The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 2
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JfO. •LYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUKEBB NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1933 \ I CluVGgaU, A ChrLstauu spirit predominated Jn- live look porty given by Mrs. T J.' Crowder (or the Thursday Rook club and Mme». Charles Allord, J. Mell BrooijS, H. E. Barlit tte and G. S. Barnes. A light- fi. tree was decorated In silver end gold and Santa Glaus tallies •*tre used. 'A salad plato was served with tofiet. • « * Fulness, Professional ci»b Ftan Show. A number of the city's leading citizens will to Ice part in the t how "Campus Capers" to bo given b'y : the Business and Professional Women's club Thursday and Friday, December U and 15, at the t!ty auditorium. Proceeds from this affair will If used for ilK paying of tuition (or a liigh school student. Has Club. Mrs. A. Conwny was hostess to •.numbers of Ito MidrWcek Bridge club and Mmcs. H. H. Houeliins A,. B. ^airfield, Harry Klrby and Max. Miller, Jr. and Mrs. Join Dix of Cleveland, O., for lunch con. and a bVldge game at he: hpine oa West Ash street. Mrs Dix Is. the RueV, of Dr. and Mrs M. p. Usrey. The small luncheon tables wer ornamented with miniature pots of holly berrb.;, the . priios vrcr wnpped in Cb.'stmas time packages and Yuluilde garlands decorated the mantel piece. A two- couiso menu was served. In the bridge games Mrs. w. L. Homer received a flower pot ior the. club awrrd and Mrs. Klrby won cards for cuest prize. * * 4 Entertains Club. 'Mrs. James H. Bell was Ihc cnly guest at (he Thursday Luncheon club p-irty this week when Mrs. ' Byron Morse was hostess. A' two-course nrenu was served at Email luncheon tables which were djfcorated In keeping with the roliday season. 'In the card gftmes Mrs. Russell rhilllps won CKcktall napkins. * * . • Mi. .and Mrs.. Wbodrow Usher Are Complimented. • Mr. and MIY " Woodrow Fisher v.erc guests of honor at a party glten by Miss .'rms Laura Barnes Thursday evening. Before her marriage Mrs. Ftshcr was Miss Othus Brackln. Twenty girls fame early In the ovening wh«n ilrs. Fisher was i-howered with an Interesting as- JO.rtment of linon gifts. Later J.Ir. and Mrs. Fisher shared honors with Mrs. S C. Elbworth, Jr. of Hot. Springs who Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Allen, in a 'drop in" attended by about 40 guests. The young men prescn' presented Mr. Fisher an occasions chair. Sandwiches and hot clxjcolate were served. » » * Uelphlans Study Artists. Artists of old.-.n days and modern painters were discussed nt a meeting of the Delphian Fine Arts Bits oj Men's Mostly Personal Mrs. Horace T. Gulp, formerly if here and now of Pine Bluff, arrived yesterday to be the guesl. if Mr. and Mrs. J. F. LeiHl, hiv- ng come over especially for the bridge pnrly this afternoon, j : Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght H. BJack- wood and daughter, Miss Virginia, of Little Rock, have arrived 16 be tuests of Mr .and Mrs. CUite'ncc ft. Wilson and family fori; the weekend. Mrs. BlackwooU ''.'arid daughter c«mc over for the party this afternoon. E. It. Mason, who was stricken seriously 111 last evening, Is better today but will be confined to his bed lor about two weeks. He is at his home In the Peters apartment on N. Tenth St. Mrs. Mamie Ilrlsler, who has been seriously ill at her home on West Main, Is unimproved. Mrs. Hal McIIancy. of Kcnnctt, Mo., Is the houscguest of her cousin, Mrs. G. E. Keck, and family, and was one of the out of town guests at the bridge party this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morse went to Clurksville, Tcnn., todny. Upon their return Sunday they will' be accompanied by Mrs. Joslah Fort nml two children who will be guests of Mrs. T. J. Mahan until after the holidays. Mr. Fort will Join them for Christmas. Mrs. C. W. Affllck and two children will spend tomorrow In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lee have reamed to their homo In Dyersburg, Tcnn., after a visit, with Mrs. q. W. Dlllahunty and family. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Harman Taylor and daughter, su- ifin. who will visit them lor scv- Brilliant Opposition Defeats Contract Despite Squeeze Play Today's Contract Problem Can you intke a (,'rauu sl»m ID Ilio South jio.illlou at either diamonds or no Irunip, wltli Iho six <if clubs opening? * A 2 * A K Q C 4 AQ8 7 •' A K S 4 AQI03 V J 7 2 4 K D 6 4 2 + AS Solution In next Issuo. Solution to Previous Contract Problem 4 AQJ 10 0842 lit ' 4 No'uo 4 53 V 10 91 • I) 03 4.A10 8 62 72 Duplicate—N. and S. yul Opening lead—^ 10. South •. West. Nortli Rut IV'.. Doable Pass 2 * 1'ass 3 & Vim . 4 A. • I'aiu .'44 I'abs Pau PIGGLY WIGGLY wi BO ou« run STORE era! days. Mrs. LcRoy Jacobs, fgnnerly Miss Emma Jean Westbroot uf B«ebe, Ark., lias arrived here to join Mr. Jacobs who Is connected with the Lafayette May niluig itiitlon at Main and Fifth streets. They are now at home at 501 Lake street after having visited the Rev. and Mis. W. J. LcRoy, uncle and aunt of Mr. Jacobs. Mrs. T. J. Bnrncs, Mrs. J. W. Durham and daughter, Virginia, and the Rev nnd Mrs. W. J. Lc- Roy spent yesterday In Memphis with Mr. Barnes, who had his right leg amputated below the knee, nt Campbell's Clinic. His condition Is very good His leg was broken several montlis ngo when he fell over n bench after having been shocked when his hand came in contact with an electric cord. B. A. Lynch, L. L. Ward and Cecil Shane arc attending to business in Little Rock today. BY \VM. E McKENNEV Secretary, American Bridge league Regardless of how long you play bridge, Iherc Ls always a thrill In coniplcllng successfully a tqucezc play, especially If It Is a true squeeze. However, there axe ilme.s when smait defense will dc- fcnl a well-planned squeeze piny. Here Is a niuicl given to me by Russell J. lia!<l\(!n, tournament director of Ihn American bridge Lcngiic. He watched it played at n recent tournament, in Washington, 13. C. Only one table found the prohcr defense. North's opening lead was the ten of hearts. Soulli wept right up with (be ace so us to lead a spade and prevent the declarer from Betting n ruff. The spado was won with the king In dummy and the king of clubs returned. South played small and the declarer tramped with the four of spades. Declarer now started to lay down six rounds of spades, leaving him with four cants — the king anil eight, of heart. 1 ! iind tho eight and deuce of diamonds. Everything was discarded from dummy bul the king, jack, ami leu of diamonds nnd tho queen of clubs:. It looked ns though the nalnra thing for South to "hold would be the queen and Jack of hearts nuc (lie ace nnd queen of diamonds. However, If South boars down to Ihcsc four cards, declarer will play the king of he>uts, throw South In tlic lead with (he jack, of hearts, and make him lead up to dummy's king of dlamoi.ds. Of course, if South had borne down to the ar." of diamonds and However, at the one table where (he contract -AVS defeated, North •xus careful not to discard a heart tut 'his first ;l-rco discards were lv;q jsmnll diamonds and the eight of;"clubs. Whtin West continued vllh spades, Ninth discarded two n'spro clubs, bcoring down to the rlne and four of hearts, the nine cf diamonds, <i"d the ace of clubs. This enabled youth to discard I!E jack of hc-irts and return the six of hearts—>:i other words, bear ('own to the queen and six of hearts and the ace and queen of diamonds. When West led the king of hearts. North played the four anil '£outh discarded his queen of iear(s, unbloc'ilrg so that Nortli ccmlcl win tlvi next heart lead with tlic nine spot. Tills gave Ni^rth anil South the ust three trices, which defeated the contract. (Copyright, 1933, NBA Service, Inc.) ciub Wednestav Foble. at the Hotel The leader, Mrs. A. J. Cole, of "Wilson, diseased Botticelli's early life and the crtgin of his name. ^he characterized some of his pictures and presorted several which were informallv discussed. The life of Iconnrdp de Vine! *as taken up by Mrs. Riley B Jones who spoke. O f how he dW not always nr.ish his paintings Lect-use of so many other interests and touched upon two of his ;rhost famous pictures, "Mona .Lisa" and "The Last Supper •1-ainter, Jean Batiste ' Camfllc ; A modern French landscape .Corot, was discussed by Mrs T >E. Tate who dwelt upon his mos .popular work "The Dance of the .Nymphs'-'. • The parliamentarian, Mrs Otk Kochtitzky. gav: a drilL : SANTA ROSA, Cal. (UP)-Statc .and county officials are studying Plans, for the purchase of the