The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1937
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DKCK.MB1CU IS, 1<K!7 ULYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUKLUU NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily riile per lino lor consecutive insertions: Dili 1 lime lift line ............ lOc \\«i times per Hue. per day ...U8c Three times per line |icr day . .060 )i.\ linie.s jicr line per day ....05s For/ Sale Nice turkeys. Cull Roland 354 or 222. ll-pk-24. Fresh Alabama holly; ivreatlis and bulk; Beaton's Home of Mowers. Hi-ck-'JO Slightly used Supertax Oil Humor Stove. Medium slue, $-45.00. Hrawl nc»- Ravage Automatic shot ' j Bride at 13, Mother at 14 land Green at And Grandmother at 30 IB. married ut H. mul lias a 7- : court here. Arrayed before Ihci hiciiths-old diiuuhier. , jiKlne ven ;,tx hir^e pieces or' i Krriixrprnof p«|x>r, mid on each I l.ovi- Notes Willi Struk \vtvrv noles in (he lnind\vrltlni> oil NBW ORLEANS (Ul')-Mrs I<A1US <UP)-lx>ve-lcllcrs wr!l-l llu ' '"volck wile. j in,.ii., n n,.jt.,.. »n .._ ,-i r ten by ji butcher's wife ttiid sent I'auline Codler. 30 years old, of Shrevrport. if, a comely mid likely, 10 " cllst < >1 > 1( '>' wrapped round the Ouriuc Hie ralei candidate for the. title o( Louisl-'"" 1 " 011 eho " s " ncl filcalt antl kkt ' 1(i:|lf - llll "l <" new i ana's vounucst mimlmolher I '"'* wm mul ^ llll: divorce ;old was estimated ai ne\v Drowning Automatic t:onth rate per line tiOo i'ards of Tliunla; Ddc & 75c| Minimum clmi-ge 50c j isiiot };iin, •>,».:» C. C, Adams Jr., steele. JMo. lO-pk-'JIJ Ads ordered lor three or times and slopped before e.xpira- i.ion will be charged for the mim- I'cr of ((men tlie add appeared and kcljuslmcnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising, copy jubmillcU by i>crsons residing onl- Ude of (lie city must t« accom- (1111110(1 liy cnsli. Rate:.' nuiy lie lasil.v computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility uilj be taKcn (or more tliau one incorrect Uiser- (toi of any classified ad. Business Directory Visit Harry llailey's New CURVE IN CAFE On Ilijilnvjiv lil ;i( Uollantl Make one slop for P, c u r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh •Cnip- pio, Good Foods. COAL Delivered in niytlicvlllc. Iw St.1~> anil ii|>. ,\11 Coal Giiaiantced.— rhoiic 5-F-l & 87S ana's youngest . Mrs. Codler was married at 13 and was a motlirr at 11 Her! daughter. Mrs. Raymond Smith. the raleiidui yivir ul iind use:l curs at 11,01)0,000. Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Hooks with loose Sent binder. Cull 23D or TO. 15-fa-ta Dininc room suite. Davenport, .t Chair. Mrs. c. W. Alllitk, Jek-lf I0ac Dixlgc 1'ancl delivery trunk, A-l coiiclilion, $275. Phone 110. TOMEMADE"WINE" •lOe, Qt. Mail orders to II. Ci. Me liafley. Hi. a, BlyUicville. MULES FOR SALE Streamline COAL SU.OO & U|> ]H-r TON. Washed and Picked. Kim Traiilham Phone 41 MODERNIZED COAL iVasncd. Waxolized. Dust '11'ealcd • Mom- t'rados: Sa.50. ?4.00, 55.00 and Sf>.25 per 1000 jionnds. Plionc 100 for a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furniture WALLPAPER New JH38 ]i;i(tcrns. close lirite: ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 PHONE 103 FOR 'PETE' THE PLUMBER I Sli!! Make (iOOI) HAKNKSS MADDUX Harness Shop 6 room modern house at 1500 W. Ash. for sale or trade. See J. W. Maloncy. Clark tuul Railroad sis. Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Houlnson STHWART-ROKINSON StK'i-rdLs Cily Drug: Store We SnrelalUc in I'RKSCUIPTIONS Medicinnl \Vinc & Liquors 20H W. Main I'hom 20 for Rent Two unfurnished or narlly fur- nislud rooms. Adjoining b:iih. Privntc ojitranccs. Water & liuhis BARGAINS IN i\eiv *t lined Ftiruiliirc We Huv & Sell \VADK I-llUNlTUKi: CO. H:: W. Main I'lione. 155 2 furnished rooms, liijlits and wnler. 1403 W. Asli St. Mrs. J. L. Shanks lG-ph-20. Tailors :i room furnished [ip;irlincnt. 120 Biigan. hone 7B5-J nflcr fi P.m. MLS. Belle Wood. 15-ek-if THADi; VOUR Ol.I) KIHT IN UN i . A NKtV O\K IIKOKGK I.. MDIR "Blyllicvlllc's Only Tailor" We Allow S't lo 515. On liailroad south of Main SI. Shoe Repairing r iii'iiishe(l lioiii-e. Call Mrs. Taut S-IO-W .or, 545-J. M-i room apinlmciH (.-oivn.stair.s. 10f W. Kentucky, phone C83 ! (ir 4 room lurnisiied aiitirtment •J03 W. Kfiititcky. Mrs. Sisk. n-ck-i-i Quality Shoe Shop Tndny Hie onh' bargain In sli.ic reiiairina Is QuKlity materials ft workmanship. Rubber Hceis. 2?c up. Soles 50c up. Dyes. I'olislic.s. Inecs. Any shoes dyed lilack. ;2 coiiiforlulDlt.' bedrooms. |tr t I iKith. Genlleiucn preferrc<l. Phone j 101-W or llil. 1-ck-tf. Delivery H. JB. Campbell . . I'lione 120 Batteries SATTKKT SERVICE J. Ben Clune i'hone a at Tom Jsr-iuion Class AUTO GLASS We Deliver Hlvlhcvillc I'ainl. & Wallpaper Co. Wa Cut f.-. ln:;t;,ll PI 101 ic MO in (j_ scconc' AiHiounccuicnt 1 rcom residence, iniinediale pos- wssion. -in N. 3lh. Phone 2 Nicely furnishetl teclrooins. .j^ heat. Inncrspring maltrcss. Gil W. Main, Phone 280. - - •- TREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BEitNAT" KNITTING YAHNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper UK) Clilcknsnwba Phone 732 ANNOUNCING! The Oli.i'iunu or BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST ENTERPRISE Community Pork House —KKATUKlNi;— •l c 'rvsh Counlv.v SlyK- J. C. EVANS Box .004 Blyllieville. Ark. District Manager HAMILTON TRUST VUND SiKinsored By Ifamillbn DCjXisiloii Id-mi CliiT. .Shenliiel.s U ALSO Ililis. liai-khnlie. 