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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1868
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0 ' n. tVOLUME XXXU. NEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 25, 1863. NUMBER 77. b a tar of 1 - 9S a. iko uu ad ran od - rtth aod l : kmc Hir Uf Iraft go) iV' FLEMING'S PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, HJin KATCHEZ AJtD KlOAZm 8TBSKTS, NEW ORLEANS, La. .. Idt Agent tor Many and General Dealer ; 4' HI THB LKADIXQ , gxjrxmrx family patent medicines. SAPONIFIES OS CONCENTRATED LYE. ; uro .." PITTSBURG WINDOW GLASS. UUOeiBTB AND DEALERS SUPPLIED AT Proprietors JUwmi Wholesale Price. Jest received pet steamer Geo. Cromwell. lp Wright's PlttS. . I ) u COMPLIMENTARY. NEW 0 ELI OB, April 11, 1868. Bev. J. C. Carpenter, 740 Hagaslne etreet: Rev. Sir We, the undersigned citizens of Hew Orleans, having observed for several years past jour arduous and benevolent labor as a good Samaritan In this community, and admiring your pious disregard of party, sect or creed in the dia. charge of your charitable ministrations, and wel knowing that your material contributions have been far beyond the ordinary bounds, desire to give for your benefit a publlo concert on such evening as yon may be pleased to designate. Bigned respectfully, 'i n os. Sloo, John Pemberton, Bam'l Smith, A. Brother. Thomas Anderson, Geo. U. Garner, Geo. W. Hynson, Louis Mater, J. v. Walton, .. Perry's DBAD SHOT VKRMIPCQK. . Wrfghi't Indian VEGETABLE STBUP. . Soman ETE BALSAM. . tlore Anodyne TOOTHACHE DROPS. . Batebelor's HAIR DTE. ,.' Helmbold's EXTRACT BCCHO. For sale at FLEMING'S ' PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, New Orleans. ) ixmt arrived per steamer Juniata. It' Ore. Brown' GWGEB. .. Jayne's TCPBCTORAST. 16 .. Jayne's BSSATITB PILLS. I .. .. ALTERATIVE. 10 .. Hall's HAIR SKATE WKR, teaait , FLEMING'S PATENT AIEDICIME DEPOT. Hew Orleans. Just received per steamboat Indiana (0 dos. Smith's T05IC. Per steam Swallow M fro. DX. C. M'LANE'S LIVER PILLS. For sale at t V FLEMING'S PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, Hew Orleans. Wholesale Agent tor the South. JM doa. Onysotfs 8AR8APARILLA. Thomas A. Adams, Unarles Brtgrs, Henry fluU, Jr., " Wm. B. Pike, A. W. Boeworth, J. L. Warner, L K. Marks, K. J. Bart. Bobt. Pitkin, P. T. PhUlips, K. K. Converse, Wm. Stewart, R. L. Gibson, B. J. West, Hugh atcCloskey, Wm. Creevy, John K. Collins, Sam'l Hastings, Chaa. K. Wnitmore, B. A. Bridge, Wm. H. McLellan, John F. Paul, Fred'k Wine, A. A. Magmnis, C. 2. Blocomb, B. Stii'e, ' Sam Henderson, w. loo per. Wm. Boob, J. M. Howell C. H. Noble, Louis H. Pille, Thomas Mnnay, P. R. Middle miM, R. M. Montgomery, f dwaid Thompson, W illiauison Smith, Schneider it Zuberbler, A. W. Violet, F. VanBenthuysen, J. Curtis Waldo, G. C. Kendall, Ph. VanColhn, Thomas Haasam, A. M. Holbrook, T. D. Venhorn, M. F. Bigney, Joseph Ellison, J. W. Black, O. E. Hall, W. H. Thomas, A. Thomas, W. C. Shepard, Norman J. whitnev. Joseph West, v no. u. Austin, Samuel K. Walker, Heniy F. Wade, M. D. John A. Stevenson, W. R. Whitaker, James A. Douglas, T. t. Searing, A. H. Isaacson, J. D. Dameron. John Anderson, J. a Whitaker, .1. B, Purvis, Geo. L. Kouns, J. W. Rae, A. W. Merriam, J. A. Braselman, B. Macpherson, W. H. Foster, Marsnall J. Smith, Geo. O. Sweet. Patrick Irwin, H. B. Swasey, Edward Baruett, J. Q. A. Fellows, David Stewart, Sam ) M. Todd, T. C. Herndon, F. W. Keleedernier, Geo. Clare, El ward Ivy, B. A, Tyler. Sus. A. Srsant, Geo. W. Race, Geo. M. Beaman, fin. XoCulloch. C. Bachelor, M. D. , F.. A. Hall, John You:;g, Jr., S. J. Klatow. J. . Fblwell, M. B. O. Voorhios, C, W. Newton, James Medd, Joseph BanUni, A. W. Hyatt, Johnson Armstrong, Thomas Handy, Hugh Breen, L. H. Joseph, A. Waekerbairth, E. Blessey, James H. WingSeld, E. M. Rusha, D. C. McCan, Thomas Askew, Albert Baldwin, James B. Scot, L Bloom i. Co. , Robert Hnygbe, Michael Gernon, Harmon Doane, 8. Straight, D. B. SJcruggs, Herman Rice, , B.C. Palmer, M. S. Cox, J. Born. Dennis Cronan, Samuel R. Moore, J. G. Dunlap, Wm. H. Grant, Smith Broas, D. C. Byerly, K. H. Wilson, H. H. Dentzei, David McCortL I)e JDatlg picajmue. BDErARTDRE of Gen. Hartsdff. A few days eiricb a telegram from Washington announced that Gen. Geo. L. Hartsuff, Assistant Adjutant General of the Fifth Military District, had been relieved from duty at this point, and assigned to the Department of the East, headquarters at Philadelphia. Yesterday Gen. Hartsuff received official information of the fact, and will leave for the North on Monday evening next on a trip of pleasure and recrea tion, as his orders do not require him to report until Jane 1. Gen. Hartsuff has been on duty in New Orleans since December, 1865, during which time he has served under five different district com mandeis. Throughout the whole of Gen. HartsnfTs official connection