The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 8
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FKIItT fn.YTMKVUl.K. fARK.) GHEI'SEES SI Observer Says Columbia! Lion To Be Butchered j For Stanford Hoiidav. | 11V KILL IWArCJIKIt ! N'KA Service Sports Dililor j CLEVELAND. O.—F.J"k in I V Q.iy 00.1 cue of the a'.--;u! (ci'iin of. profnnily pri'Viiillns v. r.s "H.ii! (.--' li-mbia!" That o'.d ji^t naturally cam? lj:ick In lit'' v.'hi'ii it was nnnounrcvi l!:at Columbia University woulil bo Uie learn to oppose Sln.nfcrd i:i llif H'.s'.' at Pasadena N'r-.v Yc:ir'.s Hay. Maybe itiis <lp]::w!ro.'iH of football observation !s al! ivroiij. but it goes 0:1 icrcrrt Ju.u [lie sair.c-, and very (lefiultfly, -.vir.i the as- Forlion lhat the svoll-^nown L'.3n of Monihi?.sk!c Heiiiins is alnii: to be butchertMl (o make u Slan- fo:d holiday. lnsl?.i<i of A fi)-jt- bfill game 0:1 Ne-.v Year's D.iy. H.isadena M'ill i)'.'C nn^IhT neek'i^ party. Hie vicilm ji:s: hasn't |;3'. a chance. Hail Coluinbial The old icoU.ill chrer. "Yf;i, team!" d-dii't wurl' vi-ry well tin' only Umi- it OVIT was usi'd in l>n>:i-b:,ll. A; LaM i;;i,;:i'c I!i:i Klein dirtn'i RO for It. < y B Man.'.BCr Grorso Slulllngs of il:c- oht liiiivs inviu I 1'erty lliinsrd coach. 10 deliver :i:i tnsj)iui'i-:n;:l Mil: ti. '1-r- t-lnb. Hn (•jjiiki- ,'cme\il::it in this wiso: "\Vlien ono of yon M!ov..s n-hls U'r Xol l.ou's Fault ! Lou Little Is a '.:<::xl enough | c"ach. That isn't the. point. Give him Stanford material and lie could produce J'lisl as goal a team as Thornhilt ^.ns al Stanford. Hut hr- lia^n't got that kind of material And l:c has no reserves. 'Pen- men come out rjr foothill nL Columbia, \vhic3i romlmts me of a story. Two yonr, a?o Marly Ilrl!l. fresh from Sotith nend, look a J:b as assistant coach nt Moriitn-jsld" Hcigbts. When pracilce \vas called. about 32 young men nmird onto the field. Drill, who was used lo 111? Noire Dame system, looked nv-r the field, turned to iJttlc nn:l fK\: . "Your No. 1 bar-ks. I presume?" Then Liftle V.nd to le!l him. Tn- 32 yoim? men renrosentcd t!:e 10^1 Qaliimbla University foDlball sqnatl. There weren't nny more! * * • Tccliniratly For a couple of periods Columbia will look vcrv RO«I in tha> Hose Howl. Little lias given (he Lion n deceptive atlnek. with so many double and triple passes l!:nt the Cardlnnh may foruel [hcmjolves nnd think Ihcv ore pliylnrr Hu»by The ball, after beinc; passed from center, disaiji^cars, then bobs np-in Feme imexppctrrl place after a con- lie of Inlernl pas;os. Little is an outslandinn d"fen- .nvc cnacii. tea. HO can take scr.- f nd-rate mnterjal nm | |) !: i 1(] „ KCod line out of i;. Al Gcart-.o™ I'e had a lo! of little men in (.'-<• 1 ne b'll Ihev wove .11 -.vr:i Ti'^nVd Jhat Ccorsclown's foes founil 'th»:>i hircl to E= t past. For a ecm)l» of nerio-ls S!a M fwd. may nnd ClitT M-itit(.^,,n' rv ona the oi^er Columbia iia^ks oliislvc. RI.I jfin- (],. ,„.,, h ' n ; (ll to tiro. Little will have nobo:lv- tn ?3L !!\ " C hBS 01 " v r " r ^ Kl football team, and experience has 1'ravecl that one rood i c am is llat rnflwh in (he meHin. c ,| malc ^ Pasadena on rj ? \v Year's Dav TV ' ' ' from the panic yon arc hinting not only jmiisr-lf b-ii. the v,hole team. Wh.-n you .we • of i hi- pinyers arKinn; wsili an iiinpln-, B o to him :nii! ::iy 'Tin- ii-utn. tiir (cam! 1 Tlral Mill linn." Next diiy UiiWilt Mai-iiiivlllc nils i-all-d uin im .