The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1943
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BLYTHEWLLE 'IHE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOMJMM XL—NO. 20. Bl.vlhcville Dully News Ulytlicvlllc Ucrnld Uiytlicvlllc Courier Mississippi Vullcy Under HLYTHKVII44 ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, AIMUI, !), lO-il) 81NGI;E COPIES F1VK C 1 President Opers Bond Drive . Campaign Closes But Additional Donations Will Be Accepted Later Tlie special Red Cross campaign. In which both Blytheville ami North Mississippi Counly went ovci Hie top, lias been concluded but nddltlqnnl donations to UiLs cause will l>6 received throughout the year, 11 was announced tnday by James Hill Jr., general chairman ami L. S. Bonlsh, vice chairman, following closing; of the records for the war roll null. These niny. be sent to the Red Cross office here. Blyllieville, with a quota of $10.500, subscribed $11,270.05, and outlying communities, willi a quota totaling $1000, donated $8,210.02, for u total of $23,402.95 received in North Mississippi County, Including $1,787.G2 subscribed by military and civilian personnel of Blytheville Army Ail Field, office receipts of $1,184.86 and contributions of $280.50 received prior to the special cam• paign.. The $289.50 for contributions re- ccivcd prior to the special campaign, does not Include those from . Blytlievllle, Lcaclivllle, Manila and Dell 'which were included in the community receipts. Expenses Deducted With an expense of $414.20 for such items as postage, supplies. stenographic work, Western Union, telephone and trip to Hot Springs conference,' a net sum of $22,888,15 has been turned over to the Red Oross. Ill Blyllieville, I'aul Pryor was chairman, assisted by John Decn and J. W. Adams, $871.50; W. I. Osbornc, $145; Floyd A. White and Russell Campbell, $1,113; U. P. Graves and George D. Pollock, $1,087; U. S. Branson and James Terry.' $U5G.C5; Murray Smart and i - Harmiin Taylor, $527; Ernest Hal' sell and J. V. Gates, $354; Bernard . Allen' and E. R. Mason, $11; Farmer England and Rosco Craflon, 5310- Jack -Brooks and Jack Thro, , • i • i -.' .'..••">. President Roosevelt opened (he Second War Loan. Drive by personally .selling bonds'to While', HpUsq sliilf members. Edna Rosenberg, supem'.-or of del ks, crnter, purchases :i bond as, Secretary .pf .Treasury Morsenlhau. right, looks on. (NBA Telephoto).. 537.29, all of which committees. were business . Other committees for Blytlievllle .were Miss Clara Ruble; booths, $377.71; White residential with Mrs. Isaacs chairman, Mrs. " Today's War Commentary'' A Big Story? Guadalcanal Air liatlle Significant •i: Hy THOMAS .'. IIONOHOK of llnilcU ITcss The great air bailie over Giwclnlcatm!,' reported hy iliu Navy yesterday, may represent more Uuui a sniusliinii triumph for American ISicrs. The "story behind the story," so to micuk, may be 'dial coiiccntriilioii'of Americmi ships which the Navy waid was the target of Uic big Jap air nltack. There was no indication what »-. lions arc concerned, is near an end. , ras 1)c(m sM , lbtml j(, 1)al> MA. Shields Edwards, leader," $335.25; Mrs Charles CrlgBer Jr., leader, •78P.10; Mrs.,.\y5jH. Minyard, lead- Keith,' chairman, $693;" comribu- tions received prior to March campaign, 53,246. Movie-Goers •Contribute A special aniount.'