The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1941
Page 3
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1941 FATTTEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Where Italians Might Make Last Stand Caruthersville To Vote On Municipal Light Plant Issue Fourth Time CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. 10.—A municipal light plant bond issue election, fourth such election here, will be held Monday. March 3, the Ciiruthersville. City Council voted Wednesday night. The vote was unanimous, although in discussing the- issue during 1 the roll call of nlde.rmen Gordon Wright and J. W. Tipton, Sr., announced that they would vou- tor the election but insisted upon having "protests" in the record. Wright contended that the sum of $200,000 specified in the '-lec- tion for building the plant was "not laige enough to build a suitable plant." and Tipton protested V thru the project would be a -hindrance to Die National Defense- program." On three previous occasions attempts to vote the bond'issue into, passage were defeated. Twice the electorate voted down the proposal; the other time aldermen refused lo ratify Mayor D. D. Pinion's effort to hold a third election. Friction, occurred when Mayor Pinion was asked to name the Board of Public Work—a four-man body—by. passage of an ordinance allowing naming of the group previous to the election. Wright, Tipton and Alderman Wyman Dillman •asked that the Board be named now so that rihe people will know in whose hands the project, will rest if voted upon favorably." But the mayor won his contention that the board could not be named tin- til alter the election, A list of 25 names had been submitted to the council by Mayor Pinion from which to choose the "non-partisan body." Appointed as election judges in the four wards of Caruthersville were: Ward I — Herman Jumper and Jack Moore; Ward 2—Charles E. Watson and Charles G. Ross; Ward 3—W. E. Collier and Ernest Wilks; Ward 4—Paul L. Hprner and Harry Ridgeley. * d K duven back to defenders oft from re-' ; «,. A «4. „ .4 • r • , ,' r —-'"'*-^ of Marshal Cniziani's »SrhL P r i? far ,\ veste "l; L 'kya--Pliato above shows a view of. the* harbor-front section of the city. T. PAGE THREE Prove Cold Shots No More Effective Than Si;iear ».v »K. I'tiltltV F. I'llATllUlfc Current ItfodioM Digest lor NKA When you KO to your doctor this WIIIUT lor the rold shots you think will keep you from yeUinj*, colds because yc u thought they kept you from getiinj; colds last winter, you dm ask the doctor to give you salt v.-nu-r or sugiir instead of tils medicine. Either salt or suaar will do you just about u.s much t-.ood as the shuts. •Sun i ;t conclusion | s drawn by Dr. H. s. Diohl ;u\d i-o- workers at the University of Mmne.sout. They Caruthersville Society—Personal Cupid Ties All-Time Record In Pemiscot CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 16.—A record for marriages in Pemiscot County was established here last year, according to figures compiled from the records of John W. Green, county recorder. A total of 966 couples were married in .1940, 'which tied the previous all-time'-:'high 'mark .established in 19313. -T^- 1 *- 1 *' "';-*'•- ~ Contrary to popular belief, June was not r the most popular-month, at least not to Pemiscot County couples. Most marriages occurred in October for last year, and for the past five years, except in 1939, when September was the most popular month. Mrs. Adkins Given Shower Mrs. Jesse Himon of 709 Ferguson avenue was hostess 10 a group of 13 friends honoring- Mrs. Clell Adkins with a stork shower. Various games were played during the afternoon and Mrs. Adkins opened the gifts she received. Refresh moms of sandwiches, coffee and cocoa were served at the close of the afternoon. ••!•- * * Eastern Star Meets The regular meeting of Caruthersville chapter cf Eastern Star was held Tuesday evening at the Masonic Hall. Mrs. R. M. Pierce and her new corps of officers the chairs. Routine i- s were attended to Lowery and Mr. Lowery. They expect to be away ubout a week or ten days. Mrs. Lowery is the former Miss Mary Lorene Cantrell. Mrs. Morrell DeReign, state treasurer of the Missouri Federation of Woman's Clubs, left Tuesday for Herculaneum. Mo., where she was guest speaker at a joint meeting there. of two federated clubs COURTS Mrs. B. o. Bennett of Little Rock, Ark., is here visiting her daughters, Mrs. Harold Jones and Mary Jane Bennett. Ted Bommer, formerly public health engineer here, has been sent to the Frankforc! Arsenal at Philadelphia, Pa., where he will remain for a six weeks training period before returning to St. Louis to become a member of the Ordnance Division of the United States War Department. Mr. Bommer received a civil service ap- Disturbing 1 -the peace charges have featured 'recent .sessions of Municipal Court with several-cases of driving while under the influence of liquor also being settled. Entering pleas of guilty to the driving- while drunk charges - was Marley Young, fined $100. while Oaston Payne, 'fined a similar amount, was granted an appeal to Circuit Court, and Earl Womack was fined a similar nniount. Johnnie Mixon was fined $50 on u charge of c^rylng concealed weapons. Pleading guilty to a charge of reckless driving resulted in James McMullen being fined $25. A petit larceny charge, to findings in u follow-up report of studies bejrun a 1'e.w yi>;n\s ugc. These similes were carried out with the student of Ou- University of Minm-.soiu. Tne .students were stfparated