The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEETHEVELXE COURIER NEWS TWW lYIUTVAWl* VVttrcn&Dwn *-»• kmx»fmj*Acm >nu..»«.« . . ^^ • ^^^^^^ ~ w ^^^r TH« DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NO8TH»A8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 22G MJyuieviUe . IMlly Km. Blytbertlli Cowta. L«Kl«r. H B1,YT!IKV1U,K, .ARKANSAS, Kit I DAY, J)KOBMI5KH 8, ill;!;) SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' LAST MINUTE REPRIEVE HALTS EXECUTION LEVY 1 IS FLASHES HUNK ANIIEIISON OUT . SOUTH KKNI). Ind.—The rts- Ignnlion of Juiutley Anderson, .\otrc Dame fiKillull roach, ami Jfss Harper, athletic dircilor, wtTe confirmed today by the IVIlcd Huey Hanged in Effigy Committee Estimates It Would Insure $500,000 Liquor Revenue. WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 IUP) — President Roosevelt's interdeparl- ental'committee on alcohol control today recommended that congress levy a tax if $2£0 a gallon on distilled spirits. . The recommendation was made In a report to the house ways and means committee in'which tlic administration group estimated that liquor revenue under their proposed tax plan would bring in more than $500,000.000 annually. The president's group proposed that part of the revenue be shared' with states under a plan by which states would forego direct gallonagc taxes on liquor. The report also provides for new import duties which would provide President Roosevelt with a trade ""bargaining weapon. The interde- parttncnta! committee said that its recommendations were designed to discourage consumption of hard liquor In ccntrast with light wines and beer. The proposed tax of -*2.60, the committee estimated, would bring in next year, if business is good, a revenue of $337.000,000 alone. While the committee believed its suggested tax would drive ou the bootlegger it considered that at the pome time the proposals would brin? In the largest possible amount of liquor revenue. Several members of the house ways and means committee are in the belief that if whisky is to sell for $1.50 a quart the tax should be under $2 a gallon/ • -^ ;.-.-•> ' \ M»ry*Ewrice Lay son*: "•-• Heads Poll of Honor Hate Maddened Texans IVIlcd Tress. Elmer I.i>den, j Kick Corpse Through cue of the famous "Four o. * T A i U i llrrx-cmun", Has beer- nanwd !•> '-Streets, lear (Jilt Heart fill both positions in a sweep- it:? athletic ruoiganization. KTJM KUN.VERS JAILED NOItTIl SIDNEY, Nova Scotia | —The captain and crew of the alleged runv runner Krunhout were jailed luilay uy officials afttr they landed four coast guard officers whom they kid- naped ycilmla). FIND MUKMER SUSPECT PRINCE ANNE, Md.—Deputy Sheriff Nurmrn Dryden announced here today Earl Collins, 22. .vcuscd slayer of Sire. Minnie Tjylor. 19, lud been c,ar.lur£d .,f lelr ., two-day, search by armed pussfs. NEW REYNOLDS HEIR BORN- WINSTON SAI-EM, N. C. — Richard J. Ri-jnolds, 22, heir to lie fabulous tobacco millions, and his wife, the former Miss Elizabeth DIM.ird, today are the a rents of a G-pound son, born night. Wl.ile no name has iten E-lected immediately for the new Reyn( Ids heir it Is be- ieved he will be called RtehirtJ Joshua. Rcynilds II, after his 'ather and grandfather COTJNTZE. Tex.. Dec. 8 (UP)— The bodv of David Gregory, negro cv-coiivlct accused of. attacking and murdering a white woman, was burned in the negro section here after a blood thirsty mob tore out the heart and wrangled for hours before tossing the mutilated form on a huge pyre. -. . Gregory, hunted for the brutal flaying of Mrs. Mellie Williams Brockman. near Countie, last Saturday, was shot from a church steeple at Voth by