The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1950
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BIATHEVJLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 195fl Senate Group Demands Relentless' Cuts in Uncle Sam's Deficit Spending WASHINGTON, June 16. W»- Warnlng that there are dangers at inflation, the Senate-House Economic Committee has raised a demand (or "relentless" cuts in the government's in-the-red spending. The committee issued A report yesterday signed by Its eight Democrats, while the six Republicans on the group presented a separate finding oj their own. Even the Democrats failed to endorse president Truman's plea for * net Increase In taxes. They did ask for some excise tnx cuts, and said also: Business Booms "In years of such booming business as currently Is causing prices to boil up in an inflationary manner throughout the economy, this government should not be incurring deficits." Mr. Truman asked last January for cuts in excise taxes, to be bal- anctd by additional revenue from other sources—plus nn additional billion dollars, mainly from higher corporation taxes, to help trim llic federal deficit. The Congressional committee's report dealt with the President's annual economic message, which he al™ delivered to Congress in January. Boost In Morale Except possibly to boost the morale of Ihe Congressional economy bloc, ttie committee's report was expected lo have little efTect on legislation, for these reasons: 1. For the third straight, year, the advisers of Congress on economic matters divided on strictly liolitical Hues. 2. The report was 3'A months late; It was due on March 1. By this time it cannot sway many votes. 3. The Democratic majority look no flat stand for or against any of Instruments Blamed in 'Crash 1 BAHREIN ISLAND, Persian Gulf, June 16. (AP)—A survivor of Wednesday night's second French airliner crash here says crews members told him the plane's Instruments were faulty, showing the plane still 300 feet above the ground Mr. Truman's specific proposals, when it hit the water. though Chairman O'Mahoncy said its report, "broadly speaking, endorses Ihe objectives, of Ihe President's message." Republicans Agree Senator Taft. top-ranking GOP member, said Republicans could agree with most of the economic findings of the majority, but could not endorse a White House message "which Is predominantly political." When questioned whether the committee is "serving a useful purpose" under Ihe employment acl of 1546—to advise Congress on maintaining maximum employment, buying power and produclion—Taft told reporters: "ft is serving a useful purpose, but whether it serves the purpose for which it was intended, I would not say." POLIO Continued from page 1. care of Infantile paralysis." Mrs. Roy explained that the Auxiliary was not endorsing the Collier's article by its use in this report, but that the story was "thought-provoking," Pari Plan "Doomrtl" The Auxiliary 1 .*; report, quoting the Collier's article in most in- fiiancw, pointed out that — . "The plan, of past years, of centralizing all cases hi Little Rock •nd Memphis for treatment, was followed by the magnitude of the epidemic and (he location of the majority of th» cases doomed this plan to failure. "The Memphis hospitals were swamped with Tennessee cases and refused to take ours. All Arkansas had was a 30-bed isolation ward in one Little Rock hospital, which wax totally inadequate for a 1,000- ease load. "Although ' one-fortieth of all U.S. 1W9 polio victims lived In Arkansas, more than half the beds provided by the National Found nt ion (for Infantile Paralysis) were shipped into that state, . . "Fifteen per cent of the state's eiwses were from Mississippi County, and these polio victim* were committed to the long ride to Little Rock before receiving treatment. r 'I>r. J. T. Gray of the Crippled Children's Service stated: 'It is a farce that Arkansas, a state of 2,000,000 fiotiL;, has only a single isolation ward.' He added: 'General hospitals should take some of the polio cases. They tire not so highly contagious as to endanger other patients. 1 Respirator Recommended Following this report, purchase of a zmjill respirator for use free of charge by polio victims In the community was suggested by A. S, Hnr- Obituaries Rires for Former Resident Are Held Services for Vernon Lewis, 58, former Blytheville resident who died »t Booneville Sanitarium Tuesday, were conducted this afternoon at the First Baptist Church In Manila. Burial was in Manila. Pallbearers were John Wiley Dewey Shepard. J. w. Blair. Boyce Russell, Floyd Ejector »ml Fred Davis, all of Dell. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III.. June 16. MV- (USDA)— Hogs 1000: weights 180 Ibs up steady to .'5 higher than average Thursday; lighter weights mostly 25 higher; sows steady; bulk good and choice 180-2-iO Ibs 13.75-20.00; later mostly 19.85 up; Top 20.00 freely; 250270 Ibs 19.25-75; largely 19.65 down- 270-330 Ihs 17.75-IS.25; 140-170 Ibs 17.75-19.75; 100-130 Ibs 14.00-17.25; good, and clinicc sows 100 Ibs down 16.25-17.00; few 17.25; 410-500 Ibs 14.75-15.75; heavier weights 13.5014.25; stags 10.60-12.50. Cattle 500; calves 600; around 80 per cent of supply cows; these finding moderate inquiry at prices about steady with Thursday's decline; common and medium beef cows 18.50-21.CO; canners and cutters largely 14.50-18.00. French Use Few Matches PARIS — UP,— The French state- controlled tobacco administration, which also exercises a monoply in the sale of matches, reckons every Frenchman uses an average of 1,350 matches per year. This is said to be lower than In most other Europ- Missco Health Unit Nurses Aid at Cfinic Mrs. Annabel Fill, county healtl nurse, and Mrs. Elmer Ambrose clinic nurse, were assistants at « crippled children's clinic in Wes Memphis yesterday. Dr. W. Vernon Newman, Dr. Johr Hundley and Dr. John Christian all of Little Rock examined 10 children at the clinic. Make Him A "Proud Pop" A \jitt from t m The survivor. Jacques fian&nler of Paris, mid hi* wife were among 13 persons saved from the crnsh. Thirty-nine persons died in Wednesday's crash. (There were five snrvivur.s and 4G person. 1 ; killed in Ihe mishap to the other Salgon-to-Parls airliner Tuesday. Sabotage lUnled (Air France officials In Paris and other sources hinler strongly that (he two planes wore .sabotaged by Indochina's native rebels.) Sangnler. son of Mrs. Harry Ad- Icr of New York, said last, night that he and his wife clung to Ihe plane's tail for several hours before they were picked up, About 2fi others were clinging to the tall, but "people were washed away as they became exhausted and the waves Increased. ' "Very few had lifebelts," he declared, Snngnicr said the "night was clear" and stars would be seen. Gas Tank Burns "The right wing gasoline lank burned fiercely for perhaps half nn hour but fortunately it was separated from u.s." "The crew told us the altimeter wns wrong and showed 300 feet when we crashf cL We were only nine people left when the launch came I and one of these died after sup- porting his wife for over four hours until rescue came." Sangnler said after the crash the passengers were told to keep their scats but "when the plane began to nil nuk'kly, the rear door next to my wife and me was opened and we clung lo the tail," HDC Will Hear Road Safety Talk T h c North Mississippi County Home Demonstration council will hear a discussion on highway safety by l,t. Jack Rhea of the Arkansas State rolice at Its meeting in Ihe woman's building at Walker Park June 24, according lo Mrs. Gertrude li. Ilolimnn home demonstration a- gcnt. LI Rhc.i will be the principal speaker at the meeting. He ilso will show a film on highway safety. The meeting will open at 10:45 a.m. with tender training meeting and the safely program will follow in the afternoon. A pot luck luncheon will be served at noon. Mrs. )lr>l!man said thai, the- public Is invited lo hear Lt. tinea's traffic discussion. EDSON Continued from Page 6 ting lo Ihe post office earlier to buy stamps, the cuts aren't going to be a drastic hardship on anybody, postal authorities claim. Just how far these reduced *er-! vices will go towards eliminating IhU year'n part• I deficit of 1548 million Isn't mid* cle»r. But if the whole deficit 1* to be wiped out by eliminating unprofitable services it would Involve scrapping »lr mall, special delivery, money orders 'and low rates for newspapers and magazines. The alternative is to raise rules for all these losing services. And thai brings Hie taxpayer back to the chronic disputes over the postal deficit which have been going on for years. All of the magazines and most of the newspapers In the U. S. enjoy the benefit* of low-rate second class mail. The theory of this costly service is that the dissemination of news.and educational matter Is In the best Interest of the government as a whole and should be subsidized, The publishers say that It Is the taxpaying leader who enjoys the benefits. Some publishers have also advanced the potent argument that if Die second class rates were raised to where the government would make money, it would lie cheaper -to t«u'i> some private agency distribute their magaines or papers Why should they finance an Inefficient government service? Air Mall Cost Subsidizes Air Lines The cost of air mail is another old one. Nobody knows the actual cost of flying a letter to its destination. The post office is charged enough for the service to give the air lines a profit each quarter. It's » plain subsidy to the air line* run everybody admits 11. But you've stil got that postal deficit. ATHLETES FOOT ITCH NOT HARD TO KILL. IN ONE HOUR, W ~< pl'»«4. r»«r 40c k»<k M _d™, «lor*. T-4-L, . STUONC fu.,i. cidt, conUini 9O Mr cvmt *Ical*L 11 PENETRATES. KrHk,. McJt I. KILL Ik. luk. T.d.r .T KIKBY DRUG STORES rison, acting B.S a spokesman for | can countries, where the annual j the American Legion. Mr. Harrison said Dud Ca.son Post No. 24 here has investigated the portable Monaghan respirator and is offering to make a $100 contribution towards purchase of ttie $1,200 apparatus. He said the Legion's recommendation was conditioned on recognition of the difference between tile portable rcspir- itor and the larger and costlier conventional "iron lung." Speaking on behall of the county chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Mr. Harrison pledged cooperation of that group and said it would receive suggestions for getting patient* to treatment. Agrees on Contagion Dr. R. Ii. Johnson told the Service Council that little medical progress ha* been made In polio control measures. The greatest, pro- ttta, he said, has been made In post-polio treatment. He said he • greed with Dr. Gray—that polio WM "not so contagious." Dr. John- ion supported the Idea of a polio treatment ward here. Measures instituted in the home and locally, he said, were better than rushing patients to distant hospitals. Dr. Weldon T. Rainwater anld panic was unnecessary In a polio epidemic. He said polio was ns prevalent every year as measles, but that unless paralysis was present the cases generally were not diagnosed as such. The paralysis is the final diagnostic mark of polio just a* the rash Is In cases of measles he explained. He added that doc- lors will support such a program as was launched last night. consumption average between 1.800 2.000 per person. The hippopotamus has scattered tuft* of hair on head, neck and tail. BURY YOUR WORRIES/ commit AUTOMOiut FKOTICTION FARMIKS Last Minute Shoppers Can Still Find the Choicest Father's Day Gifts at Mead's W. I Walker, District Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. iu». t'lionc 3130 Res. till A Tinind New Thrill {-'or Kacirg Fans Of The Mid-South! I STOCK CAR RACES Under Official Sanction of NASCAR Sunday Afternoon, June 18 First Race At 2 O'Clock At The Heaufiful New Memphis FAIRGROUNDS SPEEDBOWL Plan To Come And Make A Day Of 11! • Sec America's Newest Thrill Show • • Visil The New Fairgrounds Midway • • 7500 Seals Free Parking • Drivers Must Register Cars l!y Sunday Noon Adults $1.00 Children 50c Midget Races — Every Friday Night S p.m. Under Auspices And For Sole liencfit Of Memphis Posl No. 1 ' American Legion • Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits • McGregor Sportswear • Stetson Hats • Knox Hati • Arrow Shirts • Coopers Hosiery • Interwoven Hosiery • Arrow Handkerchiefs • Hart Schaffner & Marx Trousers • Palm Beach Suits • Haspel Suits • Arrow Sportshirts • Arrow Neckwear • 'McGregor Slacks • Hickok Belts • McGregor Swim Togs wlltic-s, decentralizing tne post of- ice into 15 regions, introducing nuliiMsllke principles of budgct- ng and accounting, simplifying XMtal laws and regulations and >ostai laws and regulations and giving the past office authority to raise rates for special services to make them profitable. A slart has been made toward putting some of these suggestion*! into practice. But. there Is (till th«l ! question of how much money they? will actually save. And they don't* solve the basic problems of putting';the iKxst office on a paying basis. [• In the last analysis it will be up' to Congress to make the decision. As it stands now, proposed budgets cuts will force Donaldson's new or-* cfej's into effect. But there are also*! a couple of bills pending which J would force Donaldson to rescind'- his order, without providing any;, money for it, however. It Is '•Lpre- = diction of all who are closely th« ! , problem that the cuts will stick and. that U. S. citizens will have to b»' content with the reduced service. -HE KEPT BUYING LAMPS, RADIOS, ROASTER, IRONER • WASHER, REFRIGERATOR, MIXER, CLOCK—AND A L . L THE TIME WE ONLY HAD ONE WALL SOCKET."' * Don'f overload your electric circuits. When you build or mod.rnii.. provid* ADEQUATE WIRING. Ark-iUo Power Co. LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real Estate 4 FHA United Insurance Agency A. F. (Dee) Dietrich, ,Mer. Isl i 4M:iin—Rear City Drug Blytheville, Ark. FOR SALE Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! Hauling Cotton Choppers TRUCK $275 503 EAST MAIN AVAILABLE • ORDER NOW! RIGID FRAME & TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL • ALUMmUM BUILDINGS CAPACITIES for Butler Buildings 40' Wide* 100'Long 28,450 BUSHELS By shoring up 5 feet along sides and ends 13,000 BUSHELS On the floor (without shoring) Quickly erected — in rlays Instead of weeks — to meet urgent demands for on-thc- farm grain storage. After grain is marketed, your Butler Building gives you ycar-rounti use as implcmcni or livestock shelter, for hay storage, many other farm purposes. See MS today for full information on these sturdy longlife buildings. A MODUCT Of Q-yiHfJ^ MANUfACTUMNG COMPANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Di'alei Kor Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P.O. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blythevilte,, Ark.. SHEET METAL WORK' OF ALL KIND? Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 REMODEL NOW Nothing Down—Up to 36 Mos. to Pay It's easy to finance your home improvements—or a new garage—through Builders Supply. Now you can get a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. Don't delay any longer.. .call us for lh« details. Builders Supply Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO; 4 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116 W. Wnlnut Bulk Planl: Promised

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