The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 4
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fOUK BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . TBX COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0, R. BABCOCK. Editor a W. HAINE8, Adverting Manager Bole National Advertising Representative*: Arkansas Dillies, Ino, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Lout:, Dallu, Kansas City, Little Rock. Published Every Alternoon Eicept Sunday, Entered ai aecond class matter at he pott onict at Blylhcvllle, Ar- ;»nsa«, under act of Congress Of- f.i- tobef 9, 1917. Served by the United Pitts. SUBSOHIPTION RATES By carrier m toe Cliy of Blyttiertlle, 16« pe' ' week or |a«0 per year In advance. , By mall within a radlua ol M mllea, »3.M per w»r, $1.60 tor six months. We lor three month*; by mall lu poslil tones two to six, Inclusive, *.M per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 tier year, payable In advance. Crime Can Be Halted fit/ Being Exposed ,.• Tlic crime problem, like the poor, k ' is one of those tilings t'i'.iil always are with us. A grt'ttt inanj citizens have expended much honest labor in recent " years trying to llml out just why and ' how the underworld manages to get its steady stream of youthful recruits; ''and often enough some investigator - reports that one big mason is the "••fact that newspapers give so much space to crime news. This isn't, a new charge, to he sure; but it is heard fairly frequently, and it has bothered a number of high- vi -mindec| and conscientious folk. An — •excellent answer is to be found in testimony given not long n£o before the : Senate sub-committee on racketeer-ins by Dr. Carleton Simon of New York, 'associated with the New York police ^force. for the last 35 years, as crimin- i ologist.. The task of uncovering the elements ,.. ; that create crime, says Dr. Simon, "is "•/rriade greater and more difficult by the vast confusion of public thought" which arises from this effort to hold y newspaper crime stories culpable. * * * Some people, remarks, Dr. Simon, '"demand that every medium of intelli* gence, education, and entertainment be '"made completely harmless tq the sub•• normal mind of the delinquent child. ; And it does not take the doctor long to carry this thesis to its logical—and absurd—conclusion. Details of a train wreck, vividly presented, would be too !.:>iTowing for a sensitive adolescent mind. Therefore—let the press keep silent about all wrecks on land or son. Murder stories nlfect those with .. ^strong homicidal tendencies. Therefore—let no newspaper ever mention any murder case. , * » * '• Congressional debates, with their ' mud-sliriging and partisan criticism, • can give a child a dangerous contempt for political institutions. Hence we : must have no more repci'ls of the ac, tivities of Congress, no more exposures of malfeasance in office or of ! derelictions of duty by public officials. 1 And Dr. Simon rcmaiks: \ "A truly comprehensive research of \ the causes of crime requires a study OUT OUK WAY •f-~ - of every] influence, good ov had, brought to bear on our youth. Heredity, parental guidance and homo life, physical influence, association, school and church influences must all play Iheir part. "We cannot hu[ie to solve the problem of crime in relation to youth l>y drawing the curtain down upon crime." —Hruco Gallon. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, A Reactionary Boomerang Washington correspondents are beginning lo report llnil t!ie recent assault on President Roosevelt's monetary and recovery policies has had one . entirely unexpected effect. It has solidified congressional scnliin'."jl in his'sup- port and lias made it probable that lie can get his program Uirough congress this winter as smoothly and rapidly as he did last spring. The reason for this i.s simple. Right or wrong, it has seemed lo congressmen as though all lhe I'rc that lias hit the White House lias come from guns in the camp of the extreme conservatives. In consequence, those solons who had planned to kick over the traces and flood tin; coming session with all manner of radical proposals have taken a sicond thought and have decided that Ihuir first