The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1955
Page 12
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PAOBTW1LTS BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,)' COURIER OT8WI TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1981 Red China to Free Nine U. S. Civilians I (Continued from Page 1) Bureau in Shanghai, and Mrs. Peter Huizer, married to the Dutch manager of the Shanghai branch of the Bank of America, were free to leave China whenever they ap- Commodity And Stock Markets- Ntw Y«rk Cotton t*l:M aMtattoM) Oct 3362 3362 3353 335S Deo 3366 3367 3355 3356 Mar 33M 3341 3325 3330 May 3344 3345 3329 3331 Ntw Orleans Cotton Oct 3362 3362 3352 3352 Dec 3367 3367 3355 3357 Mar 3361 3362 3344 3345 May 3347 3348 3330 3333 Chicago Soybeans Sept .... 219% 220 1 /, 219'/i 220 Nov .... 217"A 219 21614 219 Jan .... 219 22014 219 220!'Nov .... 218% 220% 218 220 Chicago Corn Sept .... 127% 129H 127?i 129 Dec .... 126'i 128',4 126'A 128?i Chicago Wheat Sept .... 1921/s 195% 192>i 185',; Dec .... 195]i 199% 165% 199'/ 8 New York Stock* A T and T 178 3-4 Arner Tobacco 74 1-4 Anaconda Copper 81 Beth Steel 161 Chrysler 87 Coca-Cola 137 Gen Electric 54 1-8 Gen Motors 130 1-2 Montgomery Ward 84 1-8 N Y Central 47 1-4 Int Harvester 39 Republic Steel ... 1 4S Radio 50 5-8 Socony Vacuum 60 3-4 Studebaker 91-4 Standard of N J 135 3-4 Texas Corp 106 Sears 99 3-4 D S Steel 58 1-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 (/P)—USDA—Hogs 14.000; fairly active; barrows and gilts 15-25 lower than Friday'.^ average; sows mostly 25 lower; spots more; bulk mixed tr. S. 1, 2 and 3 grades 200260 Ib 16.25-50; 170-190 Ib 15.2516.00; 150-170 Ib 14.25-15.50; 120-140 Ib 12.75-14.00; choice sows 400 Ib down 13.75-14.75; heavier sows 11.25-13.25; boars 8.00-12.00. Cattle 9,500; calves 2,500; early sales steady; choice steers 22.0023.00; good .to low choice 19.0021.50; best mixed vearlings 22.5023.50; early sales cows steady: utility and commercial 10.00-12.00; canners and cutters mainly 7.009.50; bulls, vealers and opening sales stockers and feeders all steady; medium and good stockers and feeders 16.00-18.00' utility and commercial bulls 12.00-14.00; good and choice vealers 20.00-23.00; few prime 26.00. plied for exit visas. Bishop Walsh is a brother oi Judge William C. Walsh of Cumberland, Md., a former Maryland attorney general. . Charles Sydney Miner, Shangha. representative of several American companies, including American Asiatic underwriters,' the Metropol- tan Land Co. and C. V. Starr Enterprises, was free to leave aitei the two or three months he needed to "complete the settlement of his affairs," Wang said. Wang's announcment was tossed unexpectedly into today's 2!:; hour meeting of the two ambassadors. To Continue Saturday The American spokesman declined to give any indication oi Johnson's response, or to disclose whether the United States had made any concession to obtain the release of the civilians. Then he stressed that the talks would continue Saturday on the first item of the two-item agenda. This concerns "the return of civilians of both to their respective countries." The spokesman said Johnson would refuse to discuss the second item,—"other practical matters at issue between the 'wo sides'*—until item one had been liquidated by release of all American civilians. The spokesman said Wang's announcement was made without prior notice but in view of Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lai's expressions of good will the American delegation had "hoped for far more than this, long before." "This is the first time we have had some concrete results to announce, and we are always hoping for more," he said. The spokesman said the talks would continue without change, and would now concentrate on 25 American civilians imprisoned on various charges and three under house arrest. There was uncertainty over the one civilian still denied an exit permit,, and the spokesman said the over-all total fluctuated too frequently to permit a precise listing. T ,200-Pound Hitch Hiker Lot oi Trouble MANILA — Hitch-hiking is common these days but when a 1,200- pound hitch hiker hitches a ride on a 2,400-pound car without invitation, that's a horse of a differen' color, but a dead one. Recently J. T. Harris, Manila was driving home from work one evening when this 1,200-pound hitch-hiker, owned by Warren Powers, charged in front of Har ris* car and landed on top of its hood. The car carried the .horse s 30 feet down the road and deposit ed it in the fornt yard of Joe Hornberger. Sheriff Baker was called to the scene and inflicted capital punish' ment on the accidental transient, which lost its life for taking the unintentional ride. Hornberger tried unsuccessfully to dispose of the carcas — bul :inally had to call on a