Wausau Daily Herald from Wausau, Wisconsin on June 1, 1959 · 17
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Wausau Daily Herald from Wausau, Wisconsin · 17

Wausau, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1959
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C4-4n TkI, ka oiaic; 1 1 cn-rv viccio v Y 1 u Event Held Waukesha, Sturgeon Bay Kersemeier, Wendorf Win WHS' Points' Three Class Records Set Deane Beman Here Sunday WaS ICe lOOl In Golf Meet Harry Babcock carried the flag to the 19th green in Sunday's Flag Race Event for men held at the Wausau Country Club. Carrying the flag to the 19th Wausau Posts Only 4 Points MILWAUKEE CD Waukesha won its first Class A high school track title Saturday after nearly everyone had left soggy North Stadium. A victory by Ron Vincent in; n.. undnrf and Don Kerse the pole vault, the final event,1 ier 1 Wausau's four enabled the Black Shirts to edge class A state Whitefish Bay 19 points to 16. It meA jy m MijW3Ukee Saturday, was the lowest winning total since, u.j v.. a Melomonie did the trick with the, Undmg vauller throughout0" hiSh Jl,mP-same number of points in 1904. 1 seasoni placed fourth with a: Three other class records were Whitefish Bav lost eiaht Dointsu rt f.t Th a-innirm itimn'set: Wayne Tess of Hartford in when its second place finish in was 12 feet. 6 inches. Twelve feet the 440, Sturgeon Bay in the sprint other honor when he came clos. RECORD-HERALD SPORTS Monday, June 1, 1959 Page 17 Braves Split Twin Bill With Phillies; Giants Are Next SANDWICH, England (AP) -Deane Beman, youngest American tn win thp Rritish Amateur fairway was Carl Schacht, and E0if tite gained a reputation in HARTFORD U?l Stur-Dr. H. H. Christensen carried it Britain as an ice-cool character geon Bay collected 20 points to the 13!h ereen. !'ho played the course and paid no iby winning both relays Sat-i Low eross of dav was attention to his opponents. " ffn!?Raff wT 76- sh by Leo Kordus. Dave! The, 2eald Vwf of State Class B high school ' Maryland s t u d e n t from Silver track title with a 21-point to-Raab had the lonSest dnve on; Spring, Md., defeated Bill Hynd- tal. first hole. and Ken Lawson man. 43-year-old Abington, Pa., Plymouth was runnerup with Had the longest putt on the No.' insurance broker 3 and 2 in the 19. and Kimberlv finished third 9 ereen- final Saturday. Then both headed with 17 as Dar'rell Jansen set; Uwest nurnber of putts for the qualifying action in the U.S. Open, class records in both hurdles and ,. c. . . , , , . . ; British sportswriters described Jl "" " Beman as "tightlipped". "ruth- Win Brockmeyer. He needed.. and even as a ..demon only 11. Harry Babcock won an- golfer." Sydney Spicer, MIT tIT YTT.T'r' IT HH1 Ifll 1 wi nt, .1 4nL..-uxrjj ur urn MiiwauKee craves. ZMi ' games ahead of the pack in the National League race,! games aneaa 01 me pacK in me iauonai League race,! S no fin Shorn launch a four-contest series with runnersup San Fran-! jponn jnarp risr fnnicxVit at Pmintv StaHium I (eeond same r A launcn a iour-coniesi series win Ten n I AaO I nST cisco tonight at County Stadium. MilwanlcM Manappr Fred Ha-i Three Loops the sprint medley relay was nul-as the best the second and third medley relay and Roger Pehacek est to the pin on the No. lified. Whitefish Bay used Al piace winners could make. But. of River rails m the hail mile Phister, who had qualified for the they had only two misses to Wen-1 Jansen took the high hurdles in mile in the sectionals, as anchor dorf's three. 