with this district, he has, by his uniform courtesy, hiB quiet dignity, and his absolute abstinence from all political complications, won the entire confidence and esteem af all classes of our people, who will deeply regret his departure. Gen. Harteuif will be accompanied by his wife, who leaves a memory fmgrant with the grati - tnde of those whom her unostentatious charity has tuccored. CP We regret to find on a re - examination of the returns ot the election as to the Second Senatorial District, that Hon. Anthony Sam - bola fails, as the addition show, of his election by four votes. The returns as added np are ae follows - . c Firth. . So 5 j Ja .a I S S s to - U 6. ir'i 899 ens m 1.467 l,4b.l 1,527 1, 4'lt 1,065 1,053 U R80 3,393 3,415 K, 397 3,193 MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ALONE." BY BREAD r ' m . - w M testiest Ball's 8ABSAPABXLI1A, Ayei's BARSAPARILLA. HcLean's CORDIAL. Burnett's COD LIVER OIL. FLEMING'S PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, COSHER HAT CHEZ AJTD MAGAZTHB STREETS, NEW ORLEANS, LA. Dealer In GEBCIXE FAMILY PATEHT MBDICTHEB. HOW LONG. How long will those who are suffering from Chronic Diseases fail to avail themselves of the extraordinary virtues of MISHLER'S HERB BITTERS? Until shls meat excellent medicine has been tried, all ha not been don that eould be. Hark! 7 sufferers from that scourge of the present aeration Dyspepsia, have you sought relief In atI3HLRRS HERB BlTTERSf He! we know you have not, or you would not look a woe begone and miserable. Hew long, oh, ye that are suffering from the horrors of Scrofula, Vul ye tall to make use of MISHLER'S HERB BITTERS, An almost inJaU'.bl remedy for this disease in any of It horrible forms t The sick and the afflicted are guilty of self - murder as long as they do not use MISHLER'S HERB BITTERS. We say all this with the conviction strong upon as that half the truth ha not been told. Branch House, Ho. 26 Market street, Pittsburg, FAHHE3T0CK k HOLTOS. eld by Druggists everywhere. FLEMING'S PATENT BIEDICIME DEPOT, HEW ORLEANS. Bole Aent for the Soath. NEW ORLEAHS, April 11, 18(3$. To Messrs. Thos. A. Adams, CUaa. Brigs, Henry HnlL Jr., Wm. 8. Pike, A. W. Bos worth, Thos. 8 loo, John Pemberton, Samuel Smith, A. Brother, Thomas Anderson and others : Gentlemen Tour letter ot this date, tendering to me a Concert, was received this evening. This expression of your regard, prompted by your own kind feelings, and so wholly unexpected by me, eould not take me otherwise than by surprise. I am proud of the approbation of my fellow - eiti - sens. but I have no words to express the emotions this action awakens In my heart, mere thaji sim ply to say, it la fully appreciated by me. your reference to my past public labors recalls many deeply painful, as well as pleasing reminis cences. In all of them I was actuated from a sense of duty, the performance ot which was not only a pleasure, hut was always followed by a present reward in the consciousness of trying to bene lit my fellow man. Gratefully accepting your kind preposal, gentlemen, and respectfully suggesting WEDNESDAY SNKSIHG, May 10, as a suitable time. lam. gentlemen, most respecttully yours, etc., ailU 2dp J. C, CARPENTER. 3,393 4 Ikwill be seen that this gives II. J. Camp bell, Bad., a seat in the Senate by four votes. ScxDAT School Pic Nic. The Sunday school children of the Prytania street Presby terian Church, Rev. Dr. Mallard, are to have a pic - nic to - day out at the Carrollton Gar dens, (Dan. Hickok'e.) The superintendent of the school, Mr. Newman, has made arrangements to have the. children conveyed from the city to the Gardens in special cars at noon, xne little loiKs nave Deen requested to take their hoops, balls, skipping ropes and such other playthings as they may choose, in order that they may have a grand out door frolic, under the shady trees of the Gardons. The children will be accompanied by their teachers, and from all we can gather, there will be an elegant and bountiful repast spread during the afternoon. 1? M'lle Ella Zoyara, at Ames's circus, is the most wonderful bareback rider i.i the world. Her first appearance in New Orleans to - day. Three Hundred asd Seventy - five Bales Cotton at Auction This Day. ChaB. T. Nash sells, on the Levee, foot of Canal street, at lOMt and 11 o'clock A. M., for for account of whom it may concern, 370 bales cotton. TELEGRAPHIC. The Steamboat Selma at Auction r.v the Sheriff, Without Reserve. By re ference to our columns of advertisements, it will be seen that the Sheriff is to sell, this day, at noon, at the Merchants' and Auc tioneers Exchange. Koyal street, the steamboat Selma, her furniture, tackle, apparel, machinery, etc. $10,000 REWARD. Btolen from the CANAL BANK, THIS DAT, a package made up tor the Southern Express Company, addressed M. MORGAN'S SONS, New York, containing FIFTY THOUSAND ($50,000) DOLLARS In Legal Tender Notes of One Thousand ($1000) Dollars each, numbered and lettered as follows, viz: 13, 902k. a 23,723n.i. 14,23Sn a 25,959n.a 15, 211 38, 323n. a 1G.54 3 23,415n.a. 2775a. S 3119U.8. 