The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TTTK* n/'VR'f TfJ t M»f« wnwfrn t nttr* A_ .._.«..»___. w**^* VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 2:}r,. BlytlicvlUe Cornier UlylhevHle Herald TOR: DOMINANT NEWSPAPER NOHTHEA3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAST MISSOURI Blylhevlllc Dally News ~ ~~ ARKANSAS, MONDAY! ni'X'K.MHKU 20. 1W7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS i Frank B. Kellogg Is Reported Critically III I'AUI,. Minn., |V< ; . ->0 (U!>l It. KlOlOff. ««, co-oiltllor . of the KellOBK-Hrland i-rUk-nlly H! \vllh |)i lii-il MJKhtly today oi sliiiiiil A. l.fpak. 0 ti t s f a n (1 i ne. Work! War Solcfcr Dins! Krnbitlererl Old Man MUNICH. Germany. Dec. jo mi't -General Eric I.iidcmloiff, one of nejjjiimy-.s ,,, 0 . s .{ brillluiu Mjldiers in the World War and nn anti-Christian. null-Jewish leader after it, dii-d today. i; t . was 72. Regarded by many as Germany's master mind in flic war. credited with successes that made- thc 'lnlc :\farshal Paul Von Hlndenburg and others world figures, he became alter the war an embittered man. l.udendorff's post war activities included campaigns in favor of his neo-pagan sect and against Christianity and Jews and participation :if(<-r Lllls. suld "mast, critu-ul jki-d n Adolf in Ihe FCapp putsch nnd Hitler's beer cellar putsch. lie died in a Catholic hospital, attended by Catholic nuns. Fuehrer Adolf Illller wns expecl- c-d lo offer a stale funeral. Friends hou-evcr. predicted (hat his body would be removed to his home at TutziiiB, oulside Munich, and buried privately. They recalled that ]>n had announced on Oct. 20: "I have stated in my last will and testament that no official or military observances of any sort .should be held at my funeral." Lndeiidorff was born April n. 1865. on the estate Krusswcnia at Schwerscnz in the province of Posen. His father was n former Hussar rlclinir master. In 1877 younu Ludcndorff became a cade! nl ploen and two years laler at Gross-Lichlei fclde. Ho entered the army ns a lieutenant in the Infantry Reqiment, 57 at Wcsel .in 1882. ' Prom 1888 lo 1800 lie was assigned lo a marine battalion - during which lime he .was attached lo various warships From 1830 to 1893 lie was assigned to the Lieb Grenadier Iiet;l- ment No. 8 in thc war college. During- this time he learned Russian and undertook several study trips Into Russia. In the meantime he was ordered to report (o the general .staff headquarters. In Ihe "spring of 1895 he was assigned lo :\ line command as company commander in Infanlry Regiment No. 61. In 1001 I.udendorff was made n major. Tivo years lie was assigned to Ihe Sth Army Corp:; and in ID04 again was attached to general staff headquarters. In 1908 he was made Instructor in Hie war college. din-Ins; which time he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. In 1911 he was made n colonel nnd in April. IBH. a major general nnd commander of the 8511> Infantry Brigade al Strassburg. Became Line Officer When the World Wai- tirade out T.udendorfr was assigned to one of Ihe armies in the west as quarter Makes Flying Fort Deadly ':*«•-••«,-' J "TV-t>'-VT-iTT»« a ,n-i.riiii»iif -•— - • Funeral Services Will Be H eld Al Methodist Church Tuesday Thornus Flelelur Whilworlh innff a resident of Dlylheville, died al 11 o'clock night nt the Memphis Baptist hospital. Funeral services will bo held Tuesday morning. 10 o'clock, at the First Methodist church, \vllh the Rev U. f.ynn Wnde oiilciatliif! and buital will b e made nt Mnpii.. Grove ceinelcry. Pallbearers will be: Dv.