The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1941
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS War's Full Impact Hits Every Canadian Family ,,™ T _.^^ ^ v< ? ^.-^M^^.T W«~ ^^v,., v"?Xv V"£ """ - "- V "V ^""v'v v ^ "J ^vw <u:5 Average Man North Of Border Now Learning The Hard Lesson of War BY THOMAS WAY KING NKA Service Special Correspondent OTTAWA.-Full force of war has hnally come home to the average man north of the border. John T. 'for typical) Canada. Only now Is he really learning the hard lesson of war, but what he is learning may be a foretaste of what his I American cousin may be in for, later on. •John considered himself something of an isolationist even after Canada got in the fight. He didn't believe war could affect him directly, except financially. The British Navy and the Royal Air Force would Bee that no bombs dropped on his home, that ho machine guns stuttered death down his street, Then came that lino in the casualty lists: ''Royal Canadian Navy ' -—Able Seaman John Manchester —missing., believed killed." i It, bolted John Canada into re- I aliiy. Young John was his nephew. ' his namesake, his godson. He had been' born on , the western prairies, the most unwariike -spot in the world. He had been born after the return of his father from the Great War. And now young John had gone , down fighting on his little Cana- ! dian destroyer. John's brother Harry was in' the Canadian Active Service Force, I somewhere in England, .standing yuard. The husbands of John's three sisters were in the army and air force- John's people were cer-! binly doing their bit. * j John Canada reflected. Here in' Canada.the war had seemed .so remote. Canada had frit she should spring to arms when thc blitzkrieg •started. She fell more intensely about it than her way of living in Canada and the United States ran in parallel lines, t happened a I ways This time it was the other way around. WHAT—NO ORANGE .HJICE? John Canada sat down to break-: His 1940 iucome had b Pastorfe Leads Building Squad; Flock Has Debt Free Church Dominion Treasury. But this 2 per cent wa,s still included in hi.s re- lax- on that S67 he never received. He was allowed $1500 exemption for his wife and S400 for each numbers played and sung by Betty Jean Hill and Joe Evrard both of Blyl.heviJle. Mrs. Williams expects ah attendance of 50 persons and is announcing the -Spring meeting for April 18. at Dyess. escaping economic lax $84 As most of 'the provinces had. por* anything : ,h c dW^^i^iiyl* 6 ,^ Olv ^^ m * ' tome''-* need. The foreign exchange .situation'-.had stepped in. ' .._, Many citrus fruits had been f,'„=?'" incomfi taxeK U meanfc barred, and many other inufs cut 1 ° ^? , Wa ' s ? n!y a ; st ? rlcr - Liv '" ofl, even though they could not be > ' s wonH ho S«<i ' n r i"™™ Krown in Canada's rigorous clt- nt *°~ d , b ° $ ^ 4 ' 50 ' T1 hc were mate. John Canada had chained | R E ] n ? l ?^ '*' wollld bp * 437 - 50 his breakfast food because'his "u , , r, fought> m th(? last - war. S.. brand had been cut oft - ' ' unllKe 5us brother-in-law, ho Tliis exchange situation, he reflected, played hob with hi.s affairs. Hiy New York trip had been one obstacle after another.' He had to'y apply to his tank for America n :fi funds nnd had filled out forms ex- (] plaining why it was necessary for t | it . hirn to go on business. They would a j]" "J allow him no more money than for .his actual needs, and on leav- hiul no sons to fight, in this, '.so had determined to let hi.s dollars fight. Hr had sold his securities, savings of the years, and in- thern in war bonds. The nc had been at 3VJ per cent, drop from . At that. did not equal had paid—her the price hi.s ing and re-entering Canada he had \°^ 1 '! 