The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 6
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_«LYTH.KVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER TkeEdHwY Letter fa AniwwinJ Mr. Ttfftr To the, editor:) Kr. "Stanlon A. Pepper, writing In Issue Blytheville Courier ol Nov. Wt'n, Is'all'Wt on the subject ol his discussion, Mr. Hitler holds power 'in Germany through the will and sanction of the German people. So does Mr. Roosevelt in America. When Mr. Roosevelt does for America what Hitlerism has done for Germany, that Is, show its how to dispose of sixty billion dollars of debts, we will all hug his neck If he will condescend to permit us. Mr. Pepper's jelerence to Thomas Jefferson reminds us of a politician's Fourth of July oration. Then he quotes Webster on Socialism, a deflnlilon which was given one hundred and twenty-five years npo. Webster would give a dlllcrent definition of Socialism now for since Ibat time Socialism lias stepped over out of Ihc field o( "Theory" into t-c proven ground of accomplished fact. FX>r the recognized leading nation of the world today —the one with the hlglrcsl morals, wlt'.i ' ik> kidnaping, no organized crbiie, no prostitution, doing more for Its women and children, Us working class, and the best credit ilsk of any capitalist nation today, is founded upon Socialist, philosophy.- So this Is the kind of nation which Mr. Pepper criticizes our president for recognizing. In "Webiter's definition" he says. cooperetion of Labor. Now how does Mr. Pepper construe that to mean that some one will sit around on the stool of do nothing and get wh'at someone else makes. That practice Is exactly what Socialism puts an end to; No Russian Bits on ..tie stool of do nolhlng and lives off what some other Russian produces. " But all over this rich and fertile valley one can sec men engaged In producing crops', giving one third and one fourth thereof, just for the privilege of tugging at, the plow and hoe, Now how b that for dividing up with those sitting on the stool of do nothing. As for Mr. Roosevelt's program ic. is only searching for something thit »•!!! work. He Is not concerned with whether it comes from the Republican, . the Democrat or the Socialist side of the },oase. The Imperative thing is something that will work. It is simply a question of a great nation of people getting themselves out of an Intolerable condition. Whatever it takes that 13 .what we will have for we have made up our minds to go forward. What dees. Mr. Pepper think would be. the plight of labor today if they were not engaged as they are now - ie tfelr ftiwU for Thanksgiving their cons, John and Richard, 01 Jotwsboro, and their daughter, Mildred, of Memphis. Charley Bassell, Sam Clark and Oscar king of Lost- Cane visited here last Thursday night. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, Dehton News Mr. and Mrs, Hubert Smothers are spending a few days In Oklahoma. Miss Edna Wright of Cape Ol- rardcau spent the week end here wltn her parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. E. Wright. Mr. ond Mrs. W. E. Skipper visited In Eaot Prairie, Mo., last seek. Cecil Longacrc of Three Rivers. Mich.. Ls spending llils week with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. I/ongucrc. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dunn were guests Saturday ol Mr. and Mis Albert Woodard ol Stceie. Wallace Piifh of Cottonwoo- spent the week end with Mrs. Ado Pugh. W. E. Wright made a binlnes. trip to Memphis Monday. GIFTS for Her FOR MI-"\ ONLY! ! ! If you v.Titu to »uil:e your wife love you ihe jcar round yivo iwr a Dodge or Plymouth nutuitiubik'. Reasonably jnk'ct! nnd equipped with all ihc convrMiL'nci's ucuj- to i woman's h<?ait ISAUNKTT AUTO SALES GIFTS /or Him ( STETSON I1ATS ti.y him a Gift Certified? miniature Hi Ur'rcl it. J5. i XICVV 3IKAI1 CLOTHING CO. in a I!o\ sue! L; Him GIFTS I r- Take away UK- drudgery of wash-; iim in the icmlng years miy| "Her" nn A|:ei Washing Machine.! i-:. i). <;KK SALES co. |- Half-Moon Mr. n'nd Mrs. Jack Emery vlsltcc Mr. and Mrs. William Widner at Lone Oak Sunday. 