.ol 5482.01 was collected in Ihealcrs of the city with tlie Girl Scouts aiding by collecting Uic money Between shows for several nights. . . la the Community Ciimgaigiis, of 'which Noble Gill was general chairman, a number of towns met their quota and several oversubscribed. These communities, chairmen, iiuotas and amounts raised wcje Yarbro, Milton Bunch, $200. $205; Promised Land, .Mrs. C. F. Tucker, $150, $M(i.30; Forty .and eight, Mrs. I'aul Combs, S150, $223.50; Fawhecn, B. C. May, $100, $33.50; Half Moon, Mrs. O. M. Mitchell and Claude Duncan, $300, $131.25; Now Liberty, H. L. Payne and Virgil Brittaiu, MOO, $3ti9.25: Dell, Olio Koehler and E. M. Woodard, $800, $1,517.47. Whlsllcvillc, Mrs. Paul Selllc- mirc, $250, $MO; lx>st Cane, J. F. Harris and M. I. Slulls,. $100 $•108; Black Water, R. -0. Whitney $100, $112.25; Roseland, Fred Davis $100, $153.50; Boynlon, C. E. Caglc $75, $171.00; Flat Lake, Garret' Abbott, $75, $87.23; Number Nine Charles Limgston, $300, $287.50 Manila, C. W. Tipton and G. E Snydcr, $1.000, $1,533.53; Armorel Garland Gillcnwalcr and Eddi' Rcgcnokl, $300, $300. Gosncll, T. R. Ivy. $100, $101 Lcacliville, C. L. Smith and S. K Garrctt, $1,000, $1,489.21; Calumet Doyle Henderson, $100'; Huffman U. H. Green, $150, $127.50; BarficU! J. C. Ellis, $150, $150; Shady Grove Jim Davfd, $200; Rocky, Frank I. Noe, 150, $176.93; Clear lake, F. A. Rogers and J. A. Hnyncs, $200, $202.50; Brown's Spur, Barney Thrclkcld, $250. It was pointed out in the general report Iliat some communities show uo amount • raised but this docs not mean that no residents of tills community donated as some contributions were made in booths al Blytheville or' in other ways which made It impossible lo give exact credit where due. Accident Remits In Loss Of Finger Pulling a roler in a cabinet cost O T. Wilhugham a finger. Tlic cabinet dropped on his left hand, injuring the first finger next to the thumb so severely that it had to be amputated. He was removed to Blytheville Hospital yesterday afternoon fol lowing the accident, which occurred at his home where he was aiding hi placing tlie cabinet. His condition today Is very good. Chicago Wheat open high low close pr.c' July . HI'a ' 42 141 141% U2 " Scp . l«'.-j 143 142(4 142% 144 possible, of course, that they were merely unloading supplies or were on'their way to unload supplies to the.. American forces on Guadalcanal.' But it's also possible thai they were leaving .the Guadalcanal base for offensive operations against Jap-held northern Solomon^ or elsewhere. , . .-'.', ,."'.' ',. : ",\\-~ ; Mission Was'Important The tremendous size pf the at- icking air* force—98 planes—indi- ite's that the American' ships con- titiilcd an Important target. The aps rarely have sent out such it rge formation against any single bjcctive. .It's possible lhal<'one of heir reconnaissance planes spotted ur ships, if they actually were loving out on an offensive mission, nd the attack force was sent over •illi aiders to annihilate it. From all indications, the Japs -ere badly mauled for their efforts, vith 37 out of the enemy's entire 8-plauc armada shot down, against loss of seven American planes. The Japs apparently know what hose ships were doing in Giiadal- :anal waters, so it will be giving no lid or comfort to the enemy to speculate on their presence there. Air Attacks Significant There have been rumors for vceks that, something bi« seemed to be brewing In the Pacific,, anywhere from the Aleutians to the Solomons. And the furious American lir attacks on Jap positions throughout the enemy's zone of conquest strengthened the belief that our side was going to do the hit- ling. Jap preparations on the island arc north of Australia .seemed certain to be defensive us tlie enemy damage, if any, those ships suffered in the allack, nor is there any *.u n* i,,t <"-. *-", . muviii imj ,ji,\.u .,,..