The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 3
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FlillMY, DECEMBER 8, l<m (ARK.) COUKIKR NRWS FED QRIR SUII Dyess, Barham and Spieso Deny Conspiracy to Gain Control of Gin. OSCEOLA. Ark.—A general denial of allegallons made in a court action brought. lecen'.ly by Mrs. Friday, Saturday iinil Sunday nights, Dec. 14th to nth. Inclusive, on the "Second Coming of Christ." R. M. Vcrnon's House at Gosnell. PAGE THRBfi 1934 Ford V-8 Will Ik Shown Hero Tomorrow Tlie new Fold V-8 Tor 1934 is (o be pui on display lioro tomorrow at tlie sales rooias of llic Phillips Motor Co.. corner of Main and Franklin slrcets, it was announced today by Russell Phillips, local lias been redesigned to provide smoother tiding. Improved double- acting hydraulic shock, absorbers which nci Independently of weather or rond surface conditions arc iLSed. New type Individual bucket wots are.used In Hie Tmlor. Tlii> steering gear has the new 15-to-l ratio. The frame Is double X type, nnd tlie chassis lins a silent syn-; transmission. Jessie F. Driver, president ol the ii,, a ] er Driver Gin company of Osceola. | rt n 'u m bc r of changes have 1-lmrglng W. li. Dycss. v A. F. Bar-1 lnatlc ln Ule m odcl.~ according ' to i d' 8 "'ham and A. F. SP'.KC with con- [Clml ^ [he principal of wnlc!) ftro; vena Barnes Puxico News The shower parly given Saturday nlgnt by Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bomor was well attended. Mr. a::d Mrs. Clinr!es Roberson of No. 29 spent Sunday with tlie lat:er"s mother, Mrs. Anna Pril- splrlng lo gain control of a nia- ' Jorlly of ilie gin stock throuj.i - designed 10 give greater power a moro specd , ckcr ac< . cl( , ratto were guests ot and I/Ufue IJomnr Hctlie and iScttk 1 ;— J , , —, , . i i. .i ,MWIV- oyccu, HUJCKIT acceleration, fraudulent sale of slock she had up more mllcs ))er &Mm} c . S| , cc | a ,| v ' as collateral for a loan from llK| at Wstl s^ili, n)ld ql , lcker starl l corporation. Is made" in answers j illg in co!d weatner . Tlw car wll] , _. _ _ U'ed In .cnoncery conn here by the i also present a number of improve- spent Sunday with -Mr. and .Mrs. t.-ree defendants. I moms in body design, with a new ' Eaph Rice. » W. R. Dyess. stat? CWA direc-' biiltt-in system of clenr-vLslon •>• J. Moore jr. and Guy Couls .1^1 \ 1 , tU1p '-p«Pje i " sl'uloiit enrollmenl during the BOSTON iui'1-Tlio old HollLs Ji:olll B lH jets 'hnl wen he depression Alfred University pns t mv yrais, ihe .vglslvai-s or-iTlie.iu-r. scene of Uunous plny.s u, -,,J u-fore (he lie has stiown n y, per cent inereafc nee revealecl b.r KmM-ntion., Mill hus the UBS va i .veiled •c in I ho Between 200.000 and 300,000 - of 'Clrlc llijnt ihn ao.000.000 -.vldows in India are under K yearn of age. A nnounc tlerllmj Saturday nlsl-.l. Robert Ra« made a b:iclness irlp lo Slkeslon. Mo., last v/cek. J cold weather. Tlie car will i Tliehna Creur of Numbci 1 Nln? lor, dcnic-o being a party to any, tody ventilation scheme to gnln control o! a ma-| The Improvements in engine Jorlty of tin- slock, and stales that j peifoiumni-e are Hie result of the I being a large producer of coiton he considered ii advanlagcous to own stock in the gin and accepted spent last week visiting fi lends aii'J ' relatives in Tennessee. I A. F. Spiesc's profter of $2.500 worth of Mrs. Drivel's stock in good faith, paying i!ie par value of i.-.c stork. -Mrs. Driver brought suit in chancery court charging Uiat Spiese. who is manager of the gin. advised her li would be unnecessary for ^.er to secure n loan elsewhere to pay her indebtedness, thai the matter was not pressing, and that later he Eo!d her stock to Dyess wit-out notice to her. Mrs. Driver secured a temporary restraining order preventing holding of a stockholders' meeting until trial of the suit. . The separate answer of Spiese makes general denial of the allegations, as do the answers of A. F. Barham, director, and of the fin company, and charges that Mrs. Driver has, since she s'.arled the litigation, paid the balance due on her note of $8.000. • accepting the credit of S2500 on ti-.e note for the. •stock sold to W. R. Dyess and b 1 . that act tins ratified and approved the Giilo and is estopped from urging further any alleged defects in the sale. Answers of Spiese and Barham to a companion suit filed by J. F. Mo- Garrity o( Pine Bluff, Ark., are also of recent record. They deny allegations of McGarrity that Spiese sold 4 1-2 shares of his stock to Barham for twenty cents on the Oollar after advising him the stock was not worth more than that, and csscrt the purchase was made on terms offered by McGarrity. without advice from Sptee. and that he was satisfied with the deal till representatives of Mrs. Driver called on him and convinced him '.:e had been mistreated. »«.