The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on May 1, 1880 · 3
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 3

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1880
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7 i s i i LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Mootgonerj, Satalaj Morning, ftij 1, IS WETEOBOI.OO ICAI. It EPO ItT HOROOKIHI, ALA,, Al'rU 29 . 1W0' f lOO K. O.. a:O0p. m.. :00 p. m.. 30.0 80.06 lno.ia : S 1L Cloudy Light rain Fair HMD barometer for the day JJJ Maximum thermometer tUnlmum thermometer . Keen thermometer for the day M,03e Hu temperature for lime date In 1870..... ,71.07a Barometer corrected for temperature andelava-llon, Offlolal: BILL O. SMITH, Observer. ANOTHER Large Invoice of Those Handsome BALBRIGAM 1-2 HOSE, HUNTINGS French Novelties IN DRESSGOODS Also, low priced MATTINGS. Will offer special bargains in Linen Tablings, Towels, etc. LW, Francis & Co,, 9 Market St. For the Best Bar gains to be found anywnere, in every article in Furniture, Matting, Carpets and Oil-Cloth, be sure to vniARTorjs , MILLEFLEUR, The Lasting and Delicate Per l fume. I For sale toy IRVJLNi:, AH SIDE AI.E.V GO TO Gallagher & Coxmell's (Undib Adtzbtiszb Oraox) lo and Cold Bat ha 25 Cents. N. B. Aberorombie has returned to the city and formed a partnership with Jack Aberoombie. They will be found at the eld stand of Jack Aberooiubie'a on Monroe St. Five No. 1 Barbers always on hand. DIXIE BAR. Opposite CITY BTJJXDIHG. I hereby inform mv friends and the public generally that I have opened a first-class Bar and keep No. 1 Liquors for 10 cents a drink. Also, Cigars and i 3tscco. Be sure to give rae a can. v ery itespecttuny, JEROME VINO'ENTELLL "WADE HAMPTON" NEW PROCESS FLOUR. The bent in the world. It ha. no equal. Try it and you -will use no I nor. TAT I'M & HILKHgO, Hole Agents, aprll 18-hm . , Saratoga Water fresh, cold, and sparkling, on draught at Drag Store of IRYIXE, CJAKSIDE A ALEXANDER, HEADtlUAIlTEKS for GENTS' Hand-Sewed Shoes F. H,Warren& Co., Central Shoe Store. We carry the largest stock. Our styles are the newest. The qua! ity is. unsurpassed. Our prices are the lowest. Onr 3.00 low quarter Bhoc beats them all. Come and sec. I H. Warren & Co., NO. 7 MARKET STREET Linon De India. 3.000 yard. .for Drees and Baqnes, at 10 cents, worth LetJrand & Co. Fancy and Dry Goods ESTABLISHMENT. HGRAND'B LeCRAND A CO, LlORAND'a LaaitAND' Ctiaud Central F.uu LkURAND'S llOKAND'J and Dry Oooodl LlOHAHD'S LeOBAND'H Establishment ' LtOKAND'd L.aBAND'S liQUAND'S BLAOs. BLACK GOODS BLACK bress Goods GOODS BLAOK Special offerings of GOODS BLACK 300 piece, of Black Banting. GOODS BLACK warranted all-wool, very cheap GOODS BLAOK ' (100D8 BLACK (innna GRENADINES A great variety of QRBNAD1HIH OIUNADINE8. Black Grenadine. GHBNADIHES 8BXNADIRES In Btrlpoa. Bro- GRENADINES GRENADINES oadM and figures GRENADINES GRENADINES QBENADINKB MOURNING Fn'l line, of Oath- MOURNING mereaandTamlae MODBNINO Oanton Crapee, and MOURNING crop, dujupon. MonRNING MOURNING DEPARTMENT Black Silk DEPARTMENT Department DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT Satin de Lyon Polka DEPARTMENT Dola. Snmmer Bilks DEPARTMENT In gnat variety. DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT Rich and reliable DEPARTMENT Black Drees Bilks, DEPARTMENT lower than ever, DEPARTMENT - ' SUITS MOnBNINQ MOURNING MOURNINU MOURNING BILK SILK BILK SILK SILK SILK SILK SILK SILK BILK BILK DUSTERS DUSTERS DUSTERS DUSTERS DUSTERS DUSTERS DUSTERS DUSTERS DU8TEB8 DUSTERS DUSTERS HOSIERY HOBIKRT HOSIERY KOBIKRY HOSIERY HOSIERY H08IERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVE 1 GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GI.OVM GLOVES GLDVES GLOVES GLOVES PARAKOLS PARASOLS PARASOLS FAHAS0L8 PARASOLS TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE TEMPLE TKHI'LE TEMPLE TEMPLE TKlIfLE prll sa-lt Heed's GUt Edge Totio prevents ma'aiia L MM & Grand Central In Ladles Bolts. Linen and Mohair Dnetere and Dolmans, we are offering great Inducements. . The styles are the latest and prlcra tho lowest In the city Our Hoilery Department contains allthe latest novelties for Ladles, Misses and Children at remarkably low prices. ICO dozen Lldlcs' Embroidered Hose Underwear for Ladies and Gentlemen, Full lines of the most popular makes. 