*• ..—".-- --.,-^- --• hint as to what they were doing , i,..;-.,.^.,^,,;; m the Soulhwcsl Pa- there off Guadalcanal. It's entirely '\* K \\\t. But there has been little discussion about American-Australian preparations. It is safe to assume, however, that our commanders have made good use of the recent period of 'comparative calm by strengthening 'troop, garrisons, resting the veterans and preparing for Ihc next phase'.of.'; tlic,,11.10.1 area.. . ' -One- significant "'factor, is lhal nothing has .'!betn heard .of Ihc United States Fleet [or some l|mc. U may. lie. that, the next lime wo hear of our major Ilecl units In action, it wll "lib connected with powerfu and and air activities as well. • '•:•. For Japan, despite .some assertions to the contrary, will nol be let alone In Uic Pacific until Hitler is polished off- in Europe. To do that would lie to commit ourselves to years of warfare agalnsl Nippon even after peace has long returned to Europe. Japan wants lime. We hardly propose'to give it to her. • .' F. L Husbands Heads Group Pldiimng Educar tional Progiam ' > With Cancel Contra) Month "be ing observed throughout the United States Mississippi County 'j#lll, dn Its part in educating llic iiilbllc aboiil this disease ' it was fan, nomiccd today by Mrs. F. L. bands, counly commander.' Headed bj i iiroclamiUun by President nooscvUt urtlng obsprv-i mice of Cancer. Conlvnl: MonthWhi. April, extensive preparations are being made for T. publicity gram umphHsiiitij, control and regular mcdicil examinations s The Mls-shs-ipiil County commit tee will ha\e n mcLtlng in Blj ll)evllle at in cirly date \\lt(i Its' special cnminiyi will be competed, Mrs. Husbinds said She attended a clinic nnd mCp'-^ ing held recently hi jortesWolt which early control •of. caficer ,was- taken up ' ' Cancel^ .second prcalcst cause of dentil in the United --SUt«i,killB cnch year in .this, country more than 150,000 people. Tlie medical profession 'schools and colleges nevispnpcrs the rrtdio, the motion' picture hlduslry and all agc'ridc!, and Individuals Interested hi 'a national ! campaign 'foe the control of cancer are being urged to spread 'the :kh'ow!ed&6 of -the early symptoms of Ihe disease and to publicize information abojit the location' and function's of clinics and other lieallh facilities cii gaged In the warfare on cancer OPA Starts Work On Plan To Put Definite Price Ceilings On Goods . Hv llnltrd 1'rcss Tlie- ilshii! cost of llvhif! , will a sudden slop under, OPA plans to curry out Its purl of President Roosevelt's hojd the line hulnllon order. 'Hie President and Economic Bliibllliiadon Director James,DyniCf revealed today ' Ihul tiro OPA has Marled work on u plun to |»i| 'definite .-i>rlce ceilings on all. com- jnodltlfs ciitotiiiK Inlo Ihc cost of Whig'.. ' i 'I'lius, [tir,.. moxt price celllimt have been based. on a store lo floi'e plan established • 'Ihc new OPA progrnm Is one ]>( Ihc first concrelo steps taken' under Ihc new presidential "hold- jlic-llnft"-' order agaln-st Inflation, , V ByiTics al Conference ' Piw'dcnt-Hooscvcll and Slabl mul loir* Hired or Byrnes'iwme : both tyre enl at todu> s While House conference.. Byrnes helped .