The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE FOUJl , (AUK.)' COD III LIU NEWS THE BI-YTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAIh'ES, Publisher Cole National Advertising Representatives: ArfcKjisas Dallies, Inc., New York. Chicago, DeBolt. St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, MeniplUs. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mater at Hie post office at Blythevllle Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City ol Blythevlllc, 15c per wfek, or 05c per month. By mall, within a radius of 55 miles, $3.00 jwr year. $1.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by mall In ixtstal zones two In six. inclusive. $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight .(10.UO per year, payable in advance. •How to Determine Your City's Assets A group of resGiii'i'lici'ii I'IIJIH Teadi- trs 1 College of Columbia University ]>iit tfOO American cities under llic nii- ciuscopo recently lo learn wlial it is dial makes the (liii'ercuee.s liutween ;i good niut it hail city. Cilie.s liave cliarai'tcru, jiwl lilcc pou- |ilc. There arc. busy, prosperous cilics thai nobody likes becimse they are w> obviously on the make; there are down at-die-hecl places whidi nolucliow niun- »KU to be friendly and appealing ; there arc in-bttwcen towns that don't look like much ut first glance but that arc uicc when you g<>t to know them. \\ r hat is that elusive .something that sets such cities apart? The Columbia savants wanted to know ; so they began a complicated but cmiiH'nUy sensible examination to discover what it is that a good city has which a bad city lias not. When they i;ot Uirotijih Ihey announced that it is the character of a dly's inhabitants, rather limn ihe city's economic advantages, Uiat makes for civic "goodness" ; and before you say that you knew that in the first place, look how they used lo liguvc it. out. In studying a given city, the mil-' vorsity investigators asked tiiieslioDs like these: What are Die genera! ;i ml infant death rates? How much money, ]>er . capiia, is .spout un libraries, un c'dnca- ; tiqj), an recreation?., Uo\\> common is extreme poverty? \V)>;H percentage: of the people, own their own homes? 'What percentage own automobiles? lltnv many doctors, nurses and leticli- ehs iii-c there, • in proportion (o the population? What are (lie per capita ^ expenditures for highways, for light, for sanitation, for police, life ami liMllii departments? What is the homicide rale? How much unemployment was there in the census year of 19I50? What is ihe average income of the citizens? Answer all of questions— and a !ol more along similar lines— anil you >fel a pretty fair picture of a city. Furthermore, you get a picture which is not necessarily the -same as the one you would get .simply by miding up the: cily'.s tangible, visible assets— its (ransportation facilities, its industries, its natural resources and so on. Which leads one, ihcn, to the c<m- OUT OU1* WAY elusion that there are civic assets iiml civic assets. The man who insists on (Hitting through « program for decent municipal playgrounds, for instance, may be doing more for his town than the go-getter who brings in a new factory. A good public libr.:ry may be worth more than a new railroad terminal. A .supurfntciulciit, or health commissioner, or police chief, can be a civic asset of incalculable value. ' "' things arc obvious, w be sure —™ obvious we usually fail to think about them. We try to assess a'city's advantages in terms of dollar; and ceujs, and it jusl can't Im do'ie. Kor il city, aflci' nil, is a 'place where people live; and (his infinitely complex network of things which determine whether their lives shall be. pleasant or .not can't be'expressed in a financial