1 O loves Full line of standard Kid Gloves. Ivery pair warranted Oreat variety In Lsce top Liele Gloves and Silk Mitts. Large assortment of Parasols, Including all novelties at the lowest prices. I,C.KAM CO., Xeniple Stores. Temple Stores. Lel.KAXDiCO., Temple Stoies. SUITS SUITS SUITS BUIT8 BUITS SUITS BUITS SUITS BUITS BUITS HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY H BIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY HOSIERY BOSIERY UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR UNDERWEAR GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES oLOVES GLOVES OLOVES GLOVES flLOVEe) GLOVES GLOVES OLOVES GLOVES Wloves GLOVES PARASOLS PARASOLS PARASOLS PARASOLS PARASOLS STOKES STORES STOBES STORES STORES STOKES STOKES STORES SIORSS NECTAR TFN, Sandals. Ladie', Mime. and Children. Nandals. Hoy's low-suartered box and plain toe Shoe., Juki received. . lecGrand A Co., Temple Store. MOTiUE. ' Ookoiub Water, Fone genuine sold on draught. Its superiority as a oithartlc and altiratlvs oonalsts In Its entire freedom from everything bitter, sold or crude that produces headsohe. Internal soreness, and tends to destroy the maoous membrane. All mineral water, that are daogerous lrrltauls may be known by an acid after-tait. aprll sy-ew - LeGRAND & CO,, MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. HAT8 Trump, Kupert, Boom, Blanche. HATS-Snap, Hilda, Kerrie, Chamer. HATS Lisa, Elle, Tenria, (Jlifton, HATS Eoho, Dryad, Brenda, Deronda, HATS-OuirU, Derby, Sulla, Oheeta, HATS Lena, Paijj Diadem, Duohesse, HATS Kuby, Vesta, Orient Eieotra, HAT8-r-Pet, Sylph, Sappho, Attlesa, HATS May, Unique, Jesaee, Clinton, HATS-Islaod Queen, Marlboro Virot, HATS-Glronde, Ophelia, Alpine, Wagner, HATS Tournament, Tourist, Hortense, FLO WEES in endless variety, from the. oheapest to the finest French FEATHEHS in great profusion. . RIBBONS, ail grades and prices. The rash for Spring Hats at Temple Stores, has fairly set in. Ice Ladles are delighted with our enor mous assortment and very moderate priots New goods addtddii'y. LcGrand & Co. Heed'a Gilt Edge Ton:o regulates the bowels. H, 6. Metcalf, 10 MARKET STREET, Agent for Hunyadi, Jnnos, Apollinarls, and other Mineral Waters. Keed's Gilt Edge Tonic, a I ad us' niedi- oine. Le.on de dacco, Persian and Victoria I.awn, Mull de Paris and French Nainsook. All Tcry cheap, at Temple Mores. Seed's Gilt Edge Tonio regulates the kid neys. Lace Buntings 15 CENTS. 50 pieces all colors. LeGrand & Co.. Temple Stores. aprUM-lt Ice! Ice! Ice! Kushton Bros., at No 85 Court street, are now prepared to serve (heir friends with ioe dniing the summer. Linen Towels, 1,003 Linen Towels, at 10c each. 4 ' " 13c. " im aoc. 3H9 44 S5c. " ar aoc. and upward togl 50 each. LeGRAND & CO, TEMPLE STORES, aprii re-li Keed's Gilt Edge Tonio cares fever and ague. Beed's Gilt Edge Tonio cares dumb ague. FOR FINE STATIONERY, 011R05IO8. OIL PAINTINGS, NOVELTIES, BLANK BOOKS, PLAYING CARDS SHOW-CASES of all kinds, etc., Call at Printing nod Stationery House. Economy is Wealth, To save where yon can is a landable aim. Nobody has any money to throw away. The only way to save is to bay from first hands from the manvfaclurer. Keep the fact well in mind before parebusing elsewhere, that we manufacture all onr Clothing. Other houses moy blow, bat In comparing piioes with ours the publio will soon find out that it is onlf brae. Thev buv their goods of the manufacturer and have to pay a profit. Oar business is conduoted wita the aim to sell dlreot to the oonaumor at the same price es retailers have to pay to wbolesBls houses in New York. The immense amount of business we do enables us to sell with a small profit Everybody hav ing ot the Famous New York Clothing House saves money. Oar Clothing for Spring and Summer for