'IVmli'ilmu. Virsli ll;un-i anil ilf ur \Vh»Ie). Siilc r«rk ami fine l.iuil. Pecans Highest Market Prices Goldstein lliik'K l l% ur(;o. Hour Jiw Isaacs' Store FARM LOANS *"• cr»an nnd Ur Artnnwti and Missouri 1,«w*-st 1:1 los—lowest viprnsf \\*n fltv pi tipiTtlrs J>ON H. KASSKKftlAN TliMiwti Ifliid CD, Olllce IV O, Box -HO, ['Done 521. We Specialize Ii\ Body & Fender Repairs Como In and See {Is Motor Sales, Inc. J'/cstimc llcatns H Drs. Wert & Wert OITOMKTKISTS Ovtr Joe Ismies' Btor« "WB MAKE '£51 HE*" !>1 lone 510 Wt> S|u*cinli/iv In T*T PRESCRIPTIONS if rhonc 141 FOWLER DRUG STORE Cil'AUAN'I'Kiil) ((HAI.ITV MKAT AM) STUKn'I.V Cl)ltM!:t) —I'l-epiiml l!y_ An Kxpert German Butcher anil ins|irch'il uml iiavifd by I'm HUT 1'nitr;! Stall':; IMvlilnii Hous*: Inspector. Get n curiitcd turkey Tor Cln', lai-.etl tin nur IIHII farm. UK1VK OUT AND SAVK liHI.IVKHY CHAUllWS BEE'S WHOLESALE PORK HOUSE (I'riili! Adtlilioii—'1'lir Ohl SI.JCIT riace) Turn Suiilll nil' lli^hnnv IS le giavpl ixiail lii-ltvniu Hi»' Grncrry anil Kiiliinsrii rilling SUilion, thc-ii tun lilnnhs S:KI>'I. i-:u:cTi(ic WELDING AT BUST I'lllCIW I'llOMI'T B1£HV1UE Barksdalc Mk Co, I'HONK (D PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! AM, <atAt)i:s DftV KtNOMNCi Wanted Pecans Price's I'aid WOLF ARIAN V. Main j'j, 0 ,, c j7i, USED MBS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. WANTED Junk Auto Tires and Tubes HENRY LOBERG f»IV \V. AMi fluiiir i] Used Trucks & Cars UBO (,'licv. Jijcliuj). ciowl 1|lmi $375. HIM 1'i ton ciicv. isr>" W. IJ. aiake body tu A-l wnullllon $27j Itt.'IB Internationid I'lekup $315^ lti:il Cliev, ID.')" w. B. I'lnUurin hudy, uood ' I''<••«. $115 Atit. TRUCKS OUAUANTEED TO PASS STATE IN8PEOT1ON Delta Implements, Inc. J'OJ{ ANY KIND OK HIGH GRADE COAL CAM, K. K. I''UY AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co, Now Lcrakil ui 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON lilWAHDS, i^niiricltv II makes «[ Itrbqin 'I'yucwrilcrs, Adding M.chlnoi «n( (.'alrnliilnrs-Keiialrliie—S'arts—Kidbonj COBB FUNERAL HOME Funeral i furnished rooms. 2 uixs downstairs. 014 llearn. Furnished house on Holly. Call Mrs. S. S. Slernbcrg ai 934. l'J-ck-tf Personal UAKKS Orders taken for homemade Clnisl- nias Oakc.<; and candies. .Mrs. L'.eovgc Gross. 'MO Lsike. 13-ck-24, Want l« contact 50 cirls inlercst- ed in incrcasine; their incomes ;>nd willini: to dtrote six months lime to leamini; hiphly paid pro| ft'Ksion (if Beauty Culture. New i School t'.t oijrii in Blj-thevillc Jati- unry 1st. Write for full details lo l.eslcr Fisher Oipson, 515 Krewson Air., ,/oiicsboro. Ark. We Give EAGLE STAMPS P1CKARDS GROCERY ,_ 1UI1 C'Mckasanha 1'hone tii.'t i 17- i i A ,• i - r»-n — j tvirby s Active Liver rills Radio ! Arouse Sluggish Livers Activo Liver Tills m-t i\l Ihr fn-l like it Mr.