Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on July 7, 1975 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1975
Page 24
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Ji--GREKLEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Mon.. July 7,1975 Progress leaving boys out New 'Second Banana' Tim Conway, center, appears with Harvey Korman, left, and Carol Burnett on "The Carol Burnett Show," where he has been made a regular member of the cast. He was an irregular 'Star War' production set by Fox . HOLLYWOOD -- After two Luke Starkiller," an original years of preparation, George hy Lucas. Lucas and Gary Kurtz will ' Lucas wil , wrjte and ^ begin production in January, and KurU wU , duce (heir 1976, on "The Star Wars," an Qwn gan Francisco ^ outer space action-adventure , ompa ny.''fhe.Star Wars" will based on "The Adventures of be shot on worldwide locations and be released by 20th-Fox for Christmas, 1976. on the show. Conway says he and Korman can't be anything but "second bananas" to Carol. "You can't be anything else. She's that great." (AP Wirephoto) Greeley art scene f FAST FREE A I DELIVERY I IPIZZA. SPAGHETTI . BEER I I 351-4847 I I CABLES END I V_ 110526th Ave. _J This is the first film for the production team since the highly successful "American Graffiti." TOPLESS WAITERS AUDITION (Public) Thursday, July 10,5 p.m.-7 p.m. Customer Specials: Mixed Drinks 45c Calls 60c Applicants bring Swim Briefs and Sandals. Excellent pay for Ladies' Nite Specials. Must be single, over 21, good physique and charm. SIR-LOIN LOUNGE Downtown Windsor Coming Very Soon One of America's finest equipped; most spacious health and fitness centers for women. Patricia J's Women's World ' We now feature Weld County's largest and finest equipped exercise club for men. ' Also, a very large (20' x 50')heated swimming pool with separate ultra-modern dressing rooms for swimmers. 1 Added attractions: Sauna Baths, Whirlpools, Sunrooms, Steam rooms (soon). Handball and Racquetball Courts. : We are No. 1 in Weld County and invite comparison. 1 Why pay more for less. Special reduced rates during our Reconstruction Period. 1M I.I I Y A l l I I III \ I / V I I . I J I I II I (Formerly the Slim Swim Club) 1300 9th Ave. 352-6498 By DIANE RAY Local galleries currently are offering fine quality art which also should be much to the taste of the average Greeley resident. Max'ims, 705 13th St., is .featuring the Master's Thesis Show of Roger Ambrosier, which will continue throughout the month. The show consists of carefully rendered drawings of himself and of farm animals, mostly cattle and swine. Ambrosier is disturbed by the demise of the small farm and the insidious encroachment of a technological society upon the former tranquility of the rural scene. His drawings reflect the bewilderment caused by this change. The animals are placed upon an empty page to suggest (hat they no longer have a place. He uses the rather unusual compositional device of placing the animal very low or very close to the side of the page, balanced by a large expanse of space to convey the feeling of emptiness and isolation. Ambrosier is a fine draftsman, showing much personal involvement with his subject matter. His style is generally tight and controlled; the approach commonly characterized as "magic realism." A .few, such as No. 11, "I know the way," are more free and spontaneous gestural studies; more alive and consequently more interesting. Presentation is above reproach. All works are very handsomely framed and labelling is tastefully inconspicuous. Greeley people also will enjoy the work of Kob Proctor and Clint Eastwood gets top role in outlaw film HOLLYWOOD -- Clint Eastwood will star in "Outlaw ,-- Josey Wales," a post-Civil i'War adventure drama for 'Warner Bros. Based on a novel by Forrest Carter, the new film will be produced by Robert Daley and will commence shooting Oct. 6 to be ready for a major B i c e n t e n n i a l C e l e b r a t i o n release. 'Network' film in the works HOLLYWOOD United Artists and Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer will enter into a joint production venture with the filming of Paddy Chayefsky's "Network," an original screenplay by the two-time Oscar winner. "Network" is a dramatic yet comedic view of the television medium. The new film will be Chayefsky's ninth work to be brought to the screen. The most recent was "The Hospital," starring George C.. Scott. Chayefsky's screenplay for this acclaimed boxoffice hit won an Academy Award. Pygmy tribes arc believed to- ie among Ihe earliest nhabitanls of Zaire in Africa. Debbie Dalton on display at the 726 9lh Street gallery, not only because of their popular realistic approach but also because the subject matter is from the surrounding area. They believe that it is not necessary to go to the mountains for aesthetic appreciation of nature; that the plains have a quieter but more intense beauty. Proctor is displaying m e t i c u l o u s l y r e n d e r e d watercolors whose mood reflects a familiarity with the area which only a Greeley native could feel. One river scene displays the fresh greenness of early spring while many of the others suggest the barrenness of November. He also is a fine draftsman and has a good feeling for form. The only criticism might be that the lack of value contrast and color causes many otherwise strong compositions to fade out. Miss Dalton, who is also a fine printmaker, is displaying only nature photographs which have a sensitive lyrical quality. Unfortunately, her presentation is occasionally less than professional and