Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1895
Page 5
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oliday Novelties! eckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. YOUK >A5IE IS PB1ST. Hem* of H I'erHOD'il Character Con- eerulnj; LoetiiNporterH aurt Their PrUudK. In the city yesterday: E. A. Reed of Peru. J. A Bridge of Fiora7 C. C. Kent of Kentland. Olio Jackson of Kokomo. E. H. Wolcott of Woieott. Tom C. Paris of Frankfort. C. J Gressmer of Frankton. Mits McBride and MUs Belh of Kokomo. I. M. Fedrie, agent for. "Men and Women." THE KOAROFTHE STOfiM DEOWN'ED ODT THE SOUND OF THE WARMSG WHISTLE, ASD DJEATIL CAME the Eiito to spend spend is ) f\M GOING flWftY. Said one of-our Customers, but 1 want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E. PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER &YOUNG, THE> FEflRL STRBET TfULORS, P. J. PITZLIN, of St. Liul.i, l.sii.-KimlxliiKcliisso.s In [Physical Culture. loryoneivl.ililiik' l» J»IM CMI obtain fu'l piirll nt 'i \yi-:«.i/M <;n;.iit STOISI-;. >Fl!.VVIK, INI>., Pl'C 11, 1S()1. vx l»>iTl llU'ln" rr.i ol' P. ,1 I'ltzlln Atllli'tlc l ti»M> 'CHI w- II pli'fiM'd with his method li'Kl'lijslL-ui Ciilturi' I'rcf I'hzlln Is n liiKtMu'lifriiiul tu<m went «iro Hint cli ini|>n l> ci'frt'i't y Instructed In every mov. tlly m'l'fmii'ixl h-ni mnnj DUO ilv>-rl'<K il.H M-IVU-IK lit-l> n Ki'tiik-ii.i-.n M>il thoioughly iis his bufllne.iH. !• L Wwht<-ll II M Wlnnns M D ;H Anthony V W hra'lt BnntO Kil i> M.iddj- jr \v,-ilt*rt-cott HIM I. Kyan W '1U Mwyors Arthur W Cusi). AS EXCURSION DAILY JOURNAL. IVIitch :i A' aa nj; Jlan \VantcdtoSoll Ti<-U»tN for— A Ornoral J'OHXoimi:!' AHl'Ilt <IU I'lM O«'ll llOOU — <((IC(T l'rorc»'<liiit:M ol' <'. \\ , l.ano. A young man 22 years of age called at ihb Juurnal olllee yesterday, a.nd ordered somo tickets printed leaving copy and pacing for them in adv.mco. VVnon tha copy was examined it was found to road: .1. U. ft I. and ijiii'en ft Crescent SUNDAY MORNING. JAN. 27. wash | Road the Boo Hive's Sunday OOda advertisement. | Work on tho water works raoo has Dnishod, and the work gives gon- [Mr. ard Mrs A V Slukoy of North |reot entertained a parly of friends ary pleaaanily Friday evening. | An entertainment will be irivon by i_ladles of tho G A R. in tho G. A. 1 February G'.h. Admission 10 Moses Michaels!, b.or daughter losa and son Charles and wife, ar- ived at 2:50 this morning from llorldn I 'Mrs. Flora Piorco and little daugh ir Mary, rotun ed to their homo on lasl High street, after a three weeks' Italt whb h'or father, Dr. J, Ogborn of [afayotte Ind. Kontland Democrat: Mr. L Emmott. If. Logan>port Is to pat in ut this place marble and granite tombstone fiic- )ry. which he will ioavo under' tho Hnt of Mr. J. \V. Boar. A ratural gas regulator has been Ixhlblted at tho Cass circuit court lefore Judgo McConnell In tbo case If C. E. Halo vs tho LogROfport (aturftl gas company for ^10,000 lamagcs. to Mobile iiiiil ri-iiim Kouiicl trip. C.S. WBLUKIIN. When the young man returned /or the lluketg he was questioned and stated that he was no agent for WaU aorn who was a railroad agent at 71 J N Illinois atroot, Indianapolis. He gave- tho namo of C. W. Lane and stated that ho had just arrived In tbo city. Defective John Gallagher of the Panhandle was In the olVice aad hoard the conversation. He .followed the young man and after a while questioned him as to the genuineness of tho tickets. Tho youog man said they wore all right and that he had already sold one for S20. Mr. Gall goer then touk him in charge nnd on investigation found that