The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1943
Page 4
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i~ tt" V S > * fAGEFOUB BLYTHEVILLK, (ARK.X COURIER NEWS' Published Erwy Friday In the Interwt of Farm Families of This J^'- Agricultural Section. NEWS-FEAIURES FKIUAY, AI'KIL 9, Enter the Plant-to-Prosper Con, tests sponsored by the Courier" Mews and Commercial Appeal. Farmers May Plow <•*•-< •* Cover Crops According to Ray A Wnlers, seu- ior,<ield ssaislant, Agricultural Acl- jusl&jhl Agency, Blythoylllc, farmers ^Mississippi County arc allowed |iVpiow under tliclr vetch, uur clover,' oats, barley, and rye '; they 'see fit. ' • Tbese crops will be checked In carlyi'Summer at.Uic time Hie re- portjrjyislts the farm., It- is not ncc- r the farm operator to re- information to the county office- ^t- this time, II " ' "' pointed- ... AoiordinE to J. J. Pickrcii, county agent, .vetch and other winter cover cropg'should not be allowed to re melii on Ihc land too long, since it is difficult to gel a stand of cotton or other crops following winter cover crojis when they are allowed to obtain a rnnk growth. Heroes in Itcul '.ifc HOLLYWOOD, Cnl. (Ul'i—When Danish- actor prcbcn Storm went to the- hospital for an appendectomy, Hollywood cowboys under (he leadership, of Johnny Muck Brown, anolhe ractor,. saved E.OOO animals on Storm's-ranch. Storm's 200- acre fariA is located on the top of a mountain nud the Hollywood Production Of Quality. Gream Both Patriotic and Profitable Mississippi County dairy produc-'|)ic Arkansas Dairy LaV nwl crs were Infonned this week by Miss Cora Lee Colemnn, county home demonstration agent, that the production oj qimllly cream is ix necessity from the .standpoint ot both patriotism and profit. Pointing out that 30 per cent of the butter manufactured Is set nsMc lor Ihc armed forces, Miss Coleman declared that any cream produced that will not make butter is lilndor Ing the war effort, 'ihe armed forces, In particular, but civilian workers us well, she Midi, must have good butler, and this, she added, certainly can not l)c miidc from old, yeasty or moldy crcmn. In regard to profits from cream production, :MJss Colcman advised thtH the prices fnrm families receive for their cream .will depend on the grade of crcanv'tlicy sell A.11 cream stations and creameries stressed by the. National Cream Quality Program are. outlined by Coordinator Carrutl.i as follows: J, Cleanliness of milking barn, cow, and milker. Dirt .from the cow's udder and flanks and from the milker is an important source of (ho bacteria, yeasts mid. mold that cause cream s|>ollngc. For this reason, the cow's flanks should tie brushed and the udder washed with a damp cloth. The milker's hands should lie cleiui mid dry. 3. Cleanliness of utensils. Another Corn Acreage Should Bo Split Into At Least Three Parts, Agent Says Farmi'rs of Mississippi Counly arc advised by J. J. IMckrcn, county agent, that one of the surest ways of Insuring Ihelr corn crop Is Iq divide their corn acreage Into at least liirce parU, planting one part early, one part late', and llic third grade cream with more carejwllh honing water. source of undesirable bacteria 'Is'pail at n medium dale. In this unclean milk utensils. utenslLs | way fuuucr.s can parllnlly avoid loss should be rimed immediately after use lo dislodge milk solids and prevent llieni from drying on Hie crtulpmcnl. They should Ihcn he washed In worm water with a good oTcoiirac, 'farmcrsTould' pick alkaline washing ixwdci ' ' • .stlff-ljrlslled brush, and Ur they manufacture on ji basis of government grades. . In order to prevent the lass to the consumer trade of cither cream or butter, n National Cream Quality Program is being sponsored by the American Butter Institute. In Arkansas, with 1'aul Carruth, extension dairy specialist of the Uni- oraboys had to cany up on horses vei-slty of Arkansas College of Ag- .4(w> i,™.,.j- „, <•-_., ,„. ,,._ , rlculture, acting ns coordinator, the 4,000 ixjunds of feed for the farm's 3000'chickens, 1,000 turkeys, 450 pigs, '20 cows and