The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1937
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JE COURIER NE Blythevllie Courier THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOIWIIKAST AHKAN6AS AND BOUTHEAS1' MISSOOKI Blytheville Dally News ')|il Valley HI,VTHKVII,I,R, ARKANSAS, SATUUIUY, is. Doubt Thai Seiiale and House Conferees Can Reach Agreement WASHINGTON, Dee. IB. HJI'J - Coiigfcssiojiul ubsejvHs bi-liesvi! toilny (list (lie must dii'l'ieult ob statin of (he sjKTh.l session luce;: Itic house anil senate tonlVrtes who Must jf-coiidlc. Difl (iifler.-ikes lx>Iwen Hit! two pending larin bills It wn.s believed thul 11 iif.v bill would have to >»• written In conference. Tlie faun bill passed by Hie KCII- litfl last night Is designed i :1 in- trease fuvin pi-in-s through u system of strict crop rouu-uls. If prices do not rciirti ;i level to I'lve. the limners income tlic purchasing power lio possessed in |!)OH- H the govfi'jiinr-nl will m.'ike benefit payments the amount dependlm; upon ihe size of llic appropriation for the program. An additional benefit to the farmer is provided'In loans whicli miiy lie obtained from corporations established by tlie bill. To receive (he benefits Hie farmer imist cooperale throughout the various stages of the program, first he must use only tlie land uilocated to btni by the secretary ol agriculture. Second. In order lo effectuate the government's new principle of the "ever normal granary." be may be required lo store a certain porllon of his crops. finally, in the event there Is danger of a .surplus, the secretary of iigrieul- tnrc gives cadi farmer a marketing cmota. The farmer is given ihe rlslil to vote In a referendum lo determine whether the iiorcage allotments and marketing t[iiolas .shall t>n applied. TMe c o n s tun c r is protert.'d drouth, Hood or other adverse conditions which might cause :i crop scarcity by authority giv?n the secrelary ol agriculture to te- l":i>e stored supplies and relaxing I) 1 '' iifurk-eltng «nola restrictions. The mast controversial difTvr- PIICC between the measures is (be decree of severity in -.innlyhi" crop controls. 'Tlie bouse bill provich's Ibnt the normal- supply o( wheat -,'bali include a 20 per cent cairy- rver .'•lock compared lo onK- ten pc-r rent in the senate bill. Francis M. Ross Heads Spanish War Veterans CARUTIIERSVr.LLE. Mo., Dec. 18 —Francis M. Itcis. Brass; City, was elected commander or the Joseph Wheeler camp no. as of Spanish- American Win Veterans at Ihe m'.'dlnf held here. Olltfr ofl'icers denied were: ir. E. Docrncr. steele. .'•^nlcir vicf-roiDinnnder'; penrl Holt. Braggadocio, junior vlcc-cnnmmn- iler. John Scott.. Canithcrsvllle. officer of the clay: Rev. p. D. Sltck- ney. nexU-i-. dianlaln; and Everett Jim-fti ami Sterling ff. McCarthy, tiolh of Cariithersville. Iruslecs. K S. Huffman. Caruttiersville, was imined delegate to (lie state convention, and James w. Brown, of near Camlbersville. was named :illern.itc. sterling If. McCarthy. Curiilhersvllli', was named delegate lo the national convention to be held al Portland. Oregon, and Commander Koss was named delegate. Courthouse Offices To Close For Two Days 'Hie oftlrcs of tlie Blytheville CC.UH house will be closed Christmas Eve and Christinas Day. which will give Ihe county officers and Ihelr employes a three, day holiday as Christmas falls on Saturday. This has been the custom for several year, except In 1930 when Christmas Day and the day following wore designated as holidays so as to have three days, counting Sunday. I'LL T€Ll As the holidays