-lght I! Bhickwood of O.sceola Edgar Uormii, Clarence H. Wilson Hor rice Walpole. Floyd SI I!. II. Reeves. Mr. Wliitworth. or '"Win" as he was called by all who knew him, mi operation Friday night in a desperate effort to save his life after peritonitis developed a few hours earlier. He had been ill health since early summer me! filtered the hospital Dec. (i (or an o]«ration. lie underwent in operation -for gall bladder and appendicitis four clays later am! was apparently improving rapidly until Friday afternoon. Arch Llnd- >ey gave him a blood transfusion in* numbers of other friends offered but it was not believed nee- sssirv. He celebrated ills 56th rogress KENDAYR Manco-Hpanish I..,,,,,. tier, nee. ''a, (UPK-IxHutlst HOODS P'-nlwtwl by tanks and l.erwv ,,£ tl leiy, were reported lodav to lie advancin fr from tliroe dirertlon; to Hie renter or the city of Tomel spearhead of the nallonallst.s' deep' ivnS S "" CI11 ' 1M '""" t '" st of Government, radio broadcasts rte- ci»r«d that columns from the south sniiiheast nnd northwest were fiV ' 1»? Hie walled city, house Ijv lionse They foiiaht through Ihi- jiisrhl mi- er tlie Rlare of searchliclus Tlwv c'V lakiiii! many prisoners. Defciiiiers Tra|jppri 1-oyallsls said their advance followed n day lom- i inrt- mcnl of the cilv and Ihe iiatloiml- Ist dereiidei'K wero ti-ainx-d-imr- rounrliid by the finest units of Iho On tiic heels of Kmopcsm experts' ncclultn of Die U. .4. nir force ' F fnnolfco Pm a tin-cat to the loyalist life olrllulay Hie dny after operation. A native of Constantino, his first Kv.. Whltivorlli came to Mississippi Bounty in 1898. He lived at Luxora i'or .several years, wl;ere he frirm- ?d^inri was in the timber business the barber before he entered Business. fie married Camille King, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Will' *<ing, who died when Ihelr only laughter, Camille. was born. Alter n's wife's death, Mr. Whilworlh ater moved io Blytlieville. where le liaci since resided. An ardent sportsman, he hart nulled and fished ,'or many years 'lit during recent years his chief lolibta; had been baseball micl oalhall. He was greatly interested n Ihe new ball club blytlievllle lad last year and boasted that :ie did not miss a single game ol 'he season, except those played „ salient ! " ' n!volvm " ""»ml makes II passible lo lLon. The cannon ) s ""V '" 1)>mL Cw>llbk ' of le l ready allsf victory of the civil war. which I stalled n months ago. J Civilian Trure Emis L-oyaUst. artillery, perched on the heights smromiclmq Ihc city. bc"an n .wvei-e bombardment after expiration of a two hour "truce" called to permit, civilians to (Ice. n wasl snid thin more ilian half of tlici normal impnlnlon of 12.000 re- i mnined. II was estimated that, between 40.000 and 70.0(10 loyalist Iroops Including innnv foreignere. partiiM- pnl«l In (!i c . oflcnslve. I-oyalLsls reported that franco. apparently senshi!; thai the fall of the city was imminenl, had sent Ocntinil Emiy.o Solcha^a of Die Navavre brigades lo thj. Tcruel sector (o organize a counter offensive. Amcri master general. He ivns at the battle of I.uettich and undertook the command of the attacking bri- padii when Hip commanding officer fell ;il his side. As a result he became n general, leading the troops In - Mic""«ful attack. Upon com- I'lcMim of tho bailie he Rave no the command and again was assigned as (inartermasler general until A»'{. 22. 1914. when he was sent lo General Paul von irliidenbur^ as chief of staff in East Prussia. In Novr-m- ber of Ihe same year he wns made a lieutenant general. On Aug. 29. )!)!«. ijidemloiTf was made general chief-of-.stuff of al! the forces in Ihe Held. He was promoted first quartermaster qoneral. ;v tille crcnled especiallv for him He mapped out the lUndenburg I'roeram and was rcallv master military mind behind Ihe German early war successes. Removed by Kaiser On Oct. 24. 