The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTBEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Yale. Wiiilc was the nation's'trad- ing scorer and was called Ihe greatest player to come out of the Rocky Mountain sector since Karl (Dutch) Clark. Frank was siieli a brilliant back that Ell men placed him on a level with the immortal Tod Coy. Professional football readied new heights with greater crowds than ever before. The ChlciUjf) BWII-.S won Ihf Wr.stern Division championship of Ihe National Professional Long ue. and the Wn.shuigloj) Hedskfns lock ut«| Eastern title. These two teams' met for the league' championship I at Clilcnjjo and'the Redskins trl-' 'implied; 28-21. with "Slinidn" 1 • ' ~ .Sammy Bangh. fii'cnirian pro ui'iifi I'rni Slaif (.'arri-.ipoiiilr-iit ' from Texas Christian, IwomiriL' NKW YORK i UP)--The 1937: the most talked about player in football season was tlie most Ihc land as his passes chi-b d. lojr-v-iurvy in history. Frn:n a competitive sUunljulnt ~ nn.-l Mirprises l!ial started on Ihe flirt Saturday and continued down I t) tin: last. Financially it, cxceid- <-d nil past years. Attendance at Barnes Increased sharply. On the gridirons th.;m- ::c)vi-. (here was a Central leveliix! <.lf. Ptc-liovcrs of past sea.sons d<- \fldpr-d into giants and eath wr-ek a'-on of Surprises nncl Unset s S( : ls Financial Rr.cord HV HICNRY suprit .Meets,Najccb Rabhan Here 4/ Tim lly .1. P. lor upset triumphs lhal Jut.'liid Hie nation. Tno defense i!f;"lr) passed tlie offense as the llir.-iitan defensive line .swept the enmity., There was fewer attempts at trickery ami rnudc- limn in ,m b..l -when n , i Auioni; Ihe many (.usgr.sted lo • ••ii'C'/ed Clyle uShortyi 1'ropsl as ( lif-ad footliall coach at. Southwestern of Memphis were J. n. OJai.s) Whilivorth. former lllylhcvillc star I athlete, and Carney Ciralium i/is- lie. who led the Maroon Maulers Champions NEW YORK (DP) — Football>lons of 19;i7: East -Pittsburgh. Big Ten—Minnesota. liig Six—Nebraska. Southern Ccnterence — North ?arolma. Southeastern Conference — Alabama. Conference—Tilce. Rooky Mountain Conference -Colorado. Pacilic Coast Conference — California. National Professional League —Washington. ("am dipped into the hook o[ magic il usually came up with something sound and effective, Vimr Major Toms Unbeaten Despite the upsets however, four major teams flnislinl the sea- son undefeated and untied—four more (hau in 1036. Sis elevens concluded undefeated but tied cimpaUjns. The perfect, record elevens were Colorado, Alabama. Lafayette an:l Ranla Clara. Those who were undefeated but tied were Pittsburgh. Fnrcllmin, Dartmouth, California, Holy Cross and Villauova. Ttvo of these teams—Alabama anrt California—will clash in the Hose Bowl on New Year's Day. Santa Clnra will .make its second Lip to the Sugar Bowl to oppose Ixniisiaua Stale. Other "bowl" IHiirings will be: Orange Bowl — Aubiirn-Michis-nn Stale; Cotton Howl—Rice-Colorado. The ne\v M:-r also might provide several rules changes. .During the season there was a cry by many coaches for alterations which would open up Hie defense —increase Ihc width of the field, move Die goal-poMs hack to the gOBl-ltne. and allow a team to use. lers than seven men on an offensive line. Villslmrgh Kated on Top through twenty victories . . . nut the caused not even the slli'lifesi eyi brow raising here ... It is believed tliat neither would accept if it was olfercd . . . (Jars is well set at Louisiana stale University a.s assistant line coach, baseball coach, ami chief scout . . . Though his annual stipend has not been officially revealed. 