The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO W,¥THEVH,LB,- (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS [ Wciuan's Council of. the Fholj Christian clnjreh will have a luu-j clicon and Christmas program n 1 . the liot'.ie ot Mrs. I. O. \V«l- brcok jr., 1 o'clock. Womitn'ji Mission-ny Union ol thc First flnptkl Chinch meek at the church for lioynl Service program ami installation or ofli- cers. 2:30 o'clock, i Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church iv.ccti; at the church 2;3fl o'clock. TUESDAY'S KVENTS Yound Matrons' club meets v/ilh Mrs. Ltoy:l Stickmon. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Chapler "D" of 1'. E. O. meets with Mrs. H. H. Houelilns for Christmas parly al 2:50 o'clock. Wednesday club meet s with Mrs. Jnincs H. Boll. THURSDAY'S EVENTS TimrKciay Afternoon club meet; with Mis. nojeoc Crnfton. Country Club dance «t club 'J o'clock. Chapter "N" or P. K. O. HIT B. I. I.. Hiiijirr Party The members of Chapter "N" ol P. E. O. entertained their husbands last night with their annual. B., I. L. purty. at the homu of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kirby. Mrs. Kii'by and Mrs. Farmer England were hostesses and Miss Allyce Nelson wns program chtur- nian. A three course turkey dinner was served to [lie 2(i present In rcoms decorated in blue and ^silver which carried .out the Christinas motif. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Over the Bridge Table By 'Keen SATURDAY, DKCKMBKK IP, 1937 h > ( ° J " "''"' '"' ™c prize Christmas Ihc makins arc those of ..Mrs. A. mt. "The I>,l,i of will be u'cscnlctl b • Pcacc Stories."; the Young PCC Ic-'s Di • s£ i 'vi h ,3. i>.m.-Wci*ly religious S emc. !S! H cast or moiT thai VSv her first, cue, Kathleen Black's is will be n copy of o r . A1 ,ralm.iiUho World' virtually dour; ajjil oilier* yet. in Crenbaolrs "Ik knows perfectly well lie stole lluii ilii[>''' "Atv. hi; Miyj, ii inn exactly stealing—In- just liappi-irai to liiul the '••'Inr*. rlu 1 . [uim lovt ii " ' Cvigger jr.. Mrs. Jim Hnrwrll, J. After dinner the women enter-; Holland, Bill Crawford and n. H. tained Uieir husbamls with a | Christmas program after ivhli'h | Esiula Claus ilistributed gilts Iron: the tree. ' * ft -\ To Have Cliridmas i'rogriini Tlic Womim'.s- Atixlliiiry of Hie First Presbyterian Church will have a program meeting In Ihe auditorium of the church Monday afternoon nt 2;30 o'clock. The program will be a candle lighting service on the theme "Af With Gladness Men of Old." -Mis. Hires Ailcn it In charge of the program ana will appeal in a violin rtuet with Miss Bonnie, Jean Buchanan, accompanied by L. R. Moore, who will preside at (lie organ throughout the program. Mrs. J. P. Friend will sing and Arthur Kelson will give selection on lib vitraliiu'ij. .Daughter Borji A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Love, formerly of here and now of Brinkley, Ark., yesterday at Ihe Memphis Bnplist hospital. ~ * a I'onucr Kendall's Rlaniuge Annuuticcd The wcildiiii; of Miss Elsie Eiirlc neynalds ot Louisville, Miss., lo William H. Jonas, formerly 01 here and now ot Greenwood, Mist.. which took place Uec. U. at tile home of the bride, lias been announced. The Hcv. Mr. MtClcllcn pcr- Allcn will receive.