The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 5
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FRIDAY, 1033 BLYTHEVII.LK, (ARK.)' COUHIKR NEWS PAGE nv» MODERN HCME NEWT Conducted for this newspaper In tilt Florence ISrotxck, Editor ot Its women readers by recognized authorities on nil phases ot Iwmc making. Mrs. George Thiirn, Associulo Kditor A. New Kitchen On Your Christmas Tree? ccans and Ten of Twelve Pound Hen Is Best Says Mrs. Ten or Twelve Pound Hen Dear Friends in BljrtheviUe: Turkeys are going to be cheap this year according to the market forecasts, so why not plan to serve one on Christmas or New Year's or at some festive family dinner during the holiday period. A good turkey on the table must begin with good marketing. Select the bird from a reputable dealer. A bird weighing not more than ten to twelve pounds is the best and a hen turkey Is also more tender than the more decorative turkey cock who struts as the leader of the flock. The bird should be plump with broad, full breast and have pliable, smooth black legs with soft, loose spurs. The.shorter the neck the better the bird. If the dressed or live turkeys run'small, It is better to buy two small ones t'nan to insist on a larger bird from tlie "show" stock. The Roistlns Allow fifteen minutes p;r pound for roar-Ing a young bird; eighteen to twenty minutes for larger birds. Lay the dressed and prepared turkey in the roasting pah on its side: "lard" the breast with strips of salt pork or bacon; baste oftener than chicken. To prepare the turkey for the pan, wnxh the whole bird in cold water as scon a-3 you are ready to begin the seasoning and preparation; do this whether the bird has been dressed by the butclier,'0r-at home; let cold water run through It, but do not, let, it stand In the water. Be siirc that, nil the viscera c iokiny." are removed. Then wlp? clean with fresh cheesecloth. DD not throw away fcsl. wings and neck: but us r j these In mrtkui^ soup nnd stock. TJ dress His giblets (lieart) liver and gizz.irdl remove arteries, veins and membranes and any clots o.I blood. Cut off and discard any greenish part of the liver and be sure that the sail bladder is thoroughly..separated from- the liver- a'liri' thrown away. Remove 'It carefully so as not to break it. and wash .the giblets in any case, with cold water. Remove fat and membrane from giz'ard, cut thm the thickest part, remove the inside without breaking nnd throw this awav. The giblets if properly treated make a most delicious addition to the roast, but badly handled may give a sirong flavor to the bird nnd the gravy. Have the market man truss the bird's less, or dp ii at home, by drawing the thighs close to the body and inserting r skewer under the middle joint, runninj it tlirough t'.:e body, letting it, come out under the middle joint en the other s:de. Place wing.-; close to tlie body and hold with a skewer. Tic tie drumsticks with a' Ions string. Remove when tlie bird is roasted and ready to serve, beina careful not ID tear tlie flesh with the jknvcrs cr string. Season Carefully Jlub the outside of the turkey as well as inside tr.e vent with plenty of .sail, iifing al least, two tablespoons for nn eight pound turkey, nnd at least cue teaspoon of pep|?er. Tuck a small piece of ba- cou or salt pork under each wing. Rub the breast with (at, nr lay in strips of fat pokk as • suggested above. A roasting pan with close fitting I cover is bsst; in it place one quarter cup of water and heat, lay in the bird and cover the pan; no basting is necessary with this sort of pan until the bird is half done; then baste it; continue roasting until, fifteen minutes before''the required time limit, then turn the turkey over on Its breast so that the juices run into trie breast meat. Uncover the pan for the first fifteen minutes of roasting so the bird browns. If an open roasting pan is