The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on August 30, 1952 · Page 16
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1952
Page 16
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1*-. THE OIL CITY (PA.) DERRICK, Saturday, August 30, 1952 A daughter was born Thursday, Aufuit 21, to Dr. and Mrs. A. R. T. Denues in Westport, Conn. Mrs. Dtnuej is tbe former Florence Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Smilh, 729 Juris Street. Final clearance al following prices: Hos?, 85c. Flowers, 33?. Pettiskirts and blouses, (3. Dresses Vi price-- one very special group »5. Jewelry, S9c. Milady's Shop.- Adv. Charlene K. Hokei daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hoke of 109 East Bloss Street, Titusville, was ·warded $S for the best decorated float in the kiddies' parade Thursday afternoon in TitusviUe. See Smith's furniture "ad."-Adv. The class of 1940, Coles lock High -School, Titusville, will hold its 12th dais reunion at 6:30 p. m. today in the Tilusville Y. M. C. A. dining room. Charles McGinle) will give the welcome address and James Spence will be toistmtster. Gladioli for sale, 60c doz. Fred Winter, Halyday Run, dial 5-340S -Adv. Richard J. Eck, 19-year-old Lueinda driver, was charged wilh going through a red traffic light following a two-ear accident at ESTERBROOK PENS HM New "tun*" Style Four*(tin Pen for Women. Avail- abb W-rti or Without Clip* in kMrtiful Pntel Colon. All Esttffareok. Renew, rwntt Cm I* Ut«d in Th«M Pom. Avail- iWo In five Colon. WALLACE SOCIAL in* COMMERCIAL STATIONERY .he intersection of Stale and East Front Slreels, it was reported yes- lerday. Captain Gleason Smith also reported l h a t one drunk, held n the city jail, was discharged. Closed Sunday. Open on Labor Day. Andres Bakery, Halyday Run. -Adv. An . 83-year-old New Jersey woman who had been visiting here only a week became lost from her relatives while attending the La- Ionia Theatre Thursday night, and was aided by city police in locating them. The otficc of Dr. Thomas E. Slater, 4 Stale Street, will be closed during the month ot September. -Adv. A meeting of the /.ion Lutheran church board o( administration will be held al 8 p. m. Tuesday, September 2, in Ihe. home of C. A. Pearson. Wedding portraits. Gill Sludio. -Adv. The Carnegie Public Library will nol be open Monday, 1-abor Day, it is announced by Mrs. Bernice McElhatlen, librarian. Dine Exchange Hotel, FrankDn, 12:30-2:30-5:30-7:30. Phone 343. -Adv. Frank J. Gill, well known photographer, is attending the 61st a n n u a l national convention of Ihe Photographers' Association of America in the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago, 111. Why not give her a treat. Come out to Log Cabin Steak House, Seneca. Super sirloin for 2-- $4.95.-Adv. Log Cabin Steak House. Open Labor Day a t . 5 p. m. See our new enlarged meriu. For reservations telephone 7-5901. Art Van Nort of Maricnville chief ranger. South Range District National Forest Service, reports thai recently a young lawn pranc ed into his office strolled arounc and headed for town. Feather bed pillows, 20% goose down and 80% goose feathers 21" by 27", 59.75 ea. Vcach's.-- Adv Hev. Kennelh C. Larson of Hous I n n TOY Viae Vinrn n a l l n H (n ( Vir pulorate ot Kant Tiber Lutheran Church to succeed Hev. C. A. Leslie, who resigned Kvera] weeks ago. ·" Lite, hospilalizallun, polio, health jnij accident insurance. Estner Nelson, 210 Kresge Bldg., pnone 7-6783. -Adv. liichard K. Klinger, well-known r'jral mail carrier al [he Kane Post Of/ice, will tour his route (or the final time today, ending 30 years of service. The annual Labor Day regatta will be held in Lake Erie oil the L'onncaut Public Dock starling at 1 p. ra .Monday. Eight boat rices have been scheduled for the annual holiday program sponsored by Ihc Conneaul, 0., I.ions Club for the benefit of its charily blind f u n d . Tasly sandwiches Air-conditioned. Rosen's Grill, 107 Stale St.