The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1954
Page 12
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PAGE TWELTE BLYTMBT1LLI (ARK.) COUMBR FRIDAY, AUGUST, 13, 1954 VJ Day Plus Nine Years-U. S. Is Concerned Over Japan By JIM BECKER TOKYO (AP) Nine years ago Japan surrendered. Today the dazed, defeated nation of 1945 has been "spectacularly rebuilt and is tied economically and militarily to its former ene- mv, the United States. . " While the scars of a devastating war have been almost entirely erased, the island empire is almost broke. The United States is gravely concerned. Relations with the United States are delicate. Nine years ago this Sunday, Emperor Hirohito broadcast Japan's surrender in a quavering, high- pKched voice. Japan was shattered. The vast empire had collapsed like a soap bubble. More than 40 of Japan's cities were wrecked, two by atomic bombs. Millions of Japanese in rags roamed in apathy in the ruins. If the handful of U. S. soldiers who landed gingerly a few days later could have jumped the years and seen the Japan of 1954 they would have called it a miracle. Japanese walking the Streets or working on farms and in the fish- Commodity And Stock Markets- Ntw York Cotton (1*:* ^notation*) Open High Low Close ... 3410 3413 3405 3407 ... 3438 3439 3431 3431 ... 3453 3457 3453 3457 ... 3466 3470 3465 3465 Oct.' Dec. Mch. May Ntw Orltaits Gotten Open High Low Close Get Dec May 3407 3412 3433 3436 3455 3459 3468 3473 3407 3430 3453 3466 3408 3430 3455 3468 Chicogt Soybeans ing villages look well fed and healthy. Stores are crammed with attractive gooes.. Deep Illness since the war. Reds -Vot Liked The Japanese are Just as critical of the Soviet bloc and the Corn- But the prosperous facade hides j munist party in Japan has little Minister Shigeru Yoshi- a deep economic illness inevitable in a nation shorn of its overseas conquests and forced to support a population half as large as that of the United States on four home islands whose total area is about that of California. Japan must trade to live. It is spending twice as much as it earns. Substantial aid probably must come from the United States to see Japan through the next few years. Prime da's pro-American administration has adopted a tight austerity program to force Japan to live within its income. This austerity has caused business firms — most of them fly-by-night — to collapse right and left. Japan's old market in China has gone behind the Bamboo Curtain. Communist China offers all manner of trade bait to woo Japan from th United States. Some business leaders are interested. The markets in Southeast Asia are partly blocked by a lack of diplomatic relations. This is due to slow negotiations over the war reparations Japan is to pay the Philippines, Burma and Indonesia. influence. But a trend toward "neutrals" in the manner of India is apparent. A storm has swirled about Yoshida. The left and right wings of the Socialist party accused him of covering up the shipbuilding bribery scandals. They demanded he quit. The right wing Socialists called for peace treaties with both Red China and Russia. There is much hope in Japan that co-existence with the Red nations is possible. A heavy strain on U. S.-Japan relations this year was the accidental dusting of 23 fishermen in the U. S. hydrogen bomb tests in The incident boiled to mammoth proportions. Japan the only nation ever to be atom bombed, is touchy about the big bombs. Slow U.S. apologies and a statement by a congressman that the fishermen might have been "spying" on the tests did not help matters. The Communists have missed none of this and have combined attacks on Yoshida with propaganda designed to woo Japan. However, the outpouring of sweetness upon Peipinr and Moscow has had little visible effect as yet. Cabinet Fight Rages Over Metal Tariffs WASHINGTON (£>—A hot battle is being waged within the Eisenhower Cabinet over a Tariff Commission recommendation that duties be boosted on lead and zinc imports. President Eisenhower, who must make a decision soon, is being confronted with sharply conflicting advice from: 1. Secretary of State Dulles, who is reported asking Eisenhower to upset the Tariff Commission verdict on the ground that it would hurt such friendly countries as Canada, Mexico and Peru. 2. Secretary of the Interior McKay, Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey and Secretary of Commerce Weeks, who are arguing higher duties are needed to protect the domestic lead and zinc industry. Dulles, in arguing- against aAy Toshida's administration is be- Despite all the stresses, the set by growing criticism aimed L United States is Japan's best cus- both at him and at the United States. The steady