The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1949
Page 5
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r __TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1049 7HI NAT/ON TODAY— Sense of Unreality Pervades Conference on Atom Bomb But Safety Reasons Hide the Facts By James Marlow ' WASHINGTON, Nov. 28. <fl>)-The room was'bright with sunlight *nd Jammed with newsmen. The five members o[ the Atomic Energy Commission came In and sat down behind a long table. This was something new. Every month the commission was gom B to have * news conference like this where reporters could'ask questions about the atomic program and the commissioners would try to answer. . It was understood they could not answer every question since the program was tied In with national security and there was K taw against giving away atomic secrets. *— For example, if someone asked "are we building a bomb 1.000 times as powerful as the one which destroyed Hiroshima?" A yes or no answer might be of military importance to the Russians. BUTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS So in a case like that, and there would be many similar cases, the commissioners would turn aside the question with a "no comment." Perhaps In recent years you have felt in yourself a sense of unreality. » feeling that somehow the world and events were whirling past too fast for you. as you read about Schnorkel submarines, Jet planes traveling faster than sound, and all the rest of modern wonders. Well, l had a sense ot unreality like that yesterday during the news conference of the atomic energy commissioners. The chairman, David E. Ulientha), who's quitting Bee. 31, did most of the answering. Silence for Safety Sake But since the atom is something you can't visualize, and since work on the atom is over the heads of most laymen. Ihe^uestions and the answers or the "no comments" seemed almost to be dealing with an unreal world. And yet all of us in the room knew that those five atomic commissioners were engaged in two separate searches: How to make more powerful weapons from knowledge of the atom and how to find wa ys or using the atom to help mankind. There we sat. members of a citizenry which had delegated to these five commissioners and the government, power to withhold from lissecrcts that may some day 'or change the Yet, because it was our government doing the atomic research, the secrets were ours although we couldn't be told them. Actually, through our Congress, we erected walls to keep ourselves from being told to omuch. Through our elected Congress '/c have provided to keep us—or, rakh- er, Congress informed -and to keep y. change our World. five checic on the work cf the commissioners and all those ployed by them. And yet our congressmen them- •elvss passed the atomic law In such a way that they can't divulge —or, at least, are not supposed to— the secret stuff which might hurt us by helping an enemy. Senses Unreality And the unreality went even further. The Jive commissioners them•elves are laymen. They're hired = e ~ / ' °-» - thc 1 And behind them are physicist.s vented bacteria! canker in Tomatoes. and other scientists dealing in mathematical worlds that the commissioners can't enter because they lack the specialized knowledge. Looking into the pleasant, smll- I ing faces of the commissioners we could not tell what new and awful forms of destructions they had approved or might soon approve. And the commissioners themselves could not knnw what that magic revelations might come tomorrow—out of an accident in a laboratory. At the conference. I had the feeling we were skating on the edge of unreality. Or was it the edge of some golden future wherein the for peace? ?° the questions and answers skidded around the two main questions which weren't even asked: What's the score now? And where Club Plans Christmas were the guests of her inolh- Wil.-on Cooperative nial Christmas party, wilh lius- Mrs. J. c. Bussey and family last nds «s guests, will be held Thurs- evenliig at 7:30 In the Club Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Line and lam The Marked Tree High School Ensemble will be guest enleitnin- !loste--se.s will be Mrs. W Dcnton, Mrs. Chaunccy Demon Mrs. J. K. Grain, Mrs. Jlmmj atom could be used ^ CIIIl,i> SCALDED BV SOUl>-Nurse Louise champion nds is- month-old Martha Rebecca Bailey In an Indianapolis, ind,, hospital ,f- ler she was accidentally scalded by hot soup In her home In Indianapolis The child toddled into the kitchen, clutched her mother's skim an <i j Jabbered. But those sounds turned to screams of pain as her mother Mrs. Martha Bailey, turned win, a kettle of soup in her hands and ac- are we headed? The law would have prevented the first and not even the commissioners could have answered thc second. Crawford County Youths On Trial for Murder VAN BUREN'. Ark., Nov. 20. W— Additional witnesses were called today to testify in (he trial of two Crawford County farm youths charged with the slaying of a 15- year-old girl. The two. on trial for second dc- sree murder, arc James Eugene Harris and Jack Perkins. They arc accused of pushing Ruth Boha'nnon from a running board of their speeding truck the