The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1941
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY-10; 19-11- BLYTHEVIU,E (ARK.) -COURIER,NEWS PAGE SEVEN .. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Caily rale per line for consecutive insertions: Cue time per line lOc TAYO times per line per day 08e Three times per line per day..0(jc Fix times per line per day..'.. .oiic Month rale per- line ". fiOc Card of Thanks .f>0c & 75c Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three or six times ::nd slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of time.s the ad appeared and adjustment of bill rhnde. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outride of the ci.ty niiist Ue accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. • Advertising Ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Sate Sawdust blower. J. A. Bage, Manila, Arkansas. 9-pk-2-9 35 tons Rood alfalfa hay. Inquire Pickard's Grocery. Call 1133. 14-ck-21 Highly desirable medium size farm home. SO acres. 2 miles from Steele. Mo. More than 'bale-to- ncre land. Gravel road. Up-to-date new home. Asbestos .siding, electric lights. Large ne\v barn. More than ?2.000 new improvements. On hand approximately 700 bales alfalfa — -550 bushels corn—implements and mules. Walk out. for cash, quick sale. Worth the money. Owner in bad health. P. O. Box 21. Steels. ; ,Misscuvi. 13-pk-20 [ v Ky Owner. IGO Acre ftirm, l^n acres in cultivation. Plenty »,i iicoci buildings. Immediate possession. Price S10.0CO. Small down payment, terms on balance, or 50.500 cash. See Gage Knight. Ca- uithersvillc. Phone 623J or 353. ' . 10-pk-n- For Rent 4 room furnished apartment. Call 274-W. Mrs. Edwin Robinson. 14-ck-U 3 room furnished apartment. Private tile bath. Private' eiitrahcf 1 . Ekclrie water heater. 125 E. Ash. l5-ck-18 2 room furnished apartment. Private bath. 110 W. Ash. bosna Mick. 13-ck-20 ?> room furnished apartment 'anil bedrooms. 713 Chickasawba. Telephone 592-W. Mrs. E. iVt. Eaton. Minnows for Sale ! •"™L*W S visit R ^ llu>d Goldfish and Shin e rs. 300 E Main St. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks.- rn- , 11 res USED TIRES lcpo»»sessed A ^fade-itis AH Sizes 2Sc up HENRY HDWIC. CO. H1CKSVILLE, O. • UP).-Mrs. Mary Ann *Vrrdwsmith celebrated 3 room unfurnished apartment. Private bath. Call 728. 508 W. Chickasawba. 13-ck-U" 1 Bedroom adjoining bath, men only. 613 Walnut, Phone 1031. !3-ck20 3 room -unfurnished apartment. Phone 327 or night, 55. 13-ck-tf S rcom house 1023 Walnut S35.00 3 room apartment 316 N. 9th $17.50 5 rcom house 324 N. Fifth 525.00 5 room- house 31? Dbugnn 520.00 E. D. Ferguson, Phone 100 13-ck-lS FOR SALE—Hay and corn. Wile.'. Smith. Burctette, Arkansas. 19-pk"-l-r Good work mules. Cash or terms Cash bi- terms. See. Floyd Simpson. Manila. Arkansas. 3-ok-tf EXPERT & AOKTYLENi, t)r;i gr line and heavy specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co Plume 19 or Res. 101J) Kxpert Electric and ' Acet.vlen'r l'\vo room furnished apartment. Lights, water and phone furnished. Private entrance. Screened back porch. 2 closets. 710 So. Lilly. Phone 1175. 9~ck-16 One light housekeeping room. One bedroom for two. Cheap. Close .n. Water and lights furnished, 115 East Walnut. Furnished front bedroom. Next to bath. 713 W. Main. Phone 938. 2-ck-r,f Wanted Good Dry 24 inch fireplace wood. E. Hcincirix. Western Union. CALL 372 For Fimey * Staple Groccriei F hsl Class, Tender KREE DEIJVKKV AN'VWIIEUE IN TOWN. CITY FOOD MARKET (Junior Franklin * Harreli Davis j. i). AV«> move anybody, ahytrhere, anytime. CALI. HIKE I'HIIJ.IPS AT (510 27-ck-l-27 Male Help Wanted Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Good condition. Corner of .vfiiin find Second. Call F. Simon, rhone 764 or 1170. 