and Glass ware nne targe nange juicnen lumuure and contents ot servants room etc WILLIAM BUTIERFIELD Auctioneer Crocker building jifcrfn fixi GREElfEBAUM CO Anctioa98ri AtrcmosxxBs axtj Coxtssiosr Vxbchasiv - - llJAndJiLMhotrevt BeiweenSaMome and Battery Street t ynonLkVir rAAhalone ianjq W1 WlfDSESliAY u - - Aie WEDNK8DAY 4 - - f iAPBItVl89f - AT AtIOoclocki - r - afccfAfioGiiTi AniUtUIS AiJ liiMiU TrilJJ 5A1S OS A liberal CRilDliV - f - lNE CUOMrlA0ELqjHiJeC By Order of a 4 PROMINEXT HASH FACT0BBBJ coxirsTixd or - Choice Seasonable Lines of MENS AND TOCNO MKK DIAGOXAL VlQDki ORftTE CHKVIOTASDCA8SIMEUE SUITS C0AT AND VESTSt tXinAlOQATQ AUn - -A Wen - Selected Line of - - - TOTJTJrs AND BOYS CtOTSlNa In Great Variety - - - FURXISUiNO OOODSv jta y - GRKENKBaUM A CO Anctloneers OHAa LEVY CO - - Si ACctionkers aki Co xnwio Mkbcbta wt - 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Aorl 16 Mexican poru Aprl 18 Newport San Pedro etc Aprl 17 Mendocino and Pt Arena Aprl 18 Fort Bragg Steamer Excelsior AraTO Ssnla Rosa Progresa Mate of CiU Umatilla Willamette V Coos Bay Point Arena Humboldt fcureta Areata eta Aprl 18 Crescent City Crescent City ADri 18 City of Sydney New York via PnnamaAprl 18 IureKa Areata etc Apn vu Honolulu - Aprl 20 Eureka Acrata etc Aprl 21 Eel Rlverand way ports - Aprl 81 Fort Braw Aprl 31 Portland and Astoria Aprl 21 Puget sound VictorlaApl 21 San ledro and way portsAprl 21 New York via AcapulcoAprl 21 Araso Coos Bv Aprl 22 Del Norte Grays Harbor - Aprl 22 Point Loma Grsrs Hr Shoalwtr BADrl 23 Santa Boaa san Diego and way porta Aprl 23 Folnt Arena Mendocino and Pt Arena Aprl 25 Humboldt - Eureka Areata etc Aprl 25 Crescent City Crescent City Aprl 28 North l - ork Australia Pomona Weeott Noyo Columbia City of Fuetila Eureka City of Sydney Arrived Saturday April 18 Xlc stmr Costa Rica Mclntyre 88 hours from Departure Bay 2520 tons coal to R Dunsmulr t sons Stmr Enreks Duggan 70 hoars from Newport and way ports pass and mdse to Goodall Perkins t Ca Stmr Farallon Roberta 72 hours from Seattle and way ports pass and mdse to Meyer Ak - mann Stmr Alice Blancbard Dunham 60 hours from Coos Bar pass and mdse to Ross Sanders A Ca Ship Belle OBrien Colley 142 days from New York mdse to Sutton Beebe Cleared Saturday April la Stmr Peru Frlele Hongkong and Yokohama P M S S CO Stmr Columbia Bolles Astoria Oregon Railway and Navigation Co stmr Eureka Green San Pedro Ooodall Perkins Ca Stmr Walla Walla Wallace Victoria and Port Townsend Goodall Perkins t Ca Stmr corona Hall san Diego Goodall Perkins Ca stmrTruckee Thomas Astoria Trnckee Lumber Ca Br ship Blackbraes Chlsholm Queens town Ep - plnger A Co Ship Wachusett Williams Nanalmo John Rosen f elds Sons Bktn Fremont Bowes Sand Point Lynde A Hough Ca Schr C T HllL Madison Bristol Bay Alaska Packers Association Schr Premier Nielsen Ugashlk Alaska Improvement Co Schr Eureka Wlrscbulelt Bristol Bay Alaska Packers Asnsoclation Sailed Saturdat April 13 Stmr Peru Frlele Yokohama and Hongkong Stmr Truckee Thomas Astoria Stmr Del Norte stockfleth Hoqulam stmr Scotia Johnson Yaqulna Bay Stmr Point Arena Johnson Mendocino stmr National City Anderson Eureka Stmr Bonlta Doran Port Harford Stmr Crescent City Allen Crescent City Stmr Corona Hall San Diego Stmr