used baste every fifteen LESS EXPEEHE ,T GllISI ED ji'cuncl Meat Dislics Ap- on securely with tooth picks, pour the water left from cooking the cubbagc leaves Into a ittcp skillet and when bolllnc lay the n'.ulljd cabbage leaves'In It. Cover lightly nnd stcnm until the leaves arc very tender and the meat Is cooked; turn wllli a wide spatula or pimcake turner several tbnw. After about one halt hour's cocking uncover and let boll until inn water is -gone, then add tho bul- (er nnd let the stuHfd cabtagc fry until browned. A well designed nnd handsomely decorated kitciien which is typical' of American an women may have with a httlc forethought, and planning.' .-The Alining, .stn an electrical dishwasher,'ill? white enameled cupboard 'doors 1 ' conceal .usefu the nut model stnlnl".=s met supplies, the pine doors.below serve the sanic purpos.e v The.'flo' and the casement windtfjS'arp, flahk'ed'hy dccbfat'lv 1 -es ••'' ' ••' ' ' '"' i'hc .'fld&r Is linoleum .' llCh'L-S Of of Ilagston ,clf niches. Many Candies for Christmas • Can Be Made Long in Advance If yen are .planniug to.make I penouchi, fudcr, fondant, butter creams or any othtr Christm»s confcclloncrr,: It might be writ to h«d the prtcaulions Sister Mary gives brlow In the second of her rcrln of six articles on Christmas BY SISTER MARV NEA Service Slaff Writer As Christmas nears it's time to think about ranking Christmas'can- dies. Particularly fondant which is better for a period' of ripening. There are many other candies, too, to be made for Christmas' boxes, delightful glfls from our own Kit- ohens. : - ' ^ ' > There are certain precautions to keep in mind »-r.en making canriy of any variety and perhaps a brief list of them will be helpful. First, always have all the Ingredients and utensils at hand nnd ready before beginning to cook the sugar.' Second, do not let candy boil un:il tlie sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Fondant Is stirred until the mgar is dissolved, and the boiling point is reached. After that do.not stir. All candies containing nfilk must be stirred while boiling to prevent sticking and scorching. Stir slowly and use a wooden spoon. Wiping Down Crystals Be cure to wipe down crystals from the sides of trc pan when making fcndant. A pastry- brush dipped in water or a bit ol clean cheese cloth wrapped around the tines of a fork, dipped into water nnd the tan be used. If the sauce pan Is covered for a few minutes ol the time, the crystals should be wiped :!own as soon as the cover is removed. The wiping down should be done before the candy starts to boil and frequently during the coking period. Another precaution is to be sure to let the candy cool before beating it. Tills applies to all fine grained candles such as fudge, fondant and pcnoiichi. A round-bottomed, pan much danger of overheating. It's a good idea to cut the chocolate in small pieces. It will take at least thirty minutes for the chocolate to melt because the water which surrounds it is of only lukewarm temperature, not more than 110 degrees p. The choco!a!c • itself should be about 80 degrees P. during the dipping. Dipping Do not try to work with less than one pound of cr.ocolnte because it's impossible to keep less at the proper dipping tcaiperature. ' The centers to be dipped should be placed at the left, hand, the melted chocolate . directly : in front and the.waxed paper-covered trays at the right. Ttie dipping can be done with Ihe fingers, a fork or a regular b:us)ietl with olive oil. :ovor with a dampened cloth an dlhen cover the bow! lightly and let stand several dajs before using. Flavor when ready to form Into shrews. . IJullcr Creams One cup fondant, 4 tablespoons butter, 1-2 toaspumi vanilla. Work butter into fondain. Attd vanilla and beat until thoroughly mixed. Put into a bowl, cover closely and let stand in a co!d place until chilled and firm. Form into If They Arc Properly Prepared. When liv.'spc-nsivc cuts ot meal. .'Mxvhilly ground mixture 1 " sire Imj cook.'d. they s'.'