The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE.. SIGHT Pope Pins XI El SPOTS' 11B Rail LIIPS anri Siilw.w . c vstem Prepaivrl For T!" !r.(*.( :inlc ill -I'.if vrVtw }'*'!* ;- ',!'.'* orjiiniyftf ion i'' /-iii- rr • t '["in-iyr-. ,in^l ^'.".li/rt.'ioj; '••;;'-• ill Mfl <ji' ••'lii'KdT :.r,nf.< <!•-". Mirilfiiirt .v 3";":- , <i«c oi •--;• train rwntly displays! in far Carrin Cn']i'<1 the "Air r ys .Vf:LsV<! S.'iicls Pr^r-rm- i/~.n Mobile Hiv notional .••Ifoptng ran pointed yellow. One far n fitted as A lecture mester, f'TVible of seating :irt men,'. inT. and fire-fiqritiru; equipment,. The o'her car has wen divider! trto [lire? compartments. At one en--J ft an undrevinft-nv.m where cnnTj\minuTed Horne* may he re- ' moved and cleaned Tu ti'e middle i <if rhe car 3 Irtr^e bnthrwm is emilpppfl -jvirn and at trie other end ii a rtrrssinij-ram where i fiien can put on clean clothes • Kninitwd, r.f training the at SMO.OCO, ! r>wrf, of it orvin^ t/> fhe TOrkin^- '• time lost, by t'ne l.IWi Ir^vlmE; i Inslnif ttrs nn<! the M.OflO stu'- ; rtenfs, I Severtlwless many rtft.Tils <^n- I not be wttled until an mt.ick as- j tiially ocoiir.i I Once Proud Liner Goes Tff Graveyard for Junk HALIFAX. M. a (OP)—The Tv- rian. once ;i .jrourt tranantlnntlc IMf.-cnvcr iiner. lias '/one t» 'li'-- T!it- -:,M -Jiii). Tor l>i years' , . hndexwirit innr. i, i.v;o IIL- : i Allied Hii- i IWH-rii,, vessel : jn n.-i' I *3v ifl PUtf.iii, :(. s. .«n..ri- !!( j 'i'lll \v. liroicn 'ip. j tiii.L :u fita-vji,',, ai^ Tyn.m i Luie, Llim oef;tini- .1 '.Vr-r-.t [juilr,-. j chilli?.'!' :(.-: j •xilUt- '-:l]ifj. TiLr v<^- j •>! was iie<:i:n-«i 'unit :'ur :u:r:'/.- | .<m:m ifti-r .j I'.rjiia::- iiiKphutiui or ner miu ji I.-HI. .,mi nx-: nt-Hi id :jp :IL :t i-ar'n-.tjuth. M. ^.. J' -ivi-r .sir.i:e. CQfJHIEH SEWS THURSDAY, DRCKMBKK US, i-jy? 666 ! f.lnnUI. T.»nli COLDS ana " FEVER first Jay ' Drcn.s nijjiuu-. 4 *. jTry "Knl)-Alj-TJsm 1> -Wiir!d > » ] I Uninie.nt SPECIAL OFFER This newest pictm-e of Ha Pope piM lit reveals no trace at the infirmities that hove repeatediy aronse.d fearx for hh well-bemj. FfLs lace, full and calm, looks much yrwnger than his nearly 81 years. Despite Illness, he hM cnntiniied to perform most of the papal rtutiM. One &f th?sff is to rietHfie- whether trains should continue : rnnnlnsr while it nlri is in procr- > ress. At the beginning of j World War trains stopped during ] - 1 * raid, but in later rlny.i they con- i tin\ie;l their Journeys under the \ belief that a trawling object Is j more, difficult, to hit. J Apparently tfie I,onrlon, Midland i ft, Scottish trains will nrjt, stop i (luring 9lr ralris. V*erame amon.i? } the fnulpment eventiinlly to fj fiipplf«l to each station Is a yel- i low signboard lettered In black. I "Air Flnlcl in Prosrfis." Thh Is ! (o be set or) on station platforms j to warn train engineers who may j not be able to hear the of • Sombs while Ihclr tralas are. rtin- nlng. Another problem as yet unsolved Is that of stations which have Wombat Start* Digging "Back to Australia" P7flI;ADELPI([A i UP i— Officials of the Philadelplha 'fjc/o wnnder-id •whether their I'cimbat 1'nr; tfyino; W (li-i himself hack Co his native' Au.stralui. i The xombnl. an animal '.hatj Vs.b?. U!cc .1 small .^r.nn'jf bear.inrl' is distantly related to the kanja-l r«x had excavated a hole I. feet I [Je;p and In feet toni? in the direoj tlon f.f ihe ftiirlch and kangaroo] hrniw »'hen he. finally was de-; excAvat^fi rmd placed in a cage, i Although his family scientific! name L-. phaw.o!«mys, the ideal i member has been n i c V. n a m - cl i "Dm;-.- life sentence for habitual criminals, the e.-f-convict's plea of <juil'.;- for COT theft w?_i enough wbrinsf him a life sentence. Then a deputy clerk noticed (hat one indictment was for the capital oiTer_ie.' That could not be considered wh^n- declaring a man an liabitua! criminal. The judge sentenced him to 10 years, maximum term for cattle stealing. L'anada\ Union.