The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 3
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THI-HSDAY, MARCH 19, 1931 UJ. (AUK.) COURIER NKWS I'AOE TIIHRh BIG fOSItlTIL Potocki Family Rules Huge Estates in Poland UT-nl vt' Irving to I'oorflanlz? Ins huMlii^s and biing Minn back to piolil.ibli pioiluctivlty. Ills lat- i-Kl projwiLil. i-y which In 1 hui!?.s to slate for WARSAW, March 19. (UP)--A few hours' Journey from Warsaw. In the foothills ol ihe Carpathians, in mld-Cialicla, stands Castle Lilian, heritage ol the po\vei ful l'oioc!-;i Inmily for ns far tack as Polish aristocrats can remember, show-place extraordinary, anil a BOLK! index to the bankroll of the owner nisi. lucky enough lo bo In possession. After firmly establishing himself The citato was amoii'i the favor- In the fielil of insurance, Uanks u e resting places ol cx-KliiR l-'er- wiirned his activities to ihe bank- •dinand of Rumania din-ins liis vis- Ing fphcie, becoming president of Us i o Poland; it is still shavn lr ihe American Exchange Trust- com- ! visiting foreigners. It is al-u n fail pany licre end hoMin? larpe blocks indication cf the present i-i;inii. (Continued from Page 1) 'i:x in 13 states and Irunsiict- an immcns; .volume of Uusi- tunes fire available from Polish yov- eimnentnl somccs. nnd full tax returns arc not published. so thai 1! Is Impossible lo make n one-twn- threc classification ctm-lally. b.u nevertheless the Ha-.l7i'.vill holdings, by common unreemcni. would lak; 1 place money in tiny race to a showdown on actual wealth,— aSsj in land. KadrJwill has b?.-n in tin- p>- litk'iil pleturt_ i for f.o:nu time. l:e.v;- ing the conserv.iUve laif,'i; hull- owners in siipi>orl of Marshall l'il- sudskl and his luity. 11» is a Critr.- otic bin not Nationalist. His hides' holdings aie in l!n- ili.trLi <>: \V'j:- ynla. I'llliro Wra'lhy Close on the lia-1; (.:' !C-.,.!<'•.' comes Prince Maurice l / -i:.r:v.-.[: lnxe.5. is for part o( his pnrti'lUnt; nii to liis nil u Er?al iie.ifr.iits mill Povc-Mimonl jrriuSslon for on death Instantly. It was stated by'Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Williams. Mrs. wilnesses Hint Scarbrough was liijWtlron Is recovering from a minor an Intoxicated condition. ! niier.v.lon pri formed Monday In n Although tin' slaying occurred J Memphis hospital, one-half mile east, (if here, It wa.; 1:1 It. 1). Cobb of Fresno, Ol., Is the the corporate limits of Dm elly of ,nmM -of Ills aunt, Mrs. M. L. Sum- llorncrsvllle. Married Chauffeur to Coach His Stroke . LOS AKQL'LKS. (UP)—Slis mar-Hed him lo Irnln him, opined Mrs," Ella Fourrlcr, 37, who claims thrcJ- J«)lin Scarbrough Dies Af- I<T Shooling SuiuJiiy; Claude Ancil Held, HOHNKHSVILLK. Mo., March 19. —I'lineral sci vices were conducted heie yesterday for John Scaibroiitfh. 40-year-old victim of a 'gun shot wound iiUlirted by Claude Anull near this "city Sunday afUriiD-jn. Intel ir.rnt was in the lloinersvule iiry. Tlie deceased !•> Oiceota Socicly—-Personal of stock in Ihe A. I). Banks group, in Poland, totli industrially wilh units located in every secllonj agiicultnrally. and. by dertiiclta ol the slate. | perhaps, politically. Following the wrecking of hisj Ijnd I'mllviilnl hanks ar.d Insurance companies In For Poland's wealth, both natio.i- heritaoe Is in the form of a' last fall's financial upheaval Banks I al and individual, dcsplle the, in- indivisible parcel held : pave up "U home In Little Rock j tensive post-war drive toward ia- couple of counties ol nirl i-.