.ould have the ii'-st careful stasouljii;. and In most (.'.IMS they ought to be served with uvll S'.'Lisonrd sauce;;, Tlio following rtlslK's are nppo li/.llij mixtures well suited to the ni.iln dish of a family dinner. Mi*xlr:ill Mr;it Hulls lirlml two pounds of the upper loniid of beef very fine with one <|;er of an cnion. Si'.ak two .-'.'.res of bread in a Hide warm u.itcr, then press mit the wutev and mix the. bread with Ihe meal. A<id one well beaten ryg, one half '.iM.'.iKKin still; emu fourth tca- ^;:i_on pbpper. S^ape into balls cilMiil the sirs of a walnut, roll 1" t'.cur. and iantc In hot rut. when lH;hlly brouncd on nil sides, add ono cup of canned or frcsli loma- iivs and oiii! tablespoon of In ITU- ?c:i vinegar. Cover nnd cock for '.:-u minutes, then add throve cujr.s r: liol iMiler (ir beef bouillon. Cover nnd simmer for cite hour. Many conks simmer this in the oven in a cnssi'rolu InsliNul (if the ill smTrnn" fr "" 5 I™"' Al tllc cml ol " 1C llo " r ' in .IIIIK tun j rcniov( . mpat ba ||,. (() n hol 1)!lU _ • utensils I,,.,. gnniish. wllh p^-sipy, nm i 'thicken the gravy with a little flour if It needs it. Serve with inomid.s of fieslily conki'd rice or potatoes. Swedish Meat Hulls Osceola Society — Personal church attended the first meeting of tho scries n^ tlie homo of Mrs. K. L. Cole, w|fe of the pastor, Monday nttomocn, when Mrs. Cole talked informally .ot missionary work In China and .Japan, lima- tiallnu her talk with nn exhibit of souvenirs rjnd objecls of art fioui oriental countries. Eleven members attended tho Wfond of the series of nicellnfiK, which wns held Tuesday afternoon nl the homo of Mrs. C, C. Howcn, wllh Mrs. Brown loading. Mrs. II. Hi Hrooks l«l lli>> tcrvlco when the sociely v;as In chtiriio of the rcs- iilur mid week prayer meeting nt Ihc church Wednesday evening, unit tlie scries closed Thursday afternoon wllh n meeting nt the country home of Mis. V. E. Toinp- klns. Thirty members attended tlv mint! lily meeting of the Oscoola Womi'iis Progressive clnb, Tius- dny ufteinoon In • the Methodist church parlors. Tho • club room nt court house Is being redecorated as part of the CWA project. A pi'uKi'nm oil International relations was led by Mrs. W. E. Ilinu, who trm'Cd n trip around Ihc world, uslim a InVfic Presbyterian Ladles Anxlll- liavc a Christmns i«rly married here November 28. by Magistrate W. P. Hale. ' •'• -:-;i Virgil Cunningham and Mis* Thclma Holder, both of Etowah, were married here. November 28; ..Magistrate W. P. Hale said "'the • ceremony. Albert Moody and Miss Nora Mauby were married hero Nov. 20. Magistrate W .P. Halo said tho ceremony. ' A ceremony milling; In marriage Vcrr.on Wnlker nnd Miss Llllle May Deck, Ixtth of Oaceolo, 4 was IKi-froined hero List Saturday. Magistrate W. p. Hnle officiated. Nellie Jenu Coleman, -small (tnuglilor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coleman, Is seriously 111 at the hcme of her ernndinother, Mrs. J. W. Cnrtwrlghl. In Osceola. Mrs, J. J. Dlllard returned to her home here Tuesday after a visit with her daughter In Oxford, MLs. Hry ,i w cvcl ,| ns O t December 18 nl the William Rard Eilrlngton young of Mm. A. P. Splnsc. The son of Mr. and Mrs. J W EdrinK- ' ' " nnd lalklne briefly and entertain' Inglyl of each country visited. workshops pattern marbles and dip in chocolate. I'ejMKTinint Wafers One cup fondant, 2 or 3 drops i cil of ]}eppermint. Make fondant into a lint cake Miss Aline Word, Osceola attorney, delivered an address on "Some Accomplishments of Ihe p:i:ty wn.s ptnnnnd ^Tollday nfler- laxin when Ihe members met ftt ! lhi v church to pnck the box of I'invlslons they sond nmuinlly to! Ihe Veia I^iyd PresbylciIan Home nt Monltcello. Mrs. \V. E. Ilurton was. hostess to