1515 3907a a 4047 4,567 5227 53e;n.a 6727 7295 8,053 8, 591 8,9t'3 10, Olon. B. 10, 203 10, 2!9n. a 11,403 12, 019a. S. 12, 147a a 13, 6i9n. s. 16, 731a a 28, 437a a 16, 847a a 18. 043u. a 33. 339a a 38, 747a S. 39,30 a 39, 313u. a 46, 059a a 30, 223a a 40,6l?n.a 30, 463a a 40,831n. a. 19,131 31,879aa 41.851n.B. 19,195 34. 511a a 41, 999a s. 23, 135a a 37, 839a a 45, 531a s. Thirty - six Valuahle Lots of Ground IN lilCKEBVILLE. OPPOSITE THE PoYDRAS Asylum. Messrs. Walton dc'Deslonde will sell to - day, at the Merchants' and Auctioneers' Exchange, that very valuable square of ground opposite the Poydras Asylum, m Rick - erville, bounded by Peters Avenue, Live Oak, Octavia and Laurel streets, embracing thirty - six lots. For the convenience of those wishing lots for building, the square will be sold by lots, with the privilege of one or more. The admirable location of this tine property, being only one square from the Magazine Street Railroad, and the easy terms upon which it is offered, should command the attention of persons of small means and others wishing to make safe investments. For particulars see advertisement in our auction column. tiP An attractive and very large list of choice improved and vacant city property is 300 dozen HOBTETTEH.t BITTERS, For MERCHANTS, MECHANICS, MINERS, 7AB - KXB8, PLANTERS, and general family use. t hold in any quantity at FLEMING'S PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, Hew Orleans. SOLDIERS' RELIEF. Camp Dysentery and Diarrhea cured by FOSGATES ANODYBB CORDIAL. Persona who have contracted affections of the Btoanaoh and Bowels, from the privations of Camp Ufa ox tram the poisonous - malaria of hot, .unhealthy looalrUoa or from the use of Impure river water, terminating in CHRONIC DIARRHEA, Can find p remedy in ' FOSOITS'S ANODYNE CORDIAL, Which will, in most ease, give Immediate relief, aad ulUasataly restore then to health. This medicine allays irritati, improves digestion, STRENGTHENS the STOMACH and BOW - ELg, and iaTif oratea the who! digestive cystem. H penoa should bo without it In seasons of Cholera. V sals at K FLEMING'S ' PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, . Bole Agent in New Orleans. Frteo KcMtaectf J ! Price Reiaee4 ! ! saaas CONCENTRATED LTE in Iron soxea esses NATRONA REFINED SAPONTftKR. Far aale at FLEMING'S PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, MBH1B HATCHXZ AND stAOAZUQt STREETS. BewOrieana General Soathera Agent. 2i etditw All dated loth March, 1862, letter C. The public are cautioned against trading for the sine, and the above reward is offered for the recovery of the money. CH. JCMONVILLE, Cashier. Hew Orleans, March 26, 1868. mh26 U SAZERAO BRANDY. The undersigned have been appointed by Messrs. SAZBRAC DE FUROR i. SONS Sole Agents in the I Southern States to receive orders for their cele brated BRANDIES. We have also constantly on hand the various Mintages, to which we Invite the attention of the Vade. AUG. COCTLRIK b. CO. , ap6 '68 ly Sole Agenta 37 old Levee. LOKlLXAItD'S CENTURY TOBACCO, CENTURY TOBACCO is now acknowledged to be the best Fine Cut used. In addition to its being of the best quality, there is daily $100 packed In it MONDAY, A $100 BILL IN ONE PAPER. rCESDAY, TWO 50 BILLS IN TWO PAPERS. WEDNESDAY, FIVE $20 BILLS IN FIVE PAPERS, THURSDAY, TEN $10 BILLS IN TSN PAPERS. FRIDAY, TWENTY $5 BILLS IN TWENTY PAPERS BATCRDAT, FIFTY $2 BILLS IN FIFTY PAPERS. CHEWERS OF CENTURY TOBACCO Nst only et the best article at same prices of other Fine Out Tobacco, bat take the chance af getting a Prise with it, In the shape of a Greenback of the denomination a Dove enumerated. Sold at all Cigar and Tobacco Storea ETJTHERIilN,' CALLAWAY t CO., 1 109 and 17 Gravier street, mh22 lm Wholesale Agents for Hew Orlaaaa WASHINGTON EXCHANGE. 10 St. Chat - loo Street, HEW ORLSAHS, Between Common and Canal street. F4 '6sr - ly Z. M, BTELJtA, Fronjtetflr. o be sold this day, by Messrs. (J. t,. Uirardey Co., at 1:2 o'clock M. In addition to this description of property, they will likewise dispese ot, under order ot court, all the material of the Mexican Gulf Railroad. The list of this firm is really a most attractive one. and well worthy the attention of our capital ists. We publish for the convenience of our readers a synopsis of the property and fall particulars. Refer to this firm's descriptive advertisements under head of auction columns. 1. For the succession of Alexander Gordon. the Mexican Uulf Kailroad, iron, cars, en gines, etc. z. fromisaory notes, book accounts, etc., in the matter of Henderson, Terry & Co., vs their creditors. 3. Ten and a half shares of Southern Dry Dock stock, in the succession of Horace Blakeslev. i 4. liraun sisteani saw mill and lumber yard in denerson laty, ironting the Mississippi, corner 01 uuiostsat street. 