- Miss Kssie Bcvill Announcement has been made of the marriage! ot Miss Essie Bevill. dnughlrr of Mr. and Mrs. lj. C. Bcvlll. lo Thomas Cade, which took place Nov. '20, at Carutlicrs- ville, Mo. :will arrive tonight from Fnyettc- ville, where tiicy me intending the University of Arkansas to :.':pi'Ud I he holiday;; with Miss Martin's parents, Mr. antl Mrs. Tom Martin. Mrs. II. N. Swearcinicn and chiWicin. Ueiljcrl jr., und Uuimn- c'11. nn> speirJitic the week end v.l Hi Mr. Swcaicnvieii's mothev. Mis. M. N. Swcarengcii. In Till- atcl;a, Miss. With mi 1 , enough homes yet decorated for the YulcUde season, we find it difficult to discuss nil of the beautiful trees seen tlirough windows. The Idea we mean lo convey Is for everyone to have some kind of decoration about the house and to have it so il cun be seen from Ihc oulside. But Christmas is on Us way just seven days hence, Mrs. "Dr' McRac, who lived here for several years with her IMc physician luis- batid, sends us sprays of holly, filled with red terries, from DC- Kalb. Miss. There's nolhiiw prcl- Ucr than Mississippi holly." Mrs. W. B. Williams writes from 854 Thirty Poiiiih avenue. Sun Francisco. Culif.. tlnit slic will no' be home for Cliristnias. as she had planned, because of the -bad weather. She will come next spring, and in tlic meantime writes us lo put a lot of news in the paper about her friends so Hint she mny know about their doilies during the holidays. '"inia ("fin'-, has jiifil told us that -vornl r.hrjsians parties are In Ih.- iiinkhie . . . Mabel Parr and "Fill?" Hasson (ire planning a rrcklail parlv b:>tove Hie couiitrv club dnnce Thursday nipM n. llighlUl is always host to a few A-foinpiiis friends on Christmas Eve . , . There's nc::i» to be a any lime Ken' Year's if til? .Harry Pultons "riii!- mi from Grmiwood. Miss., sis flicy plan unless business prevents, 1h(.- lire lo I.T wined and dined from Priiluv unlil Sunday with the ™M,-fuat^^ w!!bSmMmT' to nT- DllKM1 ii RnbW Wn>m: '" P<»"«*"*M *-•»•"' «»i S lThis p,m>cl o te ^ H 1 BH? *Y?'^ ; « ; — "t cltrt^^rs,' 1 ''- — •'* s. KSWSV.SI ^.ffi tArj!ir iiM>n is > ex ™- she lias decided she doesn't like It ' ASSKMKI.V I))' <!OI> (,'HtiRCll Suvi'iilli awl Asli Kin'ds N'. II. itliudi's, I'aslor 5 a in. Kuiulay school, n .m., MinnitiB worship, :' [Mil., Juil t.iTvire. Q I E/l al all . , . ivondci 1 what she will think when we have one of our real snows? Hulh Bull could easily claim national honors tor the most popular girl when it comes to beinu II ti wedding attendant. Slic lias serv-1 cd Jane Buck. Ruth Eleanor Tuck- rii.uuiM i,iiTiu:itAN ciiuiicii Sixlb anil VViilnul Sin-els II. J. Klciliiliensl, 1'iislur Sunday. school 0 a.m. MorniniV worshiji 10 a.m. Ser- nion ilienie: "Make Ueudy for Ilic Lord's IJcliirti." 'i'he Lutheran Hour over Mu- for your enter tiiinnient and comfort, i Saturday Only p.m., .Itiniur Christ AIII'KU-:-• ttial network: 3:30 p.m. LXI jane lilies, itutn aicanor i UCK- i s . lf ',.,. ,.i. . , •"" i'-" J - er. her sister, Sue. nnd now she is > r.",'', . ,., . ' cilll(lmi '- s Chrlsiina.