approach, everything Is beginning lo take or llmt old Christmas spirit. Tlii wives are beginniu' lo hustle around tmd the husbands arc get- tin' that woiTled look again. The other day. Grandpa Snav.zj was readln' the "Want Ads" and Grandma says, "Well. Snazzy, tomorrow, I'm going to town to do some Christmas shoppln' If It's n pretty day—what Is the weather forecast for tomorrow!" Withou turntii' tlio pago, CIrandpa sale "Rain. hall. snow, sleet, fog thuhder and flood," HELD GIT! DF Dalhover Is Sentenced to Die In Chair ! I HAMMOND, Intl.. I),',:. l(j <(jr<l i tthiu-l James Dalhuvei. who h,n j nn Indiana farm lo beeome mn- j .»Xrr w r,iMWlM«''»l>ers o ^: r i':;,,,?;A^iTA^r. 1 1 '!"" C[)nvlrli>i1 liil) - s - d«.-i- ut fiun- J'uliu'nmn Paul Mm- ( Olll'l SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTB Air Travel in Flood A roa Atl'n-d llnidy ill boasting limi flii-lr taut! v.uiild make Joim Uii- hni;i-r "look lite u plkn". m-eiv- >d tin? Mjntmce (jom l\-deiu| Jiidt',. Thornns W. Sllvk v.ilh Intle sliuv; i>i I'liidilon .he <l)l'> A jury nj i.-ii mi iMdi-Miifii today found Builiy <'f using a i»mbiij K ury us :i iieupjin In u b.-lwirii rival unions ul i-,, ti.s. Tin- verdict, 'i-iiiUiij- Hi', trial lu D. .s. district . ,a "fiullly" on liiree coiinis u IB. ,,im li, L ti»-i-I|fiii-r anil li\i,-r- ivi-, boiiibliiy. ol mines miyin^ ^ai. am | 0 |,. S e. y o r a ] Goodfdlows' 1 e a m s Receipts Jo Jfciise Cltil) Total The collections of team live, Ro;foe Craflon and fi. |j carter uf Ihe Oomlfcllous club swelled the tolul of the cnsli eoiili-lbiiiions lo the elub to $239.50. live teams, iitKic,- |[ie diiec.tio>i of Mr. Crnfiun. started the yearly canvass (his morning K~port' from Ihe diliw four "tennis" were not rompletr at two o'clock this afternoon, •[•)„.. olM( ,,. lc|ll|)s n| . t . W. M. Scruggs and K p Kiis.'i- ner. team c.i,e : \\r. j. Wunderili-h •snd K. 11. Kurd, team two: U. j. l! •>• » Hloviill. (cam d IV K. Cooley und Harry W. tlaincs. team four. The fOiil .srl l)y |i lc club this year Is S100D. witli V ;hieh they ex- pecl to ; ,id nearly 1000 families Applicaiions /or help ace eomln<> -:i fnsler Ihan they can be -ic- Tiinmcduled. according to Mr. c,u-- ei. lo whom llic appeals are gone. This year, even more than he last tew. pcuplu need help .uid ne dem'ndiii",' upon (lie Ooodfel- i-ltib lo relieve the situation t is ,sald. Merchandise contributions .ire ifins'taken to the American Lc- ricm Hut where a record is being ti'pl. nl Ihe {lojior.s-.. They will receive acknowledgement throiph liaper or, tlie jjlib'cb.iue' (n ' >y and oirl Scouts are.' re- paiiiii!: toys and iiie asking, for more to mend. They I'.ave faci!i- :les to miiki- many toys- 'suitable for Blvlns to children "who will not otherwise have u very Joyful Christinas. The contributions today include the America n Iiglon. $50' Rotary Club, $30; s. II Kress nnd Co. : l-'i'rd Wnrren. Sf>; Max Lo i. SI: J-M> Trli'.sclucian. $1; u Br>fcclon. j,l: \V. ,). J'ullani.' t2 : MLss l'i-arl \f C . r^: Kill Law.Oie 51: Jamc:, Hunt, $1; rtodney !ia:i- ! stn-. $;i; Miss Hlen Bryan Sill. ' M U B Mrs. WinnilYed Kmiolds. $1; A. f. Lewis. Si : Hex Hdlurd Hall, M.f>r, : Neville Bliikumcir.', SI: Hublard HirnlMnv company. $.•>.- oily Ekftiie company. SI: John Huch- innii. SI: lirondway Hestnuraai. 51: E. J. Jones. $1; Dr. Te«.sli?y. 25<:: Dr. W. II. Yoniin. SI: u?,n Sonny. $1; Mnx 1'nrk.s, Si; Dixie r ,nneh. 5')c; Tens Shoe Shop, -Sac:, "'. Al.riituiui. j;i; comvay ..mli Hoiiflilns. }S: J. c. Penney coni- uany. SIS: Miss Ellzab»ili lilytiie. SI: KOSL-O,.' Craflon. 8f,: j. ,)' En-lni;. SI: tuul !