5. The two story brick honse. No. 9 - 2 Dry. ades, between uravier and rerdido streets in the succession of B. Robbms. 6. The elegant two story brick residence. southeast corner of Magazine and Second street. 7. The three story brick store and dwell me, iso. irsz icnoupiiouias, oetweeu rump ana soraparu streets, near the market. 8. Twenty lots of trround in Carrollton. near the river and Dupoat, with two story irame aweuines ana otner improvements. 'J. A large building site on Urania, between .Prytania and Uolliseum. 10. Two handsome family dwellings, Nos. 155 and 157 Melpomene street, between St Charles and Carondelet, with two lots to each residence. 11. A neat, new two story dwelline, TSo. 498 Canal street, between Rocheblave and Dorgenois. 12. A double one story house, No. 129 St Joseph street, between Magazine and Foucher. 13. Two double one story houses, Nos. 93 and 100 Girod street, between. Magazine and Tciienpitouias. 14. The one story and attic brick house. No 57 Burgundy street, between Bienville and ContL Fifty Dollars Great Barfjnn. Sloat Elliptic Sewing Machine, warranted for three years, tor sale ny u. a. uedock, 8 vanai street. f rW A traveler breakfastinr at an Arkan sas hotel, requested the waiter to take his enp of coffee oat into the yard aad pomp some ci ue water obi qi u. Thus "it is written," and we should ponder upon the lesson. We have urged our people to " plant corn," as their fathers were advised by Jackson to do, after the war of 1812 - 15, and themselves by Lee, after that of 1861 - C5. But we do not mean to say that they shall " live by bread alone." There are other things whereby man should live. The good book says : " Not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." This certainly points us with a wisdom, which many centuries of experience proves to us that we must diversify our means of living, not only as to modes and occupa tions, but as to that which we produce from the earth, whereby we " live, move and have our being." Here, in this peculiarly agricultural region, it is tho more necessary and useful that we should diversify our agriculture. Wc are not a manufacturing people, thus drawing the moneys of other countries to us to procure their necessary apparel, or that whereby to build or beautify their houses. We are not a commercial people, through whose bands the products of divers nations must pass to yield us tribute. Such manufactures as we have, such commerce as we enjoy, almost wholly depend upon ana gamer toeir revenues trom our own people. It is a pity since we are not thus taxing others, that we are taxed, ourselves by others, that we are not altogether furnishing our people with such things as they need. As it is, we are substantially an agricultural and not a manufacturing or commercial people. It is, therefore, the more necessary that we should make our agricultural self - dependence perfect and complete, that oht meat should be raised on and from the pro ducts of our soil, that our fiuits, etc., etc., which we use as dessert upon our tables, should be gTOwn by us, and that so far as in us, and in our soil and climate lies, we should live " by every word," or living thing, whether animal or vegetable, which the God of the Harvest has given 113 to use. The truth is that in the past the Southern planter has lived and made money, whenever he has made it, in spite of the misuse of his land, and the means given him by Providence to be employed on it. The land has been wastefully worked, crops have been taken off that their proceeds might be spent in things which have melted in their use, or have gone to enrich other lands, and the net wealth of the State has decreased rather than increased; whereas, every year the land should have grown more and more valuable, and the independence of the planter more and more 6ure. We still urge the farmer to plant corn rather than cotton or sugar or other crop for sale ; but by no means corn alone, or he will, with his corn, be in like condition as he Las been with his cotton. Do not try to live by bread alone, but by every other thing which your land will produce. Eai?o a little of everything ; keen vour tables bountifully supplied and have a surplus at all times for sale. Be planters and vendors of cabbages, potatoes, turnips, beets, onions, oranges, strawberries, pears. peaches, pecans, butter, chickens, eggs, mutton, beeves, wool, cotton and sugar all alike. Encourage no factor to exDort vour business who turns up his nose at your small crops. If he be too proud for this, get some one who " will condescend to men of low estate." He deserves to break if he cannot thus condescend. Even if you cannot make some of these things as profitable in the sale of them as others, you will in the use of them, and they will bring you many a handy dollar