1 doubt seriously ( if the salary at Southwestern oar- I rics n's much as lie eels as assistant ; to Bemle Moore . . nut it has l»en learned thai he' would consider n job as head coach if ihe right proposition came along . . . The Memuliis post doesn't, appear 0ml templing . . . i/^lie was recently given another contract with a substantial raise at V. M, i. Working will his former leammile and pal. I'oolcy Hubert, he is held ill high regard by Virginia Military officials, alumni, mid friends at lh» "West Polnl of fh c Soiilh'- ... II isn't violating any confidence i? siv that Leslie's one hiy umbition i<= 13 eventually return | 0 his ' Alum Mater (Alabama) in some coaching capacity . . . Not, particularly as head coach , . . He is believed to lie in n better spot tor the promotion where he is rather than al Southwestern . . . jjnl qulen snbe? Pears that Gene reserve end Blackwcll Ah- ind ex-Chick, Famous American SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1337 HORIZONTAL 1 Nickname of tlie pictured former U, .S. A. President. r> Mis last name. i:l!.arva. 14 Farewell! 15 Adorns. 17 Those 1 who have liens on (heir properly. ISTi.insposp. 20 To lay u street V.I Musical note. Tl To chop. 24 Brooch. 25 Writing tool. Wta guide. 28 Street. 29 Vulgar fellows .'10 Prevalent. '.','i Moasui f of area. .'13 Candle. 'M Most beneficent. 38 Structural unit. 39 Mulberry hark •II Indians. Answer to Previous Fuaz)e 00«-.s. •52 Ht-seiv.'d i\i u "KouHh "jjilhMJ. S. (.'rivalry. 53 U«;irons, 54 To bake meat. 5fi He was tin- Koosevolt to become I). S. President. 58 lie was • 59 Kyo. Inmov. UU Di'sliiiLd. VERTICAL 2 Freedom ol !«:•<:•«.¥. 3 IVriod. •5 To leak. 5 To feel displeasure. M Weathercock. 10 Night be-fore. 11 Ogled. l.'ITo correct proof. 15 He was fond of . 10 Knock. 18 Any feeling. 2.1 To (wist out of shape, 25 To iif.f'l. '.'.t To eat 1 29 Ti.xicabs.' 31 To draw tightly togoIher. 34 To elnivo. 35 Wise jjien. :i7 Klf. 10 S'auey. *> 1 To cGjj.'.unio. •IHtJrass. 13 Klecti'icc.1 unit. •lli.Small v/ild ox.' •58 Knlrance. <9 Time gone by. hag. TO COT EXPEKE5 Iff i FinWII CEfl 1'Streamlined Government' j Saves $2,000,000 ! Within Three Monlhs K Alleged f«i ce. 53 Ih-oiher. t Lubricant. f>5 .Soullieail. t Monkey. r,7 Provided. Hoy Welch, the Canadian Wildcat, veteran of the Brunt ami groan Same, returns here Monday night, to meet Niijcel) Rabban, the Kurdish wrestler. Welch has appeared in varying roles here, at times performing us a "incaiilc" and at other'limes ns a scientific inalnuui. who disdained to try rough stutV. However, It can tic fiild that Welch lakes care ot himself, whatever type ol oj>jxmcnl ho encounter!. ii led to have been hi-1 activity. Most College Cagcrs Will Continue Practice 1 Hi rough Holidays HV BKI«;E woitTinSiOTON jr. linilnl i'rcis- Stall Correspondent LI'ITLE KOCK. Ark., Dec, 18, (UP)—Alter a brief respite which uermltlcd football-playing cagers to break training and then s et into condition again, the state basketball circles have begun to hum with 'jured In a workout recently, would not be able to make the trin to llic,,Rose Howl were dispelled by Henry Ci. "Hank" Crisp, director of athletics, here \V«lntv;cl«y Hank said (lint dene hurt'his 1^ while blocking nncl it was not neri- ons at. all . . . The, fact that he was withdrawn from the workout caused the mention in the paners. where otherwise it would have passed unnoticed . . . They are lakiiiR no chnnces at all on having any ol them Injured to the extent of beinz forced to stny at home. Nearly every school in the state is represented In the indoor (and sometimes outdoor! sport. Practice sessions for the most, pan will continue through the Christmas holidays, with possible one- or two- day recesses around Christmas day. The only major change in the rules this season Is the eliminn- lion of the center jump. Most conches In Arkansas haven't been giving any noticeable nods to the cagers who cannot scale the six-fool mark. lo . — „..„.. Somehow, short and faster men I Monday rs|>cclnlly those who have n chance nr « talked, but never played. Early |"'"S "j Rabban And Welch Will Swap Grips ISoy Welch, tlic perenniul favorite of local mat fans, will tackle Nujceb Rnkbnn. the Kurd, in tlie teature bout on the Legion's wrestling card here Monday night. The two will wrestle 30 minutes or less, two out of three falls. Welch, ns mat-wise us Ihev come, will attempt l o overcome the super-strength of (tic stocky little Kurd, whose arms rind legs urc bundles of muscle and who often breaks holds of his opponents by sheer strength. ' The match should not be unusually rough ns Hnlibin Is the "clean" l-ype of wrestler and Welch has also been behaving himself iji P n- loimlei.s lure. II should l,e ins, •and Interesting. A special return ma tell between Kddii- Miilone. tJ:e boy fruin u, e I'.'merald Lsle. and Hid Marcus New York's '-trying Jew", will also attract many of the ringsiclers Mulonc and Marcus staged one of said already has been conserved long lime when (hey met last Manila Lions Ctub lo play And he added that. I scrimmage session.