1 14.25 seconds, bettering the man after pulling him out of the) Don Kersemeier pioked up Wau-!set by James Mitchell of Wh mile event. Under state high 2n sau's other two points with a fish Bay in 1947. Jansen won school rules an athlete qualifying fourth place in the 220 yard dash, low hurdles in 19.6. The old mark for an individual event may noi foe neat( Kersemeier ran the was 19.9 by Ted Kramer of Platte be removed from it to participate distance in 22.5. In the finals, ville in 1956. in a relay race. Waukesha, which however, two runners passed had finished sixth, was moved: him in the last 10 yards to drop up to fifth in the relay because of him to fourth, the official ruling. I Not Disappointed No records were broken at thei Coach Bill Smiley was not dis-meet which was marked by show-'appointed with his team's showers. Only ten of the 54 schools jing. In several events the Lum-entered scored ten or more points, jberjacks turned in their best times Milwaukee Washington and She- of the year. But they were not boygan Central tied for third 'quite good enough, place with 15 points, Appleton wasj The 800 relay team, for instance, fifth with 1414 and Milwaukee posted its best time with a 1:34.5. North, defending titlist, sixth with But it came in sixth. Comprising j4 ,ine unit were uary ineiiig, uen-f L - ni SrhmnrW .Wrv KHtet smA Other team totals IVm Henrinekson ot ureen uav " rverseineier. iE Jim Ryan Top Stock Car Racer Sunday Tess finished the quarter milej in 50.5, or a half second better than accomplished by Dan Pick, of West Bend in 1934. Tess also' won the 220. Stnropnn Rav's rerord of 3 min- Jim Rva1 of Schofield utes 41.1 seconds eclipsed the' model car- Pced first in c Muirfield, May 15-16, 3:43.9 made last year Dy ron '" u Marvlander a mem- Washington. jlaf main eyent to earn top lau-l Jhe "10 s'uad won i u i, - k,ir m;u in !rels in stock car racing at StateDer.01 ,me vvalK. -"P squad, won Pehacek won the half mile in 2park ay afternoon. a sl"Sles match m that competi- minutes, or .9 seconds better than, , . tion. laigui uvwu ui uic sea writing in the 3 green. London Sunday Express, said: I "Beman, small and wiry and, almost expressionless whatever! the situation, gave a magnificient; exhition of the short game ' even by the American standards.' "He hit the ball firmly and with a penetrating flight. In every re-! spect he is the type of ruthless1 competitor who makes our job of( catching up with American golf! so difficult." ( Beman's success in the British1 Amafpnr fnllmiwl a Q.I TT Q vip.i Milwaukee Manager Fred Ha ney named right - hander Joey' Jay. holder of a 2-3 record, to 8ave UP a double to Ld Bouchee and Wallv Post followed with his MILWAUKEE AP-Lou Pen- bjg San Francisc0 pianned eighth homer of the season, a high m. owner of the MUwaukee" tQ counter wjth either Sam Jones drive 'to left center. Braves, said Saturday two leagues 4.5 or stu MiUerf 3.0 j The last . plase phils pushed with 12 clubs each would be bet-1 The Giants picked up a half across four more runs in the ter than a third major baseball game on the Tribe Sunday by de-1 eighth when Don McMahon had to Clrcult' feating Chicago 6-3, while the be summoned from the bullpen to "I know a third league is com- Braves were splitting a double- put out the fire, ing," Perini said, "but it would be header with the Philadelphia Phil-1 The Braves now have given a mistake for it to happen over-lies before a crowd of 28,590. iBurdette only one run in 22 in-night. What I would like to see is ; Roberts Tough j nings jn his last two starts. In responsible leadership to head the The Phils' Robin Roberts stym- fact, the team got only one hit in expansion." jmied the Braves on four hits,; 13 innjngs but managed to de- Porini in an interview saiH it three by Eddie Mathews, to win feat Harvev Haddix 1-0 to ruin would be foolish to get together a the opener 6 - 0, but Milwaukee the game's greatest pitching per-! bunch of players and eight cities bounced back to take me nigni formance last week " ; ft 4 IX' C.