1918. shortly before the Armistice was signed, when the German troops were in full fllsht before Ihe American onslaught. Ludcndorff. under political pressure, was forced lo pive up his command bv Kaiser Wilhelm. Upon the oulbrenk of the. revolution Ijitden- dorff offered his services lo the transition cc.vernmenl but he \vas never utilized. He went to Sweden where he wrote his war memoii.s which apiieared in 1910. In the spring of 1919 Ludcndorff returned to Germany, making his home in Munich. f.urtendorff lived n rnMier secluded life at a castle near Munich He spent his later years promoting Ihe Ttunirnburg League, a iteo- Such Criminal Cases Court Includes idencc From ilvi WASHINGTON. Dfe. M. (ljp)_ n fffiVC-.'te^ 1 J 1 -'~ """•'• '" " »-' to J KLU1 - two (lecismn. today excluded evl He was a member of the board Jf sleivarcls of the Flrsl Methodist ihnrch. He is survived by hi s w |f e . j, [rs yladys Dent Whitworlh, of Houston. Tcxiis. one dauglUer, Mrs , -amllle Ivini; Meadows of Ashe- e. N. C\. three brothers. J. denre from ftalhered bv wire criminal trials in federal icans Al Tsingtao Fear Revival of Property Destruction TSINGTAO. hlna. Dec. an. uil'i —Renewal of u wave of looting, dvtmmillng and bumlm; which ni- ready lias cnus«l S100.000.00o loss in Ihe Jananeso mill sect ion wns feared tonight. Acting- upon the orders of the slate department at Washington the U. S. consul urged nil Americans lo evacuate oiilckly. although American lives and properly have r<ot yel been «nc!)niitcretl. Some Amcrlcniis Imvc left for ahanc'lini but the majority nre determined lo stay. 'Die now Communistic (inge of the Chinese government at Hankow wns blamed by some observers lor Die terrorism here. They pointed out that the communist teailera were appointed members ot the national military council. China's highest military power. They believed that the dynamll- Intr possibly ushers in nn entire new Chinese war policy In which Alcatra?. Warden Indicates Rccenl Break Mad Been BAN FRANCISCO, Dec. ill. (UPI —The fscKpt-ot two convicts from Alcntra* wns not done reckless) y on the. spur of the. moment to lake' advantage of n dense fo K Imt n,,d been planned for montlis, Warden .fames A, Johnston said today in describing ihe "Inside story 11 of the break. Tho escape was the culmination of daiijfFroii.s, palleni. (rylii^ work over a long period. Johiislo'n salrt. Equipped with some sharp Instrument Ihe two corn-Iris saired |>n- tliMHly at the macliine sl]O)> window bars a few minutes each day. the warden said. When they eventually snapped (lie bars and leaped out Ihr-y used n wrench from the machine .shop to "Jimmy" the K ate of a wire fence which Ic-d lo n 20 loot cliff and San Francisco bay. The cscnped prisoners. Theodore olc; nnd naipit Roe. Oklahoma had sought since Thur.s- men. ha ...... tuitot: (J1UJJUI IV will) Jiwlices George Sutherland i will be mnsued and James c. McReynolds dissent ' ' Ing. the court found Hint the fed-1 *h,,wor,h Vh^-S^- £„£ X^r'S'SS, ^d^e' 9M l ^ Chosen Director of worth of Booncvllle Ark , lm Join, Whltwoi-tli or Osccola and me sister. Mj-.s. o . C. Oliver ffest I'alm Beach, Fla. Swift. Punw-ai ),„,„,, ol os.vol'1 s in chiitge of arrangements. '• Callie Jones, 28, Succumbs At l j uiicral services were held this monilng for Mrs. Callie Jones. 28 who died late Saturday al Ihe • ainilj- home near Roseland. Burial wns made al Brinkley cemetery Besides her husband, sheets survived by one daughter. Holt Funeral hom P was in clmrgc of Funeral arrangements. IVcw York Cotton NE\V VORK. Dec. 20. (UP/.