style, beauty of material and low prioes surpasses all our previous efforts. We guarantee von that nobody can sell you anything in onr line as oheap as (he Famous New York Clothing noose, z:i MaiKet street, Montgomery, Alabama. ExchaDpre Beat, No. 3. A meeting of the Democrats and Con- servative vatera of Beat Nj. 3 will be held at the U. S. Court Boom Batnrday, May 1st, at 7J o'olock p. m , to select dtlgt(S to the Oounly Convention. C. L. MlTHEWS, Chairman Bjat Committee. Court House, Boat 4 Meeting of the Democratic and Conserva tive voters of Beat No. 4 ill be held at the Court House Saturday, May 1st, 7 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of selecting dele-Rates to the oounty convention. H. 0. Davidson, Chairman Beat Committee. Situation wanted by a white lady, to do house work, and make herse It generally useful Country preferred. Apply at this offioe, or address Mrs. V. Welch, at the pott office. There is but one argument being used agamit "Wade Hampton" Flour, and that Is, when families onoe use It they oannot be induoed to use any other. Talum 4; Wilkinson state that lhy will always have a large quantify on hand and in transit hence it is not neoessary to me any other. maylht. FOR SALE. Two good milch cows. Apply to B. L. Wtman. 30ot Parties wishing to go to Oolombus to witness the laying of the corner stone of the New Calholio Church, at Columbus, Qa , can leave Montgomery via Western K. R. of Alabama at 5:30, a. m., Sunday May 2, 1880, returning, leave Columbus Monday at 5:40 p. m. or 4 p. m. Fare for the round trip $2,50. Must Be Sold. I have en hand a large stock of Clotliing which I w 111 sell re. gardlcss of profit. Coats from 30 cents upwards Pants ' 7.1 " " A good Flannel Suit for 7 50. I. TOl'.-VO, Cor. Court and Market St's, mayl-It We are selling our celebrated Blue Ki ver Creamery Butter from our Refrigera tor, at the same old price three pounds for one dollar. illiams & Cook, UNDER EXCHANGE The friends and acquaintance of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bocth and family are respeot-fully Invited to attend the funeral of their infant daughter, Wilholmina Mattle, from e resldenoe of Mr. A. Joseph, on Sayre etrejt, this (8etaidy) morning at 9J olock. ICE ! Remember that we arc wi You Always, Summer and Winter. lit To the ladies. Wc arc ollerins sonic genuine bargains inoar SHOE DEPARTMENT. Ladies intending to purchase shoes should certainly lose no time iu convincing themselves that no house gives so much for the money; such new, desira ble and durable goods, as LeGrand & Co. Lap Buggy Robes. A new lot Just in, very cheap, at 1 Temple Stores. Seed's Gilt Elge Tonio cures Yellow Uhilts. market street; J At. P. AK.TlHTUOXti. (Silk Parasols. Wc will offer to the trade this week, a line of SUk Parasols in prices ranging from 75 to 100 cents, I.cjiKAl & CO. Seed's Gilt Edge Tonio cures Dyspepti. TUB Murphy Varnishes. Foil Stock always on band. Quality second to none In the Market. Hold ttt Xlannfheturera price. A. M. KENNEDY, Agent, 15 and 17 Montgomery street, Jnneldhy Montgomery, Ala. Handkerchiefs. 1 10 Dozen at 4c, each. 100 " Gents' Linen at 10c, worth 15 cents, 113 doscn Ladles' Linen, nt 10 cents, worth 18c,, at Temple Stores. apru 22-lt The Montgomery Protective Ice Company are now prepared to supply Montgomery and the surrounding country with Ice. at bottom iigui-es, and as we are home institution, permanently-located, we are the only estab lishment in the city that can dictate and maintain low prices under all circumstances, ami we handle the only pure ice i the city. J - it. n t.ii8 d& in., Managers. Baskets. Fancy Baskets, Work Baskets, l unch and traveling Baskets, etc., tc., in great variety. LeGrand & Co., Temple Stores. .Look at our Boyden's Men's Gaiters- Low quartered, plain and Box-Toe. French Kid, Strapped tie and Matt Mid, Southern ties most stylish and comfortable shoe rn. IjeGrand A Co. ' To the Public Messrs. 