duty is to repel the attacks of the reactionaries. And I hey can do this only by standing by the president. Several weeks will elapse before congress convenes, of course, and the picture may change by thai time. Hut it wotdd be an ironical turn of fate if the net result of all the recent furore was only In strengthen ihe president's hand in his dealings with congress. A Simple Idea Worlds A convict in California's Folsom prison, according lo pix'uS dispatches, has invented a method of making hydrogen at a cQst about one forty-fifth of tliej present one. The man did his job in a small room off the warden's olticc, il is said, wring a maku-shift apparatus composed chiefly of four salad dressing jars, a single dry cell, and some odds- and ends of tubing and so on. Engineers who have examined his method believe it may revolutionise the hydrogen industry. We have no notion whether this will be the case, and the price of hydrogen doesn't affect us much, anyhow—but somehow we hope it all works out as these optimistic reports say. It's the kind of story that ought to be true, even if it isn't. The CWA can erect monuments and graveyards lu the tune of 10 or K> millions a year, but It can't get into the way of private cuter- prise or It will add to the producthe capacity and wind up in the graveyard. —Howard Scott, technocrat. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO tto UN W UM BlrtbnUe DtQy Salurdny, D«, 8, IMS. At the high school football banquet Friday night at the Methodist church the letter men elected Albert Alley captain for 1924. Jack Craig was second and will serve as assistant captain. The girls elected Edna Kate Hale for their basketball captain. Thomas P. Jones has been named captain of Company M., local national guard unit, succeeding Capt. Harry J. Frilzius, who has taken the Ford agency at. Lake City. Wendell M. Phillips has been promoted from second to first lieutenant. Burl Hodges All-Western Tennessee football team will play a picket! Blythevllle team December 15 on the .high school gridiron. Blythevllle will be represented by such notables as Chester CaldweU, Alvls Hancock, Reeves Allen, Fred May, Pete Minyard, Ben Lincoln, Bruce Barham, Bealc Massey and others. "He says (his one will be even mure valuable than Hit- one he gave me for last month's rent." Sneezing and Coughing Child Should Stay Away from School IIY »R. MORRIS FISI1BE1N | 0 nc who has a cold, and a re- Editor, Journal or the American I Unction in general resistance of Medical Association, and of liy- jthe tarty which permits germs to scia, (lie lleallh Magazine , get In their vicious work. Winter calls upon you, as a| Thc child in scnool fc exposed parent to protect your child I constantly to meeti.IBS with p\£pfe *"' a ™" * ""'• " d *1» >avc colds and who do-not protect other children against your child when he happens to have u cold. Ordinarily, winter is just about as healthful a season as any other, if you know how to practicp the simple rules of hygiene and exercise common sense in their application. You know, of course, that exposure may harm the human body and you can. in most cases, guard against it. A diet sufficiently rich in calories provide warmth for the body, which is more uec- ewary in winter than in summer. You know, nlso, that the common cold is more frequent in \viuler than in summer. That's because of artificial heating, wrong clothing, and other physical factors which cnn be brought, under control. | ',' • • • We do not know definitely iho chief cause of a cold. It is, no doubt, a germ not yet found. But we do know (hat contributing fac- tcrs Include the presence of somc- Wlth the exception of n TOT.- isolated tribes, there are 1:0 people today of a pure race —l>rot. Johannes Hoo|xs of Hcidclbctg University. I've always found the jungle the most peaceful place on cnrth. —Dr. Raymond b. Dilmars. By William* CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. Barium worry much about distributing them to olhers. Responsibility of eliminating such children rests on school teachers, as v:ell as on school nurses and school physi- ] THIS CURIOUS WORLD "C B ' ' i i i •• i i •••••^•^•••i i • i i ii ..•!•!