in the dull and comparatively discouraging portions of the agricultural year. pecial to the New Orleans Picayune. WASHINGTON. Nomination for Secretary of War. The Department of the Atlantic. Wasiiincton, April 24 The nomination of Gen. Schofield to be Secretary of War is received with much favor among Conservative Republicans. In response to the Senate resolution of in quiry, the President sent in a message to - day, in which he defends his right to create the Military Department of the Atlantic. VlDEX. New York Associated Press Dispatches. FROM EUROPE. THE ENGLISH BUDGET Later from Japan. Retirement of the Tycoon. WASHINGTON. THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL, Argument of Counsel. Conclusion of Judge Nelson' Speech Georgia Election. Macon, Ga., April 24. No votes were counted to - day. The day was spent in assorting and comparing with the registry. Accounts from Southwestern Georgia are still more favorable for the Democrats. Nearly every county Tolas against tho constitution, and elect tho foil Democratic ticked. Atjoubta, Ga, April 21. Counting tho vote is progroMmg slowly ; it will bo several day before the result will bo officially mad known. It is believed that the Radicals hav carried the district, electing Prince to Con - grew and giving maortM. lor the conatrw - tion and Bullock. The Democrat claim f vo out of seven Congressmen and a majority of the Legislature. The Republicans are confident of Bullock's election, Democrat ditto of Gordon, but all this is conjecture. Tbe official count will show a dose vote. 8AVAXXAH, April 24 The Board of Registration commenced counting at 4 P. hi. They had been delayed on the question of admitting challenge and others. Th city vote, up to 7:30 P. M., wa Conservative, 21 Radi eaL The large boxes are ysl to count The Conservative claim a majority. Th general opinion i tnat tbe Conservatives are ahead in the city by a large majority. From Richmond. EICBV05D, April 24. Gen. Sohofiell has issued an order this morning that Congress having made no appropriation to defray the expenses of the election in Virginia for the ratification or rejection of the constitution, the election will not take place Jan M, antes Congress should make an appropriation before that time. If the election does not take place on that day. Congress win doabtlew substitute a later day, of which due notice will be given. Mitt Hntzel and Mortimer Cox, of this city, a ferryman and a negro, were drowned on Wednesday night, crossing the James River at Ind's ferry. A Republican meeting was held at 9 this P. M. ; 3000 negroes were addreeeed by II anal cull. brig laabolita, schooner Frank, Nellie, a&l H Keed. Yesterdays Afternoon Diifiiches. Loitdo, April 24, Noon. Boa ds duQ at 70. Fajub, April 24. Renu firmer. Bollioa in th Bank of Fraaco has increased asa million franca. Lit Karoo l, April 24, Noon. Cotton buoyant and advancing. Sale 15,000 bales ; price the same. Bale for th. week 83,000 balaa, of which 26.000 were for export aad 9000 for peculation. Stock on hand, 436,000 bales, of which 321,000 are Amen can. BreadatnSs aad provisions qeiet 1 prodeee dull. LoBTDojf. April 24, P. tL - Cooaola, S3 93s ; bond, 70 w. Liverpool, April 21, AfWaooa Cotton active and advancing. Sale 30,000 bale! diddling Upland on the spot afloat 13, Middling Orleaas 12 V Stock afloat 341 ,000 balsa, of whioe. 90,000 are American. Corn 38a 6d. ; wheat quiet ; pork doll ; lard active, tte. 3d. Loimo. April 24. Aa Abvasialaa Metl dispatch says th. Chief of Waxaorale, who proteased friendahip while Septar wa paee - tog through his Urn lory, is sow operating adversely In Napier's rear, attempting to cut his communication with th sea. New Yoax, April 24. Storks active; money 6 a 7 percent.; exchange UOw; roli i:r. . old bond 112. new 10stl0e ; MW K'li Vic. better, Middling Upland 32V cent; fnybu quiet. lour firmer: wheat 1c better; corn daH aDd droopiog ; pork steady new goes $28 ; lurd firm at iHVtc. Wasiiixctos, Atril 24. Tbe court Meet hereafter at noon Edmunds moved that Senatorial speech so on th final vol be published by th official reporter. 8umner objected The motion goes over. Kelson resumed his areument. Th House did 00 bnriseaa. BY LAST NIGHT'S MAIL. Miscellaneous. The President Sends Messages the Senate. to Withdrawal of E wing's Nomination. Effect of Judge Nelson's Argument - State Elections General Intelligence. Jacksos. April 21. A row occurred last night at a negro ball, in which two soldiers were wounded and one killed and one negro reverely wounded. Atgusta. April 24. The negro man who was bayonetted by a soldier in a row, yesterday, was buried this afternoon. Be wa fol lowed to the grave by a large procession of men and women. All is serene her. Chicago. April 24. At a Fenian meeting to day the floor broke down. Several per sons were hurt and one killed. From the West Indies and Mexico. Foreign and Domestic