officers late vesterdiiy. He died en route to Countze and a mob, blocking the hl^hwav. demanded the body. Eunice Layson is the highest ranking student in the senior high school for the second tern) of the first semester, it was announced today. David Adair is second with 12 honor points compared to Miss Layson's 12 1-2. Others on the honor roll, in their positions, are: Cecil Branson. Hildred Bunch,' ?rank Colin Douglas, Patty Shane, Margaret Shaver, Bessie Sue Arwood, Woodrow Hall, Benjamin Craig, Ira Gray jr., Alta Mae Judd, Frances Little. Helen Hood. Mildred Bunch, Mitchell Johns, Burnclle Bradley, Jane Branson, chiquita Douglas, Dorothy Krutz. Olenn Martin, E. B. Rogers, Melba Alexander, Helen Glpson, Mildred Hcod, Eula Mae KInntnghnm, Elizabeth Abraham Emma Jo Hess. Jane Kochtitzky. Dorothy Robertson. John Roland Sanders. Howard Moore. Amanda Thrasher, H. L. Halsell, Virginia Little, Velda Martin. Those receiving honorable mention are: Marilyn Brewer. O'Neai Craig. Nonna Crowe. Adelaide Cowsert. Floyd Davis. Estra Ijvingston Albert Ridings. Rosalie Russell Gwendolyn Smith, Thelma Tate. Vera Saliba . Representative Art From 16 U.S.Cities to Be Shown NEW YORK (UP)—Sixteen cltie. of the United States will have the work of their favorite artists and sculptors on exhibit at the Museum or Modern Arts here beginning to morrow. There wfll be approximately IOC paintings and 20 pieces of sculp ture. according to museum offi dais. The cities chosen as represents live of the principal art producini regions of the country are: Atlan ta, Baltimore, Buffalo. Chicago Cleveland. Dallas, Detroit, Los An gcles, Minneapolis. Philadelphia St. Louis. San Francico, Santa F and Seattle. The choice of the exhibits froi each of the cities has been left t tte Judgment of local authorise The paintings and sculpturin from each locality will be grouped together. The exhibition was sug Rested by Edward M. Warbur trustee of the museum Kansas City Kidnaping Defendant Found Guilty otal^for Purchase ,„„ „, ou Improvement jrJv.W3ter ! "f to pi> e 4 * y '„O'^-iL' "•' " ' .«|* • - ' • - -"" - -~ -"" "ITMnlW PSfa oystem Near Formal appHcatlon for a loan' om the Public Works Adminis- rtilion for purchase and improve- icnt of the local water system by he City of Blvtheville was to be, led with state officials of the overnment agency at Little Rock oday. Mayor Cecil Shane, L. L. Ward nd B. A. Lynch, members of the ity waterworks committee, and E. A. Rice, chief of police, were n Little Rock to present the mater to the PWA officers. Definite ctton on the proposal will hardly e taken at this lime but the PWA s expected to take the nppllea- lon under advisement. ' In addition io the funds for. urchase of the water plant from t. B. Caldwcll. federal receiver or Associated Utilities at a price f $150,000, an additional sum, irobably swelling the total of the oan to about $200,000, will be sked for improvements to the system. Repairs to the present ilant. extension of water mains For hours the shouting mob of 400 toyed with the body, slnshipg and kicking it through the streets. Eager fingers tore the heart from the chest and handled it in ghoul- kh *lee. The hideous form rolled before the door of Gregory's mother and she was forced to view it. . Hours of argument ensued over disposition of the body. Some wanted to hang It in the negro section and leave it as a grim warning. Another group shoutec for a burning. Finally boxes and debris were piled high hv the center of the negro district and the body tossed on top. After Gregory's bods had been disposed of the mob turned toward the jail and threat- i ened to take two other negroes who were accused of aiding the hunted man in .evading officers for five days. '.The. idea was dropped.