-! show that in The mythical national chain-, liionship generally was awarded lo the. powerful Panthers of Pllls- Ijiirgh, whose only black mark was i' scoreless tie will) Fordham— l!'eir third straight deadlock. After I'iltsburgh. ciime Alabama. California and Fordham — bin Ihe order in which they ranked depended on personal viewpoints ot the rankers. The competition in the various conferences was marked by new chimpions in all hut the Big Six where Nebraska retained Ihe crown. Minnesota, first victim of an upset early in the season when it was beaten by Nebraska, came line-It and captured the Hig Ten t'tic from Northwestern. Alabama replaced Louisiana as Southeastern champion and North Carolina \vas surprising victor in Ihe Southern division where Duke was n heavy favorite to repeat. The Southwest held true to the tradition that no champion ever repeals. Arkansas yielded the title lo Rice. California captured the I'acific Coast Crown which Washington wen last year, and Colorado tnatchci the Rocky Mountain title from Ulan Slate. Harvard Tops Big Three Hai-vard. by defeating an un- Ihe championship ot the Big .Three. Pittsburgh generally was recognized as the champion of the East. The year's two outstanding players were Byron iWhtzzcr) White of Colorado and Clint Frank ot Gene \vpnld in all probability be in i there before it was all over ] Th c same applies lo Jimmy Tinlnn and Ilei-schel Mosh»y. other niylhc ville representatives . . . There is a strong possibility that "Tii>" would be in Die slnrtin.> lineiin. and not due to the fuel that he is a senior, either . . . jjnnnv hns bi>en one ol Ihe sparkplugs of Ihe thin Crimson line all ycur. despite his mere 185 pounds. It won't be like (lit- same in ih« Northeast AYknn .is tiseball rir- cles to have Harrison Wbk-?l nv's;- 1119; from Cnruiliersvill,. . . . personally, i liked that JMIV : \ . ,,,.| come to -- ----." ?••• . how I hated lo sec him . . . Mv. hut he was TNT. dynamite, mid cirliolic acid all rolled into one when ihe chips were blue . . , Though he said little, lie had a great amount of "color" so necessary lo the diamond sport , . . He was cleaucnL on and off the fif Id ... A scrap- j iwr from the word «o . . . He was out for everything that belonged to him and his club" . . . j^f" :l player with his limited experience, he was unusually wise in baseball knowledge . . . Yes. we'll miss "Wick" in more ways than one ^ Our sincercst and best wishes for continued success yoes with him to New Iberia. La., where he will Hungary Drops Visas BUDAPEST (UP)-In the future Americans entering Hungary will not be required lo have ' their passports visaed. More Americans .ire believed to be visiting Hungary now than ever before. I most cases Arkansas' cage teams will not lei (he- new rules hamper the sjix-fdotcr.s. Whenl-cver Ihey are available. Ihey will bo used accordingly, coaches indicate. '-1 tios.. (all boys still are handy under the goal to pick the ball oil the backboard." one nidilor remarked. A noticeable new system of competition is bcins inaugurated nmon^ Ihe smaller collese.'i in the .state Ihis year. The junior colleges, which <l season have been "cousins" lo Ihe four-year institutions on the court, are scheduling games with senior colleges with the ngrmnent that only freshmen and sophomores (ire to comi>ete. vld e a great number of more hotly contested encounters. H is believed that all junior colleges in the stale will adopt the system in a few years, it will give many of them a chance to renew their prowress in college basketball. Numerous- junior college