Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1891 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 8, 1891
Page 2
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1 Tlie AT WASHINGTON. Triumph of Boycotting, Bull' iff ami I-'iliIbii*tcriii;i. Aided l>j- Benedict Arnold Cameron and Democratic SHeiiec. The End Not Yet—A Fighting Man . Needed—Tl>e Other Side. IS IT "CROrj'IES .LIE DOWN." DEAK JOURNAL:—'The long- struggle over the elections bill is at last ended and the result is anything but gratifying to Republicans. Not only has a measure designed to aid fair elections, and secure a "free vote and fail- count" to the outrage and down-trod- en Republicans of the South been defeated, but also the supremacy of minority rule has been established. So-called Republican Senators in Congress, opposed to the elections bill'and fearing a square vote '"upon it have abandoned their majority rights and duties, quailed under boycotting and bulldozing'and practically indorsed the revolutionary program of Mills, Gorman & Co. $he defeat of the election bill was not unexptcted. Even if it had passed the Senate its fate on its return to the House, with a bare Republican quorum to depend upon, was, to say the least, very uncertain. There are many who think it should have been left, as' it was side-tracked earlier in the Cession, but when it was taken up again and cloture or closure, invoked in its behalf, a new question was put at issue. The minority openly declared its purpose to rule the majority in the matter. All legislation was stopped by every artifice of revolutionary, not parliamentary, filibustering in both Houses of Congress. The opportunity to assert and vindicate the right of the majority to rule could not have been more plainly presented. But several Senators, elected as .Republicans, were far from being equal to the occasion. Among them was Don Cameron, misrepresenting the great Republican State of Pennsylvania. He had just secured his election to his high position upon distinctly implied pledges of loyality to the lair elections bill. But he had also secured, by the forbearance. of Democrats who purposely concealed their knowledge of his shameless silver pool speculations, an immunity from certain repudiation by 'Ms State Legislature and he evidently considered this the larger obligation, HA and so his vote was cast against ma- IJ£;, jority rule to defeat the fair elections p; : bill. It was his vote that did |s,f the .dastardly work. He is yg- most .' conspicuously the Benedict jpS Arnold of his party. The silver Sen- jjg- aiors, including the gentlemen, from !&.-•. the '.-rotten borrough" of Nevada, had |iil; some small excuse in the greed of ||g their people on the coinage question. f|jr Cameron had only the "thirty pieces fe-.^of silver" gained in his speculation |4 y through, Democratic aid and silence. p:' Test and Dockery, Missouri Demote; erats, are.the accomplices of his cor- |s.; ruption, the promoters of his treason to his party and should be the spon- • sdrs of his baptism into the full com- imunion of the Democratic faith. He is a fit.companion for that other mil;; lionaire Pennsylvania Democrat, Tom pT::.-. Scott, who has coined his enormous k--wealth out of the heart's blood of ill|: paid labor. ';: THE RESULT. g; .The peace of conquest now pervades ;• the halls of Congress. Having won .•their victory the Democratic minority with majority rule and fair elections. If President Harrison should get a stalwart angry fit on him and pay back Democratic bulldozing and boycotting by turning a few thousand Democrats out of office in this city, he would ' 'hit the nail on the head." It is said that "all the world loves a lover." In politics all the world loves a fighter, and a fighter with power to inflict blows is just what the Republican party needs now. If the President should assume the aggressive on the line above suggested, and the Civil Service Commission should get in the way, he might easily make it as bad for the Commission as was the on- counter of the cow with George Stephenson's locomotive. At any rate the compelled submission of Republicans to the dictation of the Democratic minority is stirring the ranks of the party to their depths. THE' PTHER3SIJDE. In the meantime the Democrats have been making a record that, if American manhood is not a lost quantity, will yet come back to curse them. Their boycotting assaults upon the World's Fair are the most cowardly domineering and contemptible display of partisanism, bigotry and malignity that have ever disgraced any civilization. One step further and they will be prepared to say that any man or ' woman, or child, who shall in any manner oppose Democratic plans or policies shall be deprived of all political and civil rights and sold into slavery. POLITICAL OPINION. Such bull-dozing and boycotting is a fit accompaniment of the assertion of the right of the minority to rule. Both mean that civil government in this country must be swallowed up in the permanent supremacy and dominion of the Solid South and Democratic party, for if that combination fails to rule it proposes to ruin. If the Nation does not bitterly resent this boycotting EsPHon. Tom Keed still appears to to have his gavel anil the Democratic . minority well in hand.