ho had tried to sjll a ticket to Allen Kichardson and others but could learn of no sale. The tickets were printnd on plain red card board and wore without signature or stamp They bore no resemblance to n, railroad ticket, and is the J. M. & I. rans to L'.v.iUvlllo and tho Queen & Crescent starts at Cincinnati it was not supposed that any one would buy or attempt to fell them. PDO young man was taken to ill and examined HJ bad a few coj 9 and !?7I In money but nothing to ndlcate his residrnco. Ho s/iid ho lad never soon his parents to remem them nnd thit ho worked one )laco and another without any home. -le would not tell where ho got bis money or where bo worked last. He giivc thi appearance of being half. wltted and his fake was certainly a clumsy one, Ha was held to await dovelooments. A VENERABLE LADY. Edward Koliz has joined Mandolin Ciub. Arthur Keeslicg is here Sunday wito his parents. John Craig i-l Kukomo will Sunday wlih relatives here. Mrs \V. B. 'Westlake of Marlon, In the c'.ty to spend Sunday. Mits Kate Bailey is visiting relatives and friends at Frankfort. Peru Journal: £. M Bowman came up from Logansport last evening. Mott Willman ol Hartford City was in the city yesterday CD business, Peru Chronicle: G R Graham of Ligansport was in the city today. Editor Hender.-on of the Kokomo Dispatch, was in tho city last nl,;ht. Miss Ella Bokr went to Montlcello yesterday to vls'.t friends and rela' lives. R. J. Powell who has been ill for the past month is able to be about again. Sol Alpine of Kankakee, 111., IB In the city to attend the funeral of Moses Michaels. Mrs. C. H. Church wiU leave for Brooklyn. N Y , in a few days to visit relatives. Mr. and Mi-i. PaJmer of the East End, went to Now Castle yesterday to visit relatives. Tbn R'-'v. Wm. Diijrgett of North Manchester, is here to spend Sunday with his family. Cm-roll County Cltizon: Miss Bessie Dewoy of Logansport is visiting fi-iends ia tha city. /. T. Bennett, proprietor of the Carson Bouse- at Moaticollo, is spending Sunday In tho city. Mis* L'.llie Mitchell of Union City is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Blaccbe Skinner of High street. Mies A E Cornish of Chicago, who baa been visiting Miss Fannie Taylor, returned home yesterday. Marlon Chronicle: Mrs. W B. Westlake went to Ligansport today for a short visit with herparentfl, Arpus News: Sam Landis, operator at the junction was in Logansport yesterday to see Warren Knowles. Charley Rbehicolt of Ora who has been the guest of the Burgman brothers, returned home yesterday. Miss Poarl Rogers of New Castle, went' 1 home yesterday ufter visiting two weeks with Mr. end Mrs. Charles Funda. Misses Maud and Blanche Miller of Lifayotte, are visiting their cousins, Mrs. J. G. Beattyand Misses Crawford of L'n'den avenue O. F Stout of Maj-ion, came over to soo James A Hurne und his company i la "Shore Acres '' He was disa.p- pointud, as the show was not presouied as advertised. Royal Cenler Record: Dr. Zinnir.ger ihe Loganfport pharmacist has opened a drug store bt Lucerne in the WiU liauis building.., .Jataes L?.Mastfcr.- wu.s in Logausport Monday and signed H. contract to pluy • bill next season wiih tbe-Ouos Peru Chronicle: Miss Carrie De Haven of Logansport. is visiting e the residence of Newt Richerson VVert Seventh street.... Miss Dt.-l!i Ijirimer and Omer Holman went to Logansport this evening to attend IVilh I ho Rath of a Pun Handle Train 10 Burury Wrrmi-.s. a K-uncth «( intryinnn—Jle I/e»v<'« n l.«ri;e Family — The Fatality Occnrrrd Early ITtMnTdMy norulnsr X«-ar ll>e K.