0. J. Dudley & Co., have secured one of the best boss plumbers that can be had in the United States, regardless of cost, and now offer his servioes to the oitizens of Montgomery, at the loweit possible ooBt, and will insure all work done by ns for twelve months from all leaks and breaks, &.O., and guarantee satisfaction. Prompt attention paid to all work and orders left in our charge at ua commeroe Btreec. apr21hw ' Lace Curtains. l0 nnlr. from M 40 to $6 00. 2 niece. Curtain Nctt, from 15 cents to 50 cents, at TEMPLE STOKES. Beed's Gilt Edge Tonio assists digestion. H. H. Warner fc Co , Rochester, N. V.: atTLXMU I have tried jour Sale Kidney and Ltvex Cure for "Brlght's Disease," with which I have been afflicted for the last two years, and It has don. wonders form.. I believe It 11 the only cure known for that terrible disease, and It Is with pleasure that X write this testimony in Its fsvor. You are at liberty to nse this in any war you see proper to beoent snnenng nomamir. , truly yours, JAS. S. PRESCOTT, Shslrer.' Society, Cojehoge Oo., Oleveland, 0 aprU an-iw Linen Suits. 300 Ladles' Linen Suits and 11- iters, from $1 35 np. 100 Children's Linen and Pique Suits, from OS cents up ' ward, i '' LeGrand & Co. Seasonable delica cies lust receirea Crosse & Blackwell' imported Pickles, Lea &Perrin s Sauce,Lar rabee s Cr-ackers, The atrawbsny orop in this violnlty is not near so large as it was last year. The tide of travel northward appears to have oommenoed, ai nearly every traia going in that direetion is pretty well orowd- ed espeoially the sleeping ooachea. Indications for the Golf States to-dy: Noituwestto northeast winds, rising, followed by ttitionary or foiling burometer, oooler, partly oloudy or hazy weather. The following deoision was Tendered in the Supreme Court on Thursday: Stone, J. George Boswtllvs. ThoStite. Appeal from Talladega Cirouit Court. Af firmed. Mr. O'Laiy, an eld freight conductor of the South and North Alabama railroad, left Birmingham a few days ago to take up his residence ia Leadvllle, Colorado. He In tends to engage ia mining operations. The Mary reached lb) wharf yettrday morning, bringing up a small cargo of sun dries and a few passengers. She had a fine stream to navigate, as the river had risen several feet sinoe her last trip. She left in the evening for Mcb'lo. The change in the management of the Selma division of the Western railroad goes Into effect to-day. The schedule of trains as announced will prove very inconvenient to all persons desiring to visit tin city and we hope Major Clipley will soon chinge it The Columbus Times of yesterday states that on Monday afternoon Mr. W. B. Har ris, of Girard, Ala., had a paralytic stroke. He had been over in the city for the pur pose of seeing Webster's new ha'l, and on returning, when near the eaitarn abutment of the bridge he was stricken. We under-stand he was better yesterday. In a supplement to the Columbus En quirer a few dajs ago, there was a very handsome engraving cf the Confederate monument whioh was unveiled and dedica te! In that city on the 2fi:h Inst. The mon ument is 37-r feet In height, and is one of the most beautiful ever ereoted to the mem ory of the brave men who Ml in defenoe of the South. At Scbuessler's stalls in the market t3-dsy will be found one cf the finest assortments of froth meats ever offered to -his numerous patrons. All that coull be desired in the fresh meat line will be in plenty, and Schuesslsr's patrons know that when he says a thing they can depend upon it He selected these meats with great care, special ly for those wishing the best, and thiy are invited to ecll at Schuessler's and supply themselves. Remember to call early. There was considerable activity about the depots yesterday. The weather yeetarday morning was quite oool, and the lndioationa of odd nap North were apparent. The ladies of tha Memorial Association are requested to meet at Mrs. Jodge Bibb's this morning at 9 o'olook promptly. All persons having bills against tbi Aaaooiation will please send them in at this meeting. Miss Miwrx Ubaham, Secretary. Messrs. Jacques Loeb and Sam Behr, two well known young Israelites of the