— Chicago Tribune. tSPSome sort of a ''force bill" is needed to restrain such members of Congress as Roger Quick-temper Mills, of .Texas.— N. Y. Mail and Express, SGSThe recent rowdy performances of Democratic Congressmen show what they will do when they have things their own way.— Chicago Journal. ES ? "*Tlie inalienable rig-lit of the minority to trample upon the will of the majority lias become a cardinal principle of the latter-day Democracy, — -Cleveland Leader. HEP-Mr. Cleveland's indifference to the wishes of the people and of the managers of his party has been com mented upon very widely since the election. Whether this -trait is characteristic of the man or not, his friends find much difficulty in overcoming the effect that his reputation for selfish indifference has had upon his popularity in the West— N. Y. Sim. (Detn.) m~Th& fight in the Senate is not over any legislative measure. It jg a fight between the majority and minority to see which shall rule. That and that only is the present contention. Is there any doubt in the mind of any reasonable man as to what should be the outcome? Of what use is a le<ns- lative body if a minority can absolutely block the wheels of legislation?— Detroit Tribune. USTThe people are gradually getting-to understand why it is that Democratic leaders lose their temper, rave and rant, and defy all considerations of decency and parliamentary obligation when a bill to seciu-e fair elections is pending. Ko other measure gets that party into such a state of passion. 3STo other party has ever acted as if its very life was at stake when anybody pro•^posed to make swindling more difficult — 2J....Y. Tribune. Met HlH Match;, Parkins—What a magnificent woman Cash.ly'8 wife is! Harldns — Ya-asjirtmt, then, he's a fellow who is always bound to get the best of every thing-. Parkins -H'm! I'll bet you, my boy, that he doesn't get the best of her!— Puck. Hl» Fate. "Here's an account of a robber who fell down the chimney of a Brooklyn boarding-house rig-ht into the grate-fire and lay there for half an hour before he was discovered." "I suppose he was burned to a crisp?" "No; he was frozen stiff."—Judge. —The Hero's Habitation.—Tenner Collum—"I'm writing a horrible tale in twenty-six chapters. I'm going to call it 'The Romance of a Corpse."" Weeks —"1 see. Gut what is the plot like?" Tenner Collum—"0, I shall have several plots. Each six by two."—American Grocer. like Humpty J)umpfy on Be Sure H you have made up your mind to buy Eood's Sarsaparllla do not be induced to take any other. Hood's Sarsaparilla is a peculiar medicine, possessing, by virtue o£ its peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation, curative power superior to any other article. 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Price SOc. ijignow;, with a blare of triumphant trum- fevpets and ostentatious condescension, l£ unblocks the wheels of legislation and P: the law-mill is grinding again. The ||Smajority humbly accepting the inev- |B;itable, adopts the terms of its surren- pder, and so the Solid South and the |f Democratic party are happy pfeagain, . with no one to molest p.ormake them afraid. Is this' to fjfbe the end of it. Let us hope not |fiThe free coinage bill of the Senate, |sf or which Senators have bartered so IJymuch, is,yet to be acted upon in the j|;House. Will any brave and true Ee||publican member of that body pass iffMs vote over the slaughtered remains g:of majority rule and fair elections in pfavor of their chief destroyer, free Coinage? Surely not. This Senate »f-free coinage measure has never been |above suspicion as to its effects upon business of the country. Now it against it the last words'.of the fjlate great financial authority Secretary |SVVindom. His solemn warning against t|it rings through the -land with > the jgtolling knells of his death and-burial. *^The revelations of the silver pool in- insult to American intelligence and manhood, it is further gone on the road to decay and revolution than even the pessimists have heretofore claimed. WITH HARNESS OX. The death of • Secretary Windom-, though remarkable sudden and in that sense shocking, was in other respects exceptionally impressive. In the Inie of his public duty he had just given utterance to . counsel and warning of the highest import to his country's welfare. He had presented the thoughts and conclusions of a great statesman and financier on the leading living questions of the day. No man ia all the land was better equipped for such a duty and oceasion, and