San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on June 4, 1916 · Page 16
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 16

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1916
Page 16
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Krv lSftVWi rVif V1 is - mi kwj tX m WCtt thgcrncnb i lea - l III 1 - I III iWl I MlllllllWIP II MMHIM IWIIM I I - - IUll llll III - lul f I iIdl ii COrDS IS brior ah s and Prettily oihlisd Tea - JX r vis r u ST II - - 1 lft - w sW Vivian Radovlch the fiancee Thomas Dosler - l th recipient of Mer eoclal attention during the ef her entarement She wu Iraest of honor at a tea at whleb I Marlon Fllmar presided Tuesday tornoon The FlUaer home wu be - Ijvlthmaue of fernery and vera la tone of pink kfluee Olady Uttl Herter Webb uUjCock Ruth Proll Jean Wirt - uryTSnfim VCirnr and ITarlAn Wirt - - ryaaalsted In receiving the runts on whom wr MIS3B8 jntthta Heleo MeOlna itr Holkertoa Hat Bropky jfonnaa riorenee ttoiDerro Hunt Aloha Blu ataerlae COUltbaa In Honolulu By VH muihA - At Mvat1 nlnn4 Ytv i - avwwt y - rf el r Honolulu friend ha already in for the partr of Calif ornlan atleft recently for Honolulu A icaljlo from Mlaa Marlon ZUe tell of o aplandll trip they had and of elraafe arrival Thoro will bo many air lir Honolulu for them durlnc MAfr h wa1n - sv t - - t txi w jaK and lira Harry A Baldwin who have oon here for aevtral rtonths foiallod Wednesday for Honolulu The ietarjbefpr her departure Mrs Bald - lrlnT entertained a number of friends Hkt luncheon at the Cllft HoteL Mrs pJander Baldwin Mrs O A Sor - Jluion UH Mrs waliaee Alexander rrer amonj the euesta ui irLv if n KJE hit i Caotain and Mrs Hamilton Haw - Ifeniof the United states Army and Jthelr family will sail on the trans - OrC tomorrow for Honolulu where Captain Hawkins will be ataUoned Jfo twofyoara They have been stop 4lnjatth Bellevuo Hotel rK - 1 w w C - Mra Klmer Hlahler and Miss r t - i nebe Slchley left Wednesday for loaolulu where they will remain for at all weeks They were aeeom 4ed by Misses Ethel and Lola Lee anttrt of Mra John Lee of Palo 4W The younc rlrla have Just An - aedochool and tho trip Is a rradu - Esrtion sift l Paso Robles Carl BUnley managrer of Hotel Del jf Monte stopped at Paso noble Hot rMprinrs on his return to the Del HonU after a tour south He was suscompuiled by Mrs Carl Stanley BdiMra H T Stanley vAiiv automobile party from New Klerk city haa Just left Paso Robles t whore they made m short stop on heir PacLflo Coast tour In the party wrUra P Skerrltt Miss O Brlt - jtonMln E Lynn Mrs J Lynn and TiCafrrey r Mr and Mrs W B Phillips of Fen - IoniJ MIclu who are touring Call - loralv stopped at Paso Robles pfljiirs where they visited friends flD - s Georire Maeklln and Mrs T v Almond of Leo Anceles stopped eve nljht at Paso Robles Hot prlngs on their automobile tour a till souiu imj were oouna 11 L or Iei Monte ZJTTZ - - - - - - - IM J - fil - lL1 iiL 1J lTargJ3l1lllL 1ltl IJ - - MaYenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa CTWWFgVgSs IKKKWJlJXMmML - aSMiaTJeaaTJaTJaTJaTJaTJaaael iKiaalJaaaaaaaaaw aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaHHaaaaaaaaaaaH ianaaaaaH sBananaHMkLHSSlSiHL1kLLL VIiiiiaaHananananananananananKKrJsWSLLL vjaHkR - cLLLLLHLK wimmi wvsm - mmKBBKSKmF3kf - JK9W Kk WM MMnKmiilIBfmQI9mriak WW eaanananal WP Sk Saaananananananananananananananananananal anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHlaPi HJLsanaaaaaaai JaaaaHoaaaam 4aMa9aalaaafiR9affKiaaaaaaaaaaaaal alHiLHLVMtlAiyiyHniLLLL j wwmmRlBSm mmmw iPliaaaaaH IxKIIHHSafBi7aMJ4 UeoJaOTJelelllllllllllllllllll h41W KiLUWAJjaTe J C - r XKmiMam Mmwwmm Tmsmam mtr2MeM imzmi M - Wtt - mKymms vmf vm mimmmWMMmmm Aifmz wm mmmmyMm4mFZ4 dmWMMgArMm ijyjss r mimmmmjmMAfnj jsvjijmsiwmsrju if pihi IWSHlHi S2Tia5B mciscfvKf i vScr w become the bride of Y Erwin Dozier in the near future i ls far 1 A tea