— Cotton closed very steady. open hish low close 323 After handing down the slm;le decision (he conn nvf.wefl uiiill Stock Prices , NEW VORK. f)ec. L'O. lUI'l- ! Slocks advanced fractions (o more limn Ihrcc points today In heavier volume. Prices rose (o the levels since December 3. Anaconda Copper Associated D. G. ..'...'.'. lieth. Steel ,. Ooclne Air Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General ElMlric General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward ... N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Jan. Mar. May Oct. 815 B27 829 8.71) 819 853 • ------Schenley Disl. 8-14 8J8 8M D:IQ I Simmons 82;1 83S 8-14 848 8-16 858 8(53 (lie Jeivs. Jesuits. Frcemnfons and Americans. On one of hU blrllulay anniverso' ies the old monar^'nlsl said: "I nm not merely on opponent of Christianity, but I am literally anti-Christian and a heathen— and proud of it," Captured in Munich Putsch I.uilHidorff was ai the side of .(Continued on Page Three) Spot.s closed steady at 8J<;. up 1 1. IV heat Socony Standard of N. Texas Corp tr, -s. smelting U. s. Sleel N ™ HS 1-2 m 5-8 7 CO 1-2 :m 3-8 . 55 3-4 . 2 1-8 115 44 7-8 33 5-8 G9 1-2 3G 1-2 20 4 1-2 41 . 6 1-2 25 1-2 . 20 7-8 15 1-4 iS 1-2 . 41 7-8 02 CO 1-4 Cotton Of Reserve Bank Branch MEMPHIS. Tenii.. Deo. 20.—fi. A. Lynch, president ol Ihe Farmers fi;ink & Trust Co. of Ulythcvllle. Ai!:.. lins been elected for a throe-' year term as a member of thc board of directors for (he Mem- "hi.s branch of tAli Fi'dernl ncsi-rve Bank «f SI. Louis al a meelin-. of Ihe St. Ifluis Ixiard of dlicciors, It, is Mr. hynch's lini!' l<> serve as a director of (he Mrm- phis blanch. mm STILL TO INSIST HPIM IVs-iclcnl No I SatiY.fircl WJtli Rill's Slii'lviiiR By Lower I louse WASIHNOTCW, »<•«. 20. (UI'l- A isrrtiin of Democratic renrcseiU'i- tlvps, WHO conferred with I'resldenl JInasevcll lodiiv. nild (titil die president still insists Mini, n wane-hour bill Is necessary despite Insl week's UO.KC urti'.Hl .vlielvllK; Mi,, mciKlirc. Headed liy in,,,. Aril,,,,. Hj.ujy (Dem.. Muss.) Ih,, di'li^utlon which claimed lo represent "M> In fin" members of Ihe lower house <>/m- ferred wllli the president for l!i minutes. llwilv said llicy told Hie president they urn ready to push for cnnclmcnt of tlie principle.! of wage-hour regulation In the retsu- Inr Kpsslon of con«res,i next month. 'Hie seimle, driving lo rmnplelit •>cllo» nn housing legislation dur- li«f the •.•(H'clfil session, (oclny overcame threats of a Illlbmlc'r from Mmthern senators nnd postponed coiixlilwfllloii of (lie nud-lyni'liltia Mil tinlli Jan. c. Determined lo enact Ihc homing bill designed lo <-nrl) business recession even If It, become!! necessary lo delay adjournment, until Thursday administration lenders exerted pressure to win the inill- lyiiehlnir delay. MnJc.rH>' Lender Allied \v. nark- loy (Dem., Ky.) said he sllll Is hopeful (lint. Hie senate lianklm; and currency committee will report the housing measure favorably this afternoon. Id' explained Dint, (or Ihh reason he wished to delay iic- tloti on the anll-lynchliiij bill. I Army Aviators Die In Alabama Plane Crash C'OMIMIIIIK. (In.. HIT. 20. iiJin -Two reserve iinny nil leers were killed unlay when t)i,'ir plm-o nusht'd near i-Mrt Mitchell. Ala.! They were: 1,1. .IiniH'.s R Darhv. <:hU-n«(>. nnd M .'Uerllni; S. '1'at.uni, slluvln, AUi. Tlic two otflrers were n«tuneil to l'\jrl neiinhiK. (in, for Iniliitnj). 