The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IM TAKIN 1 TH DOG AROUWP TH BLOCK A FEW TIMES.' EOWT TOUCH MY SAM'WICH HERE-I'LL PICK UP BITES AS I GO9V--I DOWT LIKE TO CARRY WHY PONT VOU DO ONE THINS AT A TIME 7 IT AtAAZBSMBVW/ MEM DON'T KAV6 TO KAVe THeiR. FACES LIFTED BEFORE THEy RE THIRTY/ WHY MOTHERS GET 6RW BLYTHEVII.LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SOME SLOKe WAS H£Re ASVilM'TOE. S'OU, AtA;JOR/-*~ KlrJD OP EXECUTIVE type - LOOKED UK6 MY WORD/ IT ALVJA.Y5 DISTURBS MY Poise HEAR SOA\EOKie IS SEEKING MB.' ftosi i. WON'T RSST WELL TILL £>OT OF HIS KlSSeR/il THOUGH HE MWOcJLY MIGHT B^ ,*&er y^\ WANST ME TO SUB- fHEM BALES f * \SCRi6EL- TO THe MeM/"y 4 HOBO j'HE DOVJM HIS ADDRESS -~ lOOKS Ot^AY tH6 D£T£CTl\l 60REAO OR SHERIFF'S Salesman Wanted S6T g EXCITED IT BE AM OFFER | OF A 30B - i." Youny ninn 21 to 35. wlm 1ms mntie KOCKl til EC-JUHK |»o:.iuoti, l>ul frets went, ivlll Ilnti our proposition offers a lileunie career for high grade salesmen. Salary is paid during extensive training period. \VrLle giving full particulars as to atie. r[lurailoii. experience, married or single, present ern- ployineiit and salary. It will do no sooci to cnll personally mull Inter has been lecclvetl and appointment made. Ulve telephone number, 'lilt'. NATIONAL CASH KEOISTEI! CO. P. O Bon IIB. JONKSHORO. AHK. 11 26 ck 123 Lost Ixm Saturday nl^hl. air plane tire number ye. 15 gallon barrel and hose. West 18 Highway on gravel. Reward « C. Vail Bibber. Ph. ISM. 11,22 pk ll;29 He Said Blankety-Blank WASHINGTON -<,»>,— A housebreaker drew three blanks at Die home ol the Rev. Clarence Dawson —two of them from the minister's tsugct pistol. The third blank was Mioot. He Jeft everything behind in "/light. TAXI Call Ask for either white or colored driver. Eight cabs at jour service. Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Fresh SliK-li Ouaranleed ficsi Trices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE COM I'KTr CUI.VKK-I TH.r th^n *P5 nlhei hrlriet mnlrnal irtc/ici CONCItKTf. SEWKB rn.E Sl/ci !-».« mchu , CO.Ni'RKTF SKI-TIC TANKS • Hen Prirc, , w , ,,,,,„, A. H. WEBB llletnv.1} R) ai since Lln« Phone 714 Pointing Interior & Kxlcrior • Expert Paper Hanging Ksfimalos Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 6560 Til!': STOHV: ll rlxtt r HlHlr, RcrUnn in liny „ TIt |unM« rnmri, fruni urltNl Alnriln Ktillrr, KUCH Iti 3iK liiinir mill Mini* him iiuinlr-rrj. lliiKiii lirrviniiily hint arnaril honu-llihiK ivri»M K whi-u .he fouud III*- CdlliroV Illll. utU'll Ilnrt rnlllty, 111 hi-r iTir nflf r II hfl.l hrt-ji «ko>vn l» h.-r vtilh Ihr |.:inifn liifcldr by -»r rni-rTrr. >vlin MIIS *un,- iulsi.E»nril li>- Klillvr In (tell ll. Hn^nr hf-Mri-hr* il,,. dratl innn'tt III,in*- anil rinilA HI, viunrit. Atr-nn- ivlillc, Ntrpltj, ,il« Smith. nKu III I I. 'I h,-.v Ju ,,,!, rl .,,,.rl Tkr „,,,,- *Ji-r In pnlUT. hul KIJ In lliiKHr'a hiinir, «h,-r* (lirv Imlh llvr. Thrrr 1,1 I In Kit r\* ,..n,.ln, CKllerliKn l>i th«. nilnsin^ vjiriiflEn r> lh:il ix-rikiH tH III- cunneclej ,s[ih Knller'n IMMT- XII pROUCHED in a thick growth of. jasmine, exactly the right height and IhifkiiL-ss to conceal a small, slender person like himself. Arnold Pfiefler looked through a window, open a few inches, and saw Stephanie Smith talking to Hagnr Blair. Stephanie had Hie cameo in her hands. "Isn't it lovely, Hagar? You can't imagine what it means to have it in my hands after all these years." Arnold saw Hagar plump down on the bed opposite Stephanie and say: "Hold on, girl. The cameo's not really yours yet, you know. We can't play finders-keepers when there's just been a murder because of that brooch. Or. at least, we're assuming that's why somebody stuck a knife into Falter." Arnold stiffened. So they knew about Marlin! "Another thing," Hagnr continued. "What's the story on this cameo? As far as you're concerned, I mean. You act like a Crusader holding the Holy Grail. I've got to know whether to aid and abet you or turn the thing over to the police." She brooded. "Have to, anyhow, I guess." Arnold shuddered. What would the police find out? Then Stephanie began to lalk. "You can't, Hagar!" Hagar shrugged: "It's evidence n a murder, don't forget!" "lint you want it loo! You can't give it up." "Oh, yes 1 can. Po you think I wanl Chief Peters In jug me for complicity? We're already suspects—or will be, anyhow, by tomorrow morning, But 1-think this is a gooil time for you to give me Uie story on the cameo. Your story, that is." Stephanie spnke: "Nell O'Neill is my aunt." Arnold choked uack an involuntary gasp. « • • '7^11 K girl's eyes were lowered to the cameo: "She doesn't know it, ol course, she