-Adv. Harvey Ilefley of San Bernardino, Calif., has been chosen re- ipcka and Santa Fe Railroad. j A final tribute to John C. Diehl, ^prominent Eric' educator, who served the city's schools his entire life, will be delivered by Dr. Ralph C. McAfee, pastor of the Eric Church of the Covenant, at serv- ces this morning. State police of the Mercer barracks report cars operated by Richard M. McComb, 44, of Em- enlon, and Dominic Gayhardi, Vasury, 0., collided on Route 62, west of Mercer early Thursday morning, damage estimated at 500 was caused to the two machines but no person was reported njured. 2 DIE, 3 LOST AS TUG SINKS Special Offer! ON REMAINING LIMITED STOCK! $47.00 Reduction ON THIS BEAUTIFUL BIG CONLON AUTOMATIC CABINET IRONER (CMthutd Irtm f if« Omt) port from which Allied forces were evacuated during Ihe first Chinese Communist offensive in December, 1950. Navy officers in Tokyo said numerous (baling mines had been sighted in the Hungnam area fol owing a typhoon which roared across the Korean Peninsula two weeks ago. It was probably one of hese thai sank Ihe Sarsi, they said. Three ships arrived al the scene within 30 minules and began an all-nighl search for survivors. One of those rescued was the commanding officer, LI. W. .M. Howard, of Norfolk, Va. The search was inilialed by the destroyer USS Boycl and the minesweepers USS Zeal and USS Competent, after they were unable lo reach Ihe Sarsi by radio. Other ships joined the search later and a helicopter was dispatched to the ;ccnc al dawn. Lt. Howard, one of the first to be pulled from the water, directed the rescue ships to life rafts and boats. The job of fixing (he number ol missing crewmen was complicated by the loss of all records and the dispersal of survivors among many rescue vessels. When early figures were checked, it was feared that more than 50 men had been lost Later, when reports of survivors licked up by various ships were in ht list dwindled lo three missinf and two known dead. · A total of 11 ships have been hi by mines off Korea. Six of them sank. The Sarsi's casualties brought to 99 the number of crew men killed by mines in tbe Korean War. House Probers Dig Into Long Fraud Wrangle WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 Ml _ Tousc Invcsligalors today delved into Ihe record of a Detroit war frauds case dropped by Ihe Jus- lice Department afler seven years of maneuvering-despite efforts of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to bring it lo trial. Poring over department files, a lousf j u d i c i a r y subcommittee found Hoover first asked about a definite trial dale In March, 1947, almost four years aftlr Ihe Jus- 'ice Deparlment slarled looking in- o the case. Hoover noted at j h a t time t h a t defense altorneys were making "a series of parades" to the Justice Department. He also said he had leard reports of poliliral pressure n Ihe case. There was no elaboration of this point.' Padded Time Slips The case involved Norman K. Miller, head of a Detroit engineering firm, bearing his name, which had war contracts. Miller was in- dlcled in July, 1944, on a. charge of padding time slips lo defraud Ihe governmenl of $14,000. The case was dropped in 1950. Hoover didn't get an answer to his 1947 inquiry for a month, according to correspondence read into the record. Hoover asked again in May, 1947, about the prospecls of bringing the case to trial, saying failure to do so would reflect unfavorably on the FBI and the criminal division of the Justice Department. further records showed Hoover once had to wait five months for a reply to an inquiry he made ot Peyton Ford, former deputy attorney general, as to when the case would get to