statement. Impnicticttl American sentiment probably is preponderantly pro-Chinese, in the current war. Most of us, no doubt, Would like hi Iiml noun: means of expressing our sympathy, if wi: could do it without putting our nation in danger of involvement in the war. Hut even if tlii.s is (rue, it is a little hard to jigree with the cootfressivom- an from Indiana who told a 1). A, H. meeting („ Washington the other clay that the famous Japanese cherry trees in Washington should be cut down and .sold for firewood. [rces, saiil ihe coiigreH.swoman, are "symbols of Japanese propaganda"; by destroying them, we would show' our contempt for Hint propaganda and our Klrong sympathy for invaded China. That may be true; but we would also rob our capital of some genuine beauty, and would leave the Chinese just as thoroughly invaded an before. If we nuiNt make gestures, let's find one (hat costs less and has more practical value. Dnsi ttowl Comeback .11. i.s ciifom-iiKlni? to learn that in Home parts of the southwestern "dust bowl, 1 ' effective steps for conservation of the soil arc heiiig taken. From southeastern Colorado, for instance, comes IK-WS that the once-fer- tile'acres of (hat section arc slowly but effectively being reclaimed from the ravages of drouth and dust—and through tiie medium of the formerly cursed Russian thistle, of all things! These thisllcs spread over the dry, wind-ravaged ground. They help to hold il in place while buffalo grass gets a start, and protect the young grass from sun and wind. Then, when the grass gets enough of a sittirt, it kills off the thistles—and the land is anchored once more, its fine lopsoil held down by a mat of protective sod. Tin; "dust bowl," apparently, was Hot damaged so irreparably ils we uncc feared. SATURDAY, DKCtfMIWK 18, Ifl.Tf | SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Vidicv cf li t . "ml drelc- „„„!,(,,•-.; , lc:11 . <j uwl1)j> N y BRIM Ml Pie SI li 'Wwilrt il be a ivwc ffift? You know wonny has ahviivK smashed up his Christm.-j.s toys Hie very' fpt (lay.' i By Williams I jfa/s CURIOUS WORLD ^S:, Many Mysteries Still Remain Solved : \, ol Year To Be SUN LAMPS FAVOR.ITE OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN AMD EUROPEAN GARDE.N'- ERS TODAX WAS AN UNKJMOWN PLANT, GROWING, IN THE BL.EAKEST S OP HAPPV WINTER. 11. IS BELIEVED "TO BE ~ THE PJRST NAMED S/GN a/= -r^e:Z.OD/AC. ; THE laic Dr. Ernest Wilson. IraVcliui; under the auspices .1! llw Arnold Aiborclum, in l!)lc, fnund the Regal Lily growing in the llupch section of western China. Bulbs of the plant were carnal on men's backs lo the mcr. where they were plac-'d on tails and eventually were shipped to America. NKXT: lion- many M tts n! forest lainl are iliete h: the I'mlr.i Slates? 1JY W1I.IJS TIIOKNTOX Xl' t \ Servii-e Mull l.'urrcsiioiitl The book of 1D37 is closin". Its record is nearly written. But there are certain entries, darkly iin;l sc- cretlv written in thr first place, which remain Ihe mysteries of 15^7. What, for example, is the com- pletc story ol tlie I'iitc of litllc Chiirlcs Miitti-oii? Who style him away, and how did lie meet clciilli? The piije.-; of !9:n ubseurc the au- Savagely-batterr;!, mule and frozen, flic hoy's liody was found on January 11 in a snow-covered brush Held near Ei'creK. Wash., thus ushering in (he new year with a horrid crime. Two weeks before. Ill" hoy had been cnrricd aw/ii> koi'ily by a rough-looking stranger who smasb- cd his way into a glass-enclosed. .sun-porch of (lie home cl tlic boy's athcr. w. W. Maltson of Tacoma. • .