into tiioup.s, chosen ut random irom the si.mknts who rumc to the dispensary for cold-prevention treatment. Two groups received Die cold- prevention treatment by injetuism, uiUKlier two groups rei-eived the TTIOIT- recent treatment advocated uy I'crtuin ciru\> iniiMiil'iu:l.tiivT.s which is taken by mouth, and the last two groups, which were .so- called "roiurols," riH'rived a suprtr pill in one and an injection of .salt, water in the other oase. not knowing ut the time that Difj' were not getting the precious medicine to prevent colds. After a period of observation U was found that the frequency of colds was not materially different i i_i O in any of the ((coups. Of the ones who received their treatment by injection there was only n US per cent advantage over the ones that, received the sail water injection. Of the ottos that received ihoir treatment by mouth ihere \vu.s no Advantage over Hie suxar pill, IN l.OVINC M.KMOUV Ol* IMAKV IX)UISi; IIIKKS Three yenrs a no Unlay you U-ft us For I he pencefut sleep of eternity Vcur .sweet face will always be with u.s Sadly missod l)y nil wiio loved you. Mother, sister and brother. T heul!ii| ETTE uiut mm uitis^psTs ot Clearing-up help urn .g aid tu'l|ied by luitlt „, Hhu-lc and While Ointment .soothes out burn, itch. First try does It or your money hack. ** Vital in ~'mVns- IIIK is good soap, gut Bteen iiml white Skin Soap— ut nil dealers. NOTICE PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET ALWAYS Hiive (lie Finest Armour's Star Hcef and Genuine Spring i<X)K IMMEDIATE DEIJVERY CALL 1133 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Your Evlra Savings| A charge of malicious .mischief agiiinst Esnm Reynolds, to which he entered a plea of guilty, resulted In n S10 fine. T.hese disturbing the peace charges were disposed of by j tunes ^ow»rd. Wash Hur Huston and R. D. Johnson each being fined $10 after pleading guilty, while Louis Sharp was fined $15 on a similar charge and Roy Davis wtvs fined $5. Hondo" pointment to this position effec- each P^aded guilty, resulted In tive Jan. 2. Johnnie Taylor and Connie Tray- A communication from Mrs. J. week ea c h being fined $10. and W ' McCullough. who lives near Charley Jackson was fined $15 on plans were made for the year's work. Mrs. Ernest A. Long-, District Deputy Grand Matron, announced that she would make her official visit to this Chapter on Feb. 25. At the last meeting; this month, Jan. 28, the Worthy Matron. . has planned "Loyalty Night." .An interesting program under the direction of Mrs. W. A. Prince Is being arranged and Mrs. W. L. Cantrell will have charge of refreshments. . ?**?. ^ her hiaband is a similar charge, to which he also still quite ill. Mi'. McCullough, a former judge of the county court, has been an invalid for many months and is now confined most of the time to his bed, his wife stated. He has suffered for some time from a heart ailment. .pleaded guilty, but the fine was Read Courier News want C OLDS MENTHOUTUM Quickly ffe/tevts STUFFINESS SNIFFLING SNEEZING Lloyd Malone Enlists From Caruthersville Lloyd qcorge Malone, 22,. Ca- ruther.sviHe, was one of 10 enlistees iti the Army and Navy in Alern- phis Tuesday. Maline enlisted in the N"avy. Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking £ against the authoritative answers below : 1. When a girl walks down the street with two men. where is her place? 2. Should a boy be taught to say "Yes, sir" when speaking to a man? 3. Would it be correct for a married woman to sign her name "Mrs. Frank Smith" when wiring lor reservations at a hotel? 4. Is the spoon placed to the right or left of the knife in setting the table? 5. If eating in a restaurant where individual servings are in separate serving dishes, should one dish out the contents on to his dinner plate? What would you do if— You are a man and have an-. other man as your dinner guest in a restaurant— (a) Let your guest give his order first, directly to the waiter? (b) You order first and let him follow your lead? Answers 1. Between the two men. 2. "Yes. sir," is correct- unless the man's name is known, in which case "Yes. Mr. Smith" is preferred. 3. Yes. 4. To the right. 5. Yes. rather than eat from the serving dish. Best "What Would You Do" solution—(a). Official Population Of -._,* Caruthersville 6,613 CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 16.—Official census figures for this city, placing the population at 6612. released here this week, show a gain of 150 over the figures first released. At the time of the first release, a recount was ordered in Ward Two. where numbers of.resi- dents reported they had been missed | on. the first census taking. Mrs. R.' A. Green and children, Bobby and Virginia, were called to Helena, Ark., late Monday night due to the serious illness of their father and grandfather, S. L. Bennett. Bobby and Virginia, who returned home Wednesday morning', reported his condition as improved. Mrs. Green remained in Helena with her parents. Miss Edith Pierce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pierce, formerly of Steele and now of St. Louis'.has resigned her position at the local A. C. A, office to, move to St. Louis where she is now employed. Herman Jumper of this city has \ who have made g j h h been confined to Ins home for two \ world's largest seller at lOc No weeks or more by illness. He Is action more speedy, nothing more MOP MILLIONS reported considerably improved. Mrs. W. L. Cantrell and son. 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