court. In this fashion, the investigators Found, Ihe case lingered through the administrations of three attorneys genera] until finally it was dropped-"enfcebled with age." The House committee is looking for evidence that the Justice Department dragged its feet in prosecuting a number of cases. At The Hospital Admitted Mrs. Jack Dolby, 504 -E, Third Street. Mrs. Hussell Wilson, Allegheny Avenue Extension. .Mrs. Gerald Williams, 612 E. Second Street. Gary Kornof, Reno. Mrs. Nancy Neubauer,-Riverside Drive. Joseph Gricff, H. D. 1. Mrs. Blanche Longstreth, 247 Seneca Street. Mrs. Frank Tamburine, Hassan Heights. .Mrs. Kazimioz Budzinski, 16 Union Street. John Brown, 5M E. Third Street. Gary Brown, 504 E. Third Street. Mrs. Perry Troutman, 216 Pierce Avenue. George Brown, 704 E. Third Street. Mrs. Donald McNany, St. Petersburg. Mrs. Perry Rockwell, Reno. Discharged Albert Schullz, 25 Grove Avenue. James Kresenske, 180 Colbert Avenue. Jack I.eskoske, 135 River Street. McClintock Well No. 1, 90 Years Old, Still Produces Franklin Knock, a Justice Department attorney who said he was anxious lo try the case but never got to, details. supplied additional Model P16C Regular $176.95 Special Only S 129 95 $5.41 Month Iron Iverylhing Quitldy . . . f«ily , . . Save Time! S»ve Ijborl Save Money! Donhlf, open-end roll. · Nm-iag ovtrsiie roll--full It" lone, 6'' in rtiamtler. · Quick heal scratch - proof iniulalnl Ironing shot. · Two indept odenl ".Magic Dill" Ihermoslat h ( J t controls--for rconomy. · Baied-ou finish, in (Icim lag tnv-to kwp elf in while enimel. · Tw» convenient "Feather Touch" control. fingertip "Hfal Focus' 1 Kiclusive dome. Lifetime Inhricalion. .Smart, modern Conlon design. H a r k e d by guarantee. full Conlon A Rtil fetutyl A Big fergainl See Thi, Amaiing Value Todayl Hurry . . . Only 11 Ironen H Thi. Special Ficlory Offer I SpoeltTnti OjtM TM 5,-OC p. an. Witnesses Ix»t Knock testified that as the case dragged on, wilh numerous postponements and changes of defense lawyers, the government lost four if ils key witnesses. One witness died, he said, one vas committed briefly to a mental nstilulion, one was convicted oi bigamy, and Ihe fourth had a :hanj!e of heart about testifying for the government. Chief Counsel Robert A. Collier of the House judiciary subcommil tec investigating the Justice DC partment said certain cases in the department's files "leave some un savory inferences." He called (he one under study "a typical exam pie of this type of case." Several committee m e m b e r s charged yesterday, after hearings that the department dragged its feet in handling lasl year's tax fraud icandals in SI. Louis. Father, Son Sentenced GREENSBUIIG, Pa., Aug. 29 H) --Charles Fetters, S3, and his son, 'alter, 18, bolh of Acme, drew Jcnilcntiary and industrial school crms respectively loday for bur- lary. Judge John M. O'Conncll senten- ed Ihe elder Fctlers to three lo ix years in Western Penitentiary nd meted out an indefinite term t Camp Hill to young Fellers. Red Editor Dies MAINZ, Germany, Aug. a'uK- Waller Becker, edilor of a Commu nist daily newspaper, Unser Tag (Our Day), was arrested today on charges of treasonable aclivity. His arrest was ordered by Ihe federal Court in Karlsruhe, the In Icriqr Ministry of the stale oL Rhcinland-Pfali announced- The charge was said by authorities icrc lo be based on articles pub lished in his newspaper in connec lion with Ihe West German govern ment's rccenl drive against Com nnmist undercover orgnnizalions. HASr.RALI.'