The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAUCH 10, 10" 1 BRIDGE Society Cakndat Friday The Music department of lhc Woman's club U meeting at (lie club at 2:30 o'clock. HtndkntlUef Shower Given for Miss .Malian. Miss Grace Wclb complimented Miss Margaret Mahan, bride-elect, wjtfi a handkerchief shower when she entertained members of the Wednesday Bridge club and a number of guests, making 20 present. White ' carnations, siiajxlrngons, buttercups and roses predominated in ths lovely baskets of spring flowers which decorated Hie tlnec rooms thrown open for this occasion. Tlie tallies were also emblematic of the spring season. Mrs. W. J. Pollard, won hosiery for tile club award and guest honors, went to Mrs. Ross D. Hughes who received a picture. Miss Ma- Jiim was surprised will) an attractive assortment, ol handkerchiefs. I Besides the club members these j guests were present; Mrs. Joslah Q. F^rl of Clarksvvlllc, Tent!., Miss | Mary Elizabeth Dinning of Helena. Miss Mary Louise Taylor, Mesdames jjNick Thomas. Henry Humphreys. Ross D. Hughes, R. F. Kirshncr, Paul H. Rosenthal, Walker II. Bak- cE Byron Morse, Elton W. Kirby apd Samuel P. Norrls. ><The hostess served a dainty plate of frozen salad, sandwiches and r${sin cookies with coffee. Entertains Club. IMrs. Joe Von Almen was hostess loathe Matinee Bridge club yesterday nfternoou when \Av nlso cnter- tilncd Misses Margaret Cross and JpbnltA Smith, Mrs. Fred Fowler and Mis. W. 1>. Vcaze.v Jr. -.Mrs. Carrol Blaketnorc won the chjlj award, bath powder, and face lihwdcr nnd lipstick went to Miss Sirdlh for high guest. .'The hostess served a delicious frtzcn fruit salad with sandwiches and coffee. llave Dancr. ) Included In the 150 guests at the dance sponsored lasl evening by the coligrcgallon of the Temple Is- rjifl were guests from Jacks.n, Tenn., Caruthersvllte and Htytl, Mo., Osccola,- Manila, Clarksdnle, Miss., and St. Louis. -Oiniinie jjoyd j r-i nn <( j,j s orc ne s - tfa furnished the music, lor danc- uog which began at 9:30 o'clock nt the city audltoriiim. Mjislc Department AVill lUvc Interesting Vrojrani. ;ilic program to''be presented by t&o music department of thc Woman's club Friday afternoon Is as IMlows: i'-Biography of Life ol Brahms, Mrs. W. L. llorner; piano solo, "Braham's Waltz," Miss Virginia Terry; voice selection, "Brahm's Cradle Bong," Mrs. Paul L. Tipton; pl&no solo, "Braham's Hungarian Donee," Mrs. K. A. Mo.-re; Biag- rajihy of Grieg, Mrs. Bernard upoch; piano number, "Butterfly,'• by. Grieg, Miss Virginia Tompklns; vocal numbers. "Autumnal Storm" and "Eros" by Grieg. Mrs. George If. Lee; piano solos "In Hall of Mountain King" and "Morning." Miss Margaret Shaver; piano solo. "§onala," by Grieg. Miss Lonm Wilson; voice number, "I Love Thee" by Grieg, Mrs. Paul L. Tlp- t&n; Biography of Mendelssohn, aJJd plant selections, '•Hunting Song" by Uils composer, Miss Lonin Wilson; piano solo, "On Wings of Song," Miss Marion Tompklns. .Miss Margaret Mcrriu Is leader and Mrs. B; A. Bug K and Mrs. M. • Mtzsimmons ore hostesses for ihe afternoon. itn Family Complimented were honored wiih two de- tVENINff DRESSES'INTO QyAINT AND LOVELY COSTUMES? v«T TOE RIGHT ISA FROCK Of PALE 81UE lACE-WOJJM OVEI? PA1E PIHH PAWrAlETrESWITH Ftom.'CES AT THfr TO3USECS SOTfOMS OF THE etUELAOE. T, IS 1 A B1ACK TAFFfTA GOWI WlW WHlTC-TAFFFTA TROUSERS. SMALL rtfATEDRUFFUi 1 OF WHITC TRIM TH[- EHSEM3LE. (Jjpirr THE RUSH r. BHOW.IPAGHEN CRtPEPRISSVITH TUCKED pAwrAifTft; OFPfAWCOIGSID CHIFFQH. WOU'K TM« Audience Wit! Ballot )!lylhevil!e," which honor c.ri V L] f i O •• • wllil i[ !hc f-ward c£ u d: :..'