vtven i a week ato yesterday at the Bellevuo Hotel1 by Miss Irene Walter was the means - chosen by this attractive airl of announolnc her engagement to Oerald U CNelL Mr F K Reeves of San Anselmo as sisted ner sister in welcoming me gruests The table deooratlons were a oharmina - a they were effective Pnik rose wore arranged with forget - me - net the delicate tones set off by streamers audi bows of pink and blue tulle French bouquets comblnliia - the am flowrTver lvn a favora and the place cards were also In pink and blue Chinese maids in coitum served the tea Th guest were MES0AMX8 Arthar Caaslagaasi Robert gt Dealt A Fair A Miller CO VWell Oeorg Klelaet a 0 Welter Walter Roberts S B Travera Bldaey Herald Aj MUM -A P Harrlsv Bvelya - Reeves I r Beeves Wllllem Kerry WUIIan Katter A gtellas If H8IS Idas Waaa tea Telley Jtdlth Lenreatael Allce Hefferaaa t J o oRMirke IBeee Blwrt Qaael Webb v v A group of engaged girls supplemented by some other wore entertained Monday afternoon at a pretty lunoheon at which Mia Hester Webb wa hstsaThe affair for which the - decoration were very bridelike was arrang - od aia peclal compliment to Mia Marlon Deoker the fiancee of Christy Mas Mis Jle Cook whoa marrl to John Bohr will be an event of the near future and Mlaa Mary Suydam the fiance of Harold Karle BarkeVof Hw TorkiVer among thos who hard the afternoon pelasure with Mrs Martin Rosenblatt Misses Dorothy Peyser Viola Nordman Roe Nwman31ady Little and Marion Pllmer Announcements Mr and Mr Emanu A Levy ant nounoe the engagement of thelf daughter Mis Nancy Katharine Levy to Jay priammerchiat Thy W1U be at Bora nit Wednesday afternoon at the realdence of their niece Mra Abe Oump at 15 Oreen tretj f Ji tin and Mr J Roeenberg announce the engagement of their daughter Mis Helen - Roaenberg to Sidney1 Kahn of Oakland They will be at home to their friend thl evening at their home ITS Commonwealth avenue Lee - Sues Mlas Margaret T Sue daughter Of Major A L Sues special pension examiner for the United State Government wa married1 Monday ta Arthur a Lee a graudat of th Unlver - alty of California The marriage was olemnlsed at the brides home oh Lake trt Mr Lee I young and attractive and wa graduated lat year from the Lowell High School 1 Jim II among the Uebutant e of next winter Mr and Mra Ramlres have taken an attractive realdence on Pine atreet where they will entertain extensively during the next few montha Other former realdenta of Nogale who have come to San Francisco within tb past fortnight ar Mr and Mr Alesandro Joeroy They will remain om months Dancing Party ar - t I An jniormai wniat ana aanc party - wai enjoyed by member off the Social I Center Club Ingledd Terraces a Week ago la t evening when a buf - tet Vuper wa served Astd from B Dreacnooa programme a numoer vhot did not participate In cards availed themselves of the billiard - ooms where aeveral close contest rare played P-Jrie hoitea were Mrs Z W Qal - gnonana iira A J crooktr Among boa preient were jffV - misses Ulera liaeDoaald Uatloo if aleom Jv MISSES AXS MESDAMES Mia tl McKab UP HacDoeaM i Baas B A Kaleern feeeph A teenard Warrea Hlltoa It nmma CMrttU Leonard XrvMeSormlek J r Mtiras B P Marteaeea B W Ororf r 3LI0ceek Perer a Abranii PBS AlfS MtSDAICES H White BW Callasber IB Lew A WBoaaaeker Cordial Welcome A cordial welcome ha been extend ed to Mis Ethe Cohn and her brother Louis Cohn who arrived this week from their Eastern home Miss Cohn made a boat of friend here last um - mer where she visited as the guest of Mrs Ernest Simpson and Miss Fernanda Pratt and many who met her at that time are anticipating with pleasure the opportunity of greeting her again Ml Cohn and hr brother1 will be here only a few day before leaving - for Del Mont where they will enjoy a month o - Journ returning - here In July to re main until the lata falU Church Benefit From Mexico liltV and Mra Cerrelo