The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1950
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JUNK IT, 1950 BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.1 COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Life Insurance Runs with Installment Buying To Prevent any Loss to U.S. Credit Companies Wired for Sound, It Even Loughs at Jokes Electronic Doll Talks Back By SAM DAWSON * NEW YORK, June 17. W)—Buy- f Ing on time has been growing like » weed since the war. Growing even faster is the practice of insuring the lives o/ those who buy on the cuff. That prevents-loss to the credit . company, bank or merchant, If the I man who "owns" » car, washing machine, or television set should die before he finally gets It paid for. Installment credit has about doubled since 1941, but Insuring the lives of debtors has increased to eight times Its 1941 slue. Growing also is the total of personal Income, now about 2!i limes as high as In 1941. Now at the record high of $11.3 billion, Installment credit has sain- ed by.31 percent In a year. Some observers fear It 1s accounting tor too much of this year's prosperity especially in the auto and home building fields. If the boom topples —and some think Us legs aren't too steady—the record installment deb could cause trouble quickly. Well to PUn In Minneapolis Wednesday, Wil Ham A. Reckman, president of the Western Bank and Trust Co. o Cincinnati, told the American In slitute ol Banking: "it would t,t well to plan for a period ahead when the ability of the borrower to make repayments as and when due may be strained, II not impossible." Supporting this, perhaps. Is the Federal Reserve Board's report to- fi day that more than three in each W ten family spending unite spent more than they earned last year. Income's Climb But others point to the record heights to which personal income has climbed, nearly $213 billion a year now. Installment credit is only one-nineteenth of that, and these observers point out that the ratio of debt to income was much higher In other periods. E. A. Mattison, executive vice president of the Bank of America, told the American Industrial Bankers Association in Los Angeles Thursday that: "despite the alarmists, there Is not too much consumer credit. Americans are not fools who rush headlong Into debts they cannot pay." The Insurance company's role to Installment-credit is not to guarantee that the debtor will be able to keep up his payments, but to Insure against his dying before those who iold on time get their jnoney. The Idea Ii growing fast. The Prudential Insurance Co. of America says It now has U billion of such Insurance In force on about Ji4 million lives. That is 32 times as much Insurance as was carried on debtors In 1944, its low pohv during the wartime restrictions on Installment selling. Before the war wthe total was never higher than A119$ million. Crash Survivor Wants to be Flier HAIFA, Israel (AP) — JUhak (Isaac) Altai, 13, the lone survivor of a big air crash In eastern Norway last November 20, wants to be a flier. The lad spends his Idle moments making models of planes, automobiles and motorcycles. The boy, sou of immigrants Irom French Morocco, was one o( 28 children and six adults abroard a big airliner carrying Jewish children to holiday camps In Norway last November. Isaac is the son of Fortuna and Rachamin Allal. They have two other children. The father is a tailor. The family presently is housed at the Sha'ar Ha'Aliya camp near Haifa. Later, the family is to get a house near Bat Yam, south of Tel Aviv. Sweetheart of Beta Pi Is a Spry Gal of 83 DOI.L KITH A VOICE and a clowu-like face rets its head examined by Inventors Clive 1'eomans (left) and Tiber Naeey. By NBA Service , CLEVELAND — (NBA) — Take ,wo men whose business is complicated electronic machinery and turn nem loose in their spare time and vhat do you think they make? A talking doll. Tibor Nngey and Clive Yeomans are employed at a flight propulsion .aboratory where they fiddle with Lnitigs like automatic pilots and mechanical brain" calculators. Working at nights and on weekends in Nagey's home, they built a doll that utilizes their knowledge of machinery in an entirely different field. The doll can tell a story, answer questions and laugh at jokes. It talks like a human, wiggling jaw up and down and forming words syllable by syllable. They wood with a Boy Scout knife. Now they're going one step further. They're