North Fork Hansen Eureka Stmr Humboldt Edwards Eureka Br ship Gunford Weir Queenstown Bark Alex McNeil Jorgenseo Bristol Bay Bark Chas B Kenney Anderson Bristol Bay Schr Alice Cooke Penballow Honolulu schr Jessie Minor Whitney Eureka Schr Gotama Brlssem Coos Bay schr C T Hill Madison Bristol Bay Schr Sacramento Hansen Coos Bay By Telegraph Poist Lobos April IS 10 r ic Weather cloudy wiud NW velocity 20 miles per hour Spoken January 23 lat 68 20 S Ion 84 10 W Br ship City of Florence from Qlaigow for Victoria Anrll tat 84 N loo 61 W ahlD Big Bonania I from Baltimore for San Francisco with Toss of Jlb - ooom ioretopmast auu lure ana main topgallant masts By ship Belle OBrien February 6 lat 67 5e S Ion 71 65 W Br ship Drumrock from Klo Janeiro for san Francisco April 1L about 360 miles W of San Francisco a four - masted thlp bound in Bv tug Vigilant AprU 13 5 p at stmr Pasadena from San Pedro for Eureka Disaster Iqnlqne March 28 The Br bark Ardenclutha with lumber from Port Blakeley for lqulque was wrecked at the entrance to the bay The water is nearly up to her decks and she will prouablv be a total loss Part of the cargo will probably be saved Bilscellaneoua Tbe Br shtp Drumrock bound from Rio Janeiro for San Francisco arrived off this port April 18 and was ordered to proceed to Portland Or by tbe pilot boat Oracle S Importations SEATTLE - Per Farallon - 11000 sks eats 10 cs household goods 225 tons coal 150 M shingles 1283 bdls green hides 10J0 mats rice 230 beer barrets 108 sks potatoes 145 sks bones 203 bbls bottles 4 bis rags 1 cp chickens 4 cs broomhan - dlea Tacoma 750 sks flour 140 M ft lumber 1 trsk personal effects 68 bbls copper and brasa k copper tanks 1 1 cs household cood 85 sks bones Everett 119 beer barrets 27 cs boots and shoes Port Townaend 99 bbls salmon Port Angeles 200 M shingles 1 tool chest 2 bxs drugs EAST HAN PEDRO - Per Eureka 14 sks 65 bxs dry vegetables 820 bxs oranges 1 bg coffee 10 sks crawfish san Simeon 19 ca eggs 3 tbs 183 bxs butter 16 dressed calves 1 cp turkeys 9 bis sea weed 1 pkg mdse 2 sks abalones P C R K station 4 tbs 75 bxs butter 21 csegrs 1 pkg mdse 14 cs cheese 3 bdls hides 12 bxs fish 14 sks dried fruit B dressed calves 1 cpcblcKecs Gavlota 4 bxs butter 16 sks crawfish Santa Barbara 1 pc granite 1 bbl lamps 1 bx butter 6 bbls mineral water a sks dried fruii 114 bxs lemons SB sks crawfish 28 bxs oranges 1 pkg mdse Ventura 125 bxs oranges 20 bxs lemons 1 bbl dried fruit 137 sks beans 1 cs cheese U cs eggs Carptnierta - o c dried fruit 87 sks walnuts 823 sks beans 14 bbls asphaltnm V ska craa - fish Los Angeles etc 1 bx cranges 820 sks plaster les whilst Newport 9 bxs oranges 1 pkg mdse Uueneme 2 bxs butter 1 cs eggs 1 pkg mdse PoRTLND ETC Per Alice Rlanehard - ISOA I ska oats 913 sks potatoes 60 cs smoking tobacco lelson Sailed - chr Corinthian for San Francisco NEWPORT - Arrlved AprU 13 - Stmr Westpon from Port Los Angeles sailed Stmr Cosmepolls schr Vesta for Port Blakeley PORT LOS ANGELES Sailed April 18 Stmri Alcatrax and Sunol SANTA BARBARA Arrived AprU 13 - Schr J Q Walt hence 10 SAK DIKtO - salled April lS - Nor stmr Peter Jebsen for Nanalma saX PrDRo - Arrived April lS - 8tmr Navarro from RetoDdo and sailed for SEATTLE Sailed April 13 Bark Gatherer tor San