famous gardens of" the late Luther Burbank, on the outskirts "of $anta Rosa. They would be pnr- fihased through popular subscriptions. ' Mrs. E. D. Ferguson, who has 3een ill, Is now better. Misses Nellie Johns and Salltc Snliba spent yesterday in Mem- his. John Andrews attended to busi- ess In Little Rock yesterday. Mrs. Harry Woldmnn spent ycs- erday nt K«lscr. Mmes. Murray Daniels, Paul Damon and John Andrews motored o Memphis Tbircdny. Steam Engln; 53 Years Old ATTICA, Knn. (UP) Cieorgc McCarrol Is ih? owner of a steam engine built In 1EUJQ, which was hi jse unlil six >pnis ago. the queen jncx and x of hcHrts, the declarer would have -led a tmall diamond forcing South to win with the ncc. South then would have to return n heart, whic'i West would win with the kins nnd his last two tricks would Yf. won in dummy with the king and Jack of diamonds. Ingredients of Vfcfci VapoRub in Convenltot Candy Form VICKS COUGH PROP JUNIOR HIGH STUNT NIGHT TUESDAY, DEC. 12Ui' 7:30 P. M. HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Auto Stolen Twice in One Day WORCESTER, Mass. (UP) — Reuben Gnrlitz's automobile was stolen here twice In one day. Read Courier News Want, Ads. 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Broadway Phone 797 "ZERONE" and "PRESTONE" ANTIFREEZE Low In Price — High In Safety Have us prepare your tir and tratk for cold T.eathcr. l«akr hose connection ard water puijH rcpxired. Radiators flvslied, repaired and cleantd. Motors timed to sUtt ijuickly. Phone 811 Today PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Go to ... •HQUCK'S f'or the Best Piano Values Obtainable STEINWAY KERSHNER KIMBALL WHITNEY We are K°'"K l<> give « Talking Picture Show - - FllfciK - - No Charge - - at the City Hall Auditorium, Momluy Night, Dec. IHh., slurling at S:OD o'clock. Sho\s- will last about One Hour :mrl a Half - - Everybody Is Invited. This is a show you can't aftord to miss - - So don't forget the time—8:00 I". .M.—Place: Oily Hali Auditorium — And Everything FUEL! Pork Shoulder Fresh, Whole Piece Pound 7!c SpareRibs Fresh and Meaty Pound Those are llic leading pianos in liotli quality and value. Good bargains in usctl n»d reconditioned pianos. Allractivo terms and IL'-jpral allowances for your old piano. Buy Now and Profit from Present Low Prices O. K. Houck Piano Co. J. F. HOUGH. Prc5id:i)t ''102 South Main St. Memphis. Tcnn Sliced No Knds Pound Fresh . Full Dressed Pound Swift's Silver Leaf Pound Best Nellies i'ound Lamb Genuine Spring ! Pound Cheese Cottage In Glass Each Swift's Empire Half or Whole I'ound Bacon Smoked In the Piece Pound Center Cuts I,b. K',':V First Cuts round Fresh FISH and OYSTERS Roast Hest K. C. lieef Shoulder, Pound lac Thick Kib, Pound - - - - 12'/ 2 c Ikiskct, Pound T/^ CARROTS 6 C /ininrr; limperor '•^ Lb. TOMATO Tlf& BREAD Lge. flw.'. L Loaf BANANAS Golden !i? LETTUCE, GO's. Each i 2 .PUlI I illlLd S'AUCE C. C. Kotilc 10 DPI? A|\ C. C. Rye, Kuisin 1HL BIUWI W. V heat. Loaf ID CCCOANUTS '^ 5 L A v liviUi-iiJ No; 1 Lb. -i RUTABAGAS Fr S? ^ CATSUP.- Wm*m> rp CAKB C. C. 3 Lb. $1.35; Lb. ROLLS Dozen I Emit Cake Ingredients Glate Cherries, Lh. 40c Gliice I'ineaiiple, Lh. :i2 l ; Cijron, Lemon and .Orange Peel, Lb 2Uc Scott Tissue And Seminole Cotton Soft 3 for 19c Oranges .Itiicy Floridas 10-Lb. IfctK 35c Grapefruit 25c Sugar Pure Cane I.imil 10 Pounds 47c Butter Count;.v Club, Lb. 21c Siirini? lirook Pound 22c Mackerel No. 1 Tall Can I for 15c ^^HBHBBD9Efl Coffee tounlvv Club l-Lb."Tin Each 24c 'SPAGHETTI Macar it EGGS (;uiu ' imtec »).,cn 19 L BR1CRFIGS SPINACH MEAL: OLEO Eat'norc CHERRIES t.^. Ail Flavors ]4C ;{ Tor i^i rrr A May Garden 170 ILn i/, I.b. Carton li PEARS C. C. No. 2'/> Can \C Slokley. No. 2 1AC iAvS Can li}c; X». 1 CandU SALAD "'"glS^ MIT I/ C. C. L-irgc Can 6c Small Can RAISINS CS L£ J 1.£. Al'l'LE Sli. or Gral-'j^K; ed. Nn. 2 Can KJ.AKKS C. C. CfiTID Harbav:. Ann 10\>UF Tomato. Can Hominy e ZVi Can Each - 6c Peaches Avomialc In Heavy Syrup 2'/ 2 Can Corn Standard No. 2 Cans I? for 22c Vinegar ilold Dollar Gallon Jug Kach 21c Coffee Jewel 49c Tomatoes No. 2 Can 3 for Pickles Svvcel. Qt. 19c Sotir and Dili. (Juart Mustard Embassy Quart Jar Pure Lard JT^Morris, Swifts and Cudahayi 50 Ib. $3.65 8 Pound Carton 55c

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