Ramlrea who ar been living until recently In BCaiea Mexico bar afrtved in San slice and have decided to make heir home here for eome time They re accompanied by their attract nag daughter Mia Cecelia Rami - a who will probably be numbered I WtHotel Owned and Operated by Cllft Hotel Company i Geary and Taylor atreeu r - I I V 35Q Rooms With Balk ft 51 AU7 - yuutas Kootm From 200 rerDttj JP - J vy W km At the Outdoor Art Club In Mill Valley a vaudeville entertainment and dance will be given Wednesday for the benefit of Our Lady of Mount Car - roel Chirclw Out of compliment to Father Philip Byrne St Vincents Band of forty - five pieces will come from San Rafael to furnish music for the occasion Father Byrne wa for a number of years In charge of 8t Vlncenfa Orphanage The vaudeville programme Include the comedy School Day torether with song and recitation to conclude with danolngv W D Potter will act a chairman of the evenlnr Barmizvah The eonfirmatlon and barmlsvah of Jerome Schiller eon of Mr and Mrs Max Schiller will take place Wednesday morning at the Oearr - street Temple A reception will be held next Snnday afternoon at tot Lyon atreet a w tt Mr and Mra E E Kragen of 1900 Eddy street announce the barmlsvah of their son Bertrand Kragen Saturday morning at 10 oclock at the Geary - etreet Temple fli a - ft Mr and Mrs Mark E Levy of 684 Twelfth avenue announce the bar mltxvah and confirmation of their son Adrian Stanley Levy at the Con - gregatlon Beth Israel next Wednesday Cohn - Isaacs A wedding of much Interest to a wide oircle of friends will be solemnised this evening when Miss Florencs Isaac will become the bride of Roy Preacott Cohri ThJ ceremony will be performed by Rev Martin A Meyer The handsome home of the bride on Presidio avenue will be beautifully decorated for the marriage and the bridal party will atand In a bower of roaei and other seasonable blooms Miss Isaac will be given In marriage by her father D Isaacs Barbara and Riverside before they return home o a Miss Louise Feldman ha gone to Orovllle where ah will remain for everal weeks a the gueat of friend w o w Mr and Mra Abraham Lincoln Brown have returned from an extended Eastern visit and ar at the St Francl Hotel for a week Accompanied by their eon Albert L Brown they expect to go to Pel Monte for the remainder of the eummer Supper Dance Summer Journeys rv Mr and Mrs D atLleberger afe planning a delightful trip to the Grand Canyon and they will alo vlalt Tel - lowatone Park They will be away from California for a month iii ft Mrs T K Remlllard and Miss Lillian Remlllard hare returned from a vlalt to Southern California and are at their country home near San Jose a k Frank Maroney and hi two daughters Mlsse Ethel and Marlon Ma roney are having a delightful time at Coronado They will Visit Santa Mrs John Tonnlngsen gave a tun per dance Wednesday everflng at the St Francl Hotel to celebrate the home - coming of Mlaa Cathryn Stark from Washington D C Tho pre ent were MESSRS ANP MXSOAUES Robert Colllnn lr and Mrs Herbert r Moore Dr and Mra F t JClliirp 1 B WSUra MISSES EllHbub rltatlbbeos where they are enjoying a much - needed rest after an extended trip through tho Interior of China and Japan Mr and Mr Fred IL Hunter of this city are at Shasta Springs wherothay aro having a delightful time Hunter being an euthualaatlc flaherman ha mad several exceptional catches of trout Card Party Xoaa Tonolnaaea uenrge Hewlett Artbur Harris Bdward Chambera Harry SulllTan S B Ileter Catbrya Slark Jet le llardln Hubert B Law Bllea Uarrmana UESSR3 Cbarles Collins Shasta Springs A Hofiman Ladies Tailor 251 Post St Suits to Order 50 Until JUNlvlO BERMANS Announces A JUNE SALE OF TailoredSuits of values up to 50 For 35oo SatlsfsctloB GuAranteed BERMANS Ladies Tailors ttSlo - ckin0rmeirsk Miss Linda Bryan I at Shaata Springs where ahe will remain for the summer Mr and Mrs Prentiss Cobb Hale