member.'; of tho Christian \Vorkern al a business session Monday. . tulli , s h f ' , 5 week, suffering fVom „ cnof llo mumlB> Disarmament Conference," and \\. C. nryan talked nn Inrlff, presenting arguments Announcrineiil Is mnde of and drop pep]H.'vminL into the center. Work with a wooden spatula or the fingers until smooth and thoroughly mixed. Make Into lint shapes about the size of a half- dollar and coat with bitter chocolate. Ouo nnd one fourtii pounds of l:i'cl from the lower round; one fup dry bread cnmibi; one cat >li|!htly Iwnlcii; two-thirds lea- t|x:oii salt; one-eighth tensix) 1 )!! i:epp?i'; one-fourth teaspoon nul- irog; three slices salt pork; two tablespoons xlioilenlng; two slices pnbii; two tablespoons flour; one and three-fourths cup stewed and strained lomaloc:;. Trim and wipe the meat then put. tlircugh the grinder with the dry bread crumbs. Mix with t'.ic slightly beaten egg nnd the sea- j soilings. Make into balls and let stand in the refrigerator for nboul emnlzed al the home ot Ihe bride's pincius on November 25. MnRls- liale W. P. Hale officiated. Tlio bride Ls a prtuluale ot the O.-:ccoln lilgh school and for sov- •"••;~" •",'''-i enil years hns mnde her homo in uy the folio*- 1[U|(W wh( . re 5j , 3 cnn ,i oyci i |,i u Mesdnme.1 C. I.. w ofr|( . Ci Ml . pftvy ls a m . BV mil ciuTlcr nt Marlon, where toy vlll make their home. - A. Hicks and MIPS Mnndy >r. both of Sandy Bayou, were Nut and Fruit Roll. one hour. Heat, the salt pork slices and brown the meat balls in this; meanwhile hciit the two tablespoons of fat and cook the sliced onion in this for three minutes. Add Ihe Hour to this and stir smoothly, then pour on 1 the tonia- tces and bring to the point. Season with a littl niiirkel, and nu nrgunicnt from the M-.indpolnl of wages nnd ci1i- plnyment. Miss Calhcrlnc Harwell played srvernl national anthems. Rcfivsliments were served nt Ihc close of the IIKJI IIIR hostesses: Mesdnme.i C. I,. Dinke. J. W. Kdrliigtoh, H. J. Hnle. Clco. Kd rind on', S. L. Glad- Ish and K. M. Jnffe. • * * Mrs. W. I,. Segars wna elected pifslilcut of Ihe Mclhodlst Wo- mens Missionary society nl the annual election of officers Monday afternoon. Mrs. G .B. Segiaves wns elected vice president, Nfrs. 0. W. Knight, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Morrison, recording sec- rclnry; Mrs. S. M. Hodges, chnlr- mnn of publicity; Mrs. O. 1 Drnkc social service chnhnitin; Mrs. Margnret Darblers trcasurci-; ^frs. E. ij. Movarity. chainiuui of the Outlook magazine anil Mrs, Oca. Abrey chairman of supplies Mrs. D. C. • Morchcnd, wife ot Hie pastor, led the nftcrnoon's lesson from "Clnistlnn Principals b Making 'and Using Money," will Mcsdames Margaret. Barbters, Heft riclta Oongh, J. W. Edrington mil H. Nf, Rhcubusli dLsci'Luliig topics Sixteen members were present. Members of the Baptist Womna week ar season 6 mnrrlnun of Miss Lucille Kvnns, " 1(! dinigliti'i- uf Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed for i Evnii!) of Osceola, and Mr. n. O. Davy of Marlon, which was fO\- boiling nddl- Two cups fondant, 1 cup broken' nut inchts, 1-2 cup sliced candied .„„„„, „ .„_ „. „ ,, 61 ,. u , cherries, 1-2 cup sliced candied', tional sail and pepper. Add the candy dipper. Drop the center in-11'incapplc. 1-4 teasi>coii vanilla. .meal balls to tllc sauce, cover and to the chocolate with the left hand, press It down with the right hand until completely covered, then lift it out wiping off excess chocolate on the side of the bowl. Drop the covered center on the heavy waxed paper covering the tray and .twist your wrist slightly as the chocolate leaves your ringers to give the swirl on the top. If you intend to do much dipping oil-cloth covered boards are " a convenience to have on hand. For a psund or two cf chocolates the waxed paper covered trays or platters can be used but for any large amount of dipping