Franclsoo 1 SOUTH BEND Arrived Aprltft3 - thr Glen - aaie nence a TACOMA - Arrived April IS - Bark hence 6 Eastern Port NEW YORK - Arrlved April aoca from Colon ship George B Dec 31 - 103 days Foreign Porta DEPARTURE BAY Sailed Aprl 18Shlp Twq xroiuera ior ou f ranctaco XANAIMO - Arrtved April 12 hence 5 BIRTHS CADWELL-In this city April 4 the wife of HowardW Cad weU of a daughter RATHJVK - In tbls city April 8 the wife ot Henry Ratuien of a daughter i DOBBEL - 1 n Ibis city April 4 tbe wife ot P W Doobel of a son BICU - In this city AprU L tbewlfeef Paul 0 Rich of a son MAYER - Inkis city April 8 tbs wife of Isadora Mayer of a son LOVE la West Hartley Contra Costa county tbe wife of Robert Love of a daughter SCHTJLTZ - lh this city April 10 the write - of MENDOCINO - Arrived AprU 13 - Schr S Dan - 1 T r 7 - v l hence 4 f Jusanuiteir in uis city Apru a - uwm Canada S stmr Alii - tetson hence hip America Hydrographlc Bulletin Bkaxch HvriBooBAPHtcOrncE U a N - MkBOHANTS EXCBAKSE V Sax FkAxeisco April 18 1895 The Time Ball on Telegraph HIU was aropped exactly at noon to - day I e at noon of tbe 120th meridian or at 8 p u Greenwich mean time A F FKCHTELER Lieutenant U s X in charge San Moor and Tide Table HIOH WATkB Anrill4l 646 ni April IS 659 pm Abrit 161 748 r u April 17 1 Anrll 18 April 19 Apruxu 824 ra Large 831 PK 910 rs 927 rs April 21 i 944 r It Large 202 ax 245 a M 84 am 618 am Small 642 am 749 am 814 am 984am tOW WAtSk Small Large 1120 Pi 1085 am a m iijs3 a m 047 a Ml 1226 m 127 am 230 am Sr02A M 332 am 118 pm 185 pm 2S4 pm Si09 PK KOOSS PHASES POB AFBTL d h m FlrstQuarter 2 1 28 r it Full Moon 9 6 IS a m Last Quarter 16 8 22 p New Moon - 24 5 11 r m Moon rises APRIL 14 Thomas McGrorey of a son LANGLOIS - In this city March S3 the wife of Francis B Langlola of a son PRICK - In thU city AprU 8 the wife of WH Price of a daughter WEIDKR - In this city April 6 the wife of B Welder of a son BALDWIN - In this city April 2 tbe wife of James F Baldwin of a son TIKTJEN - In this city April 6 the wife of W Tietjen ef a daughter Sun rises 586 Sun sets - - REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS The following real estate transactions bare been recorded M E Psrrott et al to Joseph A Donohoe and wife lot on NE corner of Taylor street and Golden Gate avenue N 1826 K 80 b 25 W 25 W 23 S 35 WIS S 26 W 21 SE 71 SW 621 W 294 gift Joseph A Donohoe and wife to M S Parrott et al same 1 A H Higglns to 8 E Stallman lot on NW corner of Tara street 90 feet NE of Mount Vernon NK 60x103 810 Charles schafer to Mary Schafer lot on E Hoe of Hampshire street 1013 N of Twenty fifth NlOOx 100 girt Lakevlew and 8unnyslde Improvement Com - psny to George Williamson lot 31 block 88 81U J R Carroll et al to S Mall lot on N line of Eddy street 439 E of Mason E 36x86 SiftOOtt F A Rossi and J N Young to L Funlnl and wife lot on S line of Cumberland street 105 feet Wof Church W 50 8 228E5 N 114 E 45 it Ui1 Maud Million and husband to E Fowler lot 1659 Gift Map No 3 S E Fowler to F W Maltner same 8ia William E Sbepman toT J Finder lotos 8 line of Cnmberland street 330 feet W ot Benches W 26x114 sia Thomas J Plnder to A C Freeman same 810 A G Schen to P Scbeu lot on E line of Polk street 60 feet N of Fine N 23x628 also lot oa N