'I'liey took oil' shortly nfler 0 a.m. I" Jtn iiniiy iilnnc iiiui ciuslini (list niter they had tmsseil tin' Chail'i- liniii'hei' rh'ev. about 10 miles !H'- counter offensive acllon, dny. when they disappeared" "fror,. UK the blowing n,> of .Inn- j Hie "escape proof" federal island properly throughout China i prison. Al first Warden Johnston ex-i pressed (lie opinion that Cole nnd Roe drowned when lliey nlleinulcd lo swim San Francisco bay In a swift tide. Today he indicated lie- lief Ihe pair were picked up by ;i boat manned by accomplices by pre- nrrnngomciu. Steele Service Station Is Robbed Early Today ETEELB. Mo,. Dec. SO.— 'Hie Martin Oil company service .iU- llon here was held up about 3 o'cbck this morning by |.«-o bandits who forced (he tone attendant, llenrv Byrd. lo accompany them in Ihelr automobile n mile and a half north 01 town o.i Highway 01 before releasing him. The station 'manager decline:! to estimate the amount, of money Asks $1,000 From Frisco Railroad For Foot Injury I'aiillne Taldwell. a minor, h.-i.s Hied suit in crrnmon nlviis conn: here, throiisli Mrs. Ifeib Thoinp- son. sec-kin? si.CM liiim.U'e.s from j trustee.'; tor Ihe Frisco railroad. - She chnigos that a railroad employee look her nrm ;i-; .slie slcp- pcd down from a railroad coar-h when n passenger train stopped | here, causing her lo fall and iiinj: her righl fool lt> llic extent that' fl.e was confined to bed nnd forc-j cd to use crnlclies for some Ume.j Holland and linrham are herj altorneys. i Defendants Participa I c r! In Mninonnl Day Slcol Plant Fighling CHICAGO. i>c. an. (ur>—si.vty- oue (Mrndant:! were fined lotlay for "iinlnwful iisscnibly" In connection wllli their parllclpatloi) In Ihe Memorial Day riot at the Kepubllc steel rlunl. {,, whifli III iM.-1'sons were killed. •Six persons were fined $10 and aixessed costs of two dollars. Tlie others were lined one dollar and paid costs of one dollar. Upon (he recommendation of Assistant .Stale's Attorney Nfnl Cosjh- lan the charge against thc defendants WHS dualled from conspiracy to unlawful assembly. The six who were lined $10 were uol steel workers. Three of Ihcm were . I. o. organizers and Iwo were women. Draws $50 Fine For Carrying Weapon There were H roses of public drunkenness who cither paid lines of $11) each or forfeited bonds of lhat amount in municipal court today. l.owrey Sinllli pleaded guilty to a charge of cunyin^ IL concealed weapon and wns lined $Sfl and costs. Suys Present Moment No) Opportune For With- ilniwal of Forces I WASHINGTON, Deo, 20. (UP)-! Secretary of slain Cordell Hull, i availing Japanese response lo pro- j Icsl.i ovei- thn destitution of the | if. H. H. I'nnay, Informed Senator I William If. Smalhcr.i (Dem,, N. J.) | Itnlny thai American Iroops «ml i warships win remain In china. Hull Informed iho senator Unit "the present does not seem tin op.. r nn. pi L-sei Contributions Still Needed \ 1^"°'" c " 1 " r °' lo Furnish Christmas Aid For Newly Of Ihe $1000 needed by (lie Clixidfcllow.s club for tlinlr work Ihls year, only f.m hnd licen collected by I o'clock today. With four days ivumlnlni! until chrlsl- uid.t, the flood fellows arc anxious lo collect na much money as por>- "'ble lipmcillnlely. Two of tlie Hvn tennis have reported Ihelr donations. Thc re.. tliice leiinw will canvass Ihls iiIliMiinoii or In lli,. moinlnc and Ihe club i-i asking thnl. If Is anyone, whom n Icnin Joes not. reach, for Unit person lo lake his donation to (lie Farmers' Hank and Icnve It with l! A Lynch, The money must bo rnlsed right way so (hat plnns may go forward to lakii cure of' Die moo ii(J«ly in'OpUr who the club excels to old this year. The members O f the club sot $1000 us the minimum Conii-ibiuion.s of Ijierclmndlse, on i ineiils In which llio club depends n great 'lent, have been coming | n slowly/ Tlii'si! fnod