Markets. River News. From Southwest Pass. European Intelligence. Londos, April 24. The budget has been presented. Gladstone attacked it. Tbe Time and most of the Liberal journals say the estimates of the budget are indefinite and unsafe. Later from Japan eta toe that the Tycoon Boeki hn rtird from ti Government. Tbe Mikado oners indemnity for the murder of the French soldiers at Osaca. iy Gen. Sickles, of the U. S. Army, went stumping into New Hampshire making speeches in favor of Grant and the Radicals. Gen. Grant found no fault with this. A company of United States soldiers at Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania, passed some resolutions favoring the President, and opposing the congressional policy. They were immediately ordered off to do duty on the plains. The military interference in election is agreeable at the headquarter of the army if it be in favor of the party of the commander. i or the soldier it is a punishable offence to make opinions known which are not agreeable to the Dictator. It is getting to be a very strange Government we live under, and no more like that we used to have than Bailer is like Washington. Dasher's Bekkfit at the Academy of Mcsic. Mr. CD. Daeher.of the popular bur lesque The Red Crook," and the " Grand Dnches of Alaska," which have obtained such celebrity on the board of the Academy of Music, will take a complimentary benefit this (Saturday) evening at that theatre. The bene fit has been tendered by s number of our well known citizens as a mark of their appreciation of the merits of the beneficiary. There will be given on tbe occasion an extraordinary performance, including the pieces which have given Mr. Daeher his reputation as a writer of burlesque. The house will doubtlea be crowded on the occasion. Mr. Dasher's persevering industry certainly deserves this return for the labor which he has bestowed in the service of the public. EF" Go and see M'lle Ella Zoyan, the beautiful Spanish girl, in her daring bareback ride at the corner of Orleans and Bourbon streets. " Sir," .said a sturdy beggar - to a benevolent old man, " please give me a quarter, I am hungry and unable to procure food. The quarter was given, when the beggar laid. ' ' You have done a noble deed, yon have saved me from doing something which I feared I would have to come to." "What I that T" said the benefactor. M Work," wm the rjjourn - fni answer. Impeachment Trial Conclusion of Jjudge Nelson's Speech. Washington, April 21. Nelson continued, (quoting Boutwell,) that the advice of Cabinet officers was that of serf to their lord. Nelson reminded the managers that they had put in evidence a message which showed that their friend Stanton had proflered the advice thus characterized. Nelson proceeded to consider the charges separately. He maintained three propositions : That the tenure of olhce bill was void ; that Stanton wa not covered by it, and that even if valid, and covers Stanton's case, tbe President was not guilty of crime, because he acted from laudable motives. Nelson sustained the President power to make removal by a great number of quotations from laws, debates and opinions of judges, and acts of Johnson's predecessors. Nelson discussed the peculiar relatione between the President and the Attorney General established by the constitution and elaborated by the laws. The legal opinion of the Attorney General must have the weight of a judicial decision in guiding the President, who is olten unskilled in the law and without leisure to examine the bearings of acts of CongTesa Nelson quoted Jefferson and Jackson, both of whom went beyond Johnson, in claiming the right to disregard laws which they deemed unconstitutional. Nelson's defence of the President's freedom 01 speech is regarded as very happy. The speech occupied seven hours in delivery. Washington Items. Washington, April 24. Just before the Senate adjourned the President s becretary arrived with a number of messages. Immediately alter adjournment an excited crowd gathered around tbe messages, which were opened amid much apparent anxiety, showing that the President's actions are still regarded of some moment. The President withdrew the nomination of Ewing, and nominated J. n. Schofield Secretary of War, vice Sianton to be removed. Gen. Grunt has issued an order instructing commanding generals of the military district comprising the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, that all vessels arriving at ports within their com mands, from ports Infected with yellow fever, cholera or other epidemic disease, but having had no case during their passage, bo quarantined for fifteen days and thoroughly fumigated. , . A short uaDinet session wa neia lo - aay, at which all were present. Customs receipts for the week ending the 18th, 13,141,000. Nelson spoke all day. and kept the Senators and galleries well sealed, and interested throughout, attention