-the President explain the new slips to tie"-'takcii. • under Iho mill-Inflation rule. ' Iljriits said lhal lilic Atlmlnls Ira lor Premiss nxmii I; making arnngemoil^ (01 immediate* callings lo be placed on wh6«[, Cot- Ion fiesh fish and other COIN modi (If, Apples and oltici fresh fiull Vtlll be put under cellini,, a, thc> fcome In icason Brown wi>.s thai fresh \cgclablo!, Ml also Ix.' fclvci) celling j On Ihc wage froiili Uyinei sa,KI the rulhlB filves IlltU expn Ruthoilly to rule |n Iwidullno cases, Lust nights ordm buinul Uu ^ranting of wnpe Increases cxcnpt In ccildln sixxltlid cases Byt lies t did not answer dirccllj a question as lo whether Hie of- drr nonld )noie 01 hi)S Irco/e aorkeri hi their Jobs He sild that War Manpower" CqimnLs-slcmcr Paul/fftCNuU^ has, receded substari Iliillj grcalci (jowei ' In effect Byrnes s4UL MeNutl has been Riven thr(rjt\ pow lo do wind he has been dphik Pi'csidoht'•HooseveH-'In'lils direc- li\c: advocates moro lti)t«Uoii and less spending Ho iaji> he Is try- Ing to get tin iktlonal economy oh, a more oven, Icycl ( t(> Mezzouna Reported Taken By Doughboys In Tuhis&8i| Allies Tightening Nbosef; Adolf In Pe.rooii Axis Forces Believed Hefed-, . ed, for §%, Hits Axis Umvoy Crnllimntion of uiwiK lluil Adolf Hitler left the Itusslnn front mid ai|d i<?luniul to Guina(iy Is siou In this exclusive riuilu'iihulo, llnsh- cit fiom Btixjkh^lin 1 3Vr l (leti )o Mow Yoik, thowliiK Kins JUui'b'uf Bulgaria, lift, si)ul Illild mdunllui; tin 1 Hm lilc.i.ndfn Mullen ic, Von Rlbbulltro)) s piolllc (.an he Men belwcen them. -This pholn • vJiis li'iken last.week,wjien Ihn Klnji. vhlleil lllllcr mid rr.afllrnied Ills fallh Iti 'mi'Axil! victory. (NBA riulio-iuluphtito). t Yank Airmen Follow Up Victory With Attack Oh Base At Kahili , ptilcs and vnllbjs , < :IVv lliillcd I'rr.w Amcr(can Illtiih In Uio Kolonuur, ImvO snia,i,li(td Ihq Jap alrdiome at Kuhlll hi a fallow up of ^Vodncs- days Krcn.t alr-vktorj ';> Knlilll ilftti brcn Ihe have for h')- cicanliiK oiioiny nil forces itu the SoirtWo'st 5 Pacltlc ^ * v The Navy ijftys bad Weather pre- vintcd bbsarvMlon of the results 01 the iatd|- Tin! Navy.'coniniunUinc also cor- recliid the figures of JiipancKa lov j-The new ruling :<lld, not .lake up taxes 'directly, 'or .compulsory' sav; Ings.,- T'licfe.. are, matters •rciinlrltlB coiiRit-ssloiinl action. Many,congressional:leaders hnvc .,_.,- ..... „ ... - cxplcsscd appiova! of the edict |«cs In the ()!(, all battle High on Jhe list. Is Scnntor John day near'-' Guadalcanal. Thlrly- Banklicad,,powerful-farm bleu lead- four ralheiv Ihaji tlihly-scvcn cn- pr.i Bankhcad'ln.llic authur of Ihn farin .parity bill vetoed by Prcsl- noosevplt Ihls week. Louisiana Congress, m a n Says It May Be Best To Take "Half A Loaf"-. prepared to meet the expected American onslaught. Thai the enemy has succeeded in convening his island arc into a formidable network of bases is demonstrated by the big Guadalcanal air battle. H also offers convincing proof that if the Americans actually arc to start a new offensive in July Sep, Chicago Rye open high low close pr.c ' 83Vi 83:4 85 8G 84-?i ic Pacific they won't have Ihc dvantagc of .surprise. - : Most likely initial target of a cw Allied offensive thrust, in the outhu'esl Pacific would be the een- rai and northern Solomons. Isabel, Choiscul, Bougainville and Buka slands remain not only a contin- al menace to our Guadalcanal |»- ition, but also constitute formid- ble air and naval bases which dls- ulc mastery of the Coral Sea and he area north of Papua, With them in our hands, along Mil the New Hebrides group to the oulh, our supply line to Australia von Id become virtually impregnable. would have strong protection >ascs all the way from the Anier- can west coast to Hawaii and .Midway, down to Samoa and the Fijis WSAUINGTON, April 9 IU.P.)