detracts. It is refreshing to view local scenes which could become banal through over-familiarity, transformed as these two have done, into works of art. Some of the area residents who also have a fondness for the landmarks, farms, and local establishments would do well to avail themselves of the talents of this pair who also are willing to do artwork on a commissioned basis. ByJOHNSINOR Copley News Service "What can I do to make some extra money?" asked one of my boys the other day. And I had to stop and think pretty hard. Whatever happened to all the boy jobs of 25 years ago? There used to be all kinds, and I think 1 did everyone of them at one time or another. Well, it seems that we now send men to do a boy's job. If not a man, then a machine. From the time I was in grammar school clear up to the time I was a pretty strapped young enlisted man in the service, I could always walk into a bowling alley and pick up a couple of dollars setting pins. It was hard work, so it was almost always available. The pay wasn't great, but you could double it when you became adept enough to work two alleys at a time. A machine wiped this job out. Push, pull, click, click. And the American boy never had a union to say a blessed thing about it. Where are the caddies of yesteryear? Replaced by pull carts, electric carts or, at the posh country clubs, grown men whose fee to carry your bag starts at $10with a tip expected. There was a time when a boy would carry your clubs over 18 holes of play for 75 cents to $1. No more. Remember the skate-key boys? We used to get 50 cents an hour, plus an occasional tip, for tightening skates on your street shoes at the local rink. There were a few skates with the shoes built right on them, but they were for the professionals. No more. We sold the "Saturday Evening Post" and "Liberty" magazines door-to door once., No more. Both magazines have folded and so have the boy salesmen. Now computers do the selling with junk mail and trade mailing lists with each other. Where is the kid with the push lawnmower who went around the neighborhood on Saturday doing lawns? He has been replaced by a man with a truck- bed full of power mowers, trimmers and edgers. You can't begrudge the man his job because he needs it. But boys used to do it. Where are all the kids with their wooden shoeshine boxes and their cans of Lincoln or Kelly cordovan, brown, and black? The kids who gave you a spit shine using real spit? Now they are men in stands at the barbershop or the corner cubby and they are shining shoes to support families. A boy would probably do the same shoeshine for a dime -- if there was anything he could do with a dime. Where is the drugstore delivery boy on the bicycle? He is practically an extinct species, replaced by the college student driving the store's own economy van. The boy selling peanuts at the ballgame has been replaced by a man who gets better pay, belongs to a strong union, and probably had to know somebody to join it. The newspaper route is left, but you have to sign a contract to do that. It's not something you can just do one day, and then go spend the money. The one job of piecework left for a boy is one they don't like any better today than they did 25 years ago. Baby-sitting. It's a progress story. Ye Greeley Village Inn 5990 W. 10th St. y July 8th thru July 14th '1.90 TUESDAY... Veal Marco Polo Complimentary Goblet of Wine WEDNESDAY... Chicken Stuffed Tomato.. *1.90 Complimentary Goblet of Wine THURSDAY... Mexican Hamburger Z.1U Tomato and Avocado Salad F R I D A Y . . . Assorted Seafood Plate 2.10 Shrimp -Oyster--Crab--Complimentary Goblet of Wine. MON D A Y . . . Broiled Ham Steaks 1.90 Complimentary Goblet of Wine The world supply of sugar is more than GO million short tons annually, over 50 per cent of which comes from sugar cane. Steak 'n the works dinner It's steak, your way. With all the trimmings. Includes a juicy Sambo's steak, cooked to order. Our famous French fries. Steaming soup or crisp green salad, with your .choice of dressing. Dinner bread. Any beverage. And for dessert, fruit gelatin, sherbet, or pudding! Bon Appetit! RESTAURANTS 1415 8th Ave. Greeley Save 700 With Coupon Stockade Strip Steak T 9 Served with your choice of potato or salad, plus hot Stockade Toast. Coupon good for entire family Offer expires July 51,1975 Save 600 With Coupon Steak $189 Filet Served with your choice of potato or salad, plus hot Stockade Toast. Coupon good for entire family Offer expires July 21,1975. Your Money Buys More A t . . . IftUNll' TCCKA5E The All American Steak. In Greeley, 1542 8th Ave. Open 11 A.M. to 9 P.M.. Weekdays 11 A.M. to 10P.M., Weekends The Grinder (hamburger patty) Chicken Plate (chicken leg) | Shrimp Plate (three pieces) | Your choice, all served with hot ' Stockade Toast and choice of french I fries or haked potato (drink included). I Coupon good for all children in family I Save 500 With Coupon Sizzlin Sirloin Steak Served with your choice of potato or salad, plus hot Stockade Toast. Coupon good for entire family Offer expires July 21,1975. Save 400 With Coupon Steak Served with your choice of potato or salad, plus hot Stockade Toast. Coupon good for entire family Offer expires July 21,1975. Save 600 With Coupon Rancher's Steak Served with your choice of potato or salad, plus hot Stockade Toast. Coupon good for entire family Offer expires July 21,1975. Save 300 With Coupon Steak Served with your choice of potato or salad, plus hot Stockade Toast. Coupon good for entire family Offer expires July 21,1975.

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