Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1896 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1896
Page 9
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SUPPLEMENT. JOURNAL. LOGANSPOlp INDIANA, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 21, 1896. PAGES 9 TO CARRYJSIGNAIS An Ordinance Will be Asked for Soon. REGULATE SCORCHERS The Reckless Riders Bring on I Restrictions. It is more- than likely that Uie Board o£ Police Co.mmi.ssi.ouers will ask the •Council at Its next session to ptiss a law rejnrl.'irJug the speed of bicyclists with- iu the airy, requiring the use of bolls or siuilliiv warnings, and for tlrosc who ride after nlrfi-f, a Ijiutwn. Inquiry among rulers genf.ralty shows that the .se.ntlmt.'0't. is In favor of such au ordinance. Other cities II.IVD such laws iu' .-force JiiTiU although rho Council In almost every instance met -vvi-ili much opposition when it was proposed to pass stic-li :ui onl-ui.'iiu.-e, it has been accepted :is the proper tilling ;uul tih-ose who are left 10 oppose it ai'o sadly In the minority. If it were not for-t.he fact that thcro Is a class of riders who ride recklessly .and wltiiouit. thought for others' safefy, such ,1 tiling as a bicycle- lamp would hardl}- be necessary. But. still, for rho safety of the one who rides after night, a lamp is a vory desirable -tiling. A bell or a wli.is.t3e is almost a necessity. The vehicle makes no noise ami ARMY RECORD RUN. From Omaha to Chicago Averaging: 86 Miles a Day. Chicago, June 17.—Lieut. W. R, Aber- eromble of ulie Second United Shire.s Infantry, lia* jnade a -bic.vclo record run fron> Omaha: to Chicago. He arrived at army headquarters, Pullman bulJdi.il,? soon after fi o'clock tins morning 1 . He loft Omaha ,Time 0 at 0:30 lu the morning. He laid over one day In Iowa and averaged eight-six miles ;i day. Thei •former nrniy record, was fifty-eight miles a day, made in 1S02 by several men from Ft, Mcade, Nebraska. Accompanying the lieutenant were Ser- geant'George Cliofleld, Corporal August Liudqulst and Dr. K reiser. Tliu men made (lie nm 'i-u light army equipments. at the request of General Cop- giM 1 . ertiiiinwiiider of the rintiic. 'J'lio purpose was to select I'lje route for tlio. march of -the Second Regiment to Fort Sheridan, should the proposed transfer ! of trooi* be made next j'aH. : ATTICIJ U1 ill* I\ A;Dealer Denies the Story '•'"••^ Bicycle's Cost. of a W of that article .saj's £t is fire dollars. That shows he doesn't )UK>W. what he Is taiUiling: aiboiiit. The nito who do tills work are Vine skilled; mechanics and tihoy ttre paMNhe highest wages. They | are paid by the.piece and the- best of tihem cam puit no mare than three ma- FEW ITEMS LEFT OUT cMlwss together '« a da 'F> *> }*°" see lie* High Grade Wheel Costs More .-., ..'-.;. Than Thirty Dollars. THE BICYCLE IN WAR, I'huu It May Prov« Useful and When It Jlay Not. With n sqiuid of our Nmv .Tor.^iy inilitld siouiitud on bicycles with full marching rqiilpiiicut iuul iiioklng n 75 mllu niu to Sump nt tlio Kito of 1£ mllirs nn honr wo »ru liroiiRlit in full viuw of tlio condlflous nffccting tho use of the bioyolo In uctunl inllltiirr operations. Thu Jlinititiiiou on tho bicyclo is that without n (tooil roiul It Is usiiluss, and a' \vonpcm that fulls in » thno of trial is worse than nauo. Utulur tho conditions which in'cvniled in our civil \viiv, when !, thostuto of HID road was tlio chief factor .wicket ' The n.itk-le iiu The Journal bicycle »'upi>!emt>iijt last, Suwlay Vcgiirding 'tiio cost of buJiidiiug a, liigili grade bicycle was-.'-misleading," said ''a 'dealer in wheels oue clsiy the past week; in cou- yersaitiioai wiKtili n ruponter far The Jour- "Tihe wd'ter «f that article may iiavu thoujrhlt he litul the figures'correct ;u every,dei':i.il, but he WHS" mightily ikem. Thirty dollars Clio cpst of a grade wheel! TJic story" is prepos- :s <«n Tlln' /.'ace of Ar, Now, take -for ."; ouie pant al! the fmi$>]iod wheel, the sprocket'wheel; tlhte fellow says it COMI.S forty cents: probably the cost ot trlie i)ia.le™l ;uid m.