-turni-.l lo Fonlyce. His per- • diisli-liilizalioii. lemains wilh I hi • land. And Individual wealth, di' i spite the 1919 Agrarian law for par- celling Hie large estates, and ih: ever growing and lana-hnngcr c' the peasants, remains hugely im . .. .. n, - • divided. to l frirtune. at one li:i:e estimated at $5.000.000 Is said to L-c almost, i emireiy gone. couple of counties oi It in I'.- ? Lub liner dLslriut. One of his hcbblr-s i development of Polish culture. He- fore the war he bill! the Philharmonic Hall. He has teen ac- live in ;x>htics since his ycut ; ;. H held a seal In the former Russia iDuma. His political tendencies sim Theatre Sold laytj SnOW Owners Tilc 'amily Potocki. today, as hi i the war have b:en National Uein-j- fcimor 'generations. oeeupi-H ai-jerallc,—cp])cs?d to Ihose of Ra'.i/i- COCTKD. -Mu.--.)ohn T Gilliland "'t^anliag posiiion !n Ihe Pa'.K- . will, lie" was Minister and laU'i- 1-is aii'icuuccd Ihe sale of 'the aristocracy. Besides diicctm;: h: j Ambassado:- in Paris, lie is latter Cooler thratre to the Po|)in uro- many interests in his e.slates. thf !of eleven ciiildren. H'c/s. owners and managers of (he- P'esent family head. Count Alfred | Zamoyski has been kept busy in. nil-talking thcalr,; at Hayti. he ° r Lanciu. finds lime lo indulge his' — -lie includes the machine and all i P a "ion for i»lo, fcr which he is fix:ures. which were all modern ! we " knmv " '" Knglnnd, and to in- and up-lo-da'.e. The local thea-I <iul ee also his love for hunting. Ire hud been closed during the! A (eiv v<;;lrs a so, Potocki crgan- winler months. ' iMil a big game exixnlilion to Afri- Thls is (he first time in nearly: 0 " which was cstima'.ed lo hav; Hvrnty yeats that Cooler has becn'.cost more than S250.000. His son v.-itl-.oiit a Ihsatrc. accordins (o the | Joseph, 30, is i-ItacheJ Ic th: Pcl- loval mana'ji.'r. Q. C. Wagster. but,'-' 1 Embassy in London. He is mar- it Is understood that an all-talking ; vl ed to the daughter of Prince Jan- theatre will bo installed in the \ us Radziwill. Potocki is the richest !'.?ar future. I man in Poland today; Radziwill Ls i second. Another of Poland's !r,nd r imif-s who IhuK lum.'clf hi i-.'iupor- ary tax ulflicnliie.s, is ai--.j listed a one oi CtOnnanv's liaouij vlii/^n.i —Count Joh.uin ll-. 1 ::!^; 1 !! Ik^li beri:. Prince of Plrss. iH:- 1- r: ~" man by nallonalilyK At- present In has a small ux in.--;.iiif \.un ti. yovernm;'nt.—a nuitUi cl i ., uu- S'^.- COO.OOO in back cm his coal and fun's! l.ini!:;. and hi-. v h!-ewerlc;-. Piince I' is only :IO. b\t a uuad business man ii.'V;':i:-i I f .. lie '.a 1 filed two of K- siulls U-i inr.-iii-j »: "f which Is urowii. ])rleiice ami taken over the work. Ancil U being lieni in II;? of urhi'jini; fir.anciai order lo his ; Jnil al Kemiett without banJ penn- , . .,.„.,.,,,, „..„.., estates himself. He Is a strmii; de- ' Inn his hearing on churls of llrsl I i- c 1U11USM > 8""" fender at the (icnnan nnntuhy in dc.;ue murilei 1 . According tj wit- Poland, and is chairman of Ihe' nc-.