building a doll that not only talks, but is capable of appropriate facial expressions. It will turn its head, roll its eyes and. If the occasion warrants, raise one r two Quizzical eyebrows. The talking doll has interested several firms, Including one that wants to use It on a television commercial as a trademark. Poor, overworked father will welcome the advent of the talking doll. When Junior wants to hear daddy tell a story, but daddy is kind of tired, he can plug the electromechanical doll into the phonograph and let the doll do the story- Columbus Burial Spot Controversial Issues ROME (AP)—As far as his home town of Genoa U concerned, Christopher Columbus Is burled in Santo Domingo and not in Spain. Re cent reports from Seville, Spain said that a burial found there wa no\v believed to be the remains o the Genoese navigator. The buria was in a grave in the crypt of th Church of Santa Maria de las Cue vas. The Genoese Center for Colum bian Studies which specializes such matters says Columbus was once buried in Seville, but the present finding must be inaccurate. The body was moved. According to the center, the "admiral of all the oceans" died at Valladolid, Spain, May 20, 1506. He was buried there. Then his son. Diego, had the body moved to the Church of Santa Maria de las Cuevas in Seville in 1509. But in 1644, or earlier, the body was taken ORDINANCE NO. 51J AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED, AN ORDINANCE MAKING IT UNLAWFUL FOR A WHOLESALE II OF SPIRITUOUS, VINOUS OR MALT LIQUORS TO SBLL TO A RETAILER OF ANY SUCH LIQUORS IN THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, UNLESS TUB RETAILER HAS A VALID CURRENT PRIVILEGE LICENSE PERMIT ISSUED BY THE CITY CLERK OF THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: MAKING IT THE DUTY OF THE WHOLESALER TO ASCERTAIN WHETHER OR NOT THE RETAILER HAS SUCH PRIVILEGE LICENSE PERMIT: FIXING A PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. SECTION ONE: Bo II ordained by the city council of the city of Bly- thevillo, Arkansas, thnt from and after the passage nnd approval of this ordinance It stall be unlawful day of May, IMC, asking the Cltr Council to vacate and abandon ill that part of Fourteenth Street In said City that extends north trom Main Street through the Clyde Robinson Addition to the city of Blythevlllc, Arkansas, aj shown by plat recorded In Plat Book No. I at page 87, in the office of the Recorder for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas; and Whereas, after due notice »s required by law, the Council has at the time and place mentioned In the notice, heard all persons desiring to be heard on the question, arvtl has ascertained that the street here mentioned, extending north from Main Street has heretofore been dedicated bo the public use its a street: that It Is a blind street which does not extend through to connect with any other street; that It has not been actually used by the public generally for a period of at least five years next prior to the filing of the petition herein mentioned; that It indeed has never And If Junior wants some more, the doll can be arranged to say, carved Its clown-like head out of i ever so firmly, "Ah, shaddup!" Po//ce Arrest Slippery Cook In German Girl's Apartment from Seville to the Santo Domingo, in Cathedral of the present WHEN THEIR FATIIKRS WERE FRESHMEN, Mrs. Minnie Raymand was nglii in tills same spot where the camera cuugiil her here—housemother at Ileta Thela 1'i fraternity at Belolt Collefte. The second generation "sons" are (left to right) Kichard Fifleld, Kobcrt Wheeler and Cedrlc Blazer. for any wholesaler of any spirituous, vinous or malt liquors to sell or offer for sale ally spirituous, vinous or malt liquors to any rc- laller of such liquors in the City of Blythovllle, Arkansas, unless such retailer has a valid and current privilege license permit Issued by the City Clerk of the City of Bly- IheviHe, Arkansas. SECTION TWO: It shall be the capital of the Dominican Republic. Power Pumps Up Farm Water Use WASHINGTON — W>( — Electric pumps boost farm family use of water, says the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Families which pump water by hand often use about six gallons per day per person, it says. After a few years of using power pumps this may rise to 50 gallons per person per day. Many families which use hand pumps do not know how much time they spend pumping and carrying water, the department