mid clothing (lonntluii'i •ire nn Integral pan of Ihe Clooil- fellowa 'club's,, ucllvlty and are necessary In nrdcr for Ihein | o nd warships. Expect Dovctopmcnfs Wlillo ndmlnlstrallon offlclals nn- tldpated major developments in tlio for eastern crisis wllliln the next 34 hours, President Roosevelt eoiillimed In dose contncl wllli tho lilliiatlon. He conferred nt tlio Wlillo Iimiso wllli Underseeretnry »f Slnli! Sitmiiei- \Velle.',-, who declined to comment. Hull's dcclnrnUnn that there is no intention Immediately (o withdraw Iroops and warships from tiio Orient was In reply to a letter from Smalhera favoring such wHhdrinv- al. '(iindr-r liuiiorlniit Services "Tho vessel.*) nnd Iroops have never hnd In any seusn a mission of degression," (he secretary wrote. "Durhiif the current situation In Chlnn the- American military nnd naval forces linvo rendered Important service In protecting the lives of American nationals In assisting |n evacuating; Americans from areas of special danger and In making possible, the maintenance of uiilutcnuptcd communl- illplomntlc ana consulnr eslnbllsh- the urea Involved '' -Claim .lapnuese Ailmlsslniis I^ONDON. Dec. 20, fur 1 )— JupcM t'u'v accepts In principle; her lla- blllty to umkc full compensation lor cnsunlllc.'i to Uritlsh soldiers . complete their work., These lliinijs n "d sailors In China, Foreign Sec- be inkcn to Hie American ' retiiry Anthony Eden Informed the house of commons today. Details are now under discus- Legion Hul Decent contributions tire iiisiis-Mlssoiu-i Power Co ......tlon i slon," he declared. Wi: Open Door Cliiss' of tlifi"*Flrst' r ' :< l°" disclosed that Orcat UHtaln Methodist Church mid Iho Coca Cotu Bottllnir coni])any. $10; those giving: jr> niv fjoriim Drug atore Sliouse-llcnry Ihirdwaio company 'I'om Jackson, and H. Hlghnu-' those clvlni; $2,80 nre Ark-Mo l.umlier compuny ,,,1,1 Adddlson Smith; those Klvinij $a are Pnlncc Cafe, Jon Isaacs. Flrsl Nnllonnl Insuianci! Agency, c. II, Wilson Sinn Williams, Alie and Wheeler' Ciay and I3lllln B . s . u. L . Oalnes Mr, find Mrs. J. A. Pheeney K ]| Ford; lay II. Welch; E. It. ,;nck- -on• mid Iiulnnc Ons Corporation- the .student council and F.rnesi Ilalscll jjnvo $1.50. Those sh'IiiR {;! »rc Dennis Fbw- Icv. R. C!. Skinner, Dr. It K echlrmcr, Jesr. Horiitr, Don Ed- wiu-ds, Marion Williams ,; w Meyer. St. ,1. Cohen, Blytlievllle Mnclilne Works. C. Ci. liedman. C. W. Htunuy, .Sudbury Plnj-hotiso.' refuseti lo recognize Die "autonomous" government which Is belli;? fostered in north China hi opposition to thc Nanking regime.. "His majesty's government recoj- nl/es thc central Chinese government as Ihe government of all China," he stild. "nnd therefore there is no question of recognising- nny other administration." "Deadline" For Safety Lane Tests Is Nearing Tom A. Little, proprietor and operator of the only automobile safety Inne here, said today he had l:eeti told by state police officials that no further extension of ilia ucrlod for inspecting automobiles beyond the present "deadline" of Doc. 31, would be made. --• *• •'..«,, i mjijijkoc, ; , ,, Hosentlml. jiedol .store Allon' I'lsucctlon of aiiKMnobllcs Is re- Murlctt. J. Men Clime, ChailivJ ! 1 " lrKl l>s ' "" '"•'' of ""' lost '° s ~ . Row, Western '"my. Dr. A. , Auto Supply fam . Wen, old Hickory I islnliire. I -' CKS "'"" I'tny, \n. t\. \verl, Old Hlckorv ' Llt '-^^ uutn n;m of th(5 10,000 all* fun, Fred Cnldweli. lluily Grocery !' c| u au lles and trucks In Mlssisslu- comimny. Gateway grocery, mine's i I 1 ' county have been tested for fie.