•rudcly-pi'intrtl note demanding S28.0GO in ransom was left on the ;!oor amid the debris ol the smash- '. :'A (foor. Despite a widespread search by • r'r-men and police, despite the ar- j • anil quraioniiu: of literally i lliomnmh oi suspects, despite llic i ill-too-clear evidenre of his ulti-! .iiate fate. Ihe story of what in- ,rrvcne;i between his kidnaping tw] hi:; death remains an unread- : iblc pr^St' in the story of 10:17. I \YhtTt ts Ktiss To'.lay? j Even mm? completely :;hroii[lnd in mystery is the Klr.ingc l.-kliinpim; -- "lories :j. Hos5. who was sfop- ,icd by two ariucil men while (Iriv- n.',' cilon:; a Chicago suburban ro. ; i:l ivith a former secretary. Koss. 72, Inui recently sold an in a sretting ("I'.ri concern, aiict was discu: ; sin'r details incident to the Mile with the imncr employe. The timed men. after rabbins the woman, drove off with Ross. Despite a frantic search, and despite lite fact thai Mrs. Ross raised and paid over $fi(l.CQO in ransom. RIIFS was never hoard of as;aiu. ckini^ the slightest shadow of I motive. pcliiT V.'CTC icif.etl to eon- du that the armed men merely intended robbery, and suddenly dc- | eidrd en ki-:]napin:r when it- b^- caaio I'U'ar thin tlieir victim was a man ol some ivaltii. liiit wliei-e is l?(v« loclay'.' Is he alive or dead'. 1 Tlic closiiu: pa'^e.'i OH, WHAT AW INSULT TO TH' SHOP.' j'LL BET TH' WOODS GOES AM' TAKES OFF HIS SWEATER,, CAP AW VEST AM' WALKS &V THAT GUY THREE FOUR. TIMES- / VEH~-MCPP!M'HI &ROVy, TOO' HE FER- OITS'HE NASA WARM OFFICE TO PUCK IWTO EVECV TEN) M1MUTES-TH' &1GOEC.A OUV IS, i "7H r BIG6EC. HE \ CAM MAKE. HIS \ SMALI.MESS - Aflrr-KlTrcls of if Palijini Is Given llir Proper (!HJV; I»V UK. JIOKUIK I'ISIlllKIN KdUnr. .Iciinul n ( UK Amcrifaii iMrrliral A.sroriatioii. and of Hy-ria. tii P Hi-allli MaR.uinc In about one-fourth ol the chil- !ren with rhcrea. the spercti is livlurbed because of llic diffirully of articulating dmim; the mwe- niciits. Tlin child become:, ini- lable and rcstlcfs and later may show carclc.^snrs.s. dulliH'.^. loss of mcinorv. or inability to pay at- Irnllou. There are also mild emotional di.'-turtancc;.. In many instance.', the c nulitlon I'CRics and <li.sappr.iis «iihin six | months. In llic United Klales. seldom do cases last much beyond \'> weeks. There ace ca-i-.. !-nv,ever, in which the Iwitrhinu b'-i-miies chronic, and .some' it-,. i\ follows the twuchi fsincc chorea is n ,"!>;Ki! ..T.tinp the body BJ'T.fuiily instead of just the nerves ai-<i uni, r |o. s j\ Is ruslomary lo pni Hie..,, cliiwien lo bc : i lor lluee lo : ix \ u .~v, s Qc- •a:,ionally they nnpnive uie.ith vllli ^k.Lt „!,!„ I... , i . J will habit , ! nl- Mystery Also CioucJs Vanished Flyers' Fate Two of the greatest mysteries of the year had no connection with crime. Vanished literally into thin air during 1037 were two yreat flyers. Amelia Enrharl. and' siu- isniimd J,ei'ane\-Kky. Miss Earhart and her navigator, Frederick J. Nooiian. vanished near Howlnnd Island in (he Pacifi:- on August 13 in the course ct a round-the-world flight. A frantic naval search fatal to reveal a clew, Lcvanevsky antl five companions, hcpping over the North Pole on a Moscow-Cnlifoniia ni?!H. disaiipcored north of Alaska and were not heard from again. s c " f • lrc * Hud a Kansom ftolc The year closes in the same nllrr .silence regarding the fat c of AIi.>. Alice McDonnell Parsons. 38. On Ihe morning of June 9. she tirov? her husband from their Lous Island home to catch the train to New York. He never saw her as.iin. According to Ihe housekeeper, a Mrs. Anna Kuprynuova. Mrs. Pardons returned home, and shorlly afterward left Ihe house with- a slraiiBc couple lo show them a house Diat \va.s for sale. When Parsons returned home that nl^iit and found that, his wile had been absent, all day. lie called police. They found in the buck scat :f I ho parsons car. parked, in (be driveway, a note demanding -$2."i,Wfl ransom. But on:c a::ain the curtain clovd : (, and whether Mrs. Parsons is (tend or (iliie. and where, tile rec: cr;l ni 19S1 will not tlisclose. i T'lic "lied Circle" iMunlcrs ! No less snmdgcd and unreadable ; is the p:ii;e that (ells tlie stcry of i the -Circle murders." witli a sinall reel circle drawn on the forehead of each with the girl's own lipstick. i the bixiics cl L':wis Wcikn and ! Frances Hajck were found in a woad near Queens. N. Y. Doth had been shot and stabbed <<> death. I'ertiiuis it was a rc- jjeclert suitor of Miss Hajck. police sncciilateri. as the youth had been merely .shot Iwicc. v.'l!i]e Miss Hajck had not only been shot twice, but savagely stabbed seven times with a stiletto or ice-pick. Bath victims were of irreproachable character, adding to the mystery. But loiiLj-cinitinucd inves- liratioii dragged out without re- iult. Nol even a workable clew was ever found. The book it, closing. But its similized record conceals rather than reveals the solution of these mysteries of 1937. Typing Krrors Cost rcnny COLUMB1A. Mo. I UP) -Tvpc- wrilin;; errors are a penny apiece al. .Stephens CoJlPKC for (jlrls here. .SliirU-iits in beginners' typing classes devised a fine to proinoto acciirucy. '1'lie money will be contributed to a Christmas basket, fuiul. reputation Kjscs BOMBAY i UP)—About 15,000,- OCU people were added to th- population of British India between the 1DD1 census and Die middle of 1035. and the .steep lise i.s continuing, the latest report of the public health commissioner reveals. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople trrth or in Ihe lonMk and !Ue :i:t cno!(b. Ihesr musf, be elnninalci iiul; cojidnllrfi. 7"!ic hearJ. mu:, )e watrlicd earetully be tans 'tirpi'.rrixriis infrclions Ihere ai much n:o:<- morion:-. Diivni;; loiivele.'.-ceii'.'c. H i; im IKirlMil l<> build up Ihe rhild 1 iiiitrition aim irscrve. Tills may be drtnr In rjivint; plrnly cf fowl well balanced wilh Miilablr amount, cf vitamins and mineral sall.i so llnl the rliilrt will have the MibMaiuv:, neerssary for the bcft piV..;ib!e i;ro\vtl\ In (he after-care, excieise as ell a:. iv s i IK re^ula'eri, ami The child inusi. have pl-nly of icl.'xation. inclurliu'j supervised piny. With ih;.. typ" ot alirnilon Ihcre is litllr ti'iulenry lor patients u> have any pennaiiont rcildues ironi the (Msrn;,e. >i'L.\T: Kpi!cp\y. • «"«'i> "ivj iiupnive uic.ltly J OlllUlO ACft'iS I with suitable balli.v ;ai(i with ' muss which help to ie.^e]i Uic i A wn was bum" I" Mr and I sevcnly of tile sympt,,,n>. M,s. Ha.,el Sl'ay on Dec. in. ! T r,. IV ,. ,- , ". Mls - KI'M' Coloman. ol Hound ' I HUM imie lo iinu- MUU,U- unw Lake, is visiting relatives here, | Mr. niul Mrs. I'aul ISallcw visll- ed Mrt,. Ballew's mollier ut Manila Sunday. Mrs. Clyde 'I'illman ail.-i ..Inhn Alvin Haishinaiin aie HI. Tnlmiigc Coleman lias rotuined to his home ill Luxor.i altcf visiting relatives here lor '•• '—days. i unit.- ID unic viiuouv new (remedies are teitcd m ,| lls r oii- dition. but as yel no one of tiinii teenw to be specific. In f( , m ,- eases the application of heal Ire-il- nimi has .^rmc.l to be hrlofui' Certainly n child with any kind ol Hieptoccccie infection 'within the bodv demands, most careful stufl;: and attention. If i| lcre ; a ,- c lc\v I-ISV, ! LEFT WORP AT TW' OWLS CLUB "THAT HI'S "FOUR TLMBL1MG COUSIMS ARE FPACTICIK!' UP AM' WILL B£' READY FOR A SA1JTA CLAUS AGEMCY, EH ~2 TM/-\T'S A WEVV TWIST / DIP YOU TO 1-fATCM THAT EQfi OUT' 1M TH' OLD HEAP-WEST? YOU PARM THEM OUT A - PERCEMTAcSE, O?T OKI A COMI55M "2 . . . TE=K] YfcARS OP LIFE STUDYlWG THIS. BUSIW ESS/ WMY •SHOULT? T_ TELL IT ALL TO YOU BY AMSWERIWG YOUR QUEST1OMS? \M '\BLIkJ ST. WICKS <« ST. N(CK5 FOR ALL OCCA&f/''& ^^m mmm-J^ • Hiv-ilLi- \ MK fft^'^ ••,-•--- OOPLE iiUARPS HIS ,_^/

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