-i I'ro-i'ain 7 to iittcud Margaret Keck. The wed-1,:,,|,V,!,'" ~ mX '' '' mt A "" >ils ' ."'i'' , S "" (iay ' ding is lo be nil-white and the, " r ' ,. ,. 1 """''*' Christiiia.'i service Christ- drosses arc exquisite .. but that ,'., '.>•'"- ''vansaLslic scrvic". ; mas iiwriiini!, 7 a.m. iicrmoji Is all we dare tell. !.^''."'"' tlic l" ll>lic a ccrdial; thnne: "CMory to Ciod in Uic "Bits of news" p. Do Smith Isn't a junior at nil despite i>ii me Vine F. Don Smith just like Ills fnlhor's Is F. Don Smith, i 'Ihe "calc.h" is in the "1 ?1 not standing for the sumo name . . . now how arc \ve going lo distinguish the two "Dr. F. Don Smiite"? L. L. Ward plr.ys n good game , of bingo but ho can't eompcie with Mrs. ^hebourne Brewer and Lucy i( i Imiiailcn lo alu-nd Iliew.- .y.-n-icc. 1 ;.' J Their is n lii(; surprise at the-! Houchiiis their luck is positively uncanny . . . Betty Lee Mu- Cutchen is home from Rollins for Christ and to have an operation for appendicitis but she has talkrtl tier parents out of making l-luirch fur nil who attend. Come and see what it is. You'll ],<: surprised. l:ut you'll like it, ::o remo and t-cp for 'yoursclt. iiut besides the .'Ui'inisc. lei's not for«el our main purpose In coining lo church is lo worship our Christ who is Hie Savior cl" Ihc wovld fnd biitlulay we are eel; A cordial welcome is exteinlctl trj all visitor!,. C11UKCII KIltST H.U'TIST Wnlniit and Hcv. Alfi-n\ ('ai'ponter, I'jstor »:.'K ii.iii. .Sunday Sclmsl. ••ouie.t" time .planned to lie during the Nnv Ye:ir "Bowl" samps, when' they will gather around the The holiday plans Till' couple were intended bv Cecil Branson arrived home Ibis! Miss Helen of this city, mid , morning from Cirrai Castle, Iiul., Pnl cooney. of Memphis. ! where he i.s nttentlinp De Pauw ; University to visit his .wrcnis. Mr. one day by wedding! fxlraortlinary and now Dietrich has decided to start the Enteilain at l>iiini<r Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Houdnns ciitertaincci ul dinner last niglit• lit their home. . cd nt a table decorated Christmas motif. The guests Severe new year riubt by bsing married and Mrs. U S Branson over III" I °" Jnnll:u 'y 1 insteiul of the loth, us holidays. He mil Mr Branson 1 1)ltulllcci ' Wc abused her of rc- inolorcd to Memphis for Miss ""'""^"s the date so as to use the same wedding decorations ot the Krck-Kiuilh marriage, wliich is t Jane Branson, who te rr-tiirjilni' A, three course dinner was scrv- | from Gninesville, Ga.. where she Mr. and Mre. K attctirilng brdiau Collenc. for tac holidays. Miss Hope Wade arrives todav „ . - , • . , , . •— *• "m'v ".tut rs oay 13. A.. Lynch. -Mr. and Mra. A.); lom ii- n \'c|.toi'ille. ivhnre she Is ul-' Conway, Mi. iuul Mrs. Cecil Slmnc and Mrs. M. O. Usny. ; tendin s th= University of Arkan- Bits of NCWB Mostly Personal sas, lo visil her parents, the Rev. U ml Mrs.. H, Lynn Wade. din-Ing i the holidays. j Miss Boris Hae Dobyns return: cd hcLnc today from ^Icmphis I where Mi? is attending Mncon & i Andrews School of Business. She iwill spend the Christinas holidays lime ivlt'ii licr parents. Mr. unit Mrs. w. A. Dobyns. ! Don Smith, who is altemHiie at- St. Louis University at St. Louis. for iy: Misses Frances a n il Virginia nlto to tnkc Pre.sbvlmian rtinrch. nl the First but she de- ISiimon. '"J'he uiiicUii-' p.m.. '1 minim; Unions. lo the hospital until alter llu-1 !