stream of criticism of the United States in press and radio suggests TJ. S. influence in Japan, may be at its lowest ebb tomer. Force Its Army, Navy and Air remains under a treaty agreement to defend the home islands. The United States spends important money here. Sept Nov Jan Men 307 277 280 282% 313 280^2 283 Wheat 212% 215 213^2 211% 303 & 273V2 277 276 & 211 Vi 214% Chicag* Corn Sept Dec 164% 155 308 275 & 277% 280 2121,4 215Ti> 163 155 * 153 Vs N«w York Stocks 01:4* ««•*»**<>»*) A T and T 173 1-4 Amer Tobacco 58 5-8 Anaconda Copper 40 1-8 Beth Steel 76 7-8 Chrysler 58 1-8 Coca-Cola 118 Gen Electric 44 1-8 Gen Motors 81 Montgomery Ward 67 3-8 N Y Central 22 Sou Pac 46 1-2 Republic Steel 59 1-2 Radio 34 Dare-Devil Texas Pilot's Antics Fail to Smooth Path to Romance Studebaker 18 1-4 Standard of N J 89 3-4 j sa jd Helen agreed to marry Gene LONDON (.?) — The aerial exploits along the Thames of a daredevil Texan apparently haven't smoothed his troubled path toward romance. Gene Thompson, the 6 foot 3 crop-duster from Lubbock who two London bridges Wednesday in a bid for the hand of hometowner Helen Brown, radioed, a tale of unrequited love from his homeward-bound ocean liner. Helen "is the Comstock Lode, just like finding a bird nest on the ground," the 30-year-old aerial cowboj r exulted. But Helen, he told the Express in a telephone talk last night, is also <- mad as hell . . . isn't even speaking to me" because he took her dare and flew a light plane between the towers of London's Tower Bridge and then underneath the span of the London Bridge. The couple met touring Europe with a party of Texans. A friend Texas Corp 73 3-8 Sears ' 67 1-4 U S Steel 53 5-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. l-Pj—(USDA)—Hogs 6,500; active; weights over 180 Ib 25 to mostly 50 higher than yesterday's average; spots up more; lighter weights 50-75 higher; sows 25-50 higher; bulk choice 200-250 Ib 23.7524.00; one load choice No. 1 and 2 24.10: odd loads 250 Ib down to 23.60; most 250-270 Ib 23.00-75: feW 180-320 Ib 21.25-22.35. few head down to 20.50: 170-190 Ib 22.7523.60, few to 23.75: 150-170.Ib 21.5022.75: 120-140 Ib 20.00-21.25; sows 400 Ib down 18.25-20.25, few lots 20.50; heavier sows 15.75-17.75; boars 10.00-16.00. Cattle 1,000, calves 500; steers and heifers confined mostly to individual head and a few small lots, including some choice yearling steers as high as 23.50; mainly good and choice steers and heifers 19.00-22.00; cows activ and fully steady; some stress on cutter and low utility grades; utility and commercial cows 10.00-12.50, largely 10.50 up: canners and cutters 8.0010.50: bulls and vealers unchanged; utility and commercial bulls 11.5013.50; canner and cutter bulls 8.0011.00; high choice and prime veal- ers 20.00-21.00; good and choice 17.00-19.00: commercial and low good 13.00-16.00; culls 9.00-11.00. if he would emulate daredevil Britons who acrobat aerially around the bridges of the Thames. The party sailed for home before unromantic British police caught up with the American bridge buzzer. Now Gene says aerial enterprise wasn't Helen's only requirement for matrimony. His radio message to the Express last night filled out the picture: "Promised to marry me if I'd quit cussing, shave every day and fly under bridges. "She's very beautiful and I'm so in love. "If damn razor didn't, hurt so bad I could fulfill requirements. "Really no sweat under bridges. "Was sorta bumpy but no sweat at all for crop duster. "If boats wuda backed, Ida dun more bridges. "Man this Helen Brown is the Comstock Lode, just like finding a bird nest on the ground. "Now going home. Had do something. Time grows short. Pleeze no offense intended. Twas very foolish deed. But I love Helen Brown." The Express said it was sending Thompson a razor of the finest Sheffield steel. Gene said by telephone he hoped to bring Helen around before the ship gets to Quebec, but ''maybe I'll fiy under the Eiffel Tower if that'll turn the trick." tariff hike is reported to have stressed it would seriously upset America's drive to increase world trade by lowering tariff and other commercial barriers. He also contended foreign countries might retaliate by boosting their barriers against U. S. products. Humphrey, McKay and Weeks, it was said, are insisting that dwindling domestic output and decreasing employment in lead and zinc mines makes it mandatory to accept the Tariff Commission recommendation. They say some 8,000 persons out of 20,000 once employed in the industry are reported idle because of foreign competition. PHILADELPHIA L5>> — A federal ,court jury of seven women and five men today found nine alleged Communist leaders guilty of conspiracy to teach and advocate overthrow