-,'.!ikes iiiicl IIP sol up un iiv.lul riKir. /vs hi.s ui'rMiinciit with Kli-iii Hand '.MIIIIHT and warmer, the Hiau* cainc nishin:; out of 111? du«out, !ul by 'JlK-rwncd Mageu. "Yeu (com! Yea tuiiii!" ihey .shouted at ilu- aiiuxcd Klein. lim BUI «a.s not to be niitdune. He onleri-d out o'. the [jnine every cue of ilie members <:< Ihe cliecrin^ :,eeti"ji. .-.trjii^c'ly ullowlni; tile Rnhbll to btiiy hi Ihc nmnc. When Maianville ivtuniisl to the bench, lie Kill down nesl. 10 Hniighton, and snld: "\Vell. cdiicli, y&u had the right idea. Tlion; f,.llo-A'.s sure kept me in thu ijame!" TE 10 GUSH IN UT Plvlhcvillc Trojans Mnnassns Tigers of Memphis nl H?lcy Field. The 'IVolnns of the Jllythevlile enlored ht'Jh school nnrl tlio TJficrs o! Mejr.nliis Manassas liluli .schu-j! Mill clash nt Haley Field tontulil i: 1 . the firsl IH-KI'O footbnll ^ami- '•we .sinned here. The same will :.!:'rt at 7:-lf» o'clock. Coach Pink Amos of Manaf5as v.-lli b>-ln<* a rancid of K player i lif-re for (he pa me. Among (lie Mars of the formidable Mcmnlil-' ICMII is the. fiillback :nij captain Lj'I'ov "Hull" Hcrlon. The Trojan team conslsls of'the '•l;a'!]ii)'< KRTOII and tile four aces" :'eerri)hu. : to wont from Uin negro f.'iioo! which will he nulling a t'.-ani on the nrldiron for actual c'imbaL Ihc fml lime. The. Tro- li'n.s ;vi!l averane around 1(>0 ivnindK. The |i:ol)i>i)!e line-np includes: Walter Walking left end; Liilard Wnlwii. left tackle; Shannon I,H!le. loft s;ii!ivd: Hennie Dix- mi. OPiilpi" l r nrnay Bradford, rlghl uiinid; Willie Filnsernld. rlRlit lackle Movinon Smilh, rluhl end: Tvrco Williams, richl lialf, I,lo.-d Mucklln, left half; Ilaskin Giiv- lanil. iiiiiirk'riiack and Aniljle Mncklln. fullback. FRIDAY, DKCEMBKKJ!. 193:5 v Thi! fir.-;! MIC<- ssful loiii'-dlstiiitcc, | ,i distance of 5CO mill's, a dlslanre i-pii-st'iji fllslu for fin- lj;i|lcHin was .-nil coiiHck-rnl good for a free .iiiide on Nov. 7. laM ami svas for I balloon. . Aiid S-aiiford -.vlll shrt th he .Vov Corn IJqnnr ted Their Morale MONTREAL (UP)- Citizen., of ;he town nf ibn-i-llle. Our near " ™ rir ml, WU B " d binlS "">' TO' Ir nk on corn wniskpv „,,„ riit , , si e a h,w" for thc ,. il""r .iiitomoblle. Here's how it hani>cn w i : A Q,. C . ^ec Liniior Co:nmlsslrm so lU n<| rar ^ clinsin? a bootlcswr on f" fi'di'Ita, w,fl,w w near Ibon 1 e To denroy evidence in the evert of wntm-o. tlie rum-runner smasli- <•' ten Ranons n , n , n wll!sk n^nr i , lo Icnk lliro "" h »'" S Th ' 5 ," r - Ollto tll!1 fr ^» mad. Then he Miccced-d in elud >»" the oollco car Helm-nine from the chase l>,e o..icprs were Irealcd with ,, n ««'M sight of wnrr s of wild b i ds .m.Irrels and rabbit, lined alo^ the hiehwny i,, various sla-es rf drunkcnr.ess. Tlw animals refined to make way for the police car and even refused to flee who n t l-n °"!fT«i* lo 5carc " lotn awiiy Trained to Sing Christmas Eve Carol FRESNO. CafTup.-ChriMLim K.e, when most people look to Ineir radios, clinrch choirs o- rhcnomphs for anthems. Mr and Mrs. c F. Walker and Mr. ami Mrs. w. L. Ream of Fresno will turn to their pet canaries The two birds have been trained to whistle "Silent Night. Holv Nieht." i The canaries were irriinr-d | )v Mrs. Rckm. Paving and Sewer TAXES For IMS 'arc no«- due 'anil payable • 0. G. CAUD1LL Collector OiTlce JC6 N. Broadway Next to New PostofTlcc Drink CITZl LASTT!METODAY _.