(:: ' w a.m.. Morninj War?hip. Yuletide when she will have lliel Music "Hosaima in the Highest" operation before rettirnlns Ul st'hoa), choir. she recently had ra'ii- attiick I Light." while at schoool . . :,'• Martlm Reeves Costcn. daughter " of COilen of Memphis, and who lived hrre when n child, married Toxcy rhombs r'ovlinberry, loriuer Soutb- v.csieni athlete, ihe other tiny. They arc Is live at Hattiesbui'g. Miss. I'.'M . Christmas Cnntuin. "The Duwn of S. II. Niilinon, I'astor Jiy the- liuhl ol I2u candles in iirighl neiv holders placet! diiT"!'- cnLly from previous .services, si uew and inlercsliii;; inusicnl srrvics ;'ncl pageant will be uivcn bv t!io ' m cm be is of this Church tbmu- I'oiv afternoon nt 4:0. Tin's lion,' I. chosen in order to make Hi.- most of the candle-lishl. and. more important still, in make it possi- l:le lor all our fricntls to attend. no matter what their own Cliurcli iiIliHiiHon. HIM for us to attend theirs in thc evening. Thc Adult ' Senior Choirs will sinq two Sunday - Monday p.m., Evening service, fnllicms in the tore-part of the fence" by the choir. r STKtliT MliTJIOOJST • CIIUIiCH M. Sweet, I'astiir Vern Saliba, who is IcndiiiR Lotiisinna atutc UnSvcr- will arrive home tomorrow slty ill. Kalou Roiiue, and Uddic (l le Christmas holidays Saliba. w.'o is nttentlini; the Uni- vcisits 1 ot Arkansas ill Fayetlc- .nlp. ttill iirvivc home tomorrow I-.OIHC .'.•Ilh formed the ceremony which took !.° /l lcml Ul ° holidays here with place at U o'clock in ihe inurntnK. „'!!!'. |M10U1 - S - I3r - nn(1 ^''' 6 ' J - A today wlicrc they from Columbia. Mo., are alteuriiu^ C'-'iris- ne. cs. Jones is a yradunte ol the Louisville hu;Vi sclicxi) and Mississippi Slate Tcaclim college. Mr. Jone.s is (lie son ot Mre. Jake Jones. He attended Blylhe- villc hijjli fchool ami later was . graduated from Hie Coyne Electrical School in •Chicago' He will be connected with Moulycmeiy-Wanl comuanr In Helena, where they will ' make their home. Elaborate Decorations Enlmirc Clirufnias I'aily | Mrs. E. p. Blomc-yor. yresidMit ot the Woman's club. Mra.'u o. r:r:l- man. chairman of the music department. Mrs. Lon V. Priop. -.-hail :nan of the art ctopartmenl. and Mrs. James Hill, chairman of the literature dc]iartmenl. received the suests at Uie ({iri.-tmns party of the Woman's club which was held at the club yesterday ;if- tcj-noon. A lighted silhouette scene of the wise mcti approachim? (lie l>l.icc of the birlh of Christ, was the cen- B l D " J *p . L. Bridges !o Be Lepanto Speaker Farmer England took Mrs. Ens;land lo Memphis this morning' trcin when- flic left for Arkmlel- \D r oh in In spend the holidays with ! her mother. Mrs. Hardy Wiuburn. j Mr. EmUi'.nd will join her there Friday. MaiRiicrito Dolon. of Lil- :lc Ucck. arrive:! ycslrulav to visit i- ,, ... ,, her sister. Mrs. Klbert 'llullm in !'"7 l >c """ CIpnl atl!jl ' t>s ' s fo1 ' suet Mr. liutVman over „„ ," ol ": i «"''«""•>'cx.-rc.iscs planim :lays. Miss I'.itiy fcihnm,' arrived liomt' till? morning from PmiRliki'i'iislr. N. Y.. v.