- Compromlse sentiment Is spreading in Washington to get some pay-as- you-go lax passed. Representative F. Edward Hebcrt. of Louisiana, leader of the 15 Southern Democrats who supported the Kuml skip-a-year tax plan, called on liis followers to accept a compromise plan. Hebcrt wrolc the 15 members that "If we can't have the whole loaf. I think it best lo take half : of it. I believe compromise Is .now in the air. Representative Rnnulf Compton, Republican of Connecticut, and John P. Ncwsome, Democrat of Alabama, meanwhile Introduced a new Income tax plan designed lo meet what they tcj'incd all reasonable objections of opponents of Ihc Ruml plan. The Complon-Ncwsomc '. plan would'foigive"all 1942 (axes for an estimated 7.000,000 new taxpayers and cancel 45 per ccht of 1942 levies for all other taxpayers. A period of ive years would be provided to pay :hc remaining 55 per cent pf their last year's taxes. The,odds are Improving that tin Baby In Parked Car Causes Alaim UiUil His Mother Returns A two-monlh-oUI. baby lift-alone In a parked automobile downtown this morning resulted In thc.;'baby crying- for'sucl^a lonfc 1 lithe ilhat police were preparing lo place the baby In a hospital when .the mother relumed. • •• :i -. : The :mother,. Mrs. Guy Scrams 61 Qsceola, told Police Chief William Bcrryman and Sheriff -Hale Jackson thai she left the baby alone In the ear. while shopping. Police received .several calls shortly nfllcr noon .from passers^ by - who became alaniicd-over the baby crying for to long. Upon Investigation, officers were told by persons In -'.stores nearby that .the baby had been crying for ore than an hour and that they Polieemen And Street Commissioner Voted Raises By City. Council iCARUTHERSVII.bE, Ma. , April !).—At ,lhc • regular: monthly council meeting Wednesday night, salaries of policemen and the street cbmmisdoner were raised, the position of pssistunt chief was abolished;., and results of city electior hield i Tuesday were officially announced, .i Policemen were raiser! from to »120 ' i month, with the mayo and 'into Australia through the Solomons-New Hebrides gap. Would Isolate J;<p Bases Furthermore, we would bs in po- lilion to Isolate the Jap naval bases on New Britain island make them virtually untenable far the enemy. Although General MncArthur and other Allied leaders have gone on record as opposed to any island- liopping campaign on the road to Tokyo, we sllll must win back bases for the eventual against Japan. grand assault We must seize, or at least neutralize, the enemy's positions on New Guinea, New lirilain and Ihc upper Solomons If we are lo undertake more ambitions drives against the liearl of the Japanese Empire. .It may well be that the long lull 85',4 87 In Ihe Pacific, so far as major ac- pay-as-you-go principle, will hav inotlicr chance. Pressure on House leaders for speedy and' affirmaliv lax action,.is Increasing. Livestock ST. LOUIS, April 9 (U.P.)—Ho receipts 6,650 head, 6,500 salabl Top price $15.70; 180 to 300 politic S15.CO to $15.65; ,140 to 1GO pound SH.50 to $15.00; sows $15.15 t 515.10. Cattle 950 head with 900 salable calves 450, all .salable. Slaughle slecrs S12.00 to'$17.25; slaughlc heifers $11.00. to $16.25; mixed year lings' and heifers $14.00 to $15.5 sleeker and feeder steers $11.00 $15.25; canners and.cutters $850, $11.00; cows $11.00 lo $13.50.. ^ i ared he was III. It was decided to remove Hie aby from the car, iiending fur- icr Investigation, and officers bad ccided