suggests. It estimated that each cow, horse or mule uses ID to 15 gallons a day. A hog drinks two gallons and 100 laying hens two or three gallons. Much water also is used in cleaning milk equipment and vegetables for market. By JACK HAKR \EA Staff Correspondent BELOIT, Wis. — (NBA) — The sweetheart of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Belolt College Is a housemother the members claim is the oldest in the nation in age and in point of service. She's Mrs. Minnie Raymond, 83. who has coddled, guided, advised he acts as hostess av\d housemother illy. In rccetit years, many sons of men she guided 25 or 30 years be- ore have passed under her care. At present there are three men n the Beta chapter at Beloit whose others knew Mrs. Raymond years ago. . and been parent-by-proxy for generations of Beta men in past 30 years. A leader since 1311 among the women who make their living by being parents-away-frotn-home for college students, she loves her work and [s still going strong. He: philosophy: "If it's no trouble for a good woman to run one man, then it's no trouble lor me to run 50 men!' Mrs. Raymond took her position when her husband was forced to quit work because of tuberculosis. At first she did all the cooking and mending for the men, but now Monthly Meeting Held By Negro Midwives The monthly meeting of Missis- nlppl County Negro midwives was held yesterday morning at the Health Unit. | .Midwife permits were Issued to four of the women. Compulsory attendance Is required at all the meetings. The only excuses that will be accepted for absence are illness or being on s case, iccordtng to health officials. Twelve midwives are enrolled for the classes. MUNICH, Germany, June 17. UP) —Police caught Homer Cook yesterday under the bed in his German girl friend's apartment, four days after the ex-soldier's third escape from a U.S. Army Jail. 'I broke out of jail to see my girl," the husky ex-pugUIst from Muskogee, okla., told his captors as he meekly surrendered. Two American military policemen and a German cop ivirested the -year-old Cook- in Munich after ceivlng a telephone tip. You don't have to use your stols on rne r boys," the rangy fvi- tive from 16 Army charges said. His German girl, Anna Sporrer, AUTOS HIT FAST PACE- New passenger cars and trucks »re being turned out faster than ever before—the current rate is about 9,200,000 units a year. The Ncwschart above gives U. &. »uto production figures for the past four years, leading up to last year's record 6,200,000. was absent from the apartment as Cook was seized. His escapeds had started when he reentered Germany illegally, after a. had conduct discharge from the Army, to see her. "I want to marry her," he said after his first arrest. "I missed her again," he muttered today as his captors led him away this morning from the apartment of her aunt. Cook escaped from the library of the Dachau Army stockade last Tuesday while a guard went to look for his relief. For three days he had eluded 3,000 German police and about 300 armed American MP's. Singapore Bans Four Current Hollywood Films SINGAPORE— (IP}— The Pan Malayan Film Censor, Jack Evans, has banned five films from showing throughout the country. They arc Academy Award winner "All the King's Men," lor an assassination scene; "Three Came Back" for excessive brutality; "Secrets n! Life" for sex Interest; "The Blue Lamp" for excessive gunplay, and De-lcer May Aid Jets LOS ANGELES —(/!')— Jet airliners have been brought a bit closer by a study made on the University oi California campus here. A lighter, cheaper de-Icing system can be used for planes If the heating is done Intermittently, says Dr. Myron Tribus. The Intermittent heaters moke use of heat released when ice is formed, he said. De-icing problems have been one of the factors holding up the switch to jet commercial airliners, Trlmis said. Comparing the generations, she thinks (he college students of today is fxmdamentally the same as .he college student of 39 years ago. Society has changed, but not the ->oys with their individual problems and goo Is,", she says. Mrs. Raymond, cheerful and active, says there's another thins that hasn't changed In the eventful years of tills half-century — (he superiority of the female sex. She's seen It demonstrated repeatedly in the various romances which have sprung up invollng her "boys," she says. Mrs. Raymond claims she unfailingly remembers all the men whom she watched