8 S ,° n '. signed a sworn statement as to IV *\ A f Y{ \ l l ' " the amount of Canadian money he WAIi I'OUCY had taken out or brought back. [ r '. WHS a costly war. The last war TAXES BOOST ( had cost, Canada about one and COST or WAR His wife turned on Hie radio. What a squawk! He had intended_ :.o give the family a nr.w oi\c this r a (f > hart boon high un i.hc borrow- year, but just before Christmas ,'hgs vmcl ihr Dominion had paid radios bad benn declared t'by thch n: i ( - billion RIH! three-quarters in finance, minister? to be non-cssrn- .interest and still o\vocl most of the (ials. Their importation had been } principal. throe-quarter billions. ;rpnrl. from the 4Q or 50 millions a year incur rrd for pensions. The prohibited and a 25 per cent additional c:\cise tax placed on Cun- Osceola Woman Is To Preside At County Council PT.A Meeting'Here OSCEOLA. Ark.. . Jan.! Jli. — Mrs. Lucy. B. .Miller, county "unit- health nn rse; Miss • Fra nces Hoi land, .cou n - t.i 1 ' librariaiv.'r-'W. H;. Gafdncrr^prin- and Marvin Crittendon of" Blytheville, county welfare director, arc among the speakers fdr "the~ midwinter • meeting of Mississippi County Council of .Parents and Teachers to be held r at.First Christian Church in Blythevillp Friday. Mrs. Spenrc Williams of Osceola. .president, .will preside at. the executive board meeting set for 9:45 a. m. and also during J.lie day's meeting. All members of the/'board including the presidents of" the 15 units'in the. county are urged lc» br present, it was announced. Three-minute reports ".'will 'be heard from the nine schools in the county' .carrying out "hot-hmcli" projects this term .George.W; Patterson, minister of First Christian Church. Blytheville.- will' give the invocation. F.ntrrtaimnenf fcaLures will include voral a\xl accordion Baby Chicks Coxtotn lla Marilyn Hatchery Phone 742 Blythcvillc Thi.s war was costing the Dominion a billion n year. In 1915, ,ir,ian radios [the first full year'of thc On*I He needed n new car. He had i War. the cost had been S607<tt- postponrd getting it and then the 47*5. an^ it rose each war vrar to government decided automobiles I a prnk of $44fi.5l9.440 in ' 19J9 He were more or less in the luxury class and slappncl new -and heavier cxrise on them. Importation of U. S. cars was prohibited and hi.s favorite had been an American car not made 171 Canada.-The normal duties * had been heavier enough, bur. now the new taxes made them prohibitive, even if they could be broiight in. On a car priced at the factory at. S900. there was a tax of 20 per cent: -between.$900 and $1200 there was Uie 20 per cent on thc $900 excess ?1200 ' there was 20' per cent on $900. -50 per rait on the ex-tra $300 and 80 per cent on the excesx over §1200. The r ;) r he usually got had a manufacturer's list of about $5600. That meant hr would have to pay more than $620 in excise alone. In tiie. United States that car. would cost him $100 less than what he would have to pay in Canada. Mrs. Canada was busy with the { vacuum cleaner. It, was an early j model. That was another thing! lie hud intended to get for Christmas. But an excise lax of 25 per had to admit this war was being financed more sensibly. Most, of Mir \uir bond issues of Lhr last \vyr h:vd been tax frer. and the bonds had gravilalcri into the hands of suprrtaxrd wealthy, who evaded millions in. taxes by their possession. The present finance minister. Hon. J. u risley, had more sense He ' " on m putting the burden strongest shoulders and. as . far as passible, in a pay-as-you-go policy. Esley would save the tax- It was drastic now, but it was good business. Scout News Boys . Girls PrtlroJ Has New Lender Edward McCormick ha.s br.rn elected leader of the Braver wnfe had been slapped on. It ap- "™ m 'T> ? lhc IWBVcr pflt ' ro1 J>Ucd also to washing machines. ,* Scout Troop 3(5 to succcrd clrcirical stoves and other ncccs- '; \ason who is moving to Jcf- ..:is «• .. . ICrsonVl P Tnr si ties for thc home. INCOME TAXES? WOW! John sighed and left the table. Ui> in his room he noticed a press clipping on his desk. That was the f;' biggest jolt of all. It outlined his income tax burden for the new year, a burden so heavy that lie would have to pay it iu instal- merits. - • - - '-sonvillc. ind. Both Jack and his brother. Bill, have been members of Troop 3G. At the meeting Tucsda'y nighf at Langc school, games, 'steal the bacon and Indian wrestle, were played. Thc meeting was opened with thc repeating of the scout oath and law. 1()-pk-2-H> NOTICE! 