•:. 11. l.vman, ii. Stock /'rices NEW YORK. nei\ 18. iUP> -- Slocks gained fractions lo more than live ]iolnt,s in [lull tmdins; today. Bonds were mixed wilh United Stales issues higher. A. T. and T. H? 1-4 Anaconda Cop...per 325-8 Associated D, G 73-8 Beth. Steel 573-4 Booing Air '29 3-8 Chrysler 55 3-4 Coca Cola 115 General Electric 435-8 General Motors 33 1-4 Int. Harvester C8 Montgomery Ward 355-8 New York Central 195-8 Pnckaiil s 5-S Phillips ret 403-4 l! »dlo c 5-8 Schenley Dist 24 1-s Simmons 20 3-4 Socony Vac 15 1-8 Rt.-inrtanl of N. J 45 3-s Texas Corp 41 5-8 R. Smelling 62 1-2 U. K. Sleol :,8 5-8 Most DI liio di-fi-ndiints weiv membi-i:, of the lYosn-sslw.' ,Min-j (is of America, ivbel oll.shoot ofi John 1,. i.fivis' Uniled Mine Workers of America. Tin 1 government alleged they Ijomlji'd mines liokllni! conlracls wlili Ihf U. M. W.. and blew t . p trains cari-ylng II. M. \v.-minedj coal. Maxlmuui pr-nnlty Is four' years In prisoji n»d lijuv, totnl: SSO.OOO. more sin-el fields, marked by killiii'; of 1 than fill ])i-i-.-!ons In viols, lintf and tbe bombing Calif., marooned residents touk lo the ail to leave the town. Two women refugees, shown nbnve Onk-lmi.-in" owihead npparently thought Ihelr ildc In Ihe ble (nun K K ttal bii-l:, nlthougli ilwy several occasions. Tin- jury found its verdict after (!n,v hours delllx'ialidn. Final Rites Held For J. M. Snow On Friday CARUTHEresviij.r.-,\fo. nee is —Funeral services r 0l - j. Monroe &now. (53. were held here yesicr- dny n (the Baptist Clmich. conducted by the Rev. D. K. Poster. Mr. Snow died Monday In Dyersburg. Tenn. jie imd t,ecn vlsilin? sister in Savannah. Tenn.. a\id had gone to Dyersburg to spend the day when he became ill und died there. only nii'iins i,r Irinisporlutlou lo and irum tlie flooded Two Charged With Unlicensed Operation .of Employment Agency H CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo,, DeCj-JB —Pending appeai'nnra before- c« ; --- .._i._,. , ,.. . . cult court, to answer charg'S jif Surviving are two daughters/Mrs*. °I*nit'lr(e ah- employment, ' ugehty [.exle Ilobsou, SI. Louis, and Mr.!, without Claud Balrd, «-ell- Maysel Roehrlng. .Chicago; two I known local grocer, made bond In sisters. Mrs. Cordia Gore. Cnruth- the sum of $300. (he sherllf's oillce here yeslcrday announced. A second similar warrant for William Clark had not been served yesterday afternoon, sheriff HoslcrsCiled, ersville. and jirs. polite m-crt -Savannah. Tcnn,;' 'ivyo broilirrs. Thomas Snow. -McGhee',- Aik- and Henry Snow.'Burdette. Ark,: lljrpc IMf-slslers. Mrs. Mnr>' Prewltt Mrs. o. W. Cole and' ,\frs, r.illie McBroom. and one htiliybrothpr. Honey Snow, all of this county. I; Newton D. Baker Is Reported Critically III Clark, former foreman at UK.' lirown Shoe factory here, and Batrd. are charged .will) collecting fee.s from persons who were rjtvi;n employment at, the factory. Baivd lins no ofllclal capacity wllh the factory, und Clark left the company's employ about three or font- weeks ago. and Is now said lo be working for a shoe factory at Charleston, Mo. The petition, as tiled by J'rosiv Atlornev ft W. Hawkins, 'A physli-lan anil nurse were called .suddenly to Baker's home this inorniin;. M,- s D,^,.,. tol(1 „„, United Pn-.w tllal "Mr. Baker has riuftm! -anctlrfi- sli<;h( (lu-ouibo- sls." Tlie ijhysician i-ould not Lr reached imnii'diatelv Will hYlurn To i.iiti.' Rock For AnnuiiI 'Appeal' thc.'ie three. Raymond iRaberll Jackson, was Inter released ui>oij |-ccommentlatton of fMark. H vis Hated. The Ilirco named In the petition who staled Ihey ban paid the