oity, will leave to-night on a visit to their 'faderland." Their journey will oocupy several months. They have the best wishe8 of hosts of friends for a pleasant tour and a safe return to Ihsii bomea. Aj 55 g and boneless Breakfast Bacon, Gordon & Dillworths Preserves, Jellies, Sauces and Canned Goods: spe cial importation of fine green and Black Tea, Lafitte Co., and Cruse P Fills' Freres eel e b r a t e d Claret Wines, at Williams & Cook's, nqfLf UNDER EXCHANGE. april30-frl-sat-sun Seed's Gilt Edge Tonio restores the appe tite. Ait'clee of incorporation of a new compa ny under the title of "Montgomery Water Works," were filed in the offioe of the Pro bate court of this county on Thursday last I ine new corporation is we successor ot ihs Montgomery Water Works Company and is organized for the purpose of operat ing the Water Work of this oity. CoL A J. Lane was elected President and J. . Baldmn Secretary and Treasurer of the new oompiny. Several parlies are endeavoring to get np an excursion to Nashville to attend the oen-tennial celebration now going on there. Be- duoed rates are offered, and tho attractions are represented to be very fine. The position, which was opened on oerenniil diy, is said to be a very creditable affair, and Nashville is reaping a lich harvest from tie energy and enterprise which herci'Jzons have displayed on this occasion. These expositions are becoming so popular and profitable lint it is time Montgomery was getting interested in one. The Southern Knight, organ of the Knight cf Pythias, published in New Or leans, thus speaks of the Grand Lodge offi cials of Alabama: We must compliment the Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias of Alabama upon their selection of grand officers, espeoially so, upon the election of Hon. George F. Taylor, of Montgomery, as Grand Keeper of Keeords and Seel. In our opinion it would be almost impossible for any body of men to select an officer better qualified for this important position than Bro. Taylor, whose past record as Grand Chancellor and Supreme Itepreaentaliveisoneof which he may justly be proud of. 1880. SPRING 1880. AND SUMMER DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY ? Ion oan certainly do so by baying or ordering your CLOTHING, and Gent's FURNISHING U00D8 at the Famous " NEW YORK CLOTHING HOUSE, " 20 Market Street, Montgomery, Ala. Inqniro the prioe at any other Store and it we do not give yon as fully as good an artiole at least 23 per cent, leas, then we do not ask yon to buy from us. Remember the Famous NEW YORK CLOTHING HOUSE, before buying elsewhere. 23 Market Street, Montgomery, All. NECTAR, TEN. Yung's Restaurant. D. FLEMING, PROPRIETOR. This well established Restaurant has added many improvements in the last few months, and patrons cam rely, as of old, on getting the very best that this and ail accessible markets can afford. OYSTERS, FISH and GAME specialties. The BAR Is always supplied with choicest brands of Wines sad Liquors. The Supreme Court yesterday sentenced George Boswell, of the oounly of Tall idega, to be banged In done next George la a colored brother and was guilty of "knock ing out the chunk" of a oolored Grant sister. He fled the commonwealth about twelve months ego, and thj question now is who will do tb.9 catching, sinoe the oourt has done the hanging. Dr. J. B. Hawthorne is in the city. Ee is just out of a thirty days' protracted meeting in his ohnroh at Eiohmond, where he has baptised forty converts; among the number are his two sons. Ws are glad to announoe that his late oharge here, as well aa his many other friends, will hive the opportunity ot hearing him again, as he wul preach both to-morrow morning and evening in the Firet Baptist church. A sad aooldent occurred at Wadsworth's steam mill, opposite the compress yester day. A young man by Iho name of George Davis m handling 1 amber near the lath saw, accidentally fell against -the saw and his right arm was nearly severed from his body before ho oould be pulled away. The young man was at onoe attended to, medi cal