-M's testifying at the Intnicst, Cietman Volksbund of Up]>er Sil- . Ei-.isbrough approached a isaiulilluj csia. His palace in il'.-./- hens,' Iwlng conducted by Ancil cyi'.a. in Polish' was the tierman,. t'uiulay alternocn nnrt after an »1- Cj. II. Q. for this ix-jlon during the - teicatlon was ordered uway from war. the table by liie laltcr. When Ihc ; order was given, accoidlng to the TOMOHHOVV. l-'hnlins Utissia's t'UiU-nce, Svarbrouuh renchcd Ids -si man IHJ easy inaltrr. ners. and Mr. Simmer*, In O.'crala Etl!1 Kn'n'lcr, 37, who claims thrcJ this week ',' i( k'^ii'^'B-dlstnnce swimming titlss. whaj A party of Osceolans s|iL'iulln« bllc * n!kca lo tllc allor wl '- h °=w: c several drws In Mlemphls this week I' 1 - ™ds, '22, a chauffeur. :lnys In Mlemphl: liu'lndi's MesilmiH'S F. U Phlpps. n. .\. Cuitncr, Joe Uromer. It. H. Cromer and Cirorgc I>iylc. Mis. liobr'il C. Sumnevs, wlio nas keen teaching nl Uclrks, Ark., ar- ilvi.l yi-s'.rnlny. sin and Mr. Ku r ,t- Mrs. K. U. liosan of l.nxora. m ' 1 ; 1 ^'\ m » k< | Hioir home in Os- grand waiden, Mis. Oulnevera ; IT<|!:1 -., wtK '" >»fy will r;'sh!c l-i- Johnson of Wilson, deputy worthy l^™"ly with Mr. Siinnim parents, million lor Ihe 15th Arkansas ills-;' '• "'" -" rs - ^'- '•• >'=i' lilcl of the Knslcm Slai 1 . and Mrs. ,. "" """ Annie Simile of ftKiilimilus, v.-Jr-! Jt ""' , „"'' ''^ b) ins widow and several children. '"V Kf 1 "" 1 " llltro » "', lll(> (A1rt "'. lv ^j ,,ul,o mi'ipus! In Ihe world. oryanl/allnn, me In Nashvllli 1 . lui-' ' ne.ssce, Ihls week whcie ihey are nlioii in Frnnz the norlhernmcst ller. liusbanil, the new Mrs. fields said, showed promise as a shimmer, and she Intended to coj:h him loi 1 llic Olympic games tu IB held here In 19X!. i allendlng the annual assembly oi; chap'rr o; iEii.-ilem Star. 'I'hey were ticcDin- Iliunted by Dr. K. U. Hogiin of l.ux- '. ora. fl is thtee cenliirics since Charles r.i.i.u!!. a l--iTi!fhman, creator ot Cir.tleri !l:i and lied nidlng was born. hand into a pocket ar.d advnncjd I lov.ard Ancil, cursing him. WI\T<-- | U]xi;i the latter srl/.ed a revolver i and fired ft shot. The bullet Miiick'nml small dum;htcr. Nancy 3no\v Hood. Srurtirough In the forehead, penc- of Wiulirld, La., are In Osccola for E. K. Alexander nf Illylhevlllc was a business vlsllor in O.seeob yeslcixluy. Hurry Matcher and Miss Aimle Maillson of I<ep.inlo wer^ mavri.'l licic. Jusllr; u. I.. Wnddell saylii;: Ihc ceri'iuony. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. S. Wils.m Jr.. GAS'1% I'liillips "HO" and '1V> Save rdi- In !)<V ml 'I'nnk nf (jas Open Day .V rvi-ry Harry Bailey Arch, Hcrmnmhile, Mo. M.irry Uailey, I'rnji. C()l!l{Ti:()US SKKV1U Haling the brain and causing his WOMEN'S HEADACHES No ucctl in suffer from distressing jxr- Klic lic.ndnchcA every inoiiUi. Asm^e- .iu of Ca|)iL(!iiii! usually !>rin$ii ylorU' ous relief in ;i ks\' luimilca. Dix-sii't LlKlLi[|> functions. No harmful . iui;i. At Altt][i)e»ti.n'4ln ioc,jix\6oclx*iil«. Jrbi'll,L-dc>if-4l txla fojnialr.i. HICKS 4* : apitdwc f fOK HfADACHfS n visit with Mrs. Wilson's parents. WARNED AGAINST SALESMEN NEW EP.ITAIN, Conn.. lUPI — T\vo Hnrlford women who said they fr.f n d to make a final 55 pay- imnl on n pi^no they bought br- caiiEe the salesman told them not t:i worry about it were advised by Judse Morris Saxe: "Never believe a piano salesman." He ordered; them to pay up. but dismissed action brought by the piuuo firm fcr S48 interest charges- No cx!lct n S lll ' cs on I )rl ™ 10 How One Woman Lost20Lbs,ofFat; Lost Her Double Ctiin [ i.osl Her rrominenl Hips 5,os1 Her Rlucjcishnoss ; Hainert Physical Vicnr r.