becoming closer as the effort drew to a close. Points were well made, and in some instance startling. Groesbeck speaks to morrow. The end will not be reached under two week s. A pointed part of Judge Neleons's speeeh implicates four of the managers in the Aita Vekaanalr, which interrupted the relations between the President and Judge Black. The Arkansas congressional delegation has arrived. Nothing has transpired indicating how Congress will dispose of their credential New York, April 24. Special telegrams from St. Domingo and St. Thomas report that (ien. Baez was expected in St - Thomas on the 26th. A Jew banker had agreed to loan the Baez Government f 000,000, according to the report, providing the payment could be guaranteed by the United States. An anti - Baez revolution had already broken oat. The American ship Alice Ball bad sailed from 8u Thomas for Peru, pursued by a Spanish man of war. A Mexican special to the uerald, via Havana, ha advices from Sisal to 16th. Gov. Ancona had arrived at that port in the steamer Tabasco. Election had commenced. A hi first official act he suspended th dictatorial clauses of amnesty, as inconsistent with a free election. Nine "foreigners had been imprisoned for complicity in the late disturb - ancea Another revolution wa imminent. Alatorre was to leave the peninsula. By mail from Kiogbton. Jamaica, it is learned that small pox prevailed at Montego Bay and Falmouth. No clear bills were viven to vessels from either port. There had been a few fatal cases at Kingston, and a great many cases of typhoid fever. Foreign Markets. London. April 04, Evening. Securities un changed. The Chinese tea season has closed . exports for tbe season, 113,000,000 pounds. Havre, April 24. Cotton strong; Tree Ordinaire, on the spot. lo2; anoat. IM. Liverpool. April 21, Evening. Cotton firm; sales, "J ,000 bales; pnees the same. Manchester advice favorable. Lard firm ; sugar quiet: other unchanged. Domestic Markets. New York, April 24. Cotton "c. better ; sales 4.rf0 bales Middling Uplands - at 32c.: Hour brm but doll, Stat 9 30 a 11 40, Southern $10 dlj - , wheat lc better - , corn lc. lower; white Southern $1 11 si 16; yellow $1 2131 24; oat heavy; provisions' firm; met pork $28 00 for new, old $'.7 ; sugar brm, muscovado imal2c.; freight quiet and steady. Cikciksati, April 24. Floor firm, fancy $1213; winter wheat 2Kd2 75; ear corn 10 a 94 , oat 7'.) ; tobacco, fnll price ; pork $28; lard lHc ; bulk shoulder 12 4c., sidee 14ae. ; bacon, sboolders 131; clear rib sides lOVic, clear side 17 Uc: sugar cared hsms lyvia'JOc; butter .W 9 .the ; apple $697; eggi21 ; potatoes $3 5133 75. St. Locts, April 24. Tobacco, lug $138, common to medium leaf $8320; flour unchanged ; wheat held at $2 95 ; corn 84 388c.; oats 70 a 73c.: pork $"27 50 a 28; bacon shoulders held at133 - ie.; dear sides 174ai7c.. lardl718c. Louisville, April 24. Tobacco a fraction lower. Sale of 13 hhda lug, at $0 36 50 ; medium leaf, $13315; wrapper, $37 50; su perfine flour, $8 75 - . wheal prime red, $2 50 9 $2 55; oat, 77378 - corn, 90a'J3; lard 13 I8V1 ; mere pork $28 ; bacon market active with large aalee shoulders, 133; rib aide, lfAal7; clear sides. 174 317; cotton - Middling Uplands, 303304; whiskey p2 20. Savannah, April 24. Cotton quiet; holder asking an advance : buyers hold off ; Mid dling bold at MdSJe; sale. K bale: no receipt ; exports, 3010 bale Upland and 4'.'5 Sea Islands to Liverpool. Mobil. April 24. Cotton rales 1250 bales. Market advanced 4e. Holder are careless of setling at quotations r Middlings 32 ; receipts 524 ; sales for U week, '29r bale ; receipt for the week, 2304 ; export for th week, foreign. 3757 ; coastwise, 453; stock on hand, 32,078 bales. Money and Stocks. New York, April 24. Latest. Money easy oa call at 67 eent; prime dieeoentt 7 8 ; sterling dull and easier ; gold weaker ; Governments inn sad in demand; stocks strong, with a sharp rally is pnees ; sterling easier at 109 3 109 ; gold 139 3139. River and Weather. GaaakUaa laspeael Washington, April 21. 8peculauo is rife a ta the result of th impeachment trial, and betting men are laying wagers oa it. A Urge amount of money ha been pax up, and, notwithstanding th general ta preion that th President will be ooavietea, several wagers that be would not be, have been declined. In racing parlance, Johaaoa i faster. To eight an enthusiastic Westers Radical offered to bet $1000 that Trumbull, of Illinois, would vote for th President conviction, and it wa not taken - Next to Trumbull, Rhemas, of Ohio, is considered th. most doubtful by both aide. Whipple? Ia. Senator Fowler stands hi ground a a Conservative. Among the lauet afloru to soaks him surrender to the Destrnctionieta, be is charged with being a suitor to th President's daughter. Senator 8prague is bullied and charge with being a poor hen pecked husband, and that hi vote will be cast by ni wue, aaa not 07 himself. Such are tbe Mraight to which the Jacobins have been brought. Kheeklac the Radicals. In the House, Mr. Phelps offered, aa s question of privilege, a resolution reciting a paragraph, which appeared in the Balnaaore American of April 15, to the affect that Lieut, Gen. Sherman had been before the Impeachment Managers, and had been ra! examined in reference to bis Interview with the President, exd that it was understood in. declination of Gen. Butler to proceed with the crof s examination of Gen. Sherman was in view of that preliminary axamination, and providing for the appointment of a seUct committee to examine into the facta, in order to vindicate the managtrs from such arper - sionr. Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, inquired whether the resolution was a qaeetioa of pnvilege, and the Speaker decided it was not, and gave reason for hi decision. Ho submitted the question to th House, and the House decided the same way. Mr. Eldridk - e asked nnaoiinoa consent to have tbe resolution of Mr. Pbslp agreed to, and sir. Kelaey objected Mr. Jeflirreea Darts. There is good authority for saying that there is a movement on foot to try to induce Jefferson Davi to leave th country before the Radicals seise th Executive power, believing that he would be bong should he come into their clutches. Letter have been addressed to Gov. Wise, of Virginia, and other, urging them to influence him not to appear in court. Gov. Wise replied that no man dar approach Mr. Davis with sera s proposition. Ilia pride of character and high sense of honor would scorn the idea. Mr. Davis will be tn court at th appointed time. Recovery of Ceeteeerate Property. A communication from the Secretary of the Treasury show that th Department has recovered of Confederate property, in Europe, $1 14.157, and ha disbursed f "0,000 for conn - eel and other expense. Bin t rreteet Aasertcan CtUaeae AVread. It is said, to day, in behalf of the biQ which passed the House yesterday, to protect the right of American citizens abroad, that the fundamental principle of this bill have been already recognised in a treaty by the Government of North Germany, while to British Minister of Foreign Affairs has declared in favor of the earn doctrine. It is not probable, therefore, that we shall hav aay trouble in carrying this important measure into practical operation. Asaeaeatery Basknst Act rneeed. Th House proceeded to the conaideradoa of the bill reported yesterday fress th committee on the revision of the laws amendatory of the bankrupt acta. It provides that the pro visions of the second cfaase of the thirl j second section of said act shall not apply te ease of proceeding tn bankruptcy commenced prior to Jane 1, 1963, and the tim daring whieh the ore rati on of th pro vision of said clause ahstl be sxtended to aid 1st day of Jane, 1869. The bnl was passed. attempt te Destroy BacaJagaaa Palace. Loinx, April SI, Wednesday saemiogt SVelock. An alarming report has just been received at th newspaper offices In this city. It is said that two men, supposed to be Fenians were arrested at s kats bear to - night near th servant's door of th Backinghaa Palace. They were carrying a hamper, which, oa being opened, was foend to eoetaol n gallon of lk) aid pbosphoroa, or Greek firs. The par - tie made a desperate resistance, sad were with dsTUeulty secured. A third person, who was is company with thoee bearing the bas ket, fled as soon as tee latter were setxed, ana pea ail pursuit. Newspaper Warned. Savannah, April 24. Orders were received to day from Gen. Meade, by the eimmander of the post, to notiry me Lauy Auveruscr w cease its incendiary and Inflammatory articles, or it will be suppressed. Mississippi Convention. JacxsoW, Miss., April 24. The Convention have tbe report of the Committee on Ordi nance and Schedule under consideration. Loctsvtlls, April 24. River falling slowly, with 9 feet 6 inches in th canal by the mark. Weather cloudy. St. Locis, April 24. Weather cloudy and wet Montreal, April 24. A heavy now storm occurred yesterday. Bonthwest Pass. Eotjtbwkst Pass, April ZV Barometer 30. Wind east and light. - Arrived: Schooner Anmis Rich, Lewis, Philadelphia, with general cargo to O. A. Foedick. - - " - Departed: Steaaahjpe Jiaiataaad Agnes, 17 It is not generally known that a fat, oral law imposes a fine of five hundred dollars and rmprisosrmarrt for six mouth for the aU of ilrasunetiag ell whieh win net stand th test of one trsndrea and lea degrees of heat. If this law were enforced we would never bear of lamp exloeiDas and of women burled to death. frei : The Aonsta Carosicle - positive , hvcrmatioe chat. Oen Ussssd a preference for tbe election of Oesv' Gordon, the Democratic candidate tor Oover nor oi Georgia. jc - .tt - - ..ii. m, ' E7 Poor is the mam whn en hoast U Bothing but his gold m T.aCi ITT 'IWW...l'l' FT

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