hasn't seen me since 1 was a little girl. I despise Nellya, even if she is my mother's sister. She stole this cameo from my mother. My mother was dying (hen. She lived only a few days after Nellya left us." Arnold forgot the penetrating salt air. Me moved dangerously close to Ihc window to hear Hagar's words: "How did you know she was here in this little corner of the country'/" "I saw her picture in the paper when she married Tom O'Neill. There was a big story about it being his fifth marriage. II told all about how much money his other marriages had cost him in settlements and alimony. And the article called Nellya 'the blond Russian dnnccr.' " "Uinm. 1 think I remember seeing it. She was a ballerina wasn't she_?" Stephanie gave a short, bilter laugh. "A ballerina! One must have a soul to be a ballerina! My mother was the ballerina. My mother was dancing"ihe ballet in Moscow when she was only nine years old." Hagar stared at the girl. "This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard." "My mother showed me that it was a locket. It contains a picture of her and of my father." "Let me see." Stephanie looked troubled. "1 don't know how to open il. My mother used lo open it and show me the pictures. You press something and the cameo springs away from the frame. I think 1 can learn how it opens if only 1 can keep the cameo long cnouah." Stephanie spoke again, beseechingly: "Do you understand, llasar? It gives me an identity. A family!" I * 4 A .rtiNOl.D ducked as Hagai stood abruptly and faced the win- daw. "What happened lo your father?" "Mother received word that he was killed in Russia during llic revolution. He was trying lo escape und come lo her. He was captured and shot." "He must have been on the losing side. Did he have a lille?" "1 don't know. But sometimes mother used to lease me when I was naughty and say that liitle countesses didn't behave that way." "Clrcal graven gods! Vou don't suppose you're a counless?" Stephanie smiled. "I don'l suppose so. I've always thought ol myself aa an orphan who started making her own way in Ihe world by working in a department store in Chicago." She turned away again and perched on the foot of the bed. "Can you prove the cameo's yours?" "No." "Then how do you intern! tu get it away from Nell?" "She'll sell it. U'c know Ihat." "Wonder how she happened to let Falter gel hold of it?" Hngar was speculating. "Well, with, him dead, (here's no question of her ownership. She can claim it—if she can find it, But, here's some- Ihing we've almost lost sight of: Who put it in my collection cabinet. And why?" Closing her eyes lightly, she appeared lo be thinking hard. "Umm. 1 think I know the answer lo that one, though." Stephanie leaned forjvard "Who?" "Arnold PflefTer." (Tu lit Continued) Each year the earth rotates on its axis about 366!t times. SICK? Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad taste. 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P?ice Sedan — |1IIS 8° oli llcalcr ' excellent molor and a bargain Check These Older Models mil Ford Coupe 1910 Stiidebakcr Commander 1039 Chevrolet 2-door 1!)39 I'ljmonlh 2-door I!i;i7 Chevrolet Coupe l'J35 Dodge 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO RAILROAD & ASH Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer' PHONE 888 FHBCKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BL(WSE» No, Tliey Don't I KSAROLD \ TWO FAMILY FRIENDS sou, ARE VISITING- J LEMONS YOU,LARD I It BRINS YOU HEH / L SMUCK AWAV > FBOM 'THE LITTLE THOSS/ THEY PROBA6Ly WOJMR VJHERE 1 AM/ "Give me credit for looking ahead, Goorgd—l was so sure you d get your raise that I've alroady spent $50 over our , __ fidget this month!" lUSCllXA'S I>01 Thai's Our (iirl WHAT WOULD 1 WUV, 1 GUESS I'D FALL OVER DEAD UY MICHAEL Q'MAt.l.EY an.) RALPH LANE ', FIVE...TEN...TWENTY..."\ | FANCY IIOME..._ CARS...CUSSY DAMES... THAT'S '" IE SOME (3id Slick • IT ' S SIMPLE TO SHAKE * ™ DOWH THESE DUMB BOOKIES was success ful where his two followers had failed. IF VOU GET TOUGH ENOU6H. TO THE CHARITV BALL i DO 8et]EVE VO(J . RE £ °«^ MS PUTTING ON THE DOS CAPTAIN EASY I1Y LESLIE TURNER IMSTEAD o' A HOLE AMD EXPLODING A CHARGES UNDEKGROUMD, THEf E'mODE IT ABOVE AND RECORD /^oil » REFLECTED SHOCK'S ELECTSOUICALLV. INTERESTED IU PAPA'S LAUD PROBMJW A BLIHO K> GET IHE MWERN. SKW- AMD START DRULIMG WELLS ! HE KIDNAPED WASH 10 PREU6MT (4IM TYIWG UP ^ FOR MIMING TIM1 BUGS liUNNY Unconquerable Man I WONDER HOW BUGS fl H-HOPE POING ? AI.I.KY GUI' T" * / BELIEVE ME. MX ' "BiENDS. TALKING O >OU H-NS BEEN A PLEASURE.. you; HOOTS AND I1KH BUDDIES BY RDOAK AIAKT1N

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