-' however, and lift mob gradually disbanded. , J . Sheriff Miles D..Jordan first re- a -.,. fused: to" surrender . the body.' when mob. However, be- w'lth' the' 'body was impossible and thai; serious trouble was Impending, he consented. TO tl/JJ Government's Final CVOD Guess Nearly. 1,000,000 Above Last August. Association to • Finance .Crop Production and Livestock. Insultingly placarded, this effigy of Senator Hue/ Long was lisnge in' the Hammond. La., city hnll and then dragged throng the'^treets'and burned,b'y'ah angry crowd, prote.siiiiB the election o . • :-Mrs. Bolivar E: Kemp, Long's congress -nndldate. 2 Mothers, 5 Children Die in Fire SAULTI-; STR MAltlE, Mich.. Dec. 8 (UP)—Two mothers nml tlirlr live children were binned « ili'iitli when [i (he destroyed the home of Ernest lliblln liere today. '1 hi- (lend me Mrs. Ei tine Orr, Ul. her dniiuhk'i, CoiiMnnllnc, 18 WASHINGTON. Dec. 8 (UP)— 'he wlciilUiru department todny sttmak'd 1033 cotton production! months, Mrs. Clcnevk-ve Illblln! 31. t l3.!Vf.OCO follies wmipnrfil with Clcnevluvc Hlblln, 8, Catherine, 0, 3.I.M 000 bull's last year. | Jerome, 5, Ernest Jr., 2. At the siiiile time the census Uu- Over heated stove pliics were be- eau reported that 12,108,292 ritn-lk'vi'd to Imvu caused tho lire, fo.iles of cotton hud been ; Inncd' from the' 1533 crop prior lo December 1. compared with 11.35.089 for 1032 nnd 15.018,403 (or 031. The department estimated yield if lint cotton per acre nt 200,4 lounds on the 30,144,000 acres es- Imatrd for harvest this yenr ul- e'r removal plus abandonment of 0.4 per rant of the 40,029.000 acres » cultivation on July 1, 1933. Today's estimate, the fifth and list of the current season, placet! he crop 17.000 bales above the cs- linnte of a month ago. The department has raised Its' climate each month since the August 8 estimate of li.314.00o' bales. On September 8 the cle- inrtincnl Issued an estimate us of he .first'of that month of 12,414,360 'bales, nnd October 8 the estl- hnlo was 12,885,000 bales. Cotton ginned prior to Decem- >e'r '1- in- Arkanstis nnd Missouri was reported us follow. 1 ;: • : 1933 1932 Arkansas 970,694 1.103,156 Missouri 207,818 254,029 Five Bum to Drain FItlliNDSlill', WLs., Dec. 8 <Ul'> —Thico children Ihs'lr niulher and unindhillier WIT bunr.'d lo deuth (uclay when llrmi'S swept their (aim inline a. lew inik'S north o! here. . ' a s c Involves Board's Right to Pay Pecan Point Land Owners. OSCEOLA, AT!,.—Seventeen south Mississippi court}' farmers, Incorporators of tlic Planters Produc T tlon Credit association, signed application at a meeting here, last night for a crmrter for the new- credit organisation . which will i. Vnd money tc farmers for production of ciops and the purchase of feeder livestock, breed- inz herds and flocks, and' dairy cattle. o parts of the city now without I R. " H . noblnson of Kelser was ervice, and the possible drilling ,. n nied chairmm 1 . of the new \cor- of a third well, to insure an ade-< rviation nnl A F Sniese of quate water supply for the future, &££ "£,.,£ ^^ ^ are said to be contemplated additions to the present set-up. The waterworks commitete was authorized to proceed with the iling of an application for n PWA onn bv the council early this week. In the event such n loan Is granted the council bound itself to Issue revenue bonds or other certificates of Indebtedness igainst the plant and Its income .0 repay the lonn in 20 years. No liability would be placed on the taxpayer, it Is understood. R. H. Robinson. L. P. Nicholson, W. W. Ifnll. A. F. Spicse