!! HIT, SIX l.radl»r lallmrfl C H i M d mn l.U »L k a l i ) N A T I O N A L I . K A G V E . Klusitwk[. nrdi Baumhrtli. fun* 121 n u us 114 417 13 1M I n noc illation Postponement Isn't Necessary Ninety yean ago this s p r i n g 64 oil wells were drilled on the Hamilton McClinlock larm which today is located along Ihe banks of Oil Creek opposite The Pennzoil Company's refinery, Rouseville road. Today, McClintock No. 1 We.ll, one of eight producing wells of Ihe original 64 ventures, continues to produce its ration-of rich Pennsylvania crude oil to distinguish it as the "world's oldest pumping well that is slill producing." The well has long ceaied to b« important for its production and its value is in its historical significance. McClinlock No. 1, if it wu possible, could relate from personal observation a glowing story of Ihe oil industry's growth and development. The historical wrll has lived to see petroleum make lit unprecedented contribution to progress in industry, agriculture and transportation and take its place as ari'indispensable source of heal and power. At first, oil was used for lighting, medicinal purposes and simple lubrication. For many years the well was a Charles Zerus, Knox, M. D.'-. Mrs. Jane Miller, 807 W. First Ircct. !' George Becker, Lucinda, K. D. 1. f r / M i i i i i i i i i i s l Mrs. Max Silvis, Leeper. LrOIilllllllllSl I-awrence Reynolds, Tilusville. .Mrs. Frank Wade, Van, H. D. 1. Ifobert Proper, Salina.. Mrs. George Etzel, 311 E. Third Ircel. Mrs. Herman Coshnilzke, R. D. 2. Mrs. Irvin States, Kossuth. substantial producer but eventually the crude decreased unlil production reached kst than half a barrel a week some yeui a(o. The use of air pressure increawd id yield to sevenl times that amount and today i steady it ream of oil emits from the well. McClinlock No. 1 was nol tht first well on the property nor among the first. The first well was drilled on Ihe farm in November 1839, and before the following summer when McClintockville rommunily came into being, there were about i dozen wells. When sunk ninety yean (go there was no way of knowing thai McClintock No. 1 would outlivi the other 800 wells than crowdec together on the banki of Oil Creek between Oil City and Tituiville Other than the fact it produced perhaps 50 barrels a day to eitab lish it as one of the best producers the well received no special leeog nitions. Today, nine decadei liter, He Clintock No. 1 remains » poignan reminder that a great American industry was born and raised in Ihis vicinity. CITY AND AREA GIRD FOR HOLIDAY ICMfamJ h.- r«e» «··» dequile parking ii provided. In Henryi Bend, i parade irifl be held it 1 p. ».; UM Pcey .cigue Quik«r Stilt and Gowdy't ams will play it I p. m.;. ehil- rcn'i rices and |im« will be Mid at 3:30 p. m.; * hanc'tho* tching tournament ii pliMttd it 30 p. m., and round and iquaro anting will begin it 7:30 p. m. nterliinment will be furniibed throughout fee dar. Picnic UMei ill be tupplJcd. Motorists irriTUU in Oil City ait night reported heavy traffie ·U major thoroufUares to in- icite · record turnout ot motor Tivellen over the weekend. , . Mrs. James Slrickenberecr, 772 olbert Avenue. Russell Allio, Lecper, R. D. 1. Marvin Gibson, Shippcnville. Donald Batlin, Townville., Births A son at 6:12 a. m. Friday to lr. and Mrs. Donald McN'any, St. elersburg. A daughter at 5:'33 p. m. Friday Mr. and Mrs. lout Street. Louis Sabo, 11 They pleaded guilty to burglariz- ng 17 cabins lasl winter and spring n Unily, Cook and Donegal town- hips. Freshen Bread To freshen French or Italian bread or hard rolls, simply k! a litllt cold water run over them a second, then place them in a moderate oven unlil crisp again. Ccol before slicing. Funerals Frosl Mannas Kindel Klin. A'l Milchrll. lrKt,,3i Vankrri A M E R I C A N l.EACVF. 