• mi •• •• ROO6R.T SCHUMANN, FAMOOS COMPOSER, SUFFERED CONSTANTLY FROM IMAGINING* THAT THE •MUSICAL NOTE "A" WAS RINGING IN HIS EARS. LOCATED IN THE HEEL, CAN RESIST A STRAIN OP /ooo fou/vas; WITHOUT 6REAKNO/ THE HIND HALF OF ONE EARTHWORM CAN BE GRAFTED SUCCESSFULLY tO THE FRONT HALF OF ANOTHER 22 Electrocuted in Oklahoma Since 1931 McALISTER. okla. (OP)—Oklahoma state .Prison, where 22 rnen nave been electrocuted since January, 1931, also his 22 men on the rolls who entered, ur.der death sentences.-, but. esc aped exec t Ion:' -| reS^aved n S. ^ *""*"! I- So readi * rtws thc ^"hworm lend itself to R . H Rln; experiment;. One of the death-'dod?lng group that many freakish Ihdivlduols have been concocted in the laboratory. Charley Poscy, negro? who has'es-" Evcn whcn . the t?lls ot two worms arc united. th?y will grow caped twice since his sentence was into a headless worm, which may live several months, in spile mntfv>, except one, who was pa-j • /• roled. ' NEXT: Does the flylns fkh fly? RTONin L<* BROOKMAN Well, Mother finally got the radio address ol lhe man Uint knows all, seos all and tells all. She is now ready to send in her tlircc t]MOo- tions and after hearlnn this man Rnja\v, or sonic such name. .s'::e says she feels that he knons all about baptism and she is expecting him to tell her she is ab.iohi'.o- ly right nnrt thai Joe and all liis kind arc docmcd or it not that, at least, in bad shape so far as baptism ts concerned. is not so much concerned about the other two questions she is sending in as there is no argument with Joe o:ily on the baptismal question. We Lave all 'been o;il of church so lot;; that 1 ihciight if Mother and Joe nmild. ratit fussing so much about baptism and let us all gel in church and do soincrhlng to help out. we would not bo so much concerned about how \ve were baptized. I can't sec that makes so much difference but they arc like a lot of people—it seems I read or f.o:;-,e fiddlers that got so interested in fiddling they lei a whole town b-rn up. (Copyrighted.) The greatest responsibility, how-j ever, rests upon you. the present,! who should not permit your child: to go to school if lie has :i cold. In addition to the contacts made iu school, (he child ts likely to bs exposed in crowded vehicles and motion picture houses. The best care than can be given to a child under such circumstances is to put him to bed until he ts well enough to gel about. + » 4 Enough has been said about consumption of proper feed and roer elimination for '..'cod hygiene, to make arents rali/e that, in times of excessive strain on the body, these factors are especially important. There is n tendency in winter cither to take tco little exorcise or tco much. Some parents coddle their children in winter so that the child spends all his time indoors. Other parents, with a view to hardening the child, insist on his shoveling snow and messing about in the dampness. Here again reason is the right altitude. A suitable amount of outdoor air. with (he surety that :he child is well covered, that he does not remain wet out in the cold, Is n well worth while stimulus to lungs and circulation. For (hose children who have frequent colds, and especially for those with infection in the sinuses swimming should be forbidden in (he winter in any kind of indoor Rock Garden Beautifies Holyoke's Garbage Dump HOLYOKE. Mass. (UP)—Holyoke claims to have one of the mos ailistic municipal dumps in ex istcncc. Thc clump situated on the bank. of the Connecticut River is bor ricrcd by a rock garden and by ( grass p!ot 200 feet long and 2. feet wide. Discarded tiaif-tires o automobiles painted white lir.c on edge of the garden and a row o shade trees stretch along the rov cr side of the dump. (Answers on Back Pagej _. Pecembe 1765-Elilvhitwey, American, inuentoi; „_. bom V)l = First written- Presidential Message to Congress. BooseveU and 6^34,379 constituents work, on mes- -to .nEfii.> HRHK roiur •h.lVIII s llA.-\MVn:it, acldrr. Ink*.- c,i rind nut w'lo ktllfd Trfiry Kine. urrkvxra l»«^rr Hand dmd tn fcl» hold npprinifnl. llBnnfu- Crr. nn nulknr nail Cnrmrr nMT»- lirt|i*-c mrjrt.