money lo (he (wo for jobs at the factory were, in miJSlion to Jackson. Elwood Thomas and Kelly Rcadenour. who each, the pelition states, paid $20. Jackson clunues that he paid $16. Operating an employment agency without license in Missouri is a misdemeanor, punishable by line ol not more than $100 or six months in Jail on each ieperalc offense, or both, the Missouri statutes set out. H. Tl. l-'oid win | MVr Momlay, for Little liock | 0 again assist the Snlvadun Army there in helping to raise money and distribuie yif| S for the needy. He will stand on a busy .street corner daily all next week shaking n tin .•iklllcl In a plea ;or money to feed the hungry ,m Christmas Day. Why he has done this annually since (he Christmas of 1933 was a secret .shared only by bis most intimate friends until last year \vh-n a reporter discovered his story l>in<rs Koiileil In Strike CLEVELAND (UP) — Vandals losscd a Jar of stench lluid ut pickets parudlii!; bi front of a restHurant. sending diners scuivy- from their evening meals. Wheat Dec. May 0-1 1-8 003-4 high 051-8 513-4 lo-.v (14 1-4 903-4 close 941-4 911-3 Chicago Corn Dre. May open 58 583-4 high 581-2 093-8 low close 575-8 53 583-1 581-8 It was shorlly niter of 1932 thai he Mumbled Inio a Salvation Army mission in LlWe Rock, too drunk lo know anything. Hours later he walked on',. sober find free of the desire for liquor for Hie first lime In yea:a The change in his lite that dales from that experience Mr. Ford r.l- trlbulcs to the Salvation Ar-iiy. Every since he has spent Clutsi- tnns week In Little Rock helping to raise money and distribute sifts for the needy. When (lie last Ralvallon Army basket is delivered he will join Mrs. Rird and son, Willis, at Mie 1 home of relatives in Little Rock tor his own celebration. Another son. Uctclle, will Ire unable to po. But before he leavc-s Monday, Mr. .Ford Is busy today collecting money [or the QoocKellows club of Blytheville. Im mediately after ChHstnm week ond he will return here to his work \vllli Drainage nistilct 17. Critlendct) County Judge Dies Al Home Near Earle . Ark.. Dec. 18. (UP) — Judge «cnfro Turner. Held administrator for Ihe Forrest; city district-of the T'-nrm-Crcdii ailmlnls* (ration, died at Ills home here early loday. Death was nllrlbiiled lo u heart attack., Judge Tinner was n former Jurl'il in Crlllendcn county and one time chairman of the viaduct commission there. He had been seriously 111 for .several days. Born in Helena. Ark.. Judge Turner bad lived In Phillips and Crlllcnden counties all Ids life. 1 He Is survived by his wife, three sons and l\vo daughters, one of his sons Is Ensign [teiifro Turner of Ihe United Slates navy. Mineral .services iilll be held here tomorrow, wllh burial In Helena TtfilWll CEfiTI 'titter Si rent Fighting Breaks Oul As Loyalists Advance STRIKE fil . \. 0. U-ulcMs S,mr Striking Kmployos Out Of Passive All illicit* Mo n«rl:nl Worki-rs il'lilbly plum, er.f tii id i -.iinlti'i't, ilu>,nlKln. InlnHI Innn contlmk'd Lk'ores nl men were lalm-d Irum both sldos. Six men Imcl bei'ii shol, m-rrul badly beaion mul nlhei-.s cluiicil lliroilitli tin 1 slrcelK In KMifral ™H- bri-nks lhi()iii;)i<int tin- ein purl ol tin- city in the HUM. 2-1 litaus. It u in i'r Mai tin. internal lonal imsldtnl ol Ihe 1). A. W., wiis einoiile lo (he ctiy (<> address a ii'iiss mceilni: loniuhl us (be union men wi'iv roused fioni a pas- slvcncss with whleli Ihey hud cim- ' K-(cd (he strike for a week. In one dUliiibailee ivliere tluw men. Includln;; Iwn ronslnble's deiiuiles. were shot, five C;. 