Paragould 'irra to dispose of it. JUST IN CASE-Shapely Carolyn Jones tries her new underwater camera case, which permits picture-taking 100 feet below, just in case you happen to be going down that far. The case is of soft, flexible and transparent plastic. Pictures are shot through a double- strength opti-glass cover. NIXON BOUNTIFUL BREAD In the few seconds it takes you o read this, more than 4500 loaves of bread will have been turned oul by bakeries in the United States. The "come hither" look... in Personality plus in shirts of Sanforized* broadcloth with a heather texture look. They're fashion-forccasl-styled with such smart touchf* as pick-stitching, undcr-collar contrasts, double pockets, and other tricky trims, to make a young man completely individual. Impressive colors! See 'em all. Sizes 6 to 20. jftflg •Leu U>u K re.Wu.1 .),rlr>*i*>. jftfl i Everything iot Men and Boys \ MARTIN'S Men's Store (Continued from Page 1) could remove. . Pravda then accused the United States of an "absolutely unrealistic five-point program which boiled down to approximately the following: "The swallowing up of the German Democratic Republic by the Atlantic bloc; liquidation in the countries of East Europe of the people's democrati system set up by the will of the people; refusa. 1 to settle through international cooperation the question of disarmament and th'e establishment of international control; suppression of 'he progressive movement throughout the world which, to make it more convincing, is being called subversive and is abused in every possible way." Nixon, arriving back in Washington after visiting Eisenhower in Colorado, said he would not comment on the Pravda criticism. Heart-Attack Victim Is Resting Well M. P. Drummond was taken to .Walls Hospital this morning after suffering a heart attack. He was stricken while in his store at 980 E. Main. Relatives said he was resting well at noon today. L. L. Lunceford Rites Conducted CABUTHERSVILLE—Services for Lowery L. Lunceford, 64, were conducted at 4 Sunday afternoon at First Baptist Church in Caruthersville. Rev. D. K. Poster, Biggers, Ark., and Rev. Floyd Brpwer, pastor of Eastwood Memorial Methodist Church here, officiated. Burial was in Little Prairie Cemetery here with LaForge Funeral Home in charge. Mr. Lunceford, a fanner of Stubtown community, was born Dec. 20, 890 at Fullon, Miss. He was the son of Robert and Mattie Lunceford. He was maddied Dec. 29, 1912 at Fulton and moved te- Pemiscot County in 1933. He was a Baptist. Mr. Lunceford leaves his wife, Mrs. Evie Lunceford, Stubtown; a daughter, Mrs. Robert Cain, Joiner; three sons, John Lunceford, Detroit, Mich., Thoburn and Thomas Lunceford, both of Caruthersville. Effie Ross Dies At Home Here Services for Mrs. Effie Ross, 72, who died at her home at 420 East Sycamore Street yesterday, will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. Roy Hanley of Steele. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemetary. Mrs. Ross, born at DeSota,- HI., 'had been a resident of Blytheville for 35 years. She had been ill for six weeks. Survivors include five daughters, Mrs. L. A. Santy of Risco, Mo.. Mrs. Cecil Ulm. Mrs. Raymond Holt, Mrs. George Payne and Mrs. Ed Bratcher, all of Blythevllle; one brother, Frank Harrington of Sturdivant, Mo., eight grandchildren, eight great grandchildren and four great great grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Foye Austin, Charlie McKamie, Bert Miller. Fred Hodge, Richard Brown and J. R. Miller. Mrs. Leggett's Mother Dies , Mrs. N. E. Paries, mother of Mrs. W. C. Leggett of Blytheville, died last night at the home of a daughter, Mrs, B. B. Swearingen of Memphis. Mrs. Parks, 83, had lived in Mississippi all ,her life until the death of her husband in 1952 after which she divided her time between her daughters' homes here and in Memphis. Services will be tomorrow in Oxford. Miss., at Philadeiphia'Baptist Church, of which Mi's. Parks was a lifelong member. Mrs. Leggett, her daughter, Mrs Bob Burns and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leggett will attend services. Church Has Birthday CARUTHERSVILLE—First anniversary of the dedication of the new First Christian Church building at Ninth Street and Ward Avenue is this week, according to Rev. John L. Sennett, pastor. for in-town or out-of-town New shades of brown that are perfect for any and every occasion— the browns that go dressy or casual, formal or informal. Enjoy suits and topcoats in TOWN BROWN, in your choice of all the popular fabrics, from Another pnze-winntng color from our famous "GALLERY OF FASHION" by 'BOTANY' '500' tailored by DAROFF Everything for Men and Boys MARTIN'S Metis Store CANT TOUCH IT WITH A 10-FOOT POLE—Jimmy Shockley, 7, demonstrates haw dry it has been in the area as he stands on the end