1-ck-if HLVTHEVILI.E TERRITORY OPEN dh pjtgrani of large nmn- ufacuirer. estabiisljed 34 years, requires e.v)>erienceci salesmixii," over 30. with clean record, to cover this territory. Exceptional weekly com- i missicn earnings on .current sales with additional steady winter income on paid annual volume. No delivering or ~ collecting. "Biggest -season just ahead, so act promptly. Give details of sales experience to Salesmanager. Box 17GG, Cleveland, Ohio. WANTED 194041 Loan Cotton APPLEBAUM Br.YTHEVll.LiS, ARK. Phone 1(J7—LI) 11) 107 So. 2nd SI. tier moth birthday by tc'llijig of Honry Clny'.s visit to her parents' liomo. "Although \vt> only ilvpcl in a kx; cabin, Mr. Clay was :u» nf- n««i tMHcruiinin" DANCE EVERY SAT. NIGHT Blue Kooni NOBLK Two room furnished apartment. Also bedrooms. 100 W. Kentucky. Jail 1129. 31-pk-l-31 Bedroom convenient to bath. Steam heat, Phone 280. 27-ck-U iJcsirnbie bedroom; twin beds. Men Preferred. 1017 Walbut, Phone i.02. 24-ck-tl :,. room furnished apartment. '70fc W. Main. 23-ck-tl bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. Men preferred. Cbriiei 'Jhickasawba and lOr.h. Phone .lumber 1. 23-ck-U Available, sou. •-^wo-room office r.uite, wihdow.s HI Main street v bias:. P.')L - if No. One .Notice It you have .spvcral rent houses for sab soc Rollisoh and Cagle at once. Ill No. Second. Phone 5128. 15-ck-tf Frnder and Body Work and i«i\vn iVTiwcr Sharpenm:: ^^-fcfj^ Deli, Ark. L oa SMALL LOANS On Anything of Value A?,SO: Unredeemed merchandise n prices. M4?N LOAN CO, OH K. (Main ?(. fl-ek-2-n IF usit ^ai c • &* lv$£ I ^MLIu KVERY'CAR SWARKBI) DOWN NKARLY ALL MAKES * 1M.ODKLS. in-H) Chi'vrnlct Special ^/?>«O Deluxe Town Sedan ^U^SJ MOVINfJ & DRAYACiK ANYAVHKRE, ANYTIMK We (iikc furniture For moving n PI r () I ST ER! N G & RK PA IKIN ^ WE FIX ANYTHING All Work Guaranteed Rlylhcvillc Furniture Co. '•{i K. M;iin riionc II Personal .\rouse 8rjggis,D Uv«r. work ofl che biJp to rid yourself of constipation, gaf pains, and that ounk feeling Take one box of HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repairing, Welding Across from Red Top Gin man," Mrs. Arrow.smlth said, "However, his body .servant put on airs." Road Courk-r News wnnt ads LOOK! ONLY FOR A Wert Optometriit "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" JM IMMC*' Phone 540 AND YQUROlD TIRE SI7f 600 * It eSta implements, .112 Inc. M'l STANDARD TIRE •UT NOWI BUDGET PLAN *m I PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. h ,V \Vnlniit I'hmie HU> LTVEIt DON EDWARDS "Th* Typfwriter Hl»n" lj. SMITH CORONA. AND REMINGTON PORTAUUS TYPEWRITERS GLENCOE HiDTEL BUILDING PHONE Oil < Every Transaction Must Be Try Our Barbecue RIBS Th«y'r« Drliclous Ole Hickory Inn SAVE 4i . every of f M— Tank car (Tetnethyl JOYNEK & If. 8. llifhw*7 61, JNoHk ••in... i" M-lloiir t»r. CORIPLRTE LINK OF OFFICE SUPPLIES DKLTA OFFICE 8UITLY STOKh iiiiii Ash Sts. 1940 LOAN COTTON '-.FOR BEST PRICES SEE OR PHONE J. E. Hasson Phone 99 Gtvncoe Hotel Bldf. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Bes Kirby Bfii£ Stbrfcs FOR 6 nwm. btingnlou- E. Ky. Ave. O'mnei- lot ion feet •frontage. A THOMAS LAND GO. II. C. ftamphcl!/ S Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms interim! hemorrhoids that, do not protrude tire dftdnUmtvs an illusive aliment Klhco they ur« listinlly hot painful, They an; lYwiuenUy the; cause of much reflex suffering. Some of tin: most common conditions tluU are ciuused more or less directly by intcrnnl Hemorrhoids us well ns other rocta! pathology mi-: hlfth blood pre.ssurc. digestive disturb- smec.s, oxtroine norvcnisiH'.ss, dull low-backache, back ot thighs ucho. fasomhJn 'sleeplessness) and constipation. x it ts lolly nnd dangerous to chifer or neglect exhmlnatlon and ti-ealu^nt, that win reUtivo nnd cuvfi this URS. 1N1ES & NIKS Ark. Clinic-514-Muln Washing Ironing 7 quHts or ManTcrts Sl.OO Willie Bell Green, behind City I<* Plant, H.W. fil North. 