- |i?r«on. Tiici RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. •«" PHONE 155 •Vlld nl r Tills. Klrl-y l , Ktorc». Washinjr Wanted .Uxhh,,'. rail ..|,.<lrv & rmisJ.ert. <:••"! ! '"' y F "^,^, C11 ™ 1 ' '\ ow , tor slatc livcrcd. (i omlls .or lilatikels SI , A »'»oved Beauty School to open * ( yia ? I xvash eurtains "?, "'"ur , s( ' tCo ? l>frt ! rts " BI - vtllc ><-. Wtllv Hell r:,,,n.> ,,„;,',,,,! v '" c - Wnte Lester Mshcr Brown's Ice Plant. i- ., f' 51S K''i'»'son Ave., Joncsuoro, Ark.. j Ior rull details. Repairing | Kooi|1 an(1 Boar[ [ (inn repairs. Guaranteed «ork E \ ^ -","""; , "~ , M. Damon, 315 E. Main. Hc " m n , ntl *>™ A or mcals - l ™ I \V. Ash. Mrs. R. F. IiOivcry. rant CUO1> HUfT. Mack's TJeslauraril i next lo theater, Joiner, Ark. Help Wanted Lost ' l-'xi'-criencefl auto inechanic. i Roj' Cnlvin at l'liilli|M Used C.i i Lot, . 15-eK-S nunvn Irathcr coin purse eontain- '«:; about $21.50. Keward. Mr*. E. S. Alexander. W|>A seivine rnoin" Urge Tu D.uicc Too blronj MELBOURNK <UI'i—Dances (lie few in some parts of Australia. Wllllnm Packwaiti wanted to ,'o'aiicc sn lia;l!y that when his, train failed to stop at Ihc town I where he knew one wns In prog- ] i'»v hr pu.'lrd t!ic nn;rge.i!c>' [ - •- |tti-(i. .He jumped .off. went lo Hie Bats Pecan Company. Lumberton. Idnnce. A judge lined Inn. S40 next MiAS - , .day for stepping the train. Trees i'or Sai(; rinnt early bcnrin^ truit .tree.s nov.-. A JiKTUItN TJtJ!' BLOVv'M OFF'M TH' CLIFF ~ AS GOOD AS DEAD HE. LANDS F?IOHT OW 7H' CRITTER'S THEM OOWW ITS BACK HE TA^ES A SLIDE ' 7I^T^^T7~X_ FROM VOOM TO £ AMOPOOZV, ^^ BOV.WOTTA«lDE.^/\\ 'IM OUICK. 1 7H' CRAiV SOW 15 MUCH 7OO PA1EO 1O GET UP AMD RUM.' WELL, .FOR CRV-MOMEV AW WHAT'5_ME DOM' WITH LOOK .'.'I HOME-SIL- 6ELIEVE TH' CRIT1EIZ. PUTTIM' HIM BACK UP DM 7H' CLIFF ii-ck-lf __~__ HOOTS AN!) HKH JiUDUlKS NO'I' VJ'lltY Ki\a)tf|{A<;iNfJ BOT VOO KUST REMEMBER '6 H'o O OOVS'T YOU'LL W'OMLV v r '^w/^TTTf^- ^'•-'y* f :-iH R'r ^,' ~-'^'->^-UfJt.% -iOor/^-nT>.-xV</ ic. T^H.'SM. u.'s. p«'f.'<ffy; J I5y Crime WASH TUKliS F.ASY'S 01,1) (J1IU, t-'IUKNl) D TC LNELN, NOU MUfiS! ltd! VIW-JT NMD ts RE^ •1>3, OOO.OOO EXPLOSIONS , LOOK >NV\0'S BNW.ING ORPERS 1 . MOflE OTWtft KUECKLKS AND HIS FKIKND.S COME. COMB/ HOYS! I'M AFPA1D IT'S GOIWG 7D BE .A DULL- CHRISTMAS IW OUR HOUSE THIS YEAR .' UUTTY.YOLIR MOTHER PHOWED AWD SAID THAT YOU RE V/AWTED AT THE EXPRESS "THERE'S SOMETIHiWQ THERE FOR YOU ! C f RAVE OM owf ALL YOU KWOW CHEER UP, WUTTY..,,. MAYBE THIk'GS \VILL BRIGHTER UP V/HSW THE DAY COMES ' R3R ME "? SVHY

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