and J. W. Edringt o n. About twenty-five Interested farmers attended the meeting. call:d at tlic instance of County Agent S. D. Cfipenter and held I Market. Committee Has Thousands of Requests. WASHINGTON. Dec. 8 (UP) — Plans to wind up the senate stock market investigation early next Lumber Dealer Heads Osceola Civic Club for Third Successive Term. OSCEOLA, Ark—J. B. Bunll, Osceola lumber denier, was reelected president of the Osceola month appeared today to be head-! civlc cl " b for tllc " lircl succcss- in? toward a fight on the floor of, 1 ™ lcrm ot t; >- "i™" 11 election of officers last night. Bruce Ivy was elected vice president and the senate to force the show to continue. Investigators said "literally thousands" of requests had been received for Inquiry Into local bank- James G. Cos.M. sccretnry-lreas- urer. The election was held al a banquet niceiing to which wives and .swceihear -s of the members "Mrs. John Edrington of Osceola Named County Director. The women'.-, plmsi 1 ' of the CWA ] rugrain In Mississippi county 13 'j!:eady. underv/:;/,' it vas nimounc- eJ this nftcrnao-. by Mrs. Harmon Hcfor'd .of Ilia 'county emergency lellef organization upon her return from a conference at Osceola with Mrs. 'Joh i Edrington, newly appointed director of women's CWA work tof. this .county. The county rrganizatlon, besides Mrs. Edrtngton, r/rihslsts of a committee made up of Miss Cora Lee c:o!cman of Bljtliciille. Mrs. A. C. Dew of Lenchville and Mrs. C. E Lynch of Wilson. • The appointments were announced by W. R Dyess, state CWA director. Approval hp-s already been ob- lalncd from Little Rock for project that w.PI provide Immediate employment for n number of women nt Osceola. tiud tion of a similar project nt Bly- llicvllle Is cxpec'ed shortly. At Osceola Mrs. Edrington has obtained the ii.-e of on abandoned negro schoolhousc which will be .filled up for :-?\ving. canning am other work for women. Women will be given -.mployment nt $12 per week and the articles they will be lurued over to the OSCEOLA, ,1:k.. Dec. 8 — The tint filed in crnncory court lion, a few days auo in behalf o: Janits Baker, Liixoru fanner, seeking to reslra'.n the St. Francis ''vcc board fr'^m paying to landowners of Pec.iii Point nn agreed sum of approximately $140,000 us damages accruing' from the con strut-lion of n :oop In the levee wl|lch left approximately 3.10C acres unprotected and, subject tc overflow. wlJl be heafd. in vaca I'on by Chnnr;",or J.fiP. Gautney at. Jonesboro tomorrow, Eater's suit. c.harge£_' f tha.t . t -JSCIIL a. u. wi i X.-IHIT ana nem , j (......-inn,. -iHixllnnc ' " u ••"•tcuii'iir .s 01 me miMiiucrb .n the court house. Farmers werei' n | an ° ^"r^s situations. . WMC . |ivit< , (1 About s|xty ^^ assisted In organization of the Senator Shlostead of Minnesota | ,,ttendcd, mclud.'ng scvcrnl out of corporation and In making fP^i 0 ", to ,^ hal T ml1 '! FlctchcT T '? town --»"- for a charter to Gov- nwstlgatc (he Northwest Bank crnoiig whom were i ' KH'l^allvIl 1W1 H UJ.IItCI LU ^JUV- |ernor Myers of the Pnrm Credit ; Adminlstralion by W. H. Bcngel j and G. C. Johnston of the Prodiic- I tlon Credit Corporation of St. Louis. ' • . 122 Marriage Licenses in Month at Osceola Rev. J. L. Newsom Heads ] Ministerial Association I The Rev. J. L. Newsom. pastor of the Second Baptist church, has been elected president of the Bly- llieville Ministerial Association for the coming year. He succeeds the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. the office being filled each year by a different pastor. . - — Other officers named were: The' rlai « ! licenses in November. OSCEOLA, Art.