-incd in Yivariourncss Gained in Shapely ri£i:rc E MELLOW Purifies Travel Dollars <i:i(i Travel Time It vou're ful—first cause! Take one half trasFoondtl of : KP.USCKEN SALTS in a nlass cf . hoL \valer before breakfast every j morning- cul cut pastry and fatty ; meals—go light on po'.atces. butter. ; crram ar.d sugar—in 3 weeks gel: on the scales and nctc how many ! pounds of fat have vanished. i Notice alsr> that you have jaineS in energy- -your skin is clearer—! your eyes sparkle with hfallh—you feel younger —keener in mind. K^UECHH^f will | Chicajo give any fat person a pyous sur-! Birmlnjjliim ovs the |: Put tliembackinyaur pursu -—the dollars you save going by Greyhound bus! Then settle back in a deep-cushioned reclining chair for a pleasant trip, on time-saving schedules- to cities a few miles distant or a few thousand. The ndn'ce of your physician is: Kcc/ioirt of doors, in t/ic ojwn flir, brenthe deeply; mice plenty o/e.\vrcise in the mellow sunshine, find ItfU'e cl periodic clicc)(-iif> on the health of jour bod}. Hundreds o/ Suv.'ngs Like These: glorious , St. Louis S4.15 in body I Cape Giranlean S1.S5: • —'• — • ' 58.15 ;-5.25J prise. -Tnpem S3.10; Get nn 85: bottle of KRUSCHEN j C'.irksvillc SS.BO SALTS at- Kirb/ Drug Co.. (lasts -5 Jackson S".!5 w-ehsi. If even this first bottle! x«-,- Orleans : S10.25 (icesn't convinre you this is Iho j Dclroit : ?ll.Ij easiest, salest and surest way to j Cleveland S1G.I5 | lose fat—if you don't ieri a superb , New York Sil.OD j improvement in health—so °lor-> Los Angita, S35.10 ;ou;ly enerfitic—vigorously alive—i .Memphis S1.25 your nmcv gladly retiin.ed. ' j Mrs. Maine Carey of Buffalo. K.) y.. writes—"Sli'.re I \Ky.n takiii". KruFclifn Salts I have lost 23 j pounds and I feel as if I had lo?.: j 50 pounds—I fcci so good and tiv21 best part of it all is liiat f cat j anything f like." --Adv. 3| ........ ,,---, -,r,,,.-v r UNIOiN But) Jhl'O 1 Phone 270 C E H T T .". "" itei. t3ui] your v (LK-.S from a ,S/KA J .' The Bright Shine OxfiirdK for Men v/hc !)cm;mii finnii Fi Styled fTi meet the demand of Hi; man \vliu chooses Ilia footwear with can\ Their low price—their i«v- fect fit—their exccptioniil constniction of fine calf and kid skins proclaim th:m as tiic outstanding Ox- for;l? of Ihn Season. Your choice of Black. Tat, and Combinations. Also Showing Men* Oxfords a I $2.95 and S3.95 Snappy Slyks - - - All Leather Mcns riosiery 25c and 50(^ a jwir -Central Shoe Store 0. C. Ganskc Gcral<Uuc Kicliardson Jfnnagcv Hosiery Department Von Don't HHVC To He Rich To lie Stylish LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop—THEN — IT'S TOASTED"-an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in oil raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to ethers. They ere not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. 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