attention being seoared, and last even ing he was getting along very well. At the last meeting of the "Entre Nona" Literary and Dramatic Society the following gentlemen were elected to fill the vari ous offices for the next semi annual term Jaques Loeb, President. David Dryfuss, Vioe President. Emanuel Meertief, Seoretary. Henry Weil, Treasurer. Leon Loeb Librarian. J. Lbvystein and L. Strassburger, Exe cutive Committee. We learn from the Columbus papers, of the death at Greenville, Miss., on the 8th inst., of Capt. Wm. G. Andrews, formerly of this oily. He was well known as clothing merchant and as Captain of the famous Montgomery Bines. He was a son of Judge Samuel Andrews, of Cdumbus. His friends in this oity will deeply regret to learn of his death. Capt Andrews was at the time of death in hit 55th year of his age, Oid aunt Mil'y Barnes, a oolored woman, died last Monday in this oounty. She was brought to this State in its baby hood in 1819, and always served in the Barnes' fam ily until she grew too old. She was the only propeity for wti.h Elkanah Barnes made any provision in his will. He ordered that she be taken special care of, and en' joined it upon his oldest child. She was brought to the State by the mcther Elkanah, and Hessikiah, Mrs. Allie Boiler Mary Shepard, E izabeth Mosely and Tracy Tally. Sho was the nurso of Elkanah Barnes. It is net known how old she was, but she thought she was between ninety and a hundred years of age. She was bom Prinoe George's oounty, Maryland. Sinoe the surrender she has been oared for by her son Jeff Butler. She elways had the tend erett feelings for her grand ohildren as she termed the children of her old master. Mr. Lirkln Newman, one of the most es timable oitizens of Coosa oounly, Ala.,' was thrown from h's male on the 26th ult. and Instantly killed. Commencing to-morrow (Sunday), May trains on the Western railroad of Aliba- ma will ran at follows: Loava Montgomery for points Eut at 5:30 a. m., 12:30 lad 20 p. m. Arrive at Montgomery from tha East 8:05 a. m, 8:05andl:20 p. m. If you don't want to get left in the morning, be at the depot at 5:30 instead of 7, as heretofore. A dislioguithed astronomer says of tha new comet that we have been anilousiy looking for, that it may be very bri liant, or may go away and be a mere speck, and telesoopio speck at that. It needed no astronomer to oome from his altlo to tell us . that Anybody knows thst the oome will either disappear or not Still It is well to bava the fact officially annonnoed. Anyhow will be Jane before the matter ii definite ly settled. ' A Card. To all who are .offering from the mora and ln- dlscretions of youth, nervous weakneu, early de cay, loss of manhood, ato., I will .end a recipe that win cure you. FBEE OF OHABOX. This gnat remedy was dlsoovend by a missionary In South America, Send, aeix-addreued envelop, to the Bev. Joseph T. Ihk, Station D, Hew York, marojizoeoqgwoy Wilbor's Compound of Pars Cou Liver Oil and Lime. The advantage of this compound over the plain OU is, that the naoaeatlng tute of th. OU 1. entirely removed, and the whole rendered palatable. The offensive teste of th. Oil ha. long aoted a. a great objection to Its use; but lh tots form th. trouble la obviated. Ahostofow-tlncates might be given hen to testify to the excellence and sucoeu of "Wilbor's Ood-Liver OU and Lime;" but the fact that It la prescribed by the medical faculty is sufficient. Tor sal. by A. B. Wilbob, Ohemlst, Boston, nnd by all druggists. A young man olerking in a grocery store in Atlanta, a few days ago was very much exolted by receiving a visit from his lady love at his plaoe of business. The twain soon were engaged in earnest conversation, and she thoughtlessly placed her linger beneath the instrument nsed for cutting off tobacco, and known as the guillotine. About (his time he desired to give emphasis to a remark he was making, and struck the tobacco cutter a terrific blow, whioh had the effeot of severing the young lady's finger at the first joint. She did not scream nor faint, bat quietly