lo give him the best of ire by placing him In the hospi- al when the mother returned to ic'car and was told officers bad he baby." • - Tlic theory was advanced that he baby had been abandoned or :ldnapcd ,atid much Interest was ircatcd among the large crowd which gathered at the car, parked tear Liberty Grocery. Mrs. Scrams:-sald'she could not indcrstaiid-.why leaving her in-, "ant baby. in Uic car was of any concern to anyone. ' ' to have power lo appoint an act ing assistant chief if tlie necesslt; arises. Street commissioner's sol ary was raised from $125 to $150 Vote results announced were: Alcrmcn—Ward 1,- Obvc Cokei (53; Ward 2, Wordon WriMht, 08 Ward 3. Olt.Monan, 216; Ward 4 W. H, Johnson, 148. .For the llrs time in city politics, there wa no opposition in Uic aldcrmanl voting. For school director. J. M. Reeve my planes.; were shot 1 - down out of ic ninety-eight plane armada. A))- aicnlly Ilicld ucic durmuitlons li in prlBlnnl coim(.. •American -plane, In Ihc We chic via \ bnlllc rq- naln at scvfli Anil the Japanese concur oirlho yuro scvpn. ihil the Navy sllll has no com- len't conccrillni! Jan claims of ills on' Amcj lean idilpplnt!, Tokyo ays the Jap aviator^ lank an Ailed cruiser, '.n : destroyer aiul 10 ransuort.s. And .llib Japs admit losing only .lx oflllelr pluiies, rather thai he 3'4 lislcd by Wnshlngion. Previous Jap Unlms of action In Ihc •acldc luivc lurncd out to 'alsc, or 'grossly exaggerated heir fnvor. -From Mac Arthur's comes the .report of a American success.. A uninllc Hudso MIDI)' feet. Into Ihu ah 1 . The comimml[|iu! icpoils the aps, caused illght dumagc In a alidiome at uh.illa- i B> United Prcs* , , Allied minlcs In south and north limlsla are hemming the enemy rto'ci to Ihe sc» arid tola! dcteat,, British and American forces, in .hi South arc tutting deeper Inlo lie ••InlnWnn Axis bridgehead, roll- nig Marshal Rommel's Africa Corps iicicvi Ihe coaslnl plain, ^i 'Ihc Allies, with heavy air 1 tup- puil, nic (.trlklna up and doyn a new lino, which runs ,lrom Mak- nassy, past Mcz/ouna and towatct Uic sea near' Maharcs. Mahaics Itself ulrcudy may bo in ui UMi hands . v \ ,„ Man) Prlinners Takrn 'M The British KlBhlh Army'htis caplnud nearly 10000 prisoners In Its athaiao northward Americans, under Oeneial Pulton, last were reported on (i line running roughly, • from Maknassy to the hilts domln-, iithig MC//IIOIIU, and thence to»ard Mt>//onnu Ls iciMirtcd lo have been" raptuicd but there Ls no confirmation „,, , -,' 1hu Nu/Ls and Itnll«ns: arc S*ck- liacklnt! norlhwiud from 'U^e ring wlilch the Allies are tryln(j:to drKW aiouiul them Piesumabiy the enemy is 1 headed for 6fnx Urcal destruction K rcportc^, ens l'<e enemy columns moving, up Ihc coas-lal load towaid Sfax I lain}' ('ninny Attacked In the north, the British Aimy has->sol/ed tcveral loiallllas In the Mcdjcz El Bab /one And the Hojal N»vy hai> at- ackcd an enemy convoy ot-ilucc supi ly s-hjas under strong destroyer, E-boul and airplane escort. *» One cnomy ship wni sent to Hie 1 bolloin with ,torpe4oes, and two. loinlicr blasted three Japanc.', Dargcs and trl lire to tlie escort Ing warship of 12 Irarijcs oil the Dutch New Guinea south const.. Another slatc.nent was Issued loday by General MacArtiidr, n sadder nlalomonl marking Ihe nn- nlvcrsnry of the fall of Dalaan. Ill sober .solemn words the commander In chief of the Koulhwcsl Pacific said. , "I was Ihc leader of the lost cause. I pray Hint Ihe salvation of the Philippines be nol .so far lemdvcd that they perish, that It l)c not again loo