teams in recent years] have dropped from Ihc public eye in basketball due to Iheir consistent losses. Little Kocrk junior College, which finished with a perfect record last season—no victories; 1-2 defeats- Is scheduling all of Its games with senior colleges with the "Fre.shman- Sophomorc" provision. A year-round sport for some schools in the smaller ton'tis. basketball should provide ils usual night, with Malim« a gnat's eyelash o Mike Meronev 'will " >C ° 1>(> "' nS B °" S " number of sur.wisp tcam.s (his i«i- son. "Unheard of" tamw donbtlcs^- l.v will continue, having their -hoi" spurts to wore upset, victoria airr ihc »)-<-nllecl "fnvoriu-s" in i,i» n .s-ohoo] circles lime i, m i aga i n _ ' With a few ••ft-nrui-iip" games before and during the hristmns holidays. both high school and coil PA- cnge loams will settle down to strenuous aclivities for me two !'C"« f , 01 i m '' in8 the arrivi « of 1038. Most teams nlready hare nn- noimeecl schedules of games rn mg bcUvccn 12 nncl 38 season. for Ihe 1«37- All Ofclalioma applicants (hivm,- liren.v.. s must I... liii I'rmled un;ler a new slate law, for . Named W ' nila j ap- : on en-', , Ark., Dec. 18— C Tljrton, president of Ihe Jia Lions club, in a recent meeting l»intcd the followlusf membe standing fommillees for Ihe suing year: Citizenship Committee. Ted Ro>- er;i, chairman; \v. \\>. Rnvier and W. L. Thompson. Civic linurove- uienl. s. . c. Heenuin, chairman: Bob David an;! i>i. lUkinson. coni- munlly Uetlcrini-nl. Billic .Inues. vbiiinnan; Jshn Benson and Hill Brcwn. EiliiciiUon of Youth. W. W. Fowler, chairman; Ted nosers and 'Jr. c. C. Suinnei-s. Health an:l Welfare. Bob iUcKJiino!!. eliainuan; Dr. Atkinson and A. l(. Moore. Roads. Kendall Hero, chairman; Hob David and M?lvin Doivninf'. Membership, w. w. Pawler. cha:r- man; w. l>,. urown and .li-.n VJ.ivid Atlendance. w. I, Thorn-rawi. chairman; Melvin Downiii'. and Kd Mnb- ley. linsiuess i\1elho;ts and Fimn.'f. William Dovowsky. elmirman; !-,. c. I'lefinan and Blllie Junes. Pnvjram and Entertainment. Grover Snyder, chaiunna; w. O. Green. Publicitv. Kctulall Berry, chairman; E. E. Hart. No-Drop. A. R. Moare, chairman; H. J. AlcKiiinoii and I... V. Stevens. To Award Prizes For Best Christmas Lights C-AKUTHEHSVH.LB Mo.. Uec. 17 —Tlie nolni-i- Club will again award 'b-'f" prices in IIi« Christmas homes lishiini; contest, il was announced yeslerday by Ihe committee, composed of Gordon Wright. Floyd Darnhart. and Bert .Sliy. Participants must be entered by Dec. 21. and agree to keep the display lighted eacti niulit until Dec. 30. Juds;- iny will be by out-of-town people and Ihe awards are S10. S7.50 and $2.50. in respective order. The contest annually attracts a number of entrants .their displays adding a beautiful arruy of Christmas "ul- inusphere and spirit lo Ihe eilv's residi-ntial sections. Read The courier News warn ada SPECIAL Merchants 1'lale 1-imch HOTEL NOBLE "Whrrc a Rfalilv." WRESTLING .MONDAY NICHT. S O'CLOCK Hajeeb Rabban vs. ioy Welch SI'KCIAI, RKTUKN .MATCH Sid Marcus vs, Eddie Malone LEGION ARENA Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas Tax All ing Branrts o( Bwr, |j, B « r . wine, cin ana Cordial,. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton Ilighn-ay fit— Holland, Mn. We Highly recommend this Modern - CLEAN Coal for __ Furnace, Stove or Stoker $7.00 ton GAY & BILLINfGS 1M10NK 7f, ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITYJ LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Vastest closing service of any mortgage loan company iloing business in these stales. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCEOKA, ARK. HV WILLIAM f>. CLARK l.'iillpil t>i-f.s-.| Stall' Correspondent HAim-'ORn. C.'onn.. Dec. 18 nil 1 ) — Application of "business |;n*H-ij;t< : .'" to (^wrnment. ojiera- lion, it was estimated today, wiiiih! wipe oil Connecticut's $12,- Wt.uOft di-P.c-ft within six yfars and i.iwe tlir. slate approximately , A partial slrf-amliniiiL' of EOV- ] '" limclioniiig was r-f- fn:i.'ii by ih, ? (H-iifral Assembly a i. its last jn-aiiHi. iiic'iu'.llng pro- I'lsions for a budget director, a supervisor of [, a Mfdsla- live council, a compulsory annual j (i.