the oilcloth covered boards are better. The centers must be completely covered. If there is the times'. Ls altmiimuv best for cooking candies. Nevcr use an enameled pan that is cracked or otherwise Imperfecl. An aluminum pan prevents overcooking because the syrup can be llie center will ooze out and spoil the appearance and keeping qualities of a whole box of candies. Fondant Two CUJX5 granulated sugar, I-S teaspoon cream of tartar. lew- grains salt, 2-3 cup boiling water. Mix and sift sugar, cream of tartar and salt into .1 smooth sauce pan. Add water and stir until sugar is melted. Put ever a low firo and bring slowly to the boilina point. Place a pan of cold water close to the pan of ccokiug syrup and wlj>3 cff crystals as they form. Cover pin nnd let boil two min- ntcs. Remove cover and swab o!f cooled the mmute ,t is removed crystals. I soft ball Boil uncovered formed until a Work fruit nnd nuts into fondant. Add vanilla and form into a roll about 1 1-2 Inch in diameter. Cover wllh oiled paper and let stand in a cold place until firm! "lul, in slices ami dip in chocolate or use plain as preferred. Nuts can be wrapped in fondant an dlhen dipped In chocolate. Preserved cherries can be drain-,. cd from their syrup, wrapped ill; fondant and then dipped In a mixture of sweet and bitter chocolate. Crushed pineapple can be drained from Its juice nnd m:xe;l with fondant and the mixture ilmprd in small marbles and dipped. Dates are a delicious confcct'.in fluffed with vanilla flavored fondant. Small patties of fondant, arc topped with an unbroken half of a pecan cr English walnut. A blancl-.ed ahncnd, half of a candied cherry, a thin slice of candle:! pineapple or even a cube of bright jelly can be used to give variety to a box of Christmas candies. Tnmr.rrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Apple sauce, cereal, cream, crisp broiled bacon, muffins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cream of potato so:ip, olive and nut saurli prune pudding, milk, tea. DINNER: Pot niast ot beef -.vith browned vejctriblcs, tcmnto jell; snlad. molasses pudding, milk, cot from the fire. Moreover, candy can be stirred in an aluminum pan without pouring out onto a slab. The pouring cut and dripping onto the slab or platter may cause crys- d arc leste ., , a o{ fee. Missionary Onion this observing the annual prayer for foreign missions. Twenty- four women of tli MOONLIGHT Ni-xl Door to -Kabcrs Grocery PLATE LUNCH - 30c Home M.lfle Pastries Frlc:! Clitckcn - Steaks HURT nUGAN, Chef CRAKE A Raw Milk Vlione *M Craig's Dairy BUY MOW* UP! PHILCO 57C w r*mp»rt m»JrI that it- vn irallro mnd alrptine U In addition U rrffnlar fr»m». New rlcclro-rljr- ntlr H"-»Vrr. tlnvlifvl A Genuine PHILCO Incrcnsci! prices nrc lioiind to come sunn en all radius. Get your new 10:il 1'IIILCO now while prices arc Hiill low. The biggest values on Ihc market! HUBBARD FURNITURE COMPANY let simmer in the oven or frying pan one and one half hours. Cast Indian Meal Halls One pound rnw beef; two stalks elery; one small onion; one tablespoon parsley; one tablespoon tirry powder; two eggs; one half up bretid crumbs soaked In nough milk to cover; one h:ilf easpoon pepper; three fourths caspoon salt; hot, boiled rice and omato soucc. Put tr.e bed, celery and onion hrcugh ihe meal grinder together. Then a:!d llic cnoppcd parsley, ne beaten eggs mixed with the iLi-'ry powder and bread crumbs and seuconing. Make into balk and ry in deep, hol Int. Serve with a wrdcr of freshly cooked rice and ;our over all a highly seasoned tomato sauce. anil Cabbage One ]i;und minced uppar round of bcuf; one .slLe dry wlnle or rye bread K>ake;l in enoiiga milk to soften it; one medium sized onion; one beaten egg; cue teaspoon salt; one half teaspoon black i>epper; one fourth teaspoon paprikn; one head cabbage; two tablespoons butler. Mix the softened bread with