1-aVerne Hosklns has been II with an attack of n)>]>endicl[!s. Mr. mid Mrs. B. P. Gay, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs II. C. Buck attended n young peoples meeting at Dell. Mr. snd Mrs. John Ed llamon ol I-ctichvlllc visited relatives In thli community last week. Joe Porllock and Cecil Longacrc arrived from Tnree Rivers, Mich., last Sunday for a few days visit srtth Joe's patents. Tncy plan tc go to California for the winter. Miss Om Lee Hawkins i>pent the week end at home. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shuneyfell spent last week at Dell. GIVE 11EH JEWELRY You will have n'o trouble in ce- Iccling a suitable gilt for her from our large and complete sloe): of Jewelry and gift (-cods. ALDR1DGE JEWELHY STORE SILK Si:Ci].l(JKKS Daintily tailor,-:! of Flat Crepe In Blue, Peach, ['ink »ml Black A gift she'll appreciate. S2S8. J. C. 1'ENNKV CO. New Liberty News Miss Hill returned home does . government projects, and what think cotton would have brought tills fall with a seventeen mllllo. <thf government had not interceded? Let our critics lay down a constructive program that will give better results and we will all glad- lr..fpllo«-. for the day of the politician end politics Is at an end It Is 'now Policy.' ... > ' '• ''- WJJ. TUCKER : '.'..'•'•:' Blytheville, Ark. fadocio Announcement has been made o;:the. marriage ol Miss Emma Sue Halt of -Lexington. Tcnn., to Mr w« k°V !r '" r ' °~ r Bra «»doclo'. Mrs..pverturf .is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. c. C. Hall of Lex-' !3! ton - I*- overturf Is the son -of Mr. and. Mrs,. L. A. Overturf. Tile marriage, took place In Jackson : Tenn., December 1. Sunday' after spending several days with iriends in West Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Aycock, of Hayil, Mo., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Aycock and Mr. and Mrs. Ben /ycock nnd their families. The Rev. Mr. Horn organized a B. Y. p. u. here Sunday which Is to mi'ot each Sunday at 7 p.m. Mrs. Mill Medley and children have returned to their home In Osceola after spending several days with Mrs. Medley's parents, Mf. and Mrs. W. A. Lloyd. Mr. Ncal and family moved tc Gosncll Tuesday. Misses Mildred Jarratt and Lura Crook attended the League nnio'i at Dell Sunday. Several Irani here attended the shower at tlx^ home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde Lucius in hoi-or of M r . HUE Mrs. Van Moore who recently married. Mr. Stevens, manager of the Acme in, left Tuesday for his home In Mississippi. ATTENTION MKN! j A small cash payment will give | your wife Ihe perfect gift—A! HOME He- our llstlncs. THOMAS LAND CO.. WAVNi: KNIT HOSIERY Si. 413-a four ::iread. all silk, Hvkl, « g:ui> chiffon. 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Mrs ' Jack W'Ufcrson and daughter. Betty Jean, accompanied by Delno Holt of OcenH Ark., spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and-P. c. Holt. They left for home Sunday. WiUard Long, who Is working In Osceola. Ark., visited his parents Mr and Mrs. H. D. Long the past Mfss'Lora Long, who Is attcnd- In< Draughon's business college at Memphis, spent the Thanksgiving holiday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Long. She returned 'to Memphis Sunday. Mrs. McCutchen and Miss Pruilt of 1 the Central school faculty spent Thanksgiving at their homes in Tlptonvllle. Tenn., and Campbell. Mo., respectively. Misses Beatrice Holt of here and Eileen Permenter of Haytl visited Mrs. Imogens Llmbaugh of Sikes. ton Saturday. Raymond and Clinton Gallaher and Cleo Fretwell. members of the C. C. C. at alico Rock, Ark, spent the week end at their homes here. Toni and George Long and SANTA ROSA, Cal. (UP)—Barbers reduced, haircuts from 65 lo 50 cents after Santa Rosa Junior College students struck for several weeks-when barbers raised the price to $5. cents. , WARNING ORDER IN TliE CHANCERY COURT, CIIICKASAW^A DISTRICT' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, A R •' • KANSAS. • Georgia Junes Plaintiff . No._ 5737 • vs. C. Y. Jon-s, Defendant. The defendant. C. Y. Jones !s -arned to appear within thirty ''ays in the court named' [ n n lc sptlon hereof and answer tlu •omplaint of the pinintifl. GeorRla Jones. " ^Dated thk 29th day of 'Nov.. R. L. GA1NES. Clerk By ElUibelh Blytlic. D. c r *T W. Crawford, Ally. Ad Litem. 