expect to leav Friday for Shasta Springs for an Indefinite stay at their mountain horns Professor and Mrs Dwlght Harris of Chicago ar at Shasta fjprlsgs Over a score of guests enjoyed the card party given at the Cecil Hotel Monday evening The setting for the affair wa In the Pompelan room Among thjae who enjoyed the evenings pleasure were Colonel and Mr invd VrCnrmlrk Captala and lira niebard u Crlxn KISSES AND MESDAMEti Charlee Dorle of B Urlgj - i Ilelt Um Anielea UXSTJAinCS Cbarlra Ryland J O Watann C W Harter Kuaene Varla Kllaabetn Pratt B K Xalth Ooldoi William Bart C BA C H Baawell In Yosemlte Among the society folk who are enjoying Yoaemlte valley are Mr and Mrlf1T0uf Schwabacher Mlsse So - phi ClnkKipli and Margery Helen Loews vThey all take long hike each day over the trail Theater Party liMiMM ilUSSU 8QUARC fwWitat - - v 6CAR 5T0CKT0 Great Clearance Sales r City of Paris Quality Merchandise CLEARAN6E SME PRICES Are Now in Full Operation i Mr and Mr Cyril Tobln were boat at an Orphoum party Monday even ing After the performance they took their guest to - the 8t Francl Hotel whr thy enjoyed sapper T 2 A Great Thorough Clearance Sale of Womens Suits Coats Dresses and Sports Apparel 100 Suits in checlig serges gab ardines4 and wool jerseys ladies and misses sizes - r - Valucs up to 4250 Now i1385 50 Handsome Silk Coats in plain and cheeked taffetas - Values up to 3750 Now 1385 50 Coats for street and Sports wear in plain and plaid yelour angora faille and taffeta - Values up to 3750 Now 1085 General Reductions on our entire stock of Silk and Wool Jersey Suits Pongee Eajah Striped Faille and Satin Values up to 6500 Now 1385 up to 4485 Sport Skirts beginning at 100 toSlff85 Our Entire Stock of Handsome Model Suits in imported fancy silks gabardine and serge - Values up to 25000 Now j6985 350 Suits in gabardine serge velour checks and silks in fine assortment of colors and sizes Values up to 9800 Now 2085 2485 2985 3485 to 4485 Balance of Coat Stock at greatly reduced prices ModeL Dresses for Afternoon and Evening Wear at generous reductions Special Sale of Smart Dresses taffeta georgette cmbroid - eised net satin stripe taffeta and black lace Value up to 5000 At 1385 and 1085 Semi - Annual June Sale MUSLIN UNDERWEAR Third Gallery y Gowns Chemises Corset Clovers Combinations Skirts Drawers Brassieres Bridal Sets Also a large collection of dainty Crepe de Chine Gowns The ktynole of ihu sale is high - class merchandise at greatly reduced prices Semi - Annual Clearance Sale of Millinery Salons Ate how displaying a collection of rixo straw and velvet models that Paris is wearing These midseasonhats are priced very moderately jtom 1000 S4slHmlm irKi - i - i - - j Si - ui5tov aJfflBafigffiffl mmumim ri r - Lm jfe E i Mil 0v CrSyi 3Bl rl v A S Union Sanare TRIMMEBi HATS Oonf orming to our policy of not carrying oyer into next season we have made radical reductions on all our Trimmed Hats and Un - - trimined Shapes therefore a Splendid opportunity to get another hat or two at a mere fraction of former prices For the Coming Week We Shall Also Continue Our GREAT REDUCTION SALES in the SILK AND DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENTS Rich handsome lustrous Silks both fancy andplain are offered at far below usual prices and the most tempting values of the season are to be had in lengths of Dress Goods from Vi to 5 yards Goods Department Fashionable Sport Cotton Suitings 2000 yards in a wide range of fashionable colors 40 inches wide Regular value 50c Special 37 Yard White Novelty Stripe Voiles Beautiful Sheer Quality The variety of patterns is unusually pretty Regular value 50c Special 35tl Yard We Are Sole Agents fqrtReynief Gloves W ii A - it ii - Wy H MuiiiiiraHuiiiiiiiiiiraiiiw sl mMmmmM nil 1 I st MSwa HBMiaaiaiEti wimMimMtJiih im mmmuMMAMtitii - UKiL mn - aLiMMfL

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