his highly intelligent audience was worked up to an almost astonishing degree of enthusiastic commendation by the force of his reasoning and the power of . the simple eloquence of facts and logic, and so while the echoes of his voice were yet sounding in the room death claimed him. He died with the harness of the great office he had so ably filled all buckled on him. His life will live after him, and his last words are a rich inheritance for his country. They are words of experience, patriotism and rrpe Snancial wisdom. They ^should be read and pondered by every truth-seeking American. He was with the people for the expansion of our • currency through the • inter- convertible bond, and against the threatened contraction of free coinage. This great last effort of one of the admitedly ablest financial statesmen of the country, solemnized by the speaker almost as its last words passed his lips, should be published in every Republican newspaper Kli the TVcary Ilourn • 01 many a nigat, made doubly long by its protracted agony, the rheumatic sufferer tosses to and fro on his sleepless coueh, valalypraying for that roSt which only comes by ills and starts. Sis malady is one whlcn ordinary medicines too often fail to relieve, but there Is ample evidence to prove that the efficient blood depurent, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, affords the rheumatic a- reliable me^ins of relief. Check the malady In Its incipient stages, when the first premonitory twinges come on, with this agreeable medicine, and avoid years of torture. 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Chattanooga' and Nashville, in connection with prominent banking firms in New England, have formed a company to be known .is the Corporation of Dayton, for the sale of 'town lots, t-he establishmen 1 of .industrial enterprises, etc. It. is an assured fact that within* six months Dayton will have another railroad from the bouth-east, which will make it an important junction and transfer point for nearly one-fifth of the freight and passenger traffic between the Great North-west and the South-east. In addition to this it. is located on the Q. and C., one of the largest and most important of the Southern Trunk Lines. It is in the midst of the fertile and beautiful Tennessee Valley; has already an PS- tabhshed reputation as a prosperous and s. c . manufacturing town and some additional strength as a health resort. 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Let- the words of "truth and- soberness,' 1 made so impressive by their surroundings, have a hearing amidst the ravings and fanatical madness of the present hour. PERSONAL AND OTHERWISE. Hon. W. D. Owen, with Ms House Committee on Immigration is in New York investigating alleged abuses inflicted upon immigrants. All the government offices in the city will be closed to-morrow (Monday) ou.t of respect for the memory of , g. proposed to have a Land Sale December 3rd 4th and 5th, and special trains will be ran from New England also i'rom the important cities of the North and North-west, which will undoubtedly be a great success, as tie plan is to discourage extrayag-ant prices and put the property in the hands of the people atajnce where tliev can afford to hold and improve it. Excursion tickets, Cincinnati to Dayton and return, will be sold by agents QUEEN ANB CRESCENT KOUTE and connecting lines North Four through trains daily from Cincinnati without cl::in<re of cars. 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The course of its |?epublican advocates in the Senate of Congress condemns it. Even its hoped ppr. tendency in the right direction is shadow in tter available comparison with a financial policy. I . i&ppe and believe that free coinage will prepared as a corpse in the House e buried in the Senate cemetery Secretary Windom. Senator Spooner, of Wisconsin, and Major McKinley, of Ohio, are" generally believed to be the nearest in the succession to the Secretaryship of the Treasury but it is doubtful if either one of them can be induced to accept the 'position. Col, John C. New .is also-spoken of, but in my opinion the man has not yet been named, unless. Secretary of the Navy Tracy .shall be transferred to the Treasury and Clark•son, of Iowa, put in Tracy's place. 'The National Association of the veterans of war with Mexico, will meet in this city on the 21st inst., and as I see that my old friend and comrade, Major McFadin, is-on one of the committees, I am hoping I may see him here at that time. I wish Col. Bringhurst,. Capt. ; John B. Grover and the other "old boys" could come Miles' Xpjrve an 'il/iver Pills. An Important discovery. They act on the liver stomach and bowels, through the nerves. A new principle. They speedily owe biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation Splendidformen.womenandchlldren. 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