assorted stock. Western -studios supplied the horses. Read Courier News want ads. program is receiving; the support of the College, the stale department of Vocational Education, the Arkansas -Slnte Hoard of Health, and the Arkansas Dairy institute. Production practices embodied In of Die entire crop from dry weatli- r. If weather could bo accurately predicted far enough in advance, of course, farmers could pick oul mid a]u,e host single date for plantlni; scalded and plant nil thc crop at one lime. (Studies conducted hy the Unlvcr- of iilen- j.slty of Arkansas College of Agricul- palls ami single- lure for several years over Ihc wrvlcc pad-lyix; .strainers arc not tlulc slio\v lliat, (here is no best only rctiuhiMl by the Stale Dairy single ilatc of plniillng llial will •Law Iml also are more .sanitary jl)e the snmc every year. Uroughls, in that, they nrc easier lo elenn. which arc thc mosl common cause Asparagus Will Grow In Garden Asparagus produced In the 1101113 Harden Is a possibility for any Mississippi County family, Miss Colcman, comity home itcmon.slra- tion ngciil, advised this week. Asparagus plants, Miss Coleman DxplaiiU'd, will grow readily oil almost any well-drained soil thai is inodci-alcly free of stones, anil n bed of suitable si/c will supply the table with one of Ihc most delicious of the high vitamin (jrscn vegetabfcs lliroiijjlioul n sprlns Milling season of from four to 10 weeks. Directions for establishing an asparagus bi.'d arc lisied by Miss 'Ooleman as follows. Good plants win be .grown In the gurden by sowing sped of the Mary \Vo.vlilngton variety at ntiy time from lulc T'cbriiary to mid- April. thinning so that the plants slum! four to six Indies apart In the row, niul giving good vulture throughout the summer. The plnnts may bo left in (lie ground over winter ami Hflcd early the thoi-ouyhly before spears appear In the spring; ihcn coated with a heavy mulch of fine straw or leaves to-help keep down weeds during the cutting season, and especially to keep sand and silt from collecting under the scales of the spears. 4. Immediate cooling. Craim of low yields of co'rn.'mny occur in ratlamnu sprliiB. They should then should he cooled Immediately after !™">e years durliiB Intc May or J f" ,'«! «'» »''>' I « best., used gallon. If ice or mcehauiil re-' J-c; in olher year, Ihe drought * ^^^'X'^ ,naneni . - , , frlBcmtloii Is not available vaer may come in early July, while In , ln .."'^»« '»'' ' « pcnnanenl con be used. The larger the volume other years the drou e hl may occur &'J 'v*™ "d wmTU ° nl of water, Ihc belter the Job o« cool- «t some other time. , , V r r, , ,"' , U " ing For example, tests conducted nt'" 1 "'" 1 , 0 ', enm ' cd ' thc " plowcd °' .rolled Ex- • s j wtl<!<1 deeply. After the "ground, is MR. FARMER — For a better stand! — —For quicker germination! — — For healthier plants! — —For more $ -/;er acre!— HAVE YOUR OWN PLANTING SEED CRAPED, DE-LiNTEP AND TREATED AT "', —_..i V ,.. ; jRussell Barham's RED TOP GIN Phone 21 (2 For Complete Details! Arksoy 2913 Seed SOY BEANS Sacked Or In Hulk WE HAVIJ A LIMITED SUPl'KY OK .STONEVILLK 2U and <1B PEDIGREED SEED. . G. Frequent delivery. Crcnm ,'hoidd be delivered lo the cream station or creamery lit least twice n week In winter nnd three times a week In slimmer. Storage Bins Are Available Storage bills lire available lo farmers for the purpose of storing mi products, In the sixes' 18«0 id MOO bushel capacity, priced US and S:»5, These bins will only be available r two more weck.v. according to ay A. Waters, and any farmer billing lo secure a bin within Ihc ;xt two weeks should contni."; tUe AA office, in lilyllmvllle or Osce"a, due to (lie fa,ct thill other unities haye iisked for these bins "> be released .to them. 