the government of the United States by force and violence. The jury, which heard 47 days of testimony and legal argument, deliberated approximately eight bourse before reaching its verdict. After the panel filed into the courtroom, the clerk asked Foreman Earl C. Glass, Chester, Pa., if a verdict had been reached. "Yes we have," replied Glass. "How do you find the defendants?" asked the clerk, as he proceeded to read the names of the nine defendants. Glass answered "guilty" after hearing each name. MCCARTHY (Continued from Page W start Aug. 30. McCarthy had announced he was asking the legislative reference service to survey precedents for his appeal to the Watkins committee to provide him with counsel. Watkins said the house often provides counsel for a member involved in an election contest, and that he believes there is some Senate precedent in contests against the seating of an elected senator. The Senate Wednesday voted Anti-Nudist Blames Press For 'Peeping Tom' Sentiment FORT SMITH (AP) — The Rev. Braxton B. Sawyer said in a letter today that it "seems to be the impression of the nation" h£ put on a ''peeping Tom show" at a national nudist convention last week. Watkins' committee a 330,000 fund to finance its inquiry, and Watkins said the committee was "'in agreement" that part of the money should be spent to hire a lawyer to be named by McCarthy. McCarthy is expected to select Edward Bennett Williams, a Washington lawyer who has sometimes been his counsel in the past. Doubt Expressed Watkins expressed doubt that the committee would be interested in a published report that McCarthy may soon be billed for additional federal income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service declined comment on the report, published yesterday by the Washington Evening Star. McCarthy denounced as "libelous" the Star's story that the Internal Revenue Service was getting ready to bill him for about S25,000 of income taxes and interest for the years 1946 through 1952. McCarthy said no one in the Revenue Service has indicated he owes "one cent" more taxes than he had declared. On the contrary, he said, "there is the indication that they owe me a rebate for what I was overcharged by the old Truman administration." On another front, McCarthy said he is ordering a staff study of a one-time Voice of America official's report that he was fired for telling the FBI about "Communist leanings" in the agency. Sen. Jenner made public yesterday a letter to the Rules Committee in which John T. Cocutz of (40 East 64th St) New York. City protested that he had been fired last fall for "cooperating" with McCarthy's investigation of the "'Voice" and because "I gave the FBI much information, a large part of which referred to a high official of the 'Voice'." The letter did not name the official. Typhoon Hits Okinawa SAN FRANCISCO OB — Typhoon winds of more than 100 miles an hour were reported roaring over Okinawa today in messages received here by RCA. The wind velocity was continuing to build up. Reverend Sawyer, who scuffled with members of the American Sunbathing Association at Battle Creek, Mich, during his on-the-spot campaign against nudism, said the press failed to report "one important fact .. . namely, I was invited by the nudists and publicly challenged by them to accept their invitation through the press." The Fort Smith radio preacher quoted a letter dated July 12 from the executive director of the Association, Norvall E. Packwood, extending an official invitation to the convention. Part of the letter said: •"You may use this letter as your introduction at the gate." Sawyer said when he originally went to Battle Creek he planned to observe activities from outside the nudist camp. But he added that after a story appeared in a Battle Creek newspaper which quoted an Association official as saying the preacher would be given the first chance to look around while keeping his clothes on, he decided to go in. The letter by Sawyer continued: "After they had admitted me inside the camp grounds, they then tried to force me into disrobing and violated their invitation to me completely." News stories last week said Sawyer was stopped at the gate and barred from entering unless he would disrobe. They reported the minister took movies from outside the camp during several days of the convention. At one time during the convention last week Sawyer happily told film to document against nudism. his crusade Two Soldiers Killed f 2 Wounded in Spree SEOUL, Korea LBZ—Two American soldiers were killed and two wounded last night when an American soldier went on a shooting rampage in the 3rd Division area, the 8th Army reported tonight. The Army said a soldier apparently went