-uiieili ,Swit«-li-Funej-aI 31-iuauv, Pan Handle passenger train No. 5 struck and killed Barney \Verme3, at a point- near the K^noeib switch ubaut 6:10 a. m yesterday. At the- time o) tho accident Mr Wermes was waiting on ihe track and his partial deafness, und the high wind are thought to have prevented h!s hearing the locomotive "bietle, which, it i<? claimed was bio "n repeatedly. Tho engineer la charge of the train \vas Charles Lee, and El Alexander was the coaOuclur The speed of the train was not lessened as It approach- d Wermes. it being supposed that he would siep oil' the track In time to save himself. He wts struck and thrown high in the air and to one side. He bribed only B short time after be was picked up, and t-he body was taken to Kenneth station and from there was removed to this city by the undertakers Coroner Downey viewed the body yesterday morning. A wife and nice children are deprived of the presence, guidance and support of a loving husband and father, by the terrible ace d nt. The deceased was fifty years of age ana had bopn employed for several years as a quarryman at the Kenneth quar riee. The funeral will be held at 9 a. m. Monday at tho S». Joreph Catholic church, under the auspices of tbe'St. Joseph society. BLOOD IS SI'ILLED. Cut Price No 2. Ladies Jersey brand rubbers 2 and .% I5c Ladies spring heel Candee rubbers 3 to 5. 25c Childreas heel rubbers 7* to 10, lOc Misses heel rubbers Candte and Goodyear, Lad es storm rubbers 2 and o, 15c Ladies French Heel Candee 1 to 4, iSc Misses Candee Ala.'k is heei 13 to 1. 35c " '' "' spring 13 to 1. 3Jc Ladies ' '' " 2 to 3, 50c Childrens " " >; G to 10. 25c Misses high button Arctics \vorth §2, (>5e _iFS FINE'S HUES $2,98 J See Window. Ladies lined l.-ici ^noes u*orch $1 25, Toe Mens heavy rubbers \\;-rth GOe, 40c Mens extra heavy rubbers worth T^c, . ; 0c Meias felt boots and low cu- over worth £ Mens kip boots, heavy sale, worth £2. *: Mens rubber boots worth §2 50. •*! IKS Ladies calf shoes worth $1 25, <!5c 50 OSc 25 OTTO KRAUS Big Bargains in Overcoats. J.G. BRIDGE. Hot- I'j-nv. d a fioort Wo«j> : t'i '» » I-It.tli- Arirumi'ii! f,>rG:ire um! <;iorj- li'i.st KVOill- ST. Yesterday afternoou shortly after i o'clock cries for ills polite were beard issuing from tbo ball of the Shroyei and Uhl building on Fourth street where a terrific fight was in progress. It was learnc.d ibai Jo.-so Martin had hired A L. BeebeB to do a job uf plastering in the rooms over Shroyer & Ubl's wholesale notion Etor^- Beehee. aftPr working for a lima that ha considered long: enough, demanded his pay, and on being- refused, started to tako U out in fighting. Beebeo'.- two brothers had come up sometime before to wait until bo should receive his pay. They proceeded to help him pound his victim. One bud a hooaua the other a short piece of hose pipe, ' while the third brother wa3 unarmed Frank Martin, the brother of Jesse Mania, feeing three against one. satied ia to ass s'. his rela.i.ivo, and for a few moments a terrific battle was fought. Finally one of the Beebee boys called for the police. A- .L Beebeo came ontof the a'Juir with a three inch gash en iho head, *hich ho c'aima was caused by .Ies. ; e Martin striking him with a hoe. Frank Martin finished with a badly cut hand Tne other participants were not hurt,. A.. L. Boebeo, nrd Jep.sc and Frank Martin rcero arrested. Frank Martin was 'e', t'O 0:1 depositing tbs amount of his fi JG, but ilia olherr ware locked uo. o R Q: A N BEST STANDARD M*.KES. - PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store, party given bv M'sa Flora Craw/ore. Awarded lighest Honors—World's Fair. •OR; MOST PERFECA MADE. k CUT* Grap« Cre.T me' Ta ^Powder. Free torn Ammonia. Alum<x in;:-,-^ieradulterant 40 YEARS THE ST.,;:|OARD. Mr*. K'Sr.