- of a new dual down-draft carburetor and dual intake manifold which increase the engine's power approximately 12 per cent and also provide an Improved pick-up. The 1931 Ford X-8 has a newly deJtuiied mdintor shell, grille and other features. New tufted miliol- itery and garnish mouldings, a The Jnl:e and the rind of the cucumber arc use'ul as ;t .skin bleach. cove type head lining and new In- slrnment panel, arc new features of the interior. It Is claimed that the new Ford V-8 will give approximately 20 miles per gallon at 45 miles per hour, an advantage of about two or three miles per gallon over the 1333 model, its manufacturers say. Another imporlant engine im- J provemcnt Is the use of water line i thermoslals. These are automatic' mechanical valves which prevent the worm water in the engine from passing out into the coolln" radiator until . the proper temperature is reached for maximum operating efficiency. In cold weather the thermostats enable the engine to warm up qulckh- and maintain an efficient running temperature. The rear spring of the 1934 ciii Colds that Hang On Con't let them get a strangle !:old. Fight ijcrins quickly. Crr-o- -nulsSon combines the 7 best helps known to modern science. Power- mi but harmless. Pleasant to ttike. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your monev on the snot If your cough or cold Is not relieved by Creomulslon. Adv. HEMORRHOIDS (Pile,) rur- *a' »ithoi|t thp Imfr. RVIn ttncer, Taricosed veins, tonsils n-tnovpd non-surglcally. DRS. NIKS and XIES Office 514 Main Phone 9« BARGAINS IN NEW & L'SEO FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 E. Main - Phone 15!> Elder Hnffman to Preach c- "Mark_of the Beast" F.lder John B. Huffman of Sik- cston. Mo., jvill preach at Gomel! Saturday night. December D, on "The Anti-Christ nnd the Mark of the Beast." Sunday night, December 10. he will lecture on "Tlie Anti-Christ and tlie Tribulation Period." It is necessary to hear both addresses to get the important facts concerning the "Signs of the Times." The services at Gosnell will be at R. M. Vcrnon's residence, next to the old Baptist church. Mr. Vernon lives in the old School house and has one room equal to lour or five ordinary dwelling rooms. Sunday afternoon, at 2:30, Elder Huffman will preach at the Pentecostal chrtrch of God. just west ol the Cotton Belt railroad, at 1904 West Main street, on "What Time Ts It?" Tuesday night, Dee. 12, "The Anti-Christ and the M.irk of the Beast." Wednesday night, December 13, "The Anti- Christ and the Tribulation Period." If the interest continues, this minister will preach Thursday. Here's good news for you people whose nerves are so jangled, you can't cat, sleep, or rest; who worry over trifles, start at sudden noises, hnve Nervous Indigestion, Nervous Headache. DR. MILES NERVINE WILL RELIEVE YOU QUICKLY. It was originated by a Nerve Specialist especially for people in your condition. It has been making good for more than fifty years. Hundreds of thousands of nervous people have had an experience iike that of Maud Thomas. Read her letter. You too will find the dollar you spend for your first bottle of Dr. Miles Nervine the best investment you ever made. If you don't think K, we will return your dollar. |'H»5 done me more good than I can exprtss 1 ' 1 "V Dr ; Mil « Fan all the w«y through i havc i aVcn Nervine for 2 years with KOCH! success. It is more ih*n it is recommended lo be and it has done me more good than I can ex P"S- VP ln bcttci health now lhan I have been for ten t y"«. Maud Thomas, Glasgow, Kentucky Your Overcoat .