—T. W. Potter, deputy county court clerk, in charge of the Osceola office, be lleves his office set an all time rc- ,cord with Issuance of 122 mar- Hcv. W. V. Womack. pastor of the First Methodist church, vice president; the Rev. Stuart Salmon, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, secretary and treasurer. The BlytlKvllle office Issued 108 licenses, according to County Clerk Fred Fteeman, making a total for the county of 230. KANSAS CITY, M O . Dec 8 (UP)-Clarencc Click was convicted by a jury today of Implicatlo . in the $30,000 ransom kidnaping L of Mary MeElroy, daughter of Ihe T city manager. Punishment was fixed at eight years Iniprisonmenl. Waller McGec has been sentenced to death on the gallows for his part In the crime while his brother. George, was sent to prison for llf>. Judge Delays Hearing on Martin Insult's Plea TORONTO, Dec. 8 (UP) — A hearing on the motion flled by attorneys for Martin J. Insiill, asking that tiie decision ordering the extradition of the former Chicago utility magnate be set aside, was adjourned today until December 19. The adjournment was taken because Justice W. H. Wright was not prepared to hear arguments. "I i«celved the papers in this cas« oily la minutes ago," he declared. . ninmint • of ''dn'mages s ' not ~«r rived at by appraisal of the lam ia provldrd for In Act No. 14 Ihc 1932 Assembly. . .The suit ha-j aroused consider able, interest among the cisht counties comprising Hi levee .dlslilc'.,.r.mny of whom as serl Hint payment of tho sin I force I lip. district Into re cclvershlp. Baker is represented by D. 1 Taylor, Osccolu attorney. J. 1 Coston represen's the Pecan Polr landowners, n'n'il J.' L. Shaver 0 West Memphis • Is counsel for'th levee board. The Pecan Poln lir.d owners .inose interests ar Involved arc T. J. liancy, A. N Xing, C. W. Friend. P. J. McCiav ct-k, Louise M-'Gavock. trustee, 1 C. Branch, J. P. Uzzell, Aineli C. Myers, : ;:ustcc, Amelia Myers nnd Joe Walnwrlght. Closing Stock Price A. T. and T 118 3 Anaconda Copper 145 Corporation of Minneapolis. 'Began of Uixo'A W. G. Reynolds Fletcher said the mutter would ;o | union City, Teiin., Mr. Joiner bo referred to the committee. | O f Blythevillc, and Mr. Quick of Shlpstead's reference to Dela- 1 Memphis, (he latter the guest of ware incorporation recalled that '.I. T. Coston o: Osceoln. Harvey C. Couch, now an R. P. C. The principal speaker on the director, and others have been evening's program was the Rev. shown to have gone to Delaware . R. c. Morche.i J. newly appointed when they wanted to extend now- 1 pastor of the Methodist church. ere of a railroad company with O rd other ta'kr were made by ' iclief organlm,! ins for distribution among Ihc nce-iy. fn addition c'nsscs will be conducted In sewing, mattress mpklng and canning at which woni^n wlio nre intcr- C5ted may receive free Instruc- l!on. Miss Coieinnn will suiwrvisc 1 these classes. Application Icr a sewing project fcr Blythevllle .-ns been Hied aim Mrs. Seford said she was hopeful ihe work could be started Monc-ay. j . chairman ol headquarters In Arkansas. It was' j _ said the Delaware cha.-tcr granted ,;iie county federation of women's lo Couch's railroad authority loj • • -- - - - • perform desired functions In Arkansas or any other state In the union except Delaware itself. Ernest L Taliaferro Dies at Brownsville Dennison Named Master of Osceola Masonic Lodge OSCEOLA. Ark^C. M. Dennlson, iocal Jeweler. va« elected worshipful muster of tt*c Oscsola' Masonic rtge last C. L. Jenkliu was elected senior warden, A. B. Smith, junior warden, Coleman Crews, senior dea- «m and L. J Smith, junior de&con. The officers v.ill be Inslnlled on St. John's Eve. Dec. 27, at a Joint ceremony with the Order of Eastern Star. Eastern Star officers will be elided Tuesday even :ng, Dec. 19, OSCEOLA, Ark.