-iking o-f bbe sprocket te not more Chan rhe figure named, but wluit of tlie miic'liinery necessary -to make •nhil.s wliec;! ? doe.s (ili'e'Kein oi' orlg- liua.1 in vestment: einter into this figurer's «itoiTlat:oriis? Not a bit. of''it! :He simply Hpriures .Hie cost <7t' Hie raw 'material Mid ilie cost of tilie tabor necessary 'to produce the piece, and -then sends out the iaul'orma.vion-to tilie world ttant ';\ sprocket wheel costs foi-ty There a.iv as manly dilffereiit grades ot as there are grades of A HAPPY PAIR. •although the iliorsos are becoming ac- •custometl to the new tlilutr, still 1C a •wheel dashes by ait (full speed it is liable to scare lihe most sedate family horse. It is therefore fair that the driver •should 'have warning Mia.t -the wheelman is behind him, and .tntamls to pass. A whistle'is a-good thing au-d a bell, os- I>ecially for 'the ladies, is better. • If the City Council of Lo^ansport wishes 'to pass a Inw regulating the •speed of mtlieelinen on certain 'streets, •and com.j)eHinff the use of a bell or . wL'isle oT waimi'n-fr, .together with a lentem after nig-lit, there will be practically no opposMioii to the.measure. It may enita.ll soane hard^liiip on some of the •rider.'?, bat it may also be thc'means • of preventing serious injury to some •one. Accidents are liappenin.? every •day jtliwu^b the lack of proper precautions In this regaiil. and If riders who scorcb -ivSll persist Im making riding on the streets dangerous .to those who rido ait a decent pace, tiicy should be compelled to ftfvfi wuroiu# df their coming and goimy. In every ndwiDuo, :i bioyolo corps would have beou no more utluutivo than n rogl- mcnt Jjdiid. It would have boon different nlnng'tho lines .of the conflict between Franco aud Guriiiimy in 1870-1. With good rouds tiio bioyclo Is undoubtedly capable of moving a body of mon vory rnpldly toward n fitvon point. .There Is moreover im advantage In occupying an advanced position nowadays which did not exist formorly. With tho improved rapid flro and mncliiwc gimi a small body of m«n sau hold a, position more offootnully than could have boon dono In tho old daj'H of. closo ran go and charges. The incroaso In rutigo, accuracy and effectlvonoss of tho riflo in tho ])nst -J yours Increases tenfold the value of each protected rifleman. A roglmont or even a company under cover and using machine gnus could hold any position against ton times tho number that would formorly have sufficed to carry it. Indeed no mere force of numbers oonld drlvo thorn out, A bicyclo corps traveling 75 miles a day and "reaching a strong position could hold it against all odds ot numbers until driven out by artillery. Wo arc only at tho beginning of blcy cling. Thoro is no telling what will bo its ultimate efficiency. Its development in ovory department of practical use Is ono of tho most Interesting of the problems ot tho day.—New York World, fiuiftshed bk.-yd.es, and to sot the price oC one as that for all is fool'hshnes*. .-In the has gone .wrong, there for -the cost is over-estimated ait this 'point as much as' It. Is 'underestiimajted.! on other parts. T'liwi again; he -1ms said nortJMng about fJhe illling,-;the,buffing^ tho testing nad the waste tlvat'.nmst-be figured on In estimating 'tte ccst'-'of : an.y considerable .Dumber of macUiies. Some of them will of course not come up 1:0 the standard, and they have to be worked over. Then, aitul most, -hniwrta-ut Item of all, lie 'has overlooked the investment the moinul'acturer li.-is in- hfe plant, Tim 'jiwclutaory rcqiuiret] ro 'make a liijrJj gra.de wheel is expensive. It takes mncih money to stint -a factory than most people i'liuigiiie. and after if Is v«tairted the wear and t-ea.r of machinery, the slwtakage .in its va-l'uc, and all these items must' be figured on before (here is a cent of prolit in slg'ht. - Suppose :i mau-has $20.000 lie wants 10 invest to I>r.iug him six per eont. He pute ir into rhe bk-yclo ni)i.iiufin.'h]ring business. Is i-s failr 'tihat lie should receive in rota.