line of McAllister street 216 feet E of Larkla E 30xl278 also lot on Mine of McAllister street 1976 r ol Larkin E 178x1878 3ia Charles Pago end wife to William S Gage lot on N line of Washington street 1376 W of Walnut W 50x12784 l5 A T Green and wife to R Bradley lot ou corner of SW line of East street and N line of Merchant N 3488 W a37 S 1979 E 746 sd - o lot on N line of Merchant street 746k W of East street W 20x148 also lot on B line of Washington street S87V W of East street W 286 8 115 E 35 4 N 688 W 60 1 - 10 N 4874 8W R Bradley to J S Porteus same as first two above lots B Bradley to Thomas Mi axes lot an ft Una nf Washington street 887V W of East sueet W zso s no k 3oj rs 685 w bt J 4874 81U M S Moulton to William Plant and wife lot on BE corner of Douglass and Jersey streets E80x John Colleton to Ann Byrne lot 1674 Gift Map Na 8 8 - M Morgan to Atlas Building and Loan Association lot en s line of Oak street 1088 W of Ashbury W 25x1376 81tt D and Franeceorto Emll Ganxburger lot on N line of Elisabeth street 83 feet W of Vleksbnrg W 258x65 81tt KUTJil AKR1YAL3 ORAND HOTXf W Hoerer Santa Cms O L Fischer Stockton M Rawle do 8 K Sewall A W L Angli J Lodge Bacrsmento O r sewatl do L C Collins Santa Crus W J Good win Kentucky C E Wren Grass Valley W A Chapman Cotall W H Chesnutwood Cal H ChattertonMarysvtUe Q H aches Chicago J Ruth jr Sacramento J French A w 8 Rafael H A Boole Red Bluff J R Williams Fresno A Alexander Colorado E J Cahill san Martin K R Bailey Han Jose R Klxoa A w Yreka J H Condi t Stockton C F James Mickel u Pratt Sacramento W B Potter fit Louts H T Doellnx HoIlUter U T River California P 8 Lawson Sacramento A FnerNew York ti - H Oatman do J A Hall Chicago 8 1 Mlvln Aspln Col A V McNab Largo C J Cosgrove A w L Ang Rjr Penwell A w Chic V Rosenthal eteckton BALDWIN HOTEL O C sehnlie Dixon P P aark Stockton U H elide city U IT Feruey Oakland A r nrowu tacoma u uanesaio ao H H Eaton Seattle J D Kelser San Jose O WnlUhornVaUJo c F UUes citv PALACE HOTEL M Rowle Santa Crux C 8 PoweU London F 8 Oliver Chicago T MeLogne Montana - PCaholfn da W Howe do W Hill Aw Chicago OM Rogers Aw do Miss G J Hayes do H Rogers do MrsUPUphamdo L W BodmanAwdo J T Slick Aw do Fish do CHoehktrkV do MUsPUlman do MraMUlmao do 1 K Bosa Belmont Y II Grote Spokane W A somerset du MrsVB DargTe 8 cura u J llaneroft Stanford W Chase Berenda eHenue Stanford Mrs O LUtephena Mich O PTemnteton Montna 0 Young A w Boston JCBoker do WDShatttick do Mr AMrallla - bee Mass OL Davis san Diego itHHiewsrtcity --Mrs L J BevuoldA8 Jose Miss K 11 Holmes Mass J i Follansbee Mevlrn SH How wMarlboro F Hertel do Mrs AterightPlaeerrlUr 3 V Green Vallejo M Mltchen A wWasb JQutiU - - - do MUsKlmnall Adrian A J HarrellVisalla d W Fllarrluston Colusa Ben New ctavatand OHagerj do U Hogg PhtladelphJa Miss Uager do O E Morris Kansaa - OW Wilson do JNOenldParkabory C L Bellows PortUMd DEATHS PLOUF - Inthls dty April 9 Dr JehnE Plouf a native of Canada aged 3d years 1 month and 17 days A member of St Johns Lodge No J F and A M Seattle Wash san Francisco - Chapter Na V R A M California Council Xa 2 R and s M and Ottre Branch Lodge No4 LOOF as - Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral service this day nondar at 130 oclock at the Masonic