through their formative college years since 1911. She had a chance to reminisce with plenty of them this month when Beta alumni came back for he noth anniversary of their chapter. duty of any wholesaler ol spirituous. or malt liquors to ascertain whether or not the retailer to whom he sells such liquors has a valid and current privilege license permit issued by the City Clerk ol the City of Blythevllle, Arkansas, and the number thereof shall be written on the invoice made to the retailer and a. copy of which shall be subject to Inspection by the City at any time. SECTION THREE: Any wholesaler of spirituous, vinous or malt liquors violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined n any sum not less than $25 .00 and not more than {250.00 and each sale made in violation of the provisions of this ordinance shall constitute a separate offense. SECTION FOUR: This ordinance being necessary for the promotion of the peace, health and safety of the Inhabitants o[ the city of Bly- Lhevllle, Arkansas, an emergency Is been used by the public generally a street; that all of the owners of the property abutting on said street, north of Main Street, have filed with the Council their written petition or such abandonment; that said Street ti not and never has been maintained as a street; that it constitutes a nuisance and a hazard to the health of the inhabitants living nearby; and that the public interest and welfare will not be adversely affected by the abandonment of such street; Therefore, be it ordained by lha City Council of the City of Blj'the- vllle, Arkansas; Section 1. The City of Blythevllle, Arkansas, hereby releases, vacate*, and abandons all Its rights, together with the rights of the public generally. In and to that part of Fourteenth Street to said City that extends north from Main Street, throughout the Clyde Robinson Addition to the City of Blythevllle, Arkansas, to the north line of said "Knock on sterism. Any Door" for gang- Portageville News By Mrs. Raymond Toombs Phone Z2» Couple Feted Among activities honoring Mr. nd Mrs. W. C. Thompson, Jr.. bc- ore their marriage Sunday was a runch flt the river house ot CSene one Saturday morning. . A rehearsal dinner was given by ic groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Thompson, Sr., Saturday eve- ing at the Maiden country club. MYF Hears Stale Officer Missouri State Patrol Troop E ommanrter George l>. Montgomery poke to the Methodist Youth Fel- >wship and guests Monday in the hurch. He pointed out that 05 per cent f accidents are due to poor drivers bridge club Tuesday when honors went to Mrs. H. E. Patterson nnd Mrs. S. S. Thompson. Rotarlans Tuesday were guests at the Swift oil mill when their outgoing president, C. A. Dacres, entertained. Mrs. Nnrlln Inman entertained In honor of her daughter, Jerry Lou, who celebrated her ninth birthday Friday. Mrs. Denzle Willey was program lender when the Baptist Missionary Society met at the church Monday. Mrs. J. H. Workman entertained Friday for members of her bridge club. Honors for the afternoon went to Mrs. Ben Segal. Mrs. t.eo Stories Get Action CHICAGO—(/Pj—Late last summer the Chicago Daily Ne\v.s ran a series of stories about the down-and -outers who hang out in a district known as Skid Row. Not long ago one of them came to the News office. He Identified himself and said: ' "That story got me to thinking. Now I'm back on my feet. I'm work- Ing steady in a factory an-l I haven't had a drink for six months." He pulled two ten dollar bills from his wallet. The News sent the money to Portal House, a treatment center [or aloohllsm. TOOT roads, defective cars or other auses. He urged the young people to be ,Iert, patient and courteous while driving. Attend Graduation Exercises Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Littleton of jilbourn and Mrs. Clyde Myracle of Portageville went to Columbia last week to attend graduation exercises of Mrs. Wayne Myracle. the former Elizabeth Littleton, at the Univer- ity of Missouri. Wayne Myracle. her husband, received a degree from the university n mid-year exercises in February. Social Notes Mrs. Addle Fields entertained her hereby declared to exist and this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after It's passage, approval nnd publication. Approved: Doyle Henderson, Mayor Attest: W. I. Malm, Cleric 8-17-50 Clyde Robinson Addition. Section 2. A copy of this odrt- nance, by the City Clerk, shall be filed In the office of the Recorder' tor the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, and recorded In the deed records of said County. Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force trom, and after the date of its pa-«age. Doyle Henderson, Mayoi Attest: W. I. Malln, Clerk. 6-17-50 Eggs lose weight while In itorag*. ORDINANCE NO. 512 ! Whereas, a petition was duly filed with the City Council oi the City ol Blythevllle, Arkansas, on the 9th You'll Lov« Our Flowers! BLTTHEVIXLB FLOWER MART Memphis Hlw»j rtiow tHI WARNING The defendants. Mrs. Napoleon M. Crockett and Mrs. Elgcrnon E. Crockett, are hereby warned to appear In the Chancery Court of the 1 Chickasawba District of Mississippi j County, Arkansas, within thirty days . and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Alice Crockett Fletcher, filed against them in said court, Case No. 11.282, and upon their' failure to do so, said complaint will i be taken as confessed. Witness my hana as clerk of the Chancery Court of the Chlckasawba ! District, Mississippi County, Arkan- j sas, and the seal of snid court this 2nd day of June. 1950. HARVEY MORRIS •hile only five per cent are due to j Killian. Mrs. Arthur Drerup. Mrs. "- '"" H. E. Mllem and Mrs. Matilda Cavinaugh. Miss Susie Powell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Powell, was pledged to the honorary scholastic fratcrnitj, Sigma Pi Alpha of the 'uture Teachers of America, at the University of Missouri recently. Russell Beis. son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bcis, was initialed last week nto the Phi Kappa fraternity at he University of Missouri. Mrs. Sam Ai-cry entertained her Political Announcement me Courier News ha-s been authorized to announce the tollowu\g candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 FOR COUNT? JUDGE Roland Green FOK STATE REPRESENTATIVE U H Autry Re-election post No I John .1 Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election Post No. *) \V. P. Wells For State Senator W R Nicholson J Ucc Bcarden SHKRIKF AM) COLLKCTOR Osee Nunnall? Honors for the afternoon went to BEFORE YOU BUY ANY NEW CAR Stii'& Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury SeaSquirtsHayeVanadium LOS ANGELES—(/Pj—Sea squirts cake some of the small amounts ol vanadium in sea water and concentrate It In their own bodies. This is the conclusion of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Vanadium could be removed from sea squirts hut It would have to be very valuable to make the process profitable, the institution believes. Mrs. W. W. Hovard and Mrs. Bobby Williams. Dr. and Mrs. L. P. Budcnholzcr entertained Thursday with a 1 o'clock dinner for members of their Dobe Club. Honors (or cards went to Mrs. Raymond Sccoy. Arthur Did You Hear? of the Million-Dollar Crop Damage In Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri. Uuy Hailstorm Insurance Now—It's too Uttc lo replant! United Ins. Agency AM Forms of Insurance 1st & Main—Rc»r City Drue on a plan... with a purpose Lay your foundation for financial security! * What security will you have ten , twenty year* For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority ol cosei investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use «f Mounloin Valley Water. If your doclor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairmenl this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try il for a few weeks. I) is delicious, pure-lasting, and may b« consumed freely, Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division PIANO TUNING and Radio Repair Done hy Homier! Serviceman Every Job Guaranteed Everything in Music Supplies and Repairs /E MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 1101 E. Main Phone 6811 from now? Save regularly, and keep a safety valve on your sccurltyl Savs regularly, and those priceless treas- your own nome.-.your children's education ...your children's wedding plans...your grand vacation, will blossom Into reality! It's not how much, but how often you save, that Is important! Open your savings account now! Join Hie hun- dreds who are hanking a small sum regularly from their weekly pay-check! As little as $1 opens your account I Come in, today! Friendly Service to the entire community! FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank in Mississippi County MEMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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