The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 19&0 H,TH""vn.T.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our bouramg House with Maj. Hoople &crr TH' BURLY GUY LIKE THtS ANT <SIVB HIS FOOT A BUMP WITH HIS KNEE AM' KX10CVCEI? TH' BIS STIFF OUT WTTH HIS OWN KNEE I TELEVISION' PRV OP£W PICKLE CHAP& LAC* TW* ON THAT WH6K1 HE FRE6H DOST IN >)toUR POKE, HOW ABOUT THAT FINE I LOANED VOU tO BUY MV CHRISTMAS WITH THAT WOULD OETCR VOU FflOM R6IAINOIH6 ME . MEMORY YOU HIT ME FOR SIX. KOPECKS (.AST MOMTW, VAMP A ROCK AT FROM OUT IK1 TH •EM "ID THINK. ITS ALL DUSWITY AM" BUSINESS JW HERE/ , ALL MM RESOURCES ARC BANKED VOU TX>MT CHECKS FOR TRNIAL WMCT Television on Friday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1:10—Ncwf Ijtf—MiilSouth News 2iC—Movie MiiUiiee 2:30—Fashion 1'araile 2:15— Household Hints 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockey 3:30—Howily noouy 4:00—Cactus Jim :30—Hello, Ladies :00—Kukla, Fran & Ollle :30— Hobcrla Quinlan :45—News Caravan :00—Parade o( Stars :15—What's New :30—We the People :00—Versatile Varieties :30—Twin Time :00—Cavalcade o( Sports :30—Fights of the Ceiiliirj :45—Spot-Is Short :00—Midget Aulu Races :00—News FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE '38E MAIN ST BIYTHEV1LIE ARK Establishment of a dictatorship In Colombia last year ended an unbroken '.half-certtury of constitutional government in that country, says a the Book of Knowledege year "L'UU'U Love Our Flowers* BLi'THtVILLR FLOWER MART Memphis BJwaj Phooc $002 15XOFF On Your role/nan FLOOR FURNACE If You Install It Before July 31st Do It Now! Save money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Kent—Clean Heat—^.Warm- Floor Heat. See A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons '• Furniture By Grace Nies Fletcher THE STOHYi Clorl. Browm. • lonekomr bride. l«arnn bnvr ro link? npplf pieH frum Mr*. lleiionl, who |lve» In th«- apartment mrxl rln'-, huxbniid I* jniled and (•* thrft miMprrtM. aiorfa J»n« a r<m- Inci .wf Ih Mrs. Hen nut through Knitirii. i he do»rj)i:in, a»il fcfce nprfrw lu ?*chnnK« (he pir which Mr*. Ittnnnt bnkrd, In the rruit n< whlrh Mr*, llcnnnl »alf! >kr information which would ele*r (•lorf »'n hunhand, !!•••«••, ttir. ••- pollcrrann in dlMKuf*r-, cstlcfcf-n Gin- rin «s ah t- wrm lu g«-l I he ptr, hut Clurfn rliiiif* him. do Ha BUIV linn jnnt Jvnrnrri from I.lcnlcnnnl McCann of llomltrlrtc Ihnt hrr ftn- Ff-rprJ^m were rm (he knife Bird In one of the murder*. XV T IEUTENANT McGANN sipped his coffee while Gloria tried to consider what it meant to have her fingerprints on a murder weapon. She hoped the coffee choked the lieutenant. "The bathing cap wrapped around the knite that killed Sal hnd a woman's face powder on it," he went on relentlessly. "The murderess," he emphasized the feminine gender, "must have wrapped the knife in the cap so that only the point stuck through Sal never knew what hit her. Do you use Hachel powder No. 27" Gloria slammed down her cup on its saucer and glared at him "I do not. There's my dressing table In the bedroom. Take a look if you like." . _ She did not expect him to take one but he did. He calmly took a sample of powder from the ivory powder box on her dresser, openet both little drawers to be sure there were no other boxes. "Ariadne says she has no delivery boys," he changed the sub ject casually. "They're all girls Sit down why don't you? It doesh cost anything.* 1 "Well, Jack the Cork certainly brought Mrs. Benoni's hat," Gloria told him stubbornly. Then sh< remembered she hadn't seen tin hat. She gulped, hesitated, fo .iddenly she knew without a tiadow of a doubt not only what ad been in the hatbox, but why Irs. Benoni had locked her in the jathroonv and what was baked nto the pic in her icebox this very minute! '"Maybe it was something Iso," she finished lamely. "The jewels," the lieutenant lodded. "Yeah. Elul our mosl ex- jerienced operators went over the ivhole apartment yesterday and ast night again." She held her brealh as lie looked t her sharply but he didn't say anything about her being Inert 1 ast night, so she let the breath out in a long, slow exhalation. When she saw Hanscn again she'd say thanks"The necklace simply isn't .here. The Benonis must have :aken it with them when they skipped. You're sure," he demand-" [he devil when It comes to getting evidence." Gloria shivered. Taking drugs was worse than murder, almost. Murder was so big it kind of stunned you, seemed unreal; but dope was merely nasty, obscene. It killed the soul rather than the body. "Must you go?"' she murmured, relieved, as Lieutenant McGann went to the door. "If you see Miltiades. will you please tell him that 1 don't think 1 can come to jail t'o visit him today?" "I'll be darned," the lieutenant marveled. "You two love birds put on such a show last night, I thought you'd be down yelling to have breakfast with darling." His eyes narrowed as he advised, "Don'l try any tricks. Mulligan. I'd hate anything to happen to a girl from Ireland." "East Boston," Gloria corrected ed, "you haven't where they are?" remembered i 1T.T OW could I remember what I never knew?" she asked reasonably, but her heart quickened its thuds. How was she going to evade Ilanscn long enough to take the pie to Tony the Fruitman's? H she went— even thinking of it made the palms of her hands go damp. "Hasn't Miss Strong any idea where she left the necklace? People do^misplace things." "Not," Lieutenant McGann told her, "a necklace a foot long with a lot of heavy doodads and things. She says the only visitor she had during the show that night was sister Sal." "Sal!" Gloria" gasped. "Haven't you seen the morning paper? Alida and Sal are sisters all right, but she swears Sal wouldn't steal her necklace. She admits her sister was the black sheep of the family. Alida used to get her bit parts but she blew her lines too often when she gol coked. Bui Alida insists Sal was honest In her way." Families are him. ^HE door had barely closed before she slid the night lock so no one could open it from the put-., ide, flew to the icebox and yanked out the pie. With hands shaking with excitement she cut through he crust with a silver knife and t hit something hard ai once. Careful, she warned herself, don't make too big s hole so the 3enonis will know. When the tip of her knife pulled up * large *reen stone so, that she could see t, she felt actually sick after all. Ciloria Brown had the necklace ihe whole Brooklyn police force were looking for, the necklace two people probably had been murdered for, right In her icebox! She had fotind out long ago that soaking the body.peacefully brings the same results as soaking th«' hend before a.collcge examination; it helps:one to concentrate. And she needed desperately to do this because 'her own 'and Miltiades' whole life would be influenced by what she decided. She poured geranium bath salts lavishly into the tub, turned'on the water, and soon was soaking luxuriously, thinking furiously, but every now and then a shiver would run over her lovely pink and ivory body floating in the warm caress of the water. 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