- - - will it look as new in May as it (] o c s in December? Of course not. Any (jarmpnt will, s li o w signs of wear after several month's service. However, Unique Clearino- will cto much to preserve the new appearance o f your suits. co;its, flresse? and iirls. Soml u ? your clothing for the best i^sult^. Phone 171 UNIQU CLEANING SERVICE NEW FORD V-8 for 1934 THE UNIVERSAL CAR . The New Ford V-8 for 1934 will be on display tomorrow at the showrooms of Ford-filers, Surpassing even the great Ford of'1933 in economy, beauty a ud comfort, it is truly the car of this modern age—the culmination of thirty: years Ford progress. It combines the proved performance of the V-8 cylinder engine with two important newjea- ' ( ' > ' '• . ''' hires—Dual Carburet/on and perfected Clear-vision Ventilation. See it and drive it at the first opportunity OUTSTANDING IMPROVEMENTS IN THE NEW FORD V-8 "SETTER PERFORMANCE. Greater power, new sprrd, .quicker acceleration, smoother performance, more miles pur gallon rspecinHy at higher speeds, and ijuickt'rsiacttng in cold veal her —all theie result from the new dual ;carburcior and dual intake manifold. New water-line thermostat! enable the en«inc to warm up more quickly and to maintain" an efficient operating temperature. Added engine refinements reduce oil consumption, further improve . operating economy and reduce maintenance costs. NEW VENTILATION SYSTEM permits clear vision, prevents drafts and provides desired amount of fresh air in any weather. Individual control for front and rear side wimkiw*. When ventilation is desired ihe window glass ii raised to the top. Then the handle ii j(iven an additional half-turn. This iltdes the fthis back horizontally to form a narrow slot, as illustrated. II ThnHip.h dm slot nir is drawn nut Iiy the forward motion of the car. This simple vrntilaifnti tyt- luin maintains drafl-frrr circulation, injures pai* sengrr comfort, prevents fugging windshield in cold or stormy weather. Bnih windshield and cowl ventihlor can b* opened lo supply addi- air needed for comfortable warm-weather driving. « DISTINCTIVE N£lf APPEARANCE enhanced by the newly designed chromium-plated radiator shell and grille, new hood louvrei, new hub ,C3pi. Interiors are attractive, with new tufted upholstery, new mouldings, new cove- type headlining, new instrument panel, new arm rests, new hardware. Swivel-type aun vStors m DC Luxe bodies prevent glare from front or lide. FENDERS IN COWK. On DC I.uxc cir, fend- er5 ate MI color lo hirniMrmc with body culurs — wheel colon optional. New tnamtl finish on all luxlici and fender) has greater wearing qunHtj-" and more enduring luster. GREATER $WINC, COMFORT r«ulis' incrc.ucd spring fleviuilily. The Jprinp, len« nrc nrwly deigned for quieter and easfnr :icli*?iu Shock atnorlHT) arc improved. Scat rinhiTns are deeper, willl new, soflrr springs. Nrv IV("Y individual bucket seats provide incrcared rn-rfr-ri. for front-seat passengers in the Tudor SeiJ.^n. Adding lo comfort is the new driviti;; *i-f <i^ the 15-to-l steering gear ratio, • .[^ rillffS REMAIN LOW —Tudrr Redan,- 55H5; Coupi'. S515; Fr.rcrnr Secl.-.n, 'SSSS; Oc- I.uxc 'i'udnr, 5S75; Ucl.uvc Fordor, SliW; Oir.uxe Coui;: (5 ttindnws), $555; DeLuxc. Collie. 13 windnus). S.iSS; Del.uxc Koadsttrv. Sfv:5; Dcl.llxc rirarlon. SiSO; Cahriolft, S5ill): ' Viitfiia, SMC. (All jirii-cs f. o. b.-Detroit.). The Ncu? FORD V-8 h Now on Display nt PHILLIPS Opposite Hospital Bly Ilieoi'lc. A rfainsas i iquiel and Effrrvncenl TaUett BIG FREE $750 Merchandise Auction — Bui You Cant Spend a Dime ~ Ritz Thentvr Fu'dm/, December 22 Cet Your Auction Burks With Each 25c Hubbard Furniture Co, National Brokerage Co. McMuIlins Cash Grocery Kirby Drug Stores Hubbard Hardware Co. Ben Franklin Store IlllS l;r "" I> " r stnrr "' ni " "ricl'rm nft lo Hip Iiil;!ir5t Ijfdilrr ?7SO 'of linr nn-rrhand : .w inrludinf; f;rr<rrlcs. Tiirli^ys. Mvc- V\f. Gnu-.. Ta;.^. nnlliin.;. <;i:>dirs, Tnilr! Arres'nrirs .nnd Ollirr Valrahlr Ilrp's. ?.'O MON'KY WH.I. in; AC< Ki'TKi) rni: ANV AKITCI.'-: .MI'TIOMID ovr. Kirii -avr.itni must lie nndc with Ihcs; Aurllor Ccritflril^. A;i A-i-don C.:tirirat- will \>" riven FREE with i very 2r.c purchase: at any ol ll'csr slnrre fro;n Dfr mi-rr I. 1M3 In n^rrni 1 -r 2Z. 1f?33. tucre- fnrt \\lirn ^u arc the hirJit^t biitri-r ynu real- r, t i| lf '-|irl> [•'KKK OF CHAKCK. Von m.iy use as many of (Iirso Aiicllnn Orrtifr.'lrs ai yo <ir -.!:r frfral; nvy l-avr rc"K!i:i:!.".t"il <Uir:tiJ this S100.000 Sale. You mav -ive lb?s- CTrl'ic:i!i-: l» ;<n\ iicrson von il'tr-. T?ii: i;rr.-| aili'tlnl. of S7SO worth of merchandise will IIP held a! ll.r RIT7. TIIKATI1K. Friday. Drcn'nlirr 32nt. 1!>M, in rnnnpction «illi a FIIKK SHOW. 2 GRAND PRIZE AWARDS $200 Bedroom Suite - $35 Bicycle

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