.. on Youthful Beauties fms . S£ . C01I(1 nnd thirt , )lac , ... nois arc to to'given appro;-,'iJi; Balloting by the audience will do- ^ "* '"""" "' "'"" * m "= ll\» sacrifice of one trick; i Icrniins the winners of Hie Jimior Bi/s of News Mostly Personal of • 2u prearranged bridge kinds play-: i cd by Cleveland's experts lo test! firkin ,„ ,,,c ,,,,y or difflcuit^'—'—;—— Mrs. A. J. Cole, of Wilson, was In the city yesterday. Miss Grace Moultrlc, of MennsliK, Is the yuest cf Mr. and Mrs. Logan Moultrlc for several days Miss Rulli Whitworth is ill froin Innucnza at her home on West Walnut street. Mrs. Jce- Klrby, of Paragould, is the guest of her sister. Miss Kalh- erlne Lawler, for n few days. Mrs. Earl Buckley Is spending today in Osceoia. Mrs. Jiiiiies B. Clark and Mrs Paul L. Tipton were In Caruthtrs- jvllle Tuesday. WEST S—0-9-8 H-0-9-3 D-Q-104 0-10-9' 7-4 KOBTH—DEALER DECLARER 5-A-K-lO H-K-1-7 D-V6-5-3-2 C-A-K EA91 S-J-0-5 H-A-108-6-2 D-9'B O-J.8-5 ««> "in "w second iHon* ihoatc which cSo« wbe ing in ag - seven total l Each adult member ol tl , frosn cighiecn momjis tu :Q»i Checked without "do.'ing."Hubon I encc Is to bs given 50 votes ami , and South; each child in the audience w S-7-4-3-2 H-54 / C-K-J-7 i C-0-6-3-2 : We hear n lot of conversation about "beaks' 1 und quite a little fcboul "breakers" or the "rocks of distribution." If \vc could only ac- (|»!rc the habit of playing when ric-cesslly demands as though tlie Mrs. Znl B. Harrison Is ill at her ! "brcnks" were «.»«i"- home on Highway 01. Miss Margaret MerriU Is The play illustrated by today's! problem is mere commonly known i as "the hold up." Most playeis are , alive to the necessity of holding uji an ace in order to prevent, the run-j nlng of an adverse suit at a noj \ trump declaration, but few players: I indeed see the opportunity of ac- tomplishinE the same result when holding a double guard In ;he dangerous suit instead of the ace. ow to gam P secured the contact lor one no OSCEOLA, Ark.. March 11-The u limp on the following Had: I Civic Dcparlim-nl of the Ojccola E,st opened the six of hearts "™^m Scln- uud West played the queen. What I , , , ^i,, ,,r ,...ic i-prp xvs _, ,, k . ... , . imal street, sfue ui t.i>,j j^a- '., , tcrda.v. Tlie fund is used fov the ly ussd in tho der.orclic.ns and in the ddlolous dessert served v.'ilh Eastcf^ggi:.' Mrs. Robert Grimes won the club prize and high amonif the guests went to Mrs. Miller. Both received cards. Allkon-Via The niarrlasc of Miss Mary F.llen Via, daughter of J. D. Via, and Mr. Olon A. Allison, also of this city, took place last evening at the home of Justice Ed Walker who |icrforin- od the ceremony. Both have lived here for a number of years. The bride is a graduate of the city high school nnd Mr. Allison is connected with the D. Canalc company. They will make their home with the bride's father at 511 Soulli Franklin street. Visit V.islors litre Christian Endeavor societies of tin First Presbyterian church will gi to Joliesboro Friday night for tli diftrict confeiencc uf the Christhn Endeavor. Mrs. George W. Dlllahnnty am the Rev. Marsh M. Cutaway wi' accompany the delegate*. should MiiY«Ml in getting a nmxl- f nr . - fra:ti i mum on dlfflcull hands regardless umueiiza nl thc home of Mr. am! j of the "liroakers." Noilh obviously Th: !icv. J. I,. Newsom, new im- lor of the Second Baptist cliiireh, Is better tcday. He has been 111 for rovcrnl da.vs. 1 noscnlhn], of S[, Louis, is at- \ reasons that East is most likely endtiiK to business here. . : ieadliiR from a five ur six-card O. A- Cunningham flew to LK'.li 1 '• sl1 ^- nllt ^ wllh a