15E- SlfUlC TO (; -TOUR Read Courier i\t-ws-want-ads-. Folgcr's Coffee COUPONS To Happy Hour Grocery & Market THivY WORTH Each on a pound of Foyers CofTcc .A .!» P Y GROCKUY& W. Mniu H O U K MKT. Post-War Gold Problem Visioned By Professor PROVIDENCE. R. J. HJP). tering- of American illu;;ion.s thc gold standard has bwn » Roal, of Prof. W. A. Brown Jr. of BrowiV University, who climaxed 20 years research with the publication oi an exhaustive treatise. '' The two-volume work contains 1,-KJD page:;. lt,s litle is "Thc fntcr- nat.ionul Geld Standard Reinterpreted: 30i4-in:{4" b»it the author xays the theme of the publication Ks that "gold mast, not be used as a iiKM'hod renlitie.s." -'Prof. Brown also mak.vs Hurc.s en (he sjold standnrd'.s future after the present European conflict. If CSennany wins tlic war. he believes the United Stales would be to accept German gold in a one-sided iirrnnjjcmnnt. If a .'••talnmni.c resuH,s. he say.s iicocpl- ance of Europenn gold .should be eontcinplatcd very carefully. ITe advises the'United -States to c'ontimir'its past foreign «old policy only if Hritnin win.s. WKST FRANKFORT, III. ^UP) — Working on the basis that "the Lord will provide a way." the Hev. Herbert .;. Mik\s has led his coti- Kreyullon of (ho l-'irsl. Bapilr,t Church in rrpetiuj; a MP\V ohurc!) bui)riln«. five of dobt. to rcpln-x' I he one which burned u your a«n. When tli.' ramshackle old build- Injj was dr.stroypcl, tho youiiR niln- IsU-r Jiteniily relied up'his slwves, rloniu-d cvrralls and wont to work to <:lnm up tho \vm-kago nnd prr- PIMT Ihr .silo for tho nr\v brick and .stone slnicturo. At Iho .sum:- linio h'.* UP. K/'d i IIP. members ut his rouKroculion | 0 work wil.h lilm. As a roMili, liiliur crow.-s of lil.H mon and boys and ti« women and ub'ls donated their tlmo »nd labor to rrbnildinR iho olniiTh. As they wrrkrd. Iho youlhfiil un.slor kop't a lorord of the number of hour* put in by each as something of an nrnoi' roll. Not only did ho call on them Tor a physical contribution in UK* w»y of work on tlio. bulldinu. but ho asked (hat ihoy ^Ivo money lo Iho, builclln-i fund y,o Unit Ihi! 'now t'li'\ietui'o. upcn complotlon, wc'iU! l:o free of dobl. Those \yorl;in|> on l.lit- b\iil'd\jv; i voro oreriilori nt » "prevallln'/ \VJHJP" of 70 conLs un hour. By Dee. 1, tho lubor contributions of members of i ho conjo-esMMoii tolalccl $12.18U. Tlio cre\v of men and bov.s- had put in 1,1.75)5 hours, the women and tfirls, 847 hours. Sottlnw tho example himself, the Rev. Milos headed tlin honor r-Vil with u ami! of 1.052 hours ol labor, jiuf in while ho rested from rrguJni- ministerJnl duties of church, which Uiui n' membor- of 1.2(10. He was second from top. also, on Iho cash contri- his the the bution list. A mild-mannered, missionary- minded man, the Rev. Miles came to this > community from Macon, Mo., in April, J9M. H C wus reared on a farm near Moberly, Mo., and is a graduate of Westminster College at Fulton. Mo., nnd of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Tex. MIND YOUR MANNERS— Test your knowledge of correct social usugfi by answering the fol- QAVlnB .cjuostUms, then cheekinj, 11 Ihr nuihorltatlvc answers bolow: I. May flic bride's father tfivc her awa.v If the wedding Invitations arc iiPiit out by her moihnr, who ha.s married again? '.!. Who Is iho lost uuest seated nl, a \vodd I tip? S. At » wedding reception docs Iho bride's uahcr.-receive at Iho. door, or does ho walk about nmoiiR Iho«? •t. Is it all vi^lii, Lo ask a bride, to whom you are planning to give H fflfi, whtu her silver pattern Is? ft. Is it now-considered' all right for a bride to'hrtve her silver marked with Lho Initial of her husbancl- fo-bo*.s last name? What wonki you do if— You luivo. been Invited to a homo wedding but. will not be able to attend— <n) Bend a roBret. and also send the bride a wedding present? «b) Send a present, but feel It Isn't necessary to toll the bride you can't be present ut the ceremony? Answers 1. Yes. 'i. The bride's mother. :t. Kith or one. •1, Certainly. 5. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" solution—(a). At The Ho.prtab Walls Hospital Kathleen Haisclaw, Manila, ad-' niitted. Mrs. E. B. Walls, city, adiniUed: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lays Love, city, a sirl. weighing eight pounds! nine ounces, ; lilytheville HmpiUI Mrs. Edusi Pearl Chapman, city admitted. .'^ Mrs. Arthur Hale, city, admitted. Frank OrRle, Carutlicrsvillo, dls- mls.secl. Memphis Baptist Hospital Mrs. Charles W. Ofilesby, Blythc- villc. admitted. Mrs. J. c. Prince, Tomato, Ark., ndmittcd. Mrs. R. E. TaLe, Joiner, ad- mitt-ed. 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