-i K Coulron Pai»c (I Away Wxicrilny Afternoiii—"ihe Was E'Sliry AVartt Olrt un«l Had Lived llrrCra Lo»c Tim?. Mrs.E'iZ'iK Coulson an old resident of tho city, passed away at 1:30 yesterday afternoon ai her home on Broadway. Mrs. Coulson was SO years old and bad been ailing for eomo time. She was the grandmother of John F. Coulson the druggist. The funeral arrangements have not been made yet owing 1 to the fcbsence of her eon Capt. W. C. Coul ion, wbo is al pre-ent In, Wauhinjfton, D C. Mrs. Coulson ban resided in Logansport for tho paat 40years. The Rev. C. D. Hoover of Waupa- konets, Ohio, will preach at the' morning- and evening services ot the Broadway Presbyterian church today. .V l*lcn>aut Surprlnc. About fifty of the ladles of L'ncoln Circle, ladles of the G. A. K., psrpe traled a most pleasant surprise on Mrs. Taoo. Sample Friday night, it being tnat popular lady's birthday anniversary. Many beautiful and useful presents were given the happy hostess, and an agreeable one of ths evening's diversions was a supper served at 10 o'clock. All "report a very, pleasant time. Dentil oflinmie O'I>ounell. The deaih of Mary Agnes O'Donnel!, tbe sixteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James O'Donnell, occurred yesterday evening at 7:45 o'clock. The deceased was one of Logansport's moss popular young ladies. The time for the funeral will be announced later Jamea O'Donnall, the fatoer, Is In England, and can not reach home for two weeks. ^_—, Catarrh is a constitutional disease. Hood's Sirsapurilla ia a constitutional remedy. trial. It cures catarrh. Give it a llfi- Child .Vo ?Io~c, II bas brcn found ihai ibe chi.U so pat.leclly f-oupht for by Mrs. Margaret Hover can not be returned to her exempt on tho consent Of t.'ne family whicb adopted it. The child is said to be in ihe home of a wealthy family ia Illinois, and tfccy hava refused '0 Ci\-e the little one up. This much but 1 bei n to'd ihe mother, but no more Wben Mattie A'exandcr, DOW Mrs. G-?,yer, quitclaimed her child to ibe orphsnuse at Indianapolis, she i* said to have known nil the conditions surrounding a possible adoption of tbe infant by ftrar.gers The tuperin. tundent of tbe home has refused to bresk a custom, that of maintaining secrecy a? to the whereabouts of adopted children. Civil Service Changf. The cipil service examination that his been held here ia former years in February, has been changed to the last Saturday in June. The examinations formerlj' held in Au<ri:3t have been changed to December. The inees are mad.o to facilitate the matter of returns.of the results of ex. uminatlons JnOIdcu XL-oil's i?eople overlooked ihe importance of :)ermaoeatlj beneficial effects and were aatUfied with transient a-,tion; :iut nowihit it is generally known ihat ilyrup of Fljji will permioectly cure mbitual cocsdpaciOD, weil-lcformec :eople will not buy other laxatives, which act for a time, but finally injure be system ill members of Apollo Lodfje No. 02, K. of P., p.rfi Hereby ordered to meet at Ciisile Hall Sunday, Junua'-y 27th, at 1:15 p. m., nA leave- the hall nt ] :-Jo p. m. bhui 1 ,), t> attend the funeral of our late Brother, H. H. Owjton. Bridge Clt.y Lodjie No. 305, and all sojourning Knifjht.s are cordially iuvhed to attend. GKO. VAX,ITEINBI:K(;. C. C. SA.M'I. P. ANPiiiiso.v, K. K. S. 3I:!SOIllO KllllfM'J I Ni>tJ<'(.'