remarked to the young man that he had cut off her "sewing finger," thereby delicately hinting that he had deprived her cf her chief means of gaining a subsistence. AU of which comes of making love in a grocery store. Most of our State exchanges this week report heavy wind and rain storms during the past week, as having occurred in every section of the commonwealth. In some portions of North Alabama the damage by these storms was considerable. In Jackson oounty tha village of Paint Rock as al. ready stated in our telegrams was almost destroyed and in that vicinity many farmers were seriously Injured in the destruction of fencing, oat houses and orops. The storms appear to have followed a line from East to West and from North to South, and while doing very (.serious damage in their path, each way, were not at all felt a few hundred yards beyond. One gentleman In Jaokacn oounty had all his fencing and ont-housos destroyed, while a neighbor living within sight escaped the least injury to his proper ty. So far the reports . do not show any great Injury to the orops. In some looal! ties vast quantities of valuable timber were blown down and will probably prove a total loss, as there are no means of utilizing it just now. We are glad Ihit I here ia no loss ct life to reoord. 1 he best and cheapest in the world. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup oosts von only 25 cents. and if it does not cure your oough yon oan get your money baok. As before annonnoed, Prof. Cromwell on yesterday evening began his series of exhi bitions with"VersailIes and its Art," the first scene, however, bang a view of the grand old Sphynx which, for thousands of years has looked down on the shifting scenes and sands of Egypt the mighty pyramid of Cheops looking np in imposing grandeur m the baok ground. Then the Professor plaoed before his au dience some of the most famous views to be had in Versai'les, including palaces, foun- tiins, stitues, &o., interspersed with oc- cational pictures of other scenes and ohar-aoters. The art whioh plaoes on a soreen exaot pictures, in all their pure and glittering whiteness, of some of the most renowned marbles ot the world, Is truly won. derful, and oan orly be appreciated by being seen and studied. The olosing allegory, "Rook of Ages," was a strikingly grand and boautifui soene. Prof. Cromwell has a pleasant, and at times quaintly humorous, conversational manner of explaining his exhibitions that adds muoh to their enjoyment, to which he adds exqui iite touohos on the organ in the intervals. Truly ho is well worthy of patronage. Hon. Jno. W. A. Sanford delivered the Memorial oration, on the 26th nit., at Opelika. We know that the address did credit to Colonel Sanford and the oause In which ha spoke, and regret that it was not published in extenso. The Opelika Observer Bpeaks of tha address as fellows : After music by the band and ohoir, Rev. B. F. Riley led in prayer, after which the orator of the day, Hon. Jno. W. A. San ford, of Montgomery, was introduced with appropriate-remarks by Mr. Ohas. Barnes. Cel. Sanford is an orator, scholar and statesman of whom the people of this State are justly proud, and on this occasion added new laurels to his brilliant reputation. The address throughout was eloquent in the highest degree, and was an honor to the head and heart of the distinguished soldier and gentleman. "The Lost Cause" and the illustrious deeds of Southern soldiery open ed up a wide field for oratory and the subject was handled in a masterly manner. Beautiful in thought, elegant in style, dis- lioot In utterance, the address held the interest and attention of the audience till the C'.oao. . - Robert P.Smith, Chiletburg, Vs., writes: "As for Tutt's Pills I don't know how I could do without them. I have had the liver disease over twenty years. Two years ago I get your Pills. Tney bava entirely oured me. I always keep them. My neighbors know I have them and send to me for them. They always speak in tha niguest terms oi inem. ' The Ashville sEgia gives the following