9-ck-NMi Hcney-colrred Cocker Spaniel, one year. Name Blcndic or Honey. REWARD. Mrs. Rodnay Banister. call 316. ' is-ck-lK There arc about 178,001) miles of roads in England. Dr. W. F. Brewe Dentist KlytheviiJc. Arkansas Specials! Extractions - - - - $1 Full Upper and Lower Plates- ^ - .. . $25.00 (Kvti-;».clionjj Included) BIBLICAL CHARACTER Pcdan. RO J J94(3 .$649, . $629j S..?.—':. $5091 '"'"' v"<rr' V8 Tudor Deluxe . Model HORIZONTAL 1 Biblical character. 5 He was a of the Old Testament (Pi.)14 Tapestry. 16 By \vay of. 17 Pertaining to the sun. 18 To dangle. 19 Small hotel. 20 To fly. 21 Opposed to highland. 23 Walked heavily. 2f> Toward. 26 Vocal. .30 Kind of hemp 34 Indian. 35 Bill of fare. 36 Sewing tool. 39 Twig. 30Morindin dye. 41 More mournful. 45 He built the Answer to Previous Puzzle •—- called the Ark. 50 Auction. 51 Animal skull bone. 53 Goddess of discord.- 55 Malarial type fever. 56 Dined. 57 Domestic slave. 58 He was ed by God to build the Ark. 50 Full. VERTICAL 1 North Africa (abbr.). 2 Part of Shaft. 3 In a row. 4 Entrance room 6 Greedy. 7 Baking dish. 8 To declaim. 0 Analyzes. 10 Chamber, 11 To applaud. 12 Rabbit. 13 Senior (abbr) 15 Roofing material. 21 He look a pair of all '• creatures onto the Ark. 22 To bow. 24 He saved those_on the Ark from the -—- or flood. 27TJnit, 28 Frozen water. 29 Lout. 3J Little devil. 32 Indian weight 33 Cuckoo. ^ 37 Youth. 38 Five plus six. 39 Cry for help. 41 Starch. 42 Astringent. '13 To opine. 44 Street. 45 To change. 46 Sea eagle. 47 To blind- 48 Gaelic 49 Cotton staple. SOBsslikc part. 52 Mountain (abbr.). 54 To observe. Deluxe To'.vn Sr- Plv'irf.uCn Rf»icl King. " 10 ^n Chrvrolct Sport Sedan. A beauty JM* Chevrolet Town SrcUm Tov,-n Sedan. Hoatcr $ $489 $375 IMany More at Our F% '•"J>.y O.M.A.f. Payment IMan Open Niglits iuiri Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Clew's Not Duriil) KY V; , HAiVlLIN FULL H * */E COMMOKJ MOUN OUT OF MV vow riJ'^ ^%^^™^ X A SHOOT THE WO#J<£> ' V, PAL .s. n's MOTCLEOPATRA THAT... THAT TREADS I AM A \t AH ^ THEM HAVIMG^OME POWERFUL^- WITH VOUP - CHILDISH WIZARD 'I COME MOT TO REC5ALE ITS COURT WITH TRICKS, BUT OK) A MlSSIOSi OF FELL ME, MV LITTLE I^^AM, WHAT IS THIS AX YOU WISH CL&OPA TO GRlKJCJ.'roR. VOU e , WE WILL GET.T^/ BUSIWE5S ( EH? in Kxplaiuilion BY FJ)(AR MARTIN . . ^ ^QT, &\\J^.V\ TO inu: the Retrea BY ROY CRAM; MEH-'THATSCATTEREO ! AT LEAST 60T THAT ACCURSED DVSTRVCT ATTOPhJEV WHO REFUSE TO PLAY THE BALL WITH US. 1 FALL BACK, BOVS.THEy'RE BARRICADED 8EHWD AND SHUTTERS QUICK! BEFORE THEV CAW SECURE REWFDPCEMEMT'S, WE MU5 1 DESTRa OUR RECORbS AMD AAAKB WAT VOLJ CAUL THE GETAWAY* . t!M1 BY NE* SEBVICC. IMC, t. M ^EC. U. S. PIT. OFF FRK(!K,KS AiN 7 I) HIS FRfENDS R»..LI, BJ.. AREN'T YOU GOMMA POKE HIM OME ON THE SMOOT? I GUESS YOU'RE RIGHT! AFTER. AU_, JUNE HAS A R1GMT TO GO PLACES. IF STEP OUT ON HER ' .I'LL BET YOUR. FOLKS AP>£ GONNA GO up IN TMH A\R. BEFORE YOU DC DOMT 8E FUMMY/ I'M MOT THAT TOUGM , AMD HE'S MOT THAT LITTLE t WOULDN'T KNOW.' BUT, BOY, THESE GUYS IN WELL, 1 KNOW ONE, THING / TOMORROW A WAV ABOUT / TO RMD OUT ALL. ABOUT One Gnncl Turn— ll 9s.UE.ME YOU- .'TfeLL GOLD \S ROOrA AT -THE -TOP OF THIS CLIFF VILLA6£.' AM 1 HELL. Tri^ \v iHATT C5OL.1D HAUL ^t5U UP, PROF6.5SOR..' EV V1AMT1HE GOLD

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