The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1050 •LYTHF.VIM.E (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our boarding House with Maj. Hoople ItL SHADE THIS LI6HT SO'S SOU COYOTES WONT BE YAPPIU' JUST WHEM I'M DEEP ABSORBED IM MV COERESPOND6WCE COURSE LESSONS/ OH, IT'S MOT TH' LI GUT-IT'S TH 1 AWFUL SILENCE OF SCHOLARLY THIMKIN' THAT KEEPS ME AWAKE.' 1 HAVE A d>UILTY FEE-LIM' OF WASTED- HOURS IN SOPDEM SLEEP WHILE AT M/ VEST/ SIPS IS TH' COt-JCENT RATION OF FUTURE 6REATNESS/ HO/ IONS TIME YOU NO COME PAV TWO DOLLA TOTTV FLO CEt-JT/ VOU PAV MO\M ? GOOD CHARLEV h!e\M RULE —- MO WASHY LAUMDLV TILL VOL) A\AKBE DOWN LIKE FELLA CHAR LEV/ A SMALL AMWOR RWANCIAL LARGE BATCH OF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MEKUILL 13LOSSER Caught in Hie Middle WMCT Television on Saturday <f':ie p.m.—Sports Preview 1:25—Browns-Yankees 3:30—Baseball Scoreboard 4:00—Western Feature 4:55—Cartoon 5:00—American Forum 5:30— FealurelU 5:55—Commercial Appeal Preview 6:00—Young Arneru-a 6:30—Hawkins Falls 7:00—Ed Wynn 7:30—Trotting Race* 8:00—Lone Ranger 8:30—Buck Rogers 9:00—Wrestling 10:0fl—News Summary ' f OR FREE ESTIMATES Tsrtt as TELEVISIONS RADIO 1 SALES AND SERVICE , t BlYTHEVIUE$AlEsCoN m MAINST BIYTMEVILIE. ARK By Grace Nies Fletcher THK fiTOKYi After Gloria HriMvn learacd In hake *pi»lr pl« tit the A |i AT I men < at Sir*. JI««onI, Jioxi door, two i>ro|t]e «r* murdered, Clnrla'i bus ban J iji Jailed and the llenonlii brcume fusHUe Jewel theft jumped*. ClurJa eon- Uict» MTU. Jlfunnl through llcubfn. Info atio wbleh will clear Glo- , ']'.'ID. the United States, 1946 was •"record year for strikes and strike Driest accounting, for .1.43 per " :/ of all "time worked. ' -' iou'Ji Love Our Flow era I BLYTH£VILJLK FLOWER MART Hem phi* Hiwmy Phone «WZ 15 OFF On Your Q)leman FLOOR FURNACE If You Install tt Before July 31st Do It Now! Sov* money, bo ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat S*« A Demonstration Today Chas. S~ Lemons *ph Furniture . . while, GlorJM lenrna from lieutenant MrCann of llomleldr thai .Sal, the jflrl vrhn \rmrn killed, v*aJi * •inter of Allan Strong, metre** who*« J2O.OIW nrclc litre wa« «loleo. Gloria dfxc<*vt-»» tbnt the Mtulen nrcklnre ttt bnlcrd In Mr*. Ilenonl'* pie. wMcli !• !• Gloria** Ice buz rlfibt now. XVI TF Gloria gave the necklace to the police now, they'd never believe she hadn't known all along where it was, she decided. They'd probably put her in jail too and that would hardly help Milttadcs; they'd think the newly weds had just been in it together. "I do the swiping and Miltiades the carving," she figured out bitterly how the police niinds would work. That left the Denonis; they knew where the jewels were would do almost anything to ge 1 hold of them. "The man and woman who asked Sam what was in his lunch basket!" Gloria deduced excited. "Certainly though they wouldn't think I was dumb enough to bring the pie with the jewel: and then go off and leave it on thi beach,** j -But that \vas exactly what Glo ria might have done, if she hadn' known that the jewels were in th pie! It must have been the Be nonis. The only other possibility wa the mysterious and sinister Loft Gordon whom she couldn't seer to believe In without seeing, Wh was he called "Lofty"? A ta" man, very strong, who'd bee quick as lightning doubling up th body of Jack the Cork, gettin away with murder — so far a least — with the police watchin the very building! The telephone brought her, drip ping, out onto the bath mat. "Mrs. Brown?" Lieutenant Mc- aim asked and he sounded ex- ted. "We have found the motive nd are turning the evidence over the federal authorities. But ere \s one thing you cannot lie it of, you with your blarney." "I do not know what you're Iking about," Gloria said coldly. iVhat evidence?" He'd called her VTrs. Brown" instead of "Mulli- 1 so he must think this was erious. "The lab has just turned In uU report about the sugar jar •om your lunch basket.** "So what?" Gloria asked, puz- led. "It is hair heroin 1 ." He hung up • * • 'TE ROIN! Dope. GLori a s at there, her hand frozen to the eceiver, clutching the towel nbou er, unable to speak:. Who coulc ave done this awful thing to her? And why? That settled it; she ould never tell the police abou' he necklace now; they wouldn' 1 jclieve a syllable of it. The bes hing to do was to get rid of it ast. She started to get up, dress, di iomething about getting rid of th necklace, when the phone rani again. This lime it was Reuben he doorman, telling her three re Jorters were down in,the lobby t see her. Already. They must hav gotten a hot .tip from the lieuten ant who no longer-believed ther v/as even a half-doubt about Mil liades* innocence. But Gloria was too shaken jus" now by this awful dope buslnes to cross her knees and beam fatvi ously; she'd do that tomorrow she had to. "I am not at home to anyone Gloria said coldly and bange down the receiver. Maybe no she could get into something mor than a towel. But the day wa getting hotter by the minute an when it gets hot in Brooklyn, stews. Already the white brie walls of the court outside her win dow were like the four sides fjirnacc, focusing heat. She ose her shortest pair of shorts d a flowered bra because with porters around, she couldn't go itsiclc until after dark. But was she going to get out isccn tonight to lake the jewels Tony , the Kruilman's, with ocks of reporters snooping about, ot to mention the police in gen- al and llansen In particular? iC had barely time to don her runty niiment when the phone ing again. II was long distance. arc you all right? 