- unrkM an chr rnnrdrr rn.r »lih iiAIM-:v. .tin recorlrt r,,c ill* i'o*c. Amnnc ihaM* «nn]irrtrd tit -Ike rrlnif nrr Jtt.lKl fHAMK. lilond nml prMljr. knarrn IB fcnVc vUlrrrt K/nR jitiftrtlr . btlerr feU tf.,,h- lir:it)tVA MCt rll.ACII «•" urnlr ltli«£ n (Hrrn1r»lhK Incrrt nnrt JOE I'AlillOTT. • «nirn-aii«- nuc vaitrfrtHIr nrinr. 'lr (• nUo ktin»n Ihnl Jin.Vl^.t >IOI.I.t>- Tllll. rtildrflr.hprrt- «pl*^Ccr. Nnd uniiTrrlrd uttk KliiB- tircrnllri Ktnc 11 n*' i-npncrd t man's eyes wtre closed. Hlg hair | was matted and there was a dark stain across; his forehead ina down one .'Cheek, ills upiier lip Bad been ciit hnrt bled copiously. Suddenly, with an exclamation that was both amaichieur ano tldrvor. Hannlster dre.T biicK. "It's Drusan!. M he cried. "Drugan?" ' "Al UruKan! [!-• playoil la Me jiuc; IClng King's orchestra, friends. I 1 him "only the ot!ipr .1 wniiii? j it's Drugan. all rii.-!ii f;\i>i: c. IM>. HATTHKn 1 tun.. !. rtn '«irtmMl,in*' U SJ-KII.. Jlrlrlnn-. toruchtr. Irll. j l ° «0 SOmCUilll^ ^U cvf » Mm «)«irr kno\VM nnBlrlhlhc; nh> .'I* 1 ktrnluc from IHC- pbllrr. ,n*nnl"lrr crvr» In rtlarrT nitk rArlKtCR. COI.i:- lrlrn< ill !K-nl.r l.oni;-.. *rr- drlrlnc • nlnmr o rnun- nnd nkrn I'olrwnp Hfr« » olijrcl nfcrad and. »fconc^- . E'VE cot SOt 10 where. .. I'hr j IrV dnrli MI\V co o.\ \\riii THE STOIU CHAPTBP. XXVI p.\NN'13TE» e,\:laimed sharply. " -\Vhnt is ttr' The roadater cime (o a bait. l:rakcs grinding. Colsinan Jainped call a doctor—:" By tile tini? thpy reacted Lhe fallen fcrwirS, pletely over. It enrnlng co.v lyin? with Its wheels in the air and tne nfll- sldc was gashed with deep, ragged furrows, showing the path it nao taken. "Some smash-up!" Sawyer exclaimed and repeated it, "Some jniasb-up!" Ho became busy Immediately, getting liis camera from Us case and rummnglnc (or t!a*bltBlii powder. UaiiiiiEt';r moved on to join the others: He and .Colemati tried to show the detectives bow Urugau had been pressed m between the- Eiecriug wheel und the side of the car. McNoal teemed nearest farm nousc Urusiu'a i '"'rested in the tracks down iho lieart was still ueailug. slowly j hillside nnrt inspected them with aud.wraUly tun iK-vcrthele^s beni- his r ing. U wn. nill be.iiin:;. weaker and more sl-jwl>- when tin? docioi LitTivcil. uu; it di<l not Ijea: uiuct, longer. Noi for 01:1- nioni^tu d'd tbe injured nia;i r- from the car. ' "Back'here," he j Tlicro w : ,nioihin s H,a, {he doctor called and ran ia tbe frnm which they had come. Bannister'followed, slower arid more cautiously. Ha could niak^ out now thnt there.was Bomethlns ahead. Something black direction 1 ( ' ou! ' i lln for "'"I- " ollll! 'S »<• ""I At 2;t uiluute= t>a c i nine o'clock cares wore 21 an <?ur, | The women of ihe favhi house one middle-ngert. pltir.-.p and red. tbe other ^^ B , . . * i i> liJ J ""ii tu. me iiiuei rJtriiiici oc!<liy shaped, lying .at the side and , oll , 1BCr _ „„,.„,,,, near , he of tbe road Just beyorid'.the turn "Wail!" he called.!to Coleman. but tbe other did not wait. Panting, breathless. Bannister made the riozon y^rds. He' knew now what it was ahead. : AQ oyer- lurueri automobile, slanting on the hillside. It's wheels reared grotesquely. "Is there anyone -tuere?" be called. "Can't tell. There's a flashlight in my car—!" • •• Coleman was off again for the flashlight. BanuiSter searched | his pockets for matches, found them and struck ; orie. He bad lo move to tbe other side of tbe overturned sedan and: cup his hanila to protect 'he blaz«. Tbe match sputtered an'instant and then died, but in that Instant Bannister, had caught.s glimpse of a man's - face—Awhile, ftnd cut aod bleeding. :•' -' ' When Coleman rttiirned .willi tbo naahlight be fouiiil. BannUler atrusslinB wifh.tVi«'dSir o* the sedan. The ear had fallen In sucb a way that the dopr't&kld oal be opened. • '•. '*" • "There'» a nit a (i th-re!" Ban- plsler tol(j l}lw. .'"W^!irf *(ttl-tO ^ct blia'out!" :' .;'••• ' - Tosetber they- slrtsgle^ wltb the door out-It would "not open. In the brJeBfraff : o( jh« distj- {ieht'.tbey'siw (bat tbe.mja was alono'ln the cap : Ha-bad tallcn forward.-bis boily^pfcased'igaiaai tbe Et«rln5 : wbeel. Tbtr» »"»»!« jood deal of Moid on tte tnaa'« clolhlns and -lorne.'oa tb« cii?h- ions o( tbe'C'ir.'