of the boat dock on his. parents' farm near Lawrence, Kan. He's trying to touch the sunken water level with the proverbial "10-Joot pole." As Jimmy summed it up: "It's sure a long step to the boat." CIVILIAN (Continued from Page 1) Russians during his captivity. Authorities also planned to question the three about other missing Americans, especially, soldiers who have disappeared from Berlin in recent years. Austrian prisoners released by ;he Russians some months ago from arctic labor camps reported .hat the three men had been among their fellow prisoners. The Soviet Foreign Office was asked by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to release them and the Russians said Aug. 20 they would comply. Read Courier Newg Classified Ads. Caruthersvilh Agent At Negro 4-H Meeting CARUTHERSVILLE—Ella Stackhouse, of Caruthersville, Pemiscot County Negro home agent, was among a delegation of five Missour- ians'who attended the recent national Negro 4-H club encampment at Washington, D. C. GOP School Starts WASHINGTON M 3 )— "Schooldays" are here again—for the Republican party chairman of the 48 states. The 48 GOP "students" started arriving here today for a "campaign school" the Republics ri National Committee is putting an to boost organization drives for the 1956 elections. GOP (Continued from Page U will run again. "Horse Race" On related political matters, Nixon said: 1. The Democratic presidential nomination contest, at this point "looks like a horse race" between Adlai Stevenson, the party's standard bearer in 1952; Gov. Averell Harriman of New York; and Sen. Estes Kefauver of. Tennessee. Kefauver, said Nixon, has been "consistently underestimated" by the professional politicians. He predicted that in his own state of California, Kefai.ver could win next year's Democratic .presidential primary "easily— hands down" over Stevenson and Harriman. 2. The "most difficult" issue for the Republicans in 1956 will be defense of the administration's farm program because farm prices have been falling. But Nixon voiced confidence they.will stabilize soon. 3. The Democratic presidential nominee will have no choice but to run on the record of former President Truman, or split the party. Sing Meeting Set at Dexter By H. L. VEAGER DEXTEE.—This city will be hast to a large aggregation of folks from at least six states Sept. 10-11 when many prominent singing groups, music publishers and song writer» will be in attendance to highlight the 20th annual Missouri State Singing Convention program. Featured will be the Kentucklaa Quartette of Paducah. Ky., Barney Barrow and the Victory Quartette of Granite City, 111., the Harmon/ Boys, a quartette of Metropolis, 111* and the Dexter Quartette. FUND (Continued from Page I) of the standard Oil Co. (Indiana) and a director of the new corporation, said "this scholarship program makes good business sense." He said industry donors will get a "double-barrelled benefit" because the money donated will be used exclusively for scholarships, eliminating costly duplication of effort-and expense in locating and selecting talent of the highest aptitude. Eggheads Needed NORFOLK. Va. lff> — Kenneth Harris, local artist, says Norfolk needs dreamers and eggheads (intellectuals). He described Thoma* Jefferson as a "real egghead." Harris told the Lions club that civilization as we know it is baaed on the reveries of dreamers but that in the last hundred years "We have decided it is not safe to place our trust in a band of dreamers." Ho spoke of antiintellectualism as » basic defect in American society. Read Courier News Classified Ads. LOST Bunch of Keys in Red Leather Container REWARD for RETURN To Courier News i Why Pass Up THIS SAVING? Not every day does some one hand you a fist full of folding money and say, "Here, this is yours." 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TODAY'S for all medium-duty hauling INTfRNATIOHAl medium-duty R-165 ROAD. LINER$ assures extra pa/load profits. New optional BD-264 engine operates with leu shifting, speeds tripsi > INTHNATIONAtS are a BDnvvntimol and cab-forward types. Fam ilable hi s Comfo- Today's new medium-duty INTERNATIONALS are far and away the finest INTERNATIONALS ever offered in the 14,000-17,000 GVW class! They have everything that has made INTERNATIONAL famous for long life, low maintenance, low operating costs, handling ease, comfort. And on top of this traditional extra value, these new INTERNATIONALS offer new driving and performance features, including new power and economy in the standard Silver Diamond 240 engine, an ail-new optional high efficiency, high torque 140-hp engine - power steering is available at moderate extra cost. INTERNATIONALS give you everything to help you make money, save money. 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