'Ilicy may be purchased cither on olc or by cash, tt was announced. HEALTHk QUALITIES IN VEGETABLES COME 'TPHE minerals that make vegetables so healthful ^ come (rom the soil. Thai's why vegetables grown in soils rich in plant foods ate more flavotful . . . make belter eating, and prove to be beller sources of minerals and vitamins for your diet. VIGORO VICTORY GARDEN FERTILIZER is a complete plant food. Use it to supply your vegetables with all of the elements they require from the soil for finest growth . . . big yields . . . lop quality. You are in for a new app.recialion of vegetable .goodness if you feed them complete plant food.... per ncrc. compared to :15 bushels from May 15 plantings, and 47 bushels obtained from June 1 planting.?.' In 1834, though, Jmic 1 plantings led with ti yield of 35 bushels per ncrc, while the yield wns 1(1 bushels from Ihe April 15 planting and ai bushels from file May IS plnntlng. In 19M the top yield of 31.0 bushels per acre was obtained from the planting made on May 15. compared to 22 bushels from the plniithig made on June t and 2.'j.6 bushels from Ihe April 15 planting. Droughts do not hnve to be of great, length lo reduce corn yields, thc county agent .said. Just a few days of high tcinpcriilurc In connection wl(h a short dry period will reduce yields it the corn is in the lassclihg stage. Weather of- this kind occurs almost every summer, for this reason several plantings made over a period of a few weeks will go far toward Insuring the corn crop on Arkansas farms where corn is cf-sciilinl lo greater production ' Indies. The planUs may be placed In Ihe furrows at 14 or 18-inch intervals and covered with about three inches of soil. After the youiii; shoots are well up. cultivation may begin am! at each cul- livtuion a litlle soil should be pulled into Hie furrow until the ground is levelled. Good cultivation for weed control should be maintained at all limes. No cuttings .should be made in thc first or second year, but in the third yc.-ir, Hint is, after two years oi growth In the permanent bed the spears may be cut for uboiil the 'first four weeks of thc grou'lnt; season. In subsequent years, beds on soils of good fertility will stand cuttlnjt seasons of from eight lo 10 weeks. A good bed should remain productive for from 10 to 15 years after the first cutting season. The bed should bu cultivated For Sale TTOHSEED Stoncville 2-1! SOYBEANS Wild's.'!?/ Wild's i;i' Ai-k.-io.vs Itoysoys LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Krenchmiin's Hayoti, Ark. Phone 2MS i'.' > r = ; ; A 'rjic^tliiB. of jhc_ Aimorel ,4-H Club was'held Monday'with Iho president, Claude Cas-sldy, prcsid- B. ,. Those - pi-esunt, Included 54 club members, Miss, Cora lee Colemsin, home demonstration agent, and J. J. I'ickicn, county'' agent. The group opened the meeting by sintilng "Little mown Church In the Vale" led by liilllc Hughes, song captain. . Club Captains James Hcnson, nillic Hughes, Martha Priiitt, and Mike O'Kcefi:, gave reports on the progress nf their club members. Miss Colcman guvp a demonstration on dehydrated foods, after v;hicl) Mr. I'ickren yave a demonstration on curing for pigs and gardens. . > A meeting of, the Forty and Eight, 4-H Club was held Monday. Kenneth Merrill, president. >va.s in charge, 't'he group sang "Arkansas" le<l by • Geiie SiVii.Tord, song captain. Miss 1 Cora Lee Colcman, home demonstration • ugcnt, and J. j. J > tcki-en,- county agent, were pres- cnl. - • .- • . . . Miss Coleman led-a discussion on the dchyrdallon of foods. trumiwt solo by Ezell Wikon, a poem read by Chaillnc Cameron, and "The Flowing Song" sung by Harold Darby, Evcll Wilson, J. L. Gay, Bobby Woodard, and Allen Stanley. Miss Cora Lee Coiemau, home demonstration agent, then gave a talk on "How to get rid of pests In the garden." All is White Again LOS ANGELES (UP)—When n homely little mutt of a dog named Mummer jumped into a tin- pit here, her 4-yenr-old mistress, Margaret Miller, jumped In also to rescue her then her sister, Dolores, 8, jumped in to save both. They were finally rescued by Caretaker James Shelton, In charge of the tar pits, before they sank out of ight, and rushed to a hospital •here, by various chemical processes, they were rendered white ignln. Even Ihc dog was succe&i- ully restored to its normal color. products, The licece 4-11 Club hat a meet iny Tuesday, with E/cll Wilson 'in uhnrgc. There were 22. club members, six lenders,• and one visitor present. To open the incclliifr Ihe group | sane "While Clilfs of Dover" led by Evelyn Biinn, song captain. Each group captain gave a report on the progress of his'group. Bobby Woodard,'Poultry Captain, has nine in his group. Altogether they have 418 chickens. : Billle Max Gnnn, .soybean captain, lias one member in lib group. He hits all his ground ready and it will soon be-linic-Io plant the soybeans. Thomas Dcnton, pig captain, has six in his group. J. L. Gay. calf captain.