Temple corner of Post and Montgomery itreels underthe auspices of Doric Lodge No 216 and AM BOOTH In Blank Diamond Contra Costa county Cal - April 11 Sidney Booth a native Of England aged 65 years 2 montna and 12 days 49Frtends and acquaintances are resDectfally looted to attend the funeral this dav Sunday at 10 oclock from tbe MasonleTemple corner of Post and Montgomery streets under the auspices of Golden - Gate LedgeXsc 30 P and A M Interrtent Cypress Lawn Cemetery by 1143 train from Third and Townsend streets WANDORY In this city April 12 Anna beloved wife of the late Dr Antonio Wandory a native of Alsace Germany 83Frlends and a qnalntances arenspectfaUy Invited to attend the funeral this daytsua - day at oclock from the parlors of H F Suhr A Ca 1309 Mission street near Eighth Interment odd Fellows Cemetery KELLOGG - In this city April 11 Calvin W Kellogg a native of Ann Arbor Mich flfsT Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend tha funeral this day Sunder at 2 oclock from nls late residence 200 OFsrrell street Interment Laurel HIU Cemetery McCOXXELL - In this city AprU 12 Josephine beloved wife of Andrew McConneU daughter of Jobn and VlrgtnlaStumrjf and sister of Mrs W M Adams Mrs H J Manaase Peter B Katie John and Walter stumpf a native of Downle - vllle CaL aged SO years and 8 days y Friends and acqualnUnces are respectfully In - ited to attend the funeral this dsy Sunday at 2 oclock from the residence of - her parents corner of Fifteenth and Railroad avenues South San Francisco Interment Masonic Cemetery TAY1R - In this city April 10 W Taylor a native of England aged 39 years 83 Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral this day Sunday at 2 oclock irotn Foresters Han 103 OFarrell street where services win be held nnder the auspices of Court Star of the West No 6968 0CF and Sherwood Circle No 129 - Companions of the Forest Intermept Odd Pel - lows Cemetery Remains at the funeral parlors of Joseph Hasan A Co 2428 California street between Fillmore and Stelaer Ballard In this city April 10 George Ballard a native of England aged 65 years 83rriends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this day Sunday at 3 oclock nom the Masonic Temple comer of Post and Montgomery streets under the auspices of Mount Morian Lodge No 44 F and A M Interment Masonic Cemetery BENJAMIN - in this city April 12 Annie wile of F S Benjamin a native of san Francisco - aged 29 years 43 Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral this day Sunder at 11 oclock from her late residence 436 Twenty - fourth street thence to Home of Peace Cemetery by 1155 train front Valencia - street depot - - FLANAOAN - In tat city April 13 Ann Isabel beloved daughter ot Patrick and FJlraFlansgsn a native ot nan Francisco aged monthaand A days 83 Friends and acquaintances are respectfafly Invited t attend the funeral this day Son - day at i oclock from the residence tv her parents it Sansome street Interment Holy Cross Cemetery PMESCHETTE L K Freschette A o y of A Ofllcers and members of Court Mayflower Na 7754 A O For A will meet at Red Mens Hall 320 Post street this day Sonday at 1 oclock to attend the funeral ci out late brother L E Freschette F Q MAYEBCB W a THtntoooD Fin Secy -SCANNELL-In this