laic." President Quezon reiterated his faith that the Philippines will be liberated. And Secretary of State Cordell Burglary. Case Underway This Afternoon; Fivci, Years F'oi Ncgto •Drlmlinil Division of Circuit Court was rapidly moving lo a close this afternoon with trial of jloyd "Iluolsoy" Clark, charged with burgliiry and grand larceny, mdcrway. -. Jail prisoners and defendants In discs who are at llbcryl under .mini were lo Iw arraigned in cpmi thLs afternoon, .the Jull prisoners liavlng entered plena of sillily lo be sentenced anil those al liberty under bond t" entered pleas. Court was scheduled to adjourn late today aflcr one of Iho faslcsl moving "sessions In history, with the court docket almost "clean," • .Indue Waller Klllough of Wynne presided In the two weeks session. Mose Houston, Negro, tried on n charge of (irsl Ocgrre murder; was convicted of a charge of second degree murtlcr and punishment fixed at live years Imprisonnienl by Jury which returned a vcrdell , lilts wore made p,> a, second, vfhlch piobably sank , v , • 'Ih? u>nvoy fhtd on 1119 B'ritlsh bhlp-s, lufllclhiB minor "damage ail(l uiEilaUles. W^ieiv thc.Brltlih with- diew\t r he < ehemy vessels wert oon- fuMaJ and Here firing on 0116 ah- olhcV Mk lio»spa|itrs me said to TwVo been oidorcd to prcpaio the IKO])\O on the omny home fronts for news f dl«nslej tint)} Afilcn A Swiss rilspiilch says Ihal.Goi- ' yesterday afternoon. He was charged with fatally .shooting another Negro, Jamcf Ilughra, recently at a Doll nl(jh chili. The other Negro murder case a this term resulted In Louis Gor man. who fatally shot two othci t-Bi-ncs. being found guilty o Hirdcr In the second degree am uiil.sluiicnt fixed al seven years. and Ilobcrl C. Mchrlc won In n Hull called for redoubled cifoil.s lo Brazil has two waterfalls which ire higher than Niagara. three-way race for the two posts lo Ire filled. The vote wiic: llccvcs. 454; Mchrlc, 417; and Dr. P. J. Aquino, 21C. Vote for $1.00 lax rale was 341 "yci" and 45 "no," and for nine monllis school term was 361 "yes" and 29 "no." The council ordered strict licensing and vaccination of dogs, since there have been one or two rabies suspects killed recently on Ihc streets. The police department was instructed lo check on car owners living within city llmils who had not yet secured city licenses. ivcngc the (all of Batumi. In the House. Rep. Hamilton Fish urged that the annWeruiry of liat.ian be commemorated by providing MacArlhur with men and equipment lo bomb Japanese cllie.s and to conduct an all-out offensive In the Pacific. American planes destroyed a large enemy supply dump In noiiliwcsl- crn Burma, and attacked Iwo Japanese airdromes and an operational base In south Burma. The Unlled States Army Air l-\>rcc communique says the bombing of iho supply dump sent black Miiokc Leaders Prepare To Raise New War Bond QuoU Girding for Ihc task of selling $285,000 worth of War Bonds this month, the North Mississippi county Victory Fund Commitlcc and War Slavlngs Staff will have a Joint meeting Sunday afternoon at the court house' to make plans for an Intensive drive from April 12 to April 30. Tlie'second War Loan drive In Nortli Mississippi County will bo publicised, .along with, campaigns In other counties of Region I, by announcement of amount ol bonds sold each day .as an Incentive for Increased buying. 