—Funeral services fcr Ernest L. Tallafcrro, 71, a former resident of both Blythevllle and Osceola, were conducted Wednesday mornlng v from the family residence In Brownsville. Tenn. The service was said by Elder Elmer Smith and Interment followed in Mrs. S. M. Hodges, chnir- iran of the O?ceola Progressive club, and J. T. Coston. Mrs. Edrington stressed Ihc sale o! tuberculosis Christmas seals and urged of Ihc Civllans. Miss Jaunlttv Tahner .sang, accompanied by Ml« Catherine Har- v.ell, Mrs. E. piano solo, and Driver gave a Miss Margaret MofTIt of Ijiixcra contributed n musical reading, accompanied b> Vfrs. B. O. w;iklns of Luxora. Storm Sewer Real Mine 'For Montana Man „ „_„ , i HELENA. Mont. (UP)-Bert Dai- Mr. Talialerro died at his home' ton has found gold and riches in Hotel Magnate's Heir ' Killed in Auto Upset TUCSON, Ariz., Dec. 8 (UP) — Milton Slatler. heir to the estate of the late Ellsworth Milton Slat- ler, New ,York hotel magnate, was killed and lite wife was injured last night when their car overturned on a highway near the Mexican border, It was learned today when Mrs. Stntler brought to a Tucson hospital. Mrs. Stntler, suffering from shock nnd severe bruises, was not believed to be in a serious condition Will Preach at Reece Bethlehem SK-cl Chrysler ,. Cities Se.rvic 1 . 1 Coca Coin General Aniencan Tank General Electric General Molers Internntlonnl Harvester Mlddlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward New York Cer trnl Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp . Simmons Beas Stll Louls-Spn Francisco Slandard of N. J Texas Co 35 1 50 1 1 1 98 . 30 7 20 3 33 1 41 I 3-1C 23 1-8 35 3-8 4 1-8 II! 5-8 6 1-2 wo Others Meef Death Today in-Electric Chair a I Tucker Farm. TUCKER PHiSON FARM, Ark!, cc. 8 (UI')-A' reprieve flashtf . itb the death chamber today and ived Luther Dean Jackson, negro, om dcuth ',Jn hn electric chdlr i llr :li had Just claimed two lives. Tt'e 30-day'reprieve'from Gov. Mtirlon Futrell arrived just fas irlson attaches were' preparing the icjji-o, convicted sliver of a North Itllo Rock grocer, for his march i the choir. . . The electric chair a few minutes ' rcvloiisly hnd taken the lives of . }. Banks, negro, convicted of 10 murder of a Little Rock pel- ceinnn, and Len McDanlel, seh- enced six nioiitlis ago for the 10- ' car-old murder of a. deputy sher- "f •' H. G. McCall, the governor's sec- cttiry, telephoned the reprieve to 'rlson Siit>erlnlcndent A. G. ated- inn after' the latter had attempt- tl to secure a last minute con- . eislon from the condemned ne- ro. ! ; ' ••-; • ; "Jackson, you 1 arc about to die," : jtcdman had said 'to the negro. I 'lon't wnnt lo see you die with" : a Ho on your lips. Are you gully of murder?" "Before God. T am not,' gro hnd replied. the ne- See Fofd in Support ... of Ropieveh Program DETROIT, M|cn',, r Disc. 8-'(UP)— lenry Ford WM regarded by many )bscrvers today as lining up'801101- y--behind-tvCJjKS^Sjft^f^a- ncliunjLt' •ecovery program even thmijrh he has raited to sign the automotive code; , •The motor magnate, in an international telephone hookup to-exe- • rullvcs of his company^ sDoke o'n- tlmlstlcally of prospects for 1934,'., declared there is "plenty of-work," 1 and said: . . . -" "We've all got to pitch in nnd ' nelp the. president -pull the coun- •• try out of the hole."