- has Uv'o in his group. All members are making progrew on their projects. On the program lliere was a We Buy it is a pr«tot ot Swift« Company. %\ '? ' ?»/ B B &RD HARDWARE CO. ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etc. foini. <omei in ptm. Con b» mixed in jifTyl • It's one l>ig surptise nfter nnolhcr —when j'oii redecorate n room wiih is sufficient over old wallpaper or other surfaces. And that one coat may ho npplied in less than two hours anil dries in ono hour. You can actually liang up pictures 60 minutes after painting with Techido! Ask us to give you the whole story of this amazing development in wall paint. cdiUa well) ma/ 04 quiekly waiJitd \vi;S r ,-'.'Y soop end woJcr, MADE IN I COLORS AND WHITE PITTSBURGH PAINTS The Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 445 \v. j|j,i,, Cotton Geo. H. McFadden & Bros. Ag'cy. Over Hoi -inn's Drug Store 1'. O. Box 218, Blythcvillc, Ark. E. C. RATION rh.m.g>u BAKER L. WILSON ... its ALL THREE for-ME! Philadelphia, Pa, Ls the site of | Temple University. I Hairy Vetch Seed Is Available Here Hairy vetch seed now are available as a grant of aid through the AAA office here, according to Ray A. Waters. This seed will cost about 12 cents a pound In Blythevitlo. Applications should be made at this u m e by the farmers who expect, to receive this vetch in July or August. Forms are available at the AAA office In Hlylhevillc, also at Ine Osceola AAA office. Kx-1'ackcr B«aks Ankle , GREEN CAY, Wls. (U.P.i—CIlUClc Sample went through a bruising National Football League season as ' a Green Bay Packer fullback and came out without a scratch; During his first week of military.'training at Camp Grant, ill.,'he suffered a' broken ankle while sauntering I about the premises. Read Courier News want ada; 2 GOOD FEED STARTENA! GOOD SANITATION Uc onI V Ppultfy water tablet 'which acts as a cBsinfcqtam, bowel astringent •ndfimgiade. Easy and economical to use. Don't take needless chance* on ••*"—in your flock! FREE! FREE! Hear an Authority on Diseases of Livestock AT UOXV TEIKATRK TUESDAY, APRIL 13TH, 2 P. M. PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AII Diseases of Livestock ONE HOUR LECTURE ONE HOUR MOTION PICTURES TWO HOURS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Tin's unusual .opportunity to hear an-imlstiinclin); ex- pi'rt on your livestock problems is brought to you (hriiuijh the efforts of WOODS DRUG STORE BLVTIIEVlU.i:, iind LEI>KRI.K LABOKATORIKS and (he AHD-SOLTH SEKUAI CO. :,-' - - ' - of Memphis. , ' , , / NEWS Published By The Delta Implement Co., Blyfheville Scries 1 . Friday, April i) No. 33 There will be a nitelinir of commillce niem- liers of thc Mississippi County Victory Horn! Drive at the courthouse in lilythcville Sunday afternoon at 2:150. All members of every bond committee in,every community-in the counly are ur^cil to be present. . . It's one of the most important meetings of Ihc year. . . Man to be there without fait. -DI- L. K. Ashcraft Co, Hv\<i|[liiarlcrs For Garden and Field Seed 112 K. Main .,. Phone 4!)3 J. II. Briiin, of Dell, h;is a Ivactor in our snop for overhaul HOIV . . . 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If you're E l 'i»g to need new equipment this Spring, our men «•!)! be glatl to help you make nut application forms . . . .Insl drop by whenever you're in town. TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON'T HAVE IT STUCK HALFWAY Btosl it info a tend TODAY I

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