™ buit't:hc sis .per cent, lie s-tarr- ert out to get for :hts t'none.v?'Kcmem-lier lie runs Che ris-k of losing every dollar he linS invested by the bu-ruLnjt of h-ii~ factory," "I say wlieu the fellow who wrote thn-t a.i'ni.cle tala\='tiiiie -to figure again.' he will see tliait lio wn.s off iirhis first ligure-S'-.ind amend theml II''there is such a big p'rofiit'i'U the bicycle business, why have there been so many WHEEL NOTES The Riverside Club handicap race for tl« championship o£ the club, which is .•DO.be run nest Tuesday afternoon, will be.an excl'ttog, event. There are over THE FAST CYCLING BRIGADE. THE FOWLER SEXTETTE. The Peru Racing Meet and Attractions. Its The Peru people persist in saying that they will have that famous Fowler scxtuplet at their races June 23. It te to be hoped they will. There are Ihous- •auds of .people who would like to see a machine ridden by six meo. Think of it; six big, brawny men on one bike. It Is seared to something like three times the gear of .the. one-man machines, and "It Is estimated can be run at a speed of a mile a minute with ease. The I'cru race meet managers have posted sreat lithographs showing the -machine with its six riders ntop, and Inviting everybody to come and see it, Another thins to the wheel line which •will attract great Interest Is the raoto-"" cycle. Apperson & Haynes of Kokomo, will have their new machine at the track and will nm an exhibition mile. 'The track at Tern Is a good one and the •managers say they will -have It in fine shape for the races. There are a num- lier of events scheduled which will prove Interesting and should also prora fast. George Banker Is tho king ot Europe. Bald la king, .but there are a'fow good, prlnooa. C. B. Nowton Is at tho head of-the royal' family In class A. Bliss, although n lato comer In tho ao.iv eon, has done exceedingly ivell. •' '. Bald's prlzo winnings for^tho season will roach about *3,000 lu value. Klsor, Sims, BJgby and Coulter give promise of being In tho front ranks next season. Neither Cabanno, at St. Loula, nor Ty-' lor, at Springfield, could justify their townsmen's natural prldo. It Is oipectod that tho next classification by tho L. A. W. will be class A amateur,' class B rklor and professional. Eddie Bald Is very gentlemanly on the track and la therefore a favorite with all who coino In contact with him, Cabnnno's ratio of winnings will prob-| ably greatly Increase for" tho balance of tho season, with a possibility of displacing Tom Coopor. Dr. Brown has boon handicapped most of the soason and has only just got Into good form. Ho is oxpactod to bo with the leaders In 1898. Loathorbury of Baltimore, a lato comer In tho B class, will probably prove to bo a surprisingly fast man In 1898. Ho has tho physique, npucd and pluok and only ro- qulros a good and attentive trainer. Competition rates hardly scorn such with quads, triplets and randoms making pace. It creates a procession, although a fast ono, and falls to please spectators as tho old way of racing did oven at a slower paco. English credulity for American records is not no much taxed as It usod to bo. A fow years ago nothing short of a stack'bf affidavits would oonvinco thorn.--Now they print American records without other comment than thosoof wonder.—Sporting Life. \ .' McKINKEY AT 7 ,! HIS DESK. The accpmwinyiiif: cut shows how the Hon. William McKinloy-looks when be i» ready to b«giu hia daily work in kin study in Canton, Ohio. twenty iiKters- entered In the race, and ass lit -Is dangerous for that number to- jsfcni to a bunch, It Is proposed to ha.ve the -riders qualify in secifclons. The ten yard men, next the fifteen yard handicaps, aud so o^ d/owu the line. The best -mem to all the classes will then i unite tih-e .race-for .the. championship. The prize is a handsome gold medal, given by Ben .Jlantiu, the Jeweler, and cast a meait sum. The rider who can pin I-t on his riding shirt after (ho race may well feel proud of-having won it. ' • • * The frraivd mnsi]iiei-:ide parade to be given by the IMversidi- Cycle