- .' :-i" Two Alleged Lynchers • Charged With Murder ST. JOSEPH. Mo., Dec. 8 (UP)— The stnte of Missouri (rjda'y drew7 closer (he net thrown out to ap- r ~ prehend leaders of the mob that- lynched Lloyd Warner, confess^ ' negro attacker, here last week. - r J.i First degree murder charges-' 1'iivc been flied against Aaron" l<cvln, 5C, junk dealer, and John Zook, wrestler and former policeman. Both arc ;ieid In Jail with"- ouf bond. "Mercy Slayer" Freed > at Coroner's Inquest ATLANTA, On., Dec. 8 (UP) — John Stephens, 33, was free today of a "mercy killing" charge to which he had confessed to police in the death of his aunt, Miss Allie Stephens, • 60, who'was suffering from an incurable cancer.. > Physicians testified before a 1.2 coroner's Jury that Miss Stephens' 3-B|camc to her death from cancer of •iG 1-2 2C 1-8 U. S. Steel 45 7-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 8 (UPl — Cotton closed bnrely steady. open high low close 090 899 980 089 9E:( 1002 989 989 1014 1018 1004 1004 1027 1030 1017 1017 10M 1042 1031 1031 Dae Jan '.larch May Ji:ly Oct 105" 10CO 1048 1048 Spots closed anlet at 1010. oft 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Oakwood cemetery. Tueeday morning of a stomach ailment after an illness of several The Rev. W. J. I/eRoy. p.isto: of the Lake Street Methodis: church, will p-.-.ich at the Recce Kl'ool Sunday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock. Dec Jan March May July Oct opci: 984 9D2 1011 982b high low close 984 984 994 938 1013 1002 1004 1028 1015 1017 the bone rather than from the blow on her head, inflicted with a flower pot by her nephew In an attempt to end her agony. The Jury held that she came to her death from the cancer and the murder charge was dropped. . Defective Sight Pupils Subject of School Test AUSTIN. Tex. (UP)—Roams with special lighting and school books with extra large type are being used here for in group of 17 public school pupils, singled out for an experiment in steht conservation. The work Is being sponsored by the Lions Club. Examinations which preceded the test showed 213 school children of 4,672 tested had defective sight. Further tests reduced the number selected for t!:e «!ght consen-atlon class to 17. ___ ___ Dr. Henry L. Hilgartner, Jr., 103*! 1039 1021 1030 ' oculist, interested the club and city 1054 1055 1053 I04Toi«hool officials In the project IV cdd place. He started sluicing at the foot of a storm sewer here weeks. He Is survived by his wife,' and has obtained from $1.75 to $2 one sister, Mrs. J. D. Borum of Os- worth of gold a day from the silt ccola, four sons. L. B. and E. !•. of Osceola, H. D. Tallafcrro of Memphis, I«wls Taliaferro of Brownsville. Tenn, and one daughter, Mrs. O, H. Kave Of Memphis. washed down the sewer from Hcl- «na streets. Then things picked up. Dalton "" a pile of oM silver and gold coins and a diamond ring. nebaflrif Dlsnifted it Harvard CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (UP)—Debating has been recognized as an extra-curricular activity at Harvard College by the Harvard University Corporation. Edward Michael Rowc has been named the first Director «( Debating! Spots closed steady at 984. off 4.1 Chicago Wheat WEATHER j Dec May Dec onrn hlpli ^ TT'. ARKANSAS—Cloudy and some- 84 I i M 12 m 7 R «» ^ what ' coldcr lm W- Saturday fair, 8* 1-4 84 1-2 81 7-8 82 ,-& co|der )n j^n^t po n i 0n Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy 86 3-8 8 1 ; 1-8 85 85 1-4, „. , _ and colder tonight. Saturday fair. Chicago Corn The maxlmilm temperaturc here open high low close yesterday was 55, minimum 28. 47 1-8 41 3-8 46 1-8 46 !>-8 clear;.according to Samuel P. Nor- 53 1-S fi3 1-3 523-8 527-Sris, oflWUi w««fh« ob««fYMi

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