1. (). men blocked 11 raid with 11 cm 1 und foiiyhl wllh :IUQ non-slrlkeis. who \yere leaving the plunl. In nn auto rnravnn under iirnh'd i.-;- Oavis Street Sidewalk Is Almost Completed The extension of u sidewalk on HIP north j.ide of Davis street In Walker park Is almost completed with the exception ot about 50 feel, which umy be llnlshed »t nn early dale. C, W. Alfllck (juve concrete blocks to Hit city nncl Joe Carney, city engineer, used WPA workcru to move the blocks lo one of llic park entrances. There were enough blocks to make u sidewalk ihe entire length of (he last black e.vcepl for onn lot and plans lire underway lo complete till soun. e II was planned to conclude tin ildewalk repnlrliifj • jinijtxt- Dccein her 15 but Hie work will'De""c'0iv lliiHcd fot 1 a (.•«• more days. Mnnj walks Ihrouyhout lliu city lHiy> been made level and nnvy une, built, durlni; Hie eontliiuaiicn Hits project In which property owners hiwu furnished tlie mar tei-lnh nnd WPA workers linvc (lone llic wnrk. ol Six Killed When Auto Hits Tree f'alil.. ijpi.', ni. iui' nalliinid Kimrdsnu'ii, Joyi ldlii !; 1,1- li-r u pii'-Ohrlslnm.s buniiiii't al Slwklon. wi-ri' IJllul nniy loil.iy Hit' nir In whli'li ilu-y w,.iv phuiimi'K-d till Vallry Spring mid erii'Jji.'il Ijiln n n\nnl (ii'iul \vi-i e: .Uvujih K, Cliri'iip, 20; DuvUl U. :.:oniml Jr., •.)!; .Ifnnes 11. I'lninb. Haynioml carol Maidov, ^1, und Allon D. nrjiy. as. (,|| ,,) H'tnrktoti und dull Ilinden Ij- i. I!'.', of Isleton., Rcovganiwilion o( Chinese Army To Prolong War Near KIIAMflllAl. Deo. 18. (UP) — Plans for n complete |»lltlciil and military rcorannlwitlon of l)) c Chinese. Bn"crnmcnl mid ai-my for a prolonsed war with Japun were re- (Wrtetl today by Chinese sources. It was iisseited that the plans entailed not only cioicr coo|jeratlon Iwtween he Kuoinlnliini; igoviirii- nient imlliicnl party) and former Oibiese Coinmnnlsl lenders, but mi utlempl lu HH aid from .Soviet Uussiii. Parllciilarly It «•,,« i, O pe<) to got Hiisslnn aid in training Chinese soldiers-, It was said, n wl i s reported llmt Euxciip Chen, funucr forolgn mlnlslci- and one o[ the country's eminent men, wiis now in Moscow; seeking lo llnd out whether china c'ould count on Russian Mijipoit for n prolonged war, Government leaders were said to be considering whether to include from live to seven former Communists In a supreme round! of .slate whose other members would be men now In control ot the t'wern- nient. JULIO mm State Supervisor Of Ntrses Visits County flTATK SUraiWlSOHr-M Mis.: Margaret Viiiighn of Mttlo. Rook, slale supervisor of the i-oun- ty lu'iillh nurses, bus been In Mississippi county this week In conference with Ihe health unit nurses. 11 E N n A Y E. Franco-Spanish Frontier. Dec. 18. <UP>—The {all of the niii'liiil vailed city of 'IV- Mi-1. ::j!eiifhi'»d of the siilient In en: tern Hpaln. is Inevitable, the loyalist government :is- scried today. Hitler street fighlinjt broke cut In (he city after (hi- loyalists com- oleti-d Us eneirflemenl. nrconJIng lo government radio broadcasts. Thi' heaviest fighting was said to be takint! place In n i-nne- tery In Ihe soiilhweMcrn lip of (lie rity. Tenii-t wn.s cut on enltrely, official loyalist advices said. The government held all roads lead- inf; from the city and look over control of the important railroad line running to Zuragowi. Generalissimo i-Yancisco Franco's Mronq- hold In eastern Spain, from which he planned to open u crushing "final" offensive against renuln- l»it loyalist territory. The loyalist ofrensivc. engtnoer- ed with unusunl Eeerecy. so stir- prised the nationalists that It may virtually