> ** ** mg - V Mut. :>:.10, 10-25C SATURDAY Mafince 2:30— !0c - 2.1c E A u a r BETTE tEws STONE PAT O'BRIEN SERIAL - . CARTOON 'Nile G:.lf., .TO-.15C THE MUSICAL HIT OF THE YEAK! GOLD DIGGERS 1933 CARTOON - - COMEDY SUNDAY -- MONDAY MATINEE and NIGHT— lOc - 35c COMfci/Y - - 1'A«AMOUNT MWS Programs Broadcast Daily Over KLCN at 12:20 lly nulo ro;irl. it Is 3.2CS miles ID 6:.n Francisco from New Yor'-: Nver the nlr luatc it is only 2, ii.I'l'S. I ROXY Friday & Saturday MAT. ami Nile— lOc • 25c 0/V THE STAGE. Tex Terrif And His ORIGINAL TEX AS COWBOY BAND NATIONALLY KNOWN RADIO STARS Sinfjiny - Yodeliiifj Whin Cracking Old Time Music Songs - Dances ON THE SCREEN Jiickic Cooper. l,i)n Lee, Afltlison Richards, .1 o h n \Vi:iy anil Gavin Gordon in 'LONE COWBOY' SERIAf, - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MAT. & 1SMTE— We - 2f,c THEY SAY: She's thc worst woman in Paris ... Her nmours are thc t.ilfc O f the town.... It's a jcjnd.ifou^ spicy, dramatic story, and joa'/f tort it. rOX FILM Prt«m, T/IC WORST WOMAN in PARIS? •.A Adolphe Mcnjou Bcniu Hume Hinty Sleplxni Helen Chindler A Jesse L. Lasky Production Comedy - - Novelty Reel Split-secantl These figures prove Phillips 66 is Honast High Test >.6 » 72.4° GRAVITY For fastest cold weather starting, get the gasoline wid! (he highest gravity. (Seefigures at left U'hicbproie how high the test oj Phillips 66 is.) Even on days beiow freezing, you need step on the starter just once! That is enough for this super-volatile motor fuel to snap your icy motor into instant action. You marvel at the lark of sputtering and coughing... at the smoothness of the engine so soon after starting. You get that feeling of flexible power, that zip and get-away, which have made PHllips 66 the most sensational success in the highly competitive oil industry. Your first experience with a cold, balky motor will probably send you searching for a gas station which sells Phillips 66. But why wait until you actually have starting trouble? Remember as the thermometer drops, up goes the gravity of Phillips 66. Week by week, itshightestisadjustedtotheweatherwherevt'',/ it is sold. That is how tie Phillips method of CONTROLLED VOLATILITY protects you against loss of starting speed, against loss of power and mileage, as your weather grows colder. Phillips extra high test does not cost a single cent extra, because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline. Let the first Orange and Black shield, which you see, remind you to get a trial tankful of th is greater gasoline. OT TCCT" . fcoi. TEST A| £ /I #>^«*3 £noe of ordinary gasoline i Taking tke Chase Out of Purcli urcnase Advertising benefits the man who buys as well as the man who sells. It is part of the Golden Rule of Business and it works both ways. Don't miss the advertisements in this newspaper. Many of them ,are interesting- just because of their news and educational value alone. Rut more than that: Advertisements take the chase out of purchase and make every penny do its full duty. This last statement is one particularly to be remembered when common-sense economy is not only a national duty, but an individual necessity. DON'T MISS T HE ADVERTISEMENTS ' *.•>; !

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