. ioor of the room where horty lay. "Wbat >vill v^-e (!o?' cider woman asked. "You're no', to leave him--?" "I've called the police." r.TK wen li track: K went back to look at the. a second time Lut he- fore he did that he examined the Interior of tbe sedan. It was large and ratlier cumbersome, a moilel sii or eight years out of tlflte. There were some road maps in the door pocket, a piece of cloth that had been used to re- movo dust, H circular letter from a musical instrument company, addressed lo Unigan. and a cnn of shoe polish. McNeal, poking about the upholstered scat, suddenly d:ew forth an object. "Ah!" oe ex- passengers. McNeal was among them and so was tbe police physician. The other man. was from Lho detective bureau. Fire minutes laler another. smaller car drew up in tin farm. yard and Sawyer, tbe Post pho- Lographer, stepped out. He found llahnister and asked, "What's happened? They called me at hrjtne and aaid tbere'd been a bad accident .out here? 1 don'i sec any accident. What's It all aDout?" H • • AN'XTSTEH cjpl.iincd briefly, ...Hii'.had called Ihe uen-erao^r Beb at lh^ sabie lltne he na;U no titled tlia police ot Drugau't' . •:• . ' : '.'.-While Oie- physician made jo ''- man d!lt.e<J. •••:.-•> - •'Doa't 'knif, ;.-W»« to set b'lQii.oui.^tid.flii^^^^ 11 ' '' tt.n-tt a!raoft,i:0:mliip5fes' work bofora Ijb'er' Bpalt-y-mid'aksa it Co|cnian,bad Vtfjppea-iill.bli Up- coat »nd ..lajd'.ft They >puC;th« :tn Then Baoattttt. Hlorn:'oo. |)i( knees, bent'oTer.-bli'' hands. / . ... '_'•' "Tbey'r* claimed. "Look at tbl?!" Il was a tjuart bottle, almost . empty of the dark lluid insuie. nisler lold lier.- "Tlu-y'll he n..-rc i McNeal held the Ixjllle to his nna- in a Ilttk- while. No. they won't i irlls. removed it hastily with a leave him here." ! Erlmnce. It was in n police ambulance! "What Js H7" Ratinislcr a^kr-d. that they took Al Drugan liacl- "Smell it." to Tremout. Out when t!ie am- flannistcr sniffcrl tl:e content bulaucc arrived Rt the farm ot the bottle. It was — house, besides the driver jiid nis whisky ihas wns so vilc-siueiliu£ assistant, there were three orbcrjlt must hove been among th* clieapest grades the bootk'Eptr.! IJ supply. Bauntslcr relurncd the lmt:li. "So that's It!" be said "Well, if he drank all thai I'm net surprised lie couldn't keep in tlie roatl." Suddenly there wns a roar like a gun shot and a fl:i?li oC li^ht. Sawyer, tli-^ piinlogrnpher. callfti. "Crowe up close ;ost!iei. wl'i you? I want to slioot anotner one—" naonlster managed to siep naldc beTore the second picture *.is taken, lie did not fancy nis UXenOas appiMrlus tii tbe pnblK press. Desldea there wt-ie tou many In lhe feroup. He turned amt fjuml I'arker CoJCDiau *t: bis side. "Say." Coleman asked, "wha; ar<> tlieE'd detectives doing! \Vh> diiln'l they Jnst send Bomecnc on; to bring In tho car? I don't un- Jeretatic; it. .It was just an ai'- cidebl; -wasn't -U? I meou iliey don''! suspect—T" • "I 4°P't know ( " Binnislur lul.l blni. 'T\e beet) wondering di* same thin; but I'm going to an,! bill." .. , . 'it.waa not-antll they were back at central headquarter* tii.i Han- . .' ; Ho'.wanleil to know e ^'recked, car aid beet, . .' :•';'.'i . etU| -.there."' Bannister t«d hlps.-'-jtjetfJlt »a»." '; . WJS v e»r- wanted' ?9 • know how pr.uiia- w4».-lyjrjt : whan the> (oii$i'tiim H* w »P'5d 'o know Fhti t"!rS(.. lt\wa» ittd.ailc.od a |*tf-Cple|ninU» -«<i«r '' -•' •••• Ba.dnliier , and tVw •ft* - tmo- . .CMnassV ' cltrabed pho- And a raomebt- l»t»r, "Hia biart'i beating!" * *•*'•••» 1>A>«-V'ISTER looked dawn'&t tht u flfurt ea Ut'Sfonnd, iii« , iikrai)n«r. *»t». Ihar. lollbw^d the inj Oli • roidi>t«r;to. tfts i)lai«?.«:h«ira tie 9Ter,-\iirned-'feedan still.I»J. ; ' S*vyfct .iwo.r* softlf' ts , *ie ttep'peatbut.-aurveylng the wr«ck The,beidH;hts"or tbe two can nUt'eV'gol auswer. Theu Hi! U|ht. whit hart b«ppto«J. Tbe («dan planted . froa tad . said. "L<»ok-1»ere. .McN'eal. atlly what do you make of all tbis? DrujaiVs Jpatb was au accident: wasn't It: Uovr could H have beta anythtaj but aa «cit- -4 dent?" Tb» ctptaln's eyes were on th» clgsr he was lighting »nd bj did jtiot ralsi tbera it be epokt. "It could," tit Eald, "hire oeen murder. \ murder clererly punned to look |ik« an accident." (To 1 Be CovilEnc4)

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