have broken up Franco's Intended "big push." accordlus to military experts at tlie bonier. Bohemian girls place a bowl of water outside to freeze on Christina! Eve, believing the pattern the Ice makes will determine the occupation of their future husbands. Tiue/iti. Negroes Plead Guilty To Charges of Theft Two negroes pleaded guilty to charges of petit larceny In municipal court today and were each fined S10. They were C. I,. White and Johnnie Slock. Will Tut on DlK Record BRISBANE (UP) - After his death, the will ol a well-known Brisbane man will be played on a gramophone In the hearing of Ills irclntlves and friends. Tlie record j hns been placed In n bnnk vault Uor safe keeping. Couvl Declares Tliealor I' To 6fc : [[legal an CITV, MO.. Dec. 18. —A prbe ward plan known as "bank nlijht" which lias teen utilized by mini y motion picture theaters In Missouri as a means of iiltrnctlng additional palronase was declared a lottery In n ruling by Division Twn of tb c Missouri Ru- premc eourt. yesterday. The court, In dls|»sbi(f of the test en so. originating In Kansa Citv. ovcrniled u claim of pro|io nenls of Ihe scheme llml il did not Include thn clement of consideration. which wllh those of dinner and prlM. const llute the three elements of n lottery. Tlie decision reversed n riillng ol the Jackson county circuit court Tlie plan used Involved n weekh /l>-nni|iiif for a stlijuliited cash prize Patrons and others were permitted to register in a book maintained for Hint purpose fit the theitf" and the drnwlni; was from coupon! or tickets with serial numbers corresponding wllh .m'lnl ninnbr-rs assigned to names In ihe registration pook. H was contended unsuecess- | fullv that tlio renulrcmcnt of payment of nn admission fee eliminated Ihe element ot consideration. i Commissioner WMtlnirs. In ren- derlni; the court's opinion, said the "courts would be blind imlee-l if they could not sec Hint the srhem described In Ihe indictment Is deliberate plan (o evade (he lotler statute and nt Ihe same lime at tain the result which the statute INK prohibited." Alone on Her Bridal Night Linda Benton met Capt. Barrymora Trent during Christmas leave. She promised her haart "no matter what might happen." And she spent her wedding night alone! Would you have pledged as much before marriage? You'll find tha nnswers in one of the most human stories ever written, a new novelette York Cotton NEW YORK. nee. 18. (UP)—Cotton i.Ian. i Mar. May Jut. . Oct. open high low close . 81G 81i) RI2 812 .. KM X21 811 832 R33 838 838 8W 8-H 81S 845 825 829 S3S S45 8?5 827 833 84' 845 .'>'jK)ls dosed steady at 832. up 1. \\'fiw f)rf nans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 18. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today. nfr three points to up three points. open lileh low close f)25b 824 824 823b 810 837 832 833 838 838 833 836 841 843 838 811 851 Sol 847 850 853b 852b Spots closed slcndy at 833. off 2, Of H. S, FLEET Insists Action lias No Connection With Panay Incitlont WASHINGTON, Dee. ID, (U!'>-r A WhlU! Huiisc imnomicciucnt said loiluy there was no naval dem- onslinlion eontemjilated in con- lu-llon with the bombing of the tl. S. p.unboiit I'nmiy. (itoplien r. Early, presidential :eerelury, made It plain that wlmt- svcr imnnKeinetils hnvo been yer- lcil for ilrel maneuvers In the lflc wel'i; drawn up lonn before bombing and linking of the Simboiil, by Japanese' (Iyer/;. ' inly, however, refused to fay .vlim- thi' miineuveni would l>e will. Querlr.s 11.1 lo whcllier Hie Uiiwnllan IslniHls would serve as he Inisi! ilin-liiB the annual