-iinv shop, Herrlck's ' Jewclrv! compliance with slate safety laws 's Mill&ge, Tax At $30,281.40 * City of Blyilici'llle has rc- froiti its 12 mill levy and road ollccted this \ear by tho office Dec. May Dec. May open high 9U-3 95 El 91 3-4 low close i S3 3-4 94 ;i-8 90 1-2 91 NKW ORI..EANS. Dec. futures closed 20. iUP) 14 to IG ncints up today on a steady mar- Chicatjo Corn open high 581-4 58 5-8 583-4 591-4 low A8 Jon. Mar. Hfoy July 5S S-8' Oct. 59 l-8iDec. clocc open .. 837 . 841 .. 8W . 853 high 833 850 6S2 851 Rtl5 855 8C-5 low 827 837 839 84. r i 852 855 close 83Qb 848 852 357 385 IS3T model Oldsmobile, and had ™r mu- h«, llu , hen pulled to turn over all includlns money belt. Forced to accompany thc r.n r out of town he was released ' S S Cha " RC a " rt a gun. forcing Byrd money on hand, In his change' Officers hnd obtained no clue cs lo Identity of Ihe bandits ihls Ihe amounl wa S30.fl37.37. or J3J5.fl7 more than wns collected this year. but (he city lax rate was raised from 10 mills to 12 mills Insl year to account for much of this difference. The Incorporated town of Dell has received SI89.37, Leachville. $738.08, and Manila. $5d8.6t! from Ihelr five mill tax. . ...... Herrlck's Jewelry Shop. /.eUner Slipper shop V ti~ Holland, George Hrirhain. Ornlinm budbury. Sam Norrls, Doyle Hcn- di'rsori. Q. B. Keck. nr. P. A. Rob-1 "ison. II. R. Relimuck, W. A. Plck-U . „ , yd. ,i. iinrgeit, c A. iiovcy, Cecil strict Enforcement of Wh'lt'e ' V ""° n Stcmt)crt! ' Be " Those nlviiip; 50c tire'Lcln neck Cro.vstoH'n caf,'. nr. Fred Child, In the, Hired tost stations nt Bly- (hevllle. Osceola and Wilson, 11 Is understood. Traffic Rules Pledged I Guy Cienn. Jodie Nabors, M. c. Crlttcnden, Mrs. H. U Husband . . . . a and one anonymous SOc contribu- warning that violators of tho traffic laws would be arrested was Issued by Police Chief E. A. Rice today ns he made plans for handl- 3«7b| afternoon. British warships soil jxmny Iocs, served In a biscuit cup, Some. Bohemian peasants drive their horses upstream at Christmastime and throw apples in the current, believing nnlmah hit by Ihe apples will be stronger and better workers during the coming year. Till 0k\i tlon, W. A. Richardson gave $25c. hig " the city traftlc during the 'holiday season. No double parking- will be ,il- lowed, no parking in restricted areas, such as near fire plugs and. on comers, will be nlloK-ed, at! cars must be parked at the proper angle in the spaces deslqned in the doivn town district anci all trucks must load and unload in (he alleys. Violators will not be wanted any ore, " tried Chief Rice sntd. more, but will "he arrested and In municipal court. Police Mrs. Ellen McRoy Dies At KenncU Early Today Mrs. Ellen McRoy. formerly of Ihls rlly. died nt her home In Kennctt. Mo., al 7: 1ft o'clock this morning. She was 75 years ot age. i'linenil arr.inginucnts are incomplete but services will be held at (tie Hapllsl church at Cardwelt Mo., sometime tomorrow and burial will be made In Hie cemelcry ll'.erc, Mrs. ifcRoy is survived by her husband. M. McRoy, five sons Luther McRoy, of Kennett, George Edwimk of here, Tom and Bruce Kd wards of Flint, Mich., nod Paul Bdwarris of CaruUiersviUe. and two daughters, Mrs. Nannie Til- hain of Holly Springs, Miss., nnd Mrs. Eva Summers of Wood River HI ' The maximum temperature here Unit vhmr,v n i i „ i • yesterday was 39, minimum 31, Hoi Funeral home Is In chnrge j cloudy, according to Samuel P, Nor- of funeral arrangements, j rts, official weather observer. WEATHER Arkansas — ' Fair tonight and Tuesday, colder tonight. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday, not much change In temperature; lowest temperature tonight, 30 to 34,

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