-k-V fr.n l with baU parks and automatically i l " "",c" a"" a ,uu', label it a major league. M hurling and Wes Covington s ., . .., third homer of the year. National League Pres.dent War-, . . d . one o hjs ren ones saia recently tnai ciuo o o 0 0 0 a i o i AS R H RBI 3 8 10 Spahn masterpieces Rugged Roberts in stopping the FIRST CAME owners favored formation ot a t ... -m. i Philadelphia ab pesKy rnus. ine oniy iuii uc ui- Ashburn, cf s third league under certain condi-. rendered was a pinch homer by J tions Gonzales Is Champ for Fifth Year One Frpese in the eiehth mnine. Post, rf ,. . H. Anderson, uivir.gion suppnea me s-year j0ns, 3b ,..,ikM. oil li nine ha noaA. Anderson, uiu auuuipaw an uic i una u& iivm Sawatski, H RBI 0 0 the 1946 time by Gene Whelan of; Prarie du The son was on hand to watch some' exciting events. 4 .. 3 ...4 0 ..4 0 r 4 A oft hv hlastino a nitrh over the Roberts, p 4 0 , , . 1 l .. . ,.i Totals 3? i fence in deep center to the right milwaukei ab r of the 402-foot mark with Henry S'f J Aaron on base m the first. i , . , . Covington, If 3 Rut Rnhin u a c thp m:tpr in Arirnk ih i L. JOLLA, Calif. (AP) -Pan-',,,. nnonP ac , Rlirrltt B,r. 9l. c ? cho Gonzales is the world pro-;fered his defeat in seeking1 J'"!"1 ":":Vt fessional tennis champion for thejvitorv No 9 iCSt, ::::::" 2 SECOND GAME PHILADELPHIA AB R H RBI Ashourn, cf 4 0 0 8 Fern.ndei. s 4 0 Boucnee, lb 4 0 Post, rf . . 1 t H. Anderson, It 4 0 Jones, 3b . 3 0 G. Anderson, 2b 3 0 Thomas, c ,.3 0 SemDroch, p 1 0 a-Freese I I Phillips, p 0 0 Totals 30 1 MILWAUKEE Brufon, cf Mathews, 3b 3 Aaron, rf 3 1 Covington, If 4 1 Pafko, If ... 0 0 Torre, lb ..3 0 Rice, c 3 0 Logan, ss 3 0 Mantilla, 2b 2 0 Spahn, p , 3 p Totals 27 2 Homered for Semproch In th. Philadelphia 000 000 0101 Milwaukee 200 000 flOx 2 E None. PO-A Philadelohla 24-1. Milwaukee 27-15. DP G. Anderson. Far-nandez and Bouchee; Bouchee and Fernandez. Spahn, Mantilla and Torrt. LOB Philadelphia 4, Milwaukee 5. 2b Torre. HR Freese, Covington. $ Bruton. IP H R ER BB SO Semoroch 7 i 2 2 3' 1 Phillips 1 1 0 0 0 0 Spahn 4 1 1 2 w Soahn (7-J). L Semproch (2-3). T 1:57. A-28.590. West and Eugene Dix field were double winners, drickson retained his discus Chien and Greendale 15. Hartford! Her.D ,01 " 1 n , won Lllitlll jiuve zi, iivci rails r,. ,.. , Beman was the 11th American; to win the British title, first competed for in 1885. - . . , II,,.H.,a n nL ... n,-(nKn .i.hft K rvuueiis, uuee a pittnci nuu McMahon, p 0 DLopata 1 Giggie, p o Ul 4ldISII- . . . . ...... , i . - , it . n nr'iH -k wihi nc (i i ;tr- - -, i ,,.t.. r t- n ; t - . . "" . :-. . u,.j 1n r.,A.,U.. a Dl:' cuuaom m oicteus rwm tunc . i . title'sau s nopes in tne loo yard dasn,; " 'in third. Roger Mardge of Scho- VQ OfS UreW , vine aiiu uweu - fiLiitt w, a w v , r- i i ii i . ti . i . i-f r t i .t .h- ,Kt ,f u.-hii. ianea no quaxuy ior me nnais tvv. l- Suffermi? from an lmured lei? "team Z Green Bay.B ran the 100 in 10.5. foreland Center 6. West 13Mi, Wauwatosa, Marshfieldse''enU' Place- . i onA Miiu..a..irM P,ilQCL-i in W- ran cne u in w secwias nah 9, La Crosse Logan 8, osha, Marinette and West ! Washington 7 and Rice Lake and Ken.!flat, by far his best time of the An ;s' year. But it was good for only ai 7 MiluanW I inrnln r Rp. 