1 Colonel Perkins' voice dc- tandcd, crisply. "A reporter from Boston paper just called me. I'l ic them for slander," her parent aged. "It'll be spread all over blank ely -blank sheet this fternoon!" M I'm sorry, father," Gloria mur- urecl meekly. "1 am taking the next plane.™ "No! Please don't, Father!" Gloria had enough complications ow without him arriving, suing slander nil over the place, He'd be one more to evade tonight. I — I have things to do." She vailed, panicky, for him to snort. Nonsense!" but strangely he lidn't. It had been one of his strictest ule-s by which he had brought up his family that everyone had a ight to his own reticences.. "Even a child is an individual and should ie treated as such," he had insisted. "Very well," the colonel said stiffly. There was an awkward pause and then .he nsked, "You need any money?"" "Five hundred would help," she admitted. "I don't know how much the lawyer will charge." "A thousand would be better." His generosity touched her deeply for she knew he had more pride than cash, Thank you, clear," she murmured. "Goodby, daughter." This unwonted note of affection was the last straw that broke her seVf control; she hung up the phone, (caned her bright head on her arms and burst Into tears, sobbing uncontrollably. <To Be Continued) WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 A, BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry »nd Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 NU-WA-— We're Proud of Our Work ine work • Woodwork tacturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made The Martin "Husky Cainl" is U. S. Gnv'l approved —weather-proof, fircprool, ratproof. Designed especially for soybean growers, this storage bin contains more steel than any other. The 2</i in. corrugation prevents bulging and sagging. Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. 8lyrti*Ytll« Phon« 6856 SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! ['rompt Service Expert Workmanship H-flLTCRS JUflLITY SHOC SHOI tzi w. M a i N s BILL GOD WIN SPORTING GOODS Swim Trunks 2.95. Tennis Uaqtiets Caps of all kinds Jimmie "U" Boals $50 Kasebal) & Softball Uni forms, ail prices, It'llering All types Summer Ath- leic Equipment. 'U It's Sporting Goods, Sec Us." J21 W/ Main f'h. 0762 Our Telephone Number 4438 She I ton Motor Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hesl ['rices Kirby Druq Stores FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. | Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • ''Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 IP rr. MIKE ITS JOST TvAO SIOE oor of THAT PARROT AND HE'LL B6 . YFLUM6- rr TO Twe Jucxsc; I«M BY NEA KUVKC. UK. T. *. UtO. U. B. r*T. (Iff. "You folks from home are the best thing we've seen Europe!" 1'RISCILI.A'R I'OI The nookic-Worm AI, VERMKKR YES.. I WAS THE. SAME WAV WHEN I WAS HIS AGE! E.RY TIME I MADE NICKEL I INVESTED MV FAVORITE LOOK AT HIM SO! HE WANT TO EARN MONEY FOR A FIRST BASEMAN'S MITT HORSE RACINQ. Brewsler Is 1'uzzlcd RY MICHABL O'MAI.I.EY nnd RALPH LANS BY TELLING ME WHAT KIND Of DRESSES WOMEN HAVE BEEN BUYING IN TOUR STORE BECENTLV. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? NOW JUST WHAT WOUID SHE BE CALUN'MEF WHAT DO YOU WANT, WAKIN'M? UP LIKE THIS? 1 GET IT NOW. YOU'RE A PRIVATE EYE FOR A UNE OF DRESS SHOPS TELEPHONE. A WOMAN. SAID HER NAME WAS MISS BOBBY RAND. liY LESLIE TURNER Caught In the Open DH.LORDV! WHERE'S A CAR COW1M 1 THRU TH' PASTUEE 1 PROB'LV THEW UlslTlk) 1 DUPESl AN 1 THERE WU'T NO PlACB TO HIDE 1 MOVING TOO FA,STi NOW. TO BE A ROCK! B6SIOES,THAT WOULD HAEDV* EXPLAIN MEBBfi IF 1 REAL STILL. THEY WOU'T EUEU NOTICE WE. SLOW DOWN HIUkUE AVFW/W TO THE HOUSE, ICK IS CWJfiHT IN A DRIVING BUGS BUNNY WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT L IT TAKES THIS BUSIWESS... SALESMANSHIP// AN' WHEW VA KNOT 'EM UP THEV DON'T LOOK LIKE THIS/ SEE WHAT I MEAN 7 THAT CRAVATY VEFR. IWEARIN' AM' I'LL II Looks Biisj ' DADSUKMIT, THERE'S SOME PEOPLE YOU JUST CAN'T My CS35H.' INSTEAD Cf DIDNT I \OU6mATALK Ad YOU VACCIDENT" WITH BDRAU MARTIN HOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES Working on U MW. 6Ofifb .WNSt YOU SCWtWc. NET WWCS*! Vi\V.V CATCH <e.fVL.v'.

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