Club Tuesday .evtiiiing, precedes an ice cream siippe-r at Hie chili house on the same evening. The members are takiujr a «re:«t deal of iiuherest .hi. the club and arc pi-opoBiing to make ii: whaf ir. should be, a. place wlw;-e fhe yoinig men who are mebeis can ;ro and -h:ive a picasant rime,' wMiowt the .obuixions features which a.ttnch to the purely professional cycle club. * 'T' * The two ix>ol la.bU>!s inirehased by t.lie Iliveisida Cycle Club for use in (lip club liiou.se aire.here ;»«! will be set up as soon as possible. They will lie put in fiirst-claiss shape :unj will afford a jriwi (Ir-jiJ of Iwrmloss .-umisement for tiie niembers. * * * J he deAlurs report trade brisk, especially i'n repairs a-iwl bicycle sundries. Tlie .Tournal bicycle boxes, for the deposit of bicycle news and other news n'ore^. are belli.? placed in positiou and wJiefilinen and wJm^lwomen ;irc urged to 'drop their Ifttle personal Items in. Sign your name, not for publication, but in order tlia.t the bicycle editor mny know that you are not trying to' "string" him. .'Some people think "it .smart to "striup;" a .reporter and jet liiiim to ptrbHs!). a false item of ncw.«. Then If It iiapp'wis- sometime that the tables a.re tnrri\>d on. the "stringer," he cam'c find tlic c'dljor soon- enough or lick him hard emough. Because you. have si grmise ajjainst some one, don't" imagine timt-the newspaper is the place to get even with him. Go 1-lck him; the editor would: iniucli rather you worild do dhait Dlinin fcliait he should come to the newspaper and lick the aforesaid WILL NOT BUY A House and Lot But It Will Purchase Something Just as Valuable The BICYCLES IN POLITICS. Lorn LUIInrd and Ilownrd .Tones of -Marion will imlve on thd-r wheels this rnornlns and spend the day wlltli inleads. i . , . . . An tJngmlltnt Borne, He was riding a horse. Sho wag just about to mount her bicycle. She wns not tho prize winner nt tho beauty show. The horso shied. Sho remarked, "I should think you'd hnvo your horso trained not to shy ut a bicyclo." Ed came back with, "Bog pnrdon, tho horse did not shy nt the bioyolo." And tho band played on.—New York Recorder. Cycle Repairing Neccmary Work. A Now York ropalror was arrested lust Sunday for alleged violation of tho Sunday law in .repairing a punoturod tiro, Tho wlso judgo promptly discharged tho prlsonor, holding that tho repair of a bioy- 3lo is n work of necessity In order that tho rider way proceed on his journey:—Amor- lcan..Cyollst. l grade of wheels nothing Is. uset Uiast -steel Jn liho-rna'kinjr of al the 'differeiiit forging*. This Meel cost- •niore ttan coiU'nion 'Iron '6v cast steel ilkni lu the best grade w-lieuls the forjr- ings are a'l'I drop forged, which reouii'CS QxpettslTC TOachltaiM^. The difference .bcitivv'ceu a ditiop forged piece and, a Li'ng-is as greait as the difference between tihe metal in a bajrlow kiuife and the fln- •ost razor almost, aiiid the cost Is proportionately greater.' ' "That -is only one part_of the high' grade wheel wlhlah .this 'writer says costs. cMrry doUois to innke, a-nd It is aue ot tilie least expenslw parts, too; There fe just as in win dlffeix?nce in the coaes, or bearings us tlioix? Is In the qualifies of spa-ocket wheels, or other .parts of the nvaohtae. I repair many wjieels I'm *he couiisc of a week, and I have a dhaece to knoWBOtuethilng of the -difference between a' good wheel aud a oh/esip o»)e. A'man brought a wheel to me ye&terd'ay for repairs. He said- there -was something wrongi and he Iwid not been u.ble to -teU'wliat'lt wa«. I took hlis wtoel apait aiid 'found that fine cones in Dotou the rear-wlieel-and the cramk box wore cut'iratiil-lhe 'balls had room to orawtl om top.-of each other In the beaailiig'. W was a dheap wheel, one of the SK>rtt that is simply thrown to- ;oth«r. Tile tubing .was-not muqh better tibun gns plipe and-ol-l of the so-caJled forgings were castings. ..And y.e.t, I'll venture that t/he 'manuifoct'u'rer of that trlieel can't figure She cost of the wheel at much toss Winn'itMrty dollars, fln- Ished amd. put togfdfcher -reudy for the market. Him to/ttffk about a 'hig-h grade wheel only. jCOSttag that much!" "Take.the estliii.iite ibt tOie/cost'of as; s«nbliug a Mgih giraid.