fleet ncllcji) probleui.s icnmlned imiii- f^oiifei-s willi Kinperor TOKYO, Dee, 18. (UP)— nio Japanese KOvermnent, gravely con- ceiiind wild dllllciiltle.5 with ili'c Unlied fjlnlcs und Britain, con- lilted the empL'ror tonight on •litullnif u definite course, for Jn- "nn In Its cumpalen, I'rliu-o Kcimye, the premier, w.ia received by Kmpcror Hlrolilto fit ':IIC p.m. and was understood lo have, TOinmimlcalril to him tho (ovoriunenl's ile.slrn for nn !m~ •letiid conference on Chinese poll:les in ojjon next week. Mmiy offlclnls were at tbeir country villas lor the ciistonmiy ••nlimliiy and Sunday holiday so '.bat early action cm tho United Stales protest anainst, tho sinking- 'if tlifl (iiinlxial I'anay was nol ex- 'jecled but the (jovcrnmcnl , obvl- insly was preoecupicd with plans 'o appease (be United Stales. Jixscph Clark Drew United States mil:assador delivered slrom; wrlt- '.en representations to the for^l«n olTlee ngalnst machine i;im ttlack.H on the I'nnny and 'Its sur- 'Ivnrs after the ship was Rimk. Bismarck Storekeeper Fatally Wounds Bandit nifWArtcic. MO., nee, it. tuw -Oiiif'i- Ragnn, 31. enrly today shot and killed one bandit and .seriously wounded another when tbuy attempted to rob Ills drujf store. Tlie bandit killed was Identified is Robert Biirdlck or Fairmont. Minn. The oilier mid lie wns Dcl- nmr Rooney, also of Fairmont, Both xei'C 20 years old. They cnmo here recently from Hot Spring.'!, Ark. Durlng^-Ujc holdup Ragan was 'hot once In tlie groin; He. was taken to tho Armutyi. hospital In Ironton, Mo; WoijpK \yiis taken' to the locpltiil In 'Uoiine.' Terre. Mar May Starts Today on Piige Three The bost plane money could buy n few years ago cost from $10.000 to $15,000; now Ihe -best planes cost Jll0.000. Concord j Prizes For Sfeed Corn CARUTHEHSVILLK.' Mo.. Dec. 18 —L. ir. Oale, Concord (arrtfcr. who has socialized In producing high- •rado seed corn for several yetirs. ~"'i n ininibcr n! |irl2C£ for his seen corn exhibits at the annual certified seed sliow of the Missouri Corn Growers Association, held at Columbia, Mo. Mr. Oalc Is also county winner mid runner-up for' first, lu the state In Ibe Plant lo Prosper competition of the Mtd South, bflng In the landowners' division. Ho received two sweepstakes prizes In (be 70-car group of white, corn, n first prize ribbon In the 10- ear exhibit of St. Charles White, mid first places In three oilier car grouping divisions, five prizes In till. $1,801 Raised For Red Cross In Pemiscot County CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Dec. 18.—Tlie final returns of the annual Pemiscot County lied Cross roll call drive were announced today by W. D. Byrd, county chairman, and Judge L. H. SchnU. county roll call chairman. A tot,\t of $1801.69 was paid by 812 members. This tabulation, according lo Mr. Byrd. was not compute, as final figures hnd not been received from three districts—H-iy- ti. Braggadocio and Concord, The membership this year for Caruthersvllle wns 502, an increase of 169 over last year, and $177.16 more was subscribed this year than last, tlie total amount for the current drive just ended being $1268.72. WEATHER Arkansas—IMlr tonight and Sunday; somewhat colder In north r-.nj central portions Sunday.' Memphis and vtctntty—FViIr tonight aiitl Sunday, partly cloudy to cloudy and not much chnryo In temperature; lowest, tempem- turc tonight. 34 to 33. The msxlmum temperature hero yesterday was 59, minimum 41, cloudy with .85 of an inch rainfall, according to Samuel P. Morris, official weather observer.

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