holding of eight :ock tudny for a brief business: diamonds In Ills own and dummy's rip returning this evening by i llfint ' 'hat he will have to finesse 'one. ' j Ihe Jack of diamonds to West. the "breaks" are IYJ will figure tlm^ J. V. Rogers and his parents Mr ' Wcsl holds the queen of diamonds' . nd Mrs. Harry UORCVS, of Jiicksuis.' and win thc » be In a position to' lnevulc Tenn., were cucsls of Mrs. J. V.: lend through the hearts. Tiicrefora She \vris rfti v uv- '• ' 1P iwmtts West to lio!cl the fust ' lienrt trick \*ith the queen, thus Blvlnj his opponents an opportunity "f making :i mistake. However, If is (is cnuny as North he can block North's effort. With no re-entry. East should allow Norlh in turn lo liohl 111" second hear! Irick. If West had no more hearts, East's refusal lo win the second heart trick may Women R&is Upkeep ox Cemetery | Mrs. II. Saphlnu If able to be j AssuminE ut after a brL^f Illness. ! i>!!«!nst him, |f h f.fliniflc-\t;on cltjr bta " ll " c ' l "°" Violet cemetery, . projects in Rogers last night. (I from Ihe Ulylhcvllle hospital, here she undcru-cnL a minor op- ration Saturday, to thc hoiw of .fr. mid Mrs. O. H. Grear. Slic is lo.v much improved. Mrs. J. A. Waterman. Mrs. F. E. Vcbb and Mrs. G. H. Grcar spent •eslerday In Memphis. Mrs. Ororge K. rjalhoim relurn- :tl to her home In Rideetop, T>mi, CKlay after a visit wiih her dcingh- or, Mrs Russell • Phillips, and *s. Otto KorhlltKky. '• Mrs. Floyd Simpson and Mrs.: Dharlcs Ilnnun have gone to lien-j on and l-'ornfclt. Mo., where ilicy! vill visit their parents for several j Jays. They cx|KTl to return Kn-j unlay. • The Rev. E. 1C. Latimer, pai!or| of tlie First Christian church who; iiad a nervous collapse teji dnys j ago. has been taken lo the Muni-! phis .Melhodlsl liospltal. Mrs. George . Henderson nnd .Miss ladys Crcsap of Dell wore .shopping In Blyll'.eville loday. Hospital Notes Patients dismissed from the Bly- tal today were: C. D. Holt, city, Mis. J. V. Rogers, city. in the Spring Every fiprinf; count!'.;.-. ti")-:r,niit!<, lalru S.S.H.— Ike r-'Td-i :-«vlnl,i? ionic —to huiiu Inu'r; tlu ir i'.::-Jj|iK;t!- cc-lls so that they :n:iy Imve tha'. uiio sfrfj/£/.'/! ivhich m;:!ce^ fe: 1 ;: !;cvii ap- pclile, firm flesh, a cirai- tk:u and t're.itcv re^istanco aftainsl infection find disuse. You, too. v.ill v;:mt to !:il«i S.S.S. for t!,is very veasoi:. .^ u - u , UU i,-L.,.a - ,u ,i - . Select Die Inr^or s:ino a^ it 9:olds fcro has less rnliuncc aMlnst'ju'rSict i double U.e quantity iinii iviircsonts disease snacks: | a price suvinf. CS.S.S./g^ 1 Every Spring ta!<e 3. S. S. Tonic 1 .-.nd Hie body there Head Courier News trant Ads. LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, Fever 666 SALVE Cures liaby's Cold SPECIALS in 1C87. On the way, two of his men shot him. Ln Salle wns (lie discoverer ol the Ohio and the firs', explorer of the greater part of the Mississippi! river. *. .' Al lust, we can offer (,', imported Russian Aiinoriil Oil for tlie |)vtce oC American Liquid Petrolatum. Pint u'9c Popular Copyright Cooks ?>9c To introduce Couett«s, tho dainty inul fluffy sterile cotton squares'-'for the application and I'tnmval of all cosmetics, Looking Your Best Easter Day Costs So Little this Year •resses Stuart creations thai will firid liivor wherever SCL-H. A s;oo:l assoi'tinonl of elusions and si'/.c:;, uiiti^unl i|ii;ility for CL'OH- prices J AE to In the popuhir Spriiiu materials. In this duparlmciil, too, \vc have excelled in cunibiiiing tnie style and attractiveness . with practical wearing qualities. , & J, Offers: Courier News Wnnt Ans Pay. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express Dunks to our friends Cov their kindness, sympathy anil floral offerings in our recent bereavement. W. S. Crowder and family. Moiless -Ini' Coucttcs 50c Koth for 5!)c St. I'CRIB Golf Ualls, 75c ciuality LA SALI.IVS ASSASSINATION On March 19, 1C87, Rene L Salle, the greatest of the French explorers, was' shot by two of his followers issippi. lie exploring the Mls- Le Salle came lo America nl thc uge of 23 and became a trader in Several pastors of Presbyterian fllr s nntt the possessor of n tract of land in Canada. After a voyngo of 1 affairs prior to their leaving for Illmo, Mo., Iwre they are to make their home. ..Members of Ihe senior D. Y P U; of the -.Second 'Bopllst church gave a party Tuesday evening at, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Holt. 1615 West .Vina slrecl for Miss Grace Newsom and her brother, Judson. The 15 present enjoyed games. lla^t evening members cf the woman's missionary union rait to the parsonage \vherc they showered the Rev. and Mrs. Newsom •wiih an interesting assortment ol gifts. Llhc pastor and his family mover) U) Illmo, Mo-, today where he will be pastor of the church there after sj^ndtng two years here in a similar work. Club Mcels j -Mrs. Max B. Reid and Mrs. Doyle ] Henderson wero guests of Mrs. F. I ft Joyncr yesterday when she also 1 entertained the new Wednesday club. ^.In the contract bridg,? games Mrs A. C. Ward received thc ciub gttfand Mrs. Reid was high among tl>e guests. Tlie glfls were hosiery, t r.Deliclous rcfresmcnts of clieese salad, nut bread sandwiches butter dptch cookies and coffee were served. lias Club and Guests -•Mrs. Earl Buckley cntcrt:..:icd tho new Tuesday Bridge club yesterday afternoon when she s'-o rid as her guests Mrs. Thoria: W Miller of HattiEsburg, iiiss'., Miss Grace Moukrle of Menasha, Mrs Jfcss While, .Miss Ruth Biylhe. Miss kathryn - Buckley,. Mrs. William Troltcr and Mrs. Logan Moultri?. The Easter inolif ilas attractive churches in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri arc guests of (lie Rev. and Mrs. Marsh M. Ctilawuy toduy. The Rev. J. H. Marion, of I\I3 Carulhersville. Mo., church, lhc [lev. K. s. Schuster, of the First church arc spending Ihe day In infoitual discussions of the activities of this denomination for the new church year beginning April 1. To Attend Conference explomlion from Lake Erie to Superior and down thc Mississippi, he look possession of the laud around ihe Gull of Mexico, called it Louisiana in honor of the French king, and went to France lo get men nnd menus to colonize it. On his return. Lc Salle failed again lo find lhc Mississippi, nnd wandered from place to piace muil nearly all his followers were dead. Al last, giving up hope of reaching ! the land he was seeking, he set out A number of thc members ol the for Canada \\ilh a small company CAW) OF THANKS We wish lo express our sincere j thanks iyid appreciation to our] neighbors and friends tor their j kindness and sympathy shown to us during thc illness and (irath or our dear mother and grandmother, Mrs. Frances Reedy. Mrs. J. H. Fields, Mrs. T. F. Fields, Mrs. ]-'. A. Downing. Mr. Charles Reedy, Miss Stella Hccily, Mrs. J. W. Easlcniood. Mr. O. L. Cravens ami family. Read Courier News Want Arts. Skoiilur Skates §1.00 Juvenile fiolf Hag and Clubs §1.50 Auto Sponges 25c lo Sl-M Auto Chamois, SI .00 value 69e OOc Pound Paper—25c Envelopes, liofh for -19c " «—7 Kisrby Drug Co. BLACK- DRAUGHT PURELY VEGETABLE IN USE NEARLY 1OO YEARS APOWDfBfD IAXAT/V£ AND FOR INDIGESTION,! 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