'seventh. The sprint medley re- loit. Menomonee Falls and Osh-j13 team als0 Pst its tijll kosh 5. Madison East. Milwaukee, ?f ?:5U- But aSain Lumber-King, Stevens Point. Racine Hor-!Jacks were beate"- On ey lick and Wausau 4. Brookfield.!163"1 were Jtm Manitzke. Theilig, Janesville and La Crosse Central ! s,roeler fw Dick Jordan ered 3, Madison West, Merrill and West Alii npntrnl 2. and FrmH T or f anitnvi-n anH QhoKivcran ; "State North 1. Nike Defeats Lions, 3-2 Rodger Ward's Race Winnings Total $106,850 1323,778 Paid field followed. The semi-feature race of 20 laps! was won by Clarence "Buzzy" rjvpr Wefslfonrl Ryan of Schofield. jWVCI YYeeNtJUU The next stock car race will be held at the speedway Sunday, June 7. The D. C. Everest team earn- two points in the Class B track meet at Hartford. This put the Evergreens far down the winners' list. Only points were gathered by the richest auto race ever run. Dale Zahn, who placed fourth in ' will go right on competing in the Dog Training Classes Start Totals 30 a-Fanned for Mantilla H RBI 0 0 3 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 8th; Fight Results By Til Associated Press SCRANTON, Pa. Irish Jackie Donnelly, 138, Buffalo, N.V., stopped Jonn-ny Taylor, 143, Youngstown, Ohio, 3. CAGLIARI, Sardinia Horacio Accaval-to, U21?, Argentina, and Giacomo Spano, 114, Italy, drew, 10. HAVANA Chiqul Rosales, ll!"?, Mexl. Co, and Chchu Guiterrez, 119 Cuba, drew, 10. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Major league baseball drew a total of 323,778 paid to the two-day holiday weekend program. The National League led with 171,536 to the American's 152,242. Saturday's total attendance of 170,337 bettered Sunday's total of 153,441. . fifth straight year. Gonzales clinched the title Sat-; overpowered hitters with a blaz-urday and then defeated his main ing fast ball, relied upon tricky, ! t tt.i iu r: l , , . . , m .1 . nvcu, Lw nuau, 111 me imai siow-Dreakinf? curves 10 Dame me gfoimm ,t tn, iru,. m , match of their tour, 6-3, 15-13, Braves. Mathews managed to con-j;' ; ; ; Sunday. nect nicely, but the only other i e Ashburn; ' Mamma, po-a Phiiadei- .. ... :i...i.V.. v.. o,ehi Milwaukee 2711. DP-Post and IrOnzaies Won 2),10U on me muwaunee uai-ici wnu iiionogcu Boucnee, Mathews, Mantilla and Ad- tour. Hoad's total was $28,250. The an; kind of success was Co-ing-naaM,OBwll-championship is based on money ' ton, who beat out a hit off :R'04Ar't'auHklp30st2b-Pol, J- Bouchee, won. Hoad came out on too in third baseman's glove in the sev-i " ip h r er bb so Pnhartc B A A A A 1 t 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Burdette (8 3). Conatelll and matches with Gonzales, 15-13. the high hurdles. Other Evergreens who competed but failed to win any points were Kurt Bey-reis, Roger Anderson, Terry Nar-lock, Pat Kennedy and Dave Klug. The Nike baseball squad post ed its first victory of the sea-i on Friday when it defeated the'u:rLaU UrinU Lions, 32. in a Little League Vri9nr makeup game. WinS Ladies P. Ziebell was the winning fnlf kAnrU .. .11...., ... ., '" ITIUIV.il piocner. ne anowea six singles and walked three. M. Peters, the loser, allowed only four hits, but he strolled eight batters. The Lions took a 1-0 lead er pilot's take under the custom ary contract would be 40 per cent, $42,740. That means Ward will be risking his neck largely for the U.S. Treasury the rest of this season VIRGINIA BEACH. Va. tin Ibut his pretty brunette wile. Jo. Long-hitting Mickey Wright won'say he probably would race for the $6,000 Virginia Beach Women's j nothing. Invitation Golf Tournament and "'m gin to make rest of gained stature both as golfer and ' the USAC championship races and the opening frame, then N i k e j as prognosticator. ! possibly some sports car events if tied the count in the third. In j On the eve of the first round of j I can get a good car," Ward said, the fifth inning. Nike counted the 54-hole tournament for lady His next race will be the 100-two runs to the Lions' one to win. I professionals last Thursday, the miler at Milwaukee next Sunday. Wrl f ? Bonita, Calif., golfer predicted she I The last two Indianapolis win- The Wisconsin Vallev Kennel 1 Only two doitWeheaders were Club will hold its first obedience played in the National League INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Rodger ; training class at the Riverview over the weekend, both on Sun- Ward, loaded down with loot from Pavilion starting at 8 p.m. to- !d?y. The American had all double- day. .4 headers on Saturday and all The Pavilion is located on High-;sinples Sunday. world's most dangerous sport, jway W in the Town of Texas. I The weekends largest crowd Ward and his car owner, Lead-j Conformation training classes will' was 28,9r4 for a night game at er Cards Inc. of Milwaukee wonlbe held from 7 to 9 o'clock at Los Angeles against the Chicago inc qui ; tK iirA nmiia me same location. -uls aaiuruay. MiiwauKee naa Saturday. The World War II fight- Don't Be a Litterbug Roberts ....,,... 4 Burdette 7', 11 McMahon 1 Giagie 1 1 W Roberts (3-4). L- pitching until the fourth when he I CciiiIrT.u t a": 10. ' enth. Double - Homer Burdette matched Roberts fine Wrli rina it rait I)) Meed Q Help? In Thi Yellow Paget Cubs 28,590 for a twinbill with Phila delphia. The largest American Ray Bluth of St. Louis won the League turnout was the 27,706 at ninth annual ABC Masters tour-' Detroit on Sunday, nament with a 7-0 record. He! Los Angeles reported 56,579 Sun-was the fourth unbeaten titlist in'day but that included 31,750 chil-six years. Idren admitted free. m Nik Lions 001 100 Ziebell and Latimer: Pfr anH Sturm SO Ziebell 7, Peteri I. BB-Ziebell 3 Peters t. Major League Stars could shoot a 207 and that it would ners, Sam Hanks and Jinmiy Bry- . . r ii. an, passed up uie rest 01 me circuit after their big winnings at the win. She did, and it did. One stroke behind Beverly Han-! SDeedwav son of Indio, Calif., going into Sun- j Nine Trys day's final 18 holes, Miss Wright; It took Ward nine attempts be- Hoak nosed t0 victory on a closing 70 j fore he won the big pot. Only a h't, alter earlier rounds of 70 and 67. dedicated race driver would have Miss Hanson, with previou srmtinned after his exoeriencer in By Tlx Associated Press Batting Smoky Burgess, Don nd Bob Skinner, Pirates, Burgess three home runs, driving In five; Hoak hit three homers driving in four and Skinner hit two homers, driving In sev. .,J. j u j i -- - en runs in -2 md 14-n victories ovrirounas 67 d 69, had a closing the 1955 Memorial Day classic. H CpTtchningl.warr.n spahn, Br.v.,, I J3 for 8 4hole total of 209 to give ; front axle broke, triggering the j'-? SvSnrvmnl0.rr t!fS!CS rjth j-hi, her second money of $769.50. four.car crash that kiUed two- gome oi oouoieneaoer. one million dollars. Snead, Golf Maestro, Looks to U.S. Open Title inira place -vent to Fav Crocker ;(in.,iinn0r Rill vnknvirh Ho en- ot Montevideo, Uruguay, who took;tered the 500 again the next year Citation NaAa nd Jti50 r0Unds rf 73"72" !and finished eighth-his best until utation, Nashua and Round 69-214. Next was Bonnie Ran-'u,. catiirdav Table all nave won more than rMnh ftf Maniac EM' urUU co to i . ... . . . i r: "r warn escaDed miurv in anoiner I7a-215 and $434.50. L,t;,i ;,t. inril i . nv. tona Beach, in a 50-mile event that followed the world's record 100-miler in which he finished second to Jim Rathmann of Miami. Ward set a new Speedway record of 135.857 miles an hour, beating Jim Rathmann by 23.27 sec- i U11U3 ll aWUI, a lime vauiiiiii a Lroiiing maejrtro &am Miead- Seven former Open winners arem.619 also topped Hanks' 1957 till seeking to add the U.S. Open ; among the 19 on the exemption ! record of 135 601 championship to his numerous list and already have their places! It turned out to be a four-car golfing laurels-faces the rigors of in the Open's championship flight. race and Ward got a big assist It S!JS ?h y HeadinS exempt pack are from his smooth pit crew and air along with 4-6 other hopefuls. thp las. Phamni' Trtm.,,l . U;u -.a t,;. c J .,u ,L 1. .: " " " "-"""'Ki"" wiiiiij IdlU