-hti'f ;hc is nt.icndiiif Vassal- calleuc. She will visit hci parents. Mr. ami Mis. Cecil Shane, cliiiini; the holidays. Misses Miiiy L«s An;lei>o!i and Doris Skidnmrc ot Sikc.ston. Mo., arc .spciifiinj; ihe week end here ivit.l M15S Louise Aiulc.r.voil. who will accompixn.v them home Sun- liny to spend the Christmas lioli- dnys with them. Mi.-.s Mary Spain l.srey return- . cd home this mornm,; irom Ox- J Wc Ark . Dec. U.—Dr. B. BrirtEes. of Little Kock. wlll de- Ihe plaiini'd for the ! S 1(1.0(1(1 J-'ivsl Baptist church here j 1 Uundny moniing ivl n o'clock. 1 Rev. J. 1. Owc.ns. pastor of the | church, announces mi impressive i prop-am planned by Albert White,! chsiirman of thc prc;r,\m coinmil- | tec. Sonnlor Liicien K. .Coleinan | and J. w. Hedvick. During (he afternoon the church will be 0|>cii to visitors and services will again be resumed at 7:Sfl Ior a prtiisc service to be pflHioi- patcd in by thc members of the congregation. Clares-that didn'l have a lliitiK to llo with i it. Maigarel and Lilliail iind ihetr husbands-to-be are lo be guests of honor at the Cotillion, dauc-e Monday ni?ht as they can be members after marriage. I Jon Bcaslcy and Lillian arc '•••iltli-'- ;• small new collage in the 1200 block of Chiekasawba uvc- mse, which is lo be almost Hlcntical to thc Culta^e where Pctjgy and £, ; Uye L.'iivshc live except there will bo one more room and the rcyf is to be preen Inslcad of brown. Thc news that another club has been formed here makes one believe the old home town isn't dy- iiiK after all. This is one of Uiosp kind of clubs which every one loves.' with plenty of fowl. Thc Uodncy Banisters. AubYcy Coiuvays. did Cunninghams. Cecil Shanes. Bert [ Lynches nnd Harry Hiiincs are i nicclin;' each l\vo weeks, us.ually •on Tuesday nights, for .supper anil i bridge. We hcdr. by vemntc 1:0117 | Irol. lhal thc footl is wonderful al rjicli purty. While they should be tnlllni; lawny on Christmas presents, sonu Euiulny school. 0:45 a.m. Ivc>'- .son Morris, supt. Worship service. IG:'t5 a.m. Youny People's service. G:'JO p.!H. livening service. T:'CJ p.m. 'llw Missionary Society will have .an all day meeting; »t the home cl Mrs. George Disinter for ear Miithday diiincj-. I hey will .tlso I'.ave a Christinas tree. Wednesday niuht there will lie » Christmas program .sponsored by thc'.iCliCICrClll ClllSSC!;. . , .' ' ! , have been making beautiful hookrc ClllillCU C. C. Buikc, pastor Holy communion service .will be held at II o'clock at the church tomorrow with Hie Rev. C. C. Burke conducting it. MUST OHtUtCIl OF TJIli NA/A!tIiNK En. ha n. lleiislny. fitsdir Sunday school. fl:-li) sun.. N'ublc McCullar. superintendent. Blorniii!; uorship. II a.m. Scr- nion subject. "Iiumainicl." •S'N. Y. P. S.. 7 p.m. Evtnlng service 7:30 p.m. Sermon .subject. "Exchanghiu Gilts." Special music by the choir. Wednesday evening, Christmas tree ]iroyraiii. ALL-CHURCH NIUHT, WEU- NFEBAY. 7:01) p.m.. Dipartmeiit- al Meetings. 7:30 Mid-week service. CHRISTIAN SCIliNCK SKKVICKS JIS \V. Main "is thc Universe. Including Man. Evolved by Atomic Fovce?" is '.he service, "Beautiful Yulc-tid-.. Christiansen, and "The C!iiistm: ; s Story." by Goldsworthy. At ih? Hie oraan. played by Mrs.I !