1-8-15-22 GIVE HIM JEWELRY We can solve the problem of to give "him." ALDIIIDGE JEWELRY STORK SILK 1'AJUMAS With or without sash, plain or biocaded. Ijest quiility, [ill colors. £u and S7.50. XKW 31KAO CLOTHING CO. jOivc a Pen and I'encil Set, Dill• fold or Shaving Outfit. ROBINSON DRUG STOKE |Only \3 More Shopping Days Until Cnrislmas. 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Chlcfcmmwba District ot Mls- -issippl County, Arkansas, within •hrcc months, to answer (he com- ilant (lied therein against them V, Union Savings Building nnd Loan Association. Witness my hand : nd the seal >f said court this ah ciav of November, 1933. ROW r ' Reid. Evrard * Hcndt ibn Attorneys for Plaintiff, n-24-l-ia We suggest Cosmetics. Purses. Candle Holder. Bud Vases. Nunnelly's Candles, Perfume. Aloihlz- •i's. Compacts, Stationery. Kodaks. FOWLER DRUG CO. •Ihe Perfect C-ift —What wo:ncn love — KAYSER'S' underwear, gloves, hosiery. Reasonably priced. Jack A]i]ilcbaum's ' Your sentiments arc best cxprtss- cd when you Miy it with FLOWERS. Iltaton's Home of Flowers. Family GIFTS DISTINCTIVK GIITS Aloml?x?rs, Pcifumc Scls. Bridge Cards. Compacts, Pangburn's Candles, Honbigant and Coty's Pirfume Sets. Heating Pads, and oilier ^ifts sh? ,vill like. BKI.L'S ntARMACY A Gift For All the Famiiy— A Drlco ligliting plant. Also De)co Radios for Country homes. I). B. GEE SALES CO. 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Poplar Corner ORIJER Lavcrne Prtoln: John A. Prtola and E. p. Wright are warned to appear In Ihe Chancery Court for he Chlckasawba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, within three months, to answer a complaint filed against them bv Union Savings Building and" loan Vssociatlon. Witness my hand nnd the seal of said court this I6lh day of November. 1933. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. Reid. Evrard <fe Henderson. Attorneys tor Plaintiff. 17-24-1-18 WARNING ORDER .ings Building and Loan Robert H. Allen; Betty C. Al-]l!on. ten: Kills-Jones Drug Company;! witness my hand and the rcall KCesc to kec!1 lllc nocks E. M. Ellis and F. II. dallor. asiof said court this 16th day O l ' receivers for Ellis-Jones ~ Company; and Ellis-Way their from Drug November, 1933. ' R. L. GAINES, Clerk. W»nda Pajre Rice; twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pet« Rice, died Sunday of pneumonia. Burial was at Minllt. i. A. Lictn gave a birthday party Mtmday night In honor of his 18th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Perry and son Curtli of Dell and Luther Perry of Kenrwtt, Mo., were guestt Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. George Farley. • Bob WllU»m* b tick this w«k. Mn. Boyd Tomlinson and children iptnt l«tt well end M ixxl Cut. Ur. aoa Vn. ]. w, Otboroe h«d Company, arc- warned to nnpcar Reid, Evrarcl & Henderson. In the Chancery Court for the Attorneys for Plaintiff. 17-24-1-18 Chtckasawbi District of Missis-; . sippl ounty, Arkansas, within three) Artificial flo-.-.ors were made in months, to answer the complaint ancient times i:i Rome. Esypi nnd filed against them by Union Sav- • china. RawFurWanted Go«d Prices - Honest .\ssortment Write for Free Price List Check Malted Day Furs Received Write J. H. Neumcyer, % M. S. Abel & Son, 801 W. Magnolia, LoutsvlUt, Ky. NOTICE The Wonder City Coal Co. is pleased lo announce •thnl Aubrey Conway is now associated with this company and he will appreciate any coal husinc-s yon misht sec fit lo jrjvo this company. Phone 477 Wonder City Coal Co. E. F. Fry Aubrey Conway Chinese nevev throw away the reel of orangey because it. con- j itlns valuable vitamins. | — "BURKE HARDWARE C.OMPAlNY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the. Largest. Hul the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We I'ay Cash - - We Sell for Cnsh. We have no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to how and why. Come In and He Convinced. \Ve Accept the Challenge. OUR MOTTO BURKK HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All Free Ice Water and R«t Rooms for Men, Wom«R »nd Children FOR QUICK STARTING BEST FOR WINTER Genuine BATTERY New, Stronger, 15-PIate Your OH Battery ami, Phone 811 Phillips Motor Co.

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