tl'-e finely chop;>cd meat and witn t:.c chopiieil onion, beaten egg unc seasoning. Shajic into small ob longs. Remove some of the larger leaves from the cabbage, and boi about five minutes. Wrap a leal around each mcnl oblong and fast- u , -. AN INVITATION ;,- --._ YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO VIEW THE4NITIAL SHO,WING OF THE NEW FORD V-8 For 1934 NOW ON DISPLAY minutes using a spoinful from two-thirds ot a cup of hdt water in "which two tablespoons of butter are melted. ftUo baste with the liquid in the pan. tf trie bird browns toa fast rover with waSed paper. For a crusty surface, rub the bird with flour at each.lust* Uw. Sonic ccoks add a little lemon juice to tr.e valcr and butter hast- ing sauce. \ tals. stufflngs have been given previously on the page; It; Is well to remember tbnt convmfal. can; ned corn, oysters; celery, oliyei •ini nut* make delicious sddltiftns to the bread hlUt'ures. Chopped parsley, s^ge, and poultry seasoning are favorite additions also.-Remove the stuffing and brovni it-!n * pan in the oven; or leave in.thf bird and serve ' from • the turkey platter with the meat. Make a gfavy In. tlie roaslbig pan , ^y thickening wltn a little flour, snd adding cream, or hot water, cr h" 1 bouillon. —Mrs. George Tham, The catnsh of the African Ftvemps Is the only flslj which will s-i-im upside donn; other fish fo.ind In that position ate cither dead cr djiiij, When it comes to making chocolate dipped candies, personal skill as well as definite knowledge \ is necessary. I can tell you facts but practice alone will make perfection. Choosing {'hocolale Tt is essential to have the right kind of chocolate. Ordinary rook- ing or =-,veet chocolate will not do. There arc several brands cf a spo- cinl coaling chocolate manufactured for this purpose. Both sweet and bilter coating chocolates are available and if much dipping is planned yo-.i will need both — sweet for covering nuts and fruits and bitter, or a mixture of bath, for sweet centers. CarefuJ control of temperature of both the room in which the dip-, ping is done and tl;c chocolate ;lt- Self'ls of tlie utmost importance. A dry,, cool room of. a temperature of about CO degrees F. is necessary. ;Be sure no other cooking is going, on while dipping the chocolate • because escaping.-steam will make . the chocolate gray streaked. Melt the cr.ocolate-slowly over warm water and be'it U frequently water. The candy Ihermoinctcr should register 238 degrees p. When syrup Is cooked enough, immediately put the pan into a larg- pan cf cold water and let stand j undisturbed imUl'cwl. Beat will\i •coden spoon'' unlil ctetutv. 1 Wren too stiff to stir turn nplc.:; large platter or marble slab' pprt kncd until foil. Put into a !«*••' while heating. • ; This . insures a smooth, even coaling, ihtck and glossy' and altogether satisfactory Do not put the doilble bdller over the flame because there Is too mark (above) ii your hey loorar»treoiuT6 In wir.ty, fuM-^OYOred leafro-n India . . . Iht land where lha wwld'l fin«t Ita 11 grown. To gitginyine. India tea. In addllion la Itif brand name, on «v»ry potVag* of ltd jre-j buy. FOUND. A coffee w.illi ilui ROASTING dale on llic can At last you can buy coflco nnd know exactly when it was roas'.^fl. Four Leaf Coffee hns the date .s!nmp?d on each enn. assuring you a FRESH, coflco. full of the criginal a:oma and tioiicate Ilavor. No'.v reasonably priced. Look For ihe Roaslinii Dale Central Coffee Co. Four Leaf Coffee NEW DUAL CARBURATION SYSTEM NEW CLEAR VISION VENTILATION NEW APPEARANCE AND APPOINTMENTS \Vc invite you to sec lliu New 1-Vinl V-8 at our showrooms and takn a ride ii 1 it at' tlie lii'St opiiortiinity. You will find it the most completely .satisfying cur you have over driven. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED (DEALER

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