117 411 1H »l 104 ]« N A T I O N A L R*mc Kim A M E R I C A N Saurr. Tutu 34 Dobi. Ir.duni Klr.rr. I'iratM n B«n*. Vankrt Jlodfti. Holirri H 7MTXi!. A'l HARRISBURG, Aug. 29. «v_Th Stale Health Department said her it is nol necessary lo postpon innoculalion of children agains small-pox and olher disease dur ing Ihe months that Ihe i n f a n t i l paralysis danger is at its worsl A circular issued recently b Dr. J. Moore Campbell, rtcpul health s e c r e t a r y , tells publi" health officials t h a t "elective im munization of children under should not be discontinued durin; the 'polio season.' " The department's suggestion reversed previous advice passed out last June when officials advised poslponemenl of all types of immunization from Ihe June to November period. "There is no reason why vaccinations should nol be continued to be performed, even in Ihe face of polio of epidemic proportion " said Dr. William D. Schrack Jr.,| of the department's Bureau a t , Health Conservation. j so in .iuj "There has never been a n y j proven relation between i m m u n i - j 7ation iunoculalions of the a r m ] and incidence of paralysis in lhc| arms," he continued. "In fact, the department urges ind advises all types of immuni- ations for the younger age groups il Ihis l i m e because there is litllc, polio in Ihis age group and because: of Ihe ever present threat of diph-i hcrip or 'whooping cough." ; Stale law requires all students j be vaccinated before they arc' allowed lo attend school. ; The statemcnl was sent to dis- i rict and cmmly medical directors,! child health cenler clinicians and! public health nurses. Woodland l l r l r h l i Dint at 8:1 a. m. Krida? In Ihe Oil City Ilospilil. Surviving arc his unfc l£d laret Menilicrship Cut SAN DIEGO, Calif., Aug. ^9 (*Communist party membership in he United Slates decreased during he past year, J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI said here today. Hoover, in an interview with the an Diego Evening Tribune, said igures he was disclosing for the int time showed 24,647 known par- y members today--a decrease of 1,934 in the year. But, he added: "There can be no complacency, atheistic, God-less Communism remains the greatest danger America has faced in Its history." New York state was slill firsl n party membership, the FBI chief said, with 11,695. Other stale otals x includert: California 3,521; llinois 1,492; Ohio 1,224; New Jer- iey 1,070. No olher state had more hau 1,000. Hoover is here for his annual vacation and medical check-up. die of the night, reached the trans xrl at dawn and flew him Salem. GI IS RUSHED TO WIFE'S SIDE lMo] tr»m tiw* OM) Church Anniversary Due MT. SIDNEY, Va., Aug. 29 (A Old Salem Lutheran Church, whic !en. Dwight D.-Eisenhower's moth er attended as a girl, will celebrat Is 150(h anniversary Sunday. Dr. Milton Stover Eisenhower president of Pennsylvania Stat College and youngest of the fiv Eisenhower brothers, will speak a an afternoon session of the all-da celebration. He will talk on "Spur ilual Security." Tb« Republican presidential nom inee's mother, the former Eliza belh Ida Stover, was born in thi area only a few miles from Salem Church on May 1, 1862, in the Pisgah community. Mevint to i MW home? Need itOfjge ipjce. Shi*- pmK . lomcrhmg o u t of town? Oar eamfttmnt it*H will cart for Hwot ind tin other movmt or ttottn nocdi rou have. Why M( call vi D. I P. TRANSFER i TRUCKING GO. 6-4821 IM Otr Try a Classified Ad for Resulls. Peler M. Mannas Clarirm r:ed at 7:30 p. m. Thuri(Uy In Brcwlnlllc HoipilaL Synlilnp Ii * sii'.er. Body i^ al ^rn«. where friends may call. Requiem r..a»s to b* retrbratrd at 10:30 i. m. Mrmdiy in Immatrulalc Con- tfpiicn rh-jrrh. Clirion. In- Irrmcr.t in r h u r r b ceinrlenr. Funeral by JenXins f u n e r a l homf. Clarion. Ian. 12. He left shortly after that or d u t y wilh the occupation army in Germany. "I want to see my wife~ I'm pretty tired but very glad to be home," he said. Then he was taken by Col. John A. Carey, commanding officer of the base, to the home of his wife's aunt, Mrs. Hannah Brewer here. The last stage of his homeward trip started this morning at