WU1I.II WCIC 11131-aiicu III uia Snead joins such other lummar- hu nit M.or r M:AAf T . kitf Ua mAa i V Ai.uTt-t. vuij itiiuVMV "V.eJ aLJUU-ILUllV, V-fll . liiwuw coff. Jack Fleck and Ed Furgol, three stops for fuel and tires in a along with Ben Hogan and Jul-1 grand total of one minute and 13 ius Boros. (seconds. Hogan and Boros earned their I Johnny Thomson of Boyertown, positions by being among the low Pa., the fastest qualified, had to 10 scorers and ties in last year's make four pit stops, broke a tor-Open. Also included in that group jsion bar spring and finished third. ies as newly crowned British Ama teur champion Deane Beman; Masters champion Art Wall Jr.; Bill Hyndman, who lost to Beman in the British Amateur final, and Arnold Palmer, one of the leading performers along the pro circuit, in the battle to get into the tournament proper. This is the second round of elim- are Gary Player, Gene Littler, Walt Burkemo, Bob Rosburg, Jay inations for the main event at the ' "ebe,rt- Dick ,vIetz Pln ma Winged Foot Club, Mamaroneck, j f r.anK siranaJ,an aM my Ja-N.Y., June 11-13. Only 131 spots ,cobs- remain open for the nearly 500 1 Als escaping the rigid double golfers who will be competing at qualifying which has trimmed the 13 locations across the country. field from an original cast of 2,- Twelve will be held today. The 42 are U.S. Amateur champion Conserved Tires Ward let Rathmann, Thomson and Pat Flaherty of Chicago, die 1956 winner, do most of the fighting for the lead in the first half of the race while he conserved his tires to save a pit stop. Flaherty crashed into the main- stretch wall on his 163rd lap but are U.S. 13th at Atlanta was put off until : Uiarlie Coe, who competed on the escaped injury. Ward led the last Tuesday because of rain. Walker Cup team with Beman and , 115 laps. The two largest groups will be Hyndman; PGA champicn Dowj There were six mishaps, injur-at Sorincfield. N.J.. where Hvnd-iFinstervvald, and Claude Harmon, ing two drivers and a crewman, Danger takes no holiday. Play it safe f Built-in gas-savers give Bonus Miles more of your BIG BONUS at Standard Try them the greatest Standard Gasolines ever, with built-in gas-savers to give Bonus Miles every tankful! There's high octane to stop gas-wasting knock. A corrosion inhibitor helps keep carburetors at high-mileage efficiency. Cleaner combustion keeps engines freer of carbon. And Gold Crown rejuvenates most fouled spark plugs to stretch mileage. Change at Standard today to Gold Crown Super-Premium ... or Red Crown, the higher-octane King-Size Regular. Get Bonus Miles! almost 12 A 19.00 Value Compare! HERE'S WHAT WE DO! 1. Adjust brakes 2. Add necessary brake fluid 3. Re-pack front wheel bearings 4. Balance both front wheels 5. Re-align front end 6 Months to Pay on All Service Work! FREE B UMPER-TO-BUMPER SAFETY INSPECTION NOTHING TO BUY JUST DRIVE IN! OPEN MONDAY and FRI. NIGHTS 'HI 9 P.M. man will be vying for a spot, and at Cincinnati, where the touring head pro at the host club. Qualifying sites besides Atlanta, j but no fatalities, Tony Bettenhausen finished pros will snoot over the 36-hoie spring! leid, Cincinnati and Wash- iourin ior the second straight route. The class of the field, how- ington, are Los Angeles, Denver, year. Paul Goldsmith of St. Clair ever, appears to be at Washing- Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, ton, D.C., where Snead, Bemari, ! Buffalo, Portland, Ore., Memphis, Wall and Palmer are entered. I and Fort Worth. . Shores, Mich., eliminated in the 15-car sma.shup last year in his first start, took fifth. FIRESTONE STORE 224 Fourth St. Ph. 2-1607 t ( standard " ' y2r- A" fLi-W yi tes r - -iJ if ssss You expect more from STAH DARD and you get it!

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