•'. K. Joyncr, will Ire joined by; two vioiir.s .and two trumpL-is,: played by Mrs. R. c. Allen. Mis«i Mnrjorir Stevens, Mr. Tcrhi H:ir-! i'son, and Mr. mil Morse, play in [: "Joy to ihe World" through once. rnd then the enthc asjiemblv» the hvmn thiouyliout. Variety is offered our worshippers tomorrow, as there \vill l:r subject of (be Lesson-Senno); which will be read in all churches cf Christ. Scientist, on Sunday. December ID. 1937. The Golden Text is "Thou, O j "" address by Rev. ,A. C. McKin-' Lord, shalt endure for ever; an:! ; no ". of Lubondni. Congo ficlge. thy remembrance unto all genera- i Africa, illustrated by stcrcoptican ticns. Of old hast thou laid the ] f'lWes of cur mission work in thai foundation of the earth: and the f>M. at the Morning Worship heavens are li c work of Illy hands." ! hour. U o'clock. Frank and ,\1- Ailr.'l-sinn " Minis 102:12. 25. " j via Huffman, will sing. "Bris>ht-i s»g\ii Among tbe citations which com- j fst and Best." by Heber and 1 PAT O'BRIEN.WAYNE MORfflS I B GEORGE BRENT g % FRANK McHUGH.QORISWESTON | < t, LLOYD HACON . St.... H., ' ^r.t n,v;,.,l P: t t Jf . . 1 COSMOPOUIM. ^ DUCIION - p,.,.,l.i '*, WARrJCtl BfiOj « Also I'av-aniount Nev.s, "HelUi Ha«;»!)'' and Coiuerly. Conlinuuns people will be siispenticri. prise the Lesson-Sermon is the I Harding following /ro;n the Bible: "For I j Sunday Church School will be know that the Lord is great, and ] held as usual at fl^S a.m.. but llio that our Lord is above all go;ls." i ctislomary vespers of the Psalms 135:5. - [ The Lesson-Sermon also includes I the .follovviuc; passages from the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key tOjthe Hcrip- •tufos""by Mary Baker E<ldv: "Got! i creates and governs the universe, 1 including man." Page M5. I A Christian Science CARD OF THANKS We \i;ish to express otirTsincere thanks to our friends who were so kind during ih c ilncss an-l death of Mrs. Lillie Belle Sbi'c-JcK pm- ni'o-»rii» K\ UcuUr 'y *> wc appreciate the ser- pio-iam is) viccs or Jtr am , ^.^ n . c(( ^ broadcast each Wcdncsthy ul 11:15 ! „,,„,, ' ""' """ «.!,.. over KLON. j ~' ^ ^ ^ Murphy and family. Pdlnrk. Kuliki l:3fl j).ni. — Stinday .Schcol cl;i will be in session. Those compel•• in the essay contest on "Tor Story of Chaimukoh" are asked FIKST MKTHODIS'J 1 CilUltClI II. I,j-iin Waih'. raslur The nicrijinj; pro^rani IU'L'ituii.'ii: •it l_0:f)'>. Dec. 19. will he "bvoad- riist over K1.CN. Thc pastor's suii- iccl will be. "Why He Caino." Special Christmas music will bo furnished by thc :hcir. usim; the; Anthem "For Unto Us a Child Is Born" from lland-:l'r "Messiah." flic Junior choir, ii. vcstmeius f or the first time, wlll sing "O Little Town of Bethlehem." an.! "fc'ilcnl Night." Tlii-v will be di- ivclcd by Mrs. Wilson Henry. At tiic- evening hour. 7:30. Matinee ,i n d and Me Ai!n:iy.--ioii 3Io.«i. M.Ttinec tOc it 'Me Aclnjijsicn Men. N'i^ht Kic .t :il><" SUBMAKlXli !)-! LAST GAN'fiSTKi; 5'JNI) STREliT KOSAI If. .11AMSK1. IN DISTKliSS VOfil'ES OF KISS NOTHING SACKlill I.OVK AND II1SSKS QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices <>n lioiiltry al all film's. S SAVK MONEY AT GAiNES Ml. US W. Jlilin I'llnnc '.K; nii Always IDe. ft '^Uc !