information oonoerning the expected cornet1 Look out for the comet, about 74 deerees northern declination, and right asoenslon about 170 degrees. We sighted it on the night of the 17tb. It oan now be found with the naked eye, just above Giansar, or just to the left of a straight line drawn from the pointers to the pcle. It is very feint in the moonlight. The gis also publishes the following : Tbi will be a great year for eleotrioa' storms, and as a consequence there will be some magnificent volcanio display and grand earthquakes in tha cavetous regions of tne eartn. mere is no ditterenoe between an earthquake and an airquake, except in effeot They are. both produced by electrical snocks, wmoh are supennduoed by moleoular vibrations and pressure. To understand tne oause of an eleotrioa 1 earths quake, all that is neoessary is to understand the nature or a thunder cloud. In earth quake regions, whenever the atmosphere becomes very oppressive, there is danger of a terrestrial electrical shock. If the earth is sohd a vibration alone follows, but where the orust is shakey a quako results. There is a great difference between a land sink ing and an eartnquake. Given np by Doctors. "Is it possible that Mr. Godfrey is up and at work, and cured by so simple a reme dy r "l assure yon it is true that he is entirely cured, and with nothing but Hop Bitters, and only ten days ago his doctors gave him up ana saia ne must die : well-a-day: That is remarkable! I will go this day and get some for my son George I know hops are good." oiem i'ost-. Embroidered and Lace Tidie?, a beantifnl assortment just In, at Temple Stores. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrnp. Bev. Svlvakus Ccbb thus writes in the Boston Christian Freeman: We would by no mean, recommend any kind of medicine which we did not know to be good particularly for infants. But of lira, Winslow's Soothing Byrup we can speak from knowledge; in our own family it has proved a blen-lng indeed, by giving an Infant troubled with oolio pains, quiet sleep, and the parents unbroken rest at night. Host parents can appreciate these blessings. Here is an article which works to perfection, and which la harmless; for the sleep which it affords the Infant ia perfectly natural, and the little cherub awakens as "bright as a batton." And during the process of teethin?, Its value Is Incalculable. We have frequently beard mothers say that they would not be without It from the birth of the child till it had finished with the teething siege, on any consideration whatever. Sold by all druggists, 2! cent. .bottle. april9hm For Six Nights Only. PROFESSOR G. R. CROMWELL, The Celebrated Art Illustrator, AT THE Montgomery Theatre, For brief season, oommenoing Saturday night, May 1st, Paris the Beautiful City. Monday night May 3d, Italy, the Art Land, ' Tuesday night, May 4, . ROME, THE ETERNAL CITY. Wednesday night, May 5, JERUSALEM, and THE HOLY LAND. Thursday meat, May it, SWITZERLAND AND THE- ALPS. Tbli course of ABT ILLUSTRATION will be given wuu uie uuie cure ana neniiea isieganoe waicii oluracterlzed their prweDUtioii in New York, Boston, snd other PHdoIdsI Oltif. Rstes oi admission Adults 50 cent; Children 3s cents. No extra charce for reserved laata nnr. ohased daring the day. No reserved seats sold at night. Note. Visitors are rfanested to be seated br 8 o'olook pnnotnaUy, as coming late will be found inconvenient. Doors open at 7jf. beginning at 8 o'olock. Oan lie ee may be ordered at 9:46. aprll37dt To Shippers & Consignees. Selma Mm of Western Railroad, Moktooxzbt, Ala., May 1, 1880. NOTtOE Is hereby given that on and after 8AT-UBDAT. MAY 1st. IS80. all freinhta for htn- menttoBBLMA and Intermediate atattons on the Selma division of the Western railroad, will be n-oelved at the Freight Depot of the Mobil. & Mont gomery rauway, ana ireignu from Helm, and intermediate stations on said road will bo delivered at the Freight Depot of the South and North Alabama railroad. JNO. L. BBOWN, may! Agent. 153

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