. To the membera of Tipton Lodgo No. 3d, V. & A. M: You are hereby requested to taeet at Tipton Lodpe hull today (Sund'ij) at 1:30 p. m. and le;;ve ball ixt 2:lo p. m. bbarp to attend ibo funeral of our late brother, iMoHos Michaels Members of Orient Lndg-o and al! members In good sti«odln£ arc f-aiernally invited. By order c.,' « W. M, Kr,r .4itEEN-.-=i--i XO PEKFOIOIANCE. All members of Uolforra Rank ^o. 20 arc ordered to appear at urmory o.-rner Market and Pe'irl suoilf. si 1:15 sharp today to aUe- d the funeral of Brother H H O-^sioa. GEORGE A. SCHAEFER Capt. All Sir Knigbts will wear overcoats. A full atiendance is requested at tbe meeting of the Ministerial Association Monday morning at 0 o'clock at the Broadway Presbyterian church. Business of Importance demands attention. T. S FEEEJIA.V, Sec'y. 1. O. o. V. Xoiiee. All Odd Fellows in tbe city are requested to meet at I. 0. 0: F. hall at 1 o'clock ibis afternoon to attend the funeral of Brother Henry O^gton. W. L. MORRIS, Secy of Gen'l Kelief Com. Attention. KnixhtM oT Honor.' A.11 members of Wabash Lodge 1831 wishing- to attend the funeral of our late brother Mores Michaels, will meet at the hall of LoeraT> Lodge at 1 o'clock today. LEWIS EpsrEUf, Dictator. JAJTES BOLD, Reporter, JVraeyc* JLoao. Any one desiring to buy real estate can secure a loan to be repaid on the monthly plan. Interest only 5} per cent. Consult J. T. COCKBCBX, Boom 3. Sprj Building. ihu Couiiition *. t' lilt; OlXTa Ylouttc. •laaies A. Hernca' • Shore Acres'" \vas. billed at the opern house last evening but was no; put on the boards on ao count of ibe concitiou of the opera.. house, Maoagur Miner svated that be bad been at tin expense of |MOO to--, cooie here and that tie would lote thie «s he cid DO', tng-ug-e in controversies. Mr Miner addressed ihe following to.. the Journal and a.-kea !la publication: jASl'AltV 2(1, '>Ji>. Editor Jou.-au!: 1 tnouyhi it would : be well for me to write you and explain why we did not give Jus. A. Herny'i "Snore A:re=" ae billed this uvenlng. We arrived nc-.-c frocc D.iyton this . afiui noon ;inti 1 orcered my Men to ge'.. our teeuery lo'.u the theater as soon at. ii'Jj.-viOle us w..- ivtro (julte ,'atc !n gcl- ;ing h'ire. \\'hen 1 arrived at the ibeau-r n.f'.(.r lunch I found all the sttani pip-.-. 0 in lha house burs', and the. dre=sii.;r ruurn» and. the theater tilled, with =ic:im Now it would not be just to ask the people in;o such a house afiur buying t cketi to witness our performance, as they would most likely ^atch their deaths of colds, and then 1 did not feel that it would be safe to. ri'k letting my people dress in the damp dressing-rooms. You will understand that wo have, eone to a vory big expense to come here, and it meant a lose of over four hundred dollars to us by not playing- tnnlght. I write this letter to you loc-- bave you explain to the people that, the fault is not ours, but that the condition of -the or>era bouse prevented our playing-. Siicorelv yours, W. WIXEK Bus. Mzr. JAMES A HEHN-F.V "Shore Acres. >: - Tnc.T »»Binple4 the Cake. Royal Center Record: Meesra. Johnson. Lsw Cornwell, Msll Gordozi, Austin O'Cunaell aad Misses Theresar. and fAa-eue Kreuzbergrer, D^ra Hankee. Lizzie Felker, Jessie Neal and a few- otberg from Log-aneport were in Royal •enter Saturday and took supper at. tbe Hotel Royal. They also tha Sunday cake while the host out. Mtud Hot Epon the Ortter or f»mr~ Golar. But po at once and buy a bottle of lb«K fragrant SOZODONT. You will regret it It not only beautiSet preserves the teeth and arresU i but leaves the mouth cool, and breath as fragrant as a roee.

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