^"wheci'; iihe wilt- uia.Dufaclui'eiisi.. made u.ssisnmeuts? You'll wailiLa long time• before you si tire price ot a strictly first-class' whec below-Hie figure .U now sells at. The arc sold under a'.gn.araiiitee of one yea and you'd be surprised at toe uu.uibe of Hulnga the purchaser -finds wrong If -lie ;reM Into a ccolllsion with auothe r.Wer or a freight tenin, Uje chances ar he will swear tt \v-as"tihe fault of th niaclitoe .and the' ma.anfacturor wll make the damage'good rather than ha v luiini "knocktogV on his wheel. Ou> ite.m of expense I forgot to--mention and tliat Is a;(lvor.t:isi;ug. Take th Pope Man-ufactuiriing. Co., as an in slauwe. The c*omixi.uy ^spent over, $1,000,000 in -advertising alone in 1S03 When any one .tells you that it only costs thirty dollars to build a high grade bicycle, you give fcliem the horse auph aud tell them you know better. TempllDg Him. Mrs. Boulevard—Thcro, there, Willie, don't cry. Coiuo, look out of the window sod watch a scorcher run ovur soinobody. —Wheel. , ' Not B Gentlemnn CjclUt. ' ."You are no guntloiunn," cried tho embryo bioyollst In long skirts to tho'bibyplifit in loggings and short punts, who monopolized the bicycle track on Kim stroot. "Why,,who:-ever said I was?." innocently queried the wearer of the loggings and short pants, at tho same; time - turning round aud disclosing, a: girlish- faco and a slim white nook, "douidri'ti you , tell by the size ot my feotf"—Exchange. Frofe»loa*lt>m That Pays. _,\Vlio says professionalism (loos not pay? .Hero. Is Joi)npy,,..Tphnsou. who has'Just bought a house-and lot. It is not a tloR- JiousenlJd a lot Of : pnps eiWierrbut a $10,000 mansion, which is ns far ahead of the expectations of -the record ^breaker spoed merohant flvo years ago as tras the White House.—B«artn«i.-. ' , Good Roads Movement to be Brought Before the National Convention. Boston Transcript: It appears thnt the financial questions-is not the only one which will be brought before the national 'conventions.'• Both Republicans and Democrats will' be asked to put "good roads" plaufe iu their national platforms, and while'the members of the -League of Arauricnii Wheelmen would be unable to agree upon the question o.f coinage, tbey are a unit on this subject. A circular letter signed by President Elliott, Vice President Morrison and the chief consuls.of the L. A. W. In every State in the Union, has been sent to the delegates who will attend the national Republican and Democratic ' conventions. The letter says: ' "i'our position as a delegate to the national convention of-your party prompts us to call your attention to the importance of a plank wlilAh will be offered insertion in each^ of the national plat.fbriu.iv.aud having for its object a nil indpreemeat of the good-roads movement: 5 -' Although this is suggested by our whoelniten's organization DOW having over 50,000 active members aud leju-ly 4,000,000 associates, it. is really of much wider consequence. "i'our fanilllarity with the subject 10 doubt shows you that road toprove- nent benefits the wheelmen, as such, east, of all,, while the-general tmprove- nent of our country. Is incalculably osrered: and .promoted. This Is espec- illy obvious In those States which al- e.idy have a systematic pl.in of road wilding. We trust you will give this natter your attention and that you will gree with us that It is oue of the most ital subjects now before the American eople. Your support-of the proposed esolution i.s eaniestly'asked." The "city" of' Cameron out 'la the dfre of ,s:ige brush country, has a tnu- icipnl debt, that is almost. 950,000. reater tlwn the a«sess«l valuation of. ic town.—Lawrence (Kas.) Journal. Journal Will Be Delivered at Your House for $1 Per te IN ADVANCE, 1, I0t H DROP a POSTAL CAfiD Giving- Name and Street Number.,

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