city April 12 John C husband ef the late - Annie J scanaea father of Mrs Thomas P Skelly and grandfather - of - - Harry T and Frank T skelly a natire of Ltsnagar parish of BAthccrmlck County Cork Ireland aged 75 years - flaTFrlends and acquaintances are respectfuUy Invited to attend the funeral to - morrow Monday at 9 oclock from Br Marys Hospital thence to St Dominics Church where a solemn requiem mass wlU be celebrated for the repose ot - his souLeommenctngat 10 oclock Interment Mount Calvary Cemetery MccrfLLOUGH - Itf this city Aprjl lL Catherine McCullovgh sister of Michael McCnllongh sv - native of codnty Tyrone Ireland aged 78 years 87 Friends and acquaintances are respectfnUy Invited to attend the funeral to - morrow Monday at 8 oclock from St Marys Hospital chapel where mass wUl be celebrated for tha repose of her ttui Interment Mpust CalTary Cemetery I DEGEN - In Oakland AprU 12 George beloved nuscBDaei ximestiae uegvn a native ox - w - logne Germany aged 64 years 8 months and 8 daya New York city papers please copy V arj - Frlends and acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend the funeral to - morrow Mob day at t oclock from his late residence 1888 Twelfth street Oakland Interment Mountain Vew Cemetery - MURRAY In this city AprU IS DavlV husband or the late Margaret Murray sd father of Iolta and James Murray Mrs WvPolmert and Mrs George W Pbelan s native Of VBItIWawr ford Ireland aged 73 years f - la - FriendsandacqualnUncesarerespectfnlly Invited to attend the funeral to - morrow I Monday i at 830 oclock from - his lata residence 230 Fifth street between Howard end Folsom thence to St Patrioke Church where a solemn requiem mass wUl be celebrated far the repose ot his soot commencing at 9 oclock Interment Holy Cross Cemetery Please omit flowers BRADY-In thlictty April IS Ker Edward Bernard Brady C 8 K rector of 8V Mary w Church Dspont and California streets a native of lit - land aged 47 years 4 - y A solemn high - mass of requiem Will be t sung for the repose of his soul en Tuesday at 10 A M at St Marys Chnrch - ilifornla and Duf - pont streets Members of the clergy and friend are invited - - fi DANIELS - InthUclty ArrH IS WlHlarnbViT hved husband of Bridget Dan leU father - of Henry KJls Ethel end George Daniels and member of Bums Lodge No 68 A O U W native of England aged 40 years Aii - r - 3Frleods and acqualnunces are respectfallT Invited - to attend thefnneral Tu esdayAprll 16th atl - SO yeioclcfrom bisiate - residencNf t - 81 Garden street wetween Harrison and Bryant thence to St Hoses Church for services at 1 H ocloek Interment Holy Cross Cemetery BAUER In thfs city Aprn - ltlllto S iovedhnabandot Louisa Haxer and steptather of Louisa and August Ernst anallre ofsoxsny Germany sged 6 j year rf r zi - x - - - Remains- as bit late - residence 1510 Mason - street - - t j - - ZlKafJJAYB - Jntblsclty April ISThresIA lecimayc a nauye v sieraauj agea f 4 years - y rrssar w - - wars MIU O J Salsbltrr rlalt lai UWKeU f - - do - IP SM m 11 f Iran m An Mlse a Walter Pasadna BBEL - ln this city Arftt 4 fie Inttnt ott of I P W and Hsnna DobueL ABRAMSr - InthU - clty - Aprlt It ilte Berth Abraina a native of Germany ard 7Sytari - ii

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