* Kive 3'Z'147J OTTAWA ,UP>-The total mem-! bcrship of all classes of trade unions in Canada at the end of i 1936 was 322.413. according to the IBth annual report of the do-' mmion department of tabor. WE HAVE A FEW Brand New Firestone Tires AT SPECIAL Low Prices WHILE THEY LAST Don't Forget Our Free Service For Brakes. Lights, Battery. Ant;-Free-/e Wheel Alignment FORD ANTl-b'RKK'/K PRESTONE WINTER OIL PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th 1 Walnut rhone 310 higli (fiwer.? or gla.w ratifs. Both _ , . ~ J of trier* glistening landmarks in- Prior Conviction Aids vlte altatk. 1 r .. TL . . . _ Safely Prcoantlans Takm i LiUllly I hiet In ICX3S But crippling M one Button not. prevent l.he civilian evacuation of even the heaviest overcrowded find. Krlc J. Fo;rr WORTH. Tex. (tipi— B«-J he onre '*as eoiwicted of aj , •• -•• • ...... r- eoiwce o a of l/)r,dons Eiutj tmiM nffrnw . „ ss-yrar-olrt Fort , ,,,. ,, , I Worth ex-convict recently escaped to Wing-commander a tife prlsw , wn tpnrc frjr -t«-)lin" hfiMl of the air!,, ..i«aim«. ' raid rerantlom department n! the Home Office, refugees will be liW.fd in public buildings tt\tar. !!•«»> ICO miles frim their homes. | They will )>e jciic.iiA of nn- Ilioritles in small invttf, surround- j irig rnHropdlltnn J-ondon. Tnt-M > I'jfal fiiithorHle*; Viavc ayreetl to ccrip'Mf* fdtly. Suljway Slalfom F.nlar^rd V/llliln Ixjndon il.'.<:U, air raid pw-atiflons are ^'ini! made (n rj.njimcdon with normal biilMln? nctivill";-.. fK'S!tii3rIy iiridergroiincl, rind subwuy statloai arc bclnK rn-1 Inrcfd nnd Improved- theorotkal-1 ly to cojie. with Incirawd conges Win ilurinn matt hours, tjut Hi liiillilfrs n[>p^-ar constantly U) In inlnd the experiences of Hie ln.'.l Wrtr when tlie iinderurouml prdVed Ui he the safest of ;iH Uimlfr «nu,ire is one o! tlie many Rlallon". which recently has Ijcfn "irnprovtd," It Is reported Hint within i fc* years one bombproof, nas-proof platform will Flretth from [,(>lcn(cr ftinarc i/> I'• iidjointn? slnllon. I'iccntlllly Circus. Today Plccsidllly Circus is considered one of tlie larscesl underground fitrillons In the world. When the reported runal(;amiillor (<f Ihri two fitatlons Is completed It rfimiltl \K nblc to Insure the rmfcty of several thou- of Ixfndoricrf! against any le nlr nltnck. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MAIDEN GRAIN CO. W. O. keeves, Agenf So. n. If. .Siretl JUytheville, Ark. 1'hone 55) <09-K<)ol Slarf, Krtclrd MAIttON. O, (UI'l-A 109-foot moke suick, roiinuxlly the tallest of II* klnil cast uf the MlMl.wippl tdvcr, Imn bci'ii put Inlo opt-rntlnn nl n Mnrloti iwwer plnnt. SPECIAL Merchants /• A ('into uilr Lunch TVV HOTEL NOBLE A FACT EASY TO SPOT! The t»opard'% ipali are there for good, She could not change them if she would; And you can't chortge thh fgct, good friends, The !m>d today's fo better blendt CAU FOR CALVERT! 81ENDINO.AND THOSECM.VEKT PEOPLE AR6 EXPECTS CLEAR HEADS {[CLEAR HEADED BUYERS} CALL FOR WHISKIES MEAD'S IMPORTANT CHRISTMAS MESSAGE! This imporiunt Christmas message is just in the nick of time for St. Nick dress-up lime. Many Blytheville and .Mississippi County ni--'u and young- men have already taken advantage of this money savinsj opportunity and have balanced their Christmas budget as a result. They are dressing up and buying >iit'ls for their family and personal friends with liv savings. So why don't you com* tomorrow arui attend (his PEE CHRISTMAS SELLING OF 123 HART SCHAFFNER & MARX and Mansfield OATS reduced to help you balance your budget Every suit and topcoat in this $24.75 group is from our regular Fall and Winter 1937 stock of Hart SchaHner & Marx and Mansfield clothing. Every garment is 100' ; all-wool (important to know these days). All clean-cut models styled by Robert Surrey and Mansfield. All are guaranteed to the limit. The suits are here in husky worsteds of navy and dusted blue; in tudor and oxford grey; in briar and gunstock brown; and in mallard green. Topcoats are here in dressy dark blues and oxford greys in all wool fleeces. Choose from single or double breasteds with half belts, full belts or box backs. As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 313 WEST MAIN STREET

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