-linu p every ntghl. ntathitil's l''ri- *iy. .Saturday & Sunday <»«ly. I'riilay & Sunday stur| ^ ; L r > p.m. Halliritay C(» llilluous sbowiiij; from i i u 11:10 p.m. Ni^lil slmus start Ik43 Last Time Today CAKU OF THA.XKS tral decoration. Christmas trees were also a part of (be elaborate setting for th 0 party. Mrs. nil! had charge of ths decorations. Refreshments were served from 1 n lace covered table upon which i were small figures representing the ! scene of the nativity. Fresh hollv i complelcd the table's decoration | Mrs. Hussell FliiDiie and Mrs. .7. E ) Hasson poured. Individual cakes t iced In green and red. red and! green mints anfl coffee were scrvrd on plates which were ornamented with sprigs of holly. i After thc program utidor the di- j rcction of Mrs. Redman. Mrs. Hill dressed as snnta clau.s. »ave esch ( of the 60 members and KUCSU- n package of nuts and candies. ,Sh<also oncned Ihe china gifts tlic members brought for thc kitchen I shower. I wish to express .sincere iitlcnri- j (hunks and Kiatitudr lo 'iiu .siftlpplj irionds for their iinrt .spend Ihc holidays with sympathy in the recent lllnc,-,, ncr mot ic,'. ,Mr.s. M o . Usrcy. uud .death ol our, Jackie. Miss Virgima Mnrlin and :JUssi , Mr. and Mre - tanme Pittman, of LilHe n&ck.-l- " ford. Miss., where she it, ing the Univrrtits of She will Monrc,- Aberimthy jvna tainilv Cotillion Club Dance To Begin at 10:13 O'Clnrk The Christmas dance lo be given Monday night at thc Hut by the Blytheville cotillion chib honoring Misses Lillian Dietrich and Margaret Keck, Dr. Joe Beasley ot.d Don Smith will start at 10'15 o'clock, '". The hut will be decorated nllh Christmas trees, colored 'lights and | ethfer -Ytilctiae .'.Irlranilng. . Atelc will be proVidell'by Rndy Hcise and his orchestra froui Cape Girardeau, Mrs. Rilcy B. Jones, Mrs. Charles ;ARN mm Increase .vtnir income by leavninjj -u well paid profession . . . you cun lie a licensed Kfiiuficiiiii wilh six HKintJis, (riiinini; . . . enroll now in :tlic- Modem Itanuty Kchnnl Eagle School of Beauty G$\lm Mccliti.c; all KUle Itcuiiirciuvnls fur 1 1 Si ArUiinsiis anil .Missouri. Appi'uvetl Walntil. & 2nd lilyfhcville \ COMPETENT INSTfUJCTQRS Special Course for Yntmg Men and Barbers Write for full ilelails (or ' LUSTER FISHER GIPSON • l:» Krcwson Ave. Joncsboro, Ai'h. \ Cooi.l Ihthil! SI'WI.M, ialf r F'\A\\ II.-I Knlls Sa!;ul • Milk Special fiflt- ;!)inncr Hall l''rvnrii lltll dri Oysters Krinl ohitiu's ami Kiilni'l fntl'oo '.r .'Milk r>0c i! JHick .iiiitl DrcHsitijr Chii'kon ami JHiiii|>liii.s;.< F.riutl Cliiikeii \\-\\i\ f'voiim Gi'Mv 'I'onwlo Salad Jcllo I'ie Hoi .Hulls Coll'i'i- or Milk ,S(al,i' -j,i«e '£M*liil~ $fi 111 If telX^ . Daily Dozens nic // nnub more fun in ' "kayscrcttc" J'nj.' / SI u (1 c n t s 1 o v e t h c i r /• \vtimilli iind good looks. One of ninny cunning pnjnma styles. Snort or long sleeves, open or Ii necks. "Re wiser—buy K.iysci." Jack tbau um :*&£tt±&3tt Also c.-lilocn .V- serial, "ftailin !'a- Irtil." t'oiilimious showing Salur- clay. Sunday - Monday Tomorrow This Girl Will Vanish Without A Trace! C:nmctl.v

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