night of last. June 13 and leaving her to die. The youths have entered pleas of Innocent. They said the girl cither jumped or fell from the. truck. The body of the girl was found In a diich along the highway thc next day by the victim's mother Prosecutor Dave Partnin. Jr., yesterday called eight witnesses to the stand before recess of the first day's session of the Crawford County Circuit Court. Most of them were officers who Investigated the case. Streptomycin for Plants Object of Experiment BERKELEY. Calif. —«F>J_ The same streptomycin that kills germs In pecule works-to an extent—on plant seeds. In experiments conducted by Dr Peter A. Ark. plant pathologist at the University ot California, the c.dentally s pii, c d H oll hcr UaJ . daughlpr bums on her neck and face. , A p WIrephoto) Story of Garter Baked in Turkey Dressing Ends in Surprise for Wife DENVER. Colo., Nov. 29. (AI>) _«. The story of the suspicious wife who baked a blue garter in thc turkey dressing Thanksgiving day apparently had a surprise eliding—for the wife. The wife, according to a recent,' item in Molly Mayfield's Rocky Mountain News column, planned-to ccok the garter right along with the j regular stuffing inside the turkey. She said she found the garter in I her husband's suitcase when he returned home from a business trip. Her idea was Hint he'd be humiliated when he spooned the bit of silk and rubber out of the turkey. Today Mrs. Mayfield published a letter from the husband, who wrote that he had read his wife's letter in thc column and was ready for the baked garter. He wrote. "So when dinner came and 1 served the dressing, I duly dipped out the garter. 1 met it with a placid eye and said: "So you found this, did you?" "My wife said. 'Please, let's not discuss this with the children present.' " "And I said : I have no Intention of ever discussing it." According to the husband, he came by the garier innocently. He said that on thc trip he went co a burlesque show and the strippers "bombarded the bald-headed row with fancy gnrtcrs." lie sairi he honestly didn't know why he even kept the bine circlet. Mrs. Mayfield's answer, printed below the husband's letter: "You've sot a mighty fine story . . . hope the garter didn't spoil thc taste of the dressing." Menu Man Sentenced For Shooting Wife MKNA. Ark.. Nov .29. If)— Everett « imberly, former taxi operator, has been convicted of assault with in- lejit (o kill and sentenced to to years in the. slate penitentiary. He was charged with firing .22 caliber slugs into his estranged wife. Dorothy Dugan. last Nov 9 She suffered bullet wounds In both legs. The state called her to the stand near close ol the trial yesterday but she refused to testify. She said she ami Wimbcrly hncl been remarried since the shooting. Barber Provides Trees Along wit/i Haircuts COLLEGE; STATION, naieigh, N e 7T,'' r '~ If you dr °f lnto John Smiths barber shop at Brevard y ?. u f'Y 1 "ft « shave or a haircut all right- but you might also end up planting trees. According to John E. Ford forestry specialist for Ihe State College Extension Service, Smith is so interested in getting trees planted in Transylvania County that he has obtained a supply of tree seedling application blanks from the Incnl farm agent .ind distributes them to customers in his shop. Slnct. he has been In business »t Brevard lor about 40 years, Smith has a pretty good idea as to which of his customers have idle land on which trees can be planted. It's here! Cbrne in-t«f H-| PACKARD n automatic, no-sliifr 'Way ahead in driving ease . . . because it's ahead in basic principles! Born of a 16-year Packard development and test program. Backed by seven million dollars' worth of new manufacturing facilities. That's Packard Vltramalic Drive! Come in— see for yourself why Packard Ultramatic Drtve is the successor to all thc other drives you've ever known See for yoursalf why independent technical observers call it the last word in automatic, no-shift control!" New limplicity: Naturally, ihcrc's no clutch pedal . . . and no gcar-shiftinR. And that's only the finl hint of thc convenience of Packard Ultramatic Drivtl sh.ft, ng . No "racing engine" sens*. t.on, because there's no slippage at cru 151ng speeds. ° . », "JsTng speed, And 'hTni ™*^ ™? "down-shifts," which might cause advanced dcs^n it reqnircT '° '" " prolcon 8 ed skid °" '"PP"? p»v«- plicatS mainfcn'ance M """' nlcnt ' Sm °«'". ^.l.^l engine braking power when wanted. our The 1950 Packard *1K IKE MAM WHO OWNS ONi MOTOR SALES COMPANY 217 W. Walnut Phone 3524 lartrich, Mrs. Joe Owyn. Mrs. Jerry •tlloni, Mrs. Jimmy Robertson, Mrs L Bird, Mrs. J, P. Mullins, Mrs. E. McRae, Mrs. Nat Graves, Mrs Alma Harnden, Mrs. E. H. Mann -nd Mrs. Lynn Tranmiin. Marriage li Annoum-ed Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McOough ol Wilson announce the marriagi of their daughter, Christine, to Joe . . . . ie a am- ily \\erc the guests of their daugh- ter. Mrs. Louis Jones, and family In ojic.->l>oro TIiiir.«lay. Miss Claudia CatniibiMl. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Ncely, Leon "ny. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. U it;iy »nd Chuilcs standifer, son of Mr and Mrs. c. s. Sliindifcr who \ii lend Arkansas Stale College, in Jone.iboro .spent the Thanksgiving holidays with Ihcir Inmllies. Ix-.stcl H;ue, jr., son of Mrs. ller- iloe ilale, who attends Vundci-bill University, in Nashville, spent the Thanksgiving family. holidays Mr. and Mrs, p. B. Cooley of Biy- Ilie guests of their ----- O .. t ^. , ^,,,4 i^iiii(_-_ i_(j joe i ••-.-, , ..„ j,hiL..iiQ ui i IIL ir Huffman son of Mr. and Mrs V J llll «Slitcr, Mrs. ELstner Beall and Huffman of Walnut ftidge, Nov 21 (aml| y. Thursday. Mrs. Emma ijur- at Ihe Wilson Methodist Chnrt-h ! "°- v o( Hlyllievillc. was also a guest '"'" """'•' 1 ....... — • • - '- in the Hcall home lor Thanksgiving. uini Mrs. L. T. Slot Is were iiesus of his parents, Mr. and j. u. Slotl-s, in Moneltc . ...^*.<ui,uat I<IIILI[:II. I he wedding was solemnized by ^le Rev. H. Lynn Wiide, pastor ol ihe Wilson Methodist Church The parents ol the bride and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lane of Marie were the only attendants. Ixicals Mrs. A. J. Lackey of Watrr Valley, Miss., has arrived lor nn extended visit with hcr daughter, Mrs C. W. Gnodson and family Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bcal'l haci us heir holiday guests her sister Mrs. Hunt Ainsworth and nephew c A Alnsworth and family of Jackson] Miss. Mrs. Eva Kcrlln spent Thanks- living with her daughter. Mrs J. E. cross, and family in west Memphis. Sam Lorn- of Hughes spent thc lolidays with hLs sister Mrs. J. L "uminingK and Mr. Cinnmings. Misses Merle and Mary lijnls daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J E Hyals and Miss Bonnie Goble] laughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Alec Cio- ble. who attend the Methodist Hos>Hal School of Nursing In Meinhpls' pent the Thanksgiving holidays' with their families. Mr. and Mrs. w. A. Williams and on Bill were the guests of her wrenUs Mr. and Mrs. R. c. Mathews in Cape Girardcau. Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Lloyd Street and small laughter, Uremia Kay, of Hipley, l'ic g Mrs. Thanksgiving Day. Harold Trnylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Q. Traylor, who attend* the University ol Chatlanooga, In Chat- tnnooga, spent the TJinjitegi ring holidays wllh his family. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Boyles and. sons, Buford, jr., Billy and Thomas were thc guests of their daughter Mrs. Marshall Conner and family in Marker! Tree, Thursday. Mrs. Lola I}. Porter and Mrs. M II. Westbrouk ol Helena were the RUe.-il.-i of their son and nephew Asa Porter, mid f/unlly. last week.' Miss Fonta Jerome, daughter ol Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Jerome, who attends Memphis strile, spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mr.s. C. 1). Price Jr. ami family returned Saturday from Montgomery, Ala. where they spent thc past week with his parents Miami Mis. C. 1). Price, Ton! McAfee, daughter of Mr and Mrs. T. j. McAfee, is recuperating at her home, following a lon- sllectomy at. a Memphis clinic I-'rl- day. Mr. and Mis. Charles Ryals of Luke Providence. La., spent last weekend with his parent.*. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rynls. and lamlly. Mr. and Mrs. Milter Hughes and •an Miller Jr., of SI. [/mis, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Davitls and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Dailey of Moorehcud, Last Day » Ihin Diillry 1'irsl SliimhiR • Anne lluxlrr 'You're My Everything' WED.-THURS. liLVTHEVlLLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATPF PAGE FIVE ———_ MLw,, wcr» the holiday guests of Ihelr mother, Mrs. George Wilson, and sister, Miss Lillian Wilson. NIW HOJ Ouciii H'nck l> a , s 7:00 n.m .Malinto Saturday & Sunday. M:it.-bun. 1 ,i. m . Co , lt Showing Manila, Ark. Slloirs EVIillY NIGHT Tuesday "BUNGALOW 13" willi Tom Contvuy Also Short* \Vcilnc.s<t;ij' & Thursday 'THE FOUNTAINHEAD" "Mil Onr.v Cooper Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tuesday "GUNGA DIN" . with (,'ary Grant and Vic-tor jMcl.afilen C'arloon & Ne«-§ TUI-ISDAV LATE SHOW 8:30 P.M. "LATIERRA DEL MARIACHI" A Me.vican Feature Wediicstfity & Thursday "TEMPTATION" with Merle Oliernn and Ocurge Brent News & Cartoon FOR COLORFUL, GLEAMING, EASY TO CLEAN FLOORS...HEAVY WARDOLEUM 6 one/ 9 foot wfdffi,!. Monthly Payment P/on 64' sq. yd. Here's Ihs hesl volue in printed enamel door covering for yout monsyl Heovy Wordoleum U lough, heavy enomol boVed on a IriicV, (ell bose! lona-weoring, work loving—wipes sporltllng cleanl Popular floral', liles, and morblei. Choice ol allroclive decorolor colors. 9X12 FT. HEAVY WARDOLEUM RUGS Colorful, heavy prinled enomal baker) on a Ihkk fall bocVI Allroc!iv« flofol, lila, and Q45 mofbl» poll»foi. Cholca colors. Wipes spor- }f kling cleon without scrubbing; rasisls stains! Extra Heavy Marbelizcd linoleum is your guarantee of top quality! Colorful marble graining can't wear off ... goes through to felt bock . . . will last the life of linoleum! Soil, stain and fade-resistant! Decorator colors harmonize with any room scheme. 6 foot widths. Sale priced, Reg. $2.09 Per Sq. Yd. Now 1

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