3am li. Williams, chairman of Region 1 made up the eastern half of Clay. Polnsctl, Craighead, Greene and Mississippi counties, also will serve as chairman of the Norlh Mississippi County Victory Fund Committee, along; with toy Eich, chairman of the North Mississippi Counly War Savings Staff. Although the official drive opens April 12, all bonds of any type sold beginning April I will be applied lo Ihe quota, it lias been announced. v The entire county has a (iiiota 1 of. $570,000, which'is (he largest •uota assigned any counly In the cglon lo exemplify the wealth ol lils .section. Craighead Couuly was assignee >I05,000; Greene, $304,000; Poin sell, 4181,000, and Ihc eastern hal if Clay, $16,000. Quota tortile stale Ls $20,160.000 Al Ihe meeting Sunday after noon, 3 o'clock, Iho Victory fum workers ! ah dthc War Savings Staff will be given specific assign menls and instruction will be glvei as lo procedure for .successfully concluding the drive, it has bcci announced..' >,• mn and Italian inptjrij arcprc- urlng the groimci to break Iho owe of dcfcaliind possible amilhU- llon of (lie Axis aimlc-s. in Tunlsl.l J Osceola Woman Badly Beaten Tuesday Night; Suspect Held - - • •* James Parks, 45, has been ar- •cslcd uir a chaige of attempted criminal .assaiill follonhili an attack-.upon Mrs John Boothe, 23 of Osceola, which occurred Tuesday night at the Boothe home in Sheriff Hale Jackson and plhci officers, searching', for- Parks,-wore flagged hy a man as- he walked along Ihe road enrly the next morn- Ing. :, , Planning lo question all pcdls- IrliuM, Ibe officers stopped, the cur and picked up Ihc man who proved lo be Parks. In Jail at Qsceola, where he has lived for. a long time,' Parks has denied the attack. Mrs. Uoothc, who was 1 bad I/ beaten by her attacker, was.sub- Casc of Clark began Ihis morn Imitiated In her story by a Negio ag alter Jurors had been selected cslcrday afternoon. Charged with theft of $70.05 coin lien Lamb's cnfe nt Manila in March 9. Clark is said : lo live East Prairie, Mo., but had been ,-orktnu In Manila. He is represented by Guy Walls of Manila. Jury commissioners for Ihn term were Clarence II. Wilson, G. G. Redman and Kendall Berry Next term of Criminal Division of court will be held here In November. /. : New York Stock* N Y Central ........ . ---Hit Harvester ......... — Noilh Am Aviation It) 3-5 87 3-1 125-8 Republic Steel 16 1-8 Radio 9 1-4 12 1-2 9 3-4 Socony Vacuum ....; Eludcbakcr Standard of-N J 51 Texas Corp 46 1-: Packard • 45-1 U S Steel 54 3-A T *. T 141 7-8 .. 52 3.. 28 .. 63 7... 12 1- Amor Tobacco Anaconda Copper liclli Steel ....... Chrysler ........ Coca Cola Gen Gen Electric ............. 35 1-: Motors — . ......... 47 3 •anian, Wilma- Smith, who lived cross the street. Parks Ls alleged to have gone tu he Booths home In the northwest dgc of town ..' and asked Mrs Dootho If her husband was home. Mrs. Boothe said she lold Parks ic was y/orklng in the field and hat parks entered the house. When he attacked' her,. Mrs. Boo Ihe, as she beat off jicr assail- aiil, screamed so loud she' was icard by Ihe Negro woman. The Negro said that when slie ran Inlo the Boothe house that the white man fled. Parks, who is married, has been Arrested a number of times on charges, it was said. New York Cotton Mch. May July Oct. Dec. open high low close 1981 1970 1956 1967 1978 2025 2030 2015- 2016 2037 2000 2005 1991 1895 2016 1975 1984 1969 1970 1933 1965 1976 1960 1967 19B3 New Orleans Cotton Montgomery Ward open high lov, close prcl Mch > 1986 1999 1981 1989 2007 May . 2048 2056 2038 2038 2<K>5 July . 2032 203t 2017 2017 2043 Oct. . 2000 2012 1995 2002.2021 37 1-2 Dec. . 1990 2004 1986 1997 2013

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