berserk, shot one of his companions and wounded two others. Names of the men involved were withheld. SEOUL (TPj—President Syngman Rhee returned today and was met by cheering thousands after his 20- day visit to the United States where he called for renewal of the Korean War. BesfSeffer... Ford's first in truck iales gains . . . with sales up 17.7% over the same months of last year! Why? Because buyers know Ford Trucks bring them greater value—feature for feature —than any other make on the market today. And only Ford Trucks give you Triple Economy . . . Gas-Saving Power, Driver-Saving Ease. Trip-Saving Capacities! IKE (Continued from Page 1) Ferguson (R-Mich), chairman of the Senate GOP Policy Committee, and some other Republicans also spoke out against the substitute. But Sen. Knowland of California, the Republican leader, announced he would vote for Humphrey's proposal if the original Butler bill became part of it and he argued strongly for it. Awkward Spoi Republicans found themselves in a position where they either had to vote for outlawing the Communist party or explain why they had rejected a bill that at least sounded more anti-Communist than anything they had proposed. The upshot was that, after some revisions in both the Humphrey and Butler bills and the welding of the two together, not a single senator voted against passage. If the bill should be brought to ». vote in the House, it might well b* swept to passage there. The question is whether House leaders will bring it up in view of the opposition that both Brownell and FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover have expressed to outlawing th« Com* Irate Women Demand Recount Of Ballots LITTLE ROCK \fr — A group of 35 women, backers of Gov. Francis Cherry, stormed the office of Democratic Party Secretary William P. Bowen and demanded a "recount" of the votes in last Tuesday's gubernatorial primary. The Little Rock women, who asked an Arkansas Democrat reporter not to use their names, declared, through a spokesman: that they were "tired, dissatisfied and thoroughly impatient with this type of politics ..." Unofficial figures gave Orval Faubus a 7,000-vote edge over the incumbent Cherry, Bowen has not announced an official count. Bowen, somewhat daunted by the rapid questions posed by the women, quoted party rules of the state that a candidate would have to file a suit in order to get a ballot recount. munist party. Humphrey's bill would provide penalties of up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 fine for persons who wilfully join or remain members of the Communist party and commit any act designed to carry out Communist party purposes. The requirement that they must commit some specific act was written in as a last-minute amendment at the urging of >S?n Cooper, who expressed concern about constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and thought. The bill also would make it illegal for a Communist party member "lo hold office or employment wtth aw tebor organization." N»w 6y*-ff. Ford F-1OO Pickup. Choice of V-8 or Six. Fordomatic Drive, Overdrive, Power Brakes available at worth-while extra coat. Ford's leadership in sales gains makes it possible for your Ford Dealer to give you the deal of a lifetime on your old truck, if you trade right now for a new Ford. If it's a used truck you're after, you can pick the model and size you need, at the price you want, from your Ford Dealer's selection of A-l used trucks. Best Buy... rr\ * t /"""•* * • ^* Triple Savings! i. New Ford engines give you the mightiest concentration of gas-saving power per cubic inch displacement ever in any truck engine line! 2. New cabs and controls help the driver to do his job better. 3. Top payload capacities, in over 220 models! FORD Mand*om« n«w Ford 8-ft. Pan«l (Deluxe shown) has one of the biggest payload capacities in the field! V-S or Six. Dust-tight, fume- tight load protection. TRUCKS MORI TRUCK FOR YOUR MONIY . . . and th+y fast fong«r, too/ Broadway 4 Chickasawba Phont 3-4453 If You'rt Ufertittd in on A-l U§*4 Truck—1« Sura to IM Yo*r The minister also had a remote broadcast unit with him. He is founder and speaker of The Radio Pulpit, Inc., which broadcasts over 27 radio stations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. With The Court COMMON PLEAS: Kenneth McMillin vs. Roy LM Lane. Suit for damages. Grass Fire Extinguished A small grass fire on North Broadway Street was extinguished quickly about 10:15 this morning, Pire Chief Roy Head reported. Grass which had be«e. #K wrJie* in the summer caught fire and residents of the -area, near Farmers Soybean Corporation's storage tanks, called the fire department. 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