Beverly, Mass., Airport in a B25 plane piloted by LI. J. M. LaLonde ol Boiling Field, Washington, D. C. Buggy said he first had word of the effort lo rush him lo his wife, awaiting spinal surgery, yesterday noon when he was on a transport in the Atlantic. His other child, Kathleen, E, is a polio patient in a hospital here. A Coast Guard plane sent to expedite his trip damaged a propeller and a temporary delay ensued. Buggy was reluming to the United Stales from G e r m a n y aboard the transport Gen. Alexander Patch when the death of his son occurred. I Army officials arranged for j Coasl Guard plane to take him ;from the transport 500 miles a sea and speed him to the United States. The Coasl Guard amphibious craft had landed and was taxiing up to the ship to lake Buggj aboard when one of iU propeller struck a lifeboat which had been lowered from the ship. A second Coast Guard plane, leaving Salem, Mass., in the mid One Dies In Crash SOMERSET, Pa., Aug. 29 Wt-A auto-truck collision on the Penn sylvania Turnpike six miles east o Ihe Somerset interchange toda killed John Dierck, 51, of Brook lyn, N. Y., and injured four olhe Brooklyn residents. All are in fair condition at Spm erset Community Hospital. Th driver of the trailer-truck, Horac S. Shay,'36, of Everett, was no hurt. Treasury Position WASHINGTON in-The position F tbe Treasury Aug. 27: et budget receipts H26,537,1K.« udget expenditures $254,614,841.M ash balance ... I7,2S4,S34,OG2.Q olal debt 12tt,9M,379,MS.« ncrease over preTious day .... $34,4.95,009.35 We wish to congratulate Oil City's American Legion Band on their 6th consecutive championship. TODAY'S THE (XL FESTIVAL PARADE! Hovoi it 5:15-plonty of time to thop bofora ttw partdt, For tchoel noorft u well n looking over our big Augutt clearance. DrttHc reduction* in women's and girh' droiMi, coati, tufa, tklrtt, blouttt, tie. Drapery, slip cover and ripeitry yardtgo rodikodl Sam* ii low K 59c · yard. Loadi of now fall dhw. » Shop Today · to 5 Bial 14111 T I T U S V I L L E ADD TO YOUR EOWLE WHENEVER YOU WISH AT FEIDMAN'S in Franklin When you ehoow Ton* Sterling jtm hare the do*bk anunttcc of brawtBg IIM iheTowix Mttera ran select M* wilt be aniU4e all of your lifetime--and ihM ire wiO be tbli to tOVU'l BAJMJ.U, rau i ot» UMI« Come is and let n ibow m Ihe easiest and hex way lo collect your set of Towix SierliBg. Yooll nod TOVLE scad tibcT · ine)cpeiBiTe-aieaopoo.ieoao.a« little n $2.95; su-pam place aettia-i *"** $79.75 . ^ FELDMANS JEWELERS 1230 LitwrtY St., Franklin Ph«M 45 Open Saturday Nights Till 9 p. m. Mrs. Margaret Kindel Umt'tonc . RLrd al C i. m. KrirUy In Ihe rresbjtrriin lfo«pit*], PilM- buriTi. Surviving are i diufh- Ter. irtfr and two trotters. ITif Vdy was uken TO Ihe Jenkins (uctrjl Tiome. Clirion, and will b* nmoved Icxliy To Ihe Gforce home. will hrM at 2 p. m. Monday. BACK ON THE JOB? H fM tWt WMtt t* Mf «M yw V»*7 $21 G* to n*m*t--the company that »yi H YES"--get th« ctih to pay off your bills ·# oive time. No Payment for 30 Dayi Yoa »et tl* monthly ptyro*f.l and d«t« to fit your pirrs* ind payday*, Phooc ftnt for Mtrt-fijt wrrke. Or, com* in tcxUy. CASH YOU CCT ISMet. 254.55 11 Hot. $165.28 294.11 · «Or*"irfiT r i* ertcr FMMKECO. COWUMBt KXCON7 CO. IOOM vnt J300 mo4t ty rmoeol COIIUHIT DItnn! li\ fc* HOOT- Onr Thrift Druf Co. . Ill CENTER STREET, OIL CITV PhOMi M City 0-W . Frad SMth, YtS I .·*!··, *mit*,4rt, !·· y « u r i « l f in L U X I T E · t t t y o u r t t l f lit L U X 4 T E · it* y o w r i o l f hul iMM sle«vM! efeoer pmjmmtm f**hi*m 5.98 Comfort cowU Kvrtcty com* In · muftaw way! luxto ttyM Hm* for your Ueep *nd lounge Kf* with deep dolmen rieivet »nd bright show card colon. Mad* with comfy fitting rib-knit cufh ·nd eUttk »t rrovtw want. Small, Welker Maxwell COMPANY

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