-imrimenuil :uidit. competitive bidding aud a .system whereby ili-parlmeiiLs instead of receiving biennial appropriations were given Iheir budgetary n-quirc-itiff/its al each rpiarter of lint year. A year ago the stale was more Hi»ii SU.OOO.COO i,, the r«d. T.'ic I'-Klslalive -.suthoriwd a bond issue ] to retire expensive .short-term j Kites and take advantage of loiv mltrc-sl-rules. Curtailment of ex- lenditures. coupled with the Ural. ec: months of operation under -lie new economical setup, slashed Hie deffilt by slightly more than $2.000,000. For Ihe first time since the depression, when (he state was forced lo depart from n pay-as- you-go basis, ihe general 'fund showed a .surplus. Hilileef By Quarlers I Under ihe reorganisation plan. I departments are required lo' submit estimates of expenditures | tor each quarter in advance. The budget director doles out appropriations, compelling operations within the requirements set aside by his office. Emergency appropriations are provided for in a sinking fund for the biennlnm. In previous years n departmental deficit was taken up by a special Appropriation made by the legis- ature. Hereafter there will lie no necessity for this deficiency bill procedure. Establi.slmient of a merit system for all classified service also was expected to reap a substantial ing through elimination of po- liiical patronage. However, this result will not be fully .realized for anoll:er year. Although ihe central purchas- IIIK method still is In an experimental .stage. Edward Gtf&sler, supervisor of purchases, estimated i 50 per cent saving throughout the bieiiniwn. This amount, he said already has been conserve!in advance of actual operation of the plan. Jan. 1, 1938. The plan, he said, eventually would produce a personnel reduction "ns well as n closer and more eilicient control over the expenditures Irom the state government's requirements, and a further suv- Ing resiilting from Inking advantage of cash discounts by prornin payment of invoices. Market Trends I'ollowed "The employment of a full-time purchasing staff (ends to Improve buying technique, as the department will .speciali/o entirely on purchasing and its allied duties, tiequiring u wide experience in the various commodities purchased and the opportunity to fallow closely market trends lo permit buying under favorable maikf-l conditions," OeKsler said. Aside from eliminating lavorii- IMII through c.ompeliiu'e blduiin; Oflsslfr (imitated benefits >'"' the M-lh-r "by him to .submit tower unit, CIMU on tin- .->lau-':i rf-qiiije/m-jil.'i." Paralleling the state's ii.-vvly- inuiiijiiratcd sysU:in was that of !!»• adiiifjilstralJon of .Socialist Mayor .Jasper M^.evy at. llridge- port. llr-cently ie-ek-cted for u mini iH-m as New England's first fioiJalist executive. McLex-y .set HJJ a cenlnili/.f-d purchasing department, civil service and a complete ri-lormation of aovernmenl. The tas rate v::i?. sloshed and v.'ilhn. Ihrt-f- yi-ai-s l.'ie (julilii- ,.vbt Wli . n-diK-ed St.. r iUO.U(jO. LONDON UJI>, -.Scfitluiul Yard detfciivi's are looking lor a middle-aged woman whoso charming inniijier Jia.s rnubled her to swindle metropolitan policemen. Very a|jilau>d. she Irtls Ihein she has i-cme lit Ixwidon lo visit, her ilnitghier in a hospital and lias left her haridbat; in a ims or tramway rar. With No Cost To You \Vc Will Check Your— IMAKIW I.UiJITS HATI-HRY AN'ri-rRHlC'/K WH1CKI, AM(!NMKNT [lave- Your Cur Before COM) \VKATHKR RKTURNS I'reslonv Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5tli & Walnut Phone SID . . . it